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harry/louis, enemies to lovers, 1.7k

“Fuck off.” Louis leans into this boy’s personal space just to show how unaffected he is, even if it is technically a bluff. “My team’s winning.”

The boy crowds right back into him with a smug look, and that turns out to be their downfall—a large man to his left nudges his arm and gestures to the jumbotron, where Louis and fucking Newsboy are currently encased in a cartoon heart with the words KISS CAM burning brightly above them.

based on this text post

Ok because I’ve talked about buff Donald Duck and my displeasure with human portrayals of him making him look like a child, I’ll share this.

Things we know about comics Donald:

  • wears a sailor uniform, fought in WW2
  • from the 1940s-50s
  • physically strong, probably muscly
  • in his 20s and 30s in most stories
  • kind of a ladykiller, is considered physically attractive
  • light-haired
  • (also does not appear to have weird voice)

With this in mind, I propose this human version of Donald:

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh


so uh
I drew some cat boys

i actually intended to just indulge myself and draw keith with cat ears
but suddenly there is lance???? idk man


An example of Richard Kidder Meade’s handwriting when writing to his brother vs his handwriting when writing for Washington.

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Any chance we can get some Anabasis or DAV in celebration of Triduum/Holy Week?

Late reply is super late, but better than never I hope.

I’m working on the next DAV fic which would actually be a perfect fit for the Passover / Easter season, with its focus on themes of liberation, but it is, alas, not finished yet.

So in lieu of that (and by way of apology for being gone so long), here’s a snippet of Anabasis.

This one is pretty spoilery, tbh. But Holy Week for me is all about liberation and new life, and this part of the story is definitely that. So when I finally publish the whole of Anabasis, you all can pretend to be surprised…

[In which Anakin finds Palpatine’s collection of Sith holocrons…]


The place was dim and musty, and it clanged with the distant echoes of crumbling old machinery. Padmé’s hand drifted uneasily and came to rest on the blaster at her hip. Just in case.

The door Dinsa had stopped before was the seventeenth in a line of identical doors, each unmarked and wholly unremarkable, the sort that might be found in any number of abandoned factories or warehouses in the Works.

But Padmé didn’t fail to notice the way Dinsa stood well back from the door, or the way she and Sabé watched Anakin closely, alert and ready for any sudden directive. Anakin himself was focused intently, seemingly unaware of anyone else around him. Padmé shifted from foot to foot, watching him stand perfectly still, watching the light of memory burn in his eyes.

“Anakin?” she whispered, hesitating only a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder. Warmth bled through his clothing and into her skin.

He blinked slowly, just once, then turned from the door to face her. His mouth curled, far too vicious to be called a smile.

“This is the place,” he said. “I can feel it.”

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I’m pretty satisfied with the colors! :-> Hope that I haven’t missed or forgotten something. Also Reiner got a bit too big (well he’s still a titan ohoho!)

These kids are gonna have a nice day~!


You’re always there for him, but the pattern is getting too predictable

Angst/ fluff | 1124 words

Work as an idol was busy. It wore him out, tore him down, and nearly broke him regularly. Dreaming of music had been fun, but the reality of the entertainment industry was harsher than that; long hours of work and practice and filming and-

Yoongi was tired.

Most of the time, he could find a way to blow off some steam (freestyling angry lyrics alone in his studio was a favorite) but of course… sometimes that wasn’t enough.

That was where you came in.

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ok..I just need some hurt/comfort headcanons for blue zircon x green zircon pls

Something like Blue’s first major case and she’s really nervous about it (to the point where she feels like she’s about to have an anxiety attack) and Green’s trying to be supportive? Idk if this really counts as hurt/comfort but I’m pretty bad at coming up with headcanons on the spot lmao.

I am really satisfied with this season of got, I mean all the reunions and all the badassery and MY SON GENDRY IS FINALLY BACK :))))))))))))))))))))))

My dear Anna, ever since I’ve had the opportunity of knowing you, I’ve been in love with you.

i’m so scared for them

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I'm curious about your reasons for preferring immortal Malec over Magnus becoming mortal. I always thought, as much as it's painful to consider, them actually growing old together, also with their family, is a sad but beautiful thing. I don't really know how I would actually want it to end on the show (the books were not satisfying in that regard), but part of me thinks Alec wouldn't want to live forever and see the people he loves die, especially Izzy and Jace. I'd love hearing your thoughts.

I don’t like the idea of Magnus being mortal for Alec because it basically says that Magnus’ life ends with Alec’s, and I don’t think that’s true. Magnus loves Alec deeply and differently than he has loved other people in the past, but he has loved and lost a lot of people and he has always survived and healed and fallen in love again. In the end, that’s what Magnus is – a survivor. Plus, Magnus has so many Downworlders who depend on him, I can’t see him leaving them behind – including little ones like Madzie.

As for Alec, I guess because book canon has Magnus and Alec adopt a warlock child – and I want to believe the same will occur eventually with Madzie – I have never seen him able to leave his child behind as a parent, either. Your siblings may be important to you, but your child? That’s a whole other level. I just can’t see him doing that to his kid and then to Magnus on top of that – leaving them both alone without him. I don’t believe it’ll be an easy choice to make, but I do believe it’s one he would make given the opportunity.


What is Sonic trying to imply?
Also, have I mentioned before that I am Hamilton trash???

I always imagine Amy being the only person Sonic actually talks to in Boom and the conversations get really deep, so this had to be done~ maybe expect more stuff like this????

The song is Satisfied from Hamilton the musical, and you can listen to the song here:

*please do not use these images in any way without my given permission, thank you!*