also i want them to drink a lot more

My Boys (Part 1/3)

Steve x Plus Size!Reader x Bucky

Author’s note- This is my first fic ever, so it’s going to probably need lots of work but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so… yeah… also it’s going to be broken down into parts. This is part one its more of an introduction than anything…. Oh, and it’s not smutty… yet… Well my lovelies I hope you enjoy it!

Summary- You are best friends with the Captain and the Winter Soldier. You begin to realize your feelings for the pair of them and drunkenly tell Natasha, but who knows who else was listening in on girl’s night?
Warning- fluff, drunk reader, mentions of smut (kinda), drinking with Nat and spilling some secrets (again this is just sort of an introduction, so not much action I guess. Part 2 coming soon!)

Word count: 1382

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After Party - Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary:- You go out for a few drinks after Wrestlemania with Seth, Renee, and Dean. After a drunk guy gets far too flirty in the bar, Seth takes you back to the hotel, and reminds you who you belong to. 

Warnings:-Smut, Swearing, Daddy Kink

Word Count:-1,399


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Hey so since dandelions are springing up everywhere I was wondering if is any magical way I could use em

Eat them! Drink them in tea! Don’t pick the flowers right away because they are great for bees!

I don’t have my correspondence book with me so I am doing this from the top of my head, so I may miss a few things. You can google “Dandelion magical correspondence” for probably a lot more thorough information. I just love dandelions, they are so useful. And great to have around other plants as well too!

Anyway, I am totally serious about eating them! The whole plant is edible! The leaves are great in salads, and are PACKED with Vitamin A and Vitamin K! If I remember correctly 1 cup of fresh dandelion leaves has 110% of your daily intake of Vitamin A, and over 500% daily recommended intake of Vitamin K? The flowers can be made into juice, tea, wine… toss them into your salad with the leaves for color… whatever you fancy! And the roots are the best part! You can make the roots into a substitute for coffee if thats your thing, or dry them out for tea! Did I mention how healthy they are for you? Yea?! Well.. they are also SUPER good for your kidney and liver, as it can help flush them (its a diuretic). Dandelion tea can also help clear skin issues like acne up because its flushing all those toxins and garbage out of your system.

Dandelion is pretty awesome right?!

Don’t worry, I am not done yet.

I mentioned a bit that its great for bees at the beginning, and it is! Its one of the first things that blooms in the spring that attracts bees and other pollinating insects to help the earth! On top of that, dandelions have a long taproot, which helps bring nutrients up to the top soil so that other shallow rooting plants have more nutrients. They help out their neighboring plants, by bringing up more minerals and nitrogen making everything else around them super happy! So don’t yank them up! They are there to help!

As far as correspondences for magical use goes, it can be used for luck and wish spells! You can also drink the leaves & flowers in tea to help increase psychic abilities. Its also good for cleansing and purifying and banishing negativity! Its naturally protective and healing (see how it helps its shallow rooted neighbors?!).

I also want to add: make sure you are looking at a dandelion! There are lot of plants that are very similar to a dandelion, so make sure you are identifying properly, because the others that look like it aren’t always safe to eat! Also if you are on any medications check with your doctor before adding dandelion to your diet as it is a diuretic!

Ok that was a lot of information. I went a little crazy. Dandelions are just cool plants. 

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⚠ Potions ⚠

Recently I have been seeing a lot of people interested in potions, which usually wouldn’t be a problem (as there are many potions not intended for consumption).

More alarmingly I have seen a lot of people interested in adding potions to people’s drink while they aren’t looking!!

This is very very alarming and should NEVER be done.

Not only do you not know whether someone is allergic to something in the potion, you also don’t know what medication this person is taking and how what you are giving them is going to interact with it.

Beyond this, it is a very violating thing to be thinking of doing. It shouldn’t matter whether you want them to fall in love with you or to get good grades.

You should NEVER give something to someone in food or drink without their expressed knowledge, EVER!!

The act of adding something to someone’s drink without their knowledge could be considered an illegal act in some countries or states.

I would have assumed that this would be common knowledge, yet apparently it isn’t.

Please spread the word, this is becoming an increasing problem for newbies as they try to emulate fantasy magick and potions from TV, Movies and Books and is incredibly dangerous.

Midnight Cinderella Suitor’s Fashions

@aquisces-arts wanted to see what the suitors would look like in modern clothes, so I did my best conceptualizing what each would wear and why.

Let’s start with King Byron:

Byron dresses very monochromatically– wearing different shades of black head to toe, and choosing gold accents that catch the light. 

If you look at his hair, you can see that his wisps are very controlled. Even his cowlick is styled neatly. He would probably use a light pomade. The details on the jeans give texture without distraction, like his black casual shirt in the game. 

The gold zipper on the knees also satisfies his love of gold hardware. If you notice, Byron does not wear jewelry aside from his earring, which he shares with Nico, so I think a planetary key chain would be a good choice for him, as it combines his star-gazing hobby with an outlet for an accessory.

Of course, a Rolex is a must, and I think he would always give himself a chaste spritz of cologne before stepping out of the door. This scent is unisex and has a dry-down that smells of vanilla, woods and leather.

I don’t think he would shy away from stylish shoes– he may even be a subtle trend-setter. Because Byron can hold his liquor with the best of them, and because he doesn’t tend to let himself get too casual out in the open, I thought martini glass novelty socks would be a fun twist. It would be his own little secret. While it may not be that wild of a thing for the rest of us, considering Byron’s aloof personality, he may feel that it really is daring indeed.

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Do you have a headcannon about what each of the Newsies is like drunk?

not ALL of them, but YES. i DO. 

starting off with jack. he’s just loud. rambunctious. 

race plays a lot of drinking games, is really good at beer pong, and makes out with spot.

spot makes out with race, is terrible at beer pong, and wants to fight. he generally ends up in an arm wrestling tournament at some point?

davey gets really handsy with jack when hes drunk. way more so than hed ever let himself be sober. also, he gets pretty belligerent? he goes around trying to start arguments. even if someone agrees with him hes like “okay okay okay okay okay but just play devils advocate for a minute!”

crutchie is kind of a lightweight. but he tends to challenge people to drinking competitions

albert tends to fall asleep in the middle of the floor. 

UP10TION'S 'Star;Dom' - Are they angry at the people who caused Wooshin's depression?

Now don’t get me wrong, this is obviously just my opinion and a theory that I came up with at the dinner table and the main point of theories is that they’re stupid. I just like coming up with these sorts of things. It’s most definitely not what UP10TION intended with their new album but it’s still fun to think of these things.

To start with, their new song ‘Runner’ is one of the best comebacks that have happened in a while, but there is an obvious difference compared to other comebacks. Wooshin isn’t there. Wooshin decided not to be part of this comeback because of the events that have happened with him. This is where a part of my theory starts focusing on their song ‘Runner’

Firstly, let’s focus on the lyrics.

At the start of the song, Bitto says at the beginning ‘Did you love me lady? Anyway, I was so lonely’. One of the reasons I think this could be a sign to Wooshin missing is because a big part of UP10TION’s fans are women. The line ‘Did you love me lady?’ could be a question to the people and possibly fans who accused Wooshin of 'harassment’. They are basically asking 'Do you actually love/care?’ about him. The second part of the line 'I was so lonely’ could be a link to Wooshin’s depression. Depression often makes people feel very lonely since many struggle to talk about it or find help leaving them on their own.

At the start of the first verse, the lyrics are 'Ready now, let’s run together. Let’s go at the sound of the gunshot. Run as fast as you can’. The first line 'Let’s run together’ could reference UP10TION’s team work and that they will always be together as a team. The whole first part of the song is a reference to their team work and by saying that they will 'run together’ could suggest that they want to go through life as a team. However, after the first part, the lyrics seems to take a bit of a downfall which leads on to what I want to talk about next: the actual video.

If you notice throughout the video, there are a lot of shots of the members sitting on the floor or lying down looking tired. There are also a few shots of them showing aggression, mainly Kuhn and Bitto and even Xiao at one point (we all know they are absolute beans so this could mean something). But, I just want to focus on the tired looking shots. In shots such as Sunyoul letting his drink fall and spill and Kogyeol touching the punchbag in a more defeated way, I feel like it shows that they don’t really know what to do. People with depression can affect the people around them and many people who know someone with depression often don’t know what to do. So some shots ,such as the fallen trophy by Hwanhee’s feet, could be metaphors for them not knowing how to help Wooshin cope with his depression. The lyrics 'I’m tired’ and 'Just hold on’ link to this thought.

But, not all of the members are clueless. Throughout the start of the video, there are shots of Kuhn punching a punch bag. But when he starts rapping, his punches seems to get more aggressive as if he is trying to get anger out of his system. Is it possible that he is angry at the people who made Wooshin feel like this? It also shows a shot of his looking distressed during his punch out. Could that mean that he’s felt like this for a while and doesn’t know how to get it out of his system? Similarly, Bitto also lets out his anger by punching a bag. But, during his part, even he ends up sitting on the floor defeated. Could this mean that Kuhn and Bitto were fighting for Wooshin, but it got too much for Bitto? And at one point, Xiao shows some aggression. We all know that Wooshin and Xiao are quite close.

Coming to the end, it looks like Kuhn is the only one still fighting for Wooshin since he is seen doing sit ups near the end of the video. However, it seems like Hwanhee decided to take some action when he picks up the fallen trophy. It’s as if he’s saying that they will not go down without a fight. The dance near the end of the video seems more aggressive as well. So it seems like they’ve decided to stand up for Wooshin. Also, in Wei’s part, the phrase 'Let me be there’ could be a way for UP10TION telling Wooshin that they will always be there for him.

What kind of friend™ would they be

For @khadgars-raven​.

Anduin: Is A Cinnamon Roll But Could Also Kill You. His affection of you is strictly platonic, he has a boyfriend. Yes, it’s Wrathion.

Ghost Varian: Your Best Friend Is Your Dad. Alright, you want to go to that party, my child? No, no, it’s cool, have fun. But please, drink safely, here, have my pepper spray, and for the love of the Light, text me every now and then so I don’t die being afraid about you, okay?

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: I Never Wanted To Be Great But I’ll Do My Best. And your best. And his neighbor’s best. He is doing everyone’s best.
Mourning Badass Widow On Revenge Strike. Not exactly Kill Bill but close enough.
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. He is the Hagrid everyone deserves.

Tyrande: Have You Tried Yoga? Subruban Mom. We all can’t be neurotypical, Tyrande.

Mekkatorque: Sleep Deprived Computer Magic. Your eye twitches as he pour his coffee with Red Bull.

Velen: He Is Always Right.  Also he has a Tragic Backstory™ but you need to be at least a level 30 friend to unlock it.

Genn: Let Me Do This, I Am Bitter And Better. Also he is a werewolf.

Aysa: Art And Craft And World Domination. Anything can be a weapon and a friend. She Isn’t as creepy as she sounds, she is really a nice girl.

Thrall: Poor Mental Health Which He Considers Normal. Not that long ago you and your friends put your saving together and signed him to a therapist. She called you after the first meeting, saying that you are the most amazing person that you could keep Thrall alive.

Spirit of Vol'jin: Technically Speaking It Is Legal. Very cool, can get almost anything but sometimes needs a responsible adult, because he doesn’t want to be the responsible adult himself.

Ghost Garrosh: Means Well But Does Bad. Comes with free Fucked Up Family.

Baine: Stoner And A Kind Philosopher But Don’t Piss Them Off. It takes a lot to make him angry, but he isn’t exactly a forgiving nature.

Sylvanas: All I Ever Wanted Was A Nice Life But Since I Didn’t Get It Everyone Is Going To Suffer With Me. She is very pretty. Pretty deadly.

Lor'themar: I’d Kill For You, Say A World And That Scum Is Dead. He also has a problem with drinking but he manages, it isn’t that bad.

Gallywix: The Devil Sold Me His Soul The Other Day. Not really a nice guy but a very useful guy.

Ji: Wise Chinese Mentor With Super Short Temper. Think Master Shifu but more done with the world.

Taedal: Gamer Pro. He doesn’t judge you on games, but for the love of god don’t ask him anything. He is a walking encyclopedia, he is going to drown you in facts, lore, and theories.

+Bonus Khadgar: Hoard Like A Dragon. He collects everything, really. And while wise beyond his years, he is down to every stupid idea. He comes up with the most of them.

PRIDE TAG BY @simsarchive

Thank you so much @simsarchive for tagging my queer ass this by far has been my favorite tag to do XD

Since I’m doing this tag I want to play mama bear for a second for anyone going to a pride parade this year


There are a lot of people at these parades it is easy to get hurt or injured. Also, especially for people in more conservative areas, expect anti queer rights protesters and try to steer clear of them. That is where a lot of fights tend to break out if there are any.


Lots of people, lots of warm bodies, and its hot as balls during the summer. Stay hydrated, drink lots of water, and for gods sake please put on sunscreen whether you are wearing body paint/glitter/whatever or not


Not everyone wants to wear bright colors glitter paint or parade around wearing flags and holding signs. Not everyone at pride parades are queer. THATS OKAY. Respect everyone however they come. Everyone is there to support the same cause. Live and let live, and have fun

Id like to tag @alienpncks @wyattssims @finniepanda @jhongg @edgemoodlet @paragon-polygon and @simseternity

Don’t Let the Phoenix Get You Down (Prompto x Reader)

Summary: You agree to join the boys on a hunt, but it doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Word Count: 6,817

A/N: Hey everyone! I’ve been completely obsessed with FFXV lately. I have over 100 hours logged on it and it’s just…amazing. I’m totally in love with the characters and everything so look forward to more FFXV fics after this one, I have a lot of ideas!!

A little note about the fic: I was thinking about how the potions and such the boys use are just normal energy drinks that Noctis infuses with his magic, so the idea came to me that a regular person (a hunter in this case) wouldn’t know they existed, so I decided to run with that. Hope you enjoy! :)

Also posted on my Ao3 account!

When the boys ask you if you want to come hunting with them, you don’t know how to react. It’s not the thought of fighting beasts– you, in fact, are a seasoned hunter yourself –but the thought of fighting side by side with them. It means they trust you. It means your friendship with them is something more than just meeting up for lunch every now and again or making small talk whenever they show up at Meldacio. This time, though, you’re in Leide, freshly finishing up hunting down a rather problematic couple of dualhorn. Apparently, the boys are about to hunt down a behemoth which, honestly, scares you a little bit. One of your good friends had been killed by one a while ago, and they still made your stomach churn. Regardless, you agree to help. You know they’ll probably need an extra hand.

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Okay but Chris (Evans) slurring his words when he's drunk?? Idk I feel like Chris is a smiley kind of drunk?? Like he goes all "'m in love with you" and all "y're so pretty" And ugghhh

  • alright this drunk chris is my favourite chris I just want to establish this 
  • he goes all fratboy!chris just playing all the drinking games he possibly can 
    • and he’s good at literally all of them
  • drunk chris is also when his Boston accent comes out and fuck if you haven’t seen that one video of him you’re missing out
  • drunk chris would also be a little (a lot) more clingy 
    • draping his giant body over yours
    • hiding his face in the crook of your neck 
    • licking your neck
  • he would be so much more impressed with like everyday tasks when he was drunk 
    • whoa you jus’ threw that cup inta’ the trash in one shot, dalin’,” as his eyes are just wide and he presses a bunch of kisses onto your face
  • at one point his arm would never leave your waist 
    • like he would go into the washroom with you 
    • peeing is so weird,” while he just teeters on his heels 
    • “yes it is, hon,” you chuckle before washing your hands
  • by the end of the night he would just be sitting on the couch with you, his head tilted to the side admiring you as he plays with your hair 
    • “y’r jus’ the love of m’life,” he’d mumble as you look at him the same way he’s looking at you before pressing a kiss to his nose, “you’re the love of my life too, Chris,” making him giggle and blush
  • and he would remember those words in the morning (’:
Drunk HC’s for the YYH Girls

(I was going through the tags of the other drunk headcanon post and someone has a need for this, so you’re welcome! Also, next time, please just ask!!)


- the competitive drunk

- starts the night saying she won’t get drunk

- “just one drink”

- but keep sliding drinks to her and she’ll come up with excuses to drink them

- literally everything becomes a competition; “Keiko do you want more hot wings?” “I CAN EAT MORE HOT WINGS THAN ALL OF YOU” “ok, no one doubts that….”


- claims she can’t get drunk on human alcohol

- is literally the first to get drunk every time

- takes a lot of selfies and records all the shenanigans

- is the one sliding drinks to Keiko


- doesn’t see the big deal about getting drunk

- cannot actually get drunk

- though not for a lack of trying from everyone else

- her tolerancy is just too high

- but she does enjoy frozen alcoholic beverages so no one can complain that she isn’t drinking with them


- Al K Hol is her friend

- knows all the best bars

- secretly enjoys stupid drinking games but won’t admit it because she’s “too mature”

- drunk karaoke, otherwise known as “in which everyone discovers Shizuru has a beautiful voice”



- drinks like a sailor

- can compete with Hiei and Chu

- master of drunken martial arts (sorry, I don’t remember the official name)

- bar fights

- not going back to prison

- “I used to be wild in my youth” “So this is mellow??”

- *flashback to her younger days, tearing up the dancefloor with Toguro*


Roughly a year ago I bought some novelty cocktail stirrers/swizzle sticks that had some pretty nice 1/6th scale drinks at the ends. And I was pretty happy with what I got despite getting multiples of the same drink. But I didn’t want to wait another month to get more/

Turns out there was a seller in Australia who also had these for sale and so I got these in a week.

Surprisingly I got no doubles in this specific lot (though I already had the purple, red, and cylinder shaped pink, as well as the jug) but I also got a lot more new glasses that had a stem on them which I massively prefer due to the fact that my dolls can actually hold these drinks instead of just sit them at a bar.

I have no idea what plastic this is made from but only my dremel could cut them off the stems so that’s something to keep in mind if you want your own miniature drinks…

Wanna one MTL to be jealous when you have guy friend

- Lai Guanlin
-Ong Seongwoo
-Bae Jinyoung
-Ha Sungwoon
-Hwang Minhyun
-Park Woojin
-Lee Daehwi
-Park Jihoon
-Kim Jaehwan
-Yoon Jisung

Lai Guanlin, Ong Seongwoo & Bae Jinyoung
I see them little more jealous than others. Guanlin and Seongwoo are sassy princes and that you have guy friend piss them off. If you go out with your guy friend for drink or something like that would really hurt their ego. They would grumble for week about that and want to you end this friendship and shoot him away. They also hate when you try to hide something, and every time they would torture you until you tell them everything.

Daniel, Sungwoon and Minhyun - firstly they don’t mind if yoy have guy friend, but if you spend a lot of time with him or they see in social media your picture with him (close to you, hug you, etc.) they would shoot him away from you.

Park Woojin, Lee Daehwi, Park Jihoon and Jisung know that is possible to have friendship between man and woman, so they don’t mind. But if the guy start treat you sexually they would talk with him and end your friendship.

Hello everyone! 🐼 I make reactions, mtl and fake chats for Wanna one, I write everything, so feel free to request!

Fine Frenzy - Chapter 6

Fine Frenzy Masterlist
Warnings: Smut & everything that goes with it

Most of the seventh years – and some of the sixth – spent their morning in the dimly lit dormitories, suffering with severe headache and angry stomach. Marlene skipped breakfast and only had some bites at lunch before she went for a walk alone around the castle; the weather was cloudy and the cool wind made her head feel much clearer.

At least from the physical pain, because nothing made her feelings just go away. After an hour of wandering, she sat down under a tree, staring the waving Black Lake. Unfortunately, or fortunately – she couldn’t decide yet – she remembered everything from last night, and now she was sure about her feelings, but couldn’t understand how she could be so stupid to fell for Sirius Black.

Ever since she woke up, she tried to find a solution, to forget him, to move on, to ignore these emotions or erase them somehow, but she knew it isn’t work like this, once she was already in love. They were friends, after all, not to mention their arrangement, which was probably the main reason for all of this.

And what was his behaviour yesterday anyway? Sure, he only wanted to fuck me and when I said no, he sent me away… but he wanted me to stay before…

Her head started to ache again from the many thoughts that churned inside her mind; she started to massage her temple with closed eyes when a low voice above her spoke up. “I hope you’re going to learn something for hangover on your Healer Training.”

Marlene raised her head whilst Sirius plopped down next to her with a growl, resting his back against the tree. “Me too.” – She replied before her lips hovered into a smug smile. – “Nice face.”

His skin turned into a darker shade of purple from yesterday. She just moved her right hand a bit when Sirius quickly grabbed it. “If you start poking it again I’ll tie your wrists together.”

“Kinky.” – She said, causing him to let out a low chuckle. – “But I was just reaching for my wand.”

His hand left hers and Marlene murmured a spell which healed Sirius’ swollen skin immediately. He carefully pressed his fingertips against it, surprised he didn’t feel any pain anymore. “You’re really good at this.”

“Thanks. I learn that spell after you left like a hundred hickey on me.”

They laughed again, just softly from the hangover-pain, but fell in silence for long minutes then. Sirius spoke up first. “It feels strange, leaving Hogwarts.”

“Yes. Well, you are going to live with the boys, right? At least you’ll stay together.”

Sirius couldn’t ignore the slight bitterness in Marlene’s voice. “And you’ll with Lily, won’t you?”

She sighed and looked down. “I have to convince my parents first. Don’t laugh, they’re really worry about me!” – She added, seeing they boy’s grinning face.

“I’m not! I just don’t think you’re the type who let her parents say what you can do and what you can’t.”

She looked at him with a serious expression on her face and turned her voice down. “They never said I can’t move and live alone with my friends. They just said they’d be happier if I’d stay for a few years and I know how much they scared for me. You can’t blame them though, knowing what’s happening out there.”

They remained quiet again. All of them agreed on they want to participate in the upcoming war against the dark witches and wizards, but none of them ever talked about their fears; it was easier like this. They were all full of hopes and being sure they will get through everything.

“So, what will happen to us now?”

Marlene froze after Sirius’ question. Maybe he feels more too? “What do you mean?”

“Well, you know. Should we continue this friends with benefits thing or…?” – Please say no. No, say yes. Please. Please.

“Why not?” – Marlene shrugged with a faked smile, trying to hide any other emotions from her face. She didn’t wanted to say yes – she knew it will only getting worse, but she couldn’t say no either. He’d ask why, and what she would say then?

Sirius smirked. “Then I suggest you to convince your parents soon. I wouldn’t feel myself comfortable in your bed while Mr and Mrs McKinnon try to sleep in the next room.”

“Good idea.” – She answered. – “My dad almost cursed my first boyfriend after he sneaked up into my room and he found him in the morning.”

She laughed loudly at Sirius’ scared face, who couldn’t decide if Marlene were joking or not.

One month passed after they left Hogwarts. Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter lived together from the start, but Marlene only just moved into a small apartment with Lily, after she could finally convince her parents there are no need to worry. They set a bunch of protective spells around the house – where only wizards and witches lived.

In the past weeks Marlene haven’t met with Sirius. She decided the best solution for her problem would be if she will stay distant, and it worked out quite good. She always came up with believable lies about why she can’t go to meet with him again, and somehow, he never really tried to force these meetings.

Meanwhile Sirius was torn between his thoughts and feelings. He couldn’t decide if he was in love with Marlene or not, but tried to convince himself it was just some kind of attachment, because he was liked her long before they started to having sex. It’ll pass away soon, he told himself many times.

The day when Marlene moved in was also the day when they got the letters about their N.E.W.T. results. She couldn’t even try to hide her screams – neither Lily – after she found out she got Exceed Expectations and Outstanding from everything. That meant she could start the Healer Training in September.

“Marly, get dressed, we must celebrate this!” – Lily gushed after she stood up from a box. The house was still almost completely empty, except a couch, a small table and a lots of boxes. – “We found a shitty but cheap bar on the other weekend with the boys. It’s called the Broken Wand.”

“That sounds awful.” – Marlene laughed. – “Okay, send a message to the boys so we can meet them.” – She saw as Lily’s silvery doe vanished from the room before both of them disappeared behind their room’s door.

Marlene was so overly excited and happy after her results she completely forget about her worries for Sirius. They met with James and Remus in front the small pub at seven pm; they said Sirius and Peter will be there soon, so they walked inside and had they first, and quickly their second drink as well.

Soon she stood up from their table and walked to the bar counter where she sat down, waiting for her next firewhisky, when a tall and handsome guy appeared next to her. “Since when beautiful witches come to this place?”

She rolled her eyes before turned her head to face him. “Since I moved to London, I guess.”

He laughed. “Sorry, that was lame. You’re just really pretty. I’m David.”

“Thank you.” – She smiled. – “Marlene.”

“Can I invite you for a drink, Marlene?”

She accepted the offer and kept talking with him, but just a couple minutes passed when Sirius appeared behind them. Marlene suddenly became so happy to see him she jumped and gave him a short but tight hug. “I started to think you lost somewhere.”

David stood up too. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were waiting for someone.” – He said with a confused face.

Marlene opened her mouth to answer, but Sirius cut her off before she could even say anything. “Well, she was. It was nice to meet you.” – He already spun around to face with Marlene, while David walked away without a word.

“That wasn’t really nice.”

His face remained straight. “Oh, yeah? I thought we had some rules, Marls.”

She narrowed her eyes. “We haven’t said anything about flirting. And I’m not yours, Sirius.”

He raised his eyebrows. I’d really like to hear you saying that again.”

Oh, you want to play a game? She stepped so close there were only an inch between their faces. She looked into his eyes without blinking. “I’m not yours.”

Sirius started to smile and put his hand on her waist, slowly pulling her closer so their bodies touched, whispering into her ear. “I think you need a reminder.”

Marlene bit her lip in the attempt to keep her face straight. “You think?”

“Yes.” – He said with voice still low before pulled back just slightly to look at her. – “I’m going to show you that you’re mine.”

“Good luck.” – She said finally, snatching her glass from the counter and leaving Sirius there with a grin.

They spent another two hours in the bar, celebrating, drinking, talking, and laughing a lot. Marlene and Sirius exchanged so many tiny glances it just made both of them more nervous; will something finally happen?

Of course, she also told herself it isn’t a good idea. She promised herself she’ll stay distant, but it wasn’t easy at all. Maybe the next time, I’ll say no.

They just came back from the loo with Lily, who literally fell in James’ lap, while Marlene wrapped his arms around Sirius’ neck from behind and talked lowly into his ear. “I think you wanted to show me something.”

He looked up at her smugly before stood up, quickly said a goodnight to their friends and left the bar. Marlene grabbed Sirius’ hand and apparated in front of her apartment. They hurried up in the stairs without saying anything. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, after all.

But in the next moment they were already in Marlene’s empty room where only a mattress lied, but Sirius hadn’t pay much attention to their surroundings. He pushed her against the closed door and pinned her hands above her head. He looked at her for a long moment before said anything. “You’re going to say it.”

“I won’t.” – She replied firmly, but the words barely left her lips when Sirius was already kissing her, with so much passion she started to doubt her previous statement. After he let her wrists, he ran her hands up on down on her everywhere he could reach, leaving goosebumps on every inch of her body. She only had a light dress on that Sirius easily took off of her.

“Turn around.” – He put his palm on her shoulder and ran it through on her bare back before slowly drew her knickers off as well. She heard the sound as he was unbuckling his belt which made her leg shake with anticipation. It’s been so damn long…

But he only teased her already wet curls with his tip. “Say it, Marls. Say that you’re mine.”

“No.” – She said, but her voice wasn’t to strong anymore.

Sirius pulled back which almost made Marlene whining, but she shut her mouth and bit her lip. He wrapped an arm around her and slowly and gently started to slip two fingers between her folds, back and forth, pressing wet kisses on her neck.

She tried hard to choke back her moans, but that was never her strength. She let out a quiet whimper, and even though she couldn’t see Sirius’ face, she was sure he started to smile in satisfaction. He was drawing soft and small circles and shoved two digits inside her, roughly as he knew how she liked it. His fast pace pushed her over to the edge soon, but when he realized how close she saw, she pulled out his fingers and stepped back.

Marlene spun around. “Are you kidding me?”

“Say it.” – Sirius said with a grin.

“Eat me!” – She replied angrily.

Sirius shrugged. “That not what I was talking about, but okay.” – He pushed her down on the mattress and took off his own clothes before lied in top of her. Sirius started to kiss her again, and her fury flew away quickly as he left soft kisses all over her body; on her breasts and belly and the top of her inner legs until his head stopped between her thighs, his tongue exploring every sweet inch of her.

She tugged on his dark locks, but still didn’t want to completely give in when Sirius spoke up again. “Say it, doll.”

“Shut up.” – Was her only answer, because she couldn’t say ‘No’ anymore. He continued pleasure her, but again, when he felt she was dangerously close, he stopped and lied on top of her.

“Sirius!” – She yelled, only making him grin again, though he started to lose his mind too. Marlene wrapped her legs around his face, trying to thrust herself against him, but he held her hips steady. He just kept looking into her eyes, and she completely lost it. – “I’m yours.” – She whispered. – “I’m all yours, Sirius.” – She repeated louder. I want to be yours.

His grin changed into a softer smile as he leaned down, talking lowly in her ear again. “You are.”

Sirius started to kiss her slowly again, but Marlene didn’t mind it; suddenly, she didn’t want to rush anymore. She just wanted to enjoy his lips on her owns, his skin on hers, his gentle yet firm touch. No matter how much she tried to not pay attention to it, she couldn’t ignore the feelings; the little sparkles, the burning skin, her rapid heart beat which wasn’t only fast from the desire for him. She couldn’t even try to lie herself; it was more, and she didn’t want to protest, she wanted to give up and let all of her feelings overwhelm her. She wanted to give herself to him completely.

She involuntarily bucked up her hips, so he pushed himself inside her with a growl, finally, making Marlene moan in satisfaction and from the pleasure as well. He kept moving in and out and kissing her from time to time, and he wasn’t thinking, he let himself fly, too.

But it was all over soon and Sirius collapsed on top of her for a long minute while both of them tried to catch their breaths, heads still so full they felt empty. He rolled off and Marlene turned on her belly, burying her face into her pillow and let out a slow but heavy sigh.

Minutes of deep silence later she heard as Sirius stood up. “I should go now.”

“What? No, you can stay.” – She mumbled into her pillow.

“No, I have to wake up early tomorrow… it’s better if I go now.” – He said while he took on his clothes.

“Whatever.” – Marlene replied, still not moving, swallowing back the urge to argue with him. She felt as Sirius carefully put a blanket over her.


Soon she heard as the front door closed, and she let out another deep breath. Even though her voice was nonchalant when she was talking to him, her insides were roaring. Would it have been so hard to stay here? Just sleep in the same bed with her?

Sure, I almost forget I’m just his toy. Why would he want to stay? He got what he want and left. That’s simple. Only I was so stupid who hoped for more.

She was equally furious at herself and Sirius too. She angrily kicked the blanket off of herself and stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door after herself. Snatching the glass from the sink she threw it into the mirror; both of them broke into million pieces. Marlene watched the glistening bits for a long minute, breathing hard without noticing before she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was even surprised at herself she didn’t cry from the anger.

After a long shower, she grabbed her wand from her room and cleaned up the mess she made. She returned to her bed then, calmer, but no dream came to her that night.

anonymous asked:

How do you handle having social anxiety and being a waitress?

I don’t, honestly.

Lol but really it seems like the worst combination ever but tbh it helps a lot to teach you how to communicate with people. The thing is, it’s your job to talk to them and ask what they want to drink and all that so it makes t less awkward. When you’re talking with people and trying to make friends, it could be a lot more awkward and forced but when it’s literally your job, it’s not as awkward. Idk how to explain it but ya. A lot of it is also repetitive. Like “hi how’s it going, are you ready to order, how’s everything tasting, are you ready for the bill, thanks have a nice night”. It’s the same few sentences over and over. Once you get a bit more comfortable you can add in some more like maybe ask about their plans for the weekend or engage in light conversation. But no pressure if you’re too scared.

There have definitely been a lot of awkward moments I mean I’m an awkward girl lol. I’ve done some realllyyyyy embarrassing stuff. And I literally wanted to just crawl in a hole and die. But the thing is, you’ll probably never see half these people again. And if you do, they probably won’t even remember. I mean honestly, when a server says something a little awkward, do you keep thinking about it and remember exactly what they said and think about how awkward they are? No.

So yeah it’s a little scary but a lot of it is script and if you can get that script down, you’re good to go. If you want to leave your comfort zone, awkward stuff might happen but you also might have a really great convo and be super proud of yourself! Usually I’m so busy I don’t focus on the little awkward things anyway lmao I have 26 things I need to grab for 20 different tables so yeah my mind is kinda full, no room to think about that shit.

ID #88536

Name: Justina
Age: 18
Country: Lithuania

Hi, my name’s Justina, I live in a small country, but planning on going to lots of places.
I like simple things, I enjoy drinking coffee and going out to jazz nights in cafes. I love painting, art in general, it’s what i’ve been doing my whole life. I like to grow flowers and paint them. I also love to read, german authors catch my heart the most: E.M. Remarque, Herman Hesse, J.V. Goethe etc.
Well, everything’s simple, if you want to know more about me i’d be glad to share, i’d also be glad to know more about you too.

Preferences: Not looking for anything in particular, just someone as simple as me, talk about anything. I do prefer only snail mail, since i like the idea, and someone around my age maybe

magatronix  asked:

This isn't related at all to SNK but do you have any tips on studying or memorizing things? I'm scared I'm about to fail my grade because of all this stress in my family and personal life and I'm emotionally not okay right now and grades aren't helping but I really don't want to fail but at the same time I really don't care if I fail and honestly life is confusing. So.... tips on studying..?

What always helps me are schedules. Like set times for you to learn and then LEARN! Set them when you feel most able to. Also: When you feel like you can’t get anything more into your head: Stop! Take breaks! Drink lots and lots, like LOTS! Also make yourself as comfortable as possible, to make learning a nice experience. Often writing stuff that’s important down can help memorize them better as well. For some people it helps better to read them out loud and maybe record them, so they can listen to the things again and again. Also try to let your feelings out about the family thing. Don’t repress them, because first that’s not good anyway and second it will keep your mind occupied and stop you from learning. Maybe a diary can help there, or a therapist. could also help there, it’s a site where you can talk to people about your problems specifically. I hope your situation calms down soon and you can learn better. But also remember: Your grades don’t determine your worth or intellect! You’re a clever bean anyway!