also idk i just really love this song


…”The music was a blade, knifing through the dark. The melody sang and the Corsai arced back as one, as if repelled by the single, massive beam. They hissed like steam and broke apart, and fell away beneath the music…”

― Victoria Schwab, This Savage Song


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)


Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭

appreciation post for marvin's sweet high notes

- all those phrase endings in “what more can i say” (“sway”, “uncouth”, the way the end of “happiness” is just a little bit higher, etc.)
- when he’s singing “all i want is you” to whizzer in the second raquetball
- when he sings “let’s be scared together, let’s pretend that nothing is awful” and it goes high, and then even higher is his following harmony with whizzer: “there’s nothing to fear” (and that’s really cool too ‘cuz usually he’s the lower harmony and whizzer harmonizes high, and idk if it’s on purpose or not, but you could extend that to marvin’s whole gender role thing as well)
- his really high “i love you"s at the end of "unlikely lovers”, and he’s actually also singing the highest note in the last note of that song, in his falsetto (more musical symbolism?)

anyways, those notes just sound so full of love and vulnerable and precious and sweet and soft and it makes my heart hurt in a good way

Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]
The Last Shadow Puppets
Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]

Les Cactus | Rock en Seine

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I originally couldn't get behind "something about you" for the new under the covers album, but after someone on the radio dedicated it to a Dan (I like to imagine it was our angel) I'm starting to feel for it 😁. That aside what song are you most excited for.

Literally all of them.
Africa is such a quintessential 80s song and Dan loves rocking out to it so I can’t wait to hear the energy behind it, and I know Brian worked really hard on nailing the synth solo.

I love the lore behind Something About You, that being that Dan heard it in an Outback Steakhouse restroom while peeing and sung what he remembered on the show because he couldn’t get it out of his head and the lovelies helped him find it. And then he loved it so much it just had to be a cover.

You Spin Me Round is a strange song and they’re doing it strange justice with the synth and robotic sounding harmonies.

Heat of the Moment, aside being a fantastic song, also has lore in that he sung it on the show and remembered how much he loved that song and then a lovely remixed it and it was so awesome he had to do it on his own.

Don’t Lose My Number is such a jam and he’s gonna nail it so hard. He loves bopping to this one too so there’s no way it won’t be bouncy amazing fun.

Rocket Man is a superb song and I super can’t wait to hear them and the guitar Bros working together again! It’s going to be beautiful and it also suits Dan’s register. It’ll be really pretty I think.

In Your Eyes is just THE love song of forever. This one is gonna make a lot of people cry. Me included. (I cried during Madrigal though so idk if I count)

Pour Some Sugar On Me is going to be just so much rockin’ FUN. It’s gonna be a big huge jam and I can’t wait.

Limelight is going to be killer. I know he’ll have worked extra hard to get this one just right and it’ll show. It’ll also be extremely relevant to him as he’s skyrocketed into success. It’ll even be pretty moving, in fact. Give those lyrics a listen.

Your Wildest Dreams is going to be soooo pretty. I can’t wait for the harmonies on this. It’s going to be so dreamy and sweet and beautiful.

More Than A feeling is such a fantastic song and Dan is really going to rock hard on this while also delivering some primo harmonies. TWRP will have fun with this one too I imagine.

And, I Wish is such a deep, besutiful, soulful song and I just know he’s gonna give it all the respect it deserves. It’s going to be beautiful.

So all. All of them. Their song selection for the second one was amazing and I need all these songs right now.

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I saw all your stuff on Jesse speaking Japanese and jtbh YES but also... I raise you this: what if hanzo spoke fluent Spanish? Like I believe Mccree speaks Spanish and is a sucker for Spanish love songs so can we just imagine Jesse singing something like "ojos color sol" and being really cute thinking Hanzo doesn't get what he's singing but hanzo does and eventually just sings to him. Like out of nowhere just compliments him or sings a small line in Spanish back to Jesse. IDK what do u think?

*slams open your door* LISTE N….  that’s cute as McFuck.
multilingual Hanzo makes so much sense to me, for many reasons but especially what with traveling the world wherever his little mercenary chicken hooves would take him. So i think it’s highly plausible for Hanzo to have picked up Spanish if not fluently than at least conversationally –which throws McCree for a loop because his highly unsubtle flirting has been exposed but afterwards he’s thrilled to have now three languages to tell Hanzo I love you in….also three languages they can talk shit in. 

Stiles Imagine~ Therapy

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 576

Warnings: None

Request:  Anonymous said:
So I just started to go to a therapist without telling my parents and when I did they didnt take it well at all and it’s been so shitty to be around them idk I wanted to ask you if u could do an imagine with Stiles being a supportive boyfriend telling me that I’ll be ok and that he loves me, you can use any of the love prompts if you want, I just really need to feel like im not alone with this

A/N: I WILL GET THE OTHERS OUT. It was more like, I saw this like an hour ago and went I NEED TO WRITE THIS. SO here, here you go , love !! Hope you enjoy. Also, kinda trashed your parents, sorry. It’s a subject I feel VERY strongly about.

Extra: Songs for this- X X

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I think the song Roundtable Rival portrays Austria and Prussia together really well, with the mix of violin and hard dubstep. Idk that's just something I thought of

Do you have any idea how much i love that song??? 

here’s roddy in that ridiculously complex costume from the music video.

(Beethoven virus also works well for their dynamic imo) 


listen here

iris - the goo goo dolls // better together - jack johnson // the scientist - coldplay // silhouette - aquilo // you are in love - travis atreo // say something - a great big world (ft. christina aguilera) // kiss me - ed sheeran // sleeping in my t-shirt - zak waters // thinking about you - edwin raphael // tennyson - adam barnes // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // love at first sight - the brobecks // she is love - parachute

Luke on anything about girls: um well yanno I’m not sure really

Luke on anything about boys specifically michael: i saw michael the other day. We hung out and wrote a song. We did other things too also took alot of Polaroid pictures too. Wanna see? Here’s one of me and michael by my fireplace it looks really romantic but we were just discussing music junk i swear.

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Annabeth is a lowkey Hamilton nerd and eventually gets Percy into it and they just sing all the parts together randomly

This is literally my family you’re describing lol we just randomly start singing the songs and it’s obnoxious but great. And like I feel like Leo would be into Hamilton? Like I can totally see Annabeth being into it and dragging Percy in but I also can really see it as a pipercy or liper friendship thing idk but I love it lol

2) Song you (gasp) skip sometimes?

(sweats) uh.. ok so sometimes i skip the kgiii songs bc i really like them & i can hit all the notes but i sing it too damn loud and i would wake up my whole house… sorry kgiii 8(

10) Most motivating song?

wait for it! also i love burn? idk it just.. it gets me because some asshole broke my heart, too. also i love hurricane sooo much for this reason, but that’s for really personal reasons, haha

25) Song you want to marry?

the world turned upside down.. because of the music & ensemble tbh. also that would be enough because i love eliza more than i love myself

— l'étoile et la lune;

is there more than the kiss that she gives you on the inside of your palm

is there more than the butterflies she gives you, or the warmth she spreads as her lips touch and feather over every inch of your skin

is there more than the smiles brighter than a thousand stars combined, is there more than knowing you gave her that smile

because what was life before you knew her
what was life before you woke up to her curly hair caught in your mouth or sleepy brown eyes hiding under the covers

what was life before making tea for someone special, what was life before you wrote songs and poems for her

was there more than wandering the streets together simply because you wanted an adventure

for she is your light and you are hers, and suddenly colours are brighter and everything is high resolution and clear. smiles are wider, dimples are deeper, hands are intertwined and life seems worth living.

there’s kissing between paintings in art museums and staring at each other from across the tables in restaurants.
there’s homemade cookies that were burnt because you were too busy kissing, and there’s brownies that work out and are eaten with warm caramel sauce while watching old films.

there’s music everywhere and she has a song just for you and you have one just for her.

she is your moon and you are her star. because really, you should be polar opposites, but you end up being the closest of all, for the one thing that grounds you together in history;
you are together.
and you make each other feel crazy.

—  in which you’re wild for her

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What kind of music do u think the boys listen to ive been thinking about this for a while I need to know


  • yuuri: i imagine yuuri likes a bit of everything but listens mostly to indie and instrumentals? fjksljfklsd and idk why i can see him sometimes skating to kodaline and viktor is like “please lighten up a bit” lmao
  • viktor: i think his taste is all over the place?? if you checked his phone you’d find obscure operas that he’d know absolutely everything about and then a LOT of 80′s songs (to which he nods and says “wow it really brings me back to my childhood” viktor you were born like four days before the 90s please), a lot of jazz that he likes to listen to in his warm up, some loose songs from musicals that he likes and, of course, a lot of recent pop songs that he loves to sing at the top of his lungs and knows the choreography by heart.
  • yuri: i can definitely see him listening to punk on a pretty regular basis (and voiceless-screaming all the lyrics - i mean trust me idk about you but i can’t make sense of punk lyrics most of the time??? i need to check on the internet), death metal (just to be edgy and attempt those gutturals at home when no one is watching) BUT ALSO some obscure rap and really catchy pop songs that are his guilty pleasure lmao

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is it jus tme or do u think rich's post-squip aesthetic is like pink emo stuff,, like pink shirts with sparkly black loops around the waist and (if he hasn't cut them off) sleeves, that say HAHA no (that's a real shirt i have and i can see him wearing it idk) also me and connor discussed him listening to little game by benny and also melanie martinez bc of the style of that song ,,, like idk i just see it idk

This is a really cool aesthetic and i just had to draw it bc its so good??? Also especially after his red streak fades and is pink???

but personally i see him dress half asleep and wearing shirts he found in the cursed isle of the store (you know the one)

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1,4 and 8 :)

1. post a selfie?

ahhh, here we go! i figured i’d post this one so you guys know i wear glasses! gasp! i like them though. also, my hair was never this short! i just rolled it up into one of those chignon things. my other selfie here is where my hair is right now!

4. what’s your favorite song at the moment?

umm, i think drop by chloe x halle! i really love those girls + their harmonies are siiiiiick

8. what are you doing right now?

i’m trying to figure out a concentration for my art portfolio! idk what to do yet!!!

thanks for sending these numbers in!

Memorable moments from Green Day in Houston, 3/5/17

-Billy Joe pulled not one, not two, but THREE people on stage. Two of which he basically handed the Mic to.
-the second one that sang was because Billy fucked up on a song and was like “shit I need help. You. Get up here.”
-the third was a girl which he handed a guitar acc was like “play these three chords. Great. Now go.”
-he let her KEEP the fucking guitar
-he told everyone to put away their cellphones because this was a night about love and unity. Not fucking social media.
-he legit screamed “Fuck Trump” at least three times
-And many more where he shit all over the government system
-tre danced along the stage a few times
-Mike skipped in place for like five songs
-played songs from all generations of Green Day
-they sang a variety of covers including: careless whisper, hey Jude, ain’t got no satisfaction, and shout.
-most of which he was rolling on the stage as the rest of the band (aside from tre who was drumming) laid down as well while playing their instruments
-literally spent at least twenty entire minutes just gesturing for us to fucking scream.
-played his guitar not only behind his head, but also with his fucking tongue.
-wore a pride flag that someone threw on stage.
-literally went on like four rants about how we should all love Eachother tonight because there’s so much negativity in the world.
-was just generally a giant fucking cinnamon roll
-introduced everyone in the band except himself? Idk that just really struck me as fucking awesome.



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Your blog is so cute??? But also I was wondering if I could recommend some punk bands!!! (Preferably not super loud ones though bc I get migraines really bad and idk if that would affect it) but anyway thanks! I love your blog!!

okay some of these are pretty slow as far as “punk” goes (a few of them are more alternative than punk but ye) 

Mal Blum ! Super cool and i’m actually in love with them tbh. (A+ for them beign a super cool nonbinary pal) 

Just Nick . Kinda quiet folk punk! some songs have louder parts, but just listening with a bit of a lower volume helps with him 

Kimya Dawson . She’s literally the reason I’m into folk punk and i love her with my entire soul 

One Night Stand In South Dakota . Theyre a bit louder but they have this one song called Heterosexuality is a Social Construct and its my fave 

Daddy Issues . Super cool music with a super cool girl singer and super cool unknown sexuality