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hobbithorse19  asked:

For the prompt list: Gaston x Reader and either #4 or #18 (you can choose, I'm sorry, I can't choose between them!!)

okidokie, since Widow ever so graciously already completed #18, I’ll do #4 and hope you enjoy! alSO CALL OUT ON THIS FANTASTIC PERSON OK @hobbithorse19 is active as heck on here??? And I appreciate you so much?? Thank you????!!!! Keep the requests coming!!! (Also I checked out your blog, I love your hair!)

Word Count: 1084

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“Honey, I’m home!” Gaston’s voice boomed as he slammed the door open, his latest kill butchered and ready to be cooked in an old bearskin sack over his shoulder. “How has the most breathtakingly beautiful woman in town been in my absence?” 

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