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I can't enjoy anything Jonsa anymore (not even my favorite fics), it tastes too bitter. I think I'm subconsciously protecting myself from the inevitable Jon*rys ( I think it's pretty much set in stone). See for me even though I know Jon*rys can't possibly end well and Jonsa still has a chance of becoming endgame. I can't get past what's going to happen this season, and shipping Jonsa has become so painful.

That’s really upsetting to hear, Anonny, and I’m so sorry you feel that way :( 

But let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was this amazing show called Avatar the Last Airbender. I watched it, loved it, adored it and obsessed over it. I was so sure two of its main characters Zuko and Katara would get together in the end. Their narrative journey made the most sense; most of the show kept symbolically linking back to them. They complemented each other in ways no other character on the show does. But then due to behind-the-scenes politics, Zutara never happened. Instead, Katara went to Aang as some kind of trophy prize and Aang (another beloved character) never got the character development he deserved. Zuko went to Mai, who was pretty much complicit in her father’s attempt to murder him, and yet it was all Zuko’s fault anyway. It was a mess post-show in the comics and the subsequent Legend of Korra show. 

Through it all, the Zutara fandom prevailed and dozens upon dozens of fanfiction and fan art and metas have been written since the show ended in 2008. The Zutara fandom is still one of the biggest and strongest around as well and all the people in it are amazing, funny, talented and welcoming. It’s been 9 years and I still ship it as much as I ship Jonsa. 

Canon does not make a ship, Anonny. It’s the people in the fandom who do and I gotta say we have one of the best fandoms around.

If what you say happens, try not to let it soil what the point of fandom shipping is all about, Annony. 

Also, I really, really doubt Jon could be truly in love with Dany, nor could I see her being in love with him. I think the scenario would require a severe regression in both of their characters. If they have some kind of sexual tryst, that’s all there really will be to it. Nothing more. They are on two vastly different paths with very different goals. One wants to conquer and one wants peace. Not necessarily mutually exclusive, but the very notion of conquering another country that does not belong to you (which Westeros doesn’t; it was never the Targaryens and it most definitely is not Dany’s who has never even lived there) goes completely against peace. 

Not happening. 

Rest easy, Annony. It’ll be okay. And maybe try reading some Modern AU’s where everyone is happy and alive. Those got me through the hiatus between seasons xD 

Good luck!

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People like to headcanon that act 3 Anders and Hawke had a strained relationship, but it says right there in the codex that he is a tender and devoted lover. I'm crying over Anders leaving all his stresses at the door as much as he can so he can be gentle with Hawke. They were happy, people. They still are.

Yeah, I totally agree. Like, I can see some strain occurring after the Justice quest, just because Anders is still conflicted and dreading what’s to come, while Hawke is concerned about him and maybe frustrated that he won’t just tell them what’s going on. An issue like that can certainly cause problems in a relationship.

But that’s like the very end bit of Act 3, so it’s rather short lived. For the rest of it? I totally agree with you (and the codex). That’s the thing about Anders; no matter how much he’s hurting, no matter how bad it gets, he still tries his best with Hawke. The relationship is just so important to him that he’s not going to neglect it, no matter what’s going on. And he really, really enjoys being with Hawke, even if he does feel a little guilty about finding so much pleasure in something so selfish (in his mind, at least). I think he may have tried a bit to stay away once he’d planted the bomb, to get some distance and try to keep them from getting pulled down with him, but he wouldn’t be able to keep it up, and would eventually come back to them, to their relief. Again though, end bit of Act 3, not the rest of it.

He’s definitely needy, and needs more attention than most, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor something that’s always a problem in relationships or that would cause strain (it isn’t for the right Hawke, at least). But ultimately, when he’s with Hawke, that’s when he really feels happy and safe. Even if things aren’t going so well, even if he’s upset and needs some comfort, just being with Hawke, enjoying their presence and their touch and being able to touch them back, does help him cope. And I mean, my Hawke is 100% supportive of him and his cause, so that helps as well.

But yes, I think there was a lot of joy in that relationship (and still is, fuck everyone who says otherwise). And when things are hard, and Anders can’t hold it back, Hawke is there for him, and vice versa (because Hawke has problems sometimes too). I mean, they are a little co-dependent in that way, but they’re happy, as happy as they can be given the circumstances. He’s absolutely a devoted and tender lover, no matter how bad things get. Because he really loves Hawke with everything he has, and just having the opportunity to be with them is such a big deal to him. He wants to enjoy that as much as he can, to keep the world and it’s problems from sullying this one, beautiful thing in his life. Even though, yes, the problems do come up, and there are nights where he really just needs Hawke to hold him and comfort him, that’s not something I’d say causes ‘strain’.

They were, and still are, very happy together. There are tough moments, yes, but nothing either of them aren’t ready and willing to deal with. Most of those are also external, and I think they both work very hard to keep the world’s problems from destroying the last good thing either of them have, and actually enjoyed the relationship even more, basically out of spite. Refusing to let the Chantry win and keep them miserable, in their minds. That’s kind of the way I see it, anyways.

Ladybug Review

           The Newest Hero is a Ladybug and a Black Cat?

         In recent years there has been a cry for more relatable, tangible, and ethnically diverse characters. But not just any type of characters, no, no, female characters. And more than just that, female, superhero archetype, characters.
Sure there have been female superheroes for a while now but many of those characters have been little more than eye-candy for the male population that has control of the superhero franchise. Super-heroines such as Wonder Woman and Super Girl come to mind, with their disproportionate bodies and reveling outfits. Companies such as Marvel and DC have recently begun a campaign to change the way their super-heroines look and act, but the stigma of being scantily clad and not being female fan friendly is already set within those characters.

         Thankfully, there is one large group of individuals across the big pond from us that have heard this cry for a relatable, culturally diverse, fun, quirky, superhero female. They have heard the people’s cry and they have delivered. Beautifully.  
          Thomas Astruc is the creator of “Miraculous Ladybug”, and with the help of companies such as Zag toon Animation, Method Animation, Toei Animation, SAMG Animation, SK Broadband, Curl Stone, AB Animation, Bandi, Disney, TF1 and PGS this show will surely stand the test of time. This is a project “that goes east to west, from Japan to the United States,”1 according to Aton Soumache CEO of Method Animation. It first aired in Korea, then France and finally the United States, slowly making its way around the world, for anyone that needs a little bit of ladybug luck in their lives.  Ryuji Kochi, general manager of Toei Animation has said, “there is nothing to compare”2 Ladybug too, and he is right.

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I can't believe I'm doing this again...

So. There’s been a lot of talk about racism in the tags lately, and how people are more upset about being called racists than about the racism.

Okay. So, I’m a Westallener, and I’ve never so much as flirted with that other ship (though I did nod politely at it when we passed each other in a bar once). I’m also white. And I’ve seen a LOT of posts on this issue.

I will admit, on occasion, they have bothered me.

“White people can’t stand it when black people get ahead.”

“White people can’t stand to see an interracial couple on TV, kissing.”

“White people…”

Oh, probably not every time I’ve seen this, but certainly there have been times I’ve seen this and my first reaction was, “Hey! *I* don’t have a problem with this! How can you say that?”

And then I take a step back and try not to make everything about ME, a person none of these people had ever met.

Are they saying, “You, Jade4813, are a racist bitch because you are white?” No. At least…I hope not. So what are they saying? Where is this coming from?

It’s coming from a place where this is something they have experienced in their own lives. Something they have personally faced. Something that has impacted them on a day to day basis that I, personally, have never faced and likely never will.

The conversation isn’t about lumping me with men in white sheets. It’s about saying, “This is something we face all the time and if you’re the one doing it, you need to check yourself, and if you’re not the one doing it, you need to be aware of it so you can help address it. BECAUSE THAT’S THE ONLY WAY THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!”

And then I step back and say, am I racist? … No. I don’t think so, and if I am on any level, I try every day not to be. Because that is, I think, the best and most honest a person can be with themselves. There IS such a thing as unconscious racism, so I always have to bear in mind that my unconscious actions may cause POC unintentional pain.

I remember living overseas and meeting some lovely fellow students from a couple of African regions. The first few times I was hanging out with them, something weirded me out, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I finally realized that undercurrent of American race relations just wasn’t there. They didn’t have to come into the conversation wondering if I was gonna be a racist towards them, and I didn’t come into it unconsciously wondering if they were expecting me to be or if I was going to blunder my way into something horrifically and unintentionally offensive. Once I realized the difference, it was…nice. But it also made me realize that it was noticeable because I hadn’t experienced it before. So, yeah, it’s important to remember that we don’t live in a world where that is a thing of the past.

Does it suck that I have to do that? Abso-friggin-lutely. Only I expect being on the other side of that equation is a billion times worse. (I can’t help but think of the Daily Show bit. “You’re tired of hearing about it? Think about how very, very tired they are of living it.” To paraphrase.)

If you latch onto the “But not ME!” reaction and stop there, then you aren’t seeing the bigger argument or the bigger picture. Because even if it’s Not All White People, it IS All People of Color who face it. Every day.

And although I could turn a blind eye to it and pretend it doesn’t exist, I’m sick of living in a world where that’s the case. Aren’t you?