also i'll post more pictures later

some stuff about last night’s game–

 before the game:

  • got to hang out with erika @hockeygarterbelts and watch warmups together and stuff which was wonderful!
  • seeing warmups was crazy but good. there were sooooo many people crowded around the pens goal but erika and i forced ourselves to the front lol. and erika’s sign was totally visible
  • there were so many pens fans!! most of the people sitting near me were pens fans
  • got to see Flower happy and smiling with the team while he was on the ice!!!!!! and he shot a puck into the netting and it fell down behind the glass and a little boy next to me grabbed it
  • saw geno do his signature stretches and they look as ridiculous in person as they do in pictures/videos. also, geno is HUGE. like, he stands out so much on the ice because he’s so big.

during the game:

  • the first period was ridiculous lol
  • i saw both the canucks no-goals which was kind of crazy lol
  • one of the shots went into the netting and fell down and the dude sitting next to me grabbed it (though i was soooo close to getting it 😔)
  • the pens controlled the action so much that sitting in the pens end was a little boring sometimes because they didn’t spend a whole lot of time there lol
  • however i did get to see the first goal of the game scored right in front of me, which was so exciting (even if it was by ian cole)
  • in the second, miller made some incredible saves, esp when the pens were on the powerplay
  • speaking of the powerplay, SID AND GENO WERE ON THE ICE AT THE SAME TIME i was living
  • hainsey is a Good and i’m glad we have him. he made some really good defensive moves a few times throughout
  • i got to see everyone skate over to congratulate murray on the win and it was so magic

overall it was just a totally wonderful experience and i’m still a little bit in awe that it happened and i got to see (most of) my faves. and it was a win and a shut out. 😊 😊


12.03.17 || March Study Challenge #5: #Studyblr Gets Real

Good morning, everyone! I don’t have the energy to edit pictures or get the right angle right now. I also added my to-do list in my planner, somewhat to stress that I don’t always use it as much as I should, and sometimes my off days mean I have to put basic stuff like ‘brush teeth’ on my to do list.

Re: Losing Followers Post: Although it sucks,...

Earlier I saw a post about simblrs losing followers when posting anything non-cc related–for the life of me, I can’t find it again.  

I agree that I’ve noticed a similar trend with my simblr, which is primarily used as a cc resource. 

Whenever I post pictures, thoughts, non cc items, I lose followers.  At the same time…I also gain followers who like those things. I think it balances out.

I suppose what I mean to state is: Although it sucks to lose followers, it’s okay, too, right? Everyone has the right to follow/unfollow.  Still, it can be disheartening to see that you’ve lost followers after posting something.

Here’s how I look at it:

  1. I also follow and unfollow, so everyone has the right to do that. My reasons for unfollowing usually involve seeing too much of things that aren’t relevant to me, or that upset me. 
  2. I created my simblr for myself…not to gain followers.  Of course, I am super-happy and grateful to have followers and hope that more people will find what I post useful/interesting
  3. What I choose to post is for me, not for other people.  It’s a fact. I post what interests me. I’m wicked glad and grateful that others find it useful.  At the end of the day, though, it’s still my personal simblr. It’s not a business. So, if I want to post things about my personal life, or conversations with other simblrs, pictures, videos, etc…I can. :) 

So, this is what I remind myself of whenever someone unfollows me. It helps, I think. Please, don’t go away from the community just because you are losing followers due to what you post–you will gain them back! :) 

The Simblr Community is wicked huge. Every day I follow new simblrs (now following 4000+), and I know that that is only a small percentage of the simblrs out there. Try to remember that there are many simblrs out there who have just a few or no followers.  So, be grateful. 

Wish good for both those who follow and unfollow.