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Room Service - Zen/MC Fluff Fanfic

Also @zorvayu because it isn’t exactly a Zen cuddle fic, but still pretty fluffy romance, I think~ I’d love to write more cuddles later, though, so I’m keeping your request in my inbox! And @foxyotomelady because this is sort of the result of me wanting to write more Zen + kissing lolol

So! Zen/MC romantic fluff, BUT this one does have small spoilers for Zen’s route since it’s set after his Good End. If you’ve played up to Day 10ish of his route you’ll be fine. PG 13. RFA goes on a vacation together after the party and you’re sharing a hotel room with Zen ^^

I know I’m doing these requests all out of order but I’ve had less free time lately, so I’m kinda going in order of what I have the most ideas for T_T Thank you for being so patient! ^^

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Welcome home (Jack Request)

“Yeah so I think we’re just gonna head to the shopping centre now” You explain to your vlogging camera.
“Girly shopping trip!“ Your friend grins, poking her head into the back of the vlog.
She also was a YouTuber though never vlogged and she had been very adamant that you take your camera with you today.
“Its already twelve o'clock” she points out, “time for lunch soon!”
“I’m sure your life orientates around food” You laugh and she turns into the first shop you were going in to, Superdry.
“Ooh this is cute!” Your friend points out, picking up a floral skirt you really had no interest in.
Instead you walked over to their sport range and had a look for a new pair of joggers and shorts you had been wanting for a while.
After some time of looking in here, you both go into TopShop where your friend insists on you trying on a dress even though she knew they weren’t really your style. You reluctantly give in and go to the changing rooms to put on the Burgundy skater dress that had cut out lines either side and came down to above your knee.
“You have have have to buy it!” She grins, vlogging you with your camera
“What am I ever gonna wear it for?” You question, turning to look at the behind of it.
“You’ll find something soon enough” She grins cheekily, “Now buy it and we’ll go eat because I’m starving”
You brush your hands over the material, Jack would love it. And you couldn’t wait to see him again. Recently, he had been travelling with the boys, doing things for YouTube and generally just not being back in London. You loved that he was enjoying himself but missed him more than you ever thought possible. 3 more weeks. 21 more days.
The pair of you buy your new item and head across to where your friend was again determined to make you go to Nandos even if you had to walk for like 5 minutes.
She still had your camera and when you got to the doors, she pulled it out and began filming.
” why are you filming?“ You frown questioningly, expecting something scary to jump out at you as a prank.
“Go inside” She smiles and you cautiously do as she says.
The restaurant was fairly empty besides the odd group that all seemed to be situated in the same area, leaving one half completely free.
Soon enough, Conor’s familiar voice can be heard singing the lyrics to Crash which everyone knew was one of your favourites from his covers album.
And this left you more confused. That’s when you saw him. Not Conor. Not Joe or Caspar or Oli. Not Josh or Mikey. But Jack. Your boyfriend. A smile on his face and one simple red rose held between his fingers. A tan graced his skin and made his eyes look even more piercing. The guy you were in love with.
In seconds you ran straight for him, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. With ease he lifts you from the floor with strong arms around your waist. You burrow your head into his neck and tears build in your eyes. For a single moment, you realised how much you had actually missed him. You couldn’t have lasted another 3 weeks.
“Well looks like they missed each other” Mikey laughs.
You finally stop yourself crying and pull your head back slightly.
“Aww babe don’t cry” He chuckles, lowering you to the floor. The pads of his thumbs graze lightly across your dampened cheeks and stop on your jaw, tilting your head up slightly and pressing his lips to yours. Your most perfect kiss.
You both pull back and his forehead rests against yours, “I missed you” He mumbles
“You don’t say” You laugh, kissing him again, “Why the hell didn’t you tell me you were home?”
“I didn’t have a video idea for this week” He chuckles.
You roll your eyes and hear the boys laugh.

I Chose You (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 2

AN: I am not making any Pokemon references even though I can’t stop thinking about them lmao.

P.S. I had no idea what anyone wanted out of this. I got a lot of requests for a Part 2 but no explanation so it’s just fluff. (I also totally lost all inspiration so it’s forced and terrible.)

Part 1

Originally posted by comicbookstuffdaily

Instead of sitting across from Peter like you did on the first day, you now sat next to him. You were being much nicer to everyone then you had ever been, and even though most people thought it was fake and you just wanted friends again, it wasn’t. 

In fact, you didn’t even care that that’s what most people thought. If you were honest, you were just so happy because of Peter. You couldn’t believe he didn’t have more friends. He was a genius, and super hilarious. Plus, whenever you laughed at his cheesy jokes he always blushed, which you thought was extremely cute and flattering.

You had become fast friends, as neither of you really had anyone else. And to be quite honest, you were glad you had Peter essentially all to yourself for the past three weeks.

Once you had dropped your other friends for Peter, they left you alone. But you weren’t surprised, you had too much dirt on them for them to start bullying you now.

And Peter was very glad for your company. Sometimes Ned came back to sit with you and Peter a couple times, but not always. Another kid named Max had talked to you a couple times as well. But your friendship with Peter was already stronger than any other you had ever had.

The truth was that you and Peter had just clicked. If you had known you were going to have this much fun with him and not be so anxious about hiding who you really were, you would have became friends with him a long time ago.

As for Peter, his schoolboy crush that he had thought he had gotten over long ago, had returned in full force. He tried to hide it, but he knew that he blushed and stuttered around you way too much, and you were going to piece it together soon enough.

So though Peter loved your company, he was just counting down the days until he was friendless again. He knew as soon as you found out he liked you, you were either going to tell him it was okay and just pretend to ignore it, or feel so awkward about it and just drop being his friend altogether.

Plus there was the whole Spiderman issue, and he just couldn’t bring you into that.

But the worst part about it was this kid named Max. About a week after you and Peter had began to sit next to each other, Max had came up to Peter after school and told Peter to stay away from you, and that he was going to ask you out now that your annoying friends were gone.

Peter tried to ignore him, but it was hard when he occasionally stopped by your table and flirted with you right in front of him.

But as he looked at your face, all scrunched up in concentration as you examined the math homework, he couldn’t help but think you were beautiful as ever, and all he wanted to do was kiss you and tell you how much he cared about you already.

“Peter can you help me please?” You looked up and gestured to the problem with your pencil.

“Uh, right. Sure.” Peter moved closer to you, reading the problem, butterflies stirring in his abdomen.

The two of you were in the library for your last hour of the day, working on homework; algebra to be specific. You were struggling with it, unlike Peter who had to constantly tutor you in the subject.

Suddenly the bell rang, signaling the end of the day, and you let your head hit the table.

“I’m going to fail.” You moaned.

“Hey, no you’re not.” Peter tried to comfort you. “But, I guess, we- we could study more at my house. If you know, you’re comfortable with that.” Peter gulped as he tried to figure out why he said that. How could he deal with you in his apartment, his room, when he could barely take it at school?

You lifted your head up. “You mean it?”

“Y-yes.” He nodded and you smiled, throwing your arms around him.

“What would I do without you Peter?” You whispered in his ear as he he lightly returned your hug, blushing of course. 

As Peter walked you to his apartment, he was getting more and more nervous. He knew his Aunt wouldn’t be home as she had to work. He just hoped there was something edible in the fridge, just so he could offer you something if you asked. Also, he had no idea if he had put his suit away. Well he was like 90% sure he did. But still! 10% was too much of a risk. On top of that, he had never had a girl in his room. He didn’t know what you were going to think, or if it smelled. Oh God, he thought, please don’t smell.

“Well, uh this is it.” Peter opened the door open for you.

“Oh hello Peter.” May heard footsteps and slid something into the oven. “I’m making mor-” She turned around and saw you. “Who’s this?”

“Aunt May, what are you doing here?” Peter asked, surprised. 

“Oh, you expected me to be gone? What were you two planning to do?” She raised her brow and gestured between you and Peter, both of you blushing furiously at what she was instigating.

“N-No!” The both of you sputtered out.

“She’s just my friend from school.” Peter could feel himself blushing all the way down his neck, mortified.

“If that’s what you say.” She turned back around. “Still leave your door open.” 

Peter just shook his head and gestured for you to follow him 

“I’m sorry about her. She takes any chance to embarrass me.” Peter said once you entered his room.

“She’s cute.” You giggled.

“I’m sorry, it’s not much.” Peter wrung out his hands nervously as you looked around his room. Making sure not to touch anything in case it would bother him. 

“It’s okay. I like it. The only other guys rooms I’ve been in are my brothers, and their’s stink like old sweat and dirty underwear.” You scrunched up your nose and Peter laughed at the funny face you were making. 

You sat down on Peter’s bed, still looking around. His room was small, but it was cute and homey to you.

Peter watched you look around, his heart fluttering. He had to tell you. He knew he couldn’t keep it a secret anymore.

“Y/N, I’ve got to tell you something.” He blurted out before he could think.

“Hmm?” You slowly looked up, looking into his eyes and he swallowed thickly.

“I, I think I’m in love with you.” He looked down.  “And I know I’ve made it weird and our friendship is probably ruined, and I’m pretty sure you like someone else but I really really like you and I’m sorry I said anything because I don’t think I could ever stand to not be your friend anymore… but I just couldn’t keep it a secret anymore.”

Your eyes widened in shock. You just couldn’t believe it. “I… you don’t mean that Peter.”

“You-, what?” Peter’s looked up in confusion. “Of course, I do. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I-” you didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t like you hadn’t given any thought to being in a relationship with Peter. It was a frequent thought that crept up on you at night, but here, him admitting it seemed surreal. 

Peter looked crestfallen at your silence. “It’s okay if you want to leave, I already knew it would be awkward, and I’m sor-” Peter cut himself off when you flung your arms around him. 

“I was going to kiss you, but you’re going to have to take me out for that.” You whispered in his ear. 

“You, you want to go out with m-me?” Peter stammered. “But you do know Max likes you right?”

You giggled against his chest, trying not to shake your head at Peter’s obliviousness. “Well I guess I’m choosing you… again.”

Title: The Sneak Out (Daughter of Tony! reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter Parker has acquired tickets to the Star Wars premiere and would love to take the reader. Only problem is, Tony, reader’s father, doesn’t think it’s such a hot idea. But Natasha does.

Word Count: 2055

A/N: COLLAB IMAGINE! This is a collab imagine with my sis/ fellow imagine write @theincredibleultron . She’s oh so talented and deserves all the love in the world. Go check her out! Also, thank you SO much for 2500 followers. WOAH!! Oh; Little FYI that requests are open, as well. Enjoy!!!

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mariposaminiatures  asked:

Obviously you must draw the Kitten Witches getting ready for Fall or doing general witchy things xD But I would also love to see more works featuring Koh because I just think she's so elegant! And her little tanuki friends are so fluffy and cute ♡

I hope this still counts! When I hear “fall” I automatically think Halloween, I guess. Thanks for the request!

anonymous asked:

Please don't write autistic headcanons when you're not autistic, it erases the struggles that actual autistic people go through and can reinforce harmful stereotypes

I’m sorry they didn’t work for you – I wouldn’t have written them if they hadn’t been requested of me, and I definitely think that writing characters that are marginalized in ways you are not is tricky, and can easily enforce harmful stereotypes. I don’t think it inherently does, though.

That said, if a person writes a character who is marginalized in ways they are not, they have to be completely open to criticism of what they’ve written by people who have that identity. Also, they need to be aware of not speaking over people of that identity–I would never want to become The Person for autistic headcanons, and I love reblogging autistic headcanons made by autistic people.

Did you have specific problems with what I wrote? I did my best to do research and pretty much all of the details in there came from posts/blogs/etc written by actual autistic people. But that doesn’t mean I handled everything completely properly. If something in particular rubbed you the wrong way, please let me know!

I Think I’ll Try To Give You Up||Scott Mccall

Warnings: Douche bag Scott, curse words

Word Count: 882 (SORRY IT’S SHORT AHH)

Request: Yes


Originally posted by thewolfbitme

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I Hate You  (Theo Raeken)

Note: I think this imagine is much better than my first and I kinda like it. Hope you do too! Make sure to check out my last one if you’d like and comment requests! I need some better ideas and input other than my own. I’m planning a sequel to this imagine, it will involve Stiles and the others more than this one did. There will also be more drama, fluff ect.

“If your still in this class, congratulations. Your officially AP biology class material” Mrs Finch announces.

“Now, I have a project for you due in two weeks, your going to split up into pairs of two”

Instantly, my eyes dart over to Stiles. My best friend iv known since the age of three. We first met in the sand box, but our first impressions of each other weren’t the best. We fought over one of the plastic trucks, but got over it pretty quickly like all three year olds do. Soon enough, we became great friends.

“Your pairs will be of my selection” Mrs Finch reveals. I slump back down in my seat groaning. Great. Stiles is my only friend in AP biology. I mean, I have to talked to his friends before, but they never really share much with me.

“Scott and Kira, Lydia and Maddie, Stacie and Isabella, Y/N and Theo” she continues.

To be frank, my first impressions of Theo were pretty mediocre as well. Never met him, but Stiles always talked badly about him. Im not one to follow on, but Stiles seemed pretty positive this guy wasn’t a nice person. I believed him.

I make my way over to Theo’s desk, in order to start working on the project.

While taking my seat I tell myself ‘don’t engage’, just like Stiles said.

The bell sounds, signalling the end of a school day.

“I need your number” Theo says frankly.

“I’m sure you’ll live without it… Shitty pickup line by the way” I snicker.

“So we can work on the project, don’t flatter yourself”

I scribble my number down on a piece of paper, handing it to Theo.

“Only call when you absolutely need to” I state, leaving Theo behind me.

“Trust me! Your the last person i’d ever want to call anyway!” he yells in my direction. The comment makes my blood boil, why was he so rude? Our first impressions were most defiantly mediocre.

My phone vibrates on my leg, indicating a text message. I slip it out of my pocket and unlock it, the text was from Theo.

‘How far are you on the project? I need to run through some notes with you, you busy?’

‘Come over. My address is 16 Revere Street’ I text back. For some reason, my stomach filled with nerve. I was pretty sure I hated Theo, why you ask? I was best friends with Stiles and Stiles hates Theo. It’s the law of friendship. I had to dislike him back, it was an unsaid rule. But I couldn’t deny it, he was pretty damn attractive.

Ten minutes later, I hear a knock on the front door. Sure enough it was Theo.

“We need to be quick, my parents will be home in half an hour” I say, opening my bedroom door, allowing Theo inside.

“It’s not like were having sex” he scoffs.

“If either of them found out I had a boy in my room, sex or not they would kill me. They’re both way too overprotective”

“Well then I guess we’d better hurry up”

The next half hour later we spend working on our project. We finished a lot of work, but we were pretty much ignoring each other the whole time. When we needed to, we would exchange notes in a bitter manner.

“Your parents are home, they’re cars pulling up outside" Theo says slightly startled.

“I guess i’ll see you tomorrow then, leave through the window so they don’t see you” I say, continuing to dot down notes in my book.

“Your not even gonna introduce me? Have you ever introduced a boy to your parents” Theo snickers rudely.

“For your information, I have. I just don’t want them to know I hang out with a complete jerk” I snicker back looking up at him, feeling quite victorious at my response.

“That was uncalled for” Theo says, climbing out of my window. I walk over to the window.

“It was completely called for” I respond, shutting the window as he looks back at me.

It was very hard to hold a grudge with Theo Raeken. One of the hardest things iv done. He was very cute. Actually no, hot. And I never had any actually proof that he was a bad person. Maybe if I gave him a chance? No, I couldn’t let my guard down. Stiles was my best friend and I wouldn’t do that to him. 

I pull the keys out of the ignition and slam my cars door shut. I remind myself why I was at school so early, periscely six am. It was the beginning of the lacrosse season and to maintain my spot on the team, I had to attend try outs. Making my way to the field, I spot a couple of people who have perviously been on the team, some who haven’t. This included Theo Raeken.

“Never knew you played lacrosse” Theo snickers rudely, as I walk past him.

“Then you don’t know how good I am. Good luck, because your going to need it, Raeken” I yell back in response, continuing to walk onto the field.

“Y/N! Your in goal!” coach yells out. I nod in acknowledgement and everybody forms a line. Catching every single shot, I scoff in response to my victories. Not bragging or anything, but I have to admit, I am one of the better players on the team. Soon enough, it was Theo’s turn to shoot. We make eye contact, smirking back at each other.

“Scared?!” I yell in his direction, while firmly holding the stick in my hand.

“Never” he yells back confidently.

“Then make the shot Raeken!” Before I could register anything else, he makes the shot. To my surprise it lands straight in the goal. I instantly feel outplayed and embarrassed.

“YES! That’s how it’s done!” coach announces. Theo smirks back at me in victory, making my face burn with anger.

“Time for some field play! Besides you Greenburg, take a seat!” coach adds.  

After half an hour of practicing, the action of playing lacrosse felt somewhat tedious. Making my way over to my duffle bag. Taking a sip from my drink bottle, someone taps me on the shoulder.

“How does it feel to loose?” A puffed out voice says. I turn around to see Theo. Who knew someone could look so hot with sweat dripping down their face.

“It was one shot, and you had me off guard” I respond coldly.

“Maybe your the one who needs the luck, not me” Theo says smirking, taking a drink bottle out of his bag. I look back at him with earnest.

“OK! We are done for the day. I will post the results on the school website tomorrow!” coach announces walking back into the school.

With that, I swing my duffle bag over my shoulder and head towards the girls locker room.

I turn on a nice cold shower, instantly relieving my minor heatstroke. Being the only girl on the team had it’s benefits. I had the entire bathroom to myself, or so I thought. I heard the locker room door swing open and someone walks in.

“What the hell are you doing in here? This is the girls locker room” I say loudly, trying to speak over the sound of the shower.

“The boys locker room is full” After hearing the familiar voice, I realise it’s Theo.  

“You couldn’t have waited?” I ask rudely and confused at the same time.  

“No. I want a shower now” he answers bluntly.

I turn the shower off and wrap my towel around my body in order to avoid Theo seeing me naked. I dry myself off then put on my clothes. But keeping my attention off Theo was hard. I could only see the top half of his body, but damn was he easy on the eyes. He turns around to see me staring, then smirks back in response. I quickly avert my attention back to my duffle bag.

“Staring?” he asks, sounding friendlier than usual.

“I don’t blame you, every girl does”

“Don’t flatter yourself” I respond, swinging the duffle bag over my shoulder. I leave the locker room to go on with my day.

“Your being careful of Theo, aren’t you?” Stiles asks firmly. I finish chewing my chicken salad sandwich.

“Yes, Stiles. I’m being careful.” I answer impatiently, trying to finish my lunch.

“He’s not all bad, you know?”

“Y/N I can feel it, I just know it. There’s something up with him”

“Hmm, okay” I say, taking another bite of my sandwich. After talking with Theo, i’m not sure sure he’s a bad person anymore. Sure, he was rude and cold, but in return so was I. To be honest, I don’t know why i’m continuing to act so bitter towards him. But i’m still holding onto Stiles’s point, he was always right with things like this.

My phone dings, signalling a text message. I avert my attention from my science project sitting on my bed to my phone.

‘I’ll be over in five’ It read, the text was from Theo.

‘Okay, come through the window. My parents are home’ I send back. Maybe this was my time to give him a chance? I mean, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Right?

Theo climbs in through my window, causing a loud thud.

“Be quiet!” I whisper with a firm look upon my face.

“Calm down” he answers carelessly. I hold up a sheet of paper dotted down with notes. Theo takes it from my hands and investigates it.

“You wrote all this down for me?”

“I want to get a decent mark” I answer, still focusing on my work.

“Or… you like me. Couldn’t help but notice, you didn’t take your eyes off me when I was showering” he smirks.

“Shut up, I don’t like you”

“Prove it”

“How?” I ask, looking at him like he asked a stupid question.

“Tell me to my face” he says firmly.

So I walk over to Theo, standing only inches away from him.

“I don’t like you, never have and never will” I snicker.

“Liar” Theo says firmly. Yes, I was lying. The only thing that was going through my head was, ‘damn you look nice up close’. We both stare into each others eyes for a couple of seconds.

“Fine. I lied. You happy?” I state, sighing.

“Very” he smirks, before mashing his lips onto mine. Before we know it, we are well into a heated make out session. Our breaths huffing down each others necks. His hands on my waist and mine on his neck. Lifting me up, I straddle his waist. He starts biting my lip, leaving marks. Then dropping me back down on the bed, but careful not to hurt me while doing so. His lips move from my lips to my neck to my ear. Leaving purple spots and small bite marks down my neck. My back arches and I moan quietly in response. Then his lips leave mine.

“I don’t think I can hate you anymore” I say. We sit back up, Theo sitting on my right.

“Me neither” He says, with his thumb caressing my bottom lip.

“We should get back to our project” Theo sighs in response.

“Fine, promise to get back to what we we’re doing later?” he says smirking.

“Fine” I answer biting my lip.

anonymous asked:

Kuramochi when he fall in love with his best friend from childhood and he see his/her after long time

Anonymous asked: Wishing you a good luck with this wonderful blog! Even though you only have a bit of writing up, I can see that this is probably going to go far! Would you mind if I requested some Kuramochi; maybe somehow involving his laugh? Thank you in advance, and an extra good luck! ouo

okay so these two prompts are super freaking cute and I feel like they just belong together!! So I combined them!!  I think any partner of Kuramochi would secretly have the biggest thing for his laugh !!! It’s just so him, y’know?

I hope you enjoy this! I’ve had it drafted for the longest time bc I just didn’t know how to end it, so I hope this is okay! ~Admin Tress

also ft. the spiderman kiss (partially at least) bc that’s hella freaking cute

~Admin Tress

“‘Mochi,” they said suddenly, looking up at him from where they had their head in his lap, “I love your laugh.”

Kuramochi stopped attacking pixelated monsters long enough to glance down at them, a questioning look in his eyes. “Really? You’re weird, [Name].”

His childhood friend sat up, closing the book they had been reading so they could look him in the eye. “Maybe.” Pause. “But I mean it.”

The screen went black, signalling that his character had just died. With a sigh, he switched off the console, looking up to find [Name] staring at him with an unusually serious expression.

It was…strange? Nerve-wracking? To be on the receiving end of their scrutiny. For some reason it made his palms sweaty and the room suddenly get 10 degrees warmer. Heat prickled uncomfortably on the back of his neck, like when he knew he had failed a test and Kataoka was arising from the depths of hell to give him the most humiliating scolding yet.

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i haven’t been posting many ootds this past month, mostly because summer fashion is my least favorite.. but also because i’ve been busy planning my fall posts! i have SO many outfits i’m excited about i can’t wait to share them w you guys! I’m also thinking of starting a ‘look for less’ series where i take some of my favorite celeb ootds (ppl like bella hadid, kendall jenner, chrissy teigen, and miranda kerr) and do my own version with more affordable pieces. I know this isn’t a 100% original idea, but would you guys like that? let me know! I can take requests as well- if there’s a specific outfit you’d want to see just message me. I can’t wait to get into fall, AHHHHHHH! :”)

anonymous asked:

hi, i know you already have some drawings prepared, so can we expect anything with romione or are you not interested in them that much at the moment? +i wanted to ask about drarry sneak peak from your instagram, with b&w harry, i'm dying to see the rest of it, will you be uploading it soon? also, since you drew harry and draco as aurors, i'm curious how do you feel about healer!draco? i think it would be cute to see him taking care of harry's wounds

Yes, I have drawings prepared! But I don’t have any Romione in my drafts at the moment, so that’s not something you should expect any time soon :) But I’ll draw more of them!

About Drarry, that one is pretty far up the queue too, so it might also take quite a while to get it out. I’m so sorry! :c If it makes you feel better, it’s really nothing too interesting, it’s kinda lame… XD I draw lame things sometimes :D

I don’t recall drawing Draco as an auror, unless you mean the Dark!Drarry drawing I did where they look like aurors? :) But anyway, I know that healer!Draco is a common trope, so I might eventually get intrigued by it enough to draw it, I’m not sure :) It’s not something I would never draw, but I’m not planning to draw it any time soon either. We’ll see! ^^

anonymous asked:

I have seen your FQA masterpost (a very insightful read, btw. *thumbs-up*), and I have noticed a lack of a post concerning a relationship between Horned Serpent and Wampus. Would you mind making one, please?

Thank you, and right you are! I only got requests for the houses with Thunderbird, I’m happy to do more.

Horned Serpent and Wampus make for a very powerful pairing. These are very practical houses, and in many ways balance each other out. Horned Serpent brings patient calculation and excellent ideas to the in-the-moment Wampus. While they aren’t as impulsive as Thunderbirds, they are usually more focused on problem-solving their immediate challenges - where as Horned Serpent is always thinking of the future. In this way, Wampus also helps them get out of their head and enjoy the moment. Wampus make loyal, protective, and dependable friends who help ease the typical Horned Serpent anxiety. Buffy and Giles are an excellent example of a Wampus and Horned Serpent combination. I call them a powerful combination because when you combine the ingenuity or even scheming of Horned Serpent, with the Wampus mastery of bringing ideas into practical use and action - together they can be very difficult to stop!

One memory of a pair of Wampus and Horned Serpent best friends comes to mind, they had been periodically in and out of the library for months signing out a great variety of books, and eventually asking me very random inquiries into different types of magic. They had such focused and determined expressions that I became somewhat perplexed. I eventually inquired as to what, exactly, they were doing with all of this extra reading. They replied mysteriously, saying they would show me when it was finished. I was quite concerned, but a lucky conversation with their professor of Crafting and Bewitching Magical Objects eased my agitation. As it turned out, they invented the very first Wizarding Salon Hat - which you no doubt have heard of! The Treyvaud and Blume hat is the very same used in most wizarding salons today. They also went on to make the excellent line of beauty care potions.

Also read about:  Wampus and Thunderbird
Horned Serpent and Thunderbird
Pukwudgie and Thunderbird

Bev's Updates!!

My lovelies. Okay, so I just realized how busy I got all of a sudden. First, I’m fighting this stupid stomach flu that’s ripping my intestines apart (I think I’m winning).

Second, here is a small list of the things I have coming up (I would like to also say that the majority of these entries aren’t due until the end of September so I’m not stressed *yet* lmfao):

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I also don’t think that me saying that my goal is to get away from them would legally count as an official withdrawal from their program. I never specified that it was an immediate request, just something I hoped for in the future. Ugh, I shouldn’t have rambled.

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Hello~so how abt haizaki, hanamiya (my king), aomine (your king), and imayoshi, yes the trash kings, reacting to their fem s/o acting childish, like not wanting to eat her vegetables, or not wanting to get out of bed? Have a nice day 😀🐑

A/N: Hellooo, thanks for the request! I love these boys. I felt like I could’ve made the reader a bit whinier / stayed more true to the ‘childish’ description, but I think it turned out okay. Added some length to Hanamiya’s with the knowledge that he’s your bae. 

Aomine: You shifted your shoulders and curled your fingers, letting out a contented sigh as you came back from your state of sweet slumber. You were resting on a cloud of relaxation; there was nothing like being bundled in soft linen sheets, your face lost in a headrest sea of pillows, your body warm and cozy. Your mind was foggy with drowsiness and your eyelids weighted; when you managed to force them open, you immediately shut them and let out a groan of irritation from the sudden onslaught of sunlight.  A knock on the wood of your bedroom door caught your attention, which you furrowed your brow at. You were too relaxed, too comfortable to want to get up, so even when knuckles met the door to your room again, a baritone voice which you knew well calling, “_______,” impatiently, you sucked in a deep breath and responded with an indecipherable “Nggggh~” You weren’t ready to start your day, so you rolled over and readjusted your position, bed sheets rustling as you moved drowsy limbs and curled your toes. You longed to go back to dreamland, but the exasperated sigh and the, “Honestly, _______. I’m coming in,” produced from the vocal chords of your boyfriend prevented you from doing so.

Your bedroom door swung open, large and heavy footsteps against hardwood floors following the intrusion. You squeeze your eyes shut and relax your mouth, putting full trust in your relatively poor acting skills that you looked believably asleep. Aomine sighs at your bedside, eyes locked onto your ‘sleeping’ face. “I saw your eyes open two seconds ago. Seriously; I can’t believe I’m the one waking you up.” He sits down at the edge of your mattress, bringing a palm down to shake your torso. You immediately groan, smacking his hand away as you reopen your eyes. “Come on, Dai,” you whimper, voice hoarse and husky in just that right, sexy, drowsy tone, causing his gaze to soften and his guard to lower involuntarily. Though he was supposedly a hardened man on the outside, you always had just the right way of creeping under his barricade.  He brings a hand down to brush hair out of your face, reluctantly under your spell, so he was a bit startled when you grab his wrist to intercept him. “Five more minutes?” You ask him, maintaining the tone he liked and staring up at him, deliberately begging with your expression. It’s only when he doesn’t respond, face contorting slightly as he visibly thinks, that you realize you’ve won. “Fine.” He says with a sigh, and though he sounds exasperated you know he’s fibbing because he’s just as lazy as you are.  You giggle because he’s really a lot softer than he likes to let off, yet you realize how lucky you are as his girlfriend to see such sides of him. You lace your fingers with his and yank him down for some early morning cuddling.

Imayoshi: You supposed that your current situation was your fault, but you hadn’t expected it to turn out this way. Your boyfriend had warned you, sure, that if you wanted to go to his house after school, you two couldn’t do much together because of his need to study for tomorrow’s test; such were the cons of dating a focused and driven student. You told him that it would be fine because you figured you’d get him to pay attention to you and procrastinate somehow either way. Apparently, you hadn’t ever learned your lesson from previous times, because though Imayoshi was gracious enough to let you watch television in the same room as his studies, he sat with his legs warm under a kotatsu table, materials spread out on the top wood as he leaned over, gaze focused and paying absolutely no mind to you. You lay sprawled on the couch with a blanket, but even though the TV was running, the noise went in one ear and out the other. You sigh, tipping your head back and groaning, “Shouuuu!” Frustratingly, Imayoshi didn’t even lift up his head to glance at you. You took offense to his disregard for you despite knowing that you were being selfish. In theory, you should’ve been happy that your boyfriend was such a good example of a young man with correct priorities, but in actual practice, all you wanted was his touch or some expression of his affection for you.

“Shoichi, do you love me?” You ask, staring up at the ceiling, and though you already know the answer to your question, your heart soars when you hear him stir. He shifts his muscles, adjusting his glasses. “I reckon that I do, but I wonder how much more I’d love someone motivated and studious.” You snort at this, standing up and bringing your blanket with you as you slink over, settling yourself on the floor next to him and resting your head on his shoulder. “You’re so cold sometimes, Shoichi. I don’t want to study because I want to spend time with you.”  You’re both aware that it’s your nicely worded confession of your laziness, so when Imayoshi doesn’t reply, you sigh exasperation into his shoulder. You bring your body weight down, sliding a little to adjust your position, resting your back on the ground and your head in his lap. You exhale immaturity as you stare up at him, giving him a nudge in the side with your elbow. “Pay attention to me, Shou.” you complain. Imayoshi glances down at you, shaking his head in half-hearted disapproval as he brings a palm down to massage his fingers against your scalp. “Honestly,” he exhales, dropping his pencil to adjust his glasses with his free hand, “You’re such a pain sometimes, _______.” He hums, though you smile in contentment as his actions contradict his words. “Love you too, Shoichi.”

Haizaki: Though your boyfriend had his own set of saving graces, his negative characteristics were undeniable. He knew just the right ways to crawl under your skin; the perfect ways to itch at your patience and to make you nearly cry from frustration. While you loved Haizaki in spite of his flaws, sometimes he tested your relationship. You had spent the morning working earnestly on a cake for Haizaki’s mother; she was in the hospital because of a surgical procedure, and much to your pleasant surprise, it was your boyfriend who had come up with the idea to make such a thing for her. While he had originally stated he would help out, he did so with his fingers crossed behind his back. Whilst you poured your efforts into producing a sticky substance, he sat at the table and blabbered away about ‘some dude who pissed him off after school.’ You found that your tolerance of his speech wore out quickly, his insults fading to white noise as you set the oven to preheat, and you excused yourself to the restroom, entrusting your boyfriend with the batter of the pastry. Needless to say, when you came back and found the material all over his face and fingers, his expression meeting yours with a sly grin, you near exploded. “Shougo!” You gasped, grabbing the kitchen utensil nearest you, the wooden spoon which you had used to stir the batter, and held it up offensively. He averted his gaze, going back to dipping his fingers in the bowl; in which you tightened your grip on the wooden spoon and flung it at him, a loud thunk sounding in response. 

“Ow!” He whined, rubbing at the damaged spot with care before bringing his eyes to glare at you, malevolence clear. “The fuck was that for, _______!? What, you’re gonna be a bitch about all of this now?” You snort, thoroughly offended, “Honestly, Shougo!?” Your voice was shrill, your hands balled into tight fists, nails leaving behind red crescents into your palm. “All of that hard work and this is what I get? You dipping your filthy fingers into something for your mother? I hope you pass out and die from salmonella!” You storm off into the next room in favor of throwing yourself on the couch; Haizaki sighs and brings a palm up, wiping dried batter off of his cheek. “Yo, babe! Hey!” He calls out to you, but when you don’t respond, he curses to himself and stands up, following your track into the next room. “Baaaabe,” he groans, walking over to your place on the sofa. “Babe, come on.” You continue to ignore him, closing your eyes and pretending like he’s not there. He scoffs, resisting his temperamental urge to storm out of your household. “Fucking seriously? You’re gonna ignore me like a kid?” You hum to yourself, curling your fingers into the fabric, waiting patiently for very specific words to leave his mouth. Sighing, Haizaki brings digits up to rub at his temples. “Okay.” He inhales, “I’m sorry, and I’ll help you with the cake. There. Now could you stop being such a baby?” You open your eyes and sit up, a smile on  your face as you bop his nose. “Apology accepted, Shougo.” You say, your tone verging sarcastic. He rolls his eyes, grumbling “Whatever,” as you kiss his cheek, grabbing his wrist to drag him back into  the kitchen. This time, he was going to do all of the work. 

Hanamiya: Large, plush couch cushions absorbed the sudden impact of your body as you threw yourself onto the piece of furniture nearest you, sprawling your limbs out as you let out a muffled groan into the fabric. You were barely aware of your boyfriend looking up at you from his place on the armchair a few feet away, sipping away at a mug of liquid with unknown contents. You lay still for a moment, resting your cheek against soft fabric before groaning, kicking at one of the pillows resting near your ankles out of pure malice. You hadn’t planned to spend your Friday night in such a negative state, but with the knowledge of terrible news on your mind, there was no possible way for you to be happy. Your boyfriend, however, never gave any response to your irritation. Even when you started to punch and sweep cushions onto the ground in the midst of your vexation, letting out a prolonged “Uggghh!” of frustration, you heard nothing from him. You lifted your face up and glanced over, only to see the ceramic held steady to his lips - an attempt to hide the grin gracing his features, most likely, as he found your troubles amusing a good amount of the time. Your eyes meet and you’re the first to look away, grumbling something inaudible to yourself as you bury your face in the seat of the couch once more. “It’s like you don’t even care about me, Hanamiya-kun. You’re just sitting there laughing at me.” You were incredibly upset, visibly so, and he didn’t even care enough to ask why; why was everything in your life so awful? Your boyfriend nearly snorts at the sudden usage of his surname, lowering his beverage and setting it on the coffee table. “You’re being such a brat that it’s hard not to be entertained.” He responds, leaning back in his seat, to which you give an exasperated sigh at. Maybe beating up couch cushions wasn’t something a full grown woman did, but with how awful everything in your life was at the moment, you could ignore society’s standards for one evening.

“You’re so awful to me! Why do I even like you?” You flip over onto your back, grabbing a cushion to hug against your chest as some sort of comfort; comfort that your boyfriend obviously refused to give you. You shoot him a hardened glare, only succeeding in producing a chuckle from his lips. “Fine, fine,” he chirps, because as funny as you were, he still wanted to have a girlfriend at the end of the day, “What’s wrong this time? Did you stub your toe again?” He snickers at the memory; on the contrary, you frown. “So not funny, Makoto! My..” you tighten your grip on the pillow, “my favorite band sold out, and I’m so upset about it! I couldn’t buy the tickets because I was at work when they went on sale, and of course they sold out quick! What if they’re never in our area again? I bet they won’t be!” you whine, and you realize as soon as you complain how puerile your problem must sound to him, but much to your surprise, he doesn’t say anything. Hanamiya stands up, grabbing his cup and sipping the last of the remaining contents from it. You’re immediately disheartened, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. “You really, really don’t care about me,” You mumble to yourself, kicking at the hard material of the armrest.

He passes by your place on the sofa, cup in one hand, other palm digging through his pockets. Despite his apathetic behavior, he knew how disappointed you were; you had been talking about this concert for weeks. “Here,” he says, placing two printed sheets of paper on top of the cushion hugged to your chest, face straight and giving away no intentions, “Throw that away for me, would you? It’s trash that I don’t need.” A pulse of anger runs through you as you grab the material he left for you, nearly crushing his ‘trash’ in your hands. “I’m not your fucking maid, Mako! Throw your own shit…” You trail off as you glance down, because in the midst of your anger, your eyes had begun tracing the details of the printed sheets in your palms.  “Makoto!” You gasp, mood immediately brightening as a smile forms on your face. “You got me tickets!?” You sit up, finding your feet so quickly that you nearly fall on top of your boyfriend from loss of balance. Still, you’re quick to correct yourself, and when he’s about to scold you to be more careful, a peck on his lips quiets any complaints of his. “I love you! You’re the best!” you giggle, wrapping your arms around him in a tight embrace.

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Hello, congrats on getting your braces off. Also you are really pretty. I just want to request a ship. I'm 5 ft. tall, I have short (like really short) black hair, and brown eyes. I make a lot of mistakes, but I don't ever let them go and they live with me forever. I'm really sarcastic and I'd like to think I'm funny. I really like to read books (especially the Harry Potter series) and I wear glasses. Also I'm bi so I guess it doesn't really matter if you ship me with a boy or a girl. thanks

Thank you, you are too kind!☺️ *And yay bi pride!* I ship you with…

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Edmund Pevensie! Not only does he have a hard time letting go of mistakes, but he’s incredibly sarcastic. I like to imagine him as a book nerd as well. Thanks love!

Mini August Update

Hello *\(^o^)/*

As school approaches, I may not be as active as I desired. Especially now with Volleyball and much, much more under my belt. So please be patient with me ^w^

Also I may soon post a new character design for Mary because I think it’s time to update the one I have (and yes @gpal13 I’ll send you the design for your mini project). If things go well this school year, I’ll post a art request that will be open for a week and I’ll take 5 people at time (because I can deal with five). Like always these are free (and they will always be unless something happens).

But yeah. Mini Update.

Mun Mari

Has anyone ever seen the movie ‘In Your Eyes’?

I’m in the very early stages of writing a soulmate AU fic for WestAllen inspired by that movie.

While the fic might start similarly to the movie, I plan on taking a different direction as the story progresses.

I am also in need of a beta. I don’t think I’ll be able to post any of this without one, if I am being honest.

Anyway here is the trailer for the movie if anyone is interested. I believe they still have it on Netflix if anyone wants to give it a watch. It is a very sweet movie.