also i'm not happy with the boy's design


I haven’t seen anyone talk about this week’s episode of Steven Universe, so I will!

I just wanted to point out further evidence of how incredibly progressive this cartoon is. They threw Steven in a dress and makeup and no one in the audience batted an eye to it when he came on stage. No one cared that Steven was a boy and in a dress and makeup. They don’t act any differently towards him. No shocked faces, no comments, no nothing. They just cheered on their friend as he performed.

Also note that Steven did not hesitate to throw on that dress. It was as if it were completely logical and normal for him to do so.

It is so important for kids to see this. It is so important for people to normalize boys in dresses, and for boys to feel like they can wear dresses and/or makeup and not be degraded for it by society. And Steven is the first step in doing that.

(also, look how fabulous Steven looks!)

I salute you, Crewniverse, for making such a wonderfully designed character as Steven and a show so amazingly progressive. 

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oh my gosh Thomas !! the little boy in your Flirting vine at the start is wearing a shirt that I designed !!!!! I'm so happy this is amazing you are wonderful i love you !!!!!!

GASP!!!! REALLY?? That’s his fave book series and he literally told me that was his fave shirt!!! And some people have also been asking me where to get it, so please give out that info!!

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SERENA-sama is my new QUEEN. She had a great impact on me ever since her debut. Fusion's also my main deal and I've always wonder about Yuzu's Fusion counterpart. I'm glad she turned out pretty badass amazing. Her character design is also beautiful. I'm loving the ponytail, the ribbon, and her color scheme reminds me of Judai. And her deck is also interesting! I'm so happy she's in the Lancers and gets so much focus now. I'd consider the Lancer boys her harem too!

I feel ya, ANON-san.  (*´▽`*)
Who could resist this precious moon? 

Yuzu’s Fusion Counterpart definitely deserves the love and attention. Though she only debuted in the Maiami Championship Arc, Serena has proven to be one of the most complex and distinct characters in the series. Her noble and proud nature hides a trait of naivety and candor.  ( ˘ ³˘)❤

But make no mistake because Serena possesses a strong will and a profound sense of honor. And yes, her character design is definitely praiseworthy. She is as beautiful as the bright full moon, with hair that dazzles like dark amethyst and eyes as green as pure jade.  (。・//ε//・。) 

Serena is, first and foremost, an exceptionally skilled Duelist, and her skill with the cards—coupled with her principles and talents —marks her as a true warrior. Initially she has little compunction about carding opponents she has beaten; she believed strongly in duty and dueled in the name of Academia and in order to prove to Leo Akaba that she’s more than capable to fight in the frontlines. Trained and raised as a soldier, she has understanding of what it means to Duel and knows the consequences. 

However, she was simply kept in the dark and treated like a caged bird, and so, even though she’s tempered with discipline and control, she dreaded the fact that she’s not allowed to join her comrades in war. This makes her a nice complement to Yuri, who hunts and duels for the sake of fun, and uses his power to bring despair to others, and yet obeys Leo Akaba without question.

Hilariously, however, Serena has no solid foundation on social skills, but she definitely has that interestingly fiery streak. She’s quite crafty and takes initiative. 

Now that the truth about Leo Akaba and Academia has finally been revealed, Serena is willing to fight alongside Reiji Akaba and the Lance Defense Soldiers (LANCERS). And indeed, Serena is vital to the Lancers, considering that she’s one of the keys to Academia’s downfall. Of all of the Lancers (with the exception of Reiji and Dennis), Serena has a sense of greater scope of things in Academia, of how the soldiers fight, and how they trained.

There are a lot of reasons to love Serena. She’s courageous and determined. She’s intensely honorable, but charmingly innocent all the same.  (♥ω♥ ) ~♪