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Logic: Can you guess what my shirt is made up of
Morality: Cotton!
Logic: Boyfriend Material… I’m attempting to flirt with you. *looks at notes*
Morality: No I’m pretty sure it’s cotton

Just in case y'all hadn't seen episode 1 in a while

When we first see Keith receive his bayard, his sword manifests (as expected) but the shield on his armor does as well.

Which doesn’t seem that odd because, I mean, all the Paladins have these. What’s the deal?

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BTS: *constantly disses Jimin and playfully makes fun of him*

SOMEONE: *is actually mean and disrespectful*

BTS: The fuCK YOU JUST SAID?! How dare you offend our sweet ball of sunshine?! Don’t touch our sweet Jiminie!

which easy company member should YOU fight?

Richard Winters

who wins: Winters

two days before d-day 1st lt. raymond schmitz challenged winters to a wrestling match and dick told him to go away and schmitz wouldn’t and dick got so annoyed that he gave in, but little did schmtiz know that dick was a wrestler in college and he threw schmitz down too hard and cracked two of the guy’s vertebrae

don’t fight winters

Harry Welsh

who wins: Welsh

harry got busted down to private for fighting more times than i can remember; it does not matter if you could pick him up and put him on your shoulder (looking at you, buck), he’s scrappy and will mess you up

Lewis Nixon

who wins: you

i don’t think you could actually win, considering you most likely didn’t go the through sobel-hell training that nix did, it’s just that i doubt nix has the time, energy, or interest to fight you

Buck Compton

who wins: you

buck would let you win, let’s be honest (the first time; when you then demand a fair fight, he would decline because he’d never hurt one of his guys even in fun)

Ron Speirs

who wins: undetermined

everyone is always talking about how tough speirs is and i believe that, there’s not a doubt in my mind that ron speirs is one crazy son of a gun, but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t want to see someone shoot some spit balls at his neck (what happens after that is your funeral)

Carwood Lipton

who wins: Lipton

have you SEEN lip’s shoulders? probably, but to refresh your memory:

those shoulders are broad enough to carry a medium sized town on. not to mention that lip isn’t afraid to climb a tree to fight you

Bill Guarnere

who wins: Guarnere

you will probably not win this fight because bill’s a scrappy street fighter from the streets of south philly–remember that time he tried to headbutt liebgott:

but PLEASE, for the love of pete, although the odds are stacked against you, fight bill guarnere. please do it, this man may be my husband but i’ll fight him any day. this face is just asking to be punched

Joe Toye

who wins: you know the answer

“this guy with arms like pistons” “toughest guy in the unit, period” “these two strapping arms came at lowery from behind, lifted him up, spun him around, pinned him to the wall, and clamped a hand to his throat”

i think malark about summed it up, but if you ever get the urge to fight joe toye, think of this picture:

Don Malarkey

who wins: Malark

i will once again rely on a visual aid:

when it comes down to it, though, malark doesn’t want to fight you. he doesn’t want to fight anyone

Joe Liebgott

who wins: Liebgott

lieb may be the skinniest little dude in the company but what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in attitude, pent-up rage, and a sassy mouth. also he’s a machine gunner so he’s gotta be strong as hell to lug that thing around

Eugene Roe

who wins: n/a

didn’t your mother teach you better than this

David Webster

who wins: you

we’re talking about the man who literally yelled “THEY GOT ME” when he was shot in the leg. this was not the hollywood version he actually said that. fight david webster

Johnny Martin

who wins: Martin

you know that textpost that’s like “i gotta stop telling people to fight me, i’m 5′0 tall″ that’s johnny. if you upset johnny, he’ll just glare at you until you start to get really uncomfortable, and then he’ll rope you into going on a patrol which is worse than fighting him hand-to-hand

Frank Perconte

who wins: Perco

perco doesn’t actually fight you, because when you start to get really excited about a fight, he starts going off on you and chews you out until you’ve lost the motivation to fight him

Skip Muck

who wins: Skip

skip was an expert mortar man so i wouldn’t take him on, personally. but literally every single person was in friend love with skip and his sideways banana smile, you could spend your whole life trying to come up with reasons to fight him and not think of any

George Luz

who wins: you

the trick to fighting luz is strategy. if you’re intent on taking him down, you need to do it at the opportune moment, such as when it took like half the company to shove him into the plane because of that 180000 pound radio. alternatively you can just smack him in the mouth

Babe Heffron

who wins: Babe

babe fought the whole war as a machine gunner with severe hand problems, not odds i’d want to challenge tbh. also, the only person allowed to fight babe is bill

Smokey Gordon

who wins: Smokey

i would never ever fight smokey. ever. this is why:

Shifty Powers

who wins: Shifty

you COULD fight shifty, but i mean, do you really want to? is there anything in you that can justify fighting shifty

Floyd Talbert

who wins: Tab

winters said somewhere that if he had to take one soldier into a fight with him, he’d take tab. i’m going to trust winters on this one. plus, if you piss tab off, he’ll steal your car and conduct “experiments” on it

Chuck Grant

who wins: Grant

grant falls into the revered category that skip and shifty also reside in, which is, don’t fight grant, he never hurt you, and he deserved so much better than what he got. there are no reasons in the world to fight chuck grant

Bull Randleman

who wins: Bull

we know what bull can do, let’s not test him

IN SHORT: don’t attempt to fight easy company, or joe toye will grab you by the throat before you can even get in a fighting stance

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*pokes fingers together* ah-I can't remember if this has been done or not and I'm sorry if I'm repeating a question that's already been asked, but um.. c-can you do headcanons for the main three with a shy sweet s/o who is really affectionate at random times? Like super snuggly and gives little butterfly kisses and stuff I'm sorry I crave fluff so bad ;--; also I love your blog



-People like s/o are his greatest weakness

-Is this close to crying from happiness when they get affectionate


-It’s a blush fest when the two are together

-Especially is s/o is in one of their affectionate moods

-He’s a bit like that, too, though


-He loves s/o, he really does


-It’s because he’s not used to the level of adorableness, though

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Heya!!im new so I'm sorry if this request has been done already but can I request some HCs or Scenarios (which ever is the easiest) of Bakugou having a sassy but chill S/o but when mad they also have a temper like Katsuki??

ahhhh i lov hi m….

bakugou katsuki

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  • he highkey lowkey loves it
  • when they sass out someone, he is in awe because how did they think of that so damn quickly??
  • when they get into fights, he’d smirk and nod to them like “that’s my s/o”
  • but when they fight?? hoo lord
  • the whole floor can hear them shouting
  • and it usually leads to them either having angry sex (that everyone can also hear) or he/they end up stomping out of whoever’s dorm it is 

Okay guys, so picture this: 

- It’s time for our heroes to choose where they want to go to school. 

- Marinette wants to be a fashion designer, and she gets a surprising call from Gabriel Agreste and he wants to meet with her.

- Gabriel is offering to pay for her entire schooling, including giving her a much coveted internship with his company after she has graduated. There is just one catch: she has to break up with Adrien.

- Marinette doesn’t even hesitate to decline, she doesn’t want to let Gabriel control her life the way he controls Adrien.

- Adrien finds out about the deal (whether he was eavesdropping or his father tells him about it) and confronts her about declining.

-Marinette is upset that he would even think she could accept a deal like this, but he tells her that he has already accepted it for her. He can’t let her give up on her lifelong dream just because of him.

- After breaking things off with Marinette (once again sacrificing his wants and needs for her) he decides to go to Stanford University’s business school in America in order to be away from his father and away from the pain of being without Marinette.

- Not long after getting settled in his new school, Marinette arrives and tells him that he has no say in her decisions, and she isn’t willing to lose him and what they have together just for some silly internship. Adrien tries to argue, but she tells him that she didn’t spend two months hounding Natalie for his address just to turn back now. Since he’s been missing her so much he gives in.

- Marinette takes night classes at a local community college, waitresses during the day and starts selling the clothing she makes in her spare time to a local boutique close to campus. To her great surprise, her stuff sells well and she and Adrien manage to get an apartment together.

- By the time Adrien graduates, Marinette has a successful boutique of her own which Adrien helps her manage. 

- She never regrets turning down Gabriel Agreste, and can’t help but rub her success in his face when she and Adrien get married a few months later. She also gets hoards of compliments on her wedding dress… which she designed herself.

The yoi characters and their Tumblrs

yuuri: total foodie. his blog has a katsudon-theme. reblogs the type of posts that are super specific but super relatable. has the occasional inspirational quotes. has a lot of posts about viktor. reblogs some of the other skaters’ posts.

viktor: actually didn’t have a tumblr until yuuri convinced him to make one. it pretty much consists of ice skating and videos of his practices, pictures of makkachin and dogs in general, selfies, and yuuri katsuki. lots and lots of yuuri katsuki.

yurio: part memes, part Standard Teenage Angst™, part kittens, part pics of himself and otabek hanging out. has quite a number of rant posts, some of which he’ll sometimes delete later.

phichit: hamsters to the max. has his fair share of memes, especially does weird, hard-to-understand but still funny memes. has a lot of aesthetic. reblogs posts spreading positivity about thailand and its culture. 

jj: selfies everywhere. responds to every single ask. reblogs a lot canadian things. reblogs clickbait articles and sends them to the other skaters. likes the ads.

guang-hong: pure, faith-in-humanity-restoring happiness.

sara: uplifting, powerful quotes. promotes female empowerment. promotes equality and respect for everyone. a lot of her followers ask her for advice. cute fashion. often posts after-practice selfies with mila. reblogs a lot of posts about italian history and culture.

michele: reblogs everything from sara, barely posts. if he does posts, it’s usually videos of sara’s competitions.

emil: boy’s a memelord. his profile pic is his michele’s head photoshopped on a the body of romano from hetalia because of course it is. reblogs the posts from the bad side of tumblr. makes his own memes and has a lot of followers because of it. often does that “send me a number” or “ask me anything” thing.

chris: you can scroll through his blog for about five minutes before running into something nsfw, but surprisingly, the nsfw isn’t that bad. his selfies are his aesthetic. follows some suggestive blogs. sometimes posts in french.

otabek: motorcycles. lots and lots of motorcycles and motorcycle-related things. there’s also a quite a fair share of yurio. sometimes there are rapid-fire reblogs of cat videos, courtesy of yurio when he takes over otabek’s blog. he’s the person that makes really inspirational posts that gets a lot of notes. if you scroll far enough, you’ll see posts of adorable teddy bears.

minami: his blog is a yuuri-oriented blog. a lot of yuuri’s fans follow and submit stuff to this blog. viktor follows this blog.

it should be no surprise that Plagg chose Adrien as Chat Noir. leave it to him to find the cheesiest person in Paris to wield his Miraculous.

and it just makes a lot of sense, you know? as a model, Adrien’s got to have quite a bit of experience………………

on the catwalk