also i was calling it

things i’ve learnt from that episode of holby:

  • i could probs listen to bernie doing david attenborough impressions all day
  • i could probs watch bernie sitting back + just winging things + having bantz on aau all day
  • i love darla, 10/10, i’m a fan
  • i’m constantly genuinely surprised by how many ppl there r hanging around on darwin
  • every time sacha cries i also cry apparently
  • i’m here 4 the hoodies + tea intervention @ pulses
  • i love morven so much (the yellow sleeves/blue scrubs was gr8)
  • i’m actually lookin forward 2 ollie being on aau
  • jac + matteo continue 2 be a Mess
  • that old guy didn’t let me down bc he took the perfect opportunity 2 make a doctor who joke
  • 4ever a fan of hanssen looming

happy lesbian day of visibility pals 💖🌈 feat. my weird hand

I wanna make either a magazine or a news letter that’s kinda night vale style (like weird shit being everyday life) and I have the name for it but I’m struggling coming up with sections and articles. So far I have
1.Fall Trends
2. 16 ways to spice up summoning rituals
3. Cazru Diner -only the best in family friendly intergalactic dining
4. DIYs for home exorcisms
5. Intro into Witchcraft:Necromancy edition

But I am struggling to think of more content???


1) yousinthehous Can’t wait until next time!

2) ch0w  @t22felton calling you “darling” & #GinaTorres saying your painting is “so super cute” makes for a truly epic nerdtastic day! 💚❤️😍😫😭🤓⚡️

3) jackyrita Ugh he’s the sweetest 😍🙈😘❤ #tomfelton #dracomalfoy #harrypotter#siliconvalleycomicon #wizardlove

4) frecklednfoxy Silicon Valley Comic Con! Photo OP with Tom Felton #siliconvalleycomiccon #svcc

5) crittelcatli I met @t22felton yesterday and he called me darling 😭💚💛🐍 (also, when I showed the kid zone team my pic, one didn’t recognize him and thought I was just taking a professional pic with my boyfriend 😂😂) #SVCC #SVCC2017

6) bvbsharkgirlsio So I met the extremely sweet @t22felton and I was a mess. Luckily, he is a huge sweetheart and didn’t get irritated😂💚 He actually called me adorable and tried to keep me from crying and said “bless you sweetheart”. I could go on but I’ll stop here. I love you Tom, thank you for being in my childhood (and today) as Draco and many other characters through out the years 💚


8) xczarmainee it was fun working (& basically just hanging) with u during the sat photo ops @t22felton. thnx for being the sweetest 💚🖤 never thought i’d be thankful 4 having a unique name until this weekend when it came in handy LOL

9) alllison.lee Sorry, one more for the night bc I have too much hw I don’t want to do But i am absolutely in LOVE with tom felton and his kind, warm soulHe’s a beautiful human being and I am beyond blessed to have met him 😭 #Godisgood#tomfeltonnoticeme #svcc

10) mggzh2 days ago🐍💕 #tomfelton #svcc

why has my life come down to wondering if either the blue or pink sticky notes mean theyre leaving it or coming with them

rip golden pig and fancy ass mirror if blue means ditching it

fml why do i notice this shit

also we fucking called it just sayin

anonymous asked:

I heard you like ocs! Imma tell a lil bit about three of mine :3 They're a trio of what is considered to be gods, called the Cloudwalkers! Their names are A'rec, Ksiv, and Nre'v. A'rec is the most friendly and outgoing out of them all, and is known as The Friend of All. Ksiv is friendly, but not as outgoing, and is known as The Mother of All (ultimate mom friend). The last is Nre'v, he's not as friendly and is quiet. He's also known as The Teacher or All -Anon Called Autumn

I loove their namees! how unique! :o they are a cool trio


For the heads up, I did changed “Normal Bendy” to “Baby Bendy” or “small Bendy”

Also made an Au calling it “Inkvasion” since I have different Bendy’s all over my sketch books. Which be a team calling “the Ink-squad”

Now got that out of the way, the bottom came from the chapter two. I do not why I gave that thing eyes, kill it with fire! lol

Also I was being a little silly with Henry there XD

I did drew Sammy, and him getting yell at Demonic Bendy.
All i got for today.