also i'm not wearing shoes

ok but….pidge never wears her shoes if she doesn’t need to

  • not off being a paladin? catch her always walking around barefoot to the point where her feet are never clean
  • shiro once handed her shoes to her and begged asked her to put them on
    • she looked him straight in the eyes as she let them fall to the ground and then walked away like a boss 
    • shiro: “i swear it all happened in slow motion, what was i supposed to say after that”
  • lance once preached to her about taking care of her skin and she just pushed her feet in his face, causing him to screech
    • “the skin on your feet is worse than even keith’s!” “hey!” “oh hush, you know it’s true”
  • they once had to climb rock walls in a training exercise and pidge beat them all at it
    • pidge: “you are all like babies, watch this”
    • like, she literally just takes off her shoes and uses the callouses on her feet to anchor herself and climb, everyone is in awe
  • the only times she wears shoes in the castle is when they have diplomatic events
    • allura: “part of being a diplomat is wearing shoes”
    • pidge: “you got me there”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Would you mind drawing what you imagine adult Chara would look like since you've drawn adult Frisk before?

It would be my pleasure, Anon! I hold a comforting little AU in my heart where Chara and Asriel manage to survive childhood and grow into well-adjusted adults. Here’s what I think Chara would look like if they were college-aged. (What do you think they’d get a degree in?)

I really like how this turned out, so I’ll probably color it later.

I bought some new leather booties yesterday. I’m wearing them around to decide if I want to get a half size bigger but ANYWAY I just have to say, WOW heels are LOUD. How am I supposed to sneak up on anything if I’m goin’ round sounding like a horse clip-cloppin’ through the house? I wouldn’t have thought stealthiness was something I needed to consider while shopping! Jeez!


It’s unfair, you’re the only one growing up.


Got a couple of pics from the ONE photoshoot I managed to have at Fanime!

So as you can see, Cupid’s not technically finished. I didn’t get to finish all of my accessories, and the body paint was a bust that day, so I decided to forego it and just do natural skintone. Also, I changed out early because I'me dumb and wear a lot of uncomfortable shoes. But overall, I think it looks really good and I’m really proud!

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