also i want to do cosplay more

help me tumblr, i am faced with a dilemma

for my temeraire cosplay, i’m gonna get a pair of expensive-ass handmade replica boots

it wont be so bad cause i can use them for several things, since i’m planning to do roland, but could also do laurence by just changing wigs pretty much, and im kinda wanting to make a napoleon costume (shut up) too

but i don’t know whether to go with hessians or top boots.

problem is i like the top boots a lot better (they stylin), BUT we know for a fact that laurence wears hessians. top boots could still work decently enough for laurence too, but i know it would bother the hell out of me that im IGNORING BOOK CANON SO BLATANTLY

hessians are more military-y in general, so better for aerial corps cosplays in general I GUESS. i mean, hessians would just make more sense…… but….. tOP BOOTS…….,.,,,,



“ I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free.”

This costume was a hugeeee breakthough for me cosplay wise. It was the first time I had to super draft out patterns and also my first ever Armor Making Expirence. And the whole reason for cosplaying her was because I was going to my first Acen alone and I was trying to do cosplays that would stand out without having to be in a group. I actually chose a lot of strong females to cosplay at that con :D 

Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca_ featheredhearts
Photographers_ courtoonnetwork & April B.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you guys know that you've encouraged my friend and I to do our own cosplays (grey wardens!) and your blog has been so helpful and you guys are both so happy and positive and I mean, this is gonna be our first legit cosplay and I'm putting it all up to you guys! Thank you for being awesome!

WHAT!!! More cosplayers!?!?! FUCK YEAH. 

Also fuck yeah on Grey Wardens!! You guys have good taste. TAKE PICTURES AND SEND THEM PLEASE!

anonymous asked:

I'm gonna be cosplaying for the first time this year but my hair is already a lot like the character's I'm cosplaying as. I don't know if I want to invest in a wig or not because of this, what would you recommended?

It’s really up to you and a) the money you want to spend b) the way you want your cosplay to look c) personal comfort and preference. I also can’t see the references nor do I know your hair type and other details.

There’s no right or wrong way to cosplay! It’s all subjective :)

If the issue is about aesthetics and not an issue of cost maybe try ordering a wig and deciding once you’ve style it if you think your real hair or the wig will work better?

Sorry I can’t be of more help :(

i got bored and made a bad edit thing just to make myself look more like yang haha since i’m not really comfortable wearing contacts atm

also i like this picture so enjoy it on it’s own!! i might make a cosplay page on fb but i haven’t decided yet haha. i did make an icon for it though if i decide to!!

I need more artistic lovelies on my dash

If you blog any of the things on this list, please reblog or follow me,
and I’ll check you out!
I love supporting people with few notes, especially people with original content; comics, acrylic paintings, gifs.. I’m also more than happy to give more in-depth critique on traditional art, short stories & poems if you want it :) 

You can do it!
And I want to support you while you do it! <3

So yes, here’s the list:

  • Original art by *YOU*
    - Paintings
    - Doodles
    - Photography
    - Cosplay
    - Jewellery
    - Fabric art, plushies, clothes..
    - .. Anything you have done with your own hands
  • Selfies and life stories, especially if you’ve survived something big
  • Pictures of your pets, children or loved ones
  • Gifs and gifsets (especially if they are by you) of these fandoms
    - Sherlock BBC
    - Supernatural
    - Harry Potter
    - Marvel AND DC superheroes
    - Quotes by female characters of ANY fandom / movie
    - Animation series & anime
    - All sorts of fantasy movies
  • Commissions asks & supporting prompts
  • .. So yes, basically anything that helps make Tumblr more supportive and loving to all of us

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p.p.s thanks for reading my long blabberings

//Also it’s munday, and I’d post a picture of myself (maybe later) but I can also just talk about myself!

So, hi! my name is Matthew, but I just go by Matt, I’m 16, I turn 17 september 9th. Hetalia was actually one of my first fandoms then i got pulled into the void i love known as Homestuck, and then wandered to loads of other fandoms but managed to come back to hetalia through really liking to draw England… ahahhh. 

(more belowwwww)

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Hello Everyone! My name is Niko!

This is post is discussing commissions for my art work!

At this point in my life I need/want money! Money is tight this year for back to school clothes (though my aunt generously gave me hand me downs) I really need basic stuff like underwear, socks and possibly a binder or two!

This will also go towards my wants! Like I need to start working on cosplays, getting a new phone, getting more video games and just basically things I would like to have but cannot because I am broke as fuck and getting a job is hard in my little town. 

What I can do: NSFW, OCS (as long as you give me refs), Fandoms, Guro.

What cannot do: Furries, Animals (i can’t draw animals worth shit), Lolicon/Shotacon, Incest.

Basic Sketch- $1

Chibi colored-$3.50

Basic bust colored- $5

Full body colored-$10

Of course we can barter really but i would hope you think these prices are reasonable.

You can contact me via asks for paypal!

akira-manami asked:

Hello there let me just tell you tHAT I LOVE YOUR ART AND I FELL INTO GYUMI HELL AND TOLD MY GIRLFRIEND ABOUT IT. I dragged her down with me into this lovely hell too >:'))) ♡ Also---Is it okay if we cosplay these two adorable bbies? Pretty please--


Should I buy the green Boosh lightning bolt t-shirt? I mean I don’t really need more more t-shirts but I really want one. And I have money. And I look good in green.

  • So I finally got Splatoon today so I can be hella fresh. (Thank you Tintin babe ahhhhhh)
  • Struggle is that it makes me want to cosplay as Callie even more but like, why am I so poor and why do fabric stores have to be so far away? Like bruh, I'll even hand sew her costume myself (especially since I'm really bad at using a sewing machine anyways lol). It'll be the fifth costume I've made myself, so maybe it'll actually turn out the way I want to??? Especially now that I have Tin to help me with perfecting things and encouraging me to finish stuff lol

gleelover0814 asked:

I'm thinking about starting my own Cosplay channel with some of my friends. What do you think is a good Cosplay to start off with? Also you are awesome 😊❤

Awww thank you~!!

Well our first cosplay was Death Note mainly cause we were obsessed with it at the time and it was easy to get the cosplays together quickly and cheaply :3 but it really depends what you want to do with the channel, I mean if you want to get started and make videos soon then use cosplays that are easy to get together xD if you want your videos to get more attention then maybe cosplay something that’s popular at the moment, but in my opinion making videos should be fun so I suggest cosplaying from your favourite show/game/whatever xD

Good luck with your channel~!! C:

lmao “genderbend headcanons” aren’t a thing because genderbends have nothing to do with canon and take nothing away from canon and is literally just a design change made for fun (another reason is also to make cosplay designs that people are comfortable wearing, like not every cosplayer wants to bind/stuff to represent a character correctly and may instead choose to genderbend the design to fit their own body better)

trans headcanons on the other hand try to make statements about the canon genders of characters and just feel really uncomfortable to me, like i can get imagining characters as trans to relate more to them but very few treat them as the headcanons they are and a lot honestly try to convince other people to view canon differently through them. it happens again and again and i just don’t understand how people can’t see how obnoxious it is

[So I’m thinking about making this a mostly art ask blog. So instead of cosplay responses, most of the time, it’ll be drawn.
What do you all think?

Like, if you want, I can still throw on the cosplay and answer the questions. But just feeling kinda self-conscious lately, y'know? Also a bit more convenient.
I have a few asks I think I’ll test it out with.

But what do my lovely followers think?]

anonymous asked:

For matchups uh I enjoy cosplay, writing, and petting cats when I have the time. I'm a libra. I dont really care which gender but i do lean to more masculine figures. I like halloween and gardens. I don't like idiots or bell peppers. I also play Just Dance obsessively. I tend not to get close to people no matter how close or how long i've known them. I always like to try to help my friends when i can and i always want to know what drama is going on but not get involved.

Your match is, Walker Yumasaki!

The two of you could go to cons and do couple cosplays. I don’t know how you feel about them, but I could see Walker dragging you into a cosplay contest. He would most defiantly dress up with you on Halloween, and go trick or treating despite your age. He is pretty smart, even if he does use that brain for torture methods. Now imagine this, having a Just Dance date with Walker, it is either going to be really adorable or really competitive.

dont-forget-your-childhood asked:

Hey! I can't access to the link of your art book for cosplays, do you have nekoma's uniform there? Also can you please post the link again? Thanks, I love your cosplays!

Hey dont-forget-your-childhood ! I assumed you meant this post. The arts aren’t mine actually (I’m not that good lol).

The first link didn’t work, I think the artist deleted it or I messed the link somewhow. Anyway, I had more in my bookmarks on pixiv so I’ll link them all here for your reference & if anyone wanted references for other uniforms. 

  1. Nekoma uniforms - includes both game and training outfits.
  2. Seijou uniforms -  includes both game and training outfits.
  3. Fukurodani and Johzenji uniforms -  includes both game and training outfits.
  4. Karasuno, Nekoma, Seijou, and t-shirt references
  5. Karasuno, Kitagawa Daiichi, and more t-shirt references
  6. Also, this is a post on tumblr with more Haikyuu!! references. When I clicked on the pixiv link, it seemed that the artist has deleted the work or the link was wrong. 

The illustrations are mostly from this pixiv artist, who has made references for other series too if you want to check them out.

Also, please give the artist ratings while you’re there! I forgot to mention that last time. They’ve put hard work into making these.

I hope they help! :)