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(Hunk and Lance are chilling in the rec room)

Lance: (suddenly) Dude, we should date.

Hunk: (immediately sets book down) Okay.

Lance: Because it’ll- Wait, what? Just- Just like, um, that?

Hunk: Well, yeah! Unless. Um. (quiet pause) Were you… Joking? 

Lance: (voice cracking) No! Well, I mean, sort of, I was trying to set up a punchline but- I’d never joke about us, Hunk. I didn’t know you also liked me, I swear! If I did I wouldn’t have asked you out in such a shitty way, I’m so sorry-

Hunk: Hey Lance, do you wanna go out with me?

Lance: Dude! I can’t believe you stole the moment from me! The answer is a resounding ‘hell YES’ by the way, but (tries to hide smile) I can’t believe you would betray me like this- Don’t you DARE bear hug me right now, I am lecturing you-


Hunk: (nudges Lance) Hey, what was the joke?

Lance: (leans away from Hunk and takes off his headphones) Huh?

Hunk: Earlier, when you tried to ask me out, you said there was a punchline? What was it?

Lance: Oh. Um, I was gonna suggest we date ‘cause it would… (nervously winks) Enhance our relationship.

Hunk: … Oh my god. I can’t decide if I hate you for that or like you even more.

Lance: (finger guns) You chose this life, babe. ;)

@lapidot-week #6 !

still fell asleep sorry haha (damn am i this weak ?)

As you can see Lapis and Peridot probably borrowed…or stole (idk) Greg’s van. And songs. For a romantic roadtrip together.

anyway. lemme tell you something.

i’ve been drawing for years, and no joke this is the first time i draw people kissing

i already tried a few times and failed

i mean this is the first time i successully draw a kiss scene. *applause to myself*

i’m proud of this. and i’m also proud to tell you that i’ve probably no blood left in my veins after the massive nosebleed while drawing this. but i’m fine (y)

i hope i’m gonna be able to finish the last one today without falling asleep.

10 Actors I 10/10 Would Kiss 😘

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Rules: List 10 actresses and/or actors (or a mix of both) you would kiss and then tag 10 blogs.
oh my goodness shygaladriel, why would you call me out like this. Uh, i don’t normally think about these things? I mean, I barely watch live action shows, and it’s even rarer I bother looking up a character’s actor…


there is one…












bonus, because anst is also my weakness

I’m not tagging anyone because rules are meant to be broken– but if you wanna do it go ahead and tag me.  I need more variety in my wanna-sculpt list of actors. 

Fuck it!

this gif was first posted here:

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I am sick of trying to contact people and ask politely that they remove the gifs they stole from me and be insulted. I am blocking directly now. And I will be blocking also the ones who reblogged from the one who stole.

Happy holidays to you too!

And “Sorry for your loss”

Secret Meetings (Percival Graves x Reader)

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Percival Graves x Reader
Warnings: almost getting steamy…if that makes any sense…..
WC: 792


Request:  If you’re feeling like it, how about Grindelwald as Percival Graves x Reader - Caught in action :) 


Notes: First off, thank you for requesting! Second, I am terribly sorry if this is not what you wanted. We don’t write smut, if ‘action’ is…smut. I did the build up, if that is okay? Hopefully you like this and please let me know! Feedback would be great! I wrote this at 1am, so I am sorry if there are a lot of mistakes ;-; ♥ 

- Kari


It has been over five months since you have been dating Percival Graves, who is also your superior. No one knows but you two, which is hard to keep when it has been five months. When in duty, you two stole a few glances here and there hoping no one saw. It was getting harder and harder each day hiding it from everybody especially your best friend, Tina. She was getting suspicious, but never pushed the topic.

You can tell Percival was getting frustrated already when he started pulling you away into corner to steal a few kisses. You were enjoying these small meetings with him, loving his small affections to you. His exterior demeanor was very deceiving, the intimidating look he gives his colleagues was something that makes you laugh now that you know how he really acts in the closed doors.

You were at your designated desk, organizing each files from most important to least important. Way too intrigued in your task, you didn’t notice somebody hovering over you until they started speaking.

“Excellent work, (Name). Here is another file I want you to look over, please.” The rough voice sent shivers down your spine. You looked up at your boyfriend, giving him a small smile.

“Why of course, Mr. Graves. I’ll look over it right away.” He hummed in response before making his way to his office. You watched him until he disappeared and looked at the file he handed you. It had a piece of paper attached to it with a written message.

Meet me in my office as soon as you finish your task

You tried to hide your grin, failing miserably. The process couldn’t be even slower with these files. Finally putting the files in order, you hurried off rather quickly.

Arriving to the front of his office door, you whispered a spell to open it. Percival had given you the spell after 2 months of dating, trusting you not to tell anyone. When the door opened, you saw him looking over papers. You didn’t noticed the that you left the door ajar and walked closer to Percival’s desk.

“Mr. Graves, is there anything you needed to tell me?” Your went behind his chair, hands sliding onto his shoulders, feeling him tense up. He groaned and relaxed himself, getting a hold of your hands in his.

“It is a good thing you ask, sweetie.” He looked up at you, eyes gleaming with playfulness. He turned his chair to face you and pulled you onto his lap. You squeaked at the sudden action, only making him smirk. Your faces were centimeters apart, feeling the tension grow by the second. You took a hold of his face and pulled him into a kiss. His hands holding your thighs tighter as he leaned in for a deeper kiss. He pulled away from the kiss and his lips moved down your jaw to your neck, kissing it.

That’s when you heard someone, besides you two, start talking.

“Mr. Grav-AHHH!”

You jumped off Percival at such a fast rate, you think you sprained an ankle. You looked at who the intruder was and you were flushed to see it was Tina. Percival cleared his throat, looking like nothing happened. This man does not get swayed by anything.

“Miss Goldestein, how can I help you?” He questioned with an irritated tone. You couldn’t even face your best friend, the embarrassment washing over you like waves. She glanced at you, probably as embarrassed as you are.

“I-I’m sorry, the door was slightly opened, so I assumed I c-could come in.” Tina stuttered out, wishing she could disappear at that moment.

“I’ll pass by in a moment, please give me a few moments.” He dismissed her with a hand gesture. Tina nodded and looked at you again. You knew that face very well…it was going to be a long night talk. Queenie is going to have a blast teasing you.

“Well, someone knows now.” Percival muttered.

“I’ll talk to her, don’t worry about it.” You smiled at him, hoping he isn’t too mad. With a hand movement from him, you were already on his lap again.

“How about we get back to what we were doing, hm?” He leaned in for kiss, but you pushed him back.

“How about we get back to work, it has been way too long since I have been away from my desk. We don’t want more people to know, do we?” You winked. You got on your feet and kissed him once again.

“I’ll see you in a few hours, don’t miss me too much.” You waved.

You were about to close the door behind you, when you saw his grumpy face and you couldn’t help but giggle.

Bet You Can’t

Nonnie asks: This probably sounds like a strange request but can you write about that one plot of bmw where Cory and Topanga fall asleep together at school and a rumor starts that they actually slept together but recreate with lucas and maya? But not exactly the same though. This was actually one of my fave episodes cause Cory was being a jerk at first and realized it then truly apologized to Topanga. Anyway thanks for your amazing writing love you!

Nonnie asks: A line from one of your last stories really got to me. It was a line about Lucas playing with Maya’s hair and her almost purring? I think it was called Double Whammy. Just the thought of tough Maya Hart purring bc someone’s playing with her hair is adorable. Maybe a prompt expanding on that? Like different situations with Lucas playing with her hair? Or him discovering that its something that can always calm her down? I don’t know, its late and I just have all the feels. Love you.

With bonus:

Nonnie asks:  I NEED NEED NEED a protective!Lucas fic , i.e. someone hurts Maya and Lucas finds out and gets all angry and protective and I’m trash and I’m sorry but pleaseeeee :):):):) thanks you

Also inspired by:


he has a whole album on his phone called “pictures of maya sleeping” which is just basically pictures of maya sleeping

First of all, thank you to everybody for these lovely prompts! To my sweet Nonnies, I love you too and thank you for the lovely compliments on my writing! I will do my best to do you all proud! :)

To the lovely lucayacanons, I am sorry I stole this prompt from you but I hope you like this fic enough that it makes up for it. (please check lucayacanons out for a good time!)

Okey Doke, this is a big round up of a lot of stuff, but basically I’ve molded it into a fic….

In which: Lucaya sleep together a bunch of times without ever actually sleeping together, Lucas Friar punches a guy in the mouth, Maya Hart facilitates inappropriate uses of country songs, there is star-gazing, referenced dinner parties and, also, matching t-shirts.

Let’s do this thang.

(I also haven’t written in over 24hrs so be gentle with me please lol, the muscle is tight)

WARNINGS: A little bit of underage drinking, and some talk referencing sex (nothing explicit, or even that mature)


Maya Hart sleeping is adorable.

This is arguable.

The one doing most of the arguing seems to always be Lucas Friar. Mentally. In the privacy of his own mind, where no one could hear him coo over the way that Maya curls up in a ball, or the way she snuffles and sighs. Even the way she snores is bizarrely appeals to him eventually (which is unfair because snoring should never be cute) and somehow (somehow) Lucas finds himself starting to list the reasons, just to himself, in his own mind, to win a one-sided argument with whoever dares to refute him. It’s silly really and Maya could absolutely never know about it, but well…

He can’t exactly find it in him to stop.

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I didnt want to read C’s feedback on my garbage story because I wrote it in a horrible mood as a punitive projection on somebody I dislike but the worst he said about it was not to use flowery language which no can do sir I am all about that. Also just stole a book of critical Wilde essays from him sorry love I cant help it

This is for @akaashingly ’s You Stole My Heart!! Omg I love this fic, it’s one of my favorites and I just loved this part in the story, so enjoy! (Though it’s not exactly how it is written ;w;)

anonymous asked:

Part 1: Your new fic resonates so much with me because of your Isak. I also have a mother where I have had to be the parent, who in many ways stole my youth, and fucked up my ability to love others because I identify affection with being smothered. The show has already made me feel so much its like I am cracked open, and now your stories do the same. My extra layer of sadness is I am old, I have never experienced true love and probably never will. Certainly not young love, that ship has sailed.

Hi anon <3 I’m so sorry you had to go through that and that this verse is bringing things up for you. I always try to project when I’m writing because I want to make things believable. And although I’ve never had to be the parent, I’m still familiar with that feeling. I’ve always been detached yet easy to talk to, even with my parents. So I guess I played therapist for them, too. It was a bit difficult for me to handle, because some stuff you just don’t say to your 15 year old child, even if nothing seems to phase them. Some stuff you pay a therapist to listen to. But oh well lol. (i love my folks <333)

I’m so sorry to hear that you feel this way. But please don’t say that you’ll never experience true love or whatever it is that you want to experience. I’m sure that if you put yourself out there, you will. We just have to take risks sometimes and not listen to that voice that tells us that “it’s not worth it, it’s a waste of time, you’ll get hurt, no one will love you”. And you’re never too old for anything, ever. 

I hope you experience everything you want to experience in life anon <33 truly 💛

Mass Effect Andromeda Lady

Quickly sort of fixed it? Although admittedly, there is a high probability that the background picture is actually the Milky Way, I am not 100% sure.

more music sentence starters

i was going to split this up but i’m lazy so instead i added a read more… the read more was ugly sorry, have tiny text instead.

  • “I can keep a secret, can you?”
  • “No matter what I do, you’re always mad.”
  • “It gets easier to see you cry.”
  • “It’s okay, I’m a little curious too.”
  • “I’m not afraid of what you’ll do.”
  • “I can see the cracks as they appear.”
  • “Turn me on.”
  • “Love isn’t this game where you win something.”
  • “You - you were so precious.”
  • “Right now, we’re taking control.”
  • “Take my hand for a minute.”
  • “I know my way through the night to your door.”
  • “I’ll never be more than a wolf at your door for dinner.”
  • “You know, my darling, I can’t stand to sleep alone.”
  • “If I give that to you, I might just disappear.”
  • “You ain’t the first to come and try.”
  • “I don’t want to be safe, I wan’t to go down with you.”
  • “I thought you disappeared.”
  • “There’s no one left to listen.”
  • “I wanna feel us collide.”
  • “Don’t share the past if you won’t share your heart.”
  • “No, the pain’s not your fault.”
  • “The truth is, they were always there.”
  • “It’s been a while since I believed in you.”
  • “You should have known. Secretly, I think you knew.”
  • “Hey, slow down a little. Time’s on our side.”
  • “Give up, give into your desire.”
  • “I want to get away.”
  • “Are you still waiting for the real thing to save you?”
  • “I’m tired of being on the outside; I wanna know what it’s like.”
  • “You can’t just give it away, like it means nothing.”
  • “I can’t forget what you’ve forgotten.”
  • “It’s never enough to say I care.”
  • “Of all other faces, you were the one next to me.”
  • “Why do you smile so much?”
  • “I was never afraid of the dark until you.”
  • “Stop lying to me about where you’ve been.”
  • “I’m so sorry it didn’t work out.”
  • “Everyone knows that I’m going to hell.”
  • “I gave you my purity–my purity, you stole.”
  • “Am I just too stupid to realize?”
  • “You give me something to talk about.”
  • “Before you know it, there’s rubble and dust.”
  • “I used to feel so free, the way we used to be.”
  • “You made your mind up before you knew me.”

Hey everyone. I wanted to inform you that my art has been stolen by a person named parkquijote. The person did not have any permission to do so or even gave me credited.
Some works have the obvious url watermark but still, most of it is reposted. 

I already reported the post containing my art work yesterday but I am a bit impatient. Plus seeing they also stole from others I’m reblogging this here to get the word out.

This person also has art from: viivus lintufriikki candy-mint-guy and others that were either on VK or not that easily findable. If you happen to do know them please notify them. (Sorry if I mis tagged any of the artists)

So yeah. It would be great if you guys could report this person for art theft.
I’ve already saw one post regarding this person as a art thief that was only shared 2 times, so this is my go at getting the word out.

Thank you aijack for informing me about this.

Note. DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT SEND THIS PERSON HATE MESSAGES. I won’t stand for that kind of behaviour.

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Can you recommend hopefully a lot of httyd blogs?

bread-making-vikings elusivist realfrost ninakuhar thedragonbook vviizard thebigfouraremylifeok axonmanage avannak small-home-repair-vikings awkwardphotosofhiccup httydofdreamworks lightningdeathdragon lightning—and—death justgotawesome jennis41digsdragons dragonsofberk dragons-and-angst dragoninadrybananahippyhat toothless-nightfury toothlesstheuseless hiccstrid hiccstridforever hiccupwithafrostbite astrid-horrendous-haddock greenasenvynightfuryechogreen httyd-2 dragonnerd itistimetodisappear peachdoxie househaddock thecube42-httyd socij welcometoberk e-wills hiilikedragons lifeonberk letsmakeitourown queenelinor jack-frostitutes edge-of-bizarre santathegrey clehjett jiidesu skobber1 ready-set-fangirl saitheheroine spontaneousdragondemigod dragonescence dragon-esqueblog dragoneese teainthesnow facemyfury fankakm envisiondragons sasstrid-and-dorkcup the-tree-of-dragons bgsdragons cometotheberkside icelandiceel cutiepatoothless oh–you–pretty–things kingofthewilderwest howtotrainyour-toothless-dragon snowprincess-artist nefertsukia frosty-viking beautiful-despite-herself dreamorfall avataviking rapunzel-stole-a-nightfury vxvikingxv hiccupsgreeneyes cowgirl326 berkisamazing the-science-of-fandoms

and of course, me.

[this is just a load of my favourite blogs] 

i hope i gave u enough anon <3 enjoy 

also feel free to add to the list.. ^^


malirah  asked:

How stressed are you about whether or not Agent Carter will be renewed?

Honestly? Insanely stressed.

Everyone is so positive about it and I’m trying to be too but as silly as it may sound, if it does get cancelled I’ll be completely destroyed. This show stole my heart in a way no other show, book, play or movie ever did. If it disappear I will probably cry for weeks and never really get over it.

I post about it so much, laugh about it, draw about it, I’m always super perky when it comes to this show, but really every single day I think about cancellation, and I am terrified.

“大丈夫 Daijoubu.”

After watching the newest Boruto: The Movie Trailer, I felt like Boruto just needed a long, tight hug. So, who better to get it from by none other than his MamaHina? (x)

… And also because I rarely see fanart with just Boruto and his Mama Bear. 

Dedicated to the wonderful artists and writers that recently followed me: alabasterink madhattressdelux matchaball ammeja narootos thesefourwords-blog jensen-stole-my-snackles loversnaruhina eliphya sakaeguchiyuuto satoorihime smileybasmah-chan and many many more amazing people