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As The Reign Falls

happy 300 followers time to suffer

here’s the oumami angst fic i promised you guys i hope you like it

i’m not exactly the best at writing angst but hey i tried

if you guys really like it i might???? make a aprt two but who knows

2,500+ words jfc

death and blood trigger warning as well

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@komaedalmao so i heard you like oumami

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Free! Fic: In which Sousuke is a famous shoujo mangaka and Rin is a closet fan.

32. Celebrity/fan AU; SouRin

A/N: Shhh sweet anon you’re the awesomesauce. :3 Sorry it took so long! Mangaka!Sousuke and closet fan!Rin. I don’t even know anymore, guys.


Somehow, Matsuoka Rin finds himself inside a tiny local bookstore, lining up in a queue that consists mostly of women in the age range of between thirteen to late 20’s. By the entrance of the bookstore, there’s a sandwich board decorated in complimentary pastel purple and white that helpfully informs passersby about an autograph session held by one of the nation’s most sought-after shoujo manga artists – Yamazaki Souka.

If anyone’s interested to know, this is not how Rin would ideally choose to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon, but then there’s Gou, his sister one year his junior but fully capable of manipulating her beloved brother and roping him into her plans with a measured amount of pleading puppy-dog eyes and saccharine reminder that she still has those adorable photos of him in the maid outfit.

She insists that, unlike a high-school senior like herself burdened with the pressure of midterm exams and responsibilities of being the manager of the school’s swim team, Rin, being a college student who’s currently on vacation, can spare a couple of hours waiting in line in her place to get her favourite manga artist’s autograph.    

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