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Hi! I just wanted to say that I really love your art and I find it really cute and funny! I hope I don't sound demanding or naggy, but I was wondering if you could maybe draw a sweet pic of Daryun and Arslan on a Valentine's Day date? Is that OK? Thanks for tolerating a random fangirl raving about her OTP!! Again, your art is awesome and it really inspires me to draw too!! I hope I didn't sound too weird, this is my first anon message so I wasn't sure what to say! ^///^

Thank you so much for your kind words. That I’m able to inspire you to draw is a really huge honour!
Also, thank you for reminding me that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I completely forgot because it was recently Chinese New Years. The holidays really put me into a lax mood.

It’s not today but have this early Valentine’s date since I won’t be around tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind!

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Hi Cris! So this is random but I'm curious about something. I haven't been in the fandom for a full year yet and I was just curious on how you saw the Richard stuff? Like that he puts in vanity fair? Is it just like a fun thing? Or is it something more? I know that sometimes people think articles are more/ mean more things? But I also wasn't sure. I mean I can also see if that the gp might not know all about what he is saying so then it's more fun? I have some friends who know of 1d but 1/2

2/2 don’t know the individual boys. So they wouldn’t really beg what he was saying. And I know people have made a reference to he is a larrie. So then I’m like does he truly like it ? Like larrie? Or is it more of a click thing? Or what is it really? Know what I mean? I feel like I am not making any sense and I am just going around in circles. And I kinda feel silly for asking.

Richard has said that he doesn’t know anything about Harry & Louis’ relationship, but that as a gay man, he absolutely adores that Larries love Larry so he loves us :)  He’s older and remembers when the idea of a gay boybander was met with derision and hate. Not that it’s not now, but we’re out and loud and open about what we think and he finds that encouraging for society. And I love that he loves us :)

Now, do I think he REALLY doesn’t know anything? No. I think he knows as much as some of the other New York City, entertainment industry-adjacent Larries. By which I mean, he’s heard the stories and he’s gotten some reliable gossip at the very least. So I think he knows, but when he writes, he does it as a cute shipper thing. It’s not meant necessarily to alert the GP about them, but words like that do tend to lodge in people’s brains in a positive way for future reference.

So I’m very pro-Richard Lawson and Vanity Fair.

((As a contribution to #Postitforward thing, I pulled up a draft that I kept in here for some time and decided to share it with y’alls for a little up-lift for any that are having doubts! c:

Think your art looks bad?
Think that you’ll never improve?
Look again!
Everyone improves in their skill, as long as you keep practicing and going for it! I kid you not, you can and will improve on whatever you enjoy doing as long as you keep doing it. For example, here’s a drawing that I did for an ask on my main ask-blog approximately a year ago:

And I had worse to show on the paper that it all started on.

Now here’s this thing that I did a month or so ago:

Still needing some touch-ups here and there, but much better than the first and those prior to the former picture. 

Now, even if you’ve been going on for years and years and you still think it isn’t good enough, just remember that people go at different paces, and it’s absodiddlydoodly okay if you’ve been going a bit slower than others. Plus, as long as heart and soul are put into what you create, no amount of “suckiness” can really make it suck. Neither can it make it swallow.

The best thing to do? Be yourself. Draw or write or make what you want, when you want, when you need. You’ll get there, I’m absolutely sure of it. uvu

Best of luck to you all and happy art-ing! :D