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La Dolce Vita.

Genre: Smut. And some fluff too. 

Summary: When your best friend decides to screw you over with the werewolf boy you absolutely hate during your heat~ 

Pairing: Reader [Werewolf AU!] x Jeon fucking Jungkook [Werewolf AU!]

Word Count: 6.9k-ish

Dedicated to my sweet strawberry jelly, @nomoreghostie-anon, Happy Birthday, sunshine!! I hope you like this trash writing of mine ahahah :) 

Also tagging @writeiolite who read this like a billion months ago and loved it, your encouragement always makes me beyond happy!!

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“Unnie,” you whined, tugging on the end of Jiyoon’s dress, “Don’t go!”

Your heat was supposed to start in a few days and initially you had planned to chain yourself in your room and let her take care of you through it. However her unexpected business trip ruined all your plans. She sighed, turning around to look at you in a mix of understanding and seriousness as she sat you by the edge of the bed.

“Look, ___ I don’t have a choice. If I don’t attend this meeting, they’ll fire me.” She groaned, rubbing the sides of your arm, “But it’ll be okay, you’ve been through this before.”

“Yeah, but I had a boyfriend to help me out then,” you whined, looking at her with pleading eyes. “This is the first time I’ll have to go through it alone.”

“Well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” your eyebrows quirked up at her words and you looked at her in curiosity, urging her to go on. “Look, there are other werewolves in my boyfriend’s pack, you know they can help you.”

You groaned in annoyance, knowing full well about Hoseok’s pack and the members, not forgetting to mention their weird habits, but there was no way you were going to let any of them get close to you, especially not Jungkook. Not when you were in heat.

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I hate the “take responsibility for the problematic people in your community” posts I see in the ace positivity tag.

It’s legit NOT ok. There are ace people avoiding The Discourse, there are some that aren’t but want to use the positivity tag for, like, positivity.

I mean, call problematic people the fuck out, but don’t put it in positivity tags? Like, that shit would not be tolerated with other communities. If I saw people spamming “bi positivity” with negative shit I would mind. I know lesbians who would SERIOUSLY mind if their positivity tag was subject to such nonsense.

Also, no one is part of a hivemimd. Like, don’t tell people they can’t speak on their own issues or have any positivity until they deal with every single piece of shit in their community.

That is a silencing tactic. I recognize it because that shit has been used on LGBT people for… Ever? “Like, XY and Z are a problem so deal with them before you talk.”

Fuck, I still see Milo Yianoppolous being used as an example to silence gay men from being allowed to talk.

Stop using the same tactics as homophobes. They are BAD tactics.

Tag a quality blog

You’re it! Quality doesn’t means that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how many followers you have. Send this to 15 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them ♡♡♡ *nudge nudge* hi.

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I was tagged by the lovelies @magnetobsessed79 & @deathbyukmen and am screaming with joy!
As you may or may not know, my tastes have changed lol, so I’ve taken the time to go through who I follow, and mention some of my fave blogs who may not even know I exist! lol

My favourite blogs are self explanatory - @avenger-nerd-mom @olyphantss @evansrogerskitten @noclevernamelbr @2glassesofchianti @magnetobsessed79 @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @devikafernando & @mintmintdoodles I also want to mention a few others I don’t see on the list, but basically have on notifications -  @deathbyukmen @prtypooper @harleycativy @inkinterrupted & @toc1985 xx

My favourite eye-candy blogs are dispersed to my sideblogs and are as follows:  @hawaiian-jesus @favejakepics
@kendaspntwd @negans-dirty-girl @deanmaniac @dailytylerhoechlin @henycavil @mcavoys @pine-farr @all-things-i-cant-have @chrisprattdelicious @hoechlin Ty for providing such awesome content!! 

Currently, my favourite porn blogs are: @monsieur–f @unsirpassed @wildhuntsman @mensblog @i-deserve-to-be-spanked @32bored32 @penelopepussycat76 @yessiraustralia @vicarioussubmissive@latent-thoughts-raunchy-edition which are also reblogged to a sideblog. You guys have PHENOMENAL taste and are very creative! As a writer, thank you for your prompts! xx

Finally, my favourite writing blogs are: @heywriters @neil-gaiman @write-like-a-freak @thewritershandbook & @the960writers. I take your posts very seriously and you help keep me on track! xx

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Gone Fishing - F!Reader x Noctis

Here we have it, guys. After two weeks, many hours, and over 6,000 words we have a sexy angsty tearful delight. Get ready to cry some horny tears and then some regular sad tears. Just to throw out a warning, this is SUPER NSFW and also REALLY SAD. At least to me, ok. I’m sensitive and this was hard to churn out wtf was I thinking. But, in all seriousness, some pretty heavy discussions involving death take place, and there is an ash scattering. So. If that kind of stuff triggers you, this may be something you want to avoid. IF YOU’RE NOT SCARED AWAY YET, THEN PLEASE DO FOLLOW ME. I have tissues ready. Tagging some loves that may enjoy (at least the nsfw part lmao) @themissimmortal @the-lucian-archives @insomniascure @angel-dream @cupnoodle-queen

A fraught silence overtakes you as your eyes follow the headlights to Talcott’s truck. Your mind suffers disquiet. Though the eternal night’s air is cool, you find your palms to be dampening at the sight of the truck growing nearer. Prompto is pacing—a straight line, back and forth, over and over—beside you until the familiar honk of Talcott’s horn shakes everyone from their thoughts. Prompto scrambles to push the chain-link fence open and you shield your eyes from the light as the truck sputters to a halt in front of you.

Your arm falls back to your side as the headlights flicker off and car doors swing open. Talcott beams at you, looking absolutely ecstatic. A meek smile plays on your lips and you acknowledge him with a nod before your gaze shifts to Noctis, who hops out of the truck with a bounce in his step. He’s dirty and unkempt, but he’s alive and right in front of you and your calm exterior betrays the feverish beat of your heart.

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what do you think of a lot of the su criticism going around? i'm kinda tired of it myself, and while some had good points, i think the majority are overblown, and i wanna hear from someone else who actually likes su

hhh i’ve tried to hold my pettiness about this trend…. but i’ll do one post, because i’m the worst and can’t contain myself.

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Do you have any advice for an Aquarius trying to become developed? I'm about half way there but I really want to get rid of my vices because I know that I do not intentionally mean to show/make others think that I'm arrogant or cocky?

(This might be the weirdest, most controversial advice ever BUT- hear me out)

Okay, aquarius’ greatest downfall is reflected right there in this question: you talk about making others think that you’re a certain way. 

You focus on how your actions are perceived. Perception is emphasized over the one thing that actually matters: truth.

Are you arrogant? If you are, there’s nothing wrong with people perceiving you as ‘cocky’ because it’s more or less the truth.   

To be an evolved aquarius: stop trying to get others to see you a certain way, and have the courage to let the world see you as the person you are

Aquarius is the sign on my MC; this means that I admire the traits of an evolved aquarius more than any other sign in the zodiac. It also means that every underdeveloped, conforming, pretentious aquarius represents a whole lot of wasted potential. I’m tough on aquarians because I see what you guys can really be. 

Please, please don’t waste your time worrying about what people think or trying to get them to see you as something you’re not. 

As an aquarius, you are probably arrogant. It comes with the territory. Use that arrogance, that unfaltering belief that you are better than everyone else, to be yourself. 

Both developed and underdeveloped aquarians are arrogant. 

The difference is: underdeveloped aquarians try to mask their arrogance to fit in. 

Evolved aquarians literally think people are too stupid to comprehend their greatness. They live by the motto, “a lion doesn’t worry about the opinions of sheep,” and do what they want. In a way, their contempt for the common person spurs them into honest self-expression (like, they’re too stupid for me to care about their opinions) and motivates their efforts to help people (like, everyone’s too dumb to figure this out/save themselves. Guess it’s up to me.)

To be an evolved aquarius, embrace your arrogance and reject the part of you that worries about what others think. You won’t ever fit in because you’re from the future. Stop trying to hide your flaws, because they’re also the source of your true power.

(Yeah, it’s weird to tell ppl to be arrogant so they can reach their potential, but honestly it beats the hell out of pathologically seeking approval and being insecure for no good reason. Pls take this with a grain of salt tho.)

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Hi sorry if i bother but do you know more sterek as both agents or cops, new ones? and do you update it if there is an tag? ☺️ Thank you!


No bother at all :) Here are some deputy/cop sterek fics. Also the seriously outdated officer fic list is here 

we can take our time by  KouriArashi | 17.4K

Tact and social mores are completely relegated to the back of Derek’s brain, and without thinking, he blurts out, “Did you spend your heat alone?”

Stiles’ head jerks around in surprise, and then he flushes pink and looks away. His voice comes out brusque and unfriendly. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I spend every heat alone.”

The Accidental Hale Brood by  Julibean19 | 42.3K

The one in which Stiles and Derek have been BCPD partners for years when they are assigned Halloween duty and run into a couple of kids from the orphanage. One fake marriage and two real adoptions later, they somehow become a family.

begin again by  bleep0bleep | 2.5K

Ten years ago Derek turned down Stiles for prom.

Now it’s high school reunion time.

A Start by  Inell | 1.4K

Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

finger on the trigger and all fired up by  tryslora | 6.4K

Derek goes undercover to expose a drug trafficking ring running inside of a porn studio. What he finds is Stiles.

Hot and Bothered (but mostly just bothered) by  kitsunequeen | 2.3K

You’re the newbie in the station, and damn you’re hot, bUT DID YOU JUST ARREST MY SIBLING?“ au

No Refunds or Exchanges by  badwolfbadwolf | 18.9K

Stiles is the newest deputy in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, and has maybe just been a little in love with Derek Hale since Stiles had made a fool of himself in front of him at the SD summer picnic a few years ago. Being married to him—only for the sake of not getting deported—is going to suck in new and unusual ways.

487 by  Finduilas | 52.8K

Two years after graduating from the Police Academy, Stiles decides to transfer to the Beacon Hills Police Department, where his father is Chief. But when he gets assigned his new partner, Stiles isn’t so sure if the transfer was a good idea. Derek ‘Officer Grumpy Cat’ Hale isn’t exactly his first choice of partner. Then again, Stiles really isn’t Derek’s first choice either.

Plus One by   eeyore9990 | 3K

When Derek receives an invitation to what should have been his ten year class reunion, he panics a little. He’s barely got his life together and the invitation specifies a plus one. Thankfully, Stiles is there to help him out.

Say It With Me (Don’t Assume) by  KuriKuri | 11.5K

Derek knows way too much about how omega heat suppressants work now, after having been partnered with Stiles for as long as he has. They’re probably his favorite thing to bitch about whenever they’re stuck on a stakeout. Of course, omegas on the force aren’t required to take them. Derek’s never really understood why Stiles does, if he hates them so much, especially –

– especially because he’s bonded.

You’ve Got Something I Need by  paradis | 11.4K

There is a moment, right when they meet, that Stiles thinks, I could really fall in love with this man.

And he doesn’t even try to fight it.

The Warmth of Your Hand

Some brief moments and glimpses of figure skater Adrien Agreste’s life growing up.

Birthday One-shot for the one, the only @qookyquiche!! Happy Birthday!!!! hope you had a fabulous birthday and that you rocked your presentation!!

(ao3 link)

She asked for it, and for some reason I made it a figure skating//hockey AU BECAUSE OF REASONS – but here you are my dear: A Childhood Friends AU (seriously tho, look at her cute childhood fluff art, LOOK AT ALL HER ART!!! ITS AMAZING!!)

Also this falls into Adrienette month, so I’m tagging it as a late day 12 prompt!! Enjoy!

Adrien couldn’t remember the first time he walked. Sure his parents had shown him the pictures and the slightly out of focus videos of him as a toddler taking his first steps, but he was much too young to remember such events.

The first time he placed his foot on this ice, though, well that he remembered.

When he stepped on the ice, for that first time, his small mitten-clad hand was held firmly in the warm caress of his mother’s. She stared down at him with a bright beaming smile as together they caught their balance on the slippery rink surface.

Of course they also had video of this too. His father had watched from the stands, recording the whole adventure as Adrien clutched onto his mother for dear life. She skated backwards with ease, her two hands holding Adrien’s as she pulled him along, taking them both gliding across the ice. In the video footage you could hear Gabriel’s deep, soft laugh as he watched his wife and son clumsily make their way around.

Years, later watching those videos were one of the few pieces Adrien would have left of the family he once had. One where his mother was there, holding his hand and his father was present and smiling.

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Cupid / Simon

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REQUEST: can I ask for a 2nd prompt for both of us with Simon from TWD? 17. “Stop laughing and help me!” 25. “ Can you at least pretend to take this seriously?” 31. “Come over here and make me.” Go wild sweetie :D We need dem Simon fics ^^ by @wafflii

A/N: I think it’s a bit cringy, but that’s exactly how I view Simon (and how I love him tbh) I hope you like it xD also tagging @simons-thirst-squad

17. “Stop laughing and help me!”
25. “ Can you at least pretend to take this seriously?”
31. “Come over here and make me.”

Warnings: Simon being a dumb ass, awkwardness, mentions of sexual intercourse

It was your task to organize the private stock from the high ranking saviors. It was a rather small room but it was stuffed with all sorts of things. Alkohol, food and some other stuff like CD players or candles. You sighed, looking at the mess. Nobody ever cleaned this up.

You just tried to lift a box full of whiskey, when the door swung open. The carton nearly slipped out of your grip, making you squad down to catch it. But you didn’t get a hold of it, instead, it was Simon who caught it.

“Careful“, he just said with a smile in his voice. You turned around and caught him taking a glimpse of your ass. He balanced the heavy box with only one arm flexing all his muscles, he used his other hand to help you stand up. “Would be a shame to drop it“, he said and smirked down at you.

You fiddled with your shirt, trying to get it back into place. “I thought you didn’t like whiskey“, you said with a sarcastic voice.

He tilted his head. “Well, yeah, but Negan loves it. Wouldn’t like you to get in trouble“, he was clearly flirting with you. You rolled your eyes, going back to your task. Simon still looked at you expectantly.

“What are you even doing here?“, you finally asked and broke his stare.

“I… äh…“, he started and an amused grin appeared under his mustache. “Negan said you should fetch some candles, all romantic stuff’n shit.“

You stopped whatever you were doing and let your head fall back. “Why?“, you simply asked, already knowing it would be something stupid.

“It’s one of his wive’s birthday“, Simon’s grin was very prominent, he clearly seemed to enjoy your task.

You sighed deeply. “Can’t he do that by himself?“, you asked, slightly getting annoyed.

Simon cleared his throat, poorly hiding his laughter. “He’s the boss, he’s got other things to do.“

You looked at him witch an already tired expression. “So I’m getting him laid, or what?“

He chuckled, still balancing the box.

“Wouldn’t it be much more romantic if he did it himself?“, you asked and turned back around to start gathering stuff in an empty box. Candles, a lighter, the CD player, some very cheesy, cliché music and some other stuff you could find.

Simon finally put the whiskey down, helping you. You recognized his chest was heaving from his suppressed laughter. “I wouldn’t do it at all, if it was me“, he said and put a bottle of wine into the box.

You lifted it up, only for Simon to take it out of your hands. You protested slightly but it was actually kind of heavy, so you thanked him. “You wouldn’t put some effort into it?“, you asked while you two were walking down the hallway.

He looked at you, widely smirking. “My hot body isn’t effort enough?“, he asked and broke out laughing once you looked away. Your face was feeling hot. Damn, he was right actually, but you would never admit it.

As soon as you arrived in the wive’s bedroom, you asked yourself why Simon was still there. Maybe he was here to help, but you actually thought he enjoyed it way too much. He put down the box and looked around.

“Let’s turn this place into a love nest“, you dryly said and Simon was slowly loosing his shit. You put candles next to the bed, on the nightstand and on the floor. Simon was just watching you closely. Here and there, his laughter was ringing through the room.

You had enough of him making fun of you. “Stop laughing and help me!”, you protested and after tilting his head from side to side, he obeyed. He placed the CD player on the shelf next to him and looked though the other stuff in the box. “What is that?“, he asked and held up a small container with red leaves.

“Rose petals“, you sighed and watched him giggle.

“You really know your way around this stuff“, he said and opened the tube. He stepped in front of the bed and began sprinkling it all over. He was making funny faces, funny poses, as if he was the damn cupid himself.

“What are you doing?“, you asked, unsure if you should get annoyed or amused by him.

“I’m getting into the spirit“, he replied and looked at you as if it was obvious.

“Can you at least pretend to take this seriously?”, you asked but while you spoke, his over the top behavior making you chuckle yourself.

He stood up straight, looked at you with a teasingly serious expression. He let some petals drop on his palm and with a swift movement, he sprinkled it over you. You let your jaw drop playfully and threatened him with a finger in the air.

Simon lifted his brows and spread his arms open. “Come over here and make me“, he teased but didn’t expect the pillow in his face.

You two had so much fun just messing with each other, playfully punching him while he tried to tickle you. After you both calmed down, you looked at the scenery.

“Looks like the action already took place“, you said and swallowed.

Simon glanced at the clock. “Shit, you should clean this up before they come“, he said cheekily.

“Me?“, you asked and punched his chest. “You started this!“

He came a little closer, towering over you. “You shouldn’t be such a tease then“, he retorted and inched even closer. You instinctively lifted yourself up a bit, wanting to finally kiss him. He smirked. “Let’s clean up and go to my room“, he suggested and before you could say anything, you two were already busy tidying the mess.

Caffeine PSA

Y’all gotta be careful with your caffeine consumption. Don’t drink it because it is ‘cool’ or because everyone else is slamming back a few energy drinks a night. Don’t. Do. It. Long term health is negatively affected by aggressive caffeine consumption that is nearly always unnecessary. 

Teens 18+ : You shouldn’t have more than 300mg-400mg of caffeine per day. And that is a MAXIMUM. That is approximately: 4 cups of coffee, 2 five hour energies, 8-10 12 oz pops, 3-4 20oz mountain dews, 3-4 monsters, 3 Starbucks double shots. 

Less than 18: You shouldn’t have more than 100mg of caffeine per day. That is only ONE cup of coffee,  a half a five hour energy, 3 12 oz pops, 1 moutain dew, 1 monster, and 1 double shot

You might be thinking “Oh I only had one or two of any of these categories” but you get caffeine in other foods as well so what you think is a safe limit might already be over kill. Don’t forget to eat/drink water while drinking caffeine and make sure you space them out! 



You can seriously hurt your heart by doing this. It isn’t a game or a joke. I get you have finals and papers and a lot of other stressful things going on but that isn’t worth your life. 

@jayenator565 @supasanvers @bananat-panda @soldierofthenight

@ any of my high school/ college followers who take a lot of caffeine


Sims No Filter Challenge! I was tagged by @mdpthatsme thank you :3

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

Since I don’t really have an iconic sim, I chose Lena, because she’s my icon :) But now I realized I could’ve used Briony, eh, whatever XD Also, these are unedited pictures (except for cropping ofc)

I seriously have no idea who was and wasn’t tagged yet, so I’ll tag simmers randomly, @sariadeea, @sadepaivas, @tombstoneoflifeanddeath, @alienpod, @simhow, @olivemuenda, @keoni-chan feel free to ignore :)

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Hi~ my birthday is June 6th I'm turning 22 I was wondering if you would mind posting some cupcake or cake frosting videos? :)

Ohhh goddd okay so here’s the deal I already put a cap on these “preorders” last night because I’m really not taking requests right now but I haven’t stuck to that because people keep requesting things and everyone is just so nice and it’s hard to say no but it’s honestly stressing me out a bunchhhhh….

But because your birthday is literally tomorrow and I happened to find some cake decorating videos I really liked about an hour ago… I’ll post them tomorrow for you. I’ll tag it as “feelin 22” cuz that’s how old you are! Besides… it’s a birthday! How can I say no to a birthday request? For real though! Happy birthday! I really hope it’s a good one because you absolutely deserve it!!

But seriously though, I hate to be a jerk but I did say multiple times (and it’s also in my description) that I’m not taking requests at this time so this is the last exception I’m making. I’m really really sorry but I need to let myself have a break or else I’m going to drive myself crazy.

(Sorry for that anxiety-induced ramble. I’ve definitely bitten off more than I can chew today. I’m really really sorry)

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Hey saw you mention it in your tags, does Bruce take pills in Batman? :O Can you pls show the evidence I crave confirmed mentally ill Bruce Wayne

uhh crap i’m seriously.. not in the mood to look for it rn and i’m not sure if it was batman rebirth or all-star batman or any other batman, but i remember reading a comic with alfred telling bruce to remember to take his medicine. idr if it was a young bruce or an UNINJURED! (sorry, just noticed i typo’d that) older bruce tho… 

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soshesawildflowerxo(.)tumblr(.)com/post/162962713576/you-dont-believe-in-the-bible please give us your thoughts on this?!?!?!

Hi there! I agree with the majority of that post – we are not commanded to believe in the Bible, but in God. So I also do not “believe in” the Bible, but I do take it seriously.

The main part of that post that I disagree with is the idea that the Bible is a “book of parables.” It does of course include many parables, but it also includes histories and prophets and narratives and poetry and prayers and more. Are all of the histories “historical”? No. The concept of history as we know it today – as “accurate” as possible – simply did not exist back then.

I like to say that the Bible is full of Truth, but not completely fact. Knowing whether a certain story “really happened” is not the main goal of reading scripture – rather, determining what we can learn from it, what message God communicates through it, is. One article I read in seminary talks about different portions of the Bible being “historicized fiction” (such as Jonah and Ruth) and other portions as “fictionalized history” (such as Samuel and Kings).

I agree with that post that the Bible was written by “man,” though I would say by humans to use more inclusive language – I mean, it was written mostly or completely by men, but it is possible that some books of the Old Testament were written by women! One day I’m going to write a post on that….

This post holds a lot of links to various posts about taking context into account when reading the Bible. This is a good post too. The Bible was constructed over millennia; it didn’t fall down from Heaven one day. The worldviews and biases of the human authors pervade scripture – and yet, by some miracle, God’s Spirit does too.
I know it can be frustrating to have a holy book that isn’t “perfect,” that holds prejudices and “fictions” and the like, but we can also view it as beautiful that God allowed human hands to hold the pen, to play such a key role in the preserving of God’s Truth. 

A modern day YGO college AU idea, but it’s based on weird things from my exchange year

ok hear me out here, the basic setup being:

  • Egyptian exchange student Atem going to study in Japan for a year
  • BUT it’s a university where you’re required to live in the dorms if you’re A. an exchange student or B. a Japanese first year
  • (they tell you it’s to offer everyone an ~international experience~)
  • Every exchange student has to share a room with 3 Japanese first years
  • Atem gets put together with Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba
  • I’m sorry Kaiba it’s school rules you have to live in the dorms for (1) year, no exceptions!
  • (don’t ask why he’s even there, i just need this in my au)

Including events such as:

  • the classic culture shock blah BUT LETS GET TO THE ROOMIE STUFF

  • ‘my bedroom is next to the laundry room, who the fuck put on the washer at 4am’

  • [text] ‘explain: it’s midnight on Christmas Day, why did my roommates just start baking a cake??’

  • walking out of your bedroom at 2am and these two random people you’ve never seen before are just? making a scrapbook at your kitchen table?? and your roommates are nowhere to be seen w h Y

  • ‘is my desk wobbling because the people upstairs are being rowdy again or is it an earthquake?’
  • it was an earthquake
  • the sequel: there was another earthquake at 1am and now the entire population of our hallway is gathered in my room bc it’s the only one with a TV/decent wifi

  • In modern day Egypt the predominant religion is Islam
  • have u seen ppl fasting during Ramadan in Japan’s Summer Weather™?
  • H AR D C O RE
  • also u gotta ask like 5 ppl every time if a dish has pork in it or not


  • Weekly Monday Evening Dorm Activities: A Bonding Experience (ygo-bonus: ‘who even thought having a small-scale amateur Duel Monsters tournament was a good idea??’ Everyone takes it Too Seriously… your move, Kaiba)
  • etc

Anyone here willing to tell me I gotta write this? bc honestly…. if I ever end up actually writing it it’s probably going to be a series of vaguely related chapters…. rather than a coherent fic….also I don’t rly have any pairings in mind, so gen it is

Tips on hiding stuff from parents if you're a lifter

Now if you’re a minor like me you probably live with a parent or guardian who might find it a little sketchy you have so much new stuff , whether you have a job or not , it might come off weird and sus that you have so much new expensive shit , while doing laundry they’ll realize you have new stuff they never took you to get, and if you don’t have a lot of friends or your parent doesn’t let you hang with friends or take stuff from friends it’s a little harder to use the I got it from a friend excuse without getting in trouble .

Meaning when you get stuff from a store throw away tags and boxes of packaging before you go home , personally I like to keep tags on my clothes until I wear them but my dad doesn’t check my closet my mom would if I lived with her so rip those off and go to a different store with a trash can and throw them away . Also when I get makeup and stuff I take them out the package and throw them away at a different store so when you go home it looks like you’ve always had them .

I mean seriously don’t tell them how much money you have or have left after spending money on stuff , if they notice you have $200 worth of new shit you told them you have $50 or only $40 left from spending money on something else they’ll question you on where you got the money for all that shit , that’s when it can fuck up and if you don’t know how to lie or your parents are smart and add shit up you’ll probably admit you lifted all that shit and you’re fucked .

Now yes if you lift you don’t spend much on anything but if you wanna get stuff with money from boosting lifted shit and want online things without your parents knowing gift cards are your friend ! I bought my hook and magnet from aliexpress I put money I got from money my dad sent me and I had money left my mom didn’t know about I went to the drugstore bought a gift card and ordered it online and as long as they don’t deliver when your parents are home they’ll never know anything ! If you boost lifted stuff your parents might not know about your money you can put money on a gift card so you won’t have a shit load of cash hanging around ! You can use a fake name for the card holder it’s not really traceable the only down side if you have to pay a $5 activation fee for each card and it’s not reload able ( the reload able ones need ID).

Make all your lifted stuff from hauls blend in your room easily . Don’t stash bags of new clothes somewhere in your room back them out detag price tags and make it seem like you had all that stuff ! They won’t question as much if you’re closet looks regular.

Now if you have separated parents like me there’s a pro from that when I come home with all my lifted shit and my dad asked where I got all that makeup or whatever I say from mom from break its such a good excuse usually they won’t call to check so it’s easy for me , go lifting on birthdays cause you most likely got some birthday money it’s a good excuse if they ask you how you got the money for all your shit .

Honestly just try not to get caught at a store more than once they’ll catch on to shit and ask to much questions trust will be gone so be careful .

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🌹Name - Kamilka

🌹Nickname - Kam or “it’s her again, run”

🌹Zodiac Sign - Capsicum

🌹Height - TALL AF

🌹Orientation - fuck Idk. Are there maps involved?

🌹 Ethnicity - shield your eyes, I’ll blind u.

🌹 Favourite Fruit - does tomato count

🌹 Favoruti Season - Fall, as in falling. Goodbye.

🌹 Fovirit Bookseries - Ikea catalogue

🌹 Favor Flawor? Smell good.

🌹 SCENT! Favourite? - Anything but oghren

🌹 Flobbarite colour - anything spooky

🌹 Favourite animal! - Andrastes knicker weasles

🌹 Coofee, tea or coco? - A mojito, please

🌹 What is even sleep?

🌹 Cat or dog? Bunnies pls

🌹 Favorite fictional character!! obama

🌹 Dream trip - Thedas perhap

🌹 Blog created - yes it was!

🌹Number of followers - fucking??? Stalking??? I’m calling cops,,,,

I tag @bioware why u no give us dragon age 4 also @patrickweekes why u make me sad, @ikea thank u for your good books i would be nothing without the 200 fucking bibles u dump in my mail EVERY FUCKING DAY also @solas why u gotta be like that homie take a chillpill and let me love u

  • Hiro Mashima: Mirajane is straight
  • Mirajane: Screencapped and emailed to my lawyer. She will have filed charges by tomorrow afternoon. By law I must allow you 48 hours to remove the offending material. If not, you will be charged with defamation of character, libel, and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. You will face a judge trial.
  • Don’t think you won’t be found either. That email with the cap also includes your Dox, which will not be shared publicly. I’ve also forwarded this material to the local FBI field office. They take false claims of me being straight VERY seriously. Especially when your uncle is a high ranking Homicide Detective with good friends in the FBI, the US Marshals Office, and the NSA

Hey all! uh finally got around to um looking at how many followers I have and yeah hahah seriously thank you! I don’t know where you all came from but I’m really surprised and happy and yeah hahahaha!

Also just wanted to let you guys know, I’ve read all your comments and tags and although I can’t always respond to all of them, again I just wanted to say thank you!

As a thank you, I’m gonna be opening up requests. I can only take around 10 for now though so first come first serve.