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sassy Slytherin!Yoongi🌵🐍

i fucking love the adventure zone because sometimes it’s like…absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful story-telling or on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrills 

and then sometimes it’s justin, travis, and their dad chanting “FANTASY SHORTS. FANTASY SHORTS. FANTASY SHORTS” at poor griffin who’s trying to move the plot forward 


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i apologise in advance, i dont know how to word this without it sounding rude :0 do you draw anything else other than yuri on ice? like a different blog for it or smth?

no problem hahah
I have bnha, tg, and ygo art too but yoi is just what I like atm <:

has this been done already

Portgas D. AceSaboTrafalgar LawRoronoa Zoro

aah, this one was so difficult to draw! Hm, hope you like it? 

I worked so hard on the horse,it looked bad on my pc screen but now it looks nice on my laptop? happily confused.

i know i’m in the minority on this site, but i’m actually happy about the disney remakes

Happy birthday to this rude cutie

yes our teeth and ambitions are bared….

((Please excuse me for a moment I just. I would like to say how incredible you all are and I’m just sitting here like “how do so many amazing people follow this blog” like I can’t even believe half of you, who are so talented and wonderful and have these KICKASS ask blogs, follow me, a lowly college student who’s way too invested in her own AUs, and I am so full of love and admiration for you and for the fandom and how I’ve been accepted so kindly, and all of the compliments I’ve gotten and just wow. I don’t know what else to do except sit here and scream like an idiot and continue to answer asks, because that’s all I feel I can do, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and my amazement. THANK YOU!!))