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a kane/toews fic rec list!

because these two idiots are in love and i can’t stop reading fic about these dumb hockey players

** = favorite, ~~ = trigger warnings under the summary, ♦♦ = bottom jonny

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The Bitter Bitch Chronicles pt. 2

A continuation of some meta on Klaus and Hayley in episode 14
Warning: lots of shipper trashiness and fangirl delusions ahead so proceed with caution lol

If you haven’t read part one of this meta you should. I’m sorry this took me so long to publish and that it’s so long. It’s kinda kelijah and a klayley meta rolled into one so that’s why I talk so much. I’ll shut up now and get to the good stuff lol 

Now before I get to Klaus and the wedding we need to talk about Hayley because Hayley’s feelings go in the exact opposite direction of Klaus’s feelings. In the beginning Hayley is frazzled and overwhelmed but after klaus calms her she starts to relax and start her wedding preparations. She’s not running around super excited because she’s getting married but it’s obvious everything that had her upset before isn’t on her mind anymore and when she see’s hope she’s perfect. Hayley also says something really interesting to Rebekah before this. When rebekah gives her the wedding dress she tells her that she might be marrying Jackson Kenner but she will always be a mikaelson and Hayley’s response is that would be such a compliment if that didn’t link her to so many homicidal maniacs. Hayley brushes it off as a joke to rebekah but she wasn’t joking. I think Hayley sees her self as a mikaelson,as part of the family, or she did see herself as one .She told Lenore how she kinda was a mikaelson when asked why she was involved in this mess so she def felt that connection to them earlier in the season, and I think she is grateful for how rebekah and elijah and klaus have embraced her as family but this family is as dysfunctional as one can get and it’s been the source of most of her recent hurt. We finally saw her express her resentment for klaus in their argument in episode 12. Hope will always be a mikaelson by blood, the daughter of Klaus mikaelson, she can’t escape that  but Hayley isn’t, she can escape it, at least in her head she believes she can even though the truth that she just might not want to admit is she will always be Hope mikaelson’s mother, klaus’s mikaelson’s baby mama and there is no escaping that really, not in the world she lives in and with the type of relationship with Klaus she has. I don’t think she dislikes that fact that klaus is her daughter’s father, but there is no denying that Klaus and his family bring danger to her and her daughter, danger that she is clearly tired of.

I think this is the first hint that Hayley is starting to pull away from Klaus and the mikaelsons, that she maybe wants to pull away from this dysfunction. She is starting to have visions of a more stable family, and less dysfunctional family, a family she thinks she belongs to by birth and is where she truly belongs…a family with Jackson and those werewolves, the family she originally wanted to be a part of and the entire reason she is even where she is right no.This family with those wolves is what she’s longed for her entire life and why she’s made all the decisions she’s made.  It’s almost naive of her to think she has a shot at this, because she really can’t escape klaus and deep down I don’t think she truly wants to escape him. I mean those wolves haven’t exactly been the greatest family to her either and there is no guarantee she will get all the things she wants  but I could totally see why she would think she could have this or want to have it temporarily. Like she told Klaus he’s the threat, it’s his family that’s the biggest threat to her child and herself and someone like hayley will always be about self preservation, it’s all she knows, she’s had to live that way for so long it’s programmed into her so when she sees a way to do just that, she’s gonna jump on it, like she told elijah in season 1 if she sees something she wants she take it, which is why her comments to elijah about wanting to be happy make complete sense from the POV of Hayley. She wanted happiness above all, she wanted stability and elijah couldn’t give her that but Jackson can and his feelings and even her feelings aren’t going to stop her from going after what she wants. So Hayley believes she has a shot at this happy like with Jackson and the wolves and she’s taking it and hoping this can give her what she things the Mikaelson’s can’t. It’s a nice set up for Hayley pulling away from Klaus and his family but I suspect that she won’t get very far and that before it’s all said and done she’s gonna have to make a choice about where her family loyalty really resides. 

That takes us to the wedding. The beautiful wedding that ruined me because I was all in my jayley feelings before hand then they decided to just sucker punch me with klayley feelings, that shit was rude okay so so rude. I mean gahhhhhhh it did so much to my feelings. The symbolism alone is enough to send me driving off the edge of a cliff. Bravo to the director of this episode because he really nailed it, ESP this wedding scene. First there is the shot of the giant M right by Hayley’s head as she stands alone waiting for Jackson. It stands out like a ghost, just lurking behind her haunting her just like Klaus does metaphorically, then as Hayley and Jackson walk hand in hand down the aisle and begin to pull apart the camera pans to Klaus who’s standing above them, he stands out even more than the large M, he’s perched above just watching them, his presence there is so dominant, it’s almost antagonistic, it’s powerful. He has his arms outstretched like he’s the king of the castle and he’s lording over the whole wedding and over them and I can’t help but feel like this whole thing was symbolic of the coming dynamic between him,hayley, and Jackson. Hayley wants to cling to Jackson she thinks she can have something with him, she thinks she can pull away from klaus and the mikaelsons a little bit, but Klaus is always there, he’s always gonna be there, he’s a ghost that will always haunt her in more ways than one, his presence will always be felt, it can’t help but stick out for her no matter what. Not just because of the child they share but for a whole lot of reasons, some she’s already aware of and she she isn’t.  He will be there, he’s unmovable and will always play this dominant role in her life that she can’t truly escape and I suspect she will realize she doesn’t want to escape and it will come in between her and her Jackson.

If you watch Klaus during this really cool shot he has a smile on his face while he’s standing up there. He’s not frowning, he doesn’t look bitter, he looks pleased. It took me a few rewinds to be able to tell that he’s smiling but he actually is smiling while he looks down and Jackson and Hayley. His little brooding session and his poking at elijah worked because he’s back to his normal feelings. He’s coped for the time being and now he’s back to being the Klaus he was earlier, the klaus that’s here for this wedding, the klaus that’s eagerly anticipating his rise to power that is soon to come. It’s also my head canon that he smiles because Hayley looked beautiful in her dress and this was his only chance to show his pleasure with he beauty on her wedding day because she couldn’t see him and neither could anyone else, this is my story and no one can take it away from me hahaha anyways…

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