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How do I motivate my boyfriend to workout with me? He's never done it before and I just want him to be healthy. I know he's embarrassed to work out with me because I'm stronger but I don't care about any of that.

Hey anon, I find the best way to motivate someone to exercise is to go to classes with them. Being surrounded by people who are also exercising is a great source of motivation.

Or you can simply have an open conversation with your boyfriend and let him know that everyone starts somewhere and that he’s not competition with you, but with himself.

Hope this helps! Tell him to message us if he needs motivation.

Beginner’s workout routine guide:

It is said that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes, you can make a wish which will be granted. Seeing this was both cheerful, because someone wanted to commit to a great task to show their love, and yet also saddening, because I think I know what their wish is, and there are some things that wishes just can’t bring back… EDIT: source I found is lacee-girl, burnxgold , queenvalkyrie , and j-jocosplay please go send them your messages of love, this is truly amazing and I think they deserve it.

Pokemon SM glitches

since pokemon sun and moon are recent releases, its still a bit unstable with glitches found by some players. here are a few that i’ve seen:

  • Save glitch in pokemon centers and battle tree. unable to access menus, prevents movements and player character wont load. (avoid saving in these places!) source, source
  • Disconnecting during a trade (experienced myself)
  • Quick link glitch causing game freeze for all parties. (try not to use quick link for now!) source

In the meantime while these are being resolved, all i can say is save frequently! (i’d also say to try and avoid using/doing these, there are exceptions though). Another tip is to wait at least 10sec before turning off your 3ds after saving.

I’ll update when there are more found glitches, and you can help with this. Send me a message if you personally encounter a problem, or if you know someone who did.

Keep a look out and share to let other trainers know!

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How to help the person you're dating with their depression?

Talk to them about it. Ask them what they need. Ask them what helps.

10 Ways to Show Love to Someone with Depression <– this is important

-helping clean and organize
-helping grocery shop and cook healthy meals
-helping run errands if things seem overwhelming

Find what works for them and use it! 

Dan knows Mario Kart puts me in a better mood. There are times I’m too depressed to do anything but flop on a bed and in those times he puts a puppy down next to me and sings to me or does anything he can to help me get to a place where I can at least function.

Another friend of mine (even though he didn’t know it was depression) would LITERALLY pick me up out of bed and carry me outside to go for a walk when he noticed I wasn’t really quite myself.

Sometimes just having someone to keep you company when you’re feeling depressed is helpful because isolation just feeds into depression. Cuddles (for many people) also help a lot. You know better for me if that’s an option for your SO or not.

Be a source of positivity. I’m not saying you can’t have your bad days or anything like that but when you’re feeling okay, be positive and let that positivity shine!! It can rub off on people. Send positive messages throughout the day. Sometimes if I know a friend is having a rough day I’ll send cute animal pictures or funny pictures. Every little thing helps.

Take care of yourself. Like I said, you’re gonna have your bad days and you need to take care of yourself. You can’t give everything you have to another person without taking time to give to yourself first. If you’re empty, you have nothing left for them. So take care of yourself to help support them.

French Revolution Communal Timeline

So I went ahead and created a folder full of Google docs we can use to crowdsource a very detailed French Revolution timeline. A very detailed one. The idea would be that you could pick a moment during the revolution and look at what’s happening on a week to week basis, if not a day by day one. I figure this could be a useful resource for historians and writers both.

There’s one doc for each year between 1789 and 1799, and a doc each for events before 1789 and events after 1799. While breaking things up by year is a pretty rough way to divide things, I’m mainly doing it so no one document gets too unwieldy.

What goes in the doc? Mostly it’s a space to list events and their dates in entries of about a sentence each. It’s not so much a place for analysis. However, I am encouraging people to post links to primary and secondary sources alongside an event, when they’ve got them on hand, so that someone else who’s interested in an event can investigate it further. I may also create an additional file where people can list useful sources.

If you’re interested in being a contributor or want to use the document as a resource, or even just think you might want to, shoot me a message with your email address and/or Google account and I’ll add you to the Google Docs folder. It’s not an obligation to add stuff or anything—it’s more just a place to dump the dates for interesting events you come across in your research. So please, let me know if you’re interested! I’ll be glad to add you to the folder.

In addition, if you have any followers who you think might be interested, please reblog this post and pass it along. I’d love to get more people beyond the initial reach of my blog!

(I also have some ideas for how we can turn the content we generate into a neat app or webpage, but I wanna see if this Google folder goes anywhere first. So I’ll save that for later!)

Anyway, thanks for reading, and please let me know if you’re interested in being on the list!