also i see you're really worried right now

anonymous asked:

HI LAUREN. <3 Even though you probably get a BUTT LOAD of questions concerning Baz, i just wanted to tell you that from your snaps, you look happy. So whether you're dating or want to date or waiting to date Alex, do your thang, because you look genuinely happy to be hanging out with him. Worry about your happiness, not what any of your followers will think because it only affects you. ALSO LASTLY, you've inspired me to make my own Youtube channel, so by September, i should have a video. XOXO

WOW this was SUCH a nice message, you should see my tumblr ask box right now it’s 99% about #laurex LOL (which isn’t a bad thing, I totally know people are curious), but thanks beb!! seriously I really appreciate it :) sometimes it can be stressful just living my life normally while being somewhat in the public eye, but you’re right, I am happy :). <3