also i use that lip balm clearly we are meant to be

Strictly Professional - Chapter 7

The first Sansa POV chapter in this fic.

Last Week

Sansa tore open the discreetly packaged box with a grin on her face as she began pulling out the latest products that Rose Petal Adult Toys had sent. To her surprise, the first item she held in her hand was a male toy. She’d only let Claudia know about Jon’s willingness to review about two days ago and wasn’t expecting him to receive product so soon. Sansa frowned as she read the packaging of the fleshlight and gaped at the obscene product photo on the box before promptly barking out a loud laugh.

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on yuuri and viktor's love for each other (yoi ep 5 analysis)

so! this is going to be my first meta for yuri!!! on ice, which has easily won my heart from the first episode. i have to say, i’d been hesitant to watch it but i was sold immediately after reading this post. i also have to admit that i shipped viktuuri from as early as 5min into the first episode… but anyway, this post will basically be examining their relationship as of episode 5 (as well as some other stuff). i just had too many feels for this one.

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