also i'm sorry about the coloring


So… I’m still in the middle of watching Sherlock… But now I’m also in the middle of watching Doctor Who~ xD (New series, so from 2005 ^-^)

But I finished three totally inacurate lil doodles of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor(s?), so at least I have something to share! :D 

I’m not sure if photos are okey, since drawings are really small, so just tell me if any of them is bad and I’ll try to take better one tomorrow, thanks! :D


Hello! I finally got over my jet lag (i think)!
I had a great time back in my hometown, Manila! ^o^ ♥

I had lots of fun and also lots of rest and I feel so refreshed (and also kind of sad because I miss my relatives and my dog…and the food) – Now that I think about it – being back here in New York in winter feels so much sadder because of the gloomy surroundings ((compared to the colorful and lively neighborhood back home – it’s been 2 years since I was able to visit Manila aahh)) ///// anyway, here are some photos from our flight stopover in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport!

Thank you so much for your well wishes everyone, I really appreciate it!
I hope to upload lots of new art starting next week (and will resume working on that MM art book♥)

I couldn’t do 707 Route while I was there, I had no mobile internet and the WiFi everywhere was super slow ;;v;; Now that I’m back, I still can’t do the route because the app won’t let me change my time zone (it still doesn’t recognize Daylight Savings Time)!!! //cries because now I won’t be able to play the new update hhHHHNNN

Also – my fave photo of all (it’s me beside a mirror) vvvvvvvvvvvvv

lmao no offense but halsey is literally everything tumblr wants in a celebrity she’s a queer woman of color who is extremely socially and politically aware, speaks up about her own mental illness, and on top of that is also genuinely talented as fuck and still yall feel the need to put her down and make her small like how gross can u actually be literally how disgusting are u


i have no clever excuse, sorry. my interests just shifted and i didnt feel up to drawing this. i increased the quality because i wanted it to be prettier but really just made extra work for myself.


getting into a color change next update ^^ im so tired of this purple tbh 





…uh well I was thinking about the post-genocide pacifist ending, and also the floweypot au, and this was made :^)

Well uh after the post-genocide pacifist ending, it shows that Chara is still in control of your soul after you sold it to them, so like… what if they had a change of heart and decided to live on the surface peacefully with the rest of the others? idk :^)


I think the saddest and most terrifying thing about this election is seeing how much red was on that map. More than half of America was colored in red and that tells me that this nation hasn’t gotten anywhere since the Civil War. That’s scary. Growing up as a POC I always had to deal with so much stupidity. Constantly trying to prove myself to others, being harassed and being called derogatory names simply because I was a few shades darker, hell also because I’m female. I always had hope one day that this country will get better. But right now what I see is a country I don’t even want to live in anymore. It terrifies me how there are so many people who resonate with Trump so much and believe in his ways. 





thought about Sans seeing the sky at night for the first time at school for a split second, and I drew this as the result of it when I got back home ahahaha I need more of sans being happy and being happy about space


for @supercavanatic i promised i would gif this for her (Alisha the wink is in the 7th gif)


PLEASE CHECK OUT!!!! this Grade-A tokyo mew mew content i commissioned from THE AMAZING, TALENTED INCREDIBLE QUYNH!!! i can’t gush enough about how beautiful this is, so make sure to full view since tumblr’s so weird about sizing!! also i’m going to have to actually insist you go buy art from her sorry i don’t make the rules i just enforce them



Pandora Hearts Positivity Month | Day 4 | Love

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.”
Lisa Weedn


I’m sorry if the colors make your retinas uncomfortable my head is so far up my ass right now

It’s another cartoon reference: from the Power Noia episode of Power Puff Girls. It was that moment when old lines from old cartoons that were originally supposed to sound serious now sound hilarious.

But either way. Siblings being best buds are the shit.

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🌚 = talk about my crush

Well, my crush is my wonderful other half! He’s smart, funny, thoughtful, and honestly my bestfriend! He also happens to be easy on the eyes! 😍 He’s a total nerd like myself, definitely a dog person, and his favourite color is yellow!! (it’s so hard to think of random facts!!) It’ll actually be our 15 month anniversary next week!! I’ll forever be grateful to him for putting up with me (I’m a pain), but also for making me a better person 😊 (so cliche, but still true!!)

📖 = tell a story

okok, I’m going to tell you the story of our first date!! We met at a party a few weeks earlier and I’d given him my number!! So we’d been texting for a while and I was desperate for him to ask me out!! But bless, he was quite shy and it took him a little while. But eventually he did!! So y’know, I got all dressed and glammed up and we went out, and it was lovely!! BUT!! A few days before the date I’d decided to get my nose pierced!! SO at the end of the date when he went in to kiss me, he accidentally knocked my nose stud out, and OH MY LORD it hurt so bad, and he was so embarrassed and felt so guilty. He’s always been a little shy, and he plucked up all the courage he had to kiss me only for that to happen- totally ruined the moment!!! He was convinced he ruined the entire thing and that it was over, and didn’t believe that I wasn’t mad until I asked him out on our second date- and the rest, is history!! 😊


Sorry for the messy sketches but I had to get this idea down!
Starfleetrambo was asked about the demons getting more and more humanoid the more they connected to their human (or something idk correct me if I’m wrong) and then I started imagening the stages of the demons, you know, like, getting something that has the basic human shape but no destinct color or clothes. Just small bodies like chibi demons or something haha.

It also looks like Pi Mo is offering a sort of business proposal for Stan… Hmmmmm…..