also i used to use a nice color


‘‘I don’t think you’re going to last ten minutes in this tournament. He disagrees. He thinks you won’t last five…’’

– ‘’I don’t give a damn what your father thinks, Malfoy. He’s vile and cruel. And you’re just pathetic.’’

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may i ask how your drawings look watercolor like ?? is it a special brush you are using ? love your art btw !! keep it up ^o^

i mainly used this brush for the coloring

i got most of my brushes from devianart!! n just did go randmon with the settings  really ´ V `;;

  • for the water color effect just add a new layer above your base (clipping + FRINGE!!!) and there you go  = W =
  • for some nice effects you can also add an overlay layer (or some textures) 

Kiss Art Challenge
MikaYuu 2  (kiss on the nose)
Requested by butterfliesturndtodust
Hope you like it♡ thanks for requesting! uvu


ok but have u considered: ace bfs kakyoin & jotaro


Here are the color charts from the Ed Edd n Eddy Style Guide. These are the official recommended colors for creating merchandise for the series. I’ve also included some of the color model sheets used in the production of EEnE because oddly enough, there are minor differences between the two sets. Its safe to say that the EEnE Style Guide doesn’t reflect the exact colors used in the series (I also cross referenced the Style Guide color sheets with cels in my collection from around the same time the Style Guide was published). However these are still pretty interesting and serve as a decent general guideline for artistic reference.
The Style Guide also included a really nice supplementary color palette to complement the series clip art as well as a muted color palette for the Eds.

If you’re curious what the color codes are, they’re Pantone color numbers (basically a way of indexing color in profesional design similar to the way hex is used for computer graphics). I’m not entirely sure what color system the codes on the model sheets are but my best guess is that they’re how Yeson labels their paints.

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hey mod, is there any particular thing you do to keep your hair healthy (or at least not falling apart) after so many bleach/dyes? I want to make my hair a weird color but I'm nervous about the maintenance part. :0 also, your art is wonderful and so are you!

Well for a start I use Manic Panic which is a henna-based dye, which is super nice to your hair and you can leave it on for hours! I leave mine on for like, five hours, because it makes it last much longer (also I am crazy). I also let my hair dry naturally, I basically never use a hair dryer or straighteners, and be generous with the conditioner- especially for the first few weeks after bleaching. Basically, be as nice to your hair as possible and leave it alone when you can :”D Thanks for the kind words buddy I will try my best to keep improving!

So I made a quick Moleskine icon. If you want a different color, or for me to change it to grid or ruled, just let me know!

My only condition is that you don’t claim this as your own! A follow/like/reblog would be nice, but feel free to use this as your icon. Although, if you do use this in an edit/printable/anything like that, please credit me!

(Also, yes, it’s a png with a blank background. Tumblr just adds a white background to the photo.)

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Hi there! I was just wondering what pens you used in Sai (I presume?) for that Kecleon and Sealeo art? Thanks a lot, it looks really good!

These are the two brushes i used for that art piece, n my other “christmas-ified” requests too, altho i use both of these brushes frequently for most of my art works along with two more. The crayon brush was for lineart n coloring, meanwhile with the water color one i added the nice effects n textures to it~ Tho the water color brush is also suited for shading and blending colors, which it does very well i might add!! Also the crayon one has a weird brush setting that i downloaded a year ago n haven’t found since, but the option “Fuzzy static” works just as well, and it’s part of sai by default, it gives the same effect almost!!

Also here’s my other two brushes that i use just because~

These are all the brushes that i use for when i work in sai, mostly, unless i’m experimenting n stuff, hehe!!

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Hi I'm Sylvia and I wanted to ask what art program you use also I really really really LOVE LOVE your comics they give me smile every time I read them Keep up the good work! !

Thanks for these nice words!

All my comics are done with Medibang Paint, a free program which has many features dedicated for comic making and illustration, it has several versions for different platform like PCs (both Windows and Mac) and iPad.

There is another program I am trying to use - Krita. Krita is another free program which contains a sHIT TONS of brushes and some other cool features, to me personally it is really useful for coloring.

Hope these information can help you!


[Old artwork from several months ago.]

I wanted to bring in another OC, Cerys.

She’s 22 years old and she can a bit strict regarding rules and authority. She’s also good at reading body gestures and emotions, which Rein hates a lot, but she sees right though him anyway lmao. Cerys has been sheltered most of her life and always had a clear distinction of what she could and couldn’t do, but with every experience she encounters and everyone she meets, she becomes more open-minded. It wasn’t until she was assign to work with Rein and was exposed to his unpredictable and unconventional work attitude and brash personality that she begins to unwind. Her and Rein are not actually in an official relationship, but they do rely on each other a lot to keep one another balanced.

Blackberry Faery Milk

This is a recipe my nan always used to make* if i was sick, and i think its perfect for any faekin,  pixiekin, or other woodland-type kin with a sweet tooth.

*also my grandma doesn’t believe in measuring cups, so the measurements are inexact and might need adjusting for taste

2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon yogurt (plain or vanilla is best but if you wanna experiment gofor it)
½ a cup of half and half cream
¾ cup of milk (My nan used whole milk, but that makes it just a little too rich, so i use 2% or skim)
1/8 a cup of Blackberries (i’ve used other berries and they wrok just as well - blackberries make a nice lavender color, blueberries come out periwinkle, and raspberries are a gorgeous shade of pale pink - have fun with it!)

Combine everything except the yogurt and berries and either heat on a stovetop to a low boil and then IMMEDIATELY take it of the heat, or just put it in the microwave for a minute (The saucepan feels more authentic, but I’m lazy so i use the microwave-i cant detect a taste difference, honestly).

Add the yogurt and stir, then put in the microwave for 20-45 minutes. This is where you really have to WATCH. if you add the fruit before its cool, it’ll get a really sharp, almost metallic taste. if you wait to long, the color won’t take, even thought it’ll taste about the same. You want it just a little cooler than room temperature.

Last, add the berries and stir. If the berries are fresh, you might need to smash them up a little with the spoon


(Pssst. Protip: I’m actually space-kin, and if you use more blackberries (like ½ cup) it comes out this gorgeous deep space violet)

(Psst. Protip 2: You can use jam instead of fresh berries - just halve the amount of honey (or not i guess, if you really want type 2 diabetes) and make sure you use plain yogurt, not vanilla)

a tip to artists who aren’t comfortable not using lineart:

i feel you. i prefer using lineart as well, and I know how frustrating it can be to make your art look really nice sometimes while using lines, so I do have a really helpful tip I learned! color your lines. add gradients to your lines and make them shaded. i never use black lineart because personally i feel like it makes my art look flat—when i color my lines, everything pops out and becomes much more pleasing to the eye.

to me it just makes everything look softer and prettier. i know this doesnt work for all artists and you may not like it, but if you’re struggling to make your art pop, use colored lines instead of black lineart!