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i have a lot of feelings re: jack also coming to terms that yes, gabriel has adopted mccree and he is their kid now.

jack at the beginning is not too keen with the idea, after all jesse is a new recruit under gabriel’s wing and thinks that maybe that will cloud gabriel’s judgement when it comes to assignments and missions.

he knows that after ana has fareeha, gabriel has had ideas about having kids, but they also know that theres there’s overwatch/blackwatch to take care of and that’s like having a big whiny kid 24/7. so they drop the idea for good.

but times passes, and eventually he begins to soften up. he starts having casual conversations with jesse on his free time, when he’s around the blackwatch building, because he sees how much gabriel cares about mccree, and how jesse also looks happier and just glad that someone gives a damn about him.

so by the time mccree has to spend a couple of nights at their place because he’s just too scared to go outside or even show his face at the HQs after a blackwatch mission goes wrong, and mccree tells them “you’re like the dads i never had”, then he knows the kid has completely won him over.

Hanzo loves being the little spoon because Jesse keeps him super warm and feeling loved.

Hanzo also loves being the big spoon cuz he just loves to wrap his entire body over Jesse’s and cling onto him. What? His husband wants to change positions? Good luck with that. Hanzos hanging on and if Jesse wants to flip over? Hanzo’s going with him.