also if y'all didn't pick up on the sarcasm supre have not printed those shirts

anonymous asked:

You're just jumping on the agism bandwagon because you jump on anything that's trendy, I highly doubt you'd actually date a mature-aged woman.

Yes because anti-ageism (which you spelled incorrectly) is soooo “trendy.” dating people twice your age is like, totally the new thing! in fact, supre have only JUST jumped on this super fashionable craze by printing “ageism is so random XDD” shirts!

Oh please. the majority of people find older women who express themselves in an even slightly sexual way scary and intimidating but people like hugh hefner continue to be worshipped and seen as “legends.” i imagine you think madonna should retire because she passed the age of 50 and refuses to town down her live shows?

you can support ageism without wanting to date a mature-aged woman. What a ridiculous thing to say. why don’t you go out and start your own zine/do something productive instead of hating on people who want to make some sort of positive mindset change?

p.s. you’re welcome for the attention, dummy.