also i'm really satisfied with this


so uh
I drew some cat boys

i actually intended to just indulge myself and draw keith with cat ears
but suddenly there is lance???? idk man

modern stuff :)

My dear Anna, ever since I’ve had the opportunity of knowing you, I’ve been in love with you.


They don’t know who we are. Not really. They don’t know what we’ve done, what we’ve managed toguether.

So let’s go show them they picked the wrong damn fight.

i really hate the idea on here that you can only lose weight or even just have an eating disorder if you are ~pure~ and only eat fruits and veggies and teas like no one can live like that no one can do that 24/7 that’s why y'all always end up binging because you’re not letting yourself eat what you want like i’m having a sushi roll for lunch/dinner and it’s gonna satisfy my cravings and i’m also still eating way under my calorie goal (this is the only time i’ll say it but i eat 600/700 a day now since i need more cals to help my foot heal) and my mom is getting me stuff to make chipotle guac right now so i can make guac and eat that with cucumber spears tomorrow and guess what it’s a fun meal and i’m still under in calories and i still will lose weight and not feel like i’m dying or like i need to binge like i see so many low cal ‘recipe’ accounts and it’s all like hey princess @n@ says you can only eat an apple or an orange and i see y'all do that and then end up wondering why you can’t stop binging at the end of the day and gaining weight like find what you enjoy to eat make your own low cal recipe and portion out to stay low cal or else you’re likely gonna fail there are ALWAYS healthy/low cal alternatives to your favorite meals or snacks just gotta put the effort in and plan in advance


What is Sonic trying to imply?
Also, have I mentioned before that I am Hamilton trash???

I always imagine Amy being the only person Sonic actually talks to in Boom and the conversations get really deep, so this had to be done~ maybe expect more stuff like this????

The song is Satisfied from Hamilton the musical, and you can listen to the song here:

*please do not use these images in any way without my given permission, thank you!*

i’m so scared for them

Had a sudden urge to draw some Ford and Dipper bonding moments. I love these two and their relationship. 

and Peggy!


Well… I was thinking more of A Winter’s Ball but anyways

The colouring was heavily inspired by @galactibun‘s colouring style that they recently showed in their video

also yes I just realised… the shading makes no sense


Completed this $15/h, 3-hour commission for @ambrose-fr of his dragon, Stygian (he/him)! Stygian is an all-knowing oracle of the seer’s circle of the Carcosian Syndicate and knows what he likes. I had a lot of fun designing the clothes, which were really fancy, as well as doing the skinky and matchy makeup B)

I’ll be getting a shop set up for more commissions like this shortly. Please boop me if you would like a commission! I do dragons as well as gijinka designs.


Kija for @tartsplace ^^ Sorry for taking it for so long!

The Catalyst ~ A Trafalgar Law Fanmix  [listen]

01. Flyers - BRADIO | 02. Spider8reath - Joren “Tensei” de Bruin [Homestuck] | 03. Dr. Heart Stealer - Trafalgar Law/Hiroshi Kamiya [One Piece] | 04. The Eleven Supernovas - [One Piece] | 05. Snow’s Theme - Masashi Hamauzu [Final Fantasy XIII] | 06. Time on My Side - Joren “Tensei de Bruin [Homestuck] | 07. Suck Your Blood [nZk] Ver. (Inst.) - Benjamin Anderson & mpi [Kill la Kill] | 08. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy | 09. Nikopol - Taku Iwasaki [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] | 10. Immortals - Fall Out Boy | 11. Crystalmethequins - Clark Powell [Homestuck] | 12. LOST IN New World - Trafalgar Law/Hiroshi Kamiya [One Piece] | 13. D   Evil 正10時楽団 Played - Hiroyuki Sawano [Ao no Exorcist] | 14. In the End - Linkin Park | 15. Gold Pilot - First Turn Fold [Homestuck] | 16. The Catalyst - Linkin Park