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- Sooyoung + Party.


Fool me once, shame on you, but teach a man to fool me and I will be fooled for the rest of my life.
—  Tamaki Suoh

Me, sipping champagne in a silky white dress, lounging on a windowseat: How was the presidency for me? I’m glad you asked. Do you mind holding this glass while I set myself on fire. “


Bad by kenzier 

Post-series. The blows keep coming for a grieving, insomniac Spike as the ISSP plans to make an example of him to put an end to syndicate crime on Mars. A newly-motivated Faye hatches a scheme to help Spike (and herself, of course). Jet attempts to assist the pair meanwhile questioning the wisdom of his continued involvement in their lives.

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i just love when rey asks for his name and finn gets a very sweet and completely and significant fond smile before he answers. it makes me feel he's remembering how thankful he is for that man that he only met for a couple of minutes, but who trusted him right away and make him feel like he belonged and had a place in the galaxy. i feel that smile before he presents himself as "finn" for the first time is also him saying "yeap, i'm gonna honor that man that believed in me to be something more"

Oh my goodness, YES!

I cannot believe I forgot that one! I’ll add it =)
Thank you anon <3

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You're passive aggressively bawling about your best friend not hanging out with you. People have lives Tiago. Get over it!

You have no idea what you’re talking about soooo tip: you shouldn’t! Mind your business, i’m minding mine n_n

lmao anti-sjs in fandoms are always shouting about “artistic freedom!!!” and “let people enjoy things how they want!!!” but what they really mean is “i dont want to have to think about not doing problematic things” bc when you headcanon a lot of characters as trans or really… do anything that doesn’t jive with them personally they’re falling all over themselves tryina give you shit for it, it’s so fucking transparent


Little Scavenger

Little Ex-Stormtrooper

Little First Order General

[SKETCH] Chibi Stormtrooper!Kanan

Little Jedi Trooper

Little Stormtrooper Disguise

Little First Order Captain

Little Knight of Ren

also i feel like saying ‘you’re gonna find homoerotic subtext anywhere’ is a tad too dismissive? like… yeah we’re (we being everyone lgbt+) so starved for representation we go reading a lot into stuff sure but… to act like it’s never put in intentionally or that we’re somehow at fault or naive for actively go looking for it is a bit mmm,,,

i just realized while trying to actually start drawing the gem au designs again
i never thought of any gems for dani
i dont want them to be the exact same as dannys u kno thatd be kinda boring and confusing
but im gonna have them both be permafusions like garnet

im thinkin maybe shed be 2 pearls
human - matte sapphire pearl
ghost - forest green pearl
and the fusion would be a black opal

i already had plans of making the sam/tucker/danny fusion a black opal but im changing it to fluorite

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Gah! More sleepy Shaw please. She's my favorite and you write so well. Thanks xx

“If you get up I’m gonna hurt you.”

Root stills mid-motion and turns to Shaw, who’s still laying there. Her arm is draped over her face, the sheet draped around her very naked waist.

She didn’t think she’d be awake yet, but she should’ve known better. Shaw is a light sleeper, and she wasn’t being very stealthy.

“If you keep staring at me like that I’m also gonna hurt you,” Shaw says when she can feel Root drinking in every inch of her body, her eyes following every hill and valley, ridge and curve. Her voice is still hoarse with sleep, and Root smiles.

“What if I enjoy that,” Root teases, but Shaw is having none of it, peeking from under her arm, frowning before hiding her face again.

“Just get back here, asshole,” she mumbles and pokes Root in the side with her other hand, “please.”

Root rolls her eyes, but scoots back against Shaw, who rolls to her until her lips press against Root’s shoulder, kissing her there a few times.

“Now stay,” Shaw says through a yawn and Root smiles.

“Yes, ma'am.”

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Sexuality Headcanon: Pansexual, just likes what he likes

Gender Headcanon: I wouldn’t say non-binary, but I feel like he’s a boy that completely disregards gender roles, just doesn’t see the point of them. Like he’ll braid Wendy and Lucy’s hair, take female friends shopping, and probably try makeup because he’s a badass who doesn’t play by society’s rules

A ship I have with said character: Saying I ship Gratsu at this point is like saying water is wet, so I’m gonna surprise you all and say I also ship Stingsu, much less, but still.

A BROTP I have with said character: Lucy. Their friendship gives me life and they need to be bffs forever (redundant statement but I don’t care).

A NOTP I have with said character: Natza. Erza is the group big sis and I simply refuse to see her with Natsu or Gray romantically (Lucy on the other hand hmmmmm)

A random headcanon: I like to imagine that his first kiss with a girl was with Lisanna, when they were basically engaged as kids, and, treading deep into my imagination, his first kiss with a boy was with Freed. I imagine like 12 year old Natsu (I’m pretty sure he was in FT at age 12) finding little Freed crying bc of something homophobic, like he was getting picked on for looking at other boys or he heard Laxus (since he was such a dick pre-Battle of Fairy Tail) saying that being gay was disgusting. When Natsu dragged it out of him what was wrong, Natsu was furious because Igneel had always told him that love was love, and homophobia was something Natsu couldn’t even fathom. So he kissed little Freed and told him to promise that he would never feel bad about liking boys again. Freed did, and, being the rule keeper he is, kept that promise to this day.

General Opinion over said character: If sunshine had a physical form, it would be Natsu Dragneel-Fullbuster

Thanks for the ask!

(Send me a character and I’ll answer these headings)

Art theft

K so there’s apparently a thing going around where someone is posting my art on their instagram and their Wattpad. Guys, unless I give you permission/directions on where and how to post my art, I really don’t appreciate it. It’s disrespectful to me and to other people who like my stuff. 

Now I have talked to the person who keeps doing this already, but I had no indication that she was also doing this. I’m not gonna say who because you know who you are. Bruh, you’re a cool dude and I want to like you. But seriously stop it. I did not give you permission to do it and I already see people saying this is YOUR art when it’s not. This is what makes me upset. Either say who it’s from or don’t post it at all.