also i'm out of coffee

Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.


gio gio giovanna!!


First Monday of the Easter holidays involved me doing a bunch of planning, as well as drinking my first latte! Which I then proceeded to spill on my textbooks…..but whatever

Connie is so cute when she gets excited, and I couldn’t help but draw her excited! 

Tried something a little different when lining her, and I had to bust out the acrylics to get the right shades of pink for the flag, but I’m pretty happy with this tbh!

🌈Happy Pride, y'all!🌈

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

sometimes I get annoyed at the stereotype that english people are obsessed with tea but then today me and my housemates emptied our tea cupboard so we could re-arrange it and

there are three of us.

hi i love yoongi

Lads I had the weirdest dream

So for some unknown reason, myself, my fiancé, and my parents are in Duluth, Minnesota (Never been, never even set foot in Murica). We are on the bridge in Duluth being touristy and all when I see Adam Young with Abbey on the bridge, getting photographed. I get all excited and Adam sees me freaking out, and I’m just like, “Wow, what are the odds we’d see the two of you here??” Abbey for some reason recognises me, and we’re all besties and they tell me they’re getting married the next day and I’m all like, “Oh sweet, Mal and I are getting married in 3 weeks!” Then we’re all chatting about wedding prep, turns out they’re marrying on the Duluth bridge, I’m all like, “that’s so cool!” and inside I’m dying with joy at meeting my hero and his girlfriend and then I woke up and all I could think was:

// Random thought: Grust is a major coffee and tea producing country. It’s mountainous with a subtropical/tropical climate (if we’re assuming that FE world works the same as the real world, and that there are no other continents south of Archanea), which is ideal for arabica coffees. Originally, I thought that the country would be more rocky, with scrubby moors similar to Scotland and Iceland, but in replaying Shadow Dragon, I noticed that the Grust maps have a lot of dense forests. Tea plants are probably grown in the northern part of the country where it’s a little cooler, while coffee trees are grown in the mountains around the capital in the south.

Flavor-wise, Grustian coffee tastes like cocoa and spice, with very light floral notes, and the high altitude at which it’s grown makes it a very complex coffee popular with nobles and royalty across Archanea and Valentia both.

Camus probably brings coffee beans with him as gifts to the royals that he meets.

i’m desperately hoping they ask me to come in late to work today bc 1) it’s gonna be dead and i’ll be bored and 2) i set out to write tiny codex-esque entries for the major factions/guilds this morning for the Infamous Novel Series and now i’ve got a dozen tabs open for military rank and structure and have written almost 3000 words on how the royal guard is organized for the capital city and i’m on a fucking roll i don’t want to stop

// it’s study break week at the university i guest lecture at, so i’ll be with the rest of the faculty, helping students, for the next two days. i’m here, but mutuals can yell at me on dis/cord in the meantime.

“My name is Laurence Chembroux. I can tell you how ya’ die, I am bereft a face and I can betcha’ life nobody will ever believe that you saw me.”

so uh
does anyone have a wraith gelert mp