also i wanted to try out my new brushes

Spent Easter Sunday eating chocolate and hanging out with family 🍫but now it is time to crack down for the night! Currently writing up a plan for an essay I hope to knock off after dinner. Let’s see how that goes 😂

I have been using the Pentel fude touch brush sign pen recently (because I love studyquill’s note taking layout and I have zero of my own creativity and wanted to try her’s out with the stationary she uses) and I have been loving it because it is so quick and easy and rarely bleeds! Also loving my new mildliners and muji gel pens! Here’s to a productive night ✌🏼

Finally… I have a new computer I’m so happy ;__;!!

I’m still adjusting stuff and getting used to it, but…. woah what a difference!

I bought Clip Studio Paint a while back while it was on sale but I didn’t want to install it until I had my new computer, so now it is time to try it out!

I liked the flat marker brush and wanted to use it a bit more, also here’s some sketches of my Asura. They’re kinda difficult to draw, I have to get used to their proportions, but they’re very cute.

tried animating gotham’s firefly 🔥🐞 

I recently had to get back into rigging and animating for work and wanted to try some things out! (also bc I love Bridgit, give her a jetpack in s4 fox u cowards :o)


love the piggy!

What’s up.  My name’s Jess.  I’m new in town.  This is my studyblr intro (which I will try to keep short and sweet).

I am a rising Junior at University of Califorina, Davis, but I am currently living in Washington DC to take part in a super exciting internship!  I’m a Pre-Law Political Science and Communications double major with a minor in Human Rights.  If you want to know more about me and my goals, check out the about me tag on my blog.

Shoutout to @smartstudies@cw0630@studyblr@studyquill , and @emmastudies for being really solid blogs and motivating me to make a blog to motivate myself.

And that’s it.  I’ll be around. 

P.S. Please don’t judge my handwriting.  Today’s my first time trying brush pens/calligraphy/whatever you wanna call it.  I promise I’ll get better <3


My mom had been looking for “baby Voltrons” so what better day than her birthday to sit down and draw our first five Paladins having something sweet for the occasion? Also, I wanted to try out my new brush pens and they’re so much easier and kinder on my clumsy hands (read: not as much ink smudging as the last one.)

Card is made with gold washi tape layered with decorative tape from Daiso.

Skater! Percy

ngl this drawing was a mess bc i was on a roll and sketched, line and coloured everything except the skateboard and then i forgot about it and came back to it with new brushes I wanted to try out…..mess

(also in this “au” (is it really an au if percy is a skater in canon) either hazel or rachel painted his board idk)

artzom-b  asked:

2 things! 1) What brushes do you use?? 2) I love you're art! I myself have a cartoony style but instead of accepting it I always tried to change it but because of you I re did my tumblr, FA, and SF so I can try again from the top, you also gave me a whole new look on what begin a furry artist really is and I appreciate that!

first, thank you so much!! thats great to hear, i had the same problem with  my cartoony style, i kept trying to change it but it wasnt working very well! im glad i could help you out in that way ;u; !!

and for my brushes, i use these mostly, im always tweaking them for what i want to do, mostly changing density and blending

I wanted to test my new water brushes out that I got today, so I drew and painted the best girl there is, lucette from Cinderella Phenomenon


Bet they try to out compete each other to see who can clean Garnet’s gemstones better and have her judge.

I had the idea that the Gems need to keep their gemstones in tip top shape to stay healthy and functioning.  Then I was thinking about how each Gem would clean their gemstone and the image of Amethyst spit shining was too amusing not to draw.

Also wanted to test out my three new bush pens and now I’m in love with them.

I’ve wanted to draw Nico properly for ages now, and finally here it is! I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to try out some new brushes, and I really enjoyed it a lot! I’ve also been working on making my outline as minimal as possible - I hope you guys like it :)

CARYL… cuz I haven’t drawn them in a long time and I wanted to try these new brushes out! I’ve missed a few fanart challenges from uss-caryl so I figured some Caryl art wouldn’t hurt. Also, I love drawing them! They are both so lovely. Tried to channel some alicexz style into it but I failed.

It’s my new years resolution to draw more! I’m going to draw a least SOMETHING once a week. How about that? Maybe I can finally finish 21 Shades of Cas…

Society6 merch here!

WOOHOO Finally knocked another Mother enemy out. I really wanted to take a crack at them again after having brushed up on my pixelart and its paying off! I halved my normal resolution to 128 and unwrapped more smart to, only using symmetry in small areas like the bow. Also trying out a new BG scheme! I’ll make it look the way that its supposed to for the respective game. What do you think?


I decided to do a quick sketch in an attempt to fine-tune the Pint Pony style, and this is what I ended up with. Something far more caricatured than what I’m used to doing, even compared to the first test of my Pint Pony style, but it was very simple, fast, and a LOT of fun to do. I even got to try out some new brushes that simulate pencils! I think this came out pretty good for my first attempt. :3

This also worked as a test for a style I wanted to implement into a little… project. Some merchandise I’d like to feature at Bronycon, but I don’t wanna reveal anything until I have at least one of them finished. So excited to get to work on it! :3 Buuuuuuuut yeah. Have yerself some Dashy and I hope you enjoy it! ^.^

anonymous asked:

Can you give tips to people who just want to start out with makeup? I'm 18 and I'm 100% clueless and fail at putting anything and everything on lmao. I can't even get lipstick to look right, and I can't even put foundation on correctly :(

here are some of my tips for beginners!!

adding on to that:

  • foundations can be a bit thick, so i would suggest using a bb or cc cream to start with so you can improve your technique, or if you do want a foundation then use moisturiser etc. to sheer it out. 
  • also with applying foundations, the techniques are kinda up to personal preference too. i used my fingers for years to apply bb cream, but i’ve also used sponges, puffs, brushes. you’ll just have to experiment.
  • i would also suggest buying cheaper / drugstore versions of products you want to try such as lipstick. there are some many kinds of lip products and you might not find one that works for you. also since you’re new, you’ll probably make some mistakes and you won’t feel as bad about wiping off a $2 lipstick compared to a $30 lipstick.
    wet n wild, nyx, colourpop all have really affordable products!
  • also watching youtube videos can really help!! i learnt a lot of my ‘skills’ from youtube lol. there are ofc heaps of beauty tutorials on youtube, but one of my fave channels for application tips is jung saem mool.