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So everyone who donated to the IRC fundraiser was amazing, but I had one donor where I actually had to email them and be like “Did you…mean this amount?” and I thought I’d do a little something extra for them. So for @s2ma, a bit longer even than the “this is well over 100 words” fics I did: 

any Tony/Steve with Tony being a responsible human and taking care of Steve would be welcome

The moment it happened was straight out of the climax of an action flick. Not that Tony had never had “this is a bad buddy film from the eighties” moments before, but the craftsmanship of that spontaneous moment was truly admirable. 

In the wake of Hydra’s fall, a lot of technology had gone missing and a couple of splinter groups had gone rogue; there were the Sons of Schmidt, the Nine Heads, the Hydra Skulls. The FBI handled most of the in-country Hydra cells, and some shadowy agency or other, probably at the behest of Coulson from a shadowy bunker somewhere, handled the international ones. Most weren’t worth the Avengers rolling out of bed for. 

Spydra was different, aside from having a super dumb name, Tony thought. Spydra had been formed primarily out of one of Hydra’s more far-flung heads, the one that dealt with scrubbing their presence from records, repainting Hydra agents as eager soldiers and law officers, and gathering blackmail material. They’d spent most of their blackmail capital squeaking past Steve’s hurricane of fury in the wake of the battle over the Potomac. Now they were trying to bill themselves as a guerrilla band of freedom fighters, stomped down on by SHIELD and Captain America, victims of a new liberal form of fascism. 

But they were also really clever, and they knew how to strike.

(There is a readmore below! Read more!)

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rosefyrefyre  asked:

Tony has to stay awake for a very long time for some reason, and when he finally is allowed to rest, he physically can't, so the rest of the Avengers (but especially Steve) take care of him until he can.

With two hours to deadline, Tony finally managed to unsnag the last line of code and send it through. A new smart AI bot, one designed for searching and detonating IEDs so soldiers wouldn’t have to, whirred to life and aimed its tiny periscope cam at him inquisitively, awaiting input. The right mix of AI–not so sophisticated that army programmers could turn it into an offensive weapon, but not so improbably slow that it failed to do its job. Three iterations ago it’d tried to bring the dummy bomb to Tony, and that was clearly a no go, so he’d started the code from the bottom up and programmed until the edges of his vision went blurry. It needed testing. Testing.

“Find,” Tony grunted and the bot happily rolled off to the mock test range. “Not perfect,” Tony murmured, slumping down against the table to watch. “Just functional. Just need you to do your job. Can tweak later.” It’s little treads bumbled across sand and rocks, grinding a little in a way that, just for a moment, sent Tony back five years in time. His fingers clenched compulsively at the table before he forced himself to let go.

In the sandbox, the little bot scanned back and forth with infrared and ground-penetrating sonar and blessedly, beautifully, it located the payload. The shovel arm activated and started digging. Tony nearly wept.

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The Invite.

Titled: ‘The Invite’ 

Pairing: (eventual) Gaston x reader

Word Count: 1,253 

A/N: This is Part One to a three part mini series I’m writing! This is basically my retake of Cinderella with you and Gaston!

Warnings: prince!Gaston, Gaston/Luke Evans feels, slight angst, a sprinkle of fluff here and there. 

Cast of Characters: Y/N, Stepmother, Celeste (your stepsister), Bianca (your other stepsister), Gaston, and Lefou. 

Tagging:  @girl-next-door-writes  @captainemwinchester @little-red-83@impalaimagining@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt@hobbithorse19@feelmyroarrrr@lefouismylife@redimagines@letowolfie@ciaprincess@speedycatbluebird @haniiix33 @mademoiselle-lanielenawrit@pancake74433 @certainasthesvn@with-a-hint-of-pesto-aiolishiroyuki18@ironicallyimnotamouse@ciaprincess@erreneous@gawston@benedictcumberbatchstolemyheart@pureawesomeness001@ronijdubb@norrihiddleskittycap@oh-snap-its-mildred @milleniumxhan  bobateaandchocolatepudding @blackxthexbeast  laughsandlivia  larae-45  juggernaut-jones

Once upon a time, in the hidden heart of France was a kingdom that was ruled by its bachelor prince, Gaston. He was the undeniable heir after both of his parents died, and for years he has been looking for the one he would call his queen, but to no avail. His valet, Monsieur Lefou suggested that he have a ball, and invite every single woman from the village. Gaston figured it wasn’t a terrible idea, so he went through with it. He ordered that an invitation be written to every single woman in the town. 

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A Wondrous Adventure (1/4)
  • OUaT/Captain Swan
  • 7000 words
  • Swearing and implied sex
  • AO3 Link

Author’s Note: This is my attempt to make 6b what I wanted it to be – a celebration of my favorite in-show couple – leading up to the wedding – and to fix a few other things along the way. The divergence begins in “Murder Most Foul”, where there was no snooping, no ring-finding, and no Killian killing Charming’s father in a meaningless and out of character encounter. There was a fight; however, it was about something altogether different.

This chapter follows most of “A Wondrous Place,” with additions and changes. Thank you @ripplestitchskein for the speedy and excellent beta!

It was a stupid fight to begin with. The enormity of her mistake hit Emma as soon as the door closed behind Killian. The house lights flickered with the surge of emotion. Minutes passed while she fought herself. When the danger had passed, she stood for another moment leaning against the door, shaking.

“Son of a bitch.”

Emma pushed herself upright, grabbed her coat from the hook and went after him. Damp and bitter cold struck her, and the snow fell thickly. She could already barely see his footprints on the sidewalk, but Emma didn’t have to be a good tracker to know where Killian would have gone. She set out after him at a near-run.

By the time Emma caught up they were at the waterfront, and she was half-soaked from slipping in the snow and falling on her ass.

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Falling Stars (4)

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Pairing: Slight Lindir x reader and Fili x reader in here. Send me your requests!
Word count: 2404 (lmao its so long im sorry)                                                Summary; You just wanted a normal day for once but turns out you just can’t and end falling into middle earth and accompanying Thorin’s epic quest         Warnings: Swearing, oblivious!modern!reader                                                   A/N: Hey guys I promise this chapter is actually good unlike the last one lmao. Also there’s a little lindir x reader in here so be warned haha.

—-> (1) (2) (3)


Everything hurt, and when you said everything you meant everything. Even your arms hurt and you were given the lightest pack!

You wished the ponies hadn’t run away… Or you know, eaten.

It wasn’t your fault you had stumbled upon the trolls when you went to pee, they just sort of popped outta nowhere carrying away the company’s ponies. Your brain couldn’t even process what you saw and to top it all off after Kíli, Fíli, and Bilbo found you hiding near a fallen log, the princes forced you an Bilbo to go check them out. Some friends they were!

The trolls were probably the most ugly things you had the pleasure of gazing upon and you certainly did not want tocheck them out’ as Fíli put it. You weren’t a warrior or Bilbo’s size and so once the two of you stealthily padded over to where your captured ponies where, the one sharpening a knife, William, had spotted you.

Bilbo of course-that lucky bastard, escaped once Tom, the one with the cold, snatched you up by the ankle.

You really hated your life right then.

Though, just as the trolls decided to make you into a pie, your heroes, beards and all, came to your rescue. Yet, as brave as they were it didn’t go as planned and poor Bilbo almost had his limbs ripped off. And so, you were all shoved into burlap sacks while some of the dwarves were strapped onto a spit. You were included in that bunch lucky enough to roast on the fire and strapped on under Bofur’s stinky feet and above Dwalin’s tattooed head. You made sure your feet dug into his back each time he complained about your own smelly feet or how the fire singed his skin.

But, as always, Gandalf came to the rescue just as the sun rose and cracked the giant stone. Just like in Narnia! Anyways….

Now you had no ponies, and that meant you could feel the full wrath of your Converse shoes plus thin socks. Helllooooo blisters!

At first you didn’t think it was such a terrible idea to walk the rest of the way, like, Erebor couldn’t be that far away right? Also, the weather wasn’t terrible and although you hated walking, it was better than getting sore muscles from ridding a pony all day.

Boy, were you wrong.

The first bad thing to happen besides the trolls of course, was the strange other wizard with bird shit in his hair and screamed about evil and spiders and shit. The only good thing that came out of the chance encounter with Radagast the Brown was that Fíli and Kíli had the balls to actually apologize to you for forcing you to meet with the trolls. You gave them each a good punch to the stomach, not that it hurt them in anyway at all…Really, it hurt you instead to the point of your knuckles bruising.

Damn those dwarves! At least they gave you kisses upon your injured fist and a group hug that left you gasping for breath when they squeezed too hard.

At first you thought nothing about the howls that echoed around the forest but after a wolf, which most definitely was not a wolf, nearly killed poor Bofur, but your Hulk with tattoos whacked it over its head with his intimidating axe before it could do any harm.

And now you were running. That’s right, running while the Company and you bolted across the land covered in yellow grass to God knows where.

It was no secret that you weren’t the most athletic human being to ever live, but sometimes a girl gotta lift some weights every now and then. So in no way you were considered weak(at least for human standards) but running! You despised running.

Goddamnit, I knew I should of used the treadmill, you thought gloomily.

“(y/n)! Keep up!” Thorin barked, yanking you from your horrid thoughts of impeding doom.

“I could if I didn’t have short fuckin’ legs.” You hissed under your breath while picking up your pace.

You legs burned but the thought of being consumed by an angry pack of oversized dogs and strange mutated goblin things kept you going. That is, until you were surrounded by the snarling beasts.

Oh, what have you gotten yourself into?

“(y/n)!” Thorin shouted, snatching your arm to pull you out of the way as one of the wargs charged.

His blade easily sliced through its pelt and you winced as the beast fell. You sure hoped you’d never be on the receiving end of his blade…

“Stay behind me,” Thorin ordered, glancing behind his shoulder. “I intend to keep you alive.”

“Great.” You breathed, glancing behind you to see if there was another escape rout. There wasn’t anything but rock behind you. Or so you thought.

“This way, you fools!” The sudden voice of Gandalf ordered, his pointy hat popping out from the rock.

You didn’t hesitate in throwing yourself into the alcove of rock, desperate to escape the threat of a having your face ripped off. Try explaining that to your mother once you returned home.

The rest of the dwarves and Bilbo barreled in after you, some of them landing right on top of you. Namely Bombur.

For some reason the idea of getting squashed by a massive dwarf was better than being eaten in your mind. Maybe it was because Bombur gave you food. Yeah, that was it.

Anyhow, with a devious smirk from Gandalf and moody grumbles from the dwarves, you all piled into the narrow passageway that smelled like wet rock and moss. You tried you best not to trip over the stones that jutted out on the path, but it happened every so often anyways. Thankfully Fíli caught you each time.

“Careful, lass.” He chuckled, blue eyes twinkling. “Wouldn’t want ya to hurt yourself.”

“I’m surprised I haven’t yet.” You laughed. “Knowing my luck I’ll probably be sliced into pieces soon, or thrown off a cliff, or maybe eaten…”

You missed the flash of worry present on Fíli’s face, too occupied with trying to maneuver safely out of the crevice, or as you deemed it, a secret passage. You for one wanted to get out of the small space as quickly as possible.

And as if someone answered your prayers, the passage opened up to probably the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. You let out a gasp and wandered to the edge of the small cliff that led into the valley.

“The Valley of Imladris,” Gandalf spoke. “In the common tongue it is known by another name. Here lies the last Homely House East of the sea.”  

It was gorgeous and magical all at once from what you saw, with it’s ornate buildings built upon the various rivers and cascading falls. Already you could feel the spray of the waterfalls from up on the ledge, a bubble of excitement building inside you.

The rest of the dwarves seemed to be as mystified as you were but after a few angry words from Thorin in that harsh language of theirs, they were snapped out of the spell. You, not really giving two shits about what Thorin said, happily trotted along with Gandalf who led the line of dwarves down the pass and onto the beautifully carved bridges.

“Gandalf?” You said dreamily.

“Yes, dear one?”

“What is this place?”

“It is called Rivendell in the common tongue. The elves call it Imladris.” The wizard answered with a smile.


Your second question was left unanswered as you crossed a final bridge and into a courtyard. Trees with shimmering green and golden leaves swayed around the circular area, the rushing river hugging the left side of it. You spun around and breathed in the sharp mountain air as it rustled your hair, the scent of lilacs lingering as an after taste. If magic had a smell this would be it.

Just as you did another spin to memorize the scenery, a man with long brown hair with a silver diadem placed upon his brow, gracefully descended down the steps towards the Company. He wore a purple robe, but as he got closer you realized the cloth wasn’t just purple; t was black and silver and gold, and the deepest shade of something similar to purple that you could not name. It truly was magic.

In your confusion to name the color of the mystery man’s robe, you also took note of his not-so-human like ears. They were pointy. When Gandalf mentioned elves your mind took the courtesy of imagining little tiny people with brightly colored clothes with golden bells and pointed shoes, not drop-dead gorgeous men with long flowing locks.

“Mithrandir.” The elf called.

“Ah! Lindir!” Gandalf greeted, placing his hand on his heart, the elf doing the same.

The rest of the conversation went right over your head as the two fell into some other kind of language you couldn’t hope to comprehend. It sounded nice though. Much more gentle and smooth compared to what the dwarves spoke, like comparing water to rock.

At least while they spoke you could dreamily stare at ‘Lindir’, as Gandalf called him. Unfortunately it didn’t last long since the sudden sound of a horn being blown echoed around the valley. An iron fist wrenched you away from Galdalf’s side and threw you into the center of a smelly dwarf circle along with Bilbo. The dwarves all bared their weapons as at least 50 horses surrounded them, towering over the party.

They were all so pretty even if the carried swords and spears.

You were too lost in your thoughts and overwhelmed by Rivendell and its inhabitants to notice that the Lord of Rivendell had welcomed you with open arms. Too overwhelmed it seemed that even as the company followed Lord Elrond up the stairs, you didn’t even notice.

“Excuse me, my lady.” A soft voice spoke as you leaned over the edge of the courtyard to peek at the running river.

You whipped around, you fascination now fixed on a certain elf who stood before you. He was even more impressive up close and seeing his near perfect self you realized you probably looked like utter shit. Dirt covered your clothes and shoes and you probably had mud streaked across your forehead along with a couple of bleeding scratches you hadn’t bothered to worry about. In all honesty you were surprised you were even allowed in here. Speaking of not being allowed in places…where did your friends go?

“Um…hi?” You stuttered, faltering under Lindir’s intense gaze.

“I do not mean to be insensitive, my lady, but you are not a dwarf.” He stated, his head tilting to the side. “Why would a human girl such as yourself be traveling with them?”

Why indeed, you thought bitterly, flashes of that night where you had fallen into Middle Earth spinning inside your head.

You shrugged and gave Lindir a wry smile. “Dunno, it wasn’t like I had much of a choice.”

Lindir’s puppy dog eyes widened. “You were kidnapped?”

“What? No!” You laughed, scratching the back of your head. “It’s just-it’s a long story and I’d probably bore you out of your mind if I told you. Plus you’d never believe me.”

Lindir gave you an empathetic smile and brushed a pale hand over your shoulder, the touch sending shivers through you. “Come, I will bring you to your friends, and if you wish you may tell me your tale while we walk.”

“Oh, o-okay..” You said, blushing a fiery red that put tomatoes to shame. “Your name is Lindir right?”

“Yes, my lady.” He said, folding his arms behind his back as you both climbed the marble steps.

“That’s a nice name.” You said without thinking. After processing what you did, you hurriedly blurted out something before Lindir realized what you said. “My name is (y/n), by the way. Not that you care or whatever. Just thought you should know since you keep calling me 'my lady’. I’m not a princess or anything…ha..ha..”

You swore at yourself for rambling. Goddammit (y/n), this is why people think you’re crazy!  

“(y/n).” He repeated as if testing to see how it sounded on his own tongue. You blushed again. “A lovely name for an equally lovely lady.”

You swore you just had a heart attack. This man- or rather elf, was a smooth talker and eye candy. Though, he was probably just being nice. I mean, you looked like a hobo and you were  a guest and all. You sighed.

Oh well, at least you could say you got complimented at least once by a hot guy even if it was just out of hospitality.

As Lindir escorted you through the swirling designs and patterns of Rivendell, you couldn’t help falling a little in love with the place. It was so peaceful and lovely here, much different from your journey here and the urban life back at home.

You rounded another corner and Lindir stopped in front of an ornate looking door. Flowers hung from the ceiling, framing the wood and you reached out to thumb a scarlet petal, marveling at the color.

“This is your room Lord Elrond has provided you, lady (y/n).” Lindir smiled, pearly white teeth flashing behind his lips. “A bath has been drawn and clothes are laid out for you if you decide to dine with Lord Elrond and your Company tonight.”

Your heart swelled at his kindness. “Thanks Lindir.”

He bowed his head in acknowledgement, his hand unclasping from behind his back to reach for your own. His soft hand held your forearm with a certain tenderness and swept down towards your wrist, his nimble fingers brushing against the fragile bone, then finally down to grasp your hand in his, knuckles faced up. Meeting your eye, he brought your hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss upon your bruised knuckles, much like how Fíli and Kíli did earlier that day.

“I hope to see you at dinner, (y/n).” Lindir murmered. “You still have not told me your tale, and I wish to hear it.”

“Alright.” You hummed sheepishly, your face matching the scarlet flowers that hung from the potted plants.

With one last smile, Lindir turned gracefully on his heel and disappeared down another corridor, his purple robes and his dark hair flowing behind him. You couldn’t help the dopey smile that lingered on your lips.

Rivendell was rockin’.  

Coffee Run

Description: Day after day, Sam Wilson is in line in front of you with a ridiculous drink order.  What happens when he gets stuck behind you?

Word Count: 1455

Warnings:  None, just fluff.  My first time writing for Sam.  I’d love feedback if you have any. 

Part 2 Lunch Date  Part 3 In Smoothies and Cups of Coffee

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

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TRUST || Mafia!Junhui [Chp 1]

BLURB: Nothing is ever what it seems.

GENRE: au!mafia, action, mystery, romance

WORDS: 1973

PART: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

3:21 PM. Target in corner booth; seven cups of coffee, currently on eighth. Six civilians in the vicinity; four customers, two staff. Temperature: 15°C. Humidity: 56%. Feelings? Bored.

His stomach growled.

And hungry.

Hungry and bored.

Hungry and bored and completely missing an anime that was supposed to air a new episode tonight. Jun sighed. This was a waste of time. The target drank his coffee, slowly, leisurely.

Jun wanted to go home and yet he stayed anyway.

He knew what Seungcheol-hyung would say if he didn’t: “Jun-ah, I know you’re restless, this isn’t normally your job, but we need everyone to help out a little right now. The Intelligence team is swamped. The enemy hasn’t made any moves but that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. We need to gather information… can’t let them strike… defensive measures…” and some other stuff about prevention and intelligence.

Jun hadn’t heard the rest. He kind of zoned out whenever people tell him too many things at once. Bottom-line is: Right now, it’s your job. Do it right.

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Reaction #13 “We’re Closed” Selection: Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen, Sehun



You were sweeping the floor as your co-worker was finishing up in the back.  You heard the bell over the door chime as you quickly turned around.  

“We’re clos-”  You stopped as you stared into the eyes of the one person you never thought you would see again.  

“I know I saw the sign, it’s just…hey ___.”  He said smiling.  You turned back around, trying to hold in your tears as the man who broke your heart smiled at you as if everything was fine.  

“What are you doing here Baekhyun?”  You asked sweeping away at nothing.

“I saw you through the window.  I haven’t seen you in awhile, I just wanted to see how you’re doing?”  His voice sounded sad as you nodded your head.  You held back tears refusing to turn to him.

“I’m doing great.  Wonderful even.  I even have a new boyfriend.  His name is Samuel.  Its perfect…He’s perfect.”  

“That’s great to hear.  I was hoping you were doing great.  I…I miss…I should go, you said you were closing.”  

“Yeah, that would be for the best.”  You heard him take in a deep breath, you didn’t know if it was your wishful thinking but it almost sounded as if he didn’t actually want to leave.  You heard the chime on the door again as you slowly found a seat, sinking into it.  You couldn’t keep your tears in anymore as your co-worker emerged.  

“Why did you lie?”  She asked rubbing your back.

“Because he doesn’t need nor want me around anymore.”  

“But really, using Samuel.  Sweetie he’s your cat.”  She gave a light smile as you gave one too, shaking your head.

“He doesn’t know that.”  both of you giggled as you tried to stop your tears.  Unbeknownst to you, Baekhyun watching from across the street missing you more than you would know.  

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“We’re closed.” You scrubbed one of the tables.  You were the last one there, with your other co-worker had to leave due to a family emergency.  

“Even to me?”   Turning you smiled as you made eye contact with your best friend.  

“Chanyeol!”  You ran up to him, as he developed you in his arms.  

“Hows, my buddy?”  You pulled away smiling.  

“I need your help.”  You handed him a wash cloth as you pointed to the last section of the room.  “I need you help scrubb all these tables.”  His shoulders dropped as he nodded.  

“What was the excuse this time?”  

“Something about the baby sitter, I don’t know, I don’t ask questions anymore.  Please just help.”  

“Fine but you owe me-”

“Chicken and Beer,  I know.  We’ll stop on the way to my place.”  

“Oh, you can still do movie nights with your best friend?”  He smirked as you hit him your rag.  He was washing a table as he laughed.

“You miss one movie night to go on one date.  You’ve missed more than that when you were dating that bitch.”

“She wasn’t all that bitchy.”  He said rolling his eyes.

“Oh come on, you disappeared from my life for over three months.  I was scared Yixing was going to hit you.”

“Well you kept hanging out with him, so I didn’t think you needed me around.”  You turned looking at him.

“Are you jealous?”  You watched as his back stiffened.  You giggled as you shook your head going back to wiping down tables.  “Yixing is just a friend, but you’re my best friend.  No one’s going to replace you in that category, no matter how big of jerk you were.”  Chanyeol, went back to cleaning a couple of tables.  

“You’re right.  Which is why I broke up with her to begin with.  She wasn’t…”

“Wasn’t what?”

“She just wasn’t it.”  He gave a soft smile, thinking to himself. She wasn’t my best friend.

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You were standing behind the counter cleaning out the coffee machine at the end of the day when the door chimed over the door.  

“I’m sorry we’re closed.”  You said not turning around.  Your were currently bent over one of the sinks scrubbing at one of the pots that your co-worker from the morning somehow burnt coffee in it.  Your hands were raw from the hot water and you’ve been scrubbing for the past fifteen minutes.  

“The sign on the door says open.”  Stood up and sighed and peered at the door.  

“Damn you, Greg.”  Grabbing a towel you whipped your hands and turned around.  “I’m sorry my-”  You were stopped speechless as you stared at Jongdae.  Kim Jongdae, your class president, the star of the soccer team, and your high school crush that never gave you the time of day.  Though unlike his friends he always gave you a smile and would wave hello to you.  Helped you once when all the papers were knocked out of your hand by the popular girls.  You shook her head thinking it was stupid that he would remember you.  

“Sorry, we’re closed, my co-worker must have forgotten to flip over the sign.”  You shook your head putting on your best fake smile.  He slid his glasses up, as he fiddled with the book in his hands.  

“Ah, I see.”  He stood there for a few moments as you looked down at the clock.  He turned to leave but quickly turned back, bring your attention back to him.  “Um, I’m sorry if this is personal, but did you attend (insert high school name)?”  You nodded your head.


“___, right?” You nodded your head, as his face suddenly broke out in a smile.  

“I thought it was you.  I’m sorry, I’m Kim Jongdae, we graduated together.”  

“Yes, I remember.”  You nodded.  “I didn’t think you would remember be so I didn’t want to trouble you.”  You gripped your apron tightly in your hands as you tried to seem not nervous.  

“How could I forget you?”  He asked, more to himself than to you, his eyes boring into yours.  You felt your face become warm even though you tried to hide it.  He shook his head a smile on bigger on his face.

“I haven’t seen you at any of the reunions.”  

“I don’t go.  Those aren’t really…I mean I never really hung out with anyone from my class so I just thought no one would really miss me or want to see me, so I just didn’t see the point in going.”  You explained taking in deep breath, trying not to feel like the loser you were in high school.  I mean you weren’t, the shop you worked out was yours.  You owned it, yet the feeling of unsuccess was seeping into once more.  

“We’re having one tomorrow.  Its’ nothing exciting just a couple of beers at City Drinks, the bar near our old high school.  I-we would love it if you could make it.  We…uh…would love to see you, you know for old times sake.”  You nodded your head.  

“Yeah, I’ll…try to make it.”  He smiled as he slowly walked away backwards.  He bumped into a car nearly falling over.  “Are you okay?”  You asked as he quickly steadied himself.  

“I’m fine, perfect.  So I will see you tomorrow.”  He smiled big as he exited the store waving to you as he left.  You quickly walked over to the door to see the closed sign facing out.  You smiled at the thought of seeing your old crush once more.  

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You were sitting in one of the booths sipping on your coffee in your hands with no customers in sight when the door opened to your family friend Sehun.

“We’re closed.”  You said as you took a sip.

“You work at a 24 hour diner, how are you closed?”  He asked, walking over to the counter.  He reached around and grabbed a mug from behind the counter.  

“Doris doesn’t like it when you do that.”  

“Again, Doris loves me.”  

“Doris tolerates you.”  You take a sip as, he smiles stealing the pot next you and pour himself a cup.  “It’s also three o'clock in the morning, why are you here?”

“Couldn’t sleep.”  He sits across from you at the booth.  Doris comes out, eyeing the two of you.

“Oh, goody the skinny one is here.”  

“Love you too Doris.”  He smiles as she shakes her head.  

“The usual?”  

“Please!”  He calls as she goes back to the kitchen.

“Okay, you come here way too much for you to have a usual.”  You pour more coffee into your cup as he sits back.  

“Oh, but admit it, you like seeing me.”  He wagged his eyebrows up and down as you shook your head.  “Besides I’m not here for you.”  Doris brings out his plate of pancakes and eggs.  “I come here for the beautiful Doris.”  

“I’m 55 and don’t need your kiss ass.  Enjoy.”  She put the plates on the counter, a smile on her face as she went back to behind the counter.  Sehun hands you a fork as you eat away at the eggs.  

“Why do you always order eggs but don’t eat them.”  You ask as you slowly nibble away at the golden scrambled mess.  

“I order them for you.  You’ve been here since elven and don’t leave till five.  By the time you get home you’re too tired to do anything or eat anything that my sister says you just pass out and won’t eat till one or so when you wake up.  Basically you’ll go hungry.”   You stop moving your fork as you look at him as he shovels in pancakes.”  

“Sehun…”  He looks up.  


“Do you come at three almost every time I work just so that I remember to eat?”  He pauses, his eyes looking into yours as he tries to hide his emotions flashing through them.  

“No…”  he says after a few minutes.  “As I said, I miss Doris and need to see her a lot.”  

“Bullshit!”  You hear from the kitchen as a clanking of metal is heard.  

“Sehun.”  You say sternly as he smiles and reaches across the table.  

“I love you ___.  You’re family.  I’m here for you, in whatever way you need.  If that’s a friend, than I can live with that.  I just want you to be happy and Healthy.”  You felt your eyes tear up as you felt his emotions.  

“Sehun, I don’t…I don’t know how I feel.”  He smiles as you nods.

“I know.  I can wait.  Even if it takes the rest of our lives, I can wait.  Besides Doris approves of me.”  You hear a laugh from the kitchen as digs back into his pancakes.  You pick the fork back up as you begin to nibble on the eggs once more.  His hand still wrapped around yours, neither of you pulling away.  

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Misunderstanding (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Well, well, well, what can I say? My very first post here…How exciting! I hope y’all enjoy this… Requests are currently opened so feel free to drop an ask! <3


New York city was even busier on work days, believe it or not. The rush usually reached its peak by lunch time.

The echoes of your high heels hitting the sidewalk were drowned out by the buzzing city around you. Your pace was quickened, along with the mass of people you walked across the street when the light turned green.

You kept your purse close to your side, along with the documents you carried pressed to your chest. You stopped near a map of the Big Apple – you were still relatively new to the city, and getting lost was the last thing on your list since your boss would hold it against you forever.

Briefly scanning the map you found a nice place to grab lunch and rushed to it without a second thought.

The small bell chimed as you opened the door and stepped it. The warm air tickled your cheeks, your mouth watering from the smell of cupcakes and fresh bread.

Looking around, you stood in line: the place was relatively small, but unlike so many things in the city – it wasn’t modern. Heavy wooden chairs and tables stood all around you, paintings of flowers and dancing women hung on the pleasantly coloured walls.

Your phone buzzed, making you look down and search your small purse in order to find the electronic object. Yanking it out and pressing ‘Answer’ you pushed it to your ear.

“Hello?” Was the first thing to come out of your mouth.

“Hey, (Name)!” The bubbly voice of your co-worker greeted your ears “You out to get lunch now?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m actually waiting in line now-“ Your voice ended with a  crack, your hand accidentally pushing the man in front of you.

Slowly, he tilted his head to see behind him, and you gave him an apologetic smile. Snapping your head to the back you glared at the teenage girl who pushed you.

“Sorry..” She shrugged.

“Oi, you okay?” The voice in your phone chirped.

“Yeah, yeah…” You uttered, turning back “Some girl accidentally pushed me.” You explained.

“Happens all the time” She reassured “At least it was an accident – see this Thursday I was at a restaurant with Clyde, you know Clyde from work, and some jerk straight up bumped into me and didn’t even say sorry! I was about to throw a-“

“Monica, did you want something?” You noted the queue getting smaller and smaller “My turn is about to be up-“

“Ah, yes, could you get me a salad? I’m really hungry” She began “See Tom, you know Tom my superior, gave me this big pile of paperwork to fill in so I have to sacrifice my lunch hour.” A sigh “Please, please please! In reality you can get me anything, all that matters is that it’s edible.” You cracked a smile at her laugh “Okay? Okay! Love you!”

Beep beep beep

“-And what would your girlfriend like?” The energetic female by the counter asked the man you accidentally pushed.

“My….girlfriend?” He asked, clearly confused. He seemed to look around, “I d-“

“Yes, that pretty girl standing behind you!” The cashier clarified and you nearly dropped your phone. The man turned to fully look at you, and you nearly dropped your phone again.

Rye blond hair was hiding beneath a dark blue baseball hat, sky blue eyes looking at you confused. He was much taller than you, how you didn’t notice this at first you weren’t sure, wearing only a simple dark hoodie and jeans. And well-built too holy-and that jaw! That jaw, oh my god you felt like it could cut you.

Your cheeks heated slightly as you fought the urge to stare like an idiot and finally looked away. His look soon morphed into embarrassment, his irises sweeping you up and down and he quickly turned back to the cashier.

“She’s n-“

“See we have a discount for couples – if you buy both buy number two you get number three for free and a blueberry cupcake as a gift” She smiled, ignoring the awkwardness that settled in the shop.

The man cleared his throat.

“Sorry, Miss, but—“

“Yes, we’ve been dating for over a year now, is it that obvious?” You giggled, stepping in “We’ll have two number two’s, please” Sending a warm smile the cashiers way you prayed to God that the man doesn’t think you’re out of your mind. “You could use an extra meal, sweetheart” you finished, your words directed to the mystery man by your side.

“Right, now I’ll need you to tell me a cute moment shared between you two” The cashier chimed.

“Huh?” The man flabbergasted.

“A cute moment?” You fake smiled “Oh, well we have plenty of those, don’t we honey!” You continued to rant on “Well, uhm, when we just started dating he took me out to this Italian restaurant  where we, ugh, had a, a total blast” You nearly smacked yourself . Making stuff up on the spot was not your forte “He uhm, got me this bracelet!” You stuck out your wrist, showing the thin golden chain off “As a gift! The evening was lovely.” You finished awkwardly. The woman nodded happily, going to prepare your order.

Inhaling, you looked up to find him staring at you utterly lost. You have a lame smile.

“Sorry for putting you on the spot like that.” You said “See my friend really wants to eat lunch but can’t so I just thought-“

“No need to apologize, Miss.” He shook his head, a timid smile forming on his lips. You gulped, looking away.

Wait a minute… you thought, frowning softly Doesn’t he look…Oddly familiar?

“Uhm, this might be a bit weird…” You spoke again, gaining his attention “But have I met you before?”

His face immediately dyed itself red.

“Alright!” The woman behind the counter returned with your orders, placing them near the cash register “That’ll be 10.99$” She checked in, her friendly eyes travelling from you to the man expecting.

“Oh, right.” The man quickly murmured, taking out his wallet.

“Nonsense, I’ll pay,-“ only now did you realize you had yet to catch his name “-hun” you hurriedly added, also searching for money.

“My treat, darling” He said lightly, paying for the meal whilst you tried to fight the urge to squeal. The way he said it! So simply, so smoothly!-

“Here’s your change!” The cashier chirped “Make sure to come back tomorrow! Our deal doesn’t end till January!” She called after you, as the two of you were stepping out the door.

The loud honks of cars and chatter of people greeted your ears, the chilly wind blowing your hair and making you hook a loose strand behind your ear so it wouldn’t smack you in the face.

“Right, how much money do I owe you?” You asked, standing a bit further away from the street to not block traffic.

“Like I said, “ He gave you the free meal and cupcake “-it’s my treat.” He smiled. You stared at him.

“What-no, no, I’ll pay, just tell me how much” You insisted.

“Alright, alright” He sighed in defeat “What’s your name?”

“(Name)” You told without a second thought.

“Steve” He introduced “So, (Name), how about you repay me next time?”

You blinked.

“Next time?” You narrowed your eyes.

“Uhm, well, the cashier said the deal only ends in January-“ He quickly explained himself.

“Oh!” You awed, releasing a laugh “Sorry, I looked like I was about to fight you, or something” You shook your head playfully “I’m still new to New York and I have received a number of invites to grab a bite but catcallers aren’t really my thing and I just-“ You shifted in place awkwardly “you know- my reaction was a bit uncalled for…”

“I completely understand if you don’t want to-“

“No, no” You waved hurried “I’d go. For free food. I like free food.” Your eyes swept him up and down “And you don’t seem like a creep so I don’t think pretending to be a couple would hurt.”

“Right” He cracked a smile “I’ll see you around then?” You grinned, nodding.

Turning on your heel, you pressed the food and papers closer to yourself taking in an excited breath. Your stomach felt full of butterflies, your heart releasing nervous sputters. Taking the first steps you suddenly stopped, wanting to hit yourself.

“Wait!” You called, turning back to Steve whose back was already retreating. With a rushed step you caught up to him. He gazed at you surprised “I forgot to ask for your number” You grinned, awkwardly.

“I’m an idiot” He admitted.

“Seems like the both of us are.”

After exchanging numbers and saying goodbye for the last time, you made sure to sprint to your office before you had a heart attack.


Monica was sitting by her desk overfilled with papers, suddenly jumping when you were in sight.

“There you are!” She exclaimed “What took you so long? Lunch is nearly over-“ Her voice died down, her eagle like eyes examining your complexion “Why are your cheeks red? Did you run here?”

You nodded, dumbly. Setting the food down, you threw yourself on your chair and sighed heavily, relaxing into the comfortable seat. Your feet were hurting from the heels, arms heavy from carrying so many things.

“How far were you?” She questioned, opening her box “Uuu! Cesar salad!” She clapped her hands happily.

“Just…” You took a moment to catch your breath “Around the corner…”

“Why run then?” She continued questioned, taking a bite out of her food.

“I got a bit…” You searched for a good explanation. Coming out empty of excuses, you took your meal and decided to tell the truth “-I met this guy.”


Curiously looking at your co-worker, you found her staring at you wide eyed, her food dropped on the table and pieces of salad adoring Toms beloved papers.

“Tell. Me. Everything.” She said seriously, stressing each word. You bit your lip to hide the smile that was making its way on your face.

“Well…” You thought for a moment “Okay!” shoving your food to the side, you fully turned to her “So, his name is Steve. Really, and I do mean, really handsome. Blond hair, blue eyes – a true American dreamboat “ You had no idea how true your statement was “He works out…And he is so polite, and sweet and charming, and his voice is so smooth-“

“Girls, girls!” Another co-worker that seemingly appeared out of nowhere hurriedly turned on the TV “Captain America is on the news!” She announced.

“Captain America?!” Monica tuned in in an instant.

You figured the conversation was over for now, so getting back to your food you took a huge bite, rolling your eyes up to watch the news.

You nearly choked.

It’s him! You screeched in your head, you heart hammering in your chest.

Oh my God, oh my God-

Oh my god!” You exclaimed.

///The Next Day///

You found him waiting by the same shop you two agreed to meet up.

Taking in a deep breath, you approached him. As soon as your eyes met you couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey” He said, breathless.

“Hello” You greeted “Captain.” His face turned sour, and he frowned softly. Looking to the side, he scratched the back of his neck.

“So you know, huh…”

“Now, now, don’t pout, darling” You continued, making his surprised blue eyes stare at you “We have to think what story of our dating we feed the cashier today.”

You watched the look on his face morph into amusement and he cracked a small smile.

“How about…” He fake thought for a second “About that time when we first met and scheduled a date but forgot to exchange numbers?”

“A date?” You raised a brow “I remember it being a mutual agreement.” For a second he seemed lost “But, I guess I never really minded it being a date.”

And that’s when the world lit up with his beautiful smile and your lungs suddenly felt a loss of oxygen.

“I think that story will do nicely.” He said, motioning for you to follow him inside the bakery.

Inevitabilities (rvb fic; lolix)

Summary: Locus dies on Chorus–at least until Felix takes the memory matrix his partner left him and plugs it into his ship.


disclaimer: i don’t own these trashcan mercenaries or the red vs blue storyline
warnings: major character death, angsty mercs, suicidal behavior, slight AU, hand injuries, (gonna be major AU come monday…), uh mentions of self-starvation?

He didn’t understand.

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Tarquin character study/appreciation post

The fandom is mostly talking about the Night or Spring Court and its residents, but here I want to talk a bit about Tarquin.

Between tradition and revolutionary ideas

With his 80 years Tarquin is a rather young High Fae who holds the position of a High Lord. He was only 30 when Amarantha took Prythian under her control and the most of his life he had to stay Under the Mountain, being locked up there while his people unsuccessfully tried to leave Amarantha’s grasp. He has a strong ambition to break down the social line between High Fae and lesser faeries and by becoming the High Lord of the Summer Court he is constantly living between the traditional ideas of his people and his own revolutionary mind.

Tarquin is not dumb, he knows that some of his people might not approve of his ideas, possibly finding it ridiculous, but they also know that he has this strong ambition, which he will not let go. Because of that his own court members are observing him, the “reckless, wild young High Lord” (said by Feyre, Chapter 34) who nearly has no experience of running a court. 

Tarquin knows that he is watched and judged by his people, but this still doesn’t stop him to go after his ideas, even if the change has to come slowly, because his court needs to rebuild itself first after Amarantha’s ruling. He has to stick to tradition, but subtly weaves in his own ideas while the court is being rebuild. 

Tarquin only has High Faes as servants, lesser faeries weren’t seen at least by Feyre while she was in Tarquins residence in Adriata, which underlines his point. He might not have lesser faeries as servants in order to prevent them of getting an easy target for trouble seeking High Fae.

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Behind Closed Doors

Fandom: Star Wars

Character: General Hux

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You’re often used to your boyfriend often spewing out his thoughts when he thinks you’re barely awake to hear them, but you both know you always are. 

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1699

Author’s Note: I’ve had some pretty bad writer’s block, but I figured you guys deserved something at least! I wrote this based off of a head canon I had that General Hux basically only really admitted his feelings in either dangerous situations or situations where he thought the other person couldn’t really hear him or wasn’t really paying attention to him. Also, a lot of my Hux fics are pretty sad or angsty, so I thought he deserved at least some kind of happiness for once like seriously jeeze what’s wrong with me why do I do these things. Anyway, enjoy! I should be getting to the rest of my requests soon! But until then, I might just put out some short stuff like this or some headcanons until I can get my flow back again! 

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Draga Mea

Originally posted by jjmkirk

(that gif is so attractive and sorry for the shitty title i suck at thinking of titles)

Pairing: Pietro X Reader

Word Count: 5033 (holy s h i t)

A/N: hello smol anon, im so sorry it took me so long to get to this i’m sorry if it didn’t live up to your expectations but i hope it did! ALSO I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW LONG THIS IS SERIOUSLY NO WONDER IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME TO WRITE I JUST HAD SO MANY IDEAS JSJDSJDHSJ SORRY!!!!

“hello friend am smol anon wondering if you could do a pietroxreader where the reader has trust and commitment issues so she plays herself off as some hardass/bitch who doesnt need anyone and pietro tries to get her more comfortable w/ others but she keeps pushing him away and he finds himself falling for her. then during a battle Pietro gets severely injured and they dont believe he’ll make it and the reader realizes how much she loves him but she thinks its too late and she becomes heartbroken”

“I said follow my lead not endanger yourself and myself just because you can.” You hissed at Quicksilver. He went against direct orders from the Captain himself and ran into the building risking your cover.

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 23/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 22

“Okay…how do you feel?” Tony looked at you with apprehension and a hint of excitement in his eyes, waiting to see if the modifications would cure your morning sickness that had become all day sickness. “Anything?  Good?  Bad?”

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anonymous asked:

For a prompt! Hartwin - Eggsy gave Harry a supersized shirt with the words SEX MACHINE as a joke. Harry uses it one time as a sleepshirt. Naturally that is that one time that someone tries to kill the Queen and Kingsman needs his Arthur ASAP in the HQ. Merlin and the other knights see him in his shirt and so Harry gets his new nickname. (This could also totally be Percilot or Roxlin or maybe it includes everything but please no Merhartwin.)

I had seen that ‘imagine your otp’ trope floating around tumblr, and I must say it was pretty funny to write it :D

I hope you like it dear anon!

Also, I’ve received 7 prompts in total, including that one, three more of them being from lovely anons. I will be working on them in the order I’ve received them and should be done with all of them sometime in the following two weeks! Stay tuned :D

Quick note before I let you read, this is unbeta’d so I’m sorry for any mistakes there’s bound to be in this.

Warning: While it is merely mentioned, there is some ‘off screen’ consensual spanking in this. I prefer giving you a fair warning in case it really isn’t someone’s cup of tea!


“Eggsy, what is this?” Harry’s distaste at the item he was currently looking at was clear in his voice.

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Café Jerk.

Originally posted by ksjknj

Summary:  Working at the café is the most annoying thing in the world, but you manage to get deal with it. That is, until you meet Namjoon, the obnoxious jerk who comes by every day to bother you.

Genre/Warnings:  Angst, Slighty suggestive (not really)

Word Count: 1,430

A/N: This is the first scenario I write for any member of BTS and the third scenario I write in general, so sorry if it’s shit. I dedicate this to @bangtan-bunny, who requested a Namjoon scenario. The plot of this was inspired by one of @jonahryan‘s AUs. Feel free to give me any feedback or request anything. 


“Mommy, I want the raisin bagel! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!” The child was having a tantrum and yelling at his mother as if he had just seen a monster.

“I’ll just – OKAY CALM DOWN – have a small latte and a raisin bagel.” The child’s mother finally said, offering me an apologetic smile.  I pressed her order onto the computer of the register and was relieved when she finally walked away with her screaming kid. Working at a café was by far the worst thing I could have ever decided to do, I hated annoying customers. Dealing with snobby businessmen, airheaded girls, and the frequent grumpy elders was not my cup of tea. But I had to pay for my college tuition somehow; it was either this or basically sell my body, which, trust me, was starting to sound like a better option every time I walked into this hell hole of a café.

“Good morning, what can I get for you?” I repeated for what seemed like the billionth time that morning when the next customer approached the counter. I took a better look at the man on the phone standing in front of me and holy fuck, he was hot. His hair was a weird light mint color and his skin a nice tan. He was so freakin’ attractive. I hoped I looked decent and smiled at him, waiting for his order. I looked at him for about 30 seconds, waiting for him to get off the phone.


“Just get me an iced macchiato…” he mumbled and continued speaking on his phone.

“Sure, what size?”

“Didn’t I say a medium?” He responded, looking annoyed as hell. I tried to keep my cool, not wanting to let my own annoyance show.

“No you didn’t, sorry, its gonna be 4,000 won. Name?” I spit back, bringing up the cup to write down his name.

“It’s Namjoon.” He swiped his card while still talking on the phone and walked away after I wrote his name on the cup.

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You Might Wanna Love Me Too

Hi there! So @aceteatic asked for this au almost a month ago, and rather than continuing to put off posting it, I reached a point where I’m comfortable posting what I have so far.
I probably won’t get back to this until after Christmas season, but I will come back to it!

Baz works at a flower shop.
Simon and Penelope are tattoo artists.
Baz is a complete goner for Simon the first time he sees the boy. (It’s actually kind of sad.)

They’re probably all ooc I’m so sorry. Also, I’m bad at summaries.

Word Count: 1591
also on ao3

Chapter 1

Baz looks up at the sign above his mother’s flower shop - Natasha’s Bouquets - before unlocking the door and opening for the day. She’s been gone for three years now and he still calls it her shop. As long as her name is up there, it will be hers.

Truthfully, being a florist isn’t his life’s passion, but being in the shop is the closest he can get to being with his mother. He feels her in here; her name on the front sign, the red paint splatter on the floor from when he was ten and dropped a paint can, the bouquets that come out just right, their names on the doorjamb in the back room.

He hears the bell above the front door ring.

“Can I help you?” he asks, looking up from the bouquet he is currently finishing.

The boy who walks in is slightly shorter than Baz, wearing a black baseball cap turned around backwards, a tight black t-shirt, and denim skinny jeans. Baz takes in the boy’s blue eyes and the splatter of moles on the boy’s right cheek and neck. He tries not to stare, but it’s hard. The boy’s lips start moving, but Baz doesn’t hear anything right away. He blinks hard, hoping to regain control of his hearing.

“-friend’s birthday. Her favorite color is purple if that helps,” the boy finishes.

Friend? Friend as in normal friend? Or girlfriend? Or boyfriend? People don’t buy flowers for regular friends, do they? Baz should know this. He’s the one that owns a flower shop.

Baz gathers himself and responds, “Any detail helps. I’ll see what I can put together. When do you need it by?” Who is this friend? Why do I care? I don’t even know your name.

The boy’s face scrunches up and Baz tries - and fails - to not find it adorable.

“That’s the thing,” the boy says. “Her birthday is today, so I was hoping to get it by the end of the day.”

Normally Baz would be annoyed that a customer needed an order on such short notice. He likes to take time with his work. Make sure each bouquet is perfect - something his mother would be proud of. But, he finds himself having a hard time being angry at the boy in front of him. Baz has a weakness for attractive boys. And this one, well, Baz is concerned at how smitten he is with this boy considering they only met a minute ago and he still doesn’t know the boy’s name.

“I’ll see what I can do. Come back at closing and I’ll have it ready for you,” Baz says. He considers asking what exactly the boy is looking for. He doesn’t know how much information was given during the time he went temporarily deaf and doesn’t want to embarrass himself, but he also does need to know what he’s going to spend the rest of his day putting together. “What exactly am I making for you…” Baz says, leaving room at the end of the statement for the other boy to finish, hopefully with a name.

“Something I can use as a centerpiece on a table,” the boy says with a shy smile.

“And what name should I put on the order?” Baz asks. He feels ridiculous still not knowing the boy’s name.


“I’m Baz,” he replies before the boy thanks him and leaves.

Later, when Snow comes to pick up the centerpiece Baz spent most of his day making look perfect, they exchange a quick greeting, Baz passess off the finished product, Snow pays, and with a quick thank you is out the door.

He’ll probably never see the boy again.

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A/N: this was originally going to be way smuttier than it turned out but I realized halfway through that I couldn’t write a DP scene after punishment, that’s horrible aftercare. So you’ll get that next time. Sorry if this isn’t quite what you wanted when you asked for Val/Z/Maks. This is kind of set in the future of the GMBTH AU verse. So after the story. (Yes, I have yet to write the story but…) Just some escapades. ;) Sorry I haven’t updated that btw, LYHHF has been priority, but I’m working on it. 

Warnings!: Smut!, BDSM (If it’s not your cuppa please don’t read)


Zendaya wobbles minutely in her kneel, shifting her weight gently from side to side. She’s on a pillow, didn’t forget that this time, but the hard wood is still hell on her knees. There’s a slight draft as well, coming from the opened east facing windows in the living room. She shivers slightly, bare arms and legs breaking out in goose bumps as the chilled air skates across her heated skin. It’s not comfortable, but it’s not supposed to be.

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Constellations :: chapter one

A/N: it’s here bc i have no self control and i’ll do my best to have a good updating schedule since my brain is buzzing with inspiration about this fic and these adorable losers.

i hope you enjoy & feel free to leave long rambly tags or asks in my inbox about the fic! :)

Summary: Crash land on the planet of Hoth? Check. Fail mission set by Master Luke Skywalker? Check. And get stuck with your-sort-of-not-really-ex-boyfriend/friend that you have a lot of unresolved feelings about? Triple check. Rey’s in for a rough couple of weeks. [Finn/Rey] Set 3 years after TFA, a story of love lost and found.

can also be read here on FFN


chapter one:
the first star

“Don’t wait for the stars to align. Reach up, rearrange them the way you want them to be. Create your own constellation." -Pharrell Williams

The snow is blinding.

It’s the first thought that worms its way into Rey’s disorientated brain, the white flurries swirling around her. Her vision is blurry at best, and she blinks a few times to clear it, her limbs sprawled across cool metal. The floor, she registers dimly. She’s on the floor. And her head hurts. Everything hurts really, but especially her head.

The second is that the Millennium Falcon should definitely have a ceiling. Only, the metal plates are twisted open, silver against the whiteness of the snow and raised high towards pale blue sky. Snow is gathering along the metal floor, the small game table and booths. The cockpit, she thinks, forcing her brain to string a coherent sentence, is close by. The rest of the Falcon is stretching out to the other side of her head and it hurts too much to turn her neck, but she imagines it’s in an equally rough condition.

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feministofthewatertribe  asked:

I always get really confused with the order things happened in the Marauder's fifth year. Because I just presumed James saving Snape would be AFTER Snape's worst memory (showing maturity etc etc) but we're actually told it's not, because in the Prince's tale, Lily mentions it to Snape BEFORE swm. I just find it so interesting and much more complex because James saved his life but then still hexed him and bullied him and I just love James and his complexity.

I also wonder when Sirius ran away to live with the Potters, because Sirius says when he is sixteen, which means somewhere in fifth year, but we don’t know Sirius’ birthday so we can’t even make that much of a good estimate. And I wonder if it was AFTER Snape nearly got Sirius killed, because I imagine James would be angry with Sirius for this but obviously they love eachother so much that James would always let him in his house. Also, was James an animagus when he saved Snape’s life?

It also means that when Snape tries to imply to Lily that Remus is a werewolf, he actually knows this for certain and promised Dumbledore he wouldn’t tell (fuck Snape though). And I’m also 99% sure that Lily knew too and was pretending she didn’t. Sorry about coming in your inbox, I was just stalking your WMPP headcanons and such

WOAH. Okay so no apologies. Anyone can ask questions any time! I’m just going to tackle these in order. :)

SO. The Whomping Willow prank happens in fifth year, because Lily references it in her argument with Snape, which happened before OWLs. We also know it happens when Sirius is sixtee. As his birthday is late fall, I’d peg it as winter or early Spring. 

On him running away, it had to have been during a holiday break. You’d have to be home to run away, right? So either Christmas or Easter holidays. I always put it as Christmas break. And in my mind’s eye the prank happens after he runs away. That’s just my opinion, not canon.

James was probably upset with Sirius, but I  don’t think it was the big rift we see in fanfiction…no one outside really seemed to notice it, right? 

It totally makes sense to me that the Whomping Willow prank took place before Snape’s Worst Memory. It has less to do with James maturing and more to do with James’s core character, i.e., noble bastard. His saving Snape, the fact that he did it, was a glipse into who James really was under the maturity, rather than the maturing itself. That make sense? It was equal parts loyalty–totally saving his friends’ arses–and the fact that he didn’t want Snape to die. He loathed him, yes,but he wasn’t going to stand idly by and let him get mauled or killed. 

I’m not even sure he rationally thought about it. He just leapt into action. Which we see at the end of his life…he darted into the foyer without a hope of staving off Voldemort, but he did it because that’s simply what one does in that type of situation.

James still hated Snape, maybe hated him more; the incident only furthered their hatred for one another, and we see that in SWM.

No, James wasn’t an animagus when he saved Snape. The tunnel to the Whomping Willow was so small they had to double over/crawl…no way Prongs would have fit in there. 

Snape might’ve known at the time he tried to convince Lily, but she wasn’t interested in hearing them. She probably did know, but the fact that she didn’t entertain Snape’s speculations says a lot about her character.