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top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number fourteen 

girl meets game night (1x17) 


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hey molly i'm having a slow day and i was wondering if you were in the mood to tell another story because literally i have not laughed as hard at anybody else's anecdotes on this entire goddamn site and it would be pretty rad

when i lived in spain, i worked as a “bartender” in madrid. i put “bartender” in quotation marks because my boss fernando trusted me with literally nothing but cleaning glasses and occasionally a CLOSELY SUPERVISED mojito. the bar was called “la chocita sueca,” which basically means “the swedish hut,” but can also, as far as i can tell, mean something VERY DIFFERENT and vERY RUDE.

  • this led to a lot of general confusion from the patrons, who were always wondering whether i (the only super, super white person) was The Swede. 
  • “THIS BAR IS NOT NAMED AFTER ME,” i would shout, trying to be heard above the music and the huge portrait of elvis that hung behind the bar. “I AM LITERALLY JUST HERE TO WASH DISHES AND MAKE TERRIBLE MOJITOS.”
  • “nO.”
  • “VERY SURE.”
  • at which point fernando would sweep in and say soothingly, “shhh, it’s okay. why don’t you go wipe down the vomit on the bar??”
  • rinse. rather. repeat.

anyway, on weeknights when the bar wasn’t busy, fernando always let me come in and talk to him and learn how to make drinks. as someone who hates hard liquor, i was very bad at it. my entire repertoire is a mimosa and a tequila sunrise. in my defense, fernando was aware of this going in. the entire hiring process went:

ME: can i work here?
FERNANDO: do you know how to make alcoholic beverages in exchange for money?
ME: no.
FERNANDO: come on wednesday.

so one day, my roommate bryan takes me out for a delicious fancy dinner, along with his little brother and his little brothers three friends, who were all visiting and sleeping on our floor. on the walk home i noticed that we were going to pass by la chocita (which was about a 5 minute walk from my house). so i separated from bryan and the boys to drop in and say hello to my old friend fernando. 

it’s a tuesday at 9:30p.m. so the bar was naturally empty, and fernando was just chillin’ with the elvis picture and the human-sized statue of liberty replica. 

"maya!!” he said. he called me maya, as did most of my friends in madrid, because it was easier and because i hate the way “molly” sounds when it is breaking up a spanish sentence. “molly” in any language that isn’t english literally sounds like a fart on a first date.

  • “molly” when said in an english sentence: what a cute, rosy-cheeked young lady, probably looking to cuddle a dog and have a good laugh!!

so in i pop, and there is fernando, who immediately sets to telling me all about his son and how handsome he is and how he’s about my age and fernando’s not saying anything but he’s JUST SAYING—

“here, have some of this,” fernando said, and handed me a glass of kalimotxo.

  • 2. get some diet coke.
  • 3. get some ice
  • 4. combine.
  • 5. “WHAT IS HAPPENING????” - your body, horrified and delighted.

“idk, fernando,” i said. “it’s a tuesday? i have class tomorrow?”


i took the drink.

  • “WHAT IS HAPPENING????” - my body, horrified and delighted.

“try this, too,” fernando told me after a moment, pushing a bright green glass in my direction. “it’s new. i’m trying it out.”

“idk, fernando,” i said. “it’s a tuesday? i have class tomorrow?”


i took the drink.

  • “THIS IS DANCING A SAMBA IN MY MOUTH!!” - my actual words to my actual boss.

“wait wait, try this one,” fernando added, now pushing a tiny shot glass toward me with gold-colored liquid and sugar at the bottom.

“idk, fernando,” i said. “it’s a tuesday? my lips are tingly?”


i took the drink.

  • “it tastes like i already regret it!!!” - me, giving the statue of liberty replica a kiss.


“okay,” fernando said, and handed me a bag of bar nuts as big as my torso. it was very heavy. it was a tuesday at about 11p.m. and i opened the bag, dipped my hand in, and shoved a whole handful into my mouth.

  • IN MY DEFENSE: these were the best bar nuts in the world.
  • i stand by that.

“you should go home,” fernando told me, looking suddenly doubtful. “you have class on wednesday.”

“WHO EVER HEARD OF CLASS ON A WEDNESDAY?” i said. “GIVE ME SOME MORE OF THE TINGLY LIPS STUFF.” it was probably hard to hear me around the bar nuts.

fernando, now very alarmed, called me a taxi. i should remind you that my apartment was a five minute walk from the bar, but with my hands full of a full 3-lb bag of bar nuts that i refused to give back and a my fist closed tightly around the neck of a bottle of tinto de verano, there was really no way i was going to make it that far.

“where to?” the taxista asked. i gave him my address. he blinked at me. “that’s… right there,” he said, and pointed.

“yes,” i agreed, taking another mouthful of bar nuts.

“we can see it,” the taxista said.

“yes,” i agreed again. “would you like some bar nuts?”

“….no,” the taxista said, and pulled forward toward my apartment, glancing nervously back at the chipmonked motherfucker doublefisting bar nuts and dessert wine in the back of his cab on a tuesday.


“okay,” the taxista said. “we’re here.”

i don’t remember what happened after that, but in the morning i woke up to the following three surprises:

  1. the tinto de verano was nowhere to be found. nowhere. did i give it to the taxista???? did i leave it on the stairs???? HAD THERE EVER BEEN A BOTTLE AT ALL???? WHO PUT SEVEN LEMONS IN MY FRIDGE?
  2. i was wearing socks on my hands.
  3. i woke up to bryan’s brother and his three friends asking loudly, “why the hell are there nuts everywhere?”

“NO REASON,” i said.

A Year On Tumblr.

When I made this blog a year ago, June 1, 2016, I was twelve years-old and I was in grade 6. I was on that stage in my life where everything was changing;

-I used to listen to Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and I used to always wear skirts and dresses and the color has to be always pink.

-My school bag was pink. My watch was pink. My pens, pencils, and pencil case was pink. Basically everything had to be pink or I wouldn’t like it.

-I acted so girly and I would always wish on my birthday for my crush to like me back.

-I used to have a diary where I ranted all about my crush and how I embarrassed myself in front of them, trying to make them like me back.

-I also remember the time when my crush told me that he liked my sister. That one still kinda hurts.

-I valued everyone’s opinion and felt like what they say about me is true.

-I also used to have panic attacks a lot, but at that time, I didn’t know what it was. Nobody cared either.

-I used to have a friend called Joshua. We knew each other for 3 years. He would always come to my house and call me. We would always hang out in front of my house along with some other friends.

-One day he stopped calling me. I never knew why.

-Both of my brothers, who used to defend me from my evil sister who likes to treat me like a punching bag, left for their jobs.

-My parents just got divorced. (Even though they broke up nine years ago and my dad already has a girlfriend, it was pretty hard to know that it was official)

In between starting this blog and this post:

+I began listening to My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez and I wear all black and I would always wear jeans all the time, sometimes skirts and shorts, but I would always wear black stockings or mid-thigh socks with it.

+I realized that I was turning emo as fuck.

+I only wear dresses on special occasions that required it.

+I bought merch for the first time. A Dan and Phil sweater, shirt, key ring, and two wristbands.

+I stopped caring about Joshua. 

+A thing happened in school. My teacher called me names and embarrassed me in front of the whole class. I cried for hours.

+I told my dad and our helper. I also told our supervisor, but she made fun of me, too.

+Our teacher made a post about me on Facebook. He made me look like a bitch on the post. People commented, agreeing with him. Some teachers on our school liked the post.

+The other teachers started bullying me, too. They all teamed up to make me feel like shit.

+The supervisor didn’t know that the bullying continued on. No action was done and the teachers never got in trouble.

+I made a post about it and posted it in this blog. I instantly got messages that really cheered me up.

+I learned that my dad was getting married to his girlfriend.

+I don’t get panic attacks much often.

This year, before this post:

=The bullying wasn’t often anymore.

=I bought some twenty one pilots merch.

=I realized that I looked so much different now.

=I’m too tall for my age.

=I still don’t have any Tumblr friends.

=I don’t have in real life, also.

=I learned that my mom was also getting married to that guy that I really didn’t like.

=My mom got married before my dad.

=I thought if my dad got married to his girlfriend, I would finally know what a family feels like.

=I was wrong.

=We have a new car.

=My sister finally stopped treating me like her personal punching bag.

=I learned that I was graduating as valedictorian.

=I had to make a speech.

=Some of the teachers made fun of my speech and I cried.

=They called me a cry baby. Not only my teachers, but also my other self-centered classmates.

=I stopped caring about their opinion.

=I started to post less oops.

=I graduated.

=I will be moving to another school.

=I’m scared.

=My birthday is in a month. (July 8). I’m turning thirteen. ah.

=The Nintendo Switch looks cool.

=I asked my dad for a Nintendo Switch on my birthday.

=I don’t know if he will actually buy it cause we’re broke as fuck.

=My two brothers will be coming home this July and I’m really excited ‘cause it’s been so long since I saw them but no one should know that I’m excited what.

So, this post is all about the changes in my life after a year. It’s also to let you know more about me. I guess?  I really don’t know how to celebrate being a year on Tumblr… It’s like an anniversary for me being trash. Tumblr made me trash. Thanks, Tumblr.

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hey, could you give a brief tutorial on how you made this gifset /post/129789289845/the-world-is-a-dangerous-place-not-because-of ?? or at least what i should look up to find a tutorial for a gifset like that? thank you :))

hey :) ok since i promised ages ago that i will post this tutorial and i never did, i’ll do it now. if this is confusing i apologize, feel free to message me about anything, english is not my first language and i’m bad at explaining things, but i included a lot of pictures so i hope it’s going to be ok. and also i’m pretty sure there are easier ways to do this, but this is how i do it. so anyway, i’m gonna explain how i made these two gifs, or at least try to :) here is gifset, all other gifs are made pretty much the same way. so, 

1. from this

to this

2. and from this

to this

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Ten Reasons Why I'm Not For the thirteenth doctor being a woman

(I wasn’t gonna say anything because I don’t rlly have any skin in this fight and didn’t want to deal with backlash but it’s my blog dangit I’ll say what I want)

1) I don’t disagree with the notion that Hollywood needs more and better female characters. But I also don’t think that girls can’t look up to male characters. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the doctor being a man, especially in an already female heavy show, and 2) making him a woman feels like a cheap trick to stir controversy. I don’t like women being turned into some kind of marketing ploy. Women shouldn’t be used as a gimmick to stir up doctor who’s dwindling viewership.
3) Notice I said we need more and Better female characters. I haven’t liked the more recent treatment of women by the writers. They’re painted as strong, unapologetic characters. But they’re flat and stale. They’re annoying. They lack kindness and depth. And I don’t blame the actresses. I’ve not seen Jodie Whittaker in anything but I’m sure she’s a wonderful actress, I don’t blame her. But if the writers continue to reduce women to stereotypes of the Modern Woman than it’s no better than the stereotypes of the past.
4) Speaking of depth, the Doctor has to be a morally gray character for the show to work. He makes bad decisions, he makes difficult decisions, he chooses who dies, he bends rules, he commits genocide. The fact that he’s an old lonely man who picks up young girls and uses them to breathe excitement back into his life adds color to his character. They’ve addressed it before, especially with Rose. But making him a woman loses that creep factor that I would really like to see them use more.
5) Making the doctor a woman doesn’t go against canon or is unthinkable based on the premise of the show, but it would make the character trans or bi or something on the lqbtq spectrum which much of tumblr may applaud, but it’s something I can’t support based on personal values.
6) A lot of people, at least the ones in my circle, haven’t been happy with the show lately. I can appreciate that the showrunners are trying to change that, but personally I’d like to see them return to the show I fell in love with rather than make drastic changes.
7) This puts the show in the same boat as Wonder Woman. If they handle it badly, and people disapprove of her, it will continue the idea that popular media with female leads can’t do well. And I don’t have faith enough in the show to believe they’ll create something as beautiful as Wonder Woman and this will give the sexists more fodder.
8) Similarly, I’m not allowed to say anything against it in the name of feminism. Doesn’t matter what I actually think, even though I’m a woman, if I don’t like it I’m sexist or I’m blinded by the supposed misogyny I’ve allegedly internalized. Which is more a problem with feminism than the show specifically, but hey
9) I had kind of hoped we’d get a super young one? I know they kind of tried that with Matt Smith but in the same way Tom Hollands age makes him a better more vulnerable Spider-Man, I’d love to see the doctor be smol. Not the silly goofy childishness of Matt Smith but the raw vulnerability of a child. The ability to be hurt, to evoke pity.
10) idk I just think if you want to breathe new life into a show, to do something different there’s better options than GASP it’s a GIRL nobody’s ever seen one of THOSE before. If men and women are truly to be equal in the eyes of the media we have to stop treating women like some kind of mythical creature and start treating them like real people.

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Hi! Can you recommend any like angsty fanfics? (Phan of course lmao) I quite like those especially when my mood isn't the best lmao, idk why, I'm weird. Thank you in advance!

you’re not weird! Sorry for answering so late, I just don’t normallly read a lot of angsty phan fics, so I had to go on a search for some of my favorites!

Once again, just gonna format like phanfiction catlaogue does cause its the most useful way hahaha

Mind The Gap @mangothatismelancholy - Set in early 2017, Dan grows insecure in the amount of time he and Phil spend together. Worried that the older man is missing out on life experiences because he’s too preoccupied with the signature D&P branding, Dan tries to fix it the only way he knows how.

This one is so, so good, and so long. I read it on my way to work and then straight THROUGH work one day on @vanillasolitude‘s suggestion, and it actually made me cry? Like, I don’t know, my chest ACHED from it, okay. It’s fantastic

Philosophical Graphic Novels @ithinkiphan - Over the course of a few months, we watch as Dan and Phil’s relationship blossoms. Through angst and fluff, they find themselves trying new things and overcoming obstacles together.

This one is one of my all time favorites, happy ending, but plenty of angst in terms of like, Dan being existential and very depressed. I really like it, but I remember it always gives my chest a tight feeling!

Stitched Together By Scarred Skin @literaryphanno one ever said the idea of soulmates comes with guaranteed romantic love, and this is where it leaves them — swaying between two sides of the depth, unable to go back and unable to go forward.

One of my all time, all time favorites. Its just… heartwrenching with a happy ending and the whole story makes your heart ache in the best of way!

Please Don’t Say You Love Me @definitelythor -  Phil and Dan have a friends with benefits deal going on but feelings get complicated. After Phil ends it, he finds that he can’t keep his hands off of Dan, but he also can’t tell the truth about how he feels.

Absolutely amazing. One of the first fics I read. Its a fwb AU and its got ALL the angsty feels PLUS more, and plenty of smut. I love it to pieces and its a good fic to make me want to cry!

Even lovers drown @definitelythor - Dan meets Phil when he’s nine and Phil’s thirteen, and he very quickly becomes the best thing in Dan’s life. But Phil’s a merman and no one else believes that he exists.

Also one of the first Fics I ever read. I hightly recommend it, again, cause it has a happy ending, but the middle has a lot of angst and heartbreak in it, just less romantic heartbreak than the one I recommended before this hahaha

The General Rules of Existence  @walruslovechild-  Dan is a complete mystery and Phil is background noise, And everyone just wants to escape the dead-end town they grew up in. High-school-ish AU.

Omg, I almost forgot about this fic. It is purely amazing, and it makes me so happy just remembering it? Because it’s not what you’d expect, and it has this looming, dark angsty feel that ends in a positive way, I think. I haven’t read it in quite sometime but I remember I adored it. 

Lost In The Crowd @fictionanddiction -  When you begin to see color, it means you have found your soul mate… unless you become lost in the crowd.

Shit, shit, shit. I read this fic as it was being posted, and I will never forget the giant hole in my heart. It is SO good, and SO heartbreaking, and SO amazing, you can’t imagine. It’s hard to read sometimes because you’re so upset over the… soulmate plot twist, but like, just. it’s worth it. 

Give Me Love  @notanotherphanfictionblog“Phil was a Deos Amoris, which translated itself to ‘gods of love’, but Phil thought that was very pretentious. Some people made the mistake of calling all of his kind ‘Cupids’, and that wasn’t right either…”

THIS WAS THE FIRST PHANFIC TO MAKE ME CRY. By the time I read the final chapter, my chest PHYSICALLY hurt, and I could not stop sobbing. I’m not even joking. It does not END phan, but it is Phan centered for almost the entire fic. I… I love it so much. But I could never put myself through reading it a second time. 

We’re Okay  @daeguk -  Phil fucked up, and both he and Dan know it. They fight and yell behind closed doors and between outtakes of videos, all the while trying to mend something that seems completely broken. Appearances have to be kept up, though. To friends, Dan and Phil are lovers; to the BBC, they’re radio hosts; to their viewers, they’re best friends. But pretending is exhausting, and Dan doesn’t know when he’ll snap.

This one makes me so upset. I love it to pieces but I’m always broken after reading it. It’s highly recommended though!

I’m sure I could find more, but I’m getting sad looking at these all HAHAHA so let me know if you need more <3

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leela, what were your thoughts about dan saying in the video 'calm your non gender-specific flaps'? honestly it reminded me of the consent comments/jokes he makes sometimes. i understand he is trying to be inclusive and etc but for me it comes off slightly wrong: trying to make light of an important and serious topic. i think we should try to use gender neutral language naturally and not in that 'oh i'm going to be inclusive and i want everyone to notice' way. also the use of 'flaps'... ugh...

i think the one time i was really put off by dan’s recent kick of making gender-related comments was when he said, “did you just assume the house’s gender” or something like that when he and phil were answering someone in their joint live show about what they would name their new house. because he definitely said it as a joke and not in an actually gender inclusive way since the only thing phil did was suggest a traditionally male name (can’t remember what it is off the top of my head). the only way that response would’ve actually been inclusive is if phil had used ‘he’ pronouns for the house?? but if i recall, phil didn’t do that so dan’s comment was just weird and like, not responsive to anything that was actually said, and therefore just sounded like a common joke that is popular amongst edgy mostly-dudes on reddit and shit who want to make fun of ‘overly sensitive’ or ‘pc’ liberals that think ‘everything is offensive’ blah blah. i didn’t read it as being maliciously intended or pointedly mocking in the same way as those edgy dudes, mostly bc dan has actually made an effort to talk about there being more than two genders, about the harms of assigning roles/stereotypes to those genders, and has used gender-neutral terms in a lot of instances. because we have that context i gave him more of a pass on this weird off-color joke bc it seemed like he sort of spoke without thinking or maybe mis-worded what he might have intended to be a question to phil about why their house should have a traditionally male name? i guess? 

regarding the ‘non-gender specific flaps,’ i didn’t actually take issue with the comment. i think he was adapting what is an innately sexist and common turn of phrase ( ‘calm ur tits’ which is often used against anyone regardless of gender and basically rests on the assumption that people with tits (women) are the ones who are usually agitated/upset/uptight/angry/etc.) into a more gender inclusive one–it no longer assumes that the person who is upset has tits or is a woman. the use of flaps is weird i guess but i think he just intended it to be comedic bc anatomy is weird lol. i guess in general what i’m saying here is that i didn’t read that as dan making light of gender inclusivity or making a joke out of it, but rather making an attempt to turn a common phrase that demeans women into a gender neutral one that is less insulting. idk tho, i’m obviously open to hearing from other people who maybe found this to be an irksome statement from him!

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Looking at the commanders that were ordered to summon Lotor, I'm starting to think that they will be the counterparts to the paladins, and particularly Throk is one to Lance, as appose to your theory of Lotor and Lance being counterparts. Throk is also tall and lanky, and his previous incarnations had him be very emotionally intelligent, and the writers implied there would be a struggle for power, probably because they don't respect Lotor, and I think Throk is our guy, just like Lance with Keith

Lotor was described as a hot shot prince, similar to Keith, and I’m starting to think that the commander next to Throk is Hunk’s counterpart. He seems to be the token good teammate of them, and is soft spoken and seems amused by Lotor’s size. Idk I think they’ll keep the Lotor and Keith parallels and surprise us with the Throk and Lance parallels since Throk being a backstabber is counterpart to Lance’s undying loyalty and dedication.

While this is an interesting read, I think it’s a pretty quick assumption, and I don’t know if it’s supported considering what little of Throk we have- I wouldn’t call it refuted, either, but it’s a noteworthy point.

So let’s just tally up all we’ve seen of these three individuals, for the sake of posterity (because there’s not much there for Lotor either, and if I’m subjecting you to scrutiny I better put my money where my mouth is)

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Restaurant au for monsta X please if you can (I know your blog is like primarily BTS 17 vixx but I saw you also like monsta X) ps I'm kinda new to your blog and it's really great keep up the good work ^^

i said i’d add them to the blog but idk it’s a lot of work,,,,,that being said i Love These Memes so i decided to do this request hehu;;;;

position: bartender 
literally got hired because he looks Good in the white button up and vest but also he makes a mean martini and other assorted drinks while looking intimidating, but has the heart of a soft tart. interestingly enough he himself does not enjoy drinking which host Kihyun doesn’t understand because whenever dinner rush comes around everyone in the kitchen is like “we need a drink” and Shownu’s like “I can make some, but I’ll just have a nice cup of tap water.”

position: host 
charismatic, funny, and charming - Kihyun is basically the face of the restaurant and he like flaunts it. Can describe in painful details the way each dish is made except when he’s talking it sounds so pretty that you don’t mind sitting there and listening to him list off the ingredients to the dinner special. also has a tendency to wear very bright and interesting colored bow ties even though the entire kitchen thinks it makes him look tacky.

position: sous chef 
is second in command and…..well…..Minhyuk has an interesting way of cooking he’s just like “put on some music and let me dance with this steaming hot pan,,,let me flip this fish right into the air,,,let me season the sauce with one hand and put some whipped cream on this plate with another hand,,,,” and tbh no one really knows how he hasn’t dropped anything yet. Also he keeps trying to get the kitchen to vote him into the executive chef position and everyone’s like no no that’s not how it works….

position: executive chef 
is praised as a “young genius” in the culinary world because he likes to take risks with flavors also his presentation is very,,,,,,whimsical. He uses nitrogen to cook and likes to build towers out of vegetables and his dishes look like rainbows most of the time but are also sometimes served with mist circling them or parts of the food literally on Fire, but somehow……it tastes good (and is safe). 

position: server 
the server who doesn’t really want to be there, who doesn’t really want to take your order, and is judging the outfit choice you made all while holding up a pen and pretending to take notes on what you want. Hyungwon is doing this job because he needs the money for his expensive habits and he’s always trying to hide and take a nap in the pantry. Minhyuk and IM have tripped over him numerous times.

position: server 
the server who DOES want to be there, who DOES want to take your order, and who compliments you on your lovely cardigan because he is a soft sweet person who just wants to make your dining experience memorable and fun! Keeps getting tricked by Hyungwon into doing most of the work, but is also always pulling Hyungwon out of the pantry by the year like “C’mon! Let’s go serve people with a smile!”

position: pastry chef 
is known as ‘dough boy’ because he is soft like the dough he cooks with. all his pastries taste like your mom baked them and are all fluffy and filled with fruits like strawberries and apples. and so you expect the chef to be just as fluffy and sickeningly sweet but Jooheon is just like “me? sweet? no! I’m tough!” and the entire kitchen is like rIIIIIIght coming from the boy who named his signature dessert ‘Magical Moonlight Chocolate Kiss Cheesecake’. 

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post/153095503595/okay-but-pls-if-you-want-elaborate-on-the more more more more please if u want idk please i love this what are the tattoes does andrew know how to do it before maybe kevin also gives neil a little tattoo please i'm trash for this

hey ho this my favorite au that i’ve dabbled in and i’m always willing to add more to it. 

more here (x) (x) (x)

ends of the world | ao3

It isn’t the first time Andrew has held a tattoo needle in his hand, but it is the first time he’s holding it over the skin of someone he marginally cares about. Neil is underneath his hands, head resting on his arms, eyes closed and breathing slow. He doesn’t seem to notice the pricking of the needle as Andrew continues to tattoo him.

For someone who has many tattoos covering his body, Neil’s back is surprisingly clean. Andrew had chosen his shoulder blade to place the tattoo that the two of them had agreed on. Kevin was the only one who didn’t know what Andrew was doing. He was instead watching from the corner of the shop, his eyes tracing over Andrew’s steady hands as he continues to work on Neil.

Every time Kevin gets up to try and get a peek at Neil’s shoulder blade, Andrew shoots him a glare, making Kevin slowly sink back into his chair. There’s always a pout on Kevin’s face as he sulks in his seat.

The tattoo shop is empty, the three of them the only ones in the store. Neil had asked Matt if they could be the only ones in the store today for a couple of hours and he had readily agreed.

Andrew and Kevin have already had their tattoos done by Neil. Their ribs were bandaged hiding the new ink etched into their skin from sight. They had both only gotten a slight glimpse of orange and wispy tails before Neil had covered them from their view.

“Are you going to be done anytime soon?”

Andrew doesn’t answer Kevin. Instead he continues to focus on tracing Neil’s skin with the needle. Kevin huffs loudly, crossing his arms as he slouches further into his seat. His side was hurting and by now all he wanted to do was head back home and take a nap while watching some exy.

Neil laughs softly at Kevin’s petulance. Andrew scowls before swatting at his back lightly to get him to stop moving. Neil shifts slightly before settling back down with a muttered, “Sorry, sorry.”

Andrew just twists his lips, before getting back to work. Kevin gets up, being sure to show Andrew that he wasn’t going anywhere near him. He instead makes his way over to the front of the table to where Neil was resting his head. Kevin’s fingers work their way into Neil’s curls, as he absentmindedly starts to stroke Neil’s head.

Neil shifts upwards into the touch, a soft smile curling on his lips. Kevin bends down pressing a kiss to his head before he continues to run his fingers through Neil’s hair. The clicking of the tattoo needle is the only sound in the shop as the three men sit in silence waiting for Andrew to finish.

“Andrew, when the fuck are you gonna be done? Neil didn’t take this long.”

“Well Neil does this every day for a living. I haven’t picked up a needle since juvie.”

Andrew’s words shock Kevin into silence. He looks down at Neil to see if he was surprised by Andrew’s past experience with tattooing, but Neil’s eyes are still closed and he doesn’t seem to be wondering at all what Andrew had gotten up to in that detention center.

Kevin keeps his mouth shut for approximately twenty more minutes before he asks, “Who else have you tattooed?”

Andrew’s hand still, his fingers clenched around the needle. His knuckles turn white from the amount of force he’s placing on the instrument. Neil’s eyes shoot open, his voice quiet as he says, “Kevin, not now and certainly not here.”

Kevin looks between his two boyfriends, and he’s about to protest when he takes a look at Neil’s pleading eyes and quietly concedes.

“Alright. I won’t ask anything more.”

“It’s done.”

Andrew’s voice is hard as he steps back, letting Kevin come closer to see the two intertwining cats inked on Neil’s skin.

“What the fuck? You seriously let Andrew tattoo Sir and King on your shoulder?”

Neil’s laugh is light and completely lights up his face. Andrew is still stoic, arms crossed over his chest, but there’s a slight relaxedness to him that wasn’t there before. Kevin is still incredulous, staring at the tattoo with something akin to wonder.

“You’re both fucking crazy.”

Andrew snorts while Neil just continues laughing. “And yet for some reason you’re still with our crazy asses.”

“Can I finally see what you gave me?”

Neil nods and Kevin makes his way over to the full length mirror. He lifts his shirt up and takes in the bright orange color of a watercolor fox on his skin. He starts as Andrew comes up next to him and pulls his shirt up as well.

They both stare at the matching tattoos, incomprehensible looks on their faces. Kevin is slightly overwhelmed by the beauty of the simplistic art. He knew Neil was talented; he just didn’t know exactly how much.

“Do you like it? I know how much Palmetto meant to all of us, even though we were never there at the same time.”

Kevin is at a loss for words. All he can do is stare at the ethereal fox inked onto his skin forever. Neil comes behind them both, lifting his shirt as well as he says, “Matt did it for me last week since there was no way I could do it myself.”  

There’s a matching tattoo on Neil’s skin. Kevin reaches out his fingers tracing the edge of the playful fox. He turns his face towards Neil, eyes slightly glassy as he whispers, “It’s beautiful.”

Neil just smiles, tipping up to press a kiss to Kevin’s lips before he faces Andrew who is staring at the both of them with something akin to love in his eyes. Andrew would never say I love you to either Neil or Kevin. No instead he would say something infinitely better.

‘I would go to the end of the world to protect you.’

And to Neil that was the most beautiful thing he could think of.

cyreycollab  asked:

Ohh! I use Firealpaca to but I'm not very good keeping the lineart steady :^: do you have any guidance on how to keep the lineart not so messy??

Ahh not really. All I can say is “quick strokes” y’know just like…vroom!! Zip that tablet pen across your tablet super fast over and over until the pen stroke comes out like you want it to. No way you’ll have a nice steady lineart with slow, careful strokes. That’ll come out all bumpy-like. You’ll have to undo a lot of times and you’ll use the eraser a lot but that’s just how it is. Lineart is disliked by most artists I know lol. 

Also play around with the stabilizer setting located somewhere on the top right half of the screen!! 

Ahhh and just because lineart is difficult and tedious does not mean it can’t be fun and interesting. Lineart can add A LOT to a drawing!! Check this shit out:

THIS is what my lineart looks like at first. Boring af:

NOW LOOK AT WHAT CAN HAPPEN when you add onto it, changing pen size and pressure. You can even use lineart to add depth in some areas:

It looks like a different picture?! I over exaggerated a lot because I wanted to go for a stylized look but you get where I’m going with this, right?

AND NOT ONLY can you change the lineart with pen pressure but you can add colors too! Most artists like to stay away from black lineart. I usually go for dark brown as a default color.  

OK COOL that’s all I have for now. Like I said, lineart isn’t the most fun or easiest stage in a drawing but it can add a lot of personality to your art!! Study how some of your favorite artists do their lineart and learn from them! 



Rated PG. FitzSimmons. Canon-compliant, post-3x05. [AO3.]
*sigh* So yesterday I got the episode “Casino Night” from The Office stuck in my head, and idk if I even want this in canon or not but the idea wouldn’t let me go until I’d written it. Yet again written after midnight.

Jemma used to see the world in bright colors. Everything had been vibrant, with patterns and spots and stars. But once she came back from the planet, all the colors simply seemed… muddled. Not as clear as they used to be. Except, every so often, for individual things.

The roses at dinner were a bright, shocking red.

The words on the computer screen were a clinical, blinking green.

Fitz’s eyes were a beautiful, painful blue.

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Okay guys, I have something else to add to the Aria/Bethany twin theories. So Aria’s weird thing with mirrors has been present throughout the show, but does anyone else notice the way she looks in mirrors. Like her head is always tilted a bit to the side. 

(Picture isn’t mine btw) 

You want to know what that little head tilt reminds me of? 

Bethany’s weird drawings in her sketchbook. Now people against this theory have been saying that Aria isn’t blonde when the twins in the show have been shown as blonde. However, a lot of blonde kid’s hair gets darker as they grow older to the point where its brown. But the girl in this picture is all grown up, but still has blonde hair. I think that just might be how Bethany last remembers seeing Aria, as a blonde little girl, which would make sense if Bethany has been locked up in Radley since she was a kid. 

Also, from the new episode, the promo shows a dark haired girl sitting on a bed in Radley. 

So the dark-haired people who we know have been in Radley are Spencer and Mona. I just feel that the hair color doesn’t match with Spencer’s and the arms are too chubby to be hers as well (not trying to body shame btw). I also feel like the arms are too light to belong to Mona and too chubby to be hers too. 

Like that’s actually a picture from Mona at Radley and i don’t know, I just don’t feel like it’s the same person. So that could leave Bethany/Aria. If the summer finale is supposed to reveal Charles’ story, Bethany could be a huge part of that, which is why it would make sense for that to be her in the promo. 

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Hey Kikai! I was wondering, now that you've had time with Creativerse and Minecraft, what kind of differences are there between them? Which did you enjoy more? :) I've got a friend with MC and I'd like to find out more about Creativerse before I go and buy MC.

I definitely enjoy Creativerse much more. I don’t need mods to have fun or install shaders to play a pretty game, and I don’t need to struggle with servers to play with friends. Creativerse will also be Free to Play once it’s out of Early Access whenever that may be. 

I’m not saying Minecraft is bad or you shouldn’t buy it but Minecraft has dulled for me over the years especially when I see all the videos with mods and shaders I can’t be bothered with and Creativerse helped fill that gap + some.

Minecraft feels very limited to me now. There’s a few mobs, a few pets, and once you’re lost, forget about home unless you know the coordinates. (I have a whole notebook full of minecraft coordinates…) Creativerse, however, encourages exploration by letting you craft teleporters and to always warp back home just by pressing T for teleport. And forests and trees are huge and incredibly fun to climb and jump from canopy to canopy.

There’s a lot more biomes and creatures you can only find in those biomes. And each monster has a different way of attacking you (blinding you, throwing you for fall damage, breathing fire or frost damage or poisoning you). And every single monster, even secret bosses, can be tamed as pets. Here’s some of my pets and if you look at the blue one, I put a bow tie and top hat on him.

I feel like there are many more decorative blocks in Creativerse, furniture including shelves and tables, block rotation, blueprint builds, and a larger variety of lighting with significant light radius for each as well as ceiling torches. If you die, you just follow your compass and beacon to your death statue and pick up your stuff, and there’s no race to get to where you died before your inventory despawns (you also keep all the items in your hotbar so you usually keep your mining stuff and swords and armor so you’re not defenseless). I also don’t have to memorize recipes because the game will tell me all of them as I unlock them and it’s incredibly challenging and rewarding to play overall.

Pros / Cons list Under READMORE

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So...who did our “terrifying” renegade Pearl belong to?

I’ve noticed something about the two other pearls we’ve seen. Not only do their color pallets match their respective diamond authorities, but so do their gem placements.

From this, I assume high authority gems have pearls to match themselves. I want to address the Rose is Pink Diamond theory, which I believe to be highly likely. That theory also brings up the likely point that in diamond gem placement. It connects the placement of the Diamonds’ gems with their arrangement in the four color symbol found on many gem structures. We know Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond have their gems on their chests, so it makes sense that White Diamond’s would be on her head and Pink Diamond’s would be on her stomach. 

If our Pearl belonged to Pink Diamond (presumably Rose Quartz), then her gem should be on her stomach to match. But, it’s not. It’s on her head. Then their is the matter of her color scheme. Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl both base their entire color palettes on their respective Diamond’s. But of our Pearl’s palette, her hair color is the only one with a pink base. Her color palette seems to rely more heavily on white. Her skin is white and her clothes are tinted of the three other diamond colors (quick definition of tint: tints are any color with white added to them). Then there’s her base regeneration color. When gems reemerge from their gems in a new physical state, their base glows with their most primary associated color. Lapis glows blue, Peridot glows green, Amethyst glows purple, and Pearl glows white. All of this, in my opinion, seems to tie pearl to the elusive White Diamond. Our Pearl might have once belonged to White Diamond, or maybe a member of her court. However, considering Peridot seemed to think our Pearl looked exceptionally “fancy” (enough to make a comment on it) I think that points her more toward White Diamond in particular. Not to mention, that this would make her devotion to Rose (who might have Pink Diamond) all the more scandalous in the eyes of home world. Home world gems seem to have devotion and preference to a single Diamond, and we know how home world feels about change.

tl;dr I think Pearl might have once “belonged” to White Diamond

@jen-iii idk how into something like this you would be, but I’d like to know what you think

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hey! i've been feeling a little down lately and you seem to be a really nice person + a rly good artist so i figured i'd ask: how do you manage to draw constantly?? i dont mean like fitting art into your schedule but rather how do you manage to always get new ideas and stuff?? bc even tho i love drawing and i have the technical skills i have no creativity... and its kinda sad really bc creativity its like the one thing people expect of artists...

I have no creativity either I think. I’m only inspired when it comes to my otp, which kind of sucks if you want to create a portfolio or if you want a more serious career in art.. 

But personally looking at other people’s art pumps me up! I end of experimenting with something “cool” they do - the way they color, use specific imagery, etc. Umm also think about what you’re interested in, for example if you like a band maybe draw inspiration from their lyrics? Maybe don’t try to force yourself to be creative, draw what you want to (be it a cat, or a plant, idk) and your style might evolve into something more distinct if you carry on for a long time. (Lol but please understand I have 0 creativity so take this advice with a grain of salt)