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Hello! Can we have boys spoiling each other (and Yura) with care, attention, by being mindful, or by something material? Sneakily or open - no matter. Thanks in advance! )))

Viktor is notorious for having the biggest holes in his pockets. He follows a rule of thumb: if it has animal stripes on it or it’s purple, he buys it, only to dump in front of Yura’s front door for him to find (if it’s both, well, that’s like Easter come early). On the same note, if it’s pretty and shiny or it reminds him of Yuuri, or if he even remotely suspects Yuuri would like it, it becomes a “late anniversary present” or an early one, whatever festivity is closer and fits.
Yura promptly wears whatever it was the day after, feigning ignorance, doesn’t look at him in the eyes and screams a little less than usual.
Yuuri tries desperately to get him to bring it back, this is getting ridiculous, why would I want this marble peacock statue with glitters glued on it, Vitya, oh my god, no, don’t cry, I really like it- clearly to no avail. They’re probably gonna have to move out soon or at least rent a garage or something.

Yuuri is a book manual mom friend. He makes bento for everyone at the rink (even Yakov) ((they need a bigger kitchen)), sneakily gives advice when Yura is out of his depth enough to not properly ask for it but making it slip that he would need it, wordlessly wraps his jacket around his shoulders when he stubbornly refuses to get his out of the car. He reminds Viktor to take his vitamins, makes him hot tea when it’s chilly outside (with his favourite jam, even if he shudders everytime), lets him cry into his neck when it’s a no day. He bribes him with cake at the price of eating his vegetables (you too, Yura, don’t give me the scowly face, you’ll never grow up by pirozhkis only) and sometimes he even lets him win at Monopoli (he’ll never give up his rightful place as the master of mario kart, that’s for sure).

Yura is a little more complicated. He’s so desperately young, and angry, but his rare smiles when he gets unguarded are proof enough. He scowls, and screams, props his socked feet on their coffee table and drinks the hot chocolate with marshmallows Yuuri dropped into his hands. He mutters obscenities and then asks Viktor to help him solve a physics problem. Viktor chirps that he’ll be happy to offer his services and Yura kicks him in the shin.
He’s always around, no matter if he complains and pretends to gag when they kiss, he never misses a friday dinner (it’s definitely a thing, now) and makes it his duty to bring the best ingredients for pirozhki. They take turns to do the dishes.

The thing is: sometimes Viktor is emotionally unavailable; he carves lazy eights on the ice, takes off for a loop and when he lands his eyes are cold, distant, his smiles the dazzling, fake photoshoot ones. Yuuri pretends to be too tired to practice and gets them home, Yura in tow, and Makkachin attaches himself to Viktor’s hip while they kick his ass at Cluedo (Viktor is always Miss Scarlet). They order take out and watch Titanic, to Yuri’s displeasure, and Viktor cries for the last half of the movie (and part of the first, too) but when Yuuri goes to wipe his nose, his smile is toothy and genuine. He snuggles between them and remembers that he’s not alone, that, no matter how many medals he’s won, he’s just Viktor, and that’s okay.

Sometimes Yuuri is too tired, and doesn’t find it in himself to cook.
Viktor cuts up the sausages into little octopuses and only burns them a little, but everyone at the rink still eats them and choruses their thanks to Yuuri, who blushes beautifully and hides his face into Viktor’s shirt. They leave practice early, despite his weak protests, and Viktor draws him a hot bath that they take together, lazily making swirls with the soap bubbles and humming old cartoon songs together. Yura stomps in the middle of couch cuddling with hot pizza and his cat, who Makkachin loves very much, and they eat together watching the two fluffy things battle for dominance (Makkachin wants to snuggle, Potya wants to be left alone). Yuuri lets the cushions and Viktor’s arms engulf him, takes deep breaths and remembers that he’s loved.

Sometimes Yura is closed off and stormy, his muscles sore and stretched out, his snarl genuine, the caged out expression of an unwillingly tamed beast. He hurts, feeling like he’s too big for his body, like his bones could suddenly snap under the weight he’s putting on them.
Viktor pretends to give him nasty pointers on his free leg, exaggerates his woes on purpose to give him something to channel his rage on. Yura fumes and curses, carving angry lines on the ice, and Yuuri puts up some music on the speakers that’s just hurling and bass thumps and they soar through the air till they can’t breathe anymore.
They buy ridiculously over saturated with sugar churros on the way back and make katsudon, screaming at the blue monster truck to get his shit together and Yura curls on the sofa like an exhausted cat. He stays the night, and when Viktor carries him to the guest room there’s the ghost of a smile on his lips. He refuses to get driven back by Viktor the day after, so they all take the crowded bus together, but in between ominous hisses Yuri’s expression softens, and he remembers that he’s enough, and powerful, and that, even if he doesn’t feel like it, he belongs.

Sometimes, it’s easy for them to believe they’re alone. But be it by ridiculously expensive tiger printed socks or food or simply being there, the mismatched, marvelous family they have makes it just as easy to remember that they’re not.


Flint. She wants him dead and she wants me to do it.

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Hiccup Shoots at Drogon
(Game of Thrones / How to Train Your Dragon)

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Flirtypat is a good pat imo

can we take a moment to appreciate 
one of my most favourite cosplay moments ever and I think of this video a lot tbh , it was at CTCon 2016 (throwback!!!)
bless this  llovely cosplayer for making everyone smile that day and for the whole con ♥♥

that’s my fave-ever Mettaton right there @ratkiiing 


jaspar fave things in no particular order 2/?

jaspar airport date dinner (x)

Amos Burton Appreciation Week - Day 2: Favorite Episode

I have a hard time remembering people’s names let alone episode titles so please forgive me.  My favorite episode is 2x08 for the moment where Alex, after nearly having been murdered by the dude, asks Amos “what happened to you?

And Amos just-

[.gif courtesy of @whenimaunicorn]

I will get to alllllll my feelings about that expression in a moment but I also want to talk a little bit about what precedes it.

I’m going to preface this by saying that, triggered or not, Amos nearly killing Alex was terrifying and Alex deserves to have all the feelings about that.  But I want to talk about the fact that Amos pulled himself out of it.  Naomi had to pull him off of Miller and Prax had to pull him off of the hacker.  With Alex, you see him pry himself out of that state and back off with his hands up.  And then he begs Alex to stop pushing him because he doesn’t want to kill him.

“Who will fly the ship?”

Amos knows himself.  He knows his limits.  He works like hell to get better and do better and apologize when he does fuck up, but he knows where this is going to lead if Alex doesn’t back off.

Then Alex asks “what happened to you?” and Amos just can’t even speak.  I can practically feel his throat closing.  Alex kind of asked it in a “what the fuck is wrong with you” kind of tone (although I do think that’s a perfectly valid reaction to nearly getting murdered lmao) yet Amos’ reaction makes me think literally no one has ever asked him that question before.  People probably always wrote him off as a stupid violent thug.  I mean, Naomi knows he’s fucked up but one of the original cornerstones of their relationship is the fact that they don’t pry into each other’s pasts; he protects her, she guides him, that’s it.  So he just let people think that because it’s easier to let them underestimate him anyway.

And then we get this moment where Amos is completely blindsided by someone asking him what. happened. to. you?  He’s totally unprepared to answer that question and I’m forever pissed that he’s literally saved by the bell because I want to know what he would’ve said.

That episode gave us a very scary glimpse into Amos’ head and his struggles and then Alex accidentally stumbles onto this very very vulnerable part of him that no one, not even Amos himself, has tried to pick at.  And I really hope we get more follow-up in S3.


AoS Winter (Re)Watch: One FitzSimmons scene per episode
               1x01 “Pilot”

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So I just created a Patreon account in honor of you and I'm having some trouble figuring out how it really works. I just did the 20$ per month pledge. Or at least I think I did? Nothing disappeared from my account so did I do something wrong? I just want to know how to properly support you.

First of all thank you! So your charge will happen at the end of the month/beginning of next month! Also congrats because I just got the Postcard prints all set up and ready to ship for this month too! (Just need to find the time to get to the post office!)

Also give the charge some time before you worry, sometimes it can take several days past the end of the month depending on your bank. 

Also I want to take this moment to make a little Public Service Announcement;

Please, PLEASE guys, do not pull your pledges before the transaction period. I now currently make just enough to pretty much pay rent, and thats absolutely amazing to me. (or at least I have for the past two months) BUT, i have noticed some people have been pulling their money before the pay date and It’s really disheartening. I make EVERYTHING I post for you guys, and it fucking hurts me to see people just abuse this ability. That being said, I am so thankful to those of you who have been seriously supporting me! Some of you since the very beginning! I don’t make a lot of money, pretty much everything I make goes into living costs and food. Thanks so much you guys. 


Jenkins in S3E5 - “And the Tears of a Clown”


one fitzskye moment per episode:
s02e04 - i will face my enemy


TMI/TID Fancast: Dylan Sprayberry as Alexander Gideon Lightwood

“It made no sense that his eyes had been drawn to Alec, over and over again. Alec had hung to the back of their little group, had made no effort to attract the eye. He had striking coloring, the rare combination of black hair and blue eyes that had always been Magnus’s favorite, and Magnus supposed that was why he had looked in Alec’s direction at first. Strange to see the coloring that had so distinguished Will and his sister, so many miles and years gone by, and on someone with an entirely different last name …

Then Alec had smiled at one of Magnus’s jokes, and the smile had lit a lamp in his solemn face, making his blue eyes brilliant, and briefly taking Magnus’s breath away.”


Olake Appreciation Week: Day 2 - Fave Jake Ballard moment(s)/scene(s) 

Episode 4.13 | No More Blood

.:Old Drawing:.


This is an old doodle that I found on my notebook lol
I’m actually working on a drawing, but I also want to rest a little ^_^;
So for the moments, have this horrible drawing :’3

I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist

Now The War Is Over

Mini drabble inspired by thoughts about the blocked scene that Colin and Jen filmed outside Grannys.

The sounds of people laughing fills the night air, a dull roar from the interior of the small restaurant. It’s interspersed by the feint sound of glasses clinking together and the occasional overcompensated guffaw of an inebriated dwarf. 

Regardless, it’s nice. And Emma finds herself smiling despite herself as she dawdles on the side walk, eyes drifting over the windows closed tight against the brisk night air. Arms wrapped tightly around her chest, she pauses under the archway and leans against it, taking a short moment to herself to look up at the sky.

It’s over, it’s finally over. 

Things are relatively back to normal - or as normal as they can be in a town where the mayor is the Evil Queen and her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming. Again, a small smile tugs at the corners of her lips and she chuckles to herself so a wisp of white escapes and floats into the sky.

“What’s so funny?” a familiar lilting voice inquires from her left and she turns to see Hook exiting the establishment, his lips quirked in a careful smirk. Strangely enough, she doesn’t school her features on his approach, simply shrugs and looks up at the sky again through the lattice of the arch.

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