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Tony has to stay awake for a very long time for some reason, and when he finally is allowed to rest, he physically can't, so the rest of the Avengers (but especially Steve) take care of him until he can.

With two hours to deadline, Tony finally managed to unsnag the last line of code and send it through. A new smart AI bot, one designed for searching and detonating IEDs so soldiers wouldn’t have to, whirred to life and aimed its tiny periscope cam at him inquisitively, awaiting input. The right mix of AI–not so sophisticated that army programmers could turn it into an offensive weapon, but not so improbably slow that it failed to do its job. Three iterations ago it’d tried to bring the dummy bomb to Tony, and that was clearly a no go, so he’d started the code from the bottom up and programmed until the edges of his vision went blurry. It needed testing. Testing.

“Find,” Tony grunted and the bot happily rolled off to the mock test range. “Not perfect,” Tony murmured, slumping down against the table to watch. “Just functional. Just need you to do your job. Can tweak later.” It’s little treads bumbled across sand and rocks, grinding a little in a way that, just for a moment, sent Tony back five years in time. His fingers clenched compulsively at the table before he forced himself to let go.

In the sandbox, the little bot scanned back and forth with infrared and ground-penetrating sonar and blessedly, beautifully, it located the payload. The shovel arm activated and started digging. Tony nearly wept.

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So everyone who donated to the IRC fundraiser was amazing, but I had one donor where I actually had to email them and be like “Did you…mean this amount?” and I thought I’d do a little something extra for them. So for @s2ma, a bit longer even than the “this is well over 100 words” fics I did: 

any Tony/Steve with Tony being a responsible human and taking care of Steve would be welcome

The moment it happened was straight out of the climax of an action flick. Not that Tony had never had “this is a bad buddy film from the eighties” moments before, but the craftsmanship of that spontaneous moment was truly admirable. 

In the wake of Hydra’s fall, a lot of technology had gone missing and a couple of splinter groups had gone rogue; there were the Sons of Schmidt, the Nine Heads, the Hydra Skulls. The FBI handled most of the in-country Hydra cells, and some shadowy agency or other, probably at the behest of Coulson from a shadowy bunker somewhere, handled the international ones. Most weren’t worth the Avengers rolling out of bed for. 

Spydra was different, aside from having a super dumb name, Tony thought. Spydra had been formed primarily out of one of Hydra’s more far-flung heads, the one that dealt with scrubbing their presence from records, repainting Hydra agents as eager soldiers and law officers, and gathering blackmail material. They’d spent most of their blackmail capital squeaking past Steve’s hurricane of fury in the wake of the battle over the Potomac. Now they were trying to bill themselves as a guerrilla band of freedom fighters, stomped down on by SHIELD and Captain America, victims of a new liberal form of fascism. 

But they were also really clever, and they knew how to strike.

(There is a readmore below! Read more!)

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The Invite.

Titled: ‘The Invite’ 

Pairing: (eventual) Gaston x reader

Word Count: 1,253 

A/N: This is Part One to a three part mini series I’m writing! This is basically my retake of Cinderella with you and Gaston!

Warnings: prince!Gaston, Gaston/Luke Evans feels, slight angst, a sprinkle of fluff here and there. 

Cast of Characters: Y/N, Stepmother, Celeste (your stepsister), Bianca (your other stepsister), Gaston, and Lefou. 

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Once upon a time, in the hidden heart of France was a kingdom that was ruled by its bachelor prince, Gaston. He was the undeniable heir after both of his parents died, and for years he has been looking for the one he would call his queen, but to no avail. His valet, Monsieur Lefou suggested that he have a ball, and invite every single woman from the village. Gaston figured it wasn’t a terrible idea, so he went through with it. He ordered that an invitation be written to every single woman in the town. 

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Falling Stars (4)

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Pairing: Slight Lindir x reader and Fili x reader in here. Send me your requests!
Word count: 2404 (lmao its so long im sorry)                                                Summary; You just wanted a normal day for once but turns out you just can’t and end falling into middle earth and accompanying Thorin’s epic quest         Warnings: Swearing, oblivious!modern!reader                                                   A/N: Hey guys I promise this chapter is actually good unlike the last one lmao. Also there’s a little lindir x reader in here so be warned haha.

—-> (1) (2) (3)


Everything hurt, and when you said everything you meant everything. Even your arms hurt and you were given the lightest pack!

You wished the ponies hadn’t run away… Or you know, eaten.

It wasn’t your fault you had stumbled upon the trolls when you went to pee, they just sort of popped outta nowhere carrying away the company’s ponies. Your brain couldn’t even process what you saw and to top it all off after Kíli, Fíli, and Bilbo found you hiding near a fallen log, the princes forced you an Bilbo to go check them out. Some friends they were!

The trolls were probably the most ugly things you had the pleasure of gazing upon and you certainly did not want tocheck them out’ as Fíli put it. You weren’t a warrior or Bilbo’s size and so once the two of you stealthily padded over to where your captured ponies where, the one sharpening a knife, William, had spotted you.

Bilbo of course-that lucky bastard, escaped once Tom, the one with the cold, snatched you up by the ankle.

You really hated your life right then.

Though, just as the trolls decided to make you into a pie, your heroes, beards and all, came to your rescue. Yet, as brave as they were it didn’t go as planned and poor Bilbo almost had his limbs ripped off. And so, you were all shoved into burlap sacks while some of the dwarves were strapped onto a spit. You were included in that bunch lucky enough to roast on the fire and strapped on under Bofur’s stinky feet and above Dwalin’s tattooed head. You made sure your feet dug into his back each time he complained about your own smelly feet or how the fire singed his skin.

But, as always, Gandalf came to the rescue just as the sun rose and cracked the giant stone. Just like in Narnia! Anyways….

Now you had no ponies, and that meant you could feel the full wrath of your Converse shoes plus thin socks. Helllooooo blisters!

At first you didn’t think it was such a terrible idea to walk the rest of the way, like, Erebor couldn’t be that far away right? Also, the weather wasn’t terrible and although you hated walking, it was better than getting sore muscles from ridding a pony all day.

Boy, were you wrong.

The first bad thing to happen besides the trolls of course, was the strange other wizard with bird shit in his hair and screamed about evil and spiders and shit. The only good thing that came out of the chance encounter with Radagast the Brown was that Fíli and Kíli had the balls to actually apologize to you for forcing you to meet with the trolls. You gave them each a good punch to the stomach, not that it hurt them in anyway at all…Really, it hurt you instead to the point of your knuckles bruising.

Damn those dwarves! At least they gave you kisses upon your injured fist and a group hug that left you gasping for breath when they squeezed too hard.

At first you thought nothing about the howls that echoed around the forest but after a wolf, which most definitely was not a wolf, nearly killed poor Bofur, but your Hulk with tattoos whacked it over its head with his intimidating axe before it could do any harm.

And now you were running. That’s right, running while the Company and you bolted across the land covered in yellow grass to God knows where.

It was no secret that you weren’t the most athletic human being to ever live, but sometimes a girl gotta lift some weights every now and then. So in no way you were considered weak(at least for human standards) but running! You despised running.

Goddamnit, I knew I should of used the treadmill, you thought gloomily.

“(y/n)! Keep up!” Thorin barked, yanking you from your horrid thoughts of impeding doom.

“I could if I didn’t have short fuckin’ legs.” You hissed under your breath while picking up your pace.

You legs burned but the thought of being consumed by an angry pack of oversized dogs and strange mutated goblin things kept you going. That is, until you were surrounded by the snarling beasts.

Oh, what have you gotten yourself into?

“(y/n)!” Thorin shouted, snatching your arm to pull you out of the way as one of the wargs charged.

His blade easily sliced through its pelt and you winced as the beast fell. You sure hoped you’d never be on the receiving end of his blade…

“Stay behind me,” Thorin ordered, glancing behind his shoulder. “I intend to keep you alive.”

“Great.” You breathed, glancing behind you to see if there was another escape rout. There wasn’t anything but rock behind you. Or so you thought.

“This way, you fools!” The sudden voice of Gandalf ordered, his pointy hat popping out from the rock.

You didn’t hesitate in throwing yourself into the alcove of rock, desperate to escape the threat of a having your face ripped off. Try explaining that to your mother once you returned home.

The rest of the dwarves and Bilbo barreled in after you, some of them landing right on top of you. Namely Bombur.

For some reason the idea of getting squashed by a massive dwarf was better than being eaten in your mind. Maybe it was because Bombur gave you food. Yeah, that was it.

Anyhow, with a devious smirk from Gandalf and moody grumbles from the dwarves, you all piled into the narrow passageway that smelled like wet rock and moss. You tried you best not to trip over the stones that jutted out on the path, but it happened every so often anyways. Thankfully Fíli caught you each time.

“Careful, lass.” He chuckled, blue eyes twinkling. “Wouldn’t want ya to hurt yourself.”

“I’m surprised I haven’t yet.” You laughed. “Knowing my luck I’ll probably be sliced into pieces soon, or thrown off a cliff, or maybe eaten…”

You missed the flash of worry present on Fíli’s face, too occupied with trying to maneuver safely out of the crevice, or as you deemed it, a secret passage. You for one wanted to get out of the small space as quickly as possible.

And as if someone answered your prayers, the passage opened up to probably the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. You let out a gasp and wandered to the edge of the small cliff that led into the valley.

“The Valley of Imladris,” Gandalf spoke. “In the common tongue it is known by another name. Here lies the last Homely House East of the sea.”  

It was gorgeous and magical all at once from what you saw, with it’s ornate buildings built upon the various rivers and cascading falls. Already you could feel the spray of the waterfalls from up on the ledge, a bubble of excitement building inside you.

The rest of the dwarves seemed to be as mystified as you were but after a few angry words from Thorin in that harsh language of theirs, they were snapped out of the spell. You, not really giving two shits about what Thorin said, happily trotted along with Gandalf who led the line of dwarves down the pass and onto the beautifully carved bridges.

“Gandalf?” You said dreamily.

“Yes, dear one?”

“What is this place?”

“It is called Rivendell in the common tongue. The elves call it Imladris.” The wizard answered with a smile.


Your second question was left unanswered as you crossed a final bridge and into a courtyard. Trees with shimmering green and golden leaves swayed around the circular area, the rushing river hugging the left side of it. You spun around and breathed in the sharp mountain air as it rustled your hair, the scent of lilacs lingering as an after taste. If magic had a smell this would be it.

Just as you did another spin to memorize the scenery, a man with long brown hair with a silver diadem placed upon his brow, gracefully descended down the steps towards the Company. He wore a purple robe, but as he got closer you realized the cloth wasn’t just purple; t was black and silver and gold, and the deepest shade of something similar to purple that you could not name. It truly was magic.

In your confusion to name the color of the mystery man’s robe, you also took note of his not-so-human like ears. They were pointy. When Gandalf mentioned elves your mind took the courtesy of imagining little tiny people with brightly colored clothes with golden bells and pointed shoes, not drop-dead gorgeous men with long flowing locks.

“Mithrandir.” The elf called.

“Ah! Lindir!” Gandalf greeted, placing his hand on his heart, the elf doing the same.

The rest of the conversation went right over your head as the two fell into some other kind of language you couldn’t hope to comprehend. It sounded nice though. Much more gentle and smooth compared to what the dwarves spoke, like comparing water to rock.

At least while they spoke you could dreamily stare at ‘Lindir’, as Gandalf called him. Unfortunately it didn’t last long since the sudden sound of a horn being blown echoed around the valley. An iron fist wrenched you away from Galdalf’s side and threw you into the center of a smelly dwarf circle along with Bilbo. The dwarves all bared their weapons as at least 50 horses surrounded them, towering over the party.

They were all so pretty even if the carried swords and spears.

You were too lost in your thoughts and overwhelmed by Rivendell and its inhabitants to notice that the Lord of Rivendell had welcomed you with open arms. Too overwhelmed it seemed that even as the company followed Lord Elrond up the stairs, you didn’t even notice.

“Excuse me, my lady.” A soft voice spoke as you leaned over the edge of the courtyard to peek at the running river.

You whipped around, you fascination now fixed on a certain elf who stood before you. He was even more impressive up close and seeing his near perfect self you realized you probably looked like utter shit. Dirt covered your clothes and shoes and you probably had mud streaked across your forehead along with a couple of bleeding scratches you hadn’t bothered to worry about. In all honesty you were surprised you were even allowed in here. Speaking of not being allowed in places…where did your friends go?

“Um…hi?” You stuttered, faltering under Lindir’s intense gaze.

“I do not mean to be insensitive, my lady, but you are not a dwarf.” He stated, his head tilting to the side. “Why would a human girl such as yourself be traveling with them?”

Why indeed, you thought bitterly, flashes of that night where you had fallen into Middle Earth spinning inside your head.

You shrugged and gave Lindir a wry smile. “Dunno, it wasn’t like I had much of a choice.”

Lindir’s puppy dog eyes widened. “You were kidnapped?”

“What? No!” You laughed, scratching the back of your head. “It’s just-it’s a long story and I’d probably bore you out of your mind if I told you. Plus you’d never believe me.”

Lindir gave you an empathetic smile and brushed a pale hand over your shoulder, the touch sending shivers through you. “Come, I will bring you to your friends, and if you wish you may tell me your tale while we walk.”

“Oh, o-okay..” You said, blushing a fiery red that put tomatoes to shame. “Your name is Lindir right?”

“Yes, my lady.” He said, folding his arms behind his back as you both climbed the marble steps.

“That’s a nice name.” You said without thinking. After processing what you did, you hurriedly blurted out something before Lindir realized what you said. “My name is (y/n), by the way. Not that you care or whatever. Just thought you should know since you keep calling me 'my lady’. I’m not a princess or anything…ha..ha..”

You swore at yourself for rambling. Goddammit (y/n), this is why people think you’re crazy!  

“(y/n).” He repeated as if testing to see how it sounded on his own tongue. You blushed again. “A lovely name for an equally lovely lady.”

You swore you just had a heart attack. This man- or rather elf, was a smooth talker and eye candy. Though, he was probably just being nice. I mean, you looked like a hobo and you were  a guest and all. You sighed.

Oh well, at least you could say you got complimented at least once by a hot guy even if it was just out of hospitality.

As Lindir escorted you through the swirling designs and patterns of Rivendell, you couldn’t help falling a little in love with the place. It was so peaceful and lovely here, much different from your journey here and the urban life back at home.

You rounded another corner and Lindir stopped in front of an ornate looking door. Flowers hung from the ceiling, framing the wood and you reached out to thumb a scarlet petal, marveling at the color.

“This is your room Lord Elrond has provided you, lady (y/n).” Lindir smiled, pearly white teeth flashing behind his lips. “A bath has been drawn and clothes are laid out for you if you decide to dine with Lord Elrond and your Company tonight.”

Your heart swelled at his kindness. “Thanks Lindir.”

He bowed his head in acknowledgement, his hand unclasping from behind his back to reach for your own. His soft hand held your forearm with a certain tenderness and swept down towards your wrist, his nimble fingers brushing against the fragile bone, then finally down to grasp your hand in his, knuckles faced up. Meeting your eye, he brought your hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss upon your bruised knuckles, much like how Fíli and Kíli did earlier that day.

“I hope to see you at dinner, (y/n).” Lindir murmered. “You still have not told me your tale, and I wish to hear it.”

“Alright.” You hummed sheepishly, your face matching the scarlet flowers that hung from the potted plants.

With one last smile, Lindir turned gracefully on his heel and disappeared down another corridor, his purple robes and his dark hair flowing behind him. You couldn’t help the dopey smile that lingered on your lips.

Rivendell was rockin’.  

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Twice reaction to their s/o cooking the breakfast in the morning

❄Warnings: none


“What are you doing in here?” She’d come up behind you and wrap her arms around your waist. “Wait, are you cooking me breakfast?” She’d release you, and smack you playfully on the arm as you carefully placed every food item onto the plate. 

“Hey, watch it! You almost made me drop some yogurt.” You’d laugh at the childish pout on her face. “Cutie, what’s the problem?” She wouldn’t respond to you right away. Instead, she would simply slap your arm (in a weak way). 

“I wanted to be the one to cook you breakfast.”

“Too bad.”

“Yah! You’re so rude to me!” She’d say as she let out a fake cry. You softened a little at the sight.

“I-I’m sorry, cutie.” She looked up at you with her sunshine smile on her face.

“I’m only messing with you, (Y/N). You know I love you.”

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Following the wonderful scent, Jungyeon marched straight into the kitchen and towards the food, pushing you aside. “You are so incredibly beautiful…” She’d mutter to the food as she picked up a nearby fork and shoveled a bit of bacon into her mouth. “Yes, it’s so good!” She looked like she was about to cry. 

“I-i’m glad you like it, Jungyeon.” Jungyeon smiled down at you and caressed the side of your face. 

“My dear (Y/N)….” The way your name slipped off of her tongue was enchanting. You loved the way she made it sound; almost like it was your boss telling you he was giving you a raise. 

“J-jungyeon.” You replied back to her. Her smile grew even wider at your response. She could see the hearts in your eyes, and god… you looked absolutely adorable to her.

“You’re going to clean this all up, right?”

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“Whatcha doing?” Nayeon would come up from behind you and peeked over your shoulder. “Are you cooking? I didn’t know you could cook!” She’d jump up and down as her eyes lit up. In that moment, she was the most child-like you had ever seen her as. “Can I try some?”

“In a moment. It’s not done yet, Nayeon, be patient.” You’d laugh. While the eggs cooked, you prepared some of her most favorite tea, setting our her favorite cup with a few biscuits on the side. 

“You sure know how to please a girl.” Nayeon would say with awe written all over her face. You couldn’t help but smile at that. You loved impressing her; she always wore the most adorable expressions when you did.

“Only because you’ve lectured me about it every five minutes.”


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You tore open the wrapper, removing the chocolate and placing it into the pot. “Let the chocolate melt in the pot, mixing it every few seconds.” As you read the instructions out loud, you copied exactly what it asked you to do. “Mix, mix, mix…” While mixing, you didn’t realize a certain someone had walked into the kitchen. They stood at the island in the center of the room, making sure that they weren’t in your way. A look of amusement and curiosity flashed in their eyes. Were you trying to cook them breakfast?

“Cut off the stem and nothing more.” You said as you chopped off every stem on the strawberries. “I hope she likes what I’ve prepared for her.” Finishing it off with a nice cup of milk, you place everything on a tray and turn around, taking a few steps before noticing the figure in front of you. Startled, you slip, fall, and drop the tray with everything falling onto the floor. 

“Oh no, (Y/N)! Are you okay?” Dahyun runs over to you and makes sure you aren’t hurt.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You say with a restrained voice. “But the breakfast I had prepared for you..”

“It’s okay, (Y/N). We can just go out to eat!” You nod at her in understanding. You’re a little disappointed that the meal you had made her was ruined, but accidents happen.

“Also, chocolate for breakfast? That’s not very healthy.””

“Says the person who ate five chocolate bars yesterday for dinner.”

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The plate you held was aligned with many different fruits and vegetables. A fine cheese spread was displayed in a circular pattern in the very center of the plate, something you had to spend minutes on due to how shaky your hands were. It was the first time you had ever prepared breakfast for Chaeyoung, and you were honestly very nervous. 

Setting the plate down on the bedside table, you gently shook Chaeyoung awake. “Chaeyoung… wake up, silly! I’ve prepared some food for you.” Groggily, Chaeyoung sits up. Her eyes are still closed and her hair is a mess. She doesn’t say anything to you. Instead, she simply open her eyes halfway and looks up at you. Catching onto what she’s trying to tell you, you pick up a slice of banana and pop it into her open mouth. She lets out a simple hum of content before proceeding to open up her mouth again. You repeat this process a few more times, allowing her to take her time waking up.

“You’re the best. Everything I could’ve asked for in someone.”

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Instead of only you preparing the food, both you AND Sana made breakfast. While you worked on the hashbrowns, she worked on the eggs, cooking them to perfection. She tried to sneak a bit of her most favorite hot sauce into the eggs, but you caught her and took it away from her. Sana managed to finish before you, so while you cooked, she stood off to the side, admiring the look of concentration on your face.

“All done!” You said with a happy tone. Sana dished out the hashbrowns and eggs onto two plates. However, before she could pick them up, you stopped her and did it yourself. 

“What- You know I can carry them just fine.” Sana said with confusion laced into her words.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Sana’s frown deepened at your words. She was confused. What made you think that?

“I’m sorry… what?” You gave out a long sigh.

“In the past few days, we’ve broken over thirty plates, and need I remind you who broke them?”

“Never mind, you can get the plates.”

“That’s what I thought.”

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Mina was practicing a dance for the next Twice comeback in the other room. While she was distracted, you thought it was the perfect moment to cook her something good for breakfast (instead of going out to eat like you two had for the past few… well, forever). You washed the rice before placing it into the cooker. Grabbing the bok choy from the fridge, you sliced it up, throwing the bits of bok choy into a bowl of vegetables right after. You hummed Signal while stir-frying the vegetables, happy with how well the entire process was going. 

Little did you know, Mina was done practicing, and upon coming out of her room, she was greeted with a lovely scent. Following the scent out into the kitchen, she found you, humming along to one of her songs while hovering over a pan. She smiled at the sight; she had never seen you this happy before.

Once the food was set, you put everything onto a plate and began walking towards her practice room. Completely entranced in your own little world, you didn’t notice Mina was standing right beside you. You walked down the hallway until you reached the familiar room, but when you opened it, you noticed she wasn’t in there. “Mina?” You called out.

“Right here.” She said as she came up behind you. Startled, you nearly drop the plate, but luckily Mina was there to catch it. She gives you a soft smile as she looks up at you. “Thanks for the meal. I’ll be sure to pay you backs sometime with one of my own.” As she walks off, a light blush dusts your cheeks and a smile forms. 

“You sneaky devil.”

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“I’m so tired.” Momo would whine as she stumbled her way towards your figure, resting her head against your shoulder once she did. “Carry me.”

“I can’t right now. I’m cooking you breakfast.” You said with a laugh. Momo was always like this in the morning; she was more clingy than usual, and she complained. A lot. Giving the slices of beef a few more tosses in the frying pan, you cooked the meal to perfection, making sure the food was good enough for Momo’s praising. Momo watched you with delight. She absolutely loved watching you work hard at anything. Seeing you put all of your love into a meal for her made her day.

“Ouch!” She was brought out of her thoughts by your loud cry of pain. Confused and startled, she looks around the room, trying to find where the sound came from. When her eyes land on you, she notices your finger is in your mouth, and she instantly becomes worried. 

“Are you okay?” Momo asks, taking your finger into her hand and wrapping her fingers around it.

“Yeah, I just burned myself on the stove.” A blush makes its way onto your cheeks as you look into her eyes.

“Be more careful next time, okay? If this is what you get for making me breakfast, then I don’t want you making me food anymore, alright?” Momo tells you as she bandages up your finger. In that moment, you had fallen even more for her.

If that was even possible…

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As Tzuyu slept soundly, you woke up, got up, and headed to the kitchen. Since Tzuyu always wakes up early, you had to wake up extra extra early in order to avoid her. Ever so quietly, you got out a pan, a pot, and a serving plate. You knew you had to hurry, so you got everything prepared beforehand in order to make the process faster. 

Chopping away at a few vegetables, you began to wonder when Tzuyu woke up. You knew she woke up early since she was always up at the crack of dawn, but you didn’t know what time she woke up. Deciding that you should hurry up just in case, you chopped faster. Once the chopping was done, you threw the vegetables and chicken into a pan and sauteed it. In the pot, you began to cook some ramen. Yes, this wasn’t the most healthiest of breakfasts, but it was cooked with love, something the local diners could not give her. 

The cooking was done, and now all you needed to do was put the food on a plate, take it to the bedroom, and place it down on the bedside table before Tzuyu woke up. You decided to add a few touches of salt and pepper in order to bring out the flavor of the dish. Before you could take it to her room, however, a voice suddenly speaks up from behind you.

“Trying to surprise me, huh?” A string of curse words flow from your mouth as you realize who it is. Turning around, you flash her an innocent smile.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You say this, but the stains on your shirt say otherwise. Instead of saying anything, Tzuyu comes up and gives you a hug.

“Thank you… jagi…”

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I should not be allowed to write reactions for these beautiful ladies. gAAHHHH THEY’RE SO CUTE!! >/////<


Send in your requests!


A Wondrous Adventure (1/4)
  • OUaT/Captain Swan
  • 7000 words
  • Swearing and implied sex
  • AO3 Link

Author’s Note: This is my attempt to make 6b what I wanted it to be – a celebration of my favorite in-show couple – leading up to the wedding – and to fix a few other things along the way. The divergence begins in “Murder Most Foul”, where there was no snooping, no ring-finding, and no Killian killing Charming’s father in a meaningless and out of character encounter. There was a fight; however, it was about something altogether different.

This chapter follows most of “A Wondrous Place,” with additions and changes. Thank you @ripplestitchskein for the speedy and excellent beta!

It was a stupid fight to begin with. The enormity of her mistake hit Emma as soon as the door closed behind Killian. The house lights flickered with the surge of emotion. Minutes passed while she fought herself. When the danger had passed, she stood for another moment leaning against the door, shaking.

“Son of a bitch.”

Emma pushed herself upright, grabbed her coat from the hook and went after him. Damp and bitter cold struck her, and the snow fell thickly. She could already barely see his footprints on the sidewalk, but Emma didn’t have to be a good tracker to know where Killian would have gone. She set out after him at a near-run.

By the time Emma caught up they were at the waterfront, and she was half-soaked from slipping in the snow and falling on her ass.

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Obidala is workable in certain contexts (outside of OTP3, I can see it working post-RotS, but yes, the ghost of Anakin is between them), but it doesn’t particularly strike me as compelling for either of their character in that the two of them are fairly similar in temperament and personality. Left to their own devices, they are dedicated and driven to the point of personal expense.  Part of why Anakin was good for them (and them for he in the opposite regard) is that he rebels against the idea of personal relationships being subordinate to duty (albeit, when isolated, he takes this to a fault).  He gives them the space to indulge personal emotional needs while allowing them to maintain their comparatively superior sense of personal responsibility due to their more matured and nuanced understanding of the complex reality of their galaxy.  (Not to suggest Anakin doesn’t bring a unique perspective whose significance is often neglected to the detriment of everybody later on, but he’s no ideological prodigy.)  Likewise, Obi Wan and Padmè provide both the emotional stability and stronger moral direction that Anakin desperately needs.  It’s the breakdown in that support structure in RotS that primes him for the fall.

In defense of Anidala, though, if shit hadn’t hit the fan, I think they ultimately would have been all right had Anakin left the order (something that I think was inevitable no matter what, voluntary or otherwise).  Without a war and given time to connect without the constant duress of potential loss underlining every moment, they would have been able to connect better.  Padmè would have been forced to recognize and reconcile how emotionally damaged Anakin was from both his childhood and the toxic (for him) culture of the Jedi Order, and the stress of two dependent children certainly would have exacerbated her realization of how much of the emotional labor she was performing.  I can’t imagine it would have been long before she shuttled him along into therapy - which is the perhaps the best thing that could have happened for all of them.

(It’s his relationship with Obi Wan, unfortunately, that I think would have suffered the most in that scenario.  Obes is a consummate Jedi, and there wasn’t nearly enough allure in a life external to the Jedi to get him leave the only existence he’d ever known. AND…Obi Wan, while mature enough to overcome it by that point, is more than a tiny bit possessive where the people he cares about are concerned, so I imagine he’d be pretty hurt when Anakin left, even if he understood why.  Their lives would’ve inevitably taken them in directions opposite of each other and they’d have faded into the backdrop of one another’s existence.)

I have so many thoughts!  ♥  I’ll start with Anakin because, well, ultimately Star Wars was Anakin’s story and I do generally have the most to say about him and, you know, lots of feelings that I need to scream about.  ^_~  I think the thing that took me awhile to understand about him was that he didn’t really want to leave the Jedi Order, one of the fundamental things about Anakin’s character is that he was driven to want to change the galaxy, to help make people do the right thing.  I think this is why he fell in love with Padme in the first place–yes, she was beautiful, an angel in his eyes, but she was also this Queen of a planet who got shit done by marching up to people and making them do the right thing, he watched as she took matters into her own hands and made the galaxy a better place!

That’s exactly what Anakin wanted and has always wanted–I love the idea of him retiring somewhere and having a happy, domestic life, but I don’t think that’s what Anakin himself would ever actually want.  He wants to be out there doing things, using his power to save people and make the galaxy a better place in his eyes.  That’s why he’s so torn–he desperately wants to stay a Jedi for so long because that’s what he thinks they’re supposed to do (and is angry when they don’t go far enough to achieve more), that’s why he stays with Palpatine after ROTS, because he has always and would always want to be shaping the galaxy.

(This is setting aside that I agree that Anakin shouldn’t have been a Jedi, by their standards and his.  I love them both dearly, they both have their merits, but sometimes two good things are not always a good fit!)

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Coffee and Tea

For NurseyDex Week Day 3-Alternate Universe

Oh look, I have a title! Honestly, the only thing truly alternate thing about this universe is that they aren’t on the hockey team, but we’re going with it. This is gonna end up being multi-chaptered, but here’s chapter 1, and you can also read it on AO3!


Derek is running late. Again. He’s not happy about it. He told himself he was going to do better for his sophomore year, but that doesn’t mean that his brain and his body are on the same page when it comes to getting out of bed. It’s only two weeks into the semester and he’s hastily pulling a red beanie on his head as he grabs his backpack and power walks out of his dorm room. It’s also his fault for picking a class that starts at 9:15, when he knows full well he has trouble getting out of bed before 9:30.

As he’s closing his door, he checks the time on his watch. 9:12. He knows he really doesn’t have time, but he’ll be damned if he has to sit through a two hour geology lecture without some sort of caffeine. He walks fast. He can make it to Starbucks and then to geology and only be a few minutes late.

Three minutes later, Derek stands in the crowded on-campus Starbucks as he waits for his order to be called. It seems like everyone is running late this morning. He texts his senior art friend Larissa, who he usually sits next to in geology as he waits for his drink.

“Derek and Will!” a barista shouts, as he lays two drinks down on the pick-up counter. Derek shoves his phone into his pocket and hustles to grab his drink, almost running into a lanky redhead as he does so. He picks up two honey packets and a spoon so he can add it to his tea when he gets to class and hurries on his way.

Surprisingly, Derek makes it to class without spilling hot tea on himself, so he counts that as a success even though his morning got off to a late start. He sits down in the seat that Larissa saved for him and takes out his laptop to pretend to take notes. Then he opens his to-go cup and notices something is off.

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Enchanted Rose and the Tea Leaves of Serendipity

By Skyler10

Summary: When they were only children, wizard-in-training John received a tea reading from a young witch named Rose, but they never forgot each other. After dreaming of each other their whole lives, they meet as adults, and it turns out those dreams weren’t simply their imaginations playing tricks on them. Not to mention, Rose is more powerful of a witch than she knows.

Notes: For @doctorroseprompts: tea leaf reading and witch!Rose

Read on Ao3

In the eyes of Rose Tyler, the entire world held moments of magic, serendipitous little wonders just waiting to be discovered. So it was fitting that she was a bit magical herself.

She had been born with the same power as her mother. Nothing important, just some domestic tricks and charms. She had never really used her power for anything important. Her mother made hair potions and cosmetics—the best in the village, according to many. Still, it wasn’t like she was a lady of any rank in the magical community.

Their humble stone cottage was a happy home, despite the loss of Rose’s father when she was seven. Pete, a wizard who tried to make a living for their little family by peddling his fantastical inventions, had died when a cart struck him in the road. The cart sped away, leaving the poor wizard’s soul in the hands of the Great Magician. Every morning while he had been away, Rose had stayed hidden in hallway outside her mother’s bedroom and listened as her mother prayed to the holy lady of magic, but the news came anyway, just as they feared.

A boy with messy brown hair, a healer’s apprentice barely older than Rose herself, had delivered his message despite the pouring rain. Of course, Jackie had invited him inside, but he couldn’t stay. He had to obey the orders of his lord master. He delivered the letter containing their worst fears and left them to their grief. Before he did, however, he sent little Rose an expression of such sorrow that Rose knew he must have read the letter he had delivered. A naughty thing to do for an errand boy, but in this case, she was glad someone else knew and that he must have taken extra care to hurry through the night to get the message to them.

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Early Bird, Pretty Bird

for @space-peachx , idk why your most-recent post about a coffee shop au lit such a fire under my seat but it did and I wrote this instead of finishing my bio lab lmfao 

On AO3

Summary:  There’s something in the air, and Keith’s like, only 40% sure it’s coffee. Turns out it’s love

There was beauty in the muffled atmosphere that permeated the street below Keith’s apartment in the early morning hours. The horizon bled pink and red, the sun barely peeking over the towering apartment buildings that took up the view outside his bedroom window. Was it morning already? His head felt like he was swimming under water and a headache was already forming behind his left temple. His 6:26am alarm had yet to go off and he sighed as he turned it off for the day. He never regretting anything more than everything that led up to this moment. Keith covered his mouth with his hand tiredly as a long yawn wracked his jaw.

In the background, the printer whirred noisily, sputtering as it printed the last few pages of his paper. He let the blanket he’d wrapped himself in fall back onto the bed as he shuffled over to the printer. Systems of Reciprocity in Post-Colonial Melanesia read the cover page as he ordered the pages quickly. His fingers were clumsy with exhaustion and he gave the conclusion one last cursory glance before stapling the corners together and tucking it into his backpack. It was pretty shit, he knew it, but Keith was beyond caring and sorely regretting ever taking this class.

Take this anthropology course, Lance said,” he grumbled to himself as he quickly dressed. He zipped up his jeans and fumbled around for his student ID, which he’d taken out his wallet for whatever reason. “You’ll never find a more interesting professor in the department, he said,” he sighed. Well. Maybe he would have liked it more if he hadn’t put off the final paper (a 15-page monster of an assignment) to the very last minute. Stress had a way of curdling his interest like pickle juice in already-expiring milk. Keith checked his cellphone one last time before heading out, relieved to see that he had just enough time to grab some coffee before walking the rest of the way to his 7am class. Maybe he could find a Starbucks, he crossed his fingers.

He walked past the kitchen, where Pidge had left the guts of their late Mr. Coffee in a disordered pile on the counter. The perpetrator was nowhere to be found, likely holed up in the Computer Science library on campus since the previous day. Keith did a final check for his keys, charger, and paper before locking the door and hurrying down the three flights of stairs to the street level. It was still early, but he saw a few people milling about. The road already filled with the start of the usual morning crowd and Keith sped up, wondering if it would get him to the nearest Starbucks in time to beat the morning rush.

About a block off from the chain coffee shop, Keith halted right in his tracks. There was a curiously warm, sweet scent permeating from behind Rags to Riches, a local thrift shop. He had a really weird sense of déjà vu for a long second, but he couldn’t remember ever walking in this direction from his flat. He followed it to a small stone courtyard, where sat two stone benches and a sputtering fountain. No one would stoop to the point of saying it was crowded, but it was hardly deserted. A respectable amount of people sat chatting quietly around the courtyard, all holding the kind of to-go cup with a very distinctive logo. A café just a few feet away, bearing the same logo on its glass storefront, beckoned to him. Come in, Keith, it seemed to call. Who cares that you have to be in class soon? Sit, relax, indulge. 

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Lesson Learned

otayuri | E-rated

Light sub/dom; Daddy kink; Crying during sex; Established relationship & aged-up characters

Word count: 1.4K

I literally saw a dream exactly like this. I wish I was ashamed, but I’m not.

Yuri definitely does not deserve this.

, he maybe danced in a spot on the dance floor that could be seen perfectly from the DJ booth, and yes, he maybe made sure Otabek was looking at him before lifting the hem of his shirt and biting his lip while moving his body to the beat. And yes, he might have let some random guy put his hands on his hips and dance behind him for a moment while his eyes were locked with Otabek’s, even though he knew for a fact that it would drive Otabek crazy in more than one way.

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Coffee Run

Description: Day after day, Sam Wilson is in line in front of you with a ridiculous drink order.  What happens when he gets stuck behind you?

Word Count: 1455

Warnings:  None, just fluff.  My first time writing for Sam.  I’d love feedback if you have any. 

Part 2 Lunch Date  Part 3 In Smoothies and Cups of Coffee

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

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Misunderstanding (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Well, well, well, what can I say? My very first post here…How exciting! I hope y’all enjoy this… Requests are currently opened so feel free to drop an ask! <3


New York city was even busier on work days, believe it or not. The rush usually reached its peak by lunch time.

The echoes of your high heels hitting the sidewalk were drowned out by the buzzing city around you. Your pace was quickened, along with the mass of people you walked across the street when the light turned green.

You kept your purse close to your side, along with the documents you carried pressed to your chest. You stopped near a map of the Big Apple – you were still relatively new to the city, and getting lost was the last thing on your list since your boss would hold it against you forever.

Briefly scanning the map you found a nice place to grab lunch and rushed to it without a second thought.

The small bell chimed as you opened the door and stepped it. The warm air tickled your cheeks, your mouth watering from the smell of cupcakes and fresh bread.

Looking around, you stood in line: the place was relatively small, but unlike so many things in the city – it wasn’t modern. Heavy wooden chairs and tables stood all around you, paintings of flowers and dancing women hung on the pleasantly coloured walls.

Your phone buzzed, making you look down and search your small purse in order to find the electronic object. Yanking it out and pressing ‘Answer’ you pushed it to your ear.

“Hello?” Was the first thing to come out of your mouth.

“Hey, (Name)!” The bubbly voice of your co-worker greeted your ears “You out to get lunch now?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m actually waiting in line now-“ Your voice ended with a  crack, your hand accidentally pushing the man in front of you.

Slowly, he tilted his head to see behind him, and you gave him an apologetic smile. Snapping your head to the back you glared at the teenage girl who pushed you.

“Sorry..” She shrugged.

“Oi, you okay?” The voice in your phone chirped.

“Yeah, yeah…” You uttered, turning back “Some girl accidentally pushed me.” You explained.

“Happens all the time” She reassured “At least it was an accident – see this Thursday I was at a restaurant with Clyde, you know Clyde from work, and some jerk straight up bumped into me and didn’t even say sorry! I was about to throw a-“

“Monica, did you want something?” You noted the queue getting smaller and smaller “My turn is about to be up-“

“Ah, yes, could you get me a salad? I’m really hungry” She began “See Tom, you know Tom my superior, gave me this big pile of paperwork to fill in so I have to sacrifice my lunch hour.” A sigh “Please, please please! In reality you can get me anything, all that matters is that it’s edible.” You cracked a smile at her laugh “Okay? Okay! Love you!”

Beep beep beep

“-And what would your girlfriend like?” The energetic female by the counter asked the man you accidentally pushed.

“My….girlfriend?” He asked, clearly confused. He seemed to look around, “I d-“

“Yes, that pretty girl standing behind you!” The cashier clarified and you nearly dropped your phone. The man turned to fully look at you, and you nearly dropped your phone again.

Rye blond hair was hiding beneath a dark blue baseball hat, sky blue eyes looking at you confused. He was much taller than you, how you didn’t notice this at first you weren’t sure, wearing only a simple dark hoodie and jeans. And well-built too holy-and that jaw! That jaw, oh my god you felt like it could cut you.

Your cheeks heated slightly as you fought the urge to stare like an idiot and finally looked away. His look soon morphed into embarrassment, his irises sweeping you up and down and he quickly turned back to the cashier.

“She’s n-“

“See we have a discount for couples – if you buy both buy number two you get number three for free and a blueberry cupcake as a gift” She smiled, ignoring the awkwardness that settled in the shop.

The man cleared his throat.

“Sorry, Miss, but—“

“Yes, we’ve been dating for over a year now, is it that obvious?” You giggled, stepping in “We’ll have two number two’s, please” Sending a warm smile the cashiers way you prayed to God that the man doesn’t think you’re out of your mind. “You could use an extra meal, sweetheart” you finished, your words directed to the mystery man by your side.

“Right, now I’ll need you to tell me a cute moment shared between you two” The cashier chimed.

“Huh?” The man flabbergasted.

“A cute moment?” You fake smiled “Oh, well we have plenty of those, don’t we honey!” You continued to rant on “Well, uhm, when we just started dating he took me out to this Italian restaurant  where we, ugh, had a, a total blast” You nearly smacked yourself . Making stuff up on the spot was not your forte “He uhm, got me this bracelet!” You stuck out your wrist, showing the thin golden chain off “As a gift! The evening was lovely.” You finished awkwardly. The woman nodded happily, going to prepare your order.

Inhaling, you looked up to find him staring at you utterly lost. You have a lame smile.

“Sorry for putting you on the spot like that.” You said “See my friend really wants to eat lunch but can’t so I just thought-“

“No need to apologize, Miss.” He shook his head, a timid smile forming on his lips. You gulped, looking away.

Wait a minute… you thought, frowning softly Doesn’t he look…Oddly familiar?

“Uhm, this might be a bit weird…” You spoke again, gaining his attention “But have I met you before?”

His face immediately dyed itself red.

“Alright!” The woman behind the counter returned with your orders, placing them near the cash register “That’ll be 10.99$” She checked in, her friendly eyes travelling from you to the man expecting.

“Oh, right.” The man quickly murmured, taking out his wallet.

“Nonsense, I’ll pay,-“ only now did you realize you had yet to catch his name “-hun” you hurriedly added, also searching for money.

“My treat, darling” He said lightly, paying for the meal whilst you tried to fight the urge to squeal. The way he said it! So simply, so smoothly!-

“Here’s your change!” The cashier chirped “Make sure to come back tomorrow! Our deal doesn’t end till January!” She called after you, as the two of you were stepping out the door.

The loud honks of cars and chatter of people greeted your ears, the chilly wind blowing your hair and making you hook a loose strand behind your ear so it wouldn’t smack you in the face.

“Right, how much money do I owe you?” You asked, standing a bit further away from the street to not block traffic.

“Like I said, “ He gave you the free meal and cupcake “-it’s my treat.” He smiled. You stared at him.

“What-no, no, I’ll pay, just tell me how much” You insisted.

“Alright, alright” He sighed in defeat “What’s your name?”

“(Name)” You told without a second thought.

“Steve” He introduced “So, (Name), how about you repay me next time?”

You blinked.

“Next time?” You narrowed your eyes.

“Uhm, well, the cashier said the deal only ends in January-“ He quickly explained himself.

“Oh!” You awed, releasing a laugh “Sorry, I looked like I was about to fight you, or something” You shook your head playfully “I’m still new to New York and I have received a number of invites to grab a bite but catcallers aren’t really my thing and I just-“ You shifted in place awkwardly “you know- my reaction was a bit uncalled for…”

“I completely understand if you don’t want to-“

“No, no” You waved hurried “I’d go. For free food. I like free food.” Your eyes swept him up and down “And you don’t seem like a creep so I don’t think pretending to be a couple would hurt.”

“Right” He cracked a smile “I’ll see you around then?” You grinned, nodding.

Turning on your heel, you pressed the food and papers closer to yourself taking in an excited breath. Your stomach felt full of butterflies, your heart releasing nervous sputters. Taking the first steps you suddenly stopped, wanting to hit yourself.

“Wait!” You called, turning back to Steve whose back was already retreating. With a rushed step you caught up to him. He gazed at you surprised “I forgot to ask for your number” You grinned, awkwardly.

“I’m an idiot” He admitted.

“Seems like the both of us are.”

After exchanging numbers and saying goodbye for the last time, you made sure to sprint to your office before you had a heart attack.


Monica was sitting by her desk overfilled with papers, suddenly jumping when you were in sight.

“There you are!” She exclaimed “What took you so long? Lunch is nearly over-“ Her voice died down, her eagle like eyes examining your complexion “Why are your cheeks red? Did you run here?”

You nodded, dumbly. Setting the food down, you threw yourself on your chair and sighed heavily, relaxing into the comfortable seat. Your feet were hurting from the heels, arms heavy from carrying so many things.

“How far were you?” She questioned, opening her box “Uuu! Cesar salad!” She clapped her hands happily.

“Just…” You took a moment to catch your breath “Around the corner…”

“Why run then?” She continued questioned, taking a bite out of her food.

“I got a bit…” You searched for a good explanation. Coming out empty of excuses, you took your meal and decided to tell the truth “-I met this guy.”


Curiously looking at your co-worker, you found her staring at you wide eyed, her food dropped on the table and pieces of salad adoring Toms beloved papers.

“Tell. Me. Everything.” She said seriously, stressing each word. You bit your lip to hide the smile that was making its way on your face.

“Well…” You thought for a moment “Okay!” shoving your food to the side, you fully turned to her “So, his name is Steve. Really, and I do mean, really handsome. Blond hair, blue eyes – a true American dreamboat “ You had no idea how true your statement was “He works out…And he is so polite, and sweet and charming, and his voice is so smooth-“

“Girls, girls!” Another co-worker that seemingly appeared out of nowhere hurriedly turned on the TV “Captain America is on the news!” She announced.

“Captain America?!” Monica tuned in in an instant.

You figured the conversation was over for now, so getting back to your food you took a huge bite, rolling your eyes up to watch the news.

You nearly choked.

It’s him! You screeched in your head, you heart hammering in your chest.

Oh my God, oh my God-

Oh my god!” You exclaimed.

///The Next Day///

You found him waiting by the same shop you two agreed to meet up.

Taking in a deep breath, you approached him. As soon as your eyes met you couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey” He said, breathless.

“Hello” You greeted “Captain.” His face turned sour, and he frowned softly. Looking to the side, he scratched the back of his neck.

“So you know, huh…”

“Now, now, don’t pout, darling” You continued, making his surprised blue eyes stare at you “We have to think what story of our dating we feed the cashier today.”

You watched the look on his face morph into amusement and he cracked a small smile.

“How about…” He fake thought for a second “About that time when we first met and scheduled a date but forgot to exchange numbers?”

“A date?” You raised a brow “I remember it being a mutual agreement.” For a second he seemed lost “But, I guess I never really minded it being a date.”

And that’s when the world lit up with his beautiful smile and your lungs suddenly felt a loss of oxygen.

“I think that story will do nicely.” He said, motioning for you to follow him inside the bakery.

Flour Boy

Genre: Fluff

Member: Minhyuk

Word Count: 2,276

a/n: The long awaited part 3!! I won’t upload anything for Crime Breeds the Creative Artist because it is a work in progress and would also like to get these older requests out of the way :) @winner-tomyheart

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 

You hung around the counter more often than not, in your opinion you were distracting, but in Minhyuk’s word of mouth, you were helping him. He never quite explained how though.

“I had no idea we went to the same school” you said in utter surprise as Minhyuk came back to you from calling out an order. He nodded and smiled, “Yeah neither did I” he replied, leaning against the counter to talk to you. “No wonder your schedule is a wreck” you added, making him scoff and nod, his eyebrows raising as he looked away, “Yea so I drop by almost as I please” he said with a sigh, standing up straight to attend the entering customers at the register by his side. You watched him greet everyone and take orders, giving them to his coworker for him to make so he’d be able to continue talking with you.

You sat up and sighed, “I think you might be very busy today, I should probably go” you said already stepping off the tall chair, “No wait, it’s getting late anyway, we’ll close soon so stay till we close” he suggested quickly. You chuckled at his rushing and sat back down, “Fine, you don’t have to talk to me till then, so go work” you replied, waving him away, making him grin at you before turning to his coworker to help.

After nearly two hours of doing your homework, listening to Minhyuk and replying back, and two cups of coffee with nearly a dozen marble bites, the bakery finally closed. You waved goodbye to Minhyuk’s coworker as Minhyuk and you hung around behind the counter, counting money and checking to make sure everything was put back where it was supposed to. “Have you tried these?” Minhyuk suddenly asked as you turned to him with surprise, eyebrows raised at the baked good he pointed at. You squinted to and caught a glimpse of what seemed like a strawberry cupcake.

You shook your head and shrugged, “Nope, I’ve just eaten around five pounds of marble bites from this place” you joked and Minhyuk cackled, “Try something new, look” he said, taking the cupcake and handing it to you. “Are you sure? I mean this is from like the store and I can’t… really pay for it right now” you stated, timidly confessing your financial state at the moment. “I mean I sound greedy because I just drank a ton of coffee and ate here but like, that was all I had left” you then explained, earning a loud chuckle from Minhyuk, “Just eat it! I’m giving it to you” he said and you giggled, taking it and giving it a small bite at its frosting.

Your eyes widened at the flavour, “Holy crap! What is this?” you said, taking more of it on your finger and bringing it to your mouth. “It’s good right? It’s a family recipe” he stated, taking his jacket and guiding you towards the exit as you walked in front of him, still savouring the cupcake. He locked the shop door as you waited for him.

He turned to you with a small smile and you decided to offer him a bite off of his own cupcake, “Have some” you said, licking the residue of the frosting on your lips. He took the cupcake carefully and tore off a small piece, taking it into his mouth and humming in approval. “I might be changing my usual order soon, this is crazy good” you commented, taking another small bite and watching him adjust his jacket on himself. “What are you doing tomorrow?” he then asked, you licked your lips once more and squinted in thought, “Uh nothing, it’s saturday” you stated very matter of factly, making Minhyuk raise his eyebrows, “Ah, good, come over in the morning” he said. “You work tomorrow?” you asked, lowering your cupcake away from your mouth, but he shook his head and with his index finger, took some of the frosting from the cupcake to bring to his mouth.

You stared at him quizzically before he grinned and answered, “I’m not but I want you to come anyway” he said indifferently as you eyed him in suspicion. “Just come, I’ll show you something cool” he added, making you hiss as you cocked your head to the side, “What do I get out of it?” you asked, suddenly analyzing the cupcake in your hand. Minhyuk sighed loudly, bringing his hands to his hips, “You get to see something cool!” he states and you grimace at his response, “Fine, okay, I’ll come by… what time?” you ask as he claps once, “Come by 2:30” he said. “That’s not the morning, why are you changing times that’s suspicious” you comment and can tell he was beginning to grow weary of your sarcasm but went along with it anyway, “I’m the one inviting you, I can change it as much as I want” he retorted and you chuckled, “Alright, alright, I’ll be here at 2:30” you replied to which he nodded at.

When you arrived, the shop had already opened and customers already sat at the tables inside. You made your way in, and greeted the workers, asking for Minhyuk. One of them pointed towards the back of the shop, “He’s in the kitchen” he said and you thanked him as you made your way there. It felt weird entering a completely private and different area of the bakery, almost like you were crossing into territory you shouldn’t be in. As soon as you stepped inside, you gasped as your eyes practically scanned the entire room and finally landed on Minhyuk. There were pans, plates, spoons, pots, and an endless number of ingredients. You found Minhyuk standing behind a long table with several of those things across it, adjusting his apron, he smiled gleefully and greeted you.

“Hi, you ready?” he asked, and you stared at him with your mouth agape, “W-Why- For what?” you asked, baffled and suddenly feeling small. “We’re going to bake!” he chirped, taking you by the arm and leading you to the table, instantly placing another apron over your head and quickly turning you around to tie it at your back. “Bake? Why are we baking?” you asked, utter puzzlement taking over you. Minhyuk turned you around, hands placed at your shoulders as he pressed his lips into a thin line, “I lied, I have something small that I have to work on for the bakery” he admitted, which did very little to untangle your thoughts.

“So, you have to work?” you asked, raising an eyebrow as he nodded once and let his hands drop, “Yes, but you’re here to help me and I’m excited to show you some cool stuff” he stated and immediately you felt your shoulders drop. “Um… h-how long will we be here?” you then asked, making Minhyuk chuckle, “Stop asking stuff, it will be fun, trust me” he said, turning to the table and beginning to set in front of him what he was about to use. You watched him and bit your bottom lip, feeling somewhat nervous at seeing him away from the cash register and behind the showcase, to seeing him at your side, sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows as his hands masterfully took charge at something else other than counting money.

“You know the cupcake from yesterday? Well it’s new in the pastries so we’re going to make a few today” he stated, motioning for you to get close so you could help. “Um, okay… but just so you know, I haven’t baked something since like, middle school” you admitted, to which Minhyuk chuckled loudly at, “You’ll be fine” he said. In a few minutes, there was music playing from a small speaker he set up and you were whisking ingredients together as Minhyuk set up an oven. The smell filtered through your nose and lungs and made your mouth water, and he must’ve noticed because he was then bringing snacks.

You chuckled at the bags of chips and cookies at his side, they were similar to the things you two had bought that one night you bumped into each other. “Don’t worry this is just an appetizer, I’ll get us something to eat later” he said, feeding you a cookie as you tightened the apron at your back. You then watched as he occasionally danced and sang, making you wonder if everything was being heard at the front of the bakery. You couldn’t hold back from cackling at his silliness and joined every now and then.

As soon as the two of you found yourselves waiting, Minhyuk sighed and leaned against the nearest piece of furniture, crossing his arms over his chest and meeting your gaze. “It’s fun right?” he asked, and you snorted, “You look kind of exhausted to be honest” you joked, mimicking his pose as you stood next to him. He chuckled lightly and nodded, “Wow at least you’re half honest” he said in reference to your comment a few weeks back. You grinned and smacked your hand on his arm gently.

He grinned as well and looked down at the floor as you watched him expectantly. Although you stared at him for a couple of seconds, you looked away as soon as he didn’t speak and found yourself becoming aware of the faraway sounds of the people coming in and the music still playing from the small speaker. You began to smile to yourself at how well the two of you had gotten along and asked yourself what you’d be doing right now if you hadn’t decided to stop by this bakery all the times that you did.

“What do you want to eat?” he unexpectedly asked, bringing you back from your thoughts and making you turn to him in surprise. Your brain suddenly came up blank and you couldn’t think of anything in particular that you wanted to eat, but you knew for a fact that if you didn’t eat in the next hour or so, your stomach would become a grumbling mess. “Anything is fine- or well, do you like any food around this side of town?” you asked, feeling like the air between the two of you had become a bit awkward. Minhyuk simply looked away in thought and squinted for a few seconds before he turned to you once more, “I know a few places, they aren’t too pricey either so you don’t have to worry about that” he stated. Your heart leaped inside your chest and instantly your brain began overanalyzing the situation.

You cleared your throat and nodded a little, “O-Okay, well we’ll decide when we finish then” you managed, trying to divert the conversation in another direction. He smiled sheepishly and chuckled with a nod, moving away from beside you to check on the cupcakes, “We can frost them now” he said, and you sighed in relief, making your way to his side as he set up the cupcakes in front of the two of you. “There’s a way to do it, let me show you and then you can try” he said, bringing what you understood to be a piping bag to one of his hands as he held the cupcake with his other hand.

You watched attentively as he frosted the cupcake with ease and almost gracefully. A small gasp escaped your lips, making the both of you chuckle as he glanced at you momentarily. “You make it look like you’re an artist or something- like you’re sculpting” you joked, earning a smug shrug from him as he finished, “Yeah well, you could say that” he commented and you sighed loudly, “Wow, look at you and your ego~” you replied as he handed you the piping bag and another cupcake. After several cupcakes later, the two of you were setting them in place to be taken out and heading out of the bakery, and onto the streets.

“So I think you might like this one place two blocks down” Minhyuk stated, his hands finding the pockets of his sweater. “Sounds cool, I’ll follow you there then” you said with a wink which made him grin, his eyes crinkling at the corners. You were hiding very well how nervous you were beginning to get as the two of you made your way to the restaurant. You wondered what was wrong with you when half an hour ago you were completely fine with him, dancing and singing and joking while you baked. Now all you could manage were short replies to most of the talk he was making. You felt ridiculous, not able to ask him what was on your mind because what if you pointed it out and his intentions did not match your assumption, or what if it did?

Full stomachs and happy hearts later, the two of you were making your way out. At this point your brain was moving a lot faster and you couldn’t keep up as you made your way back to the bakery where your car was. Once there, you stood by your car and turned to Minhyuk with a sheepish smile, “I’ll admit, today was fun, thank you” you said, to which he nodded at.

“Yeah, I’ll see you here again soon?” he asked and you nodded, already unlocking your car as he waved goodbye at you. He watched you drive away and all you could think of was how much you were beginning to like him, and how unsure you were of if the two of you had just gone on a date?

TRUST || Mafia!Junhui [Chp 1]

BLURB: Nothing is ever what it seems.

GENRE: au!mafia, action, mystery, romance

WORDS: 1973

PART: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

3:21 PM. Target in corner booth; seven cups of coffee, currently on eighth. Six civilians in the vicinity; four customers, two staff. Temperature: 15°C. Humidity: 56%. Feelings? Bored.

His stomach growled.

And hungry.

Hungry and bored.

Hungry and bored and completely missing an anime that was supposed to air a new episode tonight. Jun sighed. This was a waste of time. The target drank his coffee, slowly, leisurely.

Jun wanted to go home and yet he stayed anyway.

He knew what Seungcheol-hyung would say if he didn’t: “Jun-ah, I know you’re restless, this isn’t normally your job, but we need everyone to help out a little right now. The Intelligence team is swamped. The enemy hasn’t made any moves but that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. We need to gather information… can’t let them strike… defensive measures…” and some other stuff about prevention and intelligence.

Jun hadn’t heard the rest. He kind of zoned out whenever people tell him too many things at once. Bottom-line is: Right now, it’s your job. Do it right.

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Tarquin character study/appreciation post

The fandom is mostly talking about the Night or Spring Court and its residents, but here I want to talk a bit about Tarquin.

Between tradition and revolutionary ideas

With his 80 years Tarquin is a rather young High Fae who holds the position of a High Lord. He was only 30 when Amarantha took Prythian under her control and the most of his life he had to stay Under the Mountain, being locked up there while his people unsuccessfully tried to leave Amarantha’s grasp. He has a strong ambition to break down the social line between High Fae and lesser faeries and by becoming the High Lord of the Summer Court he is constantly living between the traditional ideas of his people and his own revolutionary mind.

Tarquin is not dumb, he knows that some of his people might not approve of his ideas, possibly finding it ridiculous, but they also know that he has this strong ambition, which he will not let go. Because of that his own court members are observing him, the “reckless, wild young High Lord” (said by Feyre, Chapter 34) who nearly has no experience of running a court. 

Tarquin knows that he is watched and judged by his people, but this still doesn’t stop him to go after his ideas, even if the change has to come slowly, because his court needs to rebuild itself first after Amarantha’s ruling. He has to stick to tradition, but subtly weaves in his own ideas while the court is being rebuild. 

Tarquin only has High Faes as servants, lesser faeries weren’t seen at least by Feyre while she was in Tarquins residence in Adriata, which underlines his point. He might not have lesser faeries as servants in order to prevent them of getting an easy target for trouble seeking High Fae.

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Inevitabilities (rvb fic; lolix)

Summary: Locus dies on Chorus–at least until Felix takes the memory matrix his partner left him and plugs it into his ship.


disclaimer: i don’t own these trashcan mercenaries or the red vs blue storyline
warnings: major character death, angsty mercs, suicidal behavior, slight AU, hand injuries, (gonna be major AU come monday…), uh mentions of self-starvation?

He didn’t understand.

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Unfortunate (Rossi x reader)

Summary: This is a one shot where the reader and David are really good friends but actually have feelings for each other. As it is, neither wants to admit it and because of the inconvenient lack of talking, they hurt each other without noticing. It is a series of (very) unfortunate events and misinterpreting, but in the end, what belongs together comes together. :)

A/N: The beginning is quite angsty, it kinda got out of hand in the middle too and I didn’t intend to write so much nonsense, really. I hope, you bear with me and enjoy it nonetheless! :D

Word count: 2,911

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings: angst, kissing

* * *

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some things about Anabasis 'verse

lightningandstarlight sent me some thoughts/questions on Anabasis, and I decided to make them a separate post for my own tagging purposes.

Do some of the Jedi who want to execute Anakin want to because he’s a Sith or because of his role in Palpatine’s regime?

I imagine Anakin would be so grumpy about his ultimate revenge plan against Palpatine is making the Senate questioning his status. He probably pouts to Padme about it (“I’m not doing this to be a good guy, Padme! I just want to burn everything Palpatine every cared about to the ground”) and then decides to creep Obi-Wan and the other Jedi out (like in your drabble) to make himself feel better.

And wow, I can imagine Padme and everyone else shock when they find out Anakin’s only about 20/23. And then have the horrifying realization that Anakin has spent the majority of his life being Palpatine’s slave/ child soldier. And you’re right, what would the Republic do? Can they charge him with war crimes or whatever if it can be reasonably argued that Anakin had no choice? How guilty is Anakin for what happened then? Plus it links back to how the Jedi let young padawans fight in the Clone Wars and essentially turned them into child soldiers.

Random thought that just occurred to me, is Anakin the last Sith with Palpatine dead? Because if he is, all I can imagine is Jocasta Nu interrogating him about all of the Sith practices 24/7. When the council questions why she’s spending so much time with the prisoner, she probably gives them the death glare and tells them that this is an unprecedented opportunity to gain more knowledge about the Sith. I wonder how it would effect the Sith lineage, for lack of a better word, if Anakin is the last Sith. Does this mean that Anakin has inadvertently wiped out the Sith?

Answers under this cut!

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