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Hello, I love your blog! In a few months I'll be moving to a new city for a new job. I've moved around before, but I've always moved with family members (which makes it easier I think) and this will be my first time living completely alone in a new place. I'm also a bit of an introvert and can have a hard time finding friends. Do you have any tips on making this transition a bit smoother and staying social? Thank you!

Living On Your Own (For the First Time)

1. PKW. Phone, keys, wallet. Every time you go anywhere. Check twice. The worst part of living on your own is having to rely on yourself to never forget to lock yourself out or leave your wallet at a sandwich shop in a mall. Make absolutely sure you have duplicates of your keys (I would get a couple made) and give one to a friend who lives nearby who you can count on. I also like to keep an extra set inside the apartment itself in a secure place, just in case. Your landlord can let you in during office hours, but giving a key to a trustworthy friend helps you 24/7.

2. Cleaning routine. You don’t have to sit down at a writing desk and draft this out, but spend a few minutes coming up with a basic cleaning regime for you to follow. It’s definitely easier to do a little each day, but if that doesn’t work for your schedule set aside at least an hour and a half during your time off to get your apartment spotless. I don’t know about you, but whenever I deep clean my apartment I feel like I’m living in a hotel for a day, and I absolutely love it.

3. Make a “moving” shopping list. This is everything you will need (minus food) for your first week at your new place. First aid kit, cleaning supplies, tape, cat food, etc. Your first week moving into your new place will be stressful enough, you don’t want to be halfway through setting up your living room and realize that you forgot to buy trash bags.

4. Secure yourself. I’m not the most agile or fast person in the world, and I do live in a mid-sized city that has a good deal of crime. The apartment complex I live in is very safe, but I still like to double lock my front door at night. It might be smart to keep some pepper spray or a baseball bat somewhere in your apartment, just in case.

5. Stay social. Even the most anti-social person gets lonely. Make sure to hang out with your friends, not just your co-workers, your actual friends. Get out off your apartment every few days and go see a movie, get a cup of coffee, go people watching at the park, etc. It’s easy to get depressed if you’re living alone and doing the same things the same way every day- allow yourself to mix it up.

6. Meal prep. It can be stressful and seem useless to cook complicated or “fancy” meals when you’re living on your own. Plan your meals for the week and make a list before going shopping. Get yourself enough food to make a variety of dinners that will only take you fifteen minutes. If you do want to go crazy and make steak and mashed potatoes for yourself, make enough for two meals. Also, nobody is going to think poorly of you for stocking your fridge with a couple frozen dinners.

7. Customer service. Living alone means that you are going to be doing a lot of talking to customer service representatives. Get comfortable talking to people over the phone. Tell the rep what you need as quickly as you can, and try to be polite because customer service at a phone center is a garbage job that doesn’t pay well. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to ask for a manager if you’re upset or unhappy with your service. Take their survey at the end of your phone call, tell them how unhappy you are. It’s someone’s shitty job to look at all those surveys, no complaint goes unheard. Companies with great phone service: Verizon, Apple, Amazon. Companies with awful phone service: USPS (literally the worst), electric companies, health insurance companies.

8. Guest space. This is not required, but it’s a good idea to have some sort of space for a friend to stay the night. A friend of mine had a bad breakup, showed up at my apartment with ten minute’s notice, and then fell asleep on my couch after an hour of crying. It as 7:30! Whatever, she needed it. Keep an extra blanket and pillow in your closet, I like to keep travel sized shampoos and conditioners in my bathroom cabinet on the off chance a guest wants to use my shower. I got these at a hotel for free, but they’re available at CVS and other pharmacies.

9. Toilet paper. Don’t let yourself run out of toilet paper! I like to buy more when I notice I only have one roll left. The same deal goes for paper towels.

10. Enjoy. Living on your own is simoltaneously exciting and exhausting, but an all around must-have experience. Enjoy the freedom to forget to make the bed, to decorate your bathroom however you want, to have ice cream for dinner, to watch reruns of Friends and cry when Rachel decides to move to France. Make sure to give yourself lots of space to move at your own pace, but please remember to eat three meals a day and to go to the doctor’s for a checkup at least once a year!

Making Friends

First things first- we as humans are social creatures. We seek out social interaction, even the most antisocial person in the world still needs the occasional stimulating conversation. Don’t stress about making friends, it’ll happen one way or another.

The best friendships are created organically, but that said, there are some things you can do to quicken the process.

1. Friends by proximity.  Be social and inquisitive when meeting your new co-workers and that openness will help you create fast friendships. Ask lots of questions, people love it when you ask them lots of questions about things. Remember elementary school? Remember how easy it was to make friends then? You’ve got this.

2. Places. Hang out at places that you would normally hang out with your friends. Scope out cool bookstores and cozy coffeeshops, and be on the lookout for similar-minded people. Find reasons to talk to these strangers, whether that means asking them for directions, what they’re drinking, etc. The next time you run into them, you’ll be able to start up a conversation.

3. Events. One of the quickest ways to make lots of new friends is to join a group that meets weekly that does something that’s important to you. This could be anything from a book club, to a Dungeons and Dragons game, to volunteer work. Go to your local library and read the bulletin board looking for groups that interest you. You may have to get on the internet to find something close by. At the very least you’ll have a weekly social event to go to where you won’t feel out of place.

4. Neighborly. This next one depends on you, but if you have cool looking new neighbors introduce yourselves to them. Hit them up at random and say something casual like “I was going to go out for a drink, wanna join?” Planning things in advance puts pressure on acquaintances, so try to be spontaneous.

If any of my followers have any ideas, please chime in! And good luck!

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How would RFA + saeran + V react to MC suddenly being really cold to them and while crying secretly for a week before they discover that everyone ( including them ) forgot her birthday ? She doesn't tell them hoping they remember but they never do tell a bartender at their favorite bar tell get happy birthday. I LOVE your writing and I've been stalking you blog instead of sleeping ^^

I changed the original request up juuuust a little bit to make it more interesting and character fitting. I hope that is alright. Also, this one really inspired me for some reason so this shit right here is long. I hope you enjoy it :3



♬ Zen is a very busy man

♬ especially once his filming career starts about a year and a half after you started dating

♬ shortly after your two year anniversary it’s time for your birthday to roll around

♬ you’re very excited for it

♬ last year you’d celebrated it together and while it hadn’t been a grant party, it had been amazing fun nevertheless

♬ Zen had gotten you a pretty necklace with a little Z hanging from it

♬ you cherished it a lot

♬ the sex had also been great

♬ like really great

♬ but moving on

♬ you were wondering what he had planned for this year

♬ you didn’t really expect much, no big gift or party, just a little attention and maybe a small gesture of love

♬ honestly, you would have been happy with roses or chocolates

♬ when nothing came, you felt hurt

♬ you understood that he was busy, but he was such an attentive guy

♬ why did he stop?

♬ what really ticked you off though was when he came home from shooting the next day

♬ he still hadn’t mentioned nor remembered your birthday

♬ but he told you that Echo Girl had apologized and invited him for drinks

♬ no intention but making up what she did to you

♬ you were fuming about it, but bit the anger down

♬ maybe he had a surprise planned? Maybe this was a trick to get you to your favourite bar?

♬ it wasn’t

♬ he actually went to get drinks with Echo Girl and you weren’t even invited

♬ after that you just kind of give him the cold shoulder

♬ it’s not like you want to be mean to him and hurt his feelings, but you can’t help yourself

♬ he really hurt yours

♬ being busy with filming it takes him a while to catch on, even with you spending basically 24/7 in the same general area (meaning the set and at home)

♬ about a week after your birthday he actually suggests going to your favourite bar

♬ despite still being a little man, you accept

♬ when you get there you’re greeted with a warm smile

♬ your usual bartender – Beak Seung Jo – is there again

♬ he even goes as far as to walk around the counter and pull you into a warm hug

♬ Zen is confused as to what is going on while you just return the hug, chuckling

♬ he wishes you a happy birthday and you can physically sense Zen freeze next to you

♬ Seung Jo meanwhile apologizes for being late with his congratulations and tells you that drinks are on the house

♬ the rest of the evening Zen is strangely silent and gloomy and you think to yourself that it suits him right for forgetting your birthday like that

♬ on the way home he tells you to go ahead, that he’ll catch up

♬ you’re confused but agree

♬ when he comes home about an hour later it’s with a huge bouquet of your favourite flowers, a box from Jaehee’s cafe which you know means it’s a cake

♬ and a delicious one at that, and a small silk box

♬ he kneels before you and hands you the flowers almost like a sacrifice

♬ you can’t help chuckling at his silly gesture, taking the flowers and smelling them happily

♬ while you enjoy your flowers he unpacks the cake, already ready with a huge I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday, Princess written on top of it

♬ he chose to go with one candle, one of those silly electronic ones that sing

♬ he actually sings along and it’s the first time that someone singing Happy Birthday isn’t awkward

♬ after that he hands you the small silk box

♬ it’s not a ring – he’s still preparing to pop the question to you – but a beautiful bracelet to match the necklace

♬ he admits to having ordered it weeks ago, but having completely forgotten about it

♬ you feel bad for ever having been mad at him in the first place

♬ Zen would never really forget about you or your birthday

♬ you kiss him then, cake and flowers forgotten

♬ the two of you can still eat that later on

♬ Zen carries you to the bed you share and you make love for hours


★ getting his eye surgery was a big deal

★ he’d waited very long for an appointment at the hospital

★ starting about a month before the surgery he took on especially many patients

★ he wanted to take care of everyone before having to close the clinic for a while

★ he just couldn’t work on delicate, sweet pets while healing up from his own surgery

★ it just wouldn’t be fair to the cute animals he vowed to protect and treat

★ you loved him for all the effort he put into his work

★ he was devoted to both his job and you, despite his young age

★ a weak before his surgery it was your birthday

★ the last four years those had been spent rather comfortably, mostly

★ that was just your style

★ he would wake you up to breakfast in bed – yes, he is one of those attentive men

★ then the two of you cuddled up on the couch, he’d worked through some files while you read

★ when it was time for lunch he’d taken you out for a picnic he’d prepared himself

★ after that you would have gone home to play some video games together

★ and for dinner he’d taken you to your favourite restaurant

★ you’d hoped that this year would be similar

★ you liked your birthday being laid back and between the two of you

★ however, none of these things happened this year

★ which honestly, you were fine with as well

★ the surgery was around the corner, Yoosung was very stressed and despite having matured a lot he was still very scared of it, understandably so

★ so you had an understanding for the fact that possible plans might fall flat

★ not even wishing you a Happy Birthday, however, wasn’t okay at all

★ you’d promised one another you’d always be attentive, even during stressful times

★ still, you didn’t want to overreact, so you told yourself to wait a day or two

★ a week and the surgery went by and he still didn’t seem to remember

★ that is something you couldn’t get over even with the situation you were in

★ you found yourself keeping Yoosung at arms length, focusing on work instead of him

★ he attempted to ask you what the problem was a couple of times, but you said it was fine

★ after another couple of days he asked you whether you wanted to go have dinner again

★ now that his eye was getting better you had a reason to celebrate, right?
it felt like a stab in the heart

★ there had been another reason to celebrate, but he’d forgotten!

★ still, you agree of course

★ he’d risked his life and gone half blind for you

★ the least you could do was celebrate him regaining his eye-sight

★ so you make your way to your favourite restaurant

★ a small cozy place that specialized in noodles and you know the owners of

★ a young, nice man called Bong Joon-gu and his wife, Chris

★ in fact, the second you step in he asks Yoosung about his eye before turning to you

★ he clasps your hands and shook them, wishing you a very happy and sadly belated birthday

★ Chris joins in soon after, hugging you and promising that today the food is on the house

★ meanwhile Yoosung facepalms himself next to you

★ ah, so he finally recalls that he forgot your birthday

★ Good

★ the two of you take your seats and the second Joon-gu disappears into the kitchen and Chris goes to tend to another guest he turns to you

★ Yoosung actually looks like he might start crying any second now

★ you want to laugh but keep on a stern face, crossing your arms over your chest

★ pay back was only fair, let him simmer a little

★ …man, you really should stop hanging out with Seven

★ his sadism was obviously affecting you somehow

★ Yoosung apologizes about a million times in the matter of the hour and the half you spend there

★ he also promises to make it up to you

★ which he does come the next day

★ when he brings you your breakfast in bed next morning he’s dressed like a butler

★ you chuckle and ask him what the deal is

★ he tells you that he is your loyal servant for the day, answering to your every wish

★ well if that is so…

★ after breakfast you go shopping, letting him carry the bags

★ you let him pay for ice cream and then for the fair you go to

★ the last attraction you go on is the ferris wheel

★ it is night now and the stars are beautiful once you reach the top

★ you thank him for your wonderful birthday, even if it was late

★ then you share a tender kiss with the start and moon shining above you


♨ Jaehee is not the type of person to forget anything, let alone a birthday

♨ she has a calender just for birthday’s

♨ yours is marked especially fat just in case

♨ you find that extremely adorable

♨ and it works too!

♨ since you’ve gotten to know each other five years ago she never once forgot your birthday

♨ before you started dating officially you usually spent them on the coach, watching Zen’s plays and stuffing yourself with popcorn

♨ her birthday you planned her an entire ‘girly day’ since she’d never had one of those

♨ you got a manicure, went shopping, got your make-up done and even went for a bubble tea after

♨ so, it was safe to say that you spend your birthday’s together

♨ especially once you finally did get together and there were new components to add

♨ suddenly you could cuddle and kiss

♨ make out on the couch and then move the private party to the bedroom

♨ despite living and working together there wasn’t much time for intimacy for the two of you, so you cherished every moment you could get

♨ you knew that your birthday meant funday so you were especially excited for it

♨ it had been a while

♨ the café was very successful and kept both of you busy

♨ too busy to indulge in some adult activities you wanted more of

♨ Jaehee also always got you the sweetest and most considerate gifts

♨ like she’d legit a gift pro

♨ they aren’t anything over the top or overly expensive but always sweet, thoughtful and sentimental

♨ this year, however, there was an issue in the bakery

♨ about two weeks before your birthday a huge order came in

♨ someone was planning a big celebration and they needed a bunch of cakes and pies

♨ as you’ve already established, you suck at baking

♨ meaning that Jaehee is on her own with that order

♨ you try to take some of the work load of her shoulder by managing the café on your own for the time being while she was mostly in the back preparing all the cakes and pies for the order

♨ the celebration came and went and so did your birthday

♨ completely unnoticed by Jaehee

♨ while you understood it still kind of hurt and so you found yourself acting somewhat cold and distant

♨ Jahee didn’t like that at all, heart sinking at the reminder of her time working under Jumin

♨ she thinks long and hard about what might have caused it, but doesn’t figure it out until a day later

♨ one of your regulars – Oh Ha Ni – comes into the café with a small cake in her hands

♨ Jaehee is confused, since she usually buys her cakes at your café

♨ however she gets her answer soon as the young woman bends over the counter to ask Jaehee in a whisper where you are

♨ she explains that she’d been so busy the last week, she hadn’t been able to come and congratulate you on your birthday

♨ it was like a slap to the face for Jaehee

♨ someone you barely had any relationship to remembered your birthday and she didn’t

♨ she told Ha Ni where you were and watched her go to the back to give you your cake and hug you

♨ that night Jaehee asked you to go home alone, telling you that she had business to take care of

♨ you were disappointed, since you knew that she now knew that she’d forgotten your birthday

♨ you really wanted to know how she felt, but Jaehee was still shy of expressing herself

♨ what exactly she’d spent the night with you found out the next morning

♨ as you walk into the café the next morning without Jaehee having returned home for the night you worry

♨ you look for her only to find her in the bag

♨ in front of her a huge, white wedding cake

♨ you greet her and she smiles at you tiredly

♨ she wishes you a happy birthday, putting a small candle on top of the huge cake

♨ you’re perplexed, this is obviously a wedding cake

♨ your questions are soon answered when she pulls out a box with two golden rings inside

♨ both of you know that you can’t get married legally, but the rings are a promise nevertheless

♨ you cry for a long time after slipping the rings onto each others fingers

♨ hen the two of you feed each other the cake


♛ he loves to throw you the biggest parties

♛ everyone from the RFA is invited as well as many of Jumin’s business partners and your friends and family

♛ he mostly throws those huge parties to parade you around

♛ he is very proud of you and wants everyone to know that

that and the fact that you are his, of course

♛ he’ll shower you in presents, everything from sweet and small to huge and extravagant

♛ you are his world and he wants to make sure you have everything you could possibly wish for

♛ the best part of your birthday happens after the party, though

♛ sometimes you’ll sit down with a glass of wine each and talk until late at night

♛ other times you’d cuddle up on the coach before the warm fire and just enjoy each other’s embrace

♛ usually it ended with the two of you having passionate sex for a long time after

♛ in short; your birthday is the best day in the entire year

♛ or at least it was until this birthday

♛ two days before the actual date Jumin tells you he has a business trip to attend to

♛ you ask him whether he really has to go, to which he merely replies with of course

♛ at first you think that he might be planning a surprise party, but that doesn’t turn out to be the case

♛ even the RFA chat seems somewhat deserted

♛ and no one even congratulates you, not even Jumin himself

♛ on top of that he’s on a business trip and you’re not even by his side

♛ in breaks your heart and you cry yourself to sleep that night

♛ the next morning he calls and you answer excitedly

♛ secretly you were hoping that he remembered after all

♛ instead he announces that the business trip will take a couple of days longer, then he has to hang up

♛ the following two nights you cry again, unbeknownst to anyone but the cat

♛ or at least you thought so

♛ as it turns out one of the maids did hear you sob, and she actually asks to call Mr. Han about it

♛ he’s irritated at first – how dare lowly staff interrupt this important meeting – until she explains to him why she called in the first place

♛ she also tells him that no one should be alone on their birthday like you were

♛ then she hangs up, leaving a baffled and shocked Jumin behind

♛ oh God, he’d actually forgotten the most important thing on his to do list

♛ he instantly cut the meeting short and booked the first flight back home

♛ when he entered the apartment he could actually hear your sobs for himself and it tore him apart

♛ he quietly makes his way to the bedroom where he goes on his knees beside the bed to gently brush through your hair

♛ that gets your attention and you look up with swollen, watery eyes

♛ you’re just glad he’s back home, throwing your arms around his neck

♛ he holds you close, expression still pained

♛ his ignorance had cause you misery and he needed to make that up to you

♛ the next day he announces a one week vacation, something shocking even his father and you

♛ he uses that vacation to devote every second of every day to you

♛ you spend your days at the beach on some private island you can’t recall the of

♛ when you return home you both have a nice tan and an even closer and more devoted relationship


☼ Seven is the kind of guy to show you affection in seemingly minimal ways

☼ he won’t go and plan a huge party or anything

☼ but he’ll always make you a gift for your birthday

☼ every single one of them

☼ and those gifts aren’t just little bird houses type of gifts

☼ they are miniature robots for you to play with kind of gifts

☼ one year he actually programmed an entire game for you to play

☼ that way you wouldn’t get bored when he was busy working

☼ you liked it best that way

☼ after all the excitement the two of you went through, you both need the calm

☼ especially since you still have work to care for, the RFA party’s to plan and Saeran to keep an eye on

☼ when your birthday came around you were already looking forward to it

☼ Seven’s gifts were unbeatable and you were excited to see what he’d come up with this time

☼ you still cherished the cat, constantly played his game and loved to go out with the dog he’d made you

☼ but shortly before your birthday Seven began locking himself away in his room with work

☼ he couldn’t even tell you what he was working on

☼ top secret stuff, apparently

☼ you didn’t bug him about it

☼ you knew how his work could get sometimes, so you let him take care of it

☼ however when he didn’t even come out for your birthday, not even to congratulate you, you felt hurt

☼ it wasn’t even that you didn’t get a gift

☼ it wasn’t about that

☼ you just wanted some warmth and love

☼ days passed and Seven didn’t even acknowledge having missed it

☼ so he’d forgotten!

☼ you were pretty angry and most of your conversations were distant and cut short

☼ he eventually asked you what the problem was but you just told him that he was clever enough to figure it out on his own

☼ especially considering he could recite whole wikipedia pages about cars to you

☼ after that you’d kind of stormed out for a quick walk to cool yourself down

☼ maybe you were overreacting, but you couldn’t help yourself

☼ Saeran who’d been sitting at the kitchen table beside the two of you just snorted

☼ “I can’t believe you forgot her birthday like that. Moron.”

☼ Seven froze


☼ after that he disappeared in his room for another couple of days and you started feeling homicidal

☼ Saeran had actually suggested getting you a pickaxe to get through the door

☼ you’d politely declined, no matter how tempting the offer

☼ when he finally came out, it was with your phone in hand

☼ when he handed it to you there was an App opened you’d never seen before

☼ “It’s a special game. I managed to copy some of my conscience into digital format and built it into the game. Whenever I’m being an idiot or not attentive enough you can open the game and talk to me there. It’s just like the RFA chat, only with me and the others paying more attention to you.”

☼ he chuckled nervously as you stared down at the app, pressing through the different options

☼ it was such a cute idea and you couldn’t imagine how much effort he must have put into it

☼ you smile down at your phone, a message popping up

☼ it was 707 asking you whether you’d eaten yet

☼ you laugh

☼ “Oh yeah, I programmed it to ask you that at least three times a day, just to make sure!”


☀ he isn’t really the celebration type of guy

☀ not even when you eventually get together

☀ he even hates celebrating his own birthday

☀ most because he feels it isn’t just ‘his day’ and therefor nothing special

☀ there is also this huge insecurity and lack of self worth issues Rika cause

☀ so really, any group of people making too much attention to him make him uncomfortable

☀ that isn’t to say that you didn’t try to celebrate his birthday

☀ but when you first tried to give him a cake he denied it

☀ flat out said he didn’t want it

☀ so when your birthday came around you really didn’t expect anything

☀ honestly Saeran didn’t really have anything planned either

☀ until Saeyoung told everyone else in the chat and Saeran got an earful

☀ especially Zen seemed rather angry about his lack of interest

☀ he insisted that one must never miss an opportunity to woo a lady

☀ which of course confused Saeran, because you were already his girlfriend, why woo you now?

☀ Zen also had a heart attack, having to be held back to choke the ungrateful little fuck

☀ despite never actually punching Saeren like Zen wanted to, the younger man got the message

☀ birthdays were important to girls

☀ from that moment on he at least tried

☀ they were mostly spent doing mundane things he usually refused to do

☀ you went eating ice cream

☀ once he took you on a romantic walk

☀ and another time he actually agreed to go to a karaoke bar with you

☀ altogether you’d grown to love your simplistic birthday parties over the years

☀ this year you were actually looking forward to it

☀ until the day actually came and he didn’t even mention it

☀ it wasn’t the first time, sometimes he remembered later on in the day and made up for it

☀ this time that didn’t happen, however

☀ the day came and went and just like that

☀ even the rest of the RFA didn’t congratulate you or forced Saeran to act like a proper boyfriend

☀ you felt cold and ignored, especially considering that you didn’t expect much to begin with

☀ that night you rolled together in bed, making yourself small and biting back on tears

☀ Saeran didn’t seem to notice, didn’t even react

☀ until about four days later you heard a whisper in the night

☀ “Did I do something wrong?”

☀ you’re surprised he would ask

☀ “You usually always hold me when we sleep.”

☀ you take a deep breath, closing your eyes for a moment

☀ “I thought you didn’t like it when I touch you.”

☀ he’s silent for a minute, you almost think he fell back asleep

☀ “I miss it now.”

☀ silence again, you don’t dare turn around

☀ “What can I do to make it better?”

☀ “You could not forget my birthday, for a start.”

☀ since you didn’t turn around you cant see him, but you feel a shift beside you

☀ the rest of the night is spent in restless sleep

☀ when you wake up the next morning Saeran isn’t lying beside you

☀ after last night nothing really surprises you

☀ when you get to the kitchen a beautiful breakfast is waiting along with a note

☀ it has a puzzle on it

☀ it doesn’t take you long to solve it while you eat breakfast

☀ it’s coordinates that lead you to your next destination

☀ it turns out to be the ice cream stand you usually go to

☀ when you arrive there the person behind the counter is already expecting you

☀ he hand you a huge sundae with all your favourite flavours, whipped cream and little heart sprinkles

☀ the idea that Saeran actually had to ask the man to put little hearts on the ice makes you smile

☀ there is also another note waiting for you

☀ this time you find yourself walking through the streets for most of it

☀ the GPS of your phone leads you to the bridge you’d first kissed on

☀ the one with the many lockets of lovers attached to it

☀ there is a paper sign attached to the bridge

☀ it points to a specific locket

☀ when you look at it it has both your and his name on it, written neatly inside a heart

☀ you smile at the locked

☀ attached to the sign is the next clue as well as the keys to the locket

☀ as tradition says, you toss them into the water

☀ the next and final step leads you to the karaoke bar he hates going to

☀ you find Saeran standing there, nervously staring at the stage

☀ when you approach him he is surprised to see you

☀ you were quicker than he anticipated

☀ he tells you he was just getting ready to go upstairs…wanted to a sing a song for you

☀ you smile and shake your head, tell him he doesn’t have to

☀ you know he’d suffer through it

☀ he visibly relaxed

☀ he looks to the floor, shyly reaching for your hand to hold it in his

☀ he steals a quick kiss and whispers his birthday wishes into your ear

☀ when you get home that night you hold him again and he practically preens

☀ shortly before you fall asleep he whispers that the song he’s chosen was Memories, my Shawn Mendes

☀ because he cherishes all the memories he made with you


📷 V is a very attentive boyfriend

📷 especially after all the abuse he suffered through V

📷 he seeks your attention and love, craves it really

📷 he also does anything and everything in his power to make you happy, fulfill all your wishes

📷 especially on your birthdays

📷 anniversaries are super important to him

📷 so are any holidays, really

📷 but especially birthdays

📷 because it just means that the person had survived another year, not matter how hard it might have been

📷 the two of you had some horribly hard years behind you, so he was double eager to celebrate

📷 he would always take you to the fanciest of days and a day later invite everyone from the RFA

📷 you’d have a private little party, eating sweets and talking about your lives

📷 sometimes you’d even play board games

📷 for bonding, V’d said

📷 usually it ended up with Zen throwing the board game at Jumin after one too many insults

📷 frankly, you found it rather funny

📷 you looked forward to it every year

📷 until the year that you got a phone call stating that Rika had fled the asylum you’d put her in

📷 they assumed she was back on her way to Korea

📷 suddenly the RFA was in an uproar and Rika was everything all of you could think about

📷 security had to be tightened again, as she was once more a threat

📷 Saeran suffered a meltdown and Seven was ready to kill her for it

📷 Rika eventually showed up at your apartment, surprised to find you there

📷 she attempted to attack you, but V managed to stop her before she could harm you

📷 he got her to a hospital and stayed with her

📷 on your birthday a day later he still hadn’t returned, hadn’t called

📷 you felt sad and replaced

📷 there was always that small voice in the back of your head that told you he still loved her more than you

📷 this seemed like proof

📷 when he finally came home the day after he was tired and exhausted

📷 he still constantly returned to the hospital to check on her

📷 despite your wishes not to

📷 many lonely nights were spent crying

📷 eventually Rika was shipped back to Alaska and V returned home for good

📷 there was still tension between the two of you though

📷 mainly because you could barely stand being in the same room with him, doubt crippling you

📷 a couple of days later he came to you, tears in his eyes and voice shaking

📷 he could not stand the idea of being abandoned by you, of losing you

📷 he wanted to know what he’d done wrong, that he’d do better

📷 in that moment you realized that V had given everything for you and a birthday didn’t compare to a life long of love he was willing to share

📷 you hugged him then, both of you crying out your frustrations

📷 when you tell him about your fears of being replaced by Rika, he cannot understand

📷 he tells you that he spent the entire time talking about you

📷 asking for her blessing

📷 telling her to move on like he did

📷 he tells you that she could not compare to you

📷 that you were the light of his life now, his lover, his muse

📷 for the first time since you got together you fully and wholeheartedly believed him


enjoyed the 4800+ words monstrosity? Great! Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what Korean movie based on an shoujo/slice of life anime was referenced in this request! Whoever gets it right earns my undying love and adoration :-*

dazleyin  asked:

hello!!! i love your figure drawings so much-- i aspire to be able to draw like that one day. do you have any tips for doing figure drawings? I've been doing them for a bit now, but the figures i draw always seem a bit static, and not as lively like yours! also, do you do timed figure drawings, and for how long typically? thank you so much!! you're such an inspiration <3

Hello!! Im so sorry for the late reply my inbox wasn’t notified of this msg!
My tips for figure drawing r pretty general since theres a lot of ways you can tackle it but for starters:

1. Before starting, identify the lines of action in your figure!

(2nd to the left shows line of action)
And feel free to draw it on your paper before actually drawing the figure. This will help a lot in establishing the gesture of your drawing. You want the gesture to be clear!

  2. Use your entire arm and make long/loose strokes instead of scratching on lines using your wrist.
Your gesture drawings can become much more fluid by doing this. It forces you to identify lines of action in a pose, not to mention your drawings will look a lot more energetic and clean.

3. Big shapes first, then details
It’s always a good idea to establish the general gesture and proportional balance in your figure before delving into smaller details like facial features or fingers. Think of it like: you want to make sure your house has foundation before you paint on pretty wallpaper. 

Those are the first things that come to mind when I figure draw!

And to answer your question about timed figure drawing, I do prefer timed figure drawings! The majority of figure drawing work I posted on this blog is from 5-15 minutes of drawing. 

Thanks so much : D

anonymous asked:

Your comics are awesome, I love your work! You draw really well ❤ the magicstone comics are def my favorites. Sorry if it's been asked before, why do you like Gladstone as a character? In my country (Italy) most fans hate him with a passion, since he can be really mean to Donald and he's quite smug, but you made me see him from another persepective. He and Magica make a great couple!

ah shucks, thank you! I’m glad you like the stuff, and I think I made a post talking about why I like him before (which I can’t find haha go me) but, I think it’s partially because he’s so disliked? by the people in his world, not just ours- there’s something almost encouraging to me, seeing a character who is openly despised by people, who doesn’t give them the satisfaction of being upset by it and even encourages it: like, yeah! I’m not ‘nice’, so what? Bring it! Come on and boo me. I may be a fairly zany go-with-it person now, but I was not a confident kid, at all, and being a nerd of the first degree I certainly wasn’t a popular one. Reading about this character who was as flawed as I felt I was was refreshing, and yet this was also a character who was lucky, witty, cunning, and redeemable enough for me to get behind- it was very cathartic. I didn’t mind when he lost, because I knew he didn’t always deserve to win- just like me, but I especially loved it when he showed that little glimmer of good, because if Gladstone Gander was a good person when it really came down to it perhaps that meant I had that in me too. When I read the european comics and the stories that explored him actively encouraging this unpopular aspect of his public face in order to avoid people exploiting him and making false friendships to access his luck, I was completely sold. He’s also clearly a deeply isolated and lonely character, and while it’s partly self inflicted I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.

I’ve also always loved morally grey/neutral trickster-type characters like Anubis, Anansi, and Loki (probably for similar reasons), and the flexibility and spontaneity they offer to stories by acting as wild cards. There’s a freedom and joy to them that’s indescribably appealing to me. In summary; I guess I saw flaws in Gladstone that I saw in myself, and I saw a courage and potential in him that I wished I had.

anonymous asked:

i NEVER needed to see all this goddamn skin what tf are they doing, the past three days i've gone on twitter and had a heart attack. but your clothes on boys

ahahahaha jdflskdfjsf i just woke up and i am wITH you but also wow i am loving it!!!!!!! why do they always jst get these surges of confidence when theyre on vacay whether its to try out nail polish in australia or to post about 394234 date nights in singapore or imply all the family time theyre having in florida or just show every inch of their pasty white bods on this trip im jst in love w the fact that traveling seems to loosen their boundaries a bit and they just feel like sharing their happiness w the world :’) 

anonymous asked:

Noah Fence, but I don't want H's album to be anything remotely like Niall's album. I want them completely different I don't want Harry compared. Also I only know a little bit about Niall bc I've always been here for H but interviews I've seen, don't recall N saying he likes the type of music Harry does-only recall the Eagles it seems after 1D is defunct that he mentions enjoying artists H has. Makes me skeptical. I truly hope Harry is deliciously different 😛

Sceptical that Niall really likes the artists he says he likes? Yeah I think you have your Harry-goggles on, Anon :) Niall has always loved classic rock, he has talked about it just as much as Harry has.

I have no doubt Harry will be deliciously different! :)

anonymous asked:

How do you figure out what kind of witch you are? Also on the same note how do you know which deities call to you? Ive always been called to witchcraft but I've always been too afraid to allow myself to explore it.

Often it’s less ‘figuring out’ than ‘being beaten over the head with it’. 

I always loved plants and rocks and trees and the earth. I was fascinated with the properties of plants as far back as I can remember. I remember absolute delight when my grandma showed us how to rub a bit of plantain on poison ivy to take the itch out; I was probably about six, and it was wonderful to me. How delightful, that one plant can cause this misery but another can take it away! What else must there be out there like this!

I never changed, really, just grew more into it. As to figuring out that I had an affinity for the runes, well, the Powers that Be sort of insisted. 

I found a pouch of runestones for sale at a antique shop years ago. I had no idea what they were, but I was drawn to them and fascinated by them. I didn’t buy them, and just sort of wrote it off (I was in denial, at this point.) 

A month later I went to another antique shop and found a staff carved with the runes. Again, I was drawn to it and fascinated by it, and again I didn’t buy it, but this time when I went home I googled “Tablets with rune markings on them” and found a link to the Elder Futhark and went “oh that’s what they were!”

A few months later I found “A practical guide to the runes” by Lisa Peschel for sale for 88 cents at goodwill. Even at this stage of ‘no magic can’t be real’ I started to think “Oh. Well. Maybe it’s a hint” and bought it. 

That was my first rune book. I’ve read others since, but I still have a soft spot for that one. 

As for gods, for me it was rather the same. Some people cultivate relationships with gods they relate to. Me? Well. Let’s just say the Powers That Be that kept throwing the runes in my path have a name, and it starts with “O” and ends in “din”. 

I had several diviners mention that I had a very, very strong male protective force hanging around. I’ve been having dreams since childhood with a recurring ‘wandering wizard’ figure in them, usually when I needed guidance.  He used to appear as Gandalf but recently has dropped the pretense and started showing up with ravens and the missing eye and the whole shebang. He has, apparently, had an eye on me for a long time. 

He seemed quite pleased that I finally figured things out when I at last got around to asking if he was who I thought he was. I pulled Ansuz, Odin’s rune, five times in a row when I asked. 

So, yeah. For me, it was perhaps preordained. Other people choose a bit more. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the Black Butler anime's OST? I've always thought it was just....weird most of the time and could of been better...? But maybe that was actual Victorian MusicTM??? I don't know but was curious what your opinion was

i’m a bit iffy about most of the soundtracks in full, but i really really love BOM’s ost! especially this one:

i think it has so much atmosphere! imo it captures how i’d imagine kuro music to sound like almost perfectly, real creepy but with that soft piano i hhhh– it’s good. BOC is also nice but it feels less kuro-y, S1 + S2 were pretty hit and miss whilst BOA was mostly the old tracks… sadly. that’s just my preference though!

it’s funny you ask this, because just yesterday i was talking to @yattygamis about Kuro’s OST and they showed me this video:

which is… v good. si deus me relinquit will always have a special place in my heart, it just gets 2 me and idk why

anonymous asked:

hello. I have an internet friend who means a lot to me. she has bipolar and sometimes I don't know how to help/approach her when she's having a breakdown. I want to help. I've looked up almost all the information/suggestion on the internet, but I still don't know what to do because it's a long-distance relationship. Also, how do I take care of myself when trying to take care of others?

Hello! What a kind question this is. I don’t have a ton of experience with bi-polar, so YMMV and please, readers, feel free to weigh in.

It’s wonderful that you want to help your friend, and I commend you for being a compassionate and loving person. I’m a little bit the same way — I always want to be there when someone is going through a hard time.

Here are a few tips that may seem a bit paradoxical but I promise, in the long run, will leave you more healthy and therefore with a bigger, better capacity to help and be present:

1. Just ask. It may be that during these times, she needs space. Or she needs someone to send her happy otter gifs. Or she needs someone to just send a video of you singing a silly “I love you” song and understand when she doesn’t get back to you. It’s a good idea to ask her about this when things are good. You can also make offers based on what you’ve read — “During a depression, is it helpful if I xyz?”

2. Don’t be hurt if she doesn’t respond. Remember that you’re doing this for her, not for you. She may not be able to get back to you in that moment, and that’s OK. When someone has the flu, we don’t expect them to have the energy to immediately repay the favor. Same deal!

3. Put on your own oxygen mask first. A little while ago, my little sister and I were both going through some Very Tough Mental Illness “Fun” Times. I wanted to help her and she wanted to help me but the truth is that both of us were too fragile to be of any use to the other, and just ended up hurting each other. Remember that your health must come first, always.

4. Remember what you can and can’t do, and what is and is not up to you. You can do your best to be a loving, helpful friend. You cannot make your friend well. Her health is not up to you, or, really, *anyone*, including her. You can love your friend and hope that she gets well and do what you can in good faith to show support and love. Unfortunately, that’s it.

Good luck!

anonymous asked:

hii! 👋 okay, besides the fact that I love the new update of the comic (I was seriously sooo happy to see it updated, I love that au!), I wanna tell you how much I like your Levi - I honestly don't know what it is about the way you draw him (I'm thinking it's the jaw or the expressions of his eyes), but he looks sooo gooood and always catches my eye whenever I see your art! also I've been following you for a while now and your art is always really beautiful, keep up with the good work! 😄

This made me so happy!! Levi is a bit tricky to get right (both his face and his personality actually) but also a lot of fun and I’ve reached a point now where I’m pretty content with the result. So I’m happy you share that sentiment, thank you so much!! <33

Also thanks for the other nice messages you sent me regarding my comic, I really treasure every single one of them and they’re incredibly motivating T_T

anonymous asked:

I'm so glad someone asked about sex in fics and that you feel comfortable talking about it. I have no experience either and I've always shied away from writing smut because I feel like I couldn't do it justice. Would you mind talking a bit about what you think is a good way to, I don't know, structure a smut scene or things that are important to think of? I know it's different for everyone but I'd guess there's also general things to look out for?

I completely understand what you mean and I would love to offer some insight. 

I felt the same way initially about writing smut, and very slowly worked my way up to writing more when I was writing as someone who didn’t yet have practical experience myself. And then I was always second guessing whether I was doing things ‘right’. It of course helps to read a lot, get a general idea of how these scenes work from other people who write it well. 

Honestly, porn can be useful too, because if you have zero experience or knowledge, you at least get a better sense of what is/goes where at any given time and how things progress. Though take that with a grain of salt, because porn isn’t realistic usually. And damn can it stretch things out sometimes. 

So let’s start with timing. Real sex can go long or is sometimes over much faster than any porno would show you. I like to play with timing in fics, because real life depends on a lot of factors. 

For example, if a man hasn’t had sex or jerked off in a few days, when he does, he’s going to finish pretty fast usually from being pent up. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be raring to go another round right after. If he did go into a round two, it would normally take him longer to finish this time because he just had. So timing is something to consider - how long are they going to last before they come. 

Two people don’t always come at the same time either, in fact they rarely do, though we tend to have things happen close together in fics because we want to maintain interest with the readers and not drag things on. That’s fine. But coming at the exact same time is often unrealistic. 

As for structure overall, it’s really all about the foreplay to make a smut scene good, in my opinion, the tease, more than get person A’s X into B’s Y. Focus on kissing and touching and holding each other, depending on the tone. 

Personally, my neck is very sensitive, and my ears. There are obvious places to tease, like nipples, nether regions (but specifically clitoris for women, prostate for men), touching with fingers or going down on each other, etc. to prolong the finale of sex. Let it happen naturally how someone might get caught up in the other person’s body, caught up in the moment, and eventually it builds so much that they have to move on to the main event, and you can move on to prep. 

I’m assuming you’re asking more on the M/M side, since that’s my specialty. M/F can be much easier. There is no prep needed usually, because most of the time, with enough foreplay, a woman will be so wet, it’s just an easy slide home. Anal is different, because there’s less natural lubrication and less stretch and give without assistance. So always take a little prep time when writing that. 

Now that being said, if this is an M/M couple who regularly has anal sex, prep time can be shorter. If someone’s body is used to it, we have muscle memory and can be ready with just a few simple stretches. But if it’s been a while, or this is a first time and the person doesn’t tend to use toys on themselves, or hasn’t had another partner recently, it’ll take several minutes of careful stretching and slowly increasing size - one finger, two. three if someone’s fingers are smaller. Maybe a toy before the main event if the person is very large. 

I also find smut is easier to read and write in 3rd person limited POV, so it’s one person’s perspective, though which person doesn’t matter. I just find it easier to keep track of who’s doing what. But that’s personal preference. 

And that’s the other thing, pay attention to position, what’s where, how feasible it would be for someone to reach something from whatever position they’re in. Sometimes, I honestly get up from writing and mime what I’m trying to do, get on the floor, try to reach or position myself imagining another person with me and whether something is possible. Sometimes I even grab Mr. Crimson for assistance in doing this. It’s very helpful if you’re having trouble imagining something. 

Also, if you aren’t a little hot and bothered while writing your smut, other people won’t get worked up reading it either, and honestly, they should if you do it right. ;-)

And then there’s the cardinal rule. Never, ever use the word penis. Or vagina for that matter, or those types of words that would have made us giggle in health class. Coz ya know what? We still internally giggle and/or get taken out of a scene when we come across those words. I personally prefer to avoid using certain body part words at all unless necessary. 

“He reached between his legs and wrapped his fingers tight.” 


“He reached for his cock.” 

Both are fine, but there’s something to be said about implying instead of bluntly stating sometimes. 

These are the things springing to mind for me anyway, though it is very situational, like you said, different for each scene or couple. 

So I’ll put it out to the world at large for anyone to add to this as a way to help educate younger writers, especially those unfamiliar with sexual activity on a personal level. It’s good to have these conversations without thinking there’s any taboo to talking sex. 

anonymous asked:

You know, Skam truly changed my perspective on LGBT relationships. Before, I always believed myself to be one of those "I dont judge anyone, love is love" people, but I'd also felt gay relationships to be a bit strange because I never really understood them. But SKAM shattered my everything I thought I knew. I didnt realize how subconsciously prejudiced I was till I watched it, and now I see Isak and Even as one of THE most beautiful relationships I've ever seen depicted on TV. Thank you, SKAM!

thats lovely, im happy it made you see it, admit it then change your thoughts!:’)

anonymous asked:

hey there :) i couldn't stop myself from rereading experimentation again and i've been assembling quotes from it that stood out to me. Ya know, because they were so well written, or frighteningly relatable, or just really funny. And i was wondering if you'd be interested in seeing that "collection"? like, would that be a thing that's relevant to you as a writer rather than me just rambling a little out of admiration? i wouldn't want to bother you. :)

Lemme think….


As a writer, this stuff is always relevant to me. And just, like, interesting also. I love knowing which bits stick out to people and why. I’m kind of a slut for that kind of feedback. So, please, by all means….

anonymous asked:

Hii, I have a bit of a problem.. I'm a little but I'm also very bratty and I've only ever had two daddies but they both left because they said I was too naughty and that i don't listen :( in the future how can I make my daddy understand that I'm only naughty because I want attention? I hate that they always leave because they can't handle me..☹️ ps I love your blog!!💕

If daddies leave because they “can’t handle you”, they clearly are not good daddies and are not worth your time. Find someone who will love you for you, and all your little quirks. Make sure he knows how you are and builds a friendship with you before any romance commences, this way he knows how you are and you can be more positive he will love you regardless.