also i'm tagging otherkin because you all see my name on there a good bit

I'd like to do a Give away :3

Somehow there are 71 of you guys who follow me! I can’t even really believe that because I don’t really know WHY aside from my friends who I talk to on Skype. I’m delighted to have you all though and appreciate it greatly! I really do! It makes me feel happy that I’m a bit interesting. 

So, those of you who follow me have seen what I can do with pipe cleaners and these things comes in all kinds of sizes! Here is a couple examples again. 

  I’ve never made humanoid figures. I can certainly give it a shot if you like. Depending on what you want, because I’ll make something original for you, there could be more than one. It will have to do with Size. 

So, hmmm, Rules: 

  • Don’t spam your followers with reblogs, no limit, likes will count.
  • I’d prefer you have been following me, but I’d rather not have you follow just to leave once time is up on this. 
  • Have your ask box open, and be willing to give me your mailing address (or a PO box.) 
  • Have patience. There is currently something I am working on, and another that I have in mind next that I need to get materials for. I will try to get yours to you in a timely manner, it depends on what it is, where it’s going and my getting my resources. 
  • Ends on June 9th, so there is that much time to accumulate the five reblogs I’ll probably get ^^’  

I am a bit eccentric, I’ll chose one to three winners depending on Things, and add other fun little stuffs with your chosen creation~ 

<3 Thank you Followers!