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i apologise in advance, i dont know how to word this without it sounding rude :0 do you draw anything else other than yuri on ice? like a different blog for it or smth?

no problem hahah
I have bnha, tg, and ygo art too but yoi is just what I like atm <:

i know i’m in the minority on this site, but i’m actually happy about the disney remakes



Dating Joy Meachum would include...

Requested by anon

  • Not being able to think you could start a relationship with her because she’s so dedicated to her business
  • But Joy is so infatuated with you
  • She takes the time out of her busy, vigilante/crime/business filled life
  • Just so she can spend more time with you
  • Joy taking a little bit of time to get out of her shell
  • But, once you get to know her
  • She’s like a fountain of love
  • Her always making corny jokes that make you laugh/cringe
  • Joy always going to you to vent about her problems
  • And her letting you vent to her
  • Joy being a great listener
  • Always coming to you for advice
  • Being one of the only people Joy would trust with her life
  • Lots of slow, tender kisses
  • Joy is a definite bottom in bed holy shit
  • Letting you do whatever you want to her
  • (But that didn’t mean she didn’t have some kinks herself)
  • Loving to spoon
  • Loving the feel of her body pressed against your’s
  • You being the only reason Joy is late to work
  • “Sorry, I was doing… stuff…”
  • (You were stuff)
  • Doing each other’s hair/makeup
  • Always being able to make each other smile
  • Joy going to you for advice
  • Helping her cope with all the Danny Rand/Iron Fist/evil not-so-dead father stuff happening in her life
  • Being Joy’s main source of comfort
  • “I love you, you know that, right?”
  • “I love you, too.”


Me abandon you? I have worked like an animal for everything that I have and I never got anything but grief from you. You wrecked my childhood, you stole my money, you completely screwed up my life! You abandoned me a long, long time ago”. 

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Have you ever seen deadman wonderland if you have what are your thoughts on it overall

okay so like for future reference, here’s a list of anime that i have seen to completion:

+seiyuu’s life, but that’s super niche. i’m sure i’m forgetting a few since i lost a few bookmarks since the computer switch but yeah.

however, to answer your question on my thoughts on deadman wonderland: i read the wikipedia article and it ALSO sounds very interesting. yes yes. like i have this thing for gore and death and that seems like it’d scratch that particular itch at the moment. probably going to end up like tokyo ghoul and i’ll watch some of it and wander away hahahaaa.