also i was tripping balls

Nost a spoder
  • Cuteo: I like that chameleons have cartoon leaves for hands
  • Beep Baptain Meme Captain: They 100% do.
  • Cuteo: Imagine if humans had just two big fingers. That'd rule
  • Pyro: how would we get anything done?
  • Pyro: How would we keyboard?
  • Cuteo: Slower
  • Beep Baptain Meme Captain: AU where everyone types like a grandparent
  • Cuteo: Keyboards have less buttons and you have to cycle through the letters like typing on an old Nokia
  • Cuteo: Press the f key 6 times to type k
  • Beep Baptain Meme Captain: We have 4 fingers total, so numbers worldwide work on a quadrinary system.
  • Pyro: Would we just look like normal people but with mitten hands or do we get the independant eyes and coil tail thing too?
  • Cuteo: Eyes yes, tail no
  • Beep Baptain Meme Captain: It's always gotta turn furry, don't it?
  • Pyro: No
  • Pyro: I was thinking more of a zootopia kinda thing. Not furry at all
  • Cuteo: We were having a lovely time imagining an au where we all have mitten hands and then mr can-I-be-a-dragon shows up
  • Pyro: can you imagine chamieclion drafons?
  • Cuteo: ...are you ok
  • Pyro: I am laying in bed and mostly closing my eys to half rest and sleep while typeing
  • Pyro: I can mostly touchjh time
  • Beep Baptain Meme Captain: He said, lying.
  • Cuteo: This chat is a shining recommendation of your skill
  • Pyro: Well you have seen the shit I come uout with my eues onwp so its probably nor that doiffernt
  • Cuteo: Or maybe he's also tripping balls
  • Cuteo: "I can touch time" pyro said in awe, assuming that the clock-headed man leaning over his bed was a harmless hallucination
  • Pyro: but it is
  • Pyro: isn't it
  • Pyro: its harmsless
  • Cuteo: Little did he know, the contract was now sealed
  • Pyro: sealed line a tin of new potatoes in brine that had been sat at the back of the cupboard since last summer
  • Beep Baptain Meme Captain: CLOCK MAN SHALL COME FOR YOU
  • Beep Baptain Meme Captain: WHEN IT IS... TIME
  • Pyro: nooo no, not clock man. Hes actualyy the dude with the apple in front of his face whenver anyone takes a picture of him
  • Pyro: None of this salivador darli bullshit
  • Cuteo: If this were a Cthulhu game I'd assume pyro has lost it
  • Cuteo: He's gone
  • Pyro: shit, I have lost it
  • Pyro: I lost the game
  • Pyro: T.-.T
  • Cuteo: You're adorable
  • Pyro: No, I am just really hungry right now
  • Cuteo: Eat your dad
  • Pyro: I am nost a spoder
  • Cuteo: I am nost a spoder
  • Pyro: fuck
  • Cuteo: Nassa peepo?
  • Pyro: Also I am being idecisive as shit again. Last night when I said I was going to get food. I spent like 15 minutes stood in the dark downstairs trying to decide what to do
  • Cuteo: Samado... Snudder mado...
  • Cuteo: Oooohhhh
  • Cuteo: Nost a spoder...
  • Pyro: fucl of
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