also i would like more hugs

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okay but have we considered steven and connie being able to hang out in dreams together, even if she can't make it to beach city or is too busy they can just be like 'see you in my dreams haha' and fall asleep and tell each other about their days and have fun dream adventures

I KNOW. I’ve been thinking about this ever since kiki’s pizza delivery service. Also Steven would def hug her more and be more affectionate becuase it’s just a “dream” and its toootallllyyy just dream steven

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Listen, I don't care who dies (that's a lie, I care too much) as long as I can see Michonne pull Rick's hair and Rick slap her ass when they're having sex. I also want them to make things official and get married and make babies. And kill Negan. I love you, by the way.

Same, my friend. Same. I would offer up my whole entire bank account to just see Rick feeling on Michonne’s booty, preferably while she’s on top of him. 👀 I know AMC is never gonna give it to me, so fanfiction will have to suffice, but seriously, just about any sex scene will do. You know Michonne be all up in that hair every chance she gets. (I love the way she can’t even help herself.)

But also, while we’re at it, I’d like to see them hug. I want more kisses, like right before they’re about to leave one another for a little while. And/or when they come back together. I want more hand-holding, food sharing, and lying on the couch together, and Michonne wearing Rick’s murder coat, and all that coupley shit people do when they’ve been together for a long time. And I know they haven’t been together for a long time, but they have. ☺️

Also, I definitely wanna see them fight together! I know Negan’s demise is probably a long way off, but I want them to at least fuck up some bitches in the meantime. The raid in 6x12 would’ve been the perfect opportunity for some Mr. & Mrs. Smith-type shenanigans, if only Daryl hadn’t been there, but oh well. I will futilely also hope for that in S7.

I can chill on babies for now, but it would be awesome if we got a wedding sooner than later. Ugh, I want everything. Richonne is literally the only reason I’m still any kind of excited about this show, so I really want them to have the world this season. Individually, and together. 

And I love you too, thanks boo! ❤️

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I'll send you a fluffy prompt but first! *warm hugs for you* also! I'm sad too! I voted like crazy but well. Anyways! Fluffy prompt? Will likes to warm his cold feet in the mornings whilst having breakfast... by placing them on Hanni, anywhere he can get them - Maybe Hanni finds this annoying at first but then... endearing? *more warm hugs for you*

I know, I voted a ton. It would have been really nice to win, but it’s also nice to see how determined everyone was!

This is an adorable prompt, btw. I love it! I hope it makes you less sad.

- - - - -

The first time, it’s in bed, and Hannibal nearly spills his coffee all over their sheets as he jolts with the shock.


He pretends he doesn’t know what’s so wrong with what he’s just done. Tone dripping with faux ignorance. “What?”

“Your feet are absolutely freezing.”

Will blinks, slow. “I know, that’s why I put them there.” He glances back down at his food, takes a large bite, chews carefully.

“My legs are not your personal feet-warmers, Will.”

Chews, swallows, shifts in the bed and presses his feet firm against Hannibal’s calves. “Yes, they are.”

Hannibal’s attempts at a protest - scooting a few inches away from Will - are thwarted, as Will persists in pressing the cold soles of his feet to the side of Hannibal’s leg.

The second time, they eat in comfortable silence in their sun soaked kitchen. Will reads the newspaper and doesn’t look up as he lifts his legs and places them in Hannibal’s lap, feet pressed to his abdomen - exposed, warm and wet from the shower.


“Oh come on,” Flicking the page lazily over. “You’re so warm.”

Hannibal closes his eyes, the chill from the soles of Will’s feet seeping slowly through skin.

The third and forth time, Hannibal doesn’t bother to protest, but the fifth time, when Will - possibly drunk off overly-strong mimosas - places the edge of his foot on Hannibal’s face, laughing, muffled into the palm of his hand.

“Alright, no.” He swats Will away. “Too far.”

“What, your face is off limits?”

Hannibal nods. “Legs, arms, feet, chest, sure. But my face - absolutely not.”

Will, smile crinkling the corner of his eyes, tips back his glass & finishes the last of his third drink. A familiar shine behind his iris as he speaks. “What about your shoulders?”

Hannibal takes a slow sip of his coffee. Places it, gentle, on the table, before bending forward. Will slides down, tipping backwards in his chair as Hannibal grips his ankles. Lifts them. Places them on his shoulders. Shifting closer.

Pressing a rough, clear-intentioned kiss where Will’s ankles meet his calves. “I think shoulders are just fine.”

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"I'm Spitting Mad". Love it. Go Sherri. I think I understand why you may have wrestled with the thought of posting your opinion. It will probably open you up to more abuse from the usual suspects. I'm sorry for that, but I do appreciate calling horse puckies, when horse puckies exist. Hugs and don't let the busterds get you down.

It wasn’t really that I was concerned about opening myself up to abuse.  It was more that I did not want to acknowledge or add to the septic tank.  But I was also very concerned that people who do not know or understand shippers would actually think that is the truth.  It is hard to defend yourself against a lie, but I felt like if even one or two neutral fans could read it they would understand that this is all an attempt to push us out of the fandom.  And they shouldn’t.  Shippers add value to this (and all) fandoms.  We ship because we love the actors, we love the show, we love the story.  If you have ever enjoyed fan vids or gifs, chances are pretty good they came from a shipper.  Shippers talk about the show, the story, and the direction we see them taking.  Shippers look for all the ways to engage the fandom during hellatus.  We WANT to continue to talk about Outlander.  We are important voices and we belong.


Hello anon! This is the first installment of the Boyfriend!Seventeen series :D I’ll be doing them in order of age so expect Boyfriend!Jeonghan next ^o^ Also quick shout out to my friend Gabe who helped me a bunch with this c: -Admin Madi  (Also this is really long i’m sorry we got carried away)

  • Boyfriend!Seungcheol would give the most amazing back hugs
  • Like just imagine absentmindedly picking out an outfit from your closet and BAM instant warmth from your super cuddly boyfriend
  • Also likes to sneak in a lil tap on your butt
  • why?? bc he’s seungcheol come on, he’s cheeky like that
  • Would always shower you in kisses before he has to leave for practice 
  • “Okay Seungcheol, you really gotta go now or you’ll be late”
  • “But Y/N… One more kiss!”
  • The type to bring you home flowers for no apparent reason
  • “I love you, here’s some flowers!” 
  • Is also the type to ask you to move in with him into your own apartment after like what, 15 dates? 
  • Knows you’re a keeper after the fifth date tho lets be real
  • Can always be himself around you no matter what
  • Takes days off so that you two can be spontaneous together and go on dates
  • s p o i l s you to no end 
  • Notices you looking at something in a shop window and goes back a week later to buy it for you
  • Hides the gifts in really obvious places so you find them and are like “Oppa what’s this?”
  • Loves showing you off in public & is all for PDA
  • He loves leaving soft kisses on your cheeks squish squish
  • Keeps your hands interlocked at all times 
  • Is low-key really protective of you
  • Is the type of person to come home after a long day of practice and just kinda throw his clothing everywhere and hop into bed
  • Comes home at 3am and finds you asleep on the couch
  • Carries you bridal style into bed and holds you really close
  • Also forgets to put the cap on the milk a lot
  • You two make funny faces at each other when you brush your teeth
  • Likes giving you his baggy sweaters and t-shirts for you to wear around the house 

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In the bay window episode the adult version of Maya and riley hugged then as they pulled away and looked up at each other, they cut to the present and younger version where Maya went "I'm disgusted". They always hug and gaze at each other so why...

(2)Would they be disgusted if that’s something the literally always do unless something more happened? Also in True my they refer to Maya as “Dorothy’s friend” which is literally a gay reference l. I’m it’s hard to believe that it would be a coincidence

(1)As many others who already answer it, i agree with them. They do look like they leaning to kiss, the way Adult! Riley is leaning to Adult Maya. Because as you said Maya and Riley always hug and gaze at each other eyes and it’s interesting that the older actors follow the same way as Rowan and Sabrina act with their own character. So, the only reason for both baby!maya and present maya to be digusted from their older self kissing their best friend. I don’t think Maya has had her first kiss so who knows she react seeing an older self and stuff lol it’s speculation but looking at that way it was shot, as they leaning in and then hide it and focus on the past self reaction it’s just interesting. They had to add the “disgusting” line it wasn’t really needed but they put it there. 

I do also like how present Riley stare are their older self in a trance and snap out of it when both maya talk. she was intrigue of what she was seeing even thou she knows she always hugs and gaze at maya.

(2)I feel like the writers want rilaya to happen because the way the story is building, it’s going on that direction. They say they are focusing on friendship but sometimes the way all these small hints especially in season 3 it all trying to point at rilaya as romantic couple. They know what they are doing when they parallel corpanga and rilaya in so many episodes through out the serious. Even on LM/RL/JM couple it always ends with rilaya. ex: Ski lodge 2

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I've always wanted to ask, this but I never found a psychologist who was also a Naruto fan (thank you for existing<3): how do you explain Naruto growing up so happy and optimist given the horrible way he was treated as a child, ignored or outright scorned, and alone to booth? I remember the 'dark Naruto' episodes where he faces his dark thoughts, but that seemed so...Simplistic. Boom, bang, a hug, no more dark thoughts...NOT. What's your take on this? Would a Gaara-like Naruto be more realistic?

Some people have incredibly resilient psyches, honestly. Not everyone, but there is a percentage of people who really are able to shrug off the worst and keep moving. 

That said, you’re right. It’s unrealistic that there was only that one little seed of darkness. I’m not sure I’d take it to Gaara’s extreme, but yes, it would be reasonable to expect Naruto to be a little less trusting, a little less forgiving. 

Honestly, I viewed the part of him confronting his darkness not as him beating it, per se, but as him accepting it. That made more sense to me, because yeah, it’s unrealistic for an abuse survivor to forgive his abusers just because they’ve changed their views of him. I mean, human minds are incredibly varied, and everyone reacts a little differently, so it’s possible, but I just can’t fully accept it. 

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Edmund Pevensie kissing headcanons! 😄 I feel like you've already done this before, maybe I'm mixing you up with somebody else. Sorry if you've already done this 😂 Where are you headed? Wherever it is, have fun! I love road trips!

I wanted to save this but I just couldn’t wait. I haven’t ever done this one before, but I’m digging it! (also I’m going up for some college visits in Illinois!)

  • Edmund would give some very soft and light kisses
  • he likes to kiss you on the nose as a little pda
  • sometimes he’ll hold your face in his hands before he kisses you and he’ll rub circles on your cheeks with his thumbs
  • Ed knows how much you love it when he kisses the top of your head when you hug
  • can go from soft kisses to makeout sessions in .2 seconds
  • there’s nothing he loves more than when you pull on his hair just a little
  • he really likes to have his hand on the back of your neck because it keeps him feeling grounded
  • also he would smile or smirk a lot into your kisses
  • neck kisses

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Also, what are you hoping to see happen with their relationship in the next season?

Well, first of all I can’t wait for the Reunion Scene. I really hope it will have as emotional tone as Rosa/Pimento goodbye. Or even more emotional. Yes, more. They deserve it.

Also I want more domestic Jake and Amy. They will eventually move in together SO PLEASE DAN GOOR PLEASE 

If we follow the “big Jake/Amy moment in season finale” pattern I think we’ll see their proposal at the end of this season. Idk, it’s like next step I think. It would be really great, but before that I need to see more of their relationship through the whole season you know? Season 3 was great bc they were together, but I want to see them interacting a little bit more in episodes where they don’t have the same storyline (like in the second half of season 1). That’s all.


Hey guys! Thank you so much for participating in our very first giveaway, which is now closed!
Also I would love to give a giant thanks to all of the giveaway blogs that wished us a warm welcome, a good luck, and helping us get our new blog out there a bit more than it was! I really appreciate it! Big hugs and thank yous to them @ninjaskueen-giveaways @hellish-houndoom @moonblastgiveaways @luxray-sylveon-pokemon-giveaway @bluemoonlightgiveaways @tcgiveaways @exotic-espeon-giveaways @shine-bright-like-a-sylveon @queeny-cherubi <3 -Jolteon

I want to thank all those who participated in our first giveaway! It means a lot to us,and we can’t thank you guys enough. I would also like to thank all the blogs that shouted us out, and made us feel welcome to the community. I really couldn’t thank y'all enough for your kindness! It means a lot! If there’s anything we can do y'all, let us know

Introduction Thing

I didn’t even know people did this but I saw kyte’s so guess what

My name is Lostie, I’m 14 years old, and I eagerly await the sweet release of death


ANYWAYS Sonika is my daughter don’t even touch her? unless you touch her nicely like with a hug or something then that’s okay.

Also I love dogs and cats and turtles and basically any animal ok

I also do color guard and suffer

Lastly I tend to censor out curses with things like heck, friggin, holy guacamole, and more. i did it ironically at first and i can’t stop

PS i go by he/him or they/them pronouns any work. she/her don’t bother me much BUT,,,, but… I would prefer you didn’t use them bc they make me a little uncomfy

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Have you any idea how happy you make me you wonderfull person!! *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* (Also I really wanna draw something for you but I don't know what ;-; (Maybe some h/c of one of the skelebros because you said you like it? Ah, and would you even be ok if I drew something for you?) *hugs* *hugs*

:D oh goshie gosh gosh, I’m so happy i’m making you happy! (although I am not wonderfull, how dare you XD)

!!!! yes, please, draw me bros! Could I ask for some bro-hugs? I love them hugging! (dances happily)

Awwww, look at u, so affectionate <paps yer face with soft paws> shhhhhhhhh -w-

Just saw the new Ghostbusters and I loved it! It’s hilarious and thrilling, and adapted the original concept to modern times in an interesting way. And while there’s a lot of nostalgia-hugging, the movie is different enough from the original to make it work.

It’s not perfect; early parts of the movie had too many non-ghost-related, semi-improvised bits that linger on for a little too long. Also, I would have loved to see them show more individual ghost cases instead of just having the cool ghosts all appear at the climactic end battle.

Is it better than the original? Nah. But it doesn’t need to be in order to be enjoyable.

Also, I FUCKING LOVE HOTLZMANN. Best character. She’s like a young Rick Sanchez. She alone is worth having a sequel.

Hinatsu headcanons

All of this is @iavenjqasdf‘s fault:

-Hinata’s the more cuddly of the two, sometimes he’d just want to cuddle with Subaki during a whole day, sadly Subaki would'nt ever allow himself to do this.

-Subaki doesn’t like when Hinata comes to hug/kiss him after his training, even tho he loves him, he hates sweat.

-When Hinata does hug/kiss Subaki while all sweaty, the sky knight gets a bit angry a forces him to take a bath. If Hinata manage to convince to come with him, what happens next depends on the mood.

-Subaki used to do Hinata’s hair before they went together in town. He eventually gave up because Hinata’s hair would always end in “a mess” no matter what.

-Somehow Subaki falls asleep easier when Hinata plays with his hair.

-Subaki really has a thing for Hinata’s muscles (who doesn’t), he even “hugs” the samurai’s arm when he’s asleep.

-If he isn’t holding Subaki in his arms, Hinata moves during his sleep and can sometime hit the sky knight during their sleep, that’s why Tsubaki asks him to hug him while sleeping, that way he’s less… Dangerous.

-Tsubaki rarely makes any mistake but when it happens Hinata’s the only who can calm him down, he usually forces Subaki to take a break aswell and stays with him cuddling until he feels better.

-Hinata’s strong. Really strong. If his red haired husband is too tired or hurt anywhere, he’ll carry him anywhere he wants whenever he wants.

-Hinata’s forgives easily Subaki, he’s rarelly upset because of what he can say. And when his husband feels guilty for what he can say (which is rare) he reminds him how much he’ll love him no matter what and they end up cuddling together.

And that’s it, I think I forgot some but I hope you’ll like it (#/v\#) !

Don’t hesitate to talk about Hinatsu or any other Fire Emblem:If ship with me!


[ swoons and drools on the floor happily ] 

i finally reached 500+ followers.

not going to celebrate that much coz these are just numbers,
friendship is more important! I would just like to thank (also with 
free internet hugs) to all my followers for sticking with me and
bearing all my nuisance. Ya’ll my besties. I wouldn’t be much
happier without you fantastic lovely people around.

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imagine mettaton interacting with humans differently depending on his sise. when he's about 9' tall, he interacts like friends would at normal size. at giant sizes, he'd be teasy but still very calm. at kaiju/yeager sizes, he's super gentle, but still teasy. big enough to dwarf cities, he's as sweet and gentle as possible, if a tiny bit loud. at planet sizes, he's super nice and sweet, and also protective, interacts with astronauts, and blocks asteroids that might come in the earth's way.

I bet at the smaller end of the scale (which is still like 9ft and above…) he’s a lot more careless, he’ll hug people and pick them up and be ever so loud and happy to see them
But on the larger end of the spectrum his voice becomes a lil whisper and he’s just cooing over how cute everyone is while keeping them safe and sound!

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how would you desribe each member with few sentences?

Donghyuns voice is like what I imagine to bird copulating must sound like. His leadership skills are surely unbeatable but I really want to see how well he can tame a class of kindergarten aged kids. 

Hyunseong is the person who I would choose to protect me because of his strong arms and relaxing voice. The trade off? A lifetime of eating fruit and watching him pick his noSE

Jeongmin wouldn’t trade his fans for the WORLD. Except, sometimes I think he might trade me for a can of beer……..

Youngmin just seems like he needs A LOT of hugs. Youngmin also needs more lines in Boyfriend songs.

Kwangmin is a kind and loyal guy who believes in doing the right thing and making people laugh. AND LETs be real…probably has tried to pirate Pokemon Go

Minwoo is hiding at least 17 non-scandalous  secrets from us and the rest of Boyfriend. One secret he doesn’t  hide is how much he loves us

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oooh you have done kookiemonster and minjoon, would you also do vmon to complete the namjoon x maknae line, please!!!

VMON?! OF COURSE! my secrettrash otps are just coming being revealed one after the other X’D

Who’s more dominant: Namjoon - the embodiment, the book, the very being of dom <3
Who’s the cuddler: Taehyung!! :3
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Taehyung is the little spoon but instead of like back hugs, he prefers to do face to face cuddling and just wrap himself around Namjoon, tucking his head perfectly against Joon’s neck and shoulder :3
What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Going into this really old antique bookstore outside the city that they found like two years ago and they make frequent trips there on their downtime and it’s literally their favorite thing to do because that bookstore holds so many memories and every time they go there, they make new ones like Joon would leave something in one of the books while Tae goes around finds something Joon had written on from previous visits and they’re literally almost grandchildren to the old lady that keeps the store up and they always have lunch with her and she gives them a couple of rare books she’d found and both of them ARE ECSTATIC because they get to add it to their ever-growing collection! 
Who uses all the hot water: So they actually have hot water all the time? Perks of living in a HOUSE ;D
Most trivial thing they fight over: Namjoon is moving around his “reading chair” making a ton of noise as he keeps moving it and finds THE place to put it in and Tae is going a couple of scripts and “hyung can you LIFT up the chair? I can’t concentrate with the noise” “oh sorry babe” “thanks bub” and he goes back to reading his lines, highligting and making notes along the edge of the script and he hears that screech again “JUST PUT IT IN THE CORNER LIKE YOU ALWAYS HAVE IT” “no i want it in a different place, it’s getting boring over there” “you always do this and you always end up putting it back in the same place babe” “that’s probably why i’ve been getting a ton of writer’s block” “honey bunch, i’m sure that’s not the reason, just please hurry up and finish your redecorating so I can memorize my lines in peace” “yeah okay, gimme a sec” and it is literally not a second later that the screeching starts again “PICK IT UP HYUNG WHY DO YOU EVEN WORK OUT IF YOU DONT LIFT ANYTHING” “HEY FIRST OF ALL I LIFT A LOT-” “THEN LIFT THAT FUCKING CHAIR, PUT IT IN THE CORNER AND COME SIT HERE AND BE QUIET” “boyyyy you did not just tell me to be quiet” “hyung seriously I need to memorize this!” “Okay okay! sheesh… how about this area?” Tae gets up, lifts the chair and puts it in that same corner and pulls joon back to the couch “it’s staying there!” Joon only ends up whining but doesn’t move from Tae’s hold around him <3
Who does most of the cleaning: Namjoon is a mess in terms of his stuff in their bedroom, but in his writing room/library, that place is spotless so he usually cleans all of the rooms except the bedroom because he just literally can’t and Tae ends up having to clean their room only to find it a mess NOT A DAY later.
What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Taehyung! he freaking loves netflix, like that is his jam, that is his soul, nothing Namjoon can do would make Tae let go of that remote X’D
Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Namjoon because “hyung, you have a more busniess like voice and you sound more serious so they’d probably do anything you tell them to do”
Who leaves their stuff around: They both kind of do? Like Namjoon always has to re-organize his writing room because he finds Tae’s stuff in there ALL THE FREAKING TIME but “okay you can’t complain because you literally leave YOUR clothes EVERYWHERE”
Who remembers to buy the milk: Tae!
Who remembers anniversaries: Namjoon by pure memory, Tae needs help (puts the dates in his phone)
Who cooks normally: Neither of them, they always do freaking takeout which makes Joon’s friend (JIN) really sad because their kitchen is PHENOMENAL, it’s huge and beautiful and full equipped with literally Jin’s dream appliances BUT NOPE never used their fridge is full of frozen dinners and leftover from their takeout and their pantry is filled with chips and instant noodles T.T
How often do they fight: LIKE never, Joon knows how to voice his feelings to Tae, they learned each others quirks pretty early, and Tae is literally so vocal about everything that Joon always knows if the boy is having problems so like Joon always talks to Tae whenever he feels something is off and Tae always listens to Joon whenever the boy is just on some rant/late night thoughts thing and has to liek verbalize everything that’s running through his mind but they do have a lot of tiny arguments because Joon’s life philosophy is just so complex and he’s always trying or looking into things and Tae can never like figure him out and there was like one time in which Joon was just rolling off about love one late night and “how can we really know what love is? there are so many spectrums of it” “then do you not love me?” “again, I don’t really know-” “really?? you really gonna play me like that?” “babe, i’m seriously thinking about this” “yeah and i’m seriously ASKING YOU IF YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH ME” “I just told you love has so many spectrums I DONT KNOW” and Tae literally stares holes into him “if love is the way you look at me when you think i’m not looking, then yes I am in love with you. If love is the warmth i feel whenever I see you, whenever I’m around you, whenever i so much as hear your voice, then yes completely in love with you. If love could be an emdominet of a person, it’d be you and I love you” Tae AGAIN is staring holes at him, but now not wanting to kill him “you could have easily said that in the beginning” Joon rolls his eyes and just kisses him “love is so many spectrums but I see it in you, all of it, how am I so lucky?” and Tae slaps him lightly, hiding his blush as he curls up into him (so yeah they never fight, Joon is a sucker for Tae)
What do they do when they’re away from each other: Joon sends him messages, even upgraded and sends him cute emoticons and Tae always sends him snaps of him - sends Joon cute encouraging messages because he knows how easily stressed the boy gets and him not being around to destress him is also quite painful for Tae. 
Nicknames for each other: Joon has Tae saved on his phone as “My Heart” and Tae has Joon saved on his phone as “My Love” <3
Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Namjoon without a doubt!
Who steals the covers at night: No one? they have a really huge duvet and they literally bury themselves into it so like no one can steal it because it’s like too big to be stolen? Plus Tae is always latched unto Joon so like neither of them could steal even if they wanted?
What would they get each other for gifts: Taehyung prepares Joon’s gifts as if he was taking a fucking college entrance exam. He goes beyond for Joon’s gifts and sometimes they’re really nothing expensive but more thought out and just he KNOWS Joon will love it (the time he gifted Joon this book edition he had always wanted that was out of print but he worked his little booty and called a ton of people to find any last prints of it and HE DID but he had to fly out of the country to get it because the old guy who had it wanted to know why someone wanted the book so bad, when the old man met Tae and heard his story he send him off with that book plus other manuscripts that he had collected and was like i know your bf will take good care of these) and JOON WAS DYING because he’d been wanting these manuscripts since he was a high school student and TAE TRAVELLING TO GET THEM JUST BLOWS HIS MIND. For Tae’s 25th birthday, a big number for Tae and also for them (they’ve been together for 5 years!) he gifts Tae with a special little something and Joon was so cryptic the whole time that Tae did not know what was even going on, and they go back to that old bookstore that they always go to, the old lady is outside greeting them, she hands the key to Joon and Tae is like ?? and Joon is just like she’s lending us the place for the night, I have something for you. So he had set up the bookstore so that there are messages in the books that HE knows Tae always grabs whenever they’re there. and TAE DOES grab all those books and reads the messages and goes out to meet Joon in the tiny garden in the backyard and Joon is waiting a book in hand and Tae is like you also got me a book?? and Joon shakes his head, this is my newest novel and Tae looks at it and in the first page it reads “inspired by the man of my dreams, the man that has encapsulated my heart. I hope this story gives you the same hope for love as I have been so thankful to receive” AND ITS LITERALLY A NON FICTION NOVEL BASED ON TAE AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND TAE WAS CRYING BECAUSE THAT IS LITERALLY THE SWEETEST THING ANYONE HAS DONE FOR HIM T____T

Who kissed who first: Namjoon ;D

Who made the first move: Namjoon, he outright called for Tae’s manager to ask him to give him Tae’s contacts :X

Who remembers things: Joon for dates, Tae for things ^.^
Who started the relationship: Namjoon! He asked Taehyung out through a faux script reading (the real script reading they later on did was for Joon’s novel to which Tae had been casted as the lead male supporting role) and Joon was reading in place of someone and Tae was really confused because “Taehyung would you like to go out with me?” “why is that in the script?” “so you can read the reply” “uhm…” “if you want to of course” “Namjoon i would absolutely love to go out with you!” “great! now lets get to the real script reading!” Tae punched him later on because he was sooo confused and nervous and why would he prank him like that and Joon was just like it was so worth it :’D 
What would they do if the other one was hurt: Namjoon immediately takes Tae to the ER / Taehyung fixes Namjoon up (the latter is surprised by how skilled he is)
Who is the dirty talker: NAMJOON
A head canon: Namjoon is a famous novelist/screenwriter and Taehyung is an up and coming actor, he was originally in musicals but someone sought him out and thought he’d be really good in the big screen and so he tried and he (thanks to his manager) found a role pretty quick and got his name out even quicker. Namjoon only took note of Taehyung when he was in a sitting for auditions (he was the script director for the movie) and Taehyung had originally auditioned for a smaller role but Namjoon, as well as everyone else, thought that he was too good to just be a background character so they offered him one of the supporting roles and Taehyung accepted and Namjoon again took note of him during the initial script reading (not the same as the fake one he planned) and he was literally so allured by him? Like Tae was just really reading his lines, they were just checking if the dialogue was working, the flow was good with the other actors and Joon literally did not pay attention to anyone else but Tae <3

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