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hello again hp anon here! I don't know if I'm asking too much because this is harry potter related again (you can go ahead and ignore/delete this if it is). If not, I got another writing prompt for you guys if y'all are interested: hp!au yule ball headcanons with akaashi, kuroo, matsukawa, oikawa, and terushima. thank you~ :)

Why did I say two requests before I could order dinner? I want my Chinese, plus delivery takes an hour, which I was planning on writing in. Ugh.

Anyway, I think you can tell I’m in the hp mood right now. Hmmm…I’m not going to specify houses, since I don’t think it’s too important. Fun fact: this took me two pages in word to write. 

~~Admin Keiji



  • I think we can easily say Akaashi Keiji is the prettiest person ever
  • He asked you to the ball when you two are studying in the library. You were pouring over Arithmancy notes and he bluntly says, “Want to go to the Yule Ball with me?” You obviously said yes because, well, Akaashi Keiji.
  • He dresses in a simple dressing gowns, looking much like a tux. He’s turning heads as he walks by (both female and male), but when he meets up with you, he claims you are the best-looking thing he’s ever seen.
  • If it were up to him, he’d stay at the side the whole night not dancing, but he recognizes that you’d like to dance and compromises to make you happy—you’d avoid dancing in the center and stay to the outside edges.
  • He’s the kind of person who will gladly hold your heels for you while you run to the restroom so you don’t have to hobble there. Honestly, the most courteous boy in the entire room.
  • Kisses you during the last slow dance. However, he asks first so not to make you uncomfortable, which causes you to be uncomfortable.
  • Overall: 11/10 Would go to the ball again.


  • Asks you out by attaching a howler to his cat’s collar. You don’t notice the note—just the cat—until it goes off in breakfast “_____ YOU’LL GET A HOWLER EVERYDAY UNTIL YOU AGREE TO GO TO THE YULE BALL WITH KUROO!” He gets a detention and a date to the ball.
  • Despite his overwhelming enthusiasm about the ball, he doesn’t realize he actually needed dress robes (lord, help this boy) until the day before. He was just planning on wearing his school uniform but gets stuck with Bokuto’s extra robe that was too small. Yet, this robe was too big width-wise, but too small length-wise. He looked like a mess.
  • He tried for three hours to do something with his hair, and failed. When he tells you this with a sad look, you immediately take out the clips on one side of your head so you match.
  • At some point in his life, someone must have told Kuroo he could dance well. At that same moment in his life, he was lied to. Keep stepping on your feet and swinging you into people. But you have so much fun that you simply don’t care.
  • Tries to convince you to make-out behind a pillar. It doesn’t take much convincing and your lips are swollen by the end of the night.
  • Overall: 10/10 Would go to ball again, but avoid dancing, make out more.

Mastsukawa: (i can’t write this boi seriously. He’s just a meme to me)

  • “Oh shit, waddup, _____, it would meme the world to me, if you would come with dis boi to the Yule Ball.” How could you refuse that?
  • Wears a pink plaid dress robe with a striped undershirt and somehow, it’s the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen a person wear. His reasoning? Maybe he can become a school-wide meme if he wore it, as if he wasn’t one already.
  • Not only does he shove his face with food, but he doesn’t care that you also shove your face with food the whole night.
  • Dances like he’s in a mosh-pit during the slow songs; dances like it’s a slow song during more upbeat music. Miraculously, you are not embarrassed one bit when you join him. Maybe you can be a meme, too.
  • Asks you to be the window to his wall, to be the sweat that drips down his balls. (Asks you to be his s/o). After you’re finished laughing, you agree to be the “tionary” to his “dick”
  • Overall: 420/69 would meme with him again.


  • You kind of expect that the reason he asked you to the ball over anyone else because you never hung all over him like all the others. Yeah, he’s cute, but not that cute.
  • He wears one of the nicest dress robes you’ve ever seen, and you admit that he looks good. It’s actually worth all the death glares you’ve been receiving by hopeful girls wishing he’d had asked her.
  • He’s a very attentive date and you get to see his true self, which is really nice. He’s not as suave as he makes himself out to be, but really a dork who is always whining after his Iwa-chan. Something about seeing him in this light is refreshing and you want to get to know him more.
  • You actually tell him that, expecting him just to brush you off as another fangirl, but he blushes a bit and suggests maybe you go to Hogsmeade together on the next trip out there. You agree and he blushes even more.
  • A very nice dancer, indeed. Perfect mixture between rhythm and steps. Leads you well and never steps on your foot.
  • Overall: 10/10 Hogsmeade is too far away


  • When the resident bad-boy asked you to the ball, you said yes. You felt like he would show a good time, and if you got detention, then so what.
  • Doesn’t wear dress robes, tells you to get to fancy. He wears ripped jeans and a muscle shirt and you wear a short “club” dress. You’re only able to get in the ball because he bribed Nishinoya with chocolate to distract the professors.
  • Crowd surfs once when a punk song is playing. One of the professors notice and almost catches him before he slips further into the crowd with you, other students hiding you and pointing the prof in the wrong direction.
  • Shows you what it’s like to kiss someone with a tongue ring. It’s interesting, and you tell him you’re going to need to collect more data points to form an accurate conclusion. He happily obliges.
  • When you finally get caught and kicked out of the ball, and given a week’s worth of detention, you two scurry to the kitchen to get a late-night snack, then make your way to the observatory to talk about the meaning of life.
  • Overall: 10/10 You’d break all the school rules again. 
Burning Love

This AU story is based on the Romeo and Juliet play of the game Daughter of the Dusk, with Roy and Riza as the protagonists. This is a very extended version of it and I took my liberties, but I’m sure you’ll still recognize the dialogues that have been translated and been around Tumblr for a while. I hope you enjoy this! :)

The annual military ball was held on a beautiful summer night. Central City was famous for its rich people’s taste in fine wine, orchestral music, excessive meals, eccentric clothing and masquerades. Big celebrations that only reunited the best of the best. And this night’s celebration was no exception.

Roy Mustang was a young soldier; handsome, kind, well educated. He was never one to question orders or break the rules.

Roy had little interest in the party he and his family had attended. Everybody danced happily, but he roamed the room in search of something that would catch his eye. He stopped by the fish tanks, they were big and full of colorful, beautiful creatures. He wished he’d be swimming right now, just like the fishes. While dancing was nice, he only enjoyed it the rare times his partner happened to be someone of his liking.

As they moved, many fishes met for a moment in the middle of the tank, and Roy saw his reflection on the glass. He was wearing an orange mask with yellow feathers. He smiled to himself, and when the fishes went their separate ways, the face he saw on the glass was a different one. Big brown eyes blinked at him, and Roy sat up straight, aware that there was someone on the other side.

He walked around the tank and saw her. The most beautiful lady he had laid eyes upon. Long, blonde hair, such a fair face, eyes he could die for. He saw her soul in them, and he felt immediately attracted. She enchanted him at first sight.

The woman smiled shyly at him, but didn’t make a move as she stared right back.

“My name is Roy, I’m an Amestrian soldier,” he said to her. He extended his hand at her. “Would you honor me with a dance?”

The woman took his hand and nodded. “Of course.”

They danced together for what felt like hours. Roy held the lady by the waist and guided her across the room. Her gentle touch on his shoulder felt shockingly warm, the kind of warmth Roy knew he couldn’t let go. They looked into each other’s eyes, which shone bright like the stars, and without a word they fell into the deepest of seas and drowned in the sweetest of waters.

The band playing the music took a rest, and Roy and the lady stopped dancing for a moment. She got closer to him, internally debating with herself whether she should kiss him, for he had become a gentleman she wanted to be held by, for at least the rest of the night.

She extended her hand to his face and pulled off his mask, revealing Roy’s handsome face. She blinked and tilted her head, observing him for a moment.

“I think… I’ve seen you before.”

Roy raised his eyebrows. “Oh! Well… maybe you’ve seen me in past military events? The Mustang family has been in the military for generations.”

Riza gasped. “You’re a Mustang.”

He smiled lovingly. “Indeed.”

They heard another song being played, and Roy moved to hold the lady tight again, but she broke the embrace and stepped back.

“I’m very sorry, Roy Mustang” she said. “I must leave now.”

Roy frowned sadly, suddenly confused and disappointed, and walked up to her.

“Wait, Miss! May I have your name?”

She sighed and turned around. “I’m… Riza.”

He put a hand on his chest. “Ah… such beautiful name for such beautiful woman.”

Riza smiled shyly at him, like the first time her eyes made contact with his.

Roy took a step forward. “I must say, Riza… my heart is burning with love for you.”

Riza blushed heavily. “Did… did I cause such thing?”

Roy touched her arm and looked at her tenderly. “You—”

“No, I’m sorry,” she interrupted. “I must go.”

Riza ran toward the exit, her full-length gown’s tale floating in the air behind her as she made her way. Appalled, Roy tried to follow her, but some dancing couples got in the way, and he soon lost sight of Riza. By the time he reached the entrance, she was gone.

Riza hid in the shadows, around the corner of the building. She could see Roy from there, looking desperately for her. Her heart pounded strongly, and she touched her chest with worry.

“What is happening to me? This feeling in my chest…” she took a peak at Roy again, “…what is it?”

She couldn’t go back to him, no matter how much she wanted to. He was a Mustang, after all. And her family, the Hawkeyes, had always been an enemy of his. They could never be together.

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MC and the RFA + Saeran witness the seasons first snowfall!

it wont be long before we’ll all be there with snooowwww~~


  • Yoosung shakes MC awake
  • “psst!”
  • “Yoosung…? why are you up so early?”
  • MC rubs their eyes
  • Yoosung hops out of bed and gestures to the window
  • “look, MC! the seasons first snowfall!”
  • they sit up and yawn
  • “yea…and the sunrise…”
  • Yoosung runs to the closet and grabs the two biggest coats
  • he puts one of the coats over MC’s shoulders and wears the other
  • he then grabs MC’s hands and starts pulling them out of bed and whining
  • “c’moooon! lets go play in the snoooow!”
  • “Yoosung, this isnt even my coat. its yours”
  • Yoosung sticks out his bottom lips and his puppy-dog-eyes shine at MC
  • “alright, alright, i’m up”
  • MC and Yoosung head outside wearing their pajamas and big coats
  • Yoosung looks up at the sky with a big smile on his face and pulls MC close, putting an arm around their shoulder
  • “i cant wait till this all builds up and we can have a snowball fight and make snow angels and an igloo-”
  • MC laughs
  • “an igloo?”
  • “it’s like our own little house made out of snow!”
  • they knew what an igloo was, they just didnt think that them and Yoosung would be able to make one
  • but he looks so happy, like a little kid
  • “well then i’m looking forward to cuddling up in our snow house, Yoosung”
  • Yoosung is so excited to scoops MC up in a hug and spins them around
  • then he runs inside and makes them both hot chocolate so they can sit outside and watch the snow fall together


  • “Zen, lets go buy some fish-shaped buns!”
  • MC was pulling on Zen’s arm, hungry for a snack
  • he giggled and told MC to go dress warm, even though the fish-shaped buns truck was a short walk away
  • “it’s getting cold outside, make sure you wear a beanie!”
  • once Zen decides MC is thoroughly bundled up, the two set out for their favorite fish-shaped snack
  • the two walk to the truck and Zen places an order, then turns to MC while they wait for the vendor to fetch their food
  • “gimmie your hands”
  • Zen takes MC’s hands and rubs them in between his, trying to keep them warm as possible
  • “you’ll get sick if you have cold hands”
  • yea, OK Zen
  • oh their way back it started to snow
  • Zen loved the way MC looked with little snowflakes landing on their nose
  • every time a snowflake landed on their face he would kiss it
  • “snow is cold, kisses are warm. i’m just trying to help you, MC!”


  • she wants to stay inside but MC gets so excited she just has to agree
  • she dresses in like 10 layers, way more than MC
  • “i really wish you would dress warmer…”
  • but MC is just too excited to put on more clothes
  • they grab Jaehee’s hand and practically run outside
  • MC was looking at the snow
  • but Jaehee is too busy looking at them!
  • she asks to go back inside like once every ten seconds
  • but MC insists that watching the first snowfall of the season is important
  • “alright, but if we stay our here, you have to keep me warm”
  • MC wraps Jaehee up in a big hug, right there on the sidewalk
  • she gets super blushy and embarrassed 
  • but also loves it


  • MC was cooking up some breakfast when they saw snow falling outside
  • they run out to see the snow, catching snowflakes in their hands
  • Jumin comes downstairs and freaks when he sees them standing outside
  • he runs back to his room and grabs a coat
  • MC was still playing around outside when they suddenly feel Jumin drape his coat over their shoulders
  • “what are you doing out here in this cold weather, love?”
  • “oh, good morning, Jumin. i just came out here to watch the snowfall”
  • “mind if i join you?”
  • Jumin lifts up one side of the coat and pulls it over himself so the two of them are underneath the same big jacket
  • he puts one arm around MC’s waist to keep them as close as possible
  • he copies the was MC was trying to catch snowflakes to get some of his own
  • but he was so sad when they just melted in his hand
  • he told MC to make sure next time they wanted to see the snow, they let him know first
  • “i dont want to miss one second of winter with you”


  • doesnt even bother to throw on a coat thicker than his hoodie
  • he looks up from his laptop, sees the snow, and runs outside
  • “Seven where are you-”
  • but he was already out the door and running around as the snow fell
  • MC was right behind him, and they didnt put a coat on either
  • “woohoo! it’s snowing!”
  • MC ran up to Seven and grabbed his hand, lifting it up in the air
  • “merry christmas!”
  • Seven hugs MC and spins them around
  • he keeps trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue
  • when MC starts to complain about how cold they are, Seven unzips his hoodie, lets them inside, then zips it back up over both of them
  • “it’s a good thing you’re so tiny”
  • “i’m not that small, Seven. you just own a gigantic hoodie”
  • he tells MC that once the snow builds up he’s going to destroy them in a snowball fight
  • challenge accepted


  • “Saeran, look! its the first snowfall of the season!”
  • “thats great, MC”
  • “can we go outside? pleaseeee?”
  • “no”
  • :(
  • MC grabbed both of Saerans hands and started pulling him
  • “plleeeaaasseeeee”
  • “alright, alright”
  • Saeran makes sure MC’s wearing warm clothes before they go out
  • he takes extra long getting ready just to spite them
  • but once they’re outside, Saeran thinks the way MC loves the snow so much is really cute
  • he even smiles at them
  • only when they arent looking, of course
  • but after awhile he just cant take the cold anymore
  • “cmon, MC. lets go back inside where we can keep each other warm”
  • since then he’s was less reluctant to go outside when it’s snowing