also idk what this is but yeah

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Imagine: Jungkook when the band is finally taking a long break and he starts doing all kind of wild shit. He gets a tattoo. He gets a new haircut idk maybe shaving part of his hair. He starts buying a bunch of new clothes on different styles. And he just is doing all kinds of stuff he didn't do as a teenager.

didn’t get a haircut and didn’t get new clothes (prob just borrowed Yoongi’s jacket) but he got a (several) tattoos

I thought “hell yeah” when I first read that but I realized I don’t know what to do so just.. yeah.

i also run away from tattoo designs like the plague bc how tf do u do them

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Okay so there's this girl who I have a pretty big crush on right? She's bi and knows im gay, we're pretty close friends and we were at a concert and she held my hand literally the whole time and my heart was having fucking palpitations but then a few weeks afterward she's talking to me less and less and idk what to do or if she's interested or not. (Help) also my other friend says she's leading me on... I don't want to believe that but I'm probably blinded by my crush

okaay do you have feelings for her? yeah then try to tell her what do you have to lose? Maynr she feels the way and is afriad too. so try something!

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ok maybe this has been talked about before but about even being annoyed by sonya, ppl usually think of that as him being pissed off about her trying to take care of him when he didnt feel like he needed that, but to me it also seemed that he was having a bit of a delusion about the situation cuz he maybe interpreted her caring and trying, to her wanting to overpower him or manipulate him (which she probably wasnt doing at all, he just thought that) its not uncommon to have delusions so idk haha

no dude that’s exactly how i interpret it!!! i also think you could argue that that’s one of the big reasons their relationship eventually fizzled and didn’t work out -  even sees her at the end of the relationship no matter what she does - controlling and manipulative, not someone who’s just being cautious or trying to help him. yeah i agree with you completely!!

garden gains from 2day
  • went to the garden center down the block and talked to the Bonsai Guy, whose name is Scott, and he hooked me up with some special soil for my elm and gave me some tips
  • grabbed a new pot for my little violet
  • ran by earl may, where they’re only just pulling out last year’s stock to see what survived
  • found an awesome little ninebark bush, totally gorg twisty trunk, I love it
  • earl may guy was like ‘idk it might be dead?’ and we picked at some branches, I don’t know shit about telling whether bushes are dead but my roomie thought it might be, worked out a deal and got the bush for 15 bucks
  • so yeah I’ve got 2 bonsai now lol, and my roomie got some jade clippings he’s going to pot, so I’ll have those
  • also juniper clinic in idk 2 weeks? 35 bucks for the clinic and I think you get to keep the tree, so then I’ll have 3 trees
  • my parents are also going to dig me out some babies from their massive yard. they’ve got ponderosa pine, maples, and buckeye, so I’m gonna get a bunch of baby trees and let em hang out, grow them and experiment with them for a few years
  • bantered with the peeps at the garden center about bonsai and they said they have some hours open saturday, so maybe I’ll be able to get some hands on time with the beautiful trees and plants they have there, which would be amazing

ALSO i’m officially starting that roomie blog if anyone is interested in following B)

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hello i've been struggling with gender, and changing my labels more times than i can count, but i was wondering if this still counts as bigender: identifying as both a binary trans guy /and/ a demiguy. idk if this is even possible, i'm just confused and idk what to do or label myself as

Yeah definitely! It doesn’t sound like you identify as a trans guy because you’re a demiguy, but like you identify as them both as different things, which would make you bigender. You can also just label yourself as a binary trans guy and a demiguy if you want.



–MC has entered the chat room–

Hello. Take some really bad and crappy sketchy comics.

I was thinking about the reset theory. Since they say Seven remembers in every route, what if MC takes that ability of his? Suffering through endless resets… That’s basically us TT_TT

I don’t want him to remember and suffer through everything, but would not remembering be suffering in itself? Idk.

Even when I do reset and try to do other routes, I end up going back to trying to get Seven’s… *sigh* 

Also just wanted to feel a little more positive about the whole thing, so yeah.

Btw, if anybody is wondering why I haven’t done their ask yet, that’s because I’ve been in a short art slump (happens often with me). It’s not you, it’s me. ; - ;

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Welcome to Kappa Kappa (originally Kappa Kappa Beta but that last part fell off), Lake Lilac University’s first and only co-ed fraternity!

I’m literal trash and also a community college student who still lives with their parents so I’LL TRY NOT TO MESS THIS UP:

Max-Everyone is sure he should have graduated by now, but he’s been in the dorm for so long and still has his major as “undeclared”. No one knows if he actually goes to LLU or not, he never attends class. He’s also somehow behind every out-of-control party or riot that happens on campus or in the dorm, or least DJing. Has been living in Kappa Kappa because it’s the cheapest but he hates everyone, especially the RAs. Nikki did his tattoo. 

Neil-STEM Major. Actually does his work and attends classes and was dead-set on not becoming a party kid, but is always the first one to get absolutely smashed at every party. Max’s roommate. 

Nikki-No one knows what her major is. Like Max, no one is entirely sure if she actually goes to LLU, but everyone seems to have a class with her. Often climbs in through peoples’ windows because she got “locked out again”, although no one actually knows which room is hers or if she actually lives in the dorm. Got kicked out of Gamma Lambda Sigma (AKA college Flower Scouts idk man) for being the wild child she is. Has been stopped by security/police multiple times because they all keep thinking she’s on drugs. Nah, it’s just Nikki. Good thing LLU has a rugby team (She’s really good but no one is sure if she actually plays for points or for the sake of beating people up).


Episode 10, the night before the GPF.

This has got to be just about the cheesiest thing I have ever drawn but these two deserve it. Also this was just supposed to be Viktor pouting, what happened >.<

Anyways yeah give me more vulnerable Viktor and a Yuuri that is very affectionate when they’re alone.

Its coming along well. The only problem is I have no idea what sort of dress to draw for Marco. 

Inspired by @linddzz’s adorably chaotic fic: in which Newt, our blessed protagonist who does not, and never will truly understand self-preservation, tries to fly on something that is not a fantastic beast. Credence must, as always, protect this man from himself.