also i tried so so hard on this lol

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How would aizawa react if his s/o bought an onigiri mold in shape of panda and makes him lunch with it( i just oght one today at daiso and tought it would be cute) thanks in advance love you blog btw 💖💖

oh thats so cute!! but also reminds me of the time me and my friend tried to make japanese sweets from a kit and it failed so badly lol

Aizawa Shouta

  • Usually, he’ll make his own lunches or just eat one of those jelly pouches for lunch so its fair to say he was surprised when his s/o said they were going to make lunch for him! 
  • His s/o doesn’t let him see what they’re making, no matter how hard he tries, so he begrudgingly waits until the next day. He’s curious now, just what are they up to?
  • When he opens his lunch to find several onigiris in the shape of pandas, he sighs and shakes his head, smiling at the cute little rice balls. He’d take a picture before eating them and is not above letting his s/o make his lunch again. 
  • He totally asks them to buy a cat shaped one, if that exists. 

daishou and mika are watching the match live which means high possibility of bumping into nekoma and also kuroo talking abt karasuno to daishou

wheres the daishou reacting to karasuno content i need sensei i cant be delivering all these to myself man


D-1 until #happyRAVIday - Bomb Stage


Bonus: Ravi’s Hanbok Performance 😀

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p20-23)

I was going to post this last week but gave priority to the BD stuff. This will be the final interview from the booklet that came with January Animage! There’s still an interview with Kenji Miyamoto left untranslated, but it will be taken care of by @whiteboxgems​ whenever she has time! I’ll reblog it when it’s around.

This is actually 2 interviews, I’m posting them together because they were one after the other and (main reason) because the second one is very short.
A few notes below to better understand the interviews.

The first one is with Yuuichirou Hayashi, the one who created the ending (ED = ending by the way) footage. I have the feeling someone previously posted translations of the captions under the ED screenshots, but I don’t remember where and I’m pretty sure it was just the captions and not the interview parts, so here you have it complete. This one is pretty interesting because he explains in detail how they created the ED, and has some extra information on cut scenes etc. Definitely a must read in my opinion!

The second one is a short interview with Kayoko Ishikawa, the one who did the costume designs. Here you might think: didn’t Chacott design the costumes? I’ll explain. It’s more or less like with Mitsurou Kubo and Tadashi Hiramatsu: Kubo created the original designs for the characters, from scratch, and Hiramatsu transformed them into designs specifically created for animation, therefore with simpler lines, detailed expression sheets and so on. Likewise, Chacott did the original designs for the costumes, from scratch, based on the indications by Yamamoto and Kubo, and then the anime’s costume designer simplified and modified them so that they would be suitable to be animated. (Before actually animating them there’s a further step: the anime’s color designer is going to decide the exact colors, shadows and highlights included, that will be used inside the anime. I translated an interview with the color designer Izumi Hirose some time ago)

I usually don’t add pictures but this time I felt that it would be better to add them as an immediate reference. However, they are just for reference and are not meant to be visually stunning, so please bear with the quality because I just took photos of the magazine with my phone and quickly edited them.

Translation under the cut! (kind of image-heavy)

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.

so i was rewatching old gta 5 vids of Vanoss and his friends which made me draw hoodini!Vanoss.

 Also i made a comic because of it rip me

Ok the plot of this sketchy comic I made:

Delirious and Vanoss wants to brings their friendship to the next level (The entire comic symbolizes it) but Delirious feels unsure since most of the time the two of them play games to fill the silence between them but now that he’s gonna interact with Vanoss outside gaming, he feels uncertain.

However, to ease his fears Hoodini!Vanoss comes to the rescue.

Just to make it clear: Hoodini!Vanoss isnt real in the comic. He’s a figment of Delirious imagination for a source of comfort. Vanoss goes through the same thing on his side of the story with H2O Delirious (which its not shown here since the comic is halfway done and it gonna be sketchy like this if i ever continue )

Its so hard to explain lol i was just going about wanting to draw BBS gta5 au but this came up in my head instead

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Consider: Charlie as Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror (he's definitely extra enough) and Nick as ... ROCKY MIGHT BE TOO NSFW SO I HAVE TO SAY BRAD that would still be cute though (he'd be so flustered if/when Charlie gets into it omg)

it should be prefaced that i have literally never seen rocky horror

nick did not realise how attracted he would be to charlie in makeup

Did I said I will commish noranb-artstuffs again soon in the last post? yeah :)

 I’m on the point of no return ahahah 

Anyway, here’s Masato posing based on my HC (so maybe you could get a glimpse on his personality) 

 Left to right: 

1. Smirking like no other than his dad (seme genes are strong) p.s He’s only smirking like this when he got excited (unconciously) otherwise, he is a serious and stoic captain 

 2. When you got through pass his wall, he’s surprisingly easy to blush (or that is just because I’m biased to blushing , who knows) 

 3. We need him to smile happily more often, isn’t he cute ;__; 

 4. There’s him, tries very hard EVERY MORNING to make his hair less wild, but he fails every time anyway. And the pyjamas oho, who else he got the fashion sense from XD 

This has become quite long, self-indulgent text post but I LOVE him so much! I have no regrets lol. I’ll be glad if many ppls like him too <3 

 And also many thanks for noranb-artstuffs for drawing this so accurately and so fast too ;__;

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Since you are the official Fandom mom, what is your favorite thing about all your children?

jskag;hkls;gha;gsakhl; i’m still not entirely sure how to respond to this fandom mom thing but

Uraraka: i love how determined she is. i love how she wants to be a hero for money, but not for herself; she wants to make her parent’s life easier because they’v had to work hard their entire lives, and she’s damn determined to help them. even willing to go toe-to-toe with Bakugou, the scariest and one of the strongest of the entire class, to make it happen

Shouji: He’s so???? sweet???? oh my god???

he’s always looking out for the other students and he always does it almost instinctively??? he just. helps them and it’s the sweetest thing oh my gosh what a sweetheart. he’s also such a chill dude and i love him. he’s like the silent older brother of the class

Mina: SHES SO PEPPY AND UPBEAT. she’s just so super super positive and happy??? she’s also a little naive which is adorable

Momo: oh  my gosh i love Momo. she tries so hard to be the best that she can be?? she lost her way at one point, but she came up with a plan and go ther confidence back?? and she’s also really dorky too b/c she grew up in a rich household so she ends up seeming a little out of place (which is really adorable and the other students also find it cute). also she loves to help people???? she was so excited to help tutor the other kids oh gosh what a sweetheart. she’s a total cinnamon roll

Aoyama: i love how dorky he comes off as?? but he clearly does have some insecurities, but he really does want to be closer to the class. unlike the the shoujo stereotype he’s sorta parodying, he doesn’t wanna be better than anyone. he wants to be on the same level as everyone. AND HE WAS WILLING TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF TO LET THE OTHERS PASS THE EXAM AHHHH

Mineta: as much as he frustrates me with the perverted jokes, i really love the moments when he’s able to work through his fears and win

Tsuyu: another??? total????? sweetheart????????? she worries about everyone and makes sure they’re all okay and often compliments the others when they do something they’re proud of. she’s just like an older sister for the class and she’s just so sweet. i also love how observant she is!!

Kirishima: GOSH, ANOTHER TOTAL SWEETHEART…. he’s so emotional??? and he determinedly stays Bakugou’s friend despite Bakugou’s insults and rough attitude?? and he cried when Tsuyu was crying??? and he also got all sad b/c Tetsutetsu’s quirk is similar to his and he was like ‘NOW I’M EVEN LESS ORIGINAL!!!” and gosh he just cares so much but he’s also hot blooded and dorky?? i love him

Tooru: oh gosh she’s just so sweet. like i genuinely can’t think of a single bad thing about her??? she’s like an invisible ray of sunshine and positivity 

Sero: we don’t really know much about him, but he seems like a really chill dude??



Tokoyami: oh gosh… what a dork.. what an edgy dork…… he stands in front of his door to keep the other kids from seeing his room b/c he’s embarrassed and they have to PUSH HIM OUT OF THE WAY….. and honestly, he just??? he’s so free with giving compliments or thanks. plus his fucking “Banquet of Darkness” thing i just hska;gha you try so hard Tokoyami i love you

also, he has this really sweet moment with Uraraka here where he tries to cheer her up. i grabbed the official translation b/c the scanlations missed it

Ojirou: he’s another character we haven’t seen much of, but he seems like he has a strong moral code?? he willingly got out of the Sports Festival because he felt like he didn’t earn his place there. that takes a lot of guts

Kaminari: oh my god what a fucking dork. he’s just. so clumsy. like, he sticks his foot in his mouth a lot. or he’s just scared to fight. or freaking out in the background. or he tries to play himself up more than he actually is. what a kid oh my gosh. PLUS i love his moment where he pushed aside his fear to stand up for Bakugou ahhhhhh what a sweetie he cares about his friends

Jirou: SHE LOVES TO FUCK WITH KAMINARI AND HE DOESN’T EVEN NOTICE HALF THE TIME LMAO and she’s just so chill??? she’s super sweet in her own way and i love how she’s just ‘nope’ with drama lol. and i love how she just.. fucking loses it when Kaminari fries his brain lmao

Todoroki: OH MY GOD HE IS SUCH A DORK HE IS SO OBLIVIOUS AND JUST. THERE ARE ALWAYS DRAMATIC ZOOMS ON DULL SHIT HE SAYS. HE THINKS HE’S GOT A CURSE THAT HURTS PEOPLE’S HANDS. he is so sweet and dorky and he cares so much about his friends and he tries so hard i love him

Iida: HE’S ALSO SUPER DORKY. he makes weird hand gestures when he talks b/c he just gets so INTO what he’s saying, and he takes his role of Class President really seriously, and he tries to set a good example for the other students and???? he cares so much about his friends too??? and he wants to live up to his brother’s legacy???

Izuku: I LOVE IZUKU SO MUCH. He wants to be a hero so badly, beause he wants to help people and make them smile like All Might does. he had so little self confidence, but his relationship with All Might made him so much more confident, and he’s a natural leader??? and he just cares about his friends so much that he’s willing to do almost anything to help them??? and he trains so hard to get better and better at using OFA and he’s also such a dork and HIS ENTIRE ROOM IS AN ALL MIGHT SHRINE. EVEN AFTER MEETING ALL MIGHT AND BEING CLOSE TO HIM, IZUKU NEVER ONCE LOSES HIS ADMIRATION OF HIM AHHHH

Bakugou: MY ANGRY SON I LOVE HIM SO MUCH????? HE STARTS OUT AS SUCH A LITTLE JERK, BUT OVER THE COURSE OF THE MANGA HE SLOWLY BECOMES NICER AND NICER AND DEVELOPS SO MUCH AS A CHARACTER. GOSH and i think the moment i started to truly enjoy his character is after his match with Uraraka when he’s all “There’s nothing fragile about her.” and he is JUST as determined to be a hero as Izuku is, and nothing will sway him from that path. no offer could move him from what he wants to be, which is a hero like All Might. and he does care. he’s shown worry over All Might (more than once), he refused to use any of his more destructive moves in fear of hurting  Kirishima, and he knows there’s something between All Might and Izuku, but doesn’t push the issue. and then he thanks All Might, when at the beginning of the manga, he never would’ve done that. AHH HE’S SUCH A LITTLE SHIT BUT HE’S LEARNING AND GROWING AND I’M SO PROUD OF HIM AND AHHHHHH I LOVE MY ANGRY SON SO MUCH

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51 namseok "what the hell are you wearing?"

51. “What the hell are you wearing?”

When Namjoon walked out of the bathroom Hoseok tried his best to be a supportive boyfriend. Honestly if you asked him he was being a saint, Namjoon was the one making it so hard.

“Uh babe?” He asked sweetly giving his boyfriend a once over. “What the hell are you wearing?” His smile was wide but his eyes were dying.

“This? Oh well you know I’m not really sure but I saw a blog about it, it’s suppose to represent…(here is where Hoseok clocked out, yes he was a great boyfriend but Namjoon went on these long winded spiels about youth and self expression and blah blah blah. You can’t judge him though, you try listening to that every time you pick up a new cereal in the grocery store and get back to him on how horrible he’s being.)” Namjoon ran a hand over the strangely printed fabric and smiled.

They were going to some social outing with Hoseok’s coworkers, his boss would be there, people he knew would be there, people in general who had eyes and could see would be there. He had to keep himself from visibly cringing at the thought.

“Wonderful,” He muttered, smiling as best as he could. 

The thing was, as much as he’d hate to see Namjoon walk out in something he couldn’t even begin to describe, he loved Namjoon. And love sometimes made you do hard things, like compliment your boyfriends stupid outfits or watch a three hour documentary on Mesopotamia. If it made Namjoon happy well then he’d suck it up.

Three steps away from the door Namjoon grabbed Hoseok’s hand. “You don’t like it do you?” He didn’t sound like he was asking a question but more stating a fact.

“No Joonie I don’t mind, I swear.” Hoseok smiled again, his eye twitching a little.

“Wait here.” Namjoon said before disappearing into their bedroom.

He came back out wearing something a lot more normal because as much as he loved his outfits and deep philosophical meanings, he loved Hoseok. And sometimes love made you do hard things like wearing outfits that seemed a little more normal or going to karaoke for three hours while your boyfriend sang at the top of his lungs a little too close to your ear. If it made Hoseok happy well then he’d suck it up.

Hoseok smiled, it reached his eyes this time as he tilted his head up to place a soft kiss on Namjoon’s lips. The two were left feeling warm and content as they headed out the door, hand in hand no less.

Love makes you do hard stuff sometimes but damn was it always worth it.

Religious MC

Hmm… I thought about this for a while and I think most of the RFA+Unknown would act the same. I don’t think they would care much… Well, except for Unknown cause he wants everyone to worship their savior and go to paradise? Buuuuut! If you don’t mind, for each character, I’ll try to create a different religion MC and a cute cultural scenario! Also! I am not skilled in many religions. So I am sorry if I offend anyone! Just let me know and it comes down! Engloy… lol this is how I write in the morning… They all revolve around curiosity. Sorry for the commonality, but I hope you Enjoy! 


  • Buddhist MC
  • You went to the temple for a yearly mantra.
  • Yoosung wanted to know more about you so he followed.
  • Child was very confused but he tried so hard to understand.
  • “MC, what’s this chat mean?”
  • “Good health.”
  • He would forget to bow and pray and feel bad.
  • You’d have to reassure him that it’s okay since he’s not a Buddhist.
  • He’s want to know everything about your religion.
  • He even studies about it and later asks you about certain practices.


  • I think Jaehee would be most accepting and calm in most scenarios. 
  • She would ask a lot of questions and get to know the religion better.
  • Ask you to teach her what she couldn’t get from books.
  • Join you every now and then to a gathering of any sort.
  • If she was concerned about anything, she’s just ask you nicely about it.
  • Just super supportive Baehee. No negativity!


  • Indian MC
  • Indian Infant Dropping was happening during your visit back home.
  • Zen was up the wall.
  • “Yea, they do it to wish good health and prosperity.”
  • “WHAT?!”
  • “It’s a thing. Take a closer look, the child is caught on a blanket.”
  • He would be curious, asking if you did it and how safe was it.
  • He’d be worried to ask and offend you but he’d still want to try.
  • So he nervously asks, “When we have a kid, can we not do it, please?”
  • “W-when we have a kid?!?!”
  • You wouldn’t know how to respond to that not cause you were offended but because it’s too soon to talk about children!
  • You’d run off and Zen would chase you, “Wait, please answer my question! I just don’t want anything to happen! MC!!!”


  • Mexican MC!
  • You went to visit your grandparents on Day of the Dead.
  • Jumin didn’t understand, “D-de uh?”
  • “Dia de los Muertos. Day of the Dead, honey.”
  • You pulled up pictures of alters, sugar skulls and decorated headstones.
  • Jumin is intrigued. “A day when spirits can come and visit?”
  • He doesn’t think it’s silly since he has his own beliefs, but rather he enjoyed seeing how much love you had in you.
  • You still loved and miss those who left.
  • The day you were visiting your grandparents grave, Jumin sent you a bouquet of flowers and a note.
  • The note read, “Please ask for their blessing for us.”


  • Muslim MC!
  • Saeyoung doesn’t really mind overall.
  • He just cares that you’re you and he won’t take that away from you.
  • But Ramadan sent him over the moon!
  • He was worried about you 25/7!
  • “But MC! I understand fasting for your religion, but you can’t drink either!”
  • “I’ll be okay. I’m not going to stop my practices.”
  • He’d be upset cause he realized that he was essentially telling you to stop your beliefs.
  • Then he’d pout and say, “S-sorry.. That’s not what I meant.”
  • You’d hug him and tell him it’s okay and you appreciated his concern.
  • Saeyoung would ask, “surely, there are some exemptions right?”
  • You’d casually list them, “Yea, the old, young, pregnant, weak…”
  • Saeyoung lay his head on your shoulder, “pregnant, huh?”
  • “SAEYOUNG, NO!” You’d hit him and he’s just whine.
  • “But MC! I don’t want you to die!”
  • “You’ll die if you keep this up!”
  • He stopped but during the small window you can eat, he’s make sure you’ll be filled with good foods and drink.


  • I think any religion would make Unknown upset.
  • “Worship the Savior! You’re guaranteed to get into paradise!”
  • “Your savior sounds like a cult.”
  • He’d be so offended.
  • “Your god is fake!”
  • Then you would punch him in the face.
  • And since Unknown is really a big softie, he’d he like, “Ow.. :’c I-I didn’t.. *sigh* I want you to be saved.“ 
  • He’d walk away but he would still worry and try and get you on his side.

Rikako Aida’s Instagram post (2017-07-04) [EN Translation]

[Rikyako posted some photos and her thoughts on LA after the Anisong World Matsuri concert! Let me know if you have any corrections or errors to report.]

The 9 members of Aqours successfully participated in the Anisong World Matsuri 2017 ~Japan Kawaii Live~ in LA!!

It’s been about a year since the last time we came, when only 6 of us were there, and when we hoped that someday we could return with all 9 of us! To think that this could be arranged so quickly! And we were even able to perform a live show…

Last year, we unfortunately couldn’t do a live performance, though we enjoyed ourselves as much as we could (´;ω;`) To me, LA is an important place, filled with many memories from when I was young.

Back then, I didn’t think even for a second that I would come back to LA doing something like this. So coming to perform in LA had a unique personal significance for me.

Local friends that I’ve gotten along with ever since I lived here came to see me. People having watched, cried at, and been delighted by our performance made me feel, like I have before, so glad that I’ve tried my best up to this point.

Tom yum goong was my favorite dish back then, and to me, it was the world’s most delicious food. I was nearly crying while I ate it at the hotel. lol (I also ate it last year.)

Compared to last year, this year’s schedule was more relaxed, so we had time to do some sightseeing. 😊 All of us in Aqours are going to try our best to be able to participate again next year. 🙌

By the way, I left behind a novel that I had brought with me from Japan in the hotel. Even though I tried so hard and got through half of it… #LA

Cat-decorated top. #ZARA

WJSN Reaction to: Tribadism (smut)

Anon: I think I just found my new favorite blog! I don’t know if you’re doing requests 😔 But can you do scenario with WJSN with tribadism or really dirty smut? BECAUSE I HAVE THE HOTS FOR THEM HOLY JISOOS -SS🌙

a/n: a scenario for all the (legal) girls was too hard so I tried instead to do a long reaction. hope that’s ok, anon! also, I didn’t know what tribadism meant lol so I googled it & for anyone else unaware, it is: a lesbian practice in which one partner lies on top of the other and simulates the movements of the male in heterosexual intercourse :)

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The cat’s out of the bag!

Here was my submission to the Miraculous Ladybug Zine!!  When I think of ML, I think a lot about fashion LOL.

Thanks again so much for inviting me to the project and also apologies for all the struggle I might’ve caused LOL;;;  The project was a huge success and it couldn’t have been done without @mayhugs so a BIG round of applause to her and the whole cohort!  Everyone’s work is so stunning, I’m literally drooling over the beauty