also i wish i could draw like this

sonflowerbee  asked:

your. handwriting. is. so. GOOD! i’m trying to work on my handwriting and calligraphy, but i’m not good with pens ;-; i can barely even draw a straight line and i wish i could start a bujo but i don’t know how i would set it up and everything i tried would be messy and it would drive me insane... any tips on how to set up a bujo and have it look good?

use rulers to help you draw straight lines + cover up big mess-ups with other things like paper or washi tape or paint or marker or sticker or whatever. also, bullet journals don’t have to be absolutely perfect in order to be usable and functional. if a bullet journal would give you too much stress, use a planner instead. 

frankly, i don’t really plan out my week or spread too much? i usually tackle things on a day-to-day basis + don’t think too much about it. don’t stress about the “prettiness” of a spread and just roll with it :)

Stealing Harry's Sweater
  • Draco: *is cold*
  • Draco: *sneaks over to Harry's stuff*
  • Draco: *digs out Harry's favorite sweater*
  • Draco: *smells it*
  • Draco: *pulls it on*
  • Sweater: *is slightly too small because Harry is shorter than Draco so why would his sweaters ever be as huge as the entire fandom seems to think they are???????*

Here’s the prompt list for Egotober! (best name I could come up with lol)

Prompts are completely up to interpretation. I felt it would be restricting to mention specific egos.

The only rule is to center the piece around an ego somehow. This is Egotober, after all! Feel free to make the piece as gorey or tame as you like. Just tag accordingly for those who wish to filter it.

Also!! it doesn’t need to be drawings! It can be photography, gifs, cosplays, etc etc etc. It just has to center around the theme and an ego. 

You can also combine days, and themes from other prompts. (inktober, goretober, drawlloween, etc)

Here’s the prompt list in text form for those who need it!

  1. Pumpkin carving
  2. Experiment
  3. Abandonment
  4. Feeling Lucky?
  5. Light of the full moon
  6. Sepsis
  7. That’s not a knife, this is a knife!
  8. Bad news
  9. Blue screen of death
  10. H͠È ͡R̕҉̢E̸̕TÙ̧R͟͢N͟S̀͝͞
  11. Danger in fiction
  12. Pretty in pink
  13. Friday the 13th
  14. Mission mistake
  15. Trickshot!
  16. Rot and ruin
  17. The man with no shadow
  18. Magic mishap
  19. Partners in crime
  20. Pumpkin head guy
  21. Date night
  22. Manipulation
  23. Masquerade
  24. Corroded
  25. Red man
  26. Blind
  27. Ze doctah is in!
  28. Backstabbed
  29. Super villain
  30. Marionette
  31. Happy Halloween! Combine 2 or more of the prompts or create your own!

Have fun and be sure to put your drawings in the #egotober tag to ensure I see them! I’m excited to see what goes down!

“ I wish I could make him smile like that too”

Little drawing for the @klangst-week  Day 1: Unrequited Pining/Unrequited Love

 it should have been longer with Keith POV (that I MIGHT add later) but I didn’t want to take too much time on that one and not draw my big ass comic for the other prompts. 

If you guys ever feel embarrassed by something your parents did just remember that my parents found one of my ML fanarts and not only framed it and hung it in our house without asking me FOR EVERYONE TO SEE but also kept SHOWING IT TO STRANGERS WHEN WE WERE SELLING OUR HOUSE OKAY


anonymous asked:

Hey Squiggly!! I have really low self-esteem and I feel like I don't improve at all with my art, and that I will never achieve my goal of being an animator for pixar studios or some other studio. Have any suggestions to help me see my art is actually worth something? Love your art btw!! ^^ You inspire me greatly and make me want to not give up!! :>

Sure, I’ve got one: remember one thing.


You know how even people who are drop-dead gorgeous sometimes don’t realize how attractive they are?  It’s because they see their own face in the mirror every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.  To them, that face is ordinary, so it can’t be special.

Of course, they don’t see what everybody else sees.  Their perspective is warped because they genuinely can’t tell any different.

The same thing goes for art.  Why, you see your own drawing style every time you draw!  Of course it’s not gonna look so great to you – you’re used to it, and it never feels fresh!  But that’s not because it ISN’T fresh, it’s because you’re used to it.  Remember that everybody else is going to see your art differently from how you see it, and that you bring something to the table that nobody else can.  Maybe your art isn’t so special to you, but to somebody else, it’s got that je ne sais quoi that they just can’t seem to find in THEIR art.

Now, that being said, if you really feel that you’re stagnating in your art… why?  Ask yourself that question, and seriously consider it.  Are you drawing the same things over and over again?  Are you tending towards the same stylistic choices each time?  Maybe you’re not pushing your poses or expressions enough, or maybe you’re too afraid of failure to try that style of shading you wish you could do.

Once upon a time, I was afraid of going through the sketch stage in my art, because I thought I wouldn’t be able to clean it up from there.  Now I frequently leave my drawings as sketches intentionally!

The point is, if you feel like you’re plateauing, try something new.  Be aware that you’re likely gonna mess it up, but also be aware that failure is the best way to learn something.

Happy Birthday, erens-jaeger-bombs !! ♥

Cute boyfriends being cute in Autumn season for you~~

Please for God’s sake draw more chubby girls. Draw chubby girls being epic. Draw chubby girls being queens. Draw romantic chubby girls. Draw chubby girls having fun. Draw chubby girls exercising and looking damn good. Romanticize chubby girls. Cast chubby girls more often. Give chubby girls romantic lead roles. Let chubby girls look strong af. Let chubby girls look soft af. Draw chubby girls. Sing about chubby girls. Dance with chubby girls. Give us more powerful and strong lead females that are also chubby. Draw chubby girls being super hot. Draw chubby girls being super nice. Draw chubby girls being seen as the most beautiful people to any protagonist. Draw different body types of chubby girls. Make them look as beautiful as possible. And one more thing

Stop. Giving. Chubby girls. Thigh gaps. In art. In stories. In anything.

Some chubby girls do. Most don’t.

Just give me so much more beautiful chubby girl art. Because as a chubby girl, I wish I could feel like all the things written above more often.

Okay, so, while i was vacuuming my entire house and cleaning, i started thinking about AUs, and started getting ideas about some good ol, classic, kinda european folklore-based fantasy AUs and oh no ive got too many ideas. Here’s some of them.

(i actually have, like, Way more ideas for Shou, touichirou, and everyone else basically, but here’s mob, ritsu, reigen, and teru for now.)

So, it starts with Mob. Instead of him being some almighty, powerful deity or Divine Being like i first thought, he’s the only human. Which still leads to the same sort of unrest within the forest he lives in, since the fae folk around him are most often terrified of humans or angry at them.

He was found as a baby, abandoned on the edge of town, and adopted into the forest by a family of centaurs (except half deer instead of half horse because why tf not)

Ritsu is a deer centaur, and Mob’s younger brother ofc. He’s kind of a jerk to the other centaurs, since they shit talk his human brother all the time. He also has a tendency to get lost in the forest and wander around a lot on his own. Plus there’s some asshole harpy thing in the trees that likes to throw pine cones at him.

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The rumour come out: DOES MERCY IS GAY?!

I had a lot of fun while drawing!! And I worked hard on this I hope you guys like it ;-; PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS ANYWHERE!!!

You can also watch it on Youtube if this video does not load on tumblr!

Hey guys, it’s been a while… The thing is that I’ve been REALLY busy with college and stuffs. This means that I won’t be able to post as frequently as I wished I could, I’m really sorry. But to make up for it I’m posting this little doodle(ish) piece! I had a really good time doing it!

There’s Firepaw, my daughter Cinderpelt in all her beauty! Some sibling cuddle cus Feather and Storm are my fav sibling couple! And baby Littlecloud napping… cus I love him.

Also there’s me trying to deal with all the college bullshit at the top and a pretty accurate pic of me drawing this piece while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack… is like this to all many of the songs!

alright, here is my (actual) entry for the septicart contest, and I’d have to say I’m really proud of this.

I was ecstatic when Jack said that I could submit stuff that wasn’t just art, because I could not draw for my life. Jack encouraged me to express my creativity, and so this was the result.

I also wanted to represent the editing community that was present on Vine and are now on Instagram. Many editors like me work long hours to create something like this to share for everyone. My only wish is to share this video to all of the community to show how other people express their own creativity.

I also hope I’m not too late, I was quite in a rush and unaware of the due date for the contest, so its a bit rough. But if people could spread this post of mines (and hopefully get jack to see it) by reblogging, I would love it. Thank you!

anonymous asked:

hi! I love your art! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to add variety to drawing characters. all my characters look like carbon copies of each other with different hairstyles. thanks!

I wish I could make an extensive tutorial about this but tbh I’m not an expert on the subject. I’ll try to give you some written tips though!

I think the main reason why lots of people have problems with variety is the fear (sometimes subconscious) of making your character look ‘ugly’.

First of all, something I’d recommend doing this, but instead of trying to achieve the ‘perfect face’, try doing a bunch of different ones and keep them! Also, here’s some actual tutorials to help you out (x) (x)

One very good exercise is drawing your friends, trying to capture their main features. Maybe their face is very long? They have big lips? Small eyes? This is amazing for lots of reasons because:

-you’ll practice a lot
-you don’t need to bother with lineart
-by staring at their photos for so long, you’ll see how different real humans look and you can use such features for your characters
-you can show it to them if you’re satisfied!!

I’d also recommend to look at how your favourite artists draw faces and specific features, you can definetely take some of them and merge them in your style!

This wasn’t much of a tutorial but I hope it was helpful nonetheless! Thank you for the compliments and have a good day!

As a joke me and some discord pals did this random picker thing to make a character, we used the palette challenge and grabbed like… 10? Then once we had an palette we used the picker for clothes. So basically I got….
*broken, bandages, scarf, sweater, pants, socks, object.
Its also a joke that someone said “YOU GOT MINTO COLORS!” so his name became mino x’D


probably last doodle of 2014 ayy~ lavellan smooching a mysterious antivan stranger. who started talking to him with “you know, i fell out of a window at a party such as this once”.