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Precious Kaneki Ken (๑´•ω • `๑)


C E R S E I    L A N N I S T E R
↳  1.01 “Winter Is Coming”
“Jon Arryn is dead. A fever took him. […] The raven brought more news. The King rides for Winterfell…w i t h   the  Q u e e n  and all the rest of them.”

[whispers] it’s stucky headcanon time

steve goes to visit young kids at school so he can talk to them about history and his time in the war as he always likes to do, and one day, just as he’s about to leave, a lil boy calls out to him and says, “wait!! mr. captain america sir could you maybe tell us about your friend bucky?”

steve smiles so sweetly, and gets this look in his eye that only seems to appear when he’s talking about bucky. “of course buddy what would you like to know?”

this leads to steve spending an extra unscheduled hour and a half telling stories about bucky, and the things they used to do when they were kids. by the end, all the kids clap with excitement, the same lil boy even shouts that bucky is his hero.

steve gets such a kick out of this, he goes straight home to tell bucky all about it. he tries his hardest to convince him to go w him next time, “come on buck, the kids love you! you have to come, i’ll even let you tell some embarrassing stories about me.”

bucky ofc is reluctant, but in the end he agrees to go. he gets rly nervous on the way there, so nervous in fact that even his metal fingers begin to fidget. but as soon as he steps in the classroom, the kids cheer, and his nervousness disappears. they all rush up to him, squealing about his cool his metal arm is and how he’s such a hero. bucky gets overwhelmed w lots of happiness and love and he nearly cries as the kids hug him. at one point he looks to steve, who has that usual twinkle of affection in his eyes, and smiles super wide, while mouthing a ‘thank you.’

i’ve never even played inquisition and i love him :^ )

Jeankasa for Michelle (unrulers) bc she’s cutie and her blog is hella lovely (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

also this is my first time contributing to this ship aaa yoroshiku ;w;

listen i know everyone’s worried about like kirigiri or asahina or etc dying specifically bc look i’m 88888% sure they’re going to kill off at leAST one of the surviving cast members from dr1 but i’m just


listen to me


I drew these in texas
you can see the little commentary I tend to add to my pictures and then also the numbers next to the pictures

I love Crona so much


Your hands are in my hair and my tongue in your mouth and
this is dangerous dangerous dangerous because anyone could see anyone could walk by I think that’s why it’s so exciting
I tell you I want you and you pull away long enough to look me in the eyes and say “baby you’ve never wanted a damn thing in your life”
And I tell you you’re wrong wrong wrong because I want you so badly it makes my teeth shake but when I see you with her it brings me back down to earth and my lip is bleeding from biting it so hard
ignoring someone has never been this loud before
I think the whole school can hear it and it sounds like a fire alarm
or maybe a too obvious way of saying
“I want you I want you I want you.
—  Car crashes in school hallways– Lily Rain

I’m super emotionally invested in @loverofpiggies Error!Sans and the Toriel story that’s going on, so I thought I’d try out doodling him myself!

Error!Sans does NOT belong to me, he belongs to the Crayon Queen, who also has an ask blog for Error right here! Crayon Queen is amazing and everyone should go love her!!


1.01 ‘Quantum Jump // 1.07 ‘Bold Guard & 1.08 ‘Able Archer’

I love that Tailgate wanted Cyclonus to dance with him.

I think I realized why, beyond it just being a really cute and sweet gesture: 

Tailgate has always been trying to get Cyclonus to interact more with the rest of the crew, and since the Tyrest incident we’ve seen him open up more. 

  • Made amends with Whirl 
  • Smiling at Ultra Magnus
  • Friendlier overall to Tailgate 
    • That smile when Tailgate got out of the medbay <3
  • Singing and watching TV with the crew 
    • While intoxicated no less, a parallel to how he used to drink alone and which was Tailgate’s first attempt to hang out with him

The reason I think this moment stands out more in light of recent events: Not only is Tailgate still wanting to hang out with Cyclonus, and thus have him interact with the crew more, but that he still wants to hang out with him despite believing Cyclonus to have told Getaway about him having been a “coward/whimpering mess” on his deathbed. That was just an issue ago.

Either Tailgate doesn’t actually believe it (he only says his head hurts) or he is still willing to give Cyclonus the benefit of the doubt and see where their relationship/friendship is headed. 

I think this is a sign of Tailgate’s further character growth as he moves away from simply being the “naive” bot who wanted everyone to like him. People can tell him things, but he is going to form his own opinions; Didn’t give up on Cyclonus then or now, despite what people said. 

[W Two Worlds Final Thoughts]

I think I needed more at the end to prove that it was a happy ending. I say I think because I sat here for almost fifteen minutes trying to decide how I felt. It is a very strange for me not to know what I feel. I’m pretty good at naming my emotions but I just feel…nonplussed?

I don’t know why they didn’t utilize the door trick the Killer used to shoot up the broadcasting station to get Yeon-Joo to Chul in time. I think that’s where a lot of my frustration with these later episodes comes from–they had all these tricks and didn’t use them so there was no tension in the scenes that should be tense.

But I do have to say, that there was one fantastic scene that got my Holy Shit–Seung-Moo killing Han Cheol-Ho. It reminded me of the reason why I fell in love with W in the first place.

And I cackled gleefully when Yeon-Joo ran across the street towards a dying Chul only to get yanked back into the real world. And I approve of Seung-Moo letting go and sacrificing himself for Yeon-Joo’s happy ending. But…she just spent so much time sad that I kept waiting for that same triumphant feeling with Chul’s return that I felt at the end of episode 6, when she saved Chul’s life and put herself back into the story. Because she wasn’t visibly happy, I didn’t become happy either.

It was another telling episode and after so much telling over the course of the drama and not nearly enough showing, I felt slightly…disappointed? Like the ending made sense but…I’d run out of energy to care because the couple seemed out of energy.

I’ve said this for a couple of weeks now, but W was good, it wasn’t great. I didn’t cry and considering how wrecked I get when I watch Queen In-Hyun’s Man, I wanted to be wrecked. And I think that’s where my greatest disappointment lies. It gave me so much to think about but never followed through with any emotional or interpersonal consequences that I stopped trusting the writer with these fantastic and interesting characters.

Lastly, my So-Hee, who was literally created by her writer to be replaced. And so she was.


nerd getting mad at all the disorganized jerks in the army

also i noticed that i always seem to draw laurent in profile so

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Ok so apparently Dengeki Playstation had Persona 5, and all it did was recap the stream….but…

“Ken” isn’t even in this pic. :’D Atlus…..did you not mean to announce him? Why no love for “Ken?” You could at least censor the poor guy out like before, at least he’d be there: