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You know what I’ve just noticed? You know what breaks my heart?

In this scene, when Lexa tells Clarke “Ai gonplei ste odon”, and Clarke responds by “No, I won’t accept that”, you can see Lexa slightly smiling.

You’re driven to fix everything for everyone. 

Even in her last moments, Lexa lovingly smiles, and stares at Clarke. She’s staring at the girl who always makes the best decision for her people, the girl who never backs away from a possibility to make peace with her ennemies, the girl who always wants to save as many people as she can. 

With her last bits of strength, she smiles and stares lovingly at Clarke. 

What she finds is partly comfort, because she knows the girl she loves will always be herself. She will always seek the best in life. Even in the worst situations. 

But as we can see, Lexa has tears in her eyes. She unsuccessfully closes her eyes to hold back her tears, but knows some are still escaping. 

Now, do you believe Lexa, Commander of thirteen clans, a long time trained fighter and leader, who is used to suffering in silence, both physically and mentally, who willingly grabbed a sword with her bare hands, freshly and quickly slicing them in the way, would cry? 

Yes, taking a bullet freaking hurts, but Lexa wouldn’t cry at the physical pain.

Lexa is crying, because as much as she finds comfort in seeing that Clarke is, and will always be, herself in any kind of situation, she knows who she’s leaving behind. She knows that she’s once again abandoning Clarke, and that, once again, Clarke will be hurt because of her. Only this time, Lexa wasn’t the one to make that choice. 

This time, they’re not in the cold, dark woods near Mount Weather. They’re in Polis, the place that made Clarke fall for Lexa once again, a place reflecting hope, and life. They’re in Lexa’s home, a place where they exchanged rough, and yet sweet conversations, where Clarke found peace while drawing Lexa in her sleep, where she found Lexa’s fears and hopes for the future; but mostly, where they found each other, going desperately and hungrily after each other’s lips barely a few hours ago.

Lexa was never afraid of dying, but this time, just to lay by Clarke’s side in their bed, she wishes she could just breathe a little longer.

And this time, as Clarke kisses her goodbye, Lexa falls asleep for good, only wishing she could hold those lips against her own forever. 

I’m playing with a new theme + pages, so any feedback would be super helpful (color scheme, layout, too confusing). Also I know I don’t have a header yet, I still need to make one/have someone make one for me

I’m having a conversation with my brother (read: he’s talking at me) about his workout and his diet and his most recent body measurements and what he cooked for dinner and what he plans to make for lunch tomorrow and asking what colour shoes should he buy for this music festival he’s going to, because he wants a colour that won’t stain but he also doesn’t want black shoes and I need to be more enthusiastic about things and get excited about his shoes so he can feel better about his purchase, while I’m just sitting here trying to read my book, when it hit me…my brother is the Gai to my Kakashi and I just…wow. This is my life.

bts deserves more.

and i’m not just saying this b/c of the stupid interview, or the threats against jimin, even though those two things alone make me upset.

but it’s also the sense of entitlement from some fans that shouldn’t even be a thing. while i enjoyed seeing bts in newark, the crowd was weak esp when it came to certain members’ stages. the amount of fans that didn’t know the lyrics to their title songs was embarrassing. the lackluster cheering before they came out for the encore was disappointing. 

we want bts to come here and perform for us. we want them to learn more english. we want them to interact with us more. they work insanely hard to meet our requests so we need to do better and show them that we appreciate them. 

we need to stop making excuses and give bts more. they deserve more. 

This doesn’t necessarily have to do with McHanzo, but I guess it sort of does? You’d think my mom would catch onto McHanzo since I talk about it so often, but no, that’s not the case. Instead, she’s latched onto Genyatta. Because every time I play Overwatch, she’s like, “Are you playing Genyatta?” and I have to explain that Genji and Zenyatta are separate characters, but she winds up forgetting right after I explain it. So, no point in that. 

One time, she was telling me how she told a friend of hers I play Overwatch and she mentioned to this friend, “I don’t know what she does on that game. It has to do with this Genyatta thing,” which made me scream, “MOM, YOU CAN’T JUST TELL PEOPLE ABOUT GENYATTA. THAT’S NOT A THING NORMAL PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT.” Somewhere in the world, a woman thinks Overwatch heavily focuses on something called Genyatta, and it is because of my mother.

She and my sister are on a lil’ road trip right now and headed back home, so they called to check up on me ‘cause I’m here all alone. My sister is trying to explain where they’re at, okay? She’s trying to talk to me like a normal person, when my mom suddenly shouts, “GENYATTA!” and I stopped talking to process the fact that as soon as my sister called me, my mother’s mind instantly went to Genyatta.

Apparently that’s how we’re greeting each other now, by shouting Genyatta. I help run a McHanzo blog with 10,000 followers and frequently talk about McHanzo, but all she brings up is Genyatta. Every time she sees me playing Overwatch, she brings up Genyatta. She doesn’t even know who Genji or Zenyatta are, she just knows that Genyatta is a thing. 

(In her defense, she’s brought up McHanzo once or twice, but that’s usually when she asks me if I’m “playing McHanzo or Genyatta” in the game.)

Hi, this is my awkward little cover of stitches. Sorry about my bad English and also sorry about my voice (I’m so bad and my throat is sore ok). I just really like this song and yeah.

Hey guys, I want to have someone to talk to while playing overwatch on ps4. Bought it about a week ago and probably I’m not so good at playing (and also English is not my native language). But if you wanna talk about non-romanceble Nick Valentine, Overwatch gays, Dragon age or some other common fandoms, add me on PSN - lanadelgrib. At the moment my mains are D.VA, Zenyatta and Mercy.

Aaaand one more Shore Legacy update

Also, one last thing! I was gonna wait and do this later into Gen 2, but I just can’t put it off any longer. The Shores are moving…..Again. I don’t know what it is with Aurora Skies, but the routing issues are just horrible. Greeting visitors is a chore, and I can’t tell you how many times the bus has left without any of the kids. 

So I’m gonna be looking for some new towns (Roaring Heights will come later in the story since I still need to buy it lol), and honestly, I kinda wanna try a custom town? @hazmacblr I saw your comment about Jericho, so I’ll definitely check that one out! I’m super lazy when it comes to replies (I need to get better about doing them lol), so hopefully you didn’t feel like I was ignoring you. D:

TL;DR - Shores are moving again due to routing issues and I’m looking for a custom town if anyone has any suggestions. ^o^ 

No one will see this, so why should I bother...

I honestly don’t know why I still post sometimes…
The only post that’s getting attention is my 2p wallpapers, which I am extremely grateful for, but I still want to do other things, and what’s the point if only a few people, whom of which I am also very grateful for, see it.
I know I should be satisfied with what I have, but I still wanna have people see my hard work. I’ve worked hard on so many drawings, but they all get, like, 5 notes tops.
I just want my hard work known by more than just 3 or 4 people…
Also, btw, I’m not some attention whore or something. I’m just insecure and sensitive about my art and I just want people to see it because I’m so proud of (some of) it and I just want people to be proud of me too since no one really is…

We got back from the vet, Lance is going to be coming in for injections to clear the respiratory infection. The vet also said to switch off of loose substrate so we’re going back to paper towels again. I also got that scratch on his eye looked at, it’s pretty hard to see in the pictures but it’s there. She wasn’t too worried about that and just gave me some stuff to put on it. Lance should be just fine soon!