also idk i was bored


TBH if someone was making me live in some strange isolated place for an indefinite period of time…gotta take the essentials.


Vegas truly ain’t taking shit from anyone


SH Characters: A Short Summary: (S2B)  Magnus Bane

I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

shadow world symbols credit (x)


pjo icons + lesbian headcanons

art: (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x) | request | credit artist/artist + me if using!


He was Petyr, her protector, warm and funny and gentle … but he was also Littlefinger, the lord she’d known at King’s Landing, smiling slyly and stroking his beard as he whispered in Queen Cersei’s ear.

Niccolò Machiavelli, Lorenzo Bartolini + Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones

you’re no princess of mine

Mom: did you wish your father a happy Father’s Day?

Me: @ harrystyles happy Father’s Day daddy

I did say I was gonna draw class 1a kids in stuff I own didn’t I? todoroki is the only one i have finished with colors so far cus im biased but other sketches will be done soon!

this was supposed to be clothing practice but my wardrobe is so very plain lmao

what i love about fun home is how accurate it captures the little things about being gay. like when alison is trying to go to the gay union and backs out and asks about german club?? and how she hesitates when saying the word dyke and calling herself a lesbian. and of course her letter coming out to her family where she keeps saying “its kinda a big deal” and “not really a big deal”? perfect. also when shes telling joan about how she found out shes a lesbian, and the awkward stumbling and hearing her realization i love it. of course theres key of rings and changing my major but theres so many more little details and i love it so much!! like it all just captures so many feelings of being a lesbian that are so accurate??