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Tfw @mortalspork finally finishes her malec fic :’) sorry this draw isn’t as good as it could have been but I still had fun going ham with my glitter brush lol

Read Marijke’s fic here! :D


“I don’t give a damn about your powers.
They’re not what made you an agent.

I did.


100 Percent Reason to Remember the Name

Idk guys do you just imagine Dark and Wilford welcoming the new egos and they’re like: “You already know me, I’m Google, this is Google, Google, Google” and then “Jim! And Jim.” “And Bing!”

And Bim!” (that was why Dark was exasperated with Bim……. now I remember that one SpongeBob scene lmao)


ok oK OK

I just made my first animatic and you can go and check it out here!!

I’m super proud of this because this took like a whole week and [insert weird noises here] I’m just so happy tbh. Hopefully people get to see this because i did my best and i’m just super freaking happy it’s done ok. i love my boys very much and they deserve all the happiness in the world

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, Hansol telling his fans that he’s asexual is a big deal. When his home country and practically a lot of counties in the world, isn’t accepting to LGBT+ people, people of that community still face injustices. This is a big step for him to admit especially after few would comment “are you gay?” or “he’s gay”. Spread positivity and love on his and Topp Dogg SNS pages, pretty much cover the bad comments with good ones. This is a big step for anyone to admit, and hope people one day to admit to others who they truly are. Also check out their music!!! The group is super talented and I believe a sub unit in their group is having a comeback?? I’m not to sure about that but still listen to their music!! 💕💕

i doodled a bit so a concept: serizawa katsuya has two loving parents 

his mother went through some hard times with him during his time being all hikikomori’d up and miscalculated when she had been at her wits end, and his father couldn’t be there much due to his job and didn’t know how to connect with katsuya’s problems the rare times he was…. but after the biggest weights were lifted from their shoulders, they quickly snapped back into a close, happy family. 

here they’re all super stoked about having bought katsuya a proper suit for the first time ever, and of their son getting a job that’s not a fucking cult bent on world domination. not pictured is their dog currently chewing katsuya’s shoes. 

their names are aiko and ishi and y ea i did this mainly to think through stuff for the next chapter of shit-all. spoiler: they’re so good people they adopt reigen immediately. 

You Will Shelter Me (And I Will Shelter You) || Kidge Fic Aesthetic 

You can’t leave.

Me seemed to precariously hang off the tip of his tongue despite being unsaid. Keith felt the bones in his jaw pop as he grit his teeth and stared down at the girl before him.  

Pidge’s gaze is unwavering. She doesn’t even so much as blink when she instantly retorted, “You can’t tell me what to do.” 

Keith had to swallow back a lump in his throat.

Please don’t. 




It’s good to have you back on the team.” Keith offered her a small smile. 

Pidge found herself at a loss before opting to just smile back in hopes it could convey every bit of emotion she felt at his words.

She might not have been sure what she felt, whether it was joy or relief, or maybe even something more, but it was still there, and the feeling creeped warmth under her skin and brought a smile to her lips before she even registered it. 

I’m not going anywhere.  


Make Me Choose:

@schvylerhamilton asked: Rafe Adler or Nathan Prescott?

Happy Birthday Ratonhnhaké:ton ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ✧
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