also i say this in school everyday

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Melody at school everyday just saying this to my face: LÂM THƯ (yeah that is my Vietnamese and also my real name) IS IN LOVE, SHE LOVE KIACII~ GIRL LOVE GIRL---- I went full rampage and kill her >:3


you shouldn’t kill her haha i think she was just teasing you

I just need to say one more thing. I shouldn’t feel afraid to go to school tomorrow. I shouldn’t be afraid of what Trump supporters will/say or do to my friends and myself. I shouldnt be degraded everyday for defending my liberal ideals. I have had Trump supporters tell me I’m “ignorant and stupid” and that “liberals have no place in this country.” I also shouldn’t be told that because I’m a woman I’m weak and I should be controlled. 


Being in therapy as a therapist is something that I think should be a requirement. If we are putting all of our energy into other people and helping them with their problems, we need to put just as much energy into ourselves and our mental health? In a way, it’s like saying “practice what you preach” and I think we have to. I also think it’s vital to know what it’s like to be on the other side of the therapy situation so that you can have more empathy and understanding for your clients.
As for the question, I feel that I was much more critical of my therapist when I was in graduate school. I assume this was because all day everyday I was hearing and learning about therapy. Therefore, I was hyper aware of the techniques they were using and why they were asking me what they were asking me. However, as an out of graduate school and practicing therapist I don’t find myself quite as critical. I am more in the mindset of submit to the process and get out of it what you can. I do believe that being a therapist means I am more aware of the different types of therapy and what I feel works best for me. I have also tried out many different types, styles, as well as genders and I have found my perfect fit.

Being a therapist and treating others who either are therapists themselves or studying to do so, the only real change is that I don’t explain things as much. I assume they understand certain terms (although I do check in to be sure) but I don’t have to beat around the bush as much to get them to see my point. Other than that, therapy with a therapist is very much the same. I always refer back to my thought that it’s more about the relationship and whether or not they like me and want to work with me. If they do, then we can get amazing things done together! I hope you found this helpful and interesting!! Please share this video and your thoughts! xox The exact question is as follows:

“Hey Kati, I am one semester away from graduating with a B.S. in psychology and will (hopefully) be attending graduate school to become a therapist. I have heard from you and several other professionals that it is critical that therapists participate in therapy themselves. As a clinician, what is this experience like? Since you know therapy so well, is it difficult to submit to the process as a client? Is it easy for someone in this position to be over-critical of their therapist or over-analyze themselves? On the flip-side of this question, if you have ever had another therapist as your client, how did that impact your approach?I would greatly appreciate your sharing any insight you may have!”

you give me temptation

Philip can feel Lukas’ breath on the back of his neck, his warm body leaning close as he watches from over his shoulder. He can practically hear his wide grin and it makes him smile, but it also makes all the blood rush to places other than his heart.

“Aw! I almost had it, dude!” Lukas says, moving away too soon. He’s looking out at the jump and at his bike and his helmet and everywhere that’s not at Philip.

“I thought it was good,” Philip says, scuffing his boot into the dirt. He can’t tell if Lukas hears him.

“I gotta do it again, just one more time,” he says, already going for his bike. He’s been fixated on this jump for almost a week now, taking the bike out after school everyday and sometimes staying til they could hardly see. Lukas explained it several times. It’s not a complicated jump, but the difficulty is in the placement of his hands on the bike. If he puts them in just the right place, he gets more points.

All Philip can think about is Lukas’ hands on him.

“One more time. You ready?” Lukas finally looks back at him.

Philip sighs, “You’ve done it nineteen times.”

“You’ve been counting?” Lukas smiles, completely missing the point. He waves him off and puts his helmet back on.

Philip steps closer, touching his shoulder. “Lukas, c'mon, it’s getting late.”

“Just one more go, okay?” He sounds like a little kid, begging for more. It makes things worse.

“What if this one is the one that kills you, huh?” Philip half-teases, letting his fingers tickle up his boyfriend’s arm. He tips his head to the side, eyebrow raised with a smirk on his face.

Lukas chuckles. “Can’t be any worse than getting shot out of the air.”

Philip’s eyebrows furrow because once again he’s not sure if Lukas hears himself when he talks. It’s baffling and cute, and Philip’s mind goes to the happy little careless laugh Lukas let out in the hotel room and it makes his heart speed up.

“Yes, it would, Lukas, because you’d be dead.” Philip rolls his eyes. “Can’t we just…try again tomorrow?”

The bike stalls out under Lukas, idling too long.

“Crap,” he mutters, focus quickly off of Philip and onto his precious motorbike. He kicks at it, revving the engine. He’s grunting and his hair falls in his face, as he almost humps the bike to get it going again. He grips the handlebar tight and twists his wrist, muscles flexing. Philip tugs his helmet off. “What the hell, Philip?”

Philip throws the helmet down and grabs his face, kissing him hard. When he pulls away, Lukas still has his eyes closed for a second and it reminds Philip of that day again; Lukas under him, licking into his mouth, looking into his eyes, sliding and gripping his hands in the right places.

“Wh-what was…what was–” Lukas laughs nervously, looking totally smitten and dazed.

Philip can’t help but roll his eyes again, looking skyward because he can’t believe his boyfriend…his boyfriend… He grins and looks him in his baby blue eyes.

“All you want to do is ride this bike, and all I want to do is ride you,” he admits, feeling his face redden under Lukas’ surprised and confused gaze.

“Are you serious?” Lukas asks, looking more like he just wants to hear it again and not like he needs clarification. His face says he’s amused, but his hands are ahead of him as they pull Philip closer.

Philip nods, suddenly a little sheepish from his confession. It’s been a while since the hotel. Of course they’ve had more sex than either of them were having before each other combined, and it’s not always that. They’ve been trying other stuff…exploring, being safe if Helen embarrassingly has anything to say about it. And every time seems to be better than the last. They’re still clumsy and fumble sometimes, but they laugh or stop and talk. Philip trusts Lukas just as much as Lukas trusts him, and it’s good. Things are good and Philip can’t believe it still, after everything. He can feel Lukas watching him, one hand moving up his back while the other covers his ass; not a complicated move but it’s just right and does things to Philip.

“I want you…all the time,” he breathes close to Lukas’ mouth before capturing it. And then he hears that little laugh, feels it on his lips, and he needs him.

Lukas moans when Philip touches him, raking his fingers over his strong thighs as they still straddle his bike.

“I’ve been here all day,” Philip says, kissing along Lukas’ neck. “Can we go somewhere else all night?”

Lukas nods quickly, eyes hooded. “Okay, okay…I got you.”

They leave on the bike, head to the barn. They laugh, kiss, push each other down in the hay and don’t go slow. They connect. Lukas puts his hands in the right places, as Philip moves and moves. It’s so good. And when they finish, Lukas begs for one more time.

Philip gives in.


The prompt said the infamous line from the live show 😊

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I was the one talking about my homophobic teacher and I'm just adding I support the LGBTQ community I think there's no wrong to it it's the way you were born. I was shocked by all she said and she also said that they were all mentally insane. I get a lot of crap for supporting the LGBTQ community because I go to a Catholic school but it doesn't phase me because whatever they say I will not change my views on my beliefs.

Glad to know you’re supportive and open-minded, and I’m sorry you have to deal with everyday homophobia.


Happy Fates NA release day!!!

Okay, there are three important things I want to talk about while I have your attention!

1. We have officially reached 4000+ followers! I wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful support, especially since we’ve been on hiatus for over a month now! I hope you choose to continue supporting us because there’s so much more to come! Also, I am terrible at coming up with happy, thankful things. This is what I have Sugar and Perli for, because all I can say is I love all of you and that you have all of my thanks.

2. We will be on comic hiatus a while longer. College is in full swing right now, and I’m not really getting a lot of free time between school, homework, and other things in my everyday life. I’m trying to figure out a good time to start back up, but with multiple essays, constant math homework, and other factors, finding a good time has been difficult. My hopes are that we will not pass the 60 day mark.

3. A Fates based mini-series will be starting around mid-summer! The comics will be following three new MUs, one for each mod, and each of them will be covering a different route! Sugar will be covering Birthright, Perli will be covering Conquest, and Tree will be covering Revelation. We will not be taking any suggestions from fans about specific aspects, so please don’t ask if we can add in something for you. As for the chances of any Fates character showing up in comics before then, they will be limited to specific types of comics and sibling characters. Other characters will not be shown until the mini-series.

Also the ask box is staying closed to avoid any Fates spoilers being seen by the mods who don’t want them. I will also personally be combing through any fanmail we receive to make sure you are not purposely trying to spoil the mods (as you have probably guessed, I am not going in blind).

And to all of our fans who live in EU/AU, I hope you guys get a release date soon!! I know how painful waiting for dates is, but don’t let that get you down! Stay determined, fellow FE fans! In the meantime, you guys won’t have to worry about any spoilers from this blog! We will be spoiler free until the mini-series starts up, and even then, all spoilers will be tagged!

Have fun, guys!!

recap of my last 2 weeks: i ended up getting enrolled into college early when i should’ve had a 3-month break, Everyday Is Like a Battle™ ( i’m not kidding i spend a solid 9 hours at school… uh college… i’m not used to this ) , assignments are piling on like a bitch, i somehow become freshie queen?? basically what i’m trying to say is my activity is back to being spotty, i’m really sorry if i promised you a starter/reply and haven’t got to it yet… & also i’m grateful to those people who bear with this… looks at ailli and rinnie… good news is i got wifi now so i can be here on weekends. until then

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yess i IDed as asexual and an ‘asexual lesbian’ in high school bc i was so ashamed and the ~queer community made me feel even more like trash for being attracted to womens bodies lol

man, you’re like the fourth lesbian i’ve seen now who says they also once identified as or questioned being asexual. i get more and more fed up with the ~queer~ community everyday and how much they’re harming lesbians and making it harder for us to accept ourselves.

Hi, I'm Spacey!

I’m new to the community, and I’d really like to make some nice friends! I’m a Biromantic little! I really like drawing and colouring and watching funny movies! Oh, and I really really really like cats, they’re the bestest animal ever!

My Little space is a way for me to forget about the stress and hardships of everyday life and school and to live the childhood I never really had a chance to experience. It’s also very nonsexual, I don’t want anyone sending icky pictures or saying icky things to me. I wouldn’t mind a nonsexual caregiver talking to me, though, I guess that would be nice.

I also really like anime, my favouritest is Hetalia! But I do also like Vampire knight and Free! and lots of others too. Don’t be afraid to talk to me, I really love making new friends! And you can ask me some stuff too, if you’d like!

Nov. Studyblr Challenge - Survival Kit

Being that I am at school about 12hrs/day every day, my survival kit is well organized and always packed and ready to go. 

  1. Headphones - I have a pair of crappy ones I got from Ross for $3 that do the trick and occasionally I also carry my Beats by Dre if I know I’m going to need some intense study time and to clearly give off the “don’t talk to me” vibe
  2. Chapstick and Lipstick - In law school, you never know when I networking event is going to spring up on you. I have my chapstick for everyday and a nice neutral lippy that says, I look put together, even though I’m falling apart inside
  3. Laptop and Laptop Charger - The MacBook Air was an excellent purchase on my part. It’s really thin and light and doesn’t take up too much room and isn’t too heavy, which is lovely
  4. Phone and Phone Charger - Duh. Also music for studying. Also music for pretending to study. Also audiobooks for train rides. Also Starbucks Gold Card Account
  5. Planner - I bought a shitty cheap one at the beginning of the semester, but it does it’s job. Recently purchased an Erin Condren one and I’m going to lose my mind when it arrives!
  6. Highlighters - ALL of my classes are color coordinated. I have two highlighters in each color (blue, green, red, pink) as well as matching pens. Color coordination is a great study skill if you’re a visual learner
  7. Tül Pens - these are the BEST pens I’ve ever used. A pack of 4 of them on amazon was $13!!!! But so worth it! I have gone through 3 so far, I need the last one to survive 3 more weeks, then I can buy the 32 pack
  8. Post-it Notes - Color coordinated with the highlighters and pens, to flag text book paragraphs, make mini-to-do lists, and pass notes in class obvs!
  9. Snacks! - I usually carry 2-3 granola or power bars (currently there are 3 apple-pie LaraBars in my bag) as well as those chocolate covered blueberry treats
  10. Cash - Emergency $20 for whatever reason
  11. Water Bottle and Coffee Tumbler - Drink 2 liters of water a day and caffeinate so you don’t kill people
  12. Wallet, Keys, Train Pass - duh.
  13. Hand Sanitizer, Hand Lotion, perfume rollerball - the perfume is Vera Wang Princess and I got it for $18 at ULTA, and the lotion is First Aid Repair i got from IPSY and the Sanitizer is “Autumn Day” from Bath and Body Works

When you see someone caring for a child with disabilities, it’s generally not considered polite to say, “But why bother?” You know, because that’s kind of getting into Hitler territory. Still, our source says that most people can’t wrap their heads around why her job exists at all. They tend to assume that children who are severely disabled aren’t going to make any progress to speak of, so she’s nothing but a glorified babysitter, right? “They have asked things like ‘Why send these children to school?’ or 'Why waste government money on educating these kids?’ They don’t realize that I am still teaching math, reading, science, social studies.”

She also teaches her students everyday skills that human beings need to function, like mobility, toileting, hygiene, and self-feeding – things that will make a gigantic difference in how much care they require later. But that means people like her wind up doing the job of a parent, teacher, and rehabilitation nurse all rolled into one. Did we mention that we think the people who do this are kind of heroes?

5 Brutal Reasons 75% Of Special Ed Teachers Quit

How can Jin eat so much?

Here’s why

- Practices dancing/singing/performances for hours a day.

- Constantly on the go to school and to events go go go.

- Ultra bouncy, IATC alone he probably burned like a million calories. 

- So plush needs extra body energy to stay so silky.

- Shoulders extra wide causes extra wind drag needs extra calories when dancing / walking / moving.

- Probably playing a dance video game right now.

- Wrestling around with Jimin and/or Kookie all the time, because neither one of those boys can leave him alone for two seconds.

- Taking care of Rap Line as they work on end of year projects, especially Hope who is rapping and dancing.  

- It’s gonna be winter time soon and it’s getting cold and he has to burn hotter to keep both himself and Yoongi warm at night.  

- Not to mention keeping the dorm clean all the time, sure he makes the others help but you know he does the most.  

- He knows that he’ll be beautiful no matter what he weighs, because he has confidence in himself.  That takes energy too.

hi everyone! :-) in honor of almost reaching 5k, I’ve decided to do a follow forever! I am still going to be making a follow forever, so if I follow you now you will be included on there, don’t worry!! 

I will be checking out blogs that LIKE AND REBLOG!! 

here’s what I will be looking for (I will be looking at mainly blog CONTENT!!):

  • seasonal anime
  • sports anime (e.g haikyuu, free, prince of stride, etc.)
  • bungou stray dogs
  • re:zero
  • ouran high school host club
  • orange
  • kiznaiver 
  • owari no seraph
  • and more 
  • make sure you have a tagging system and are active!!

BONUS if you’re a gif/gfx maker!! If you are, please say so in the tags <3 :) also it would be really nice if you already followed me because I want to make more mutual friends ;) 

…and I think that’s about it! I will be checking the notes a few time everyday so if I don’t follow you it might just be that I haven’t gotten to you yet. 

REMEMBER, your blog is beautiful and amazing even if I don’t follow you! 


Hey Taylor its me Aleia. Today is my 13th birthday🎉 I also want to say thank you for following me and making my dream come true. I am really grateful and thankful that you did. You make me so happy. I was really sad and hurt when my crush said that he thinks im ugly to my friend and i really thought he liked me. We were really close friends. I was happy to talk to him everyday in class. On the last day of school I decided to tell him that i really like him so I did. I told him and he was shocked and was blushing but he said he doesn’t like me so i was hurt. But we kept texting and just last week he said that he doesn’t like me cause im so ugly. There i was so hurt and was crying. I didn’t know what to do with my life anymore. I always get rejected or no one ever liked me. So i listened to your songs and i was scrolling to tumblr. I felt happy after i saw some post saying that everything will be okay and that you Taylor cares about us. When i feel alone and sad I always think that you care about us and that you love us all and that makes me really happy. Now i realized that i don’t like him anymore and I don’t care what he thinks of me. Thank you Taylor for helping me go through this. You are a perfect role model and you make my life much better. I always wonder when i will meet you. But it will happen soon right? I love you so much❤️ taylorswift

Hi Tay, So chances of you seeing this are extremely low but anyway I just wanted to say that Today is my 18th birthday (July the 21st) which means I’m officially an adult. While I’m excited I’m also really scared as it means that I’m going to have so much more responsibility and so many decisions to make. While I’m a very independant person (I travel two hours and back everyday to dance whilst completing my school work online) I also don’t know if I’m ready to be an adult yet. What if I make the wrong decision? I know it’s all about self discovery but I’m just nervous. Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne. Love Paige taylorswift

A list of words and phrases i started off saying sarcastically but now use in my regular everyday speech
  • yo
  • wassup homedog
  • totes (for totally)
  • for reals
  • omg (like actually saying “oh em gee”)
  • whatevs
  • aight
  • hiiiiii / byyyyyyyye (think “most popular girls in school”)
  • dropping the G off of -ing suffix (hangin’, goin’, swingin’)
  • I also have this very interesting thing that I believe I developed myself out of boredom with using the same phrase so damn much but I say “whatever floats your boat” like all the time, and I started replacing the “oat” in “floats” and “boat” with alternative sounds.  (i.g. “whatever floops your boops”, “whatever flaps your baps”, “whatever flips your bips”, “whatever flups your bups”, etc.)
Stepbrother: Luke all parts

There was so confusion because the parts of Stepbrother are so far apart. This is the entire story so far. Also, a name for the female is present because this story is on wattpad. READ THIS TO CATCH UP OR IF YOUVE MISSED ANY CHAPTERS. IF YOU NEED WHAT HAS BEEN DESCRIBED READ BELOW:

This can be found on Wattpad under: Ashleyd_143

“Luke, stop.” I sternly say. Everyday after school, my mom leaves me at the house with my new stepbrother, Luke. He is the epitome of annoying. He does anything he can to bother me and get under my skin. He’s been tapping his pen for the last hour.
“Damn it, Luke!” I say dropping my pen.
“I said stop!”
“You’re such a prude” Luke says.
“ I wouldn’t be such a ‘prude’ if you weren’t such a dick” I snap back. Luke sits up.
“Ooh. You’re swearing… I like it.”
I look over and throw my pen.
“Shut up! You’re the absolute worst” I say. Luke may be an annoying dick, but he’s pretty cute. He’s been toying with that lip ring of his for the last hour too.
“I’m not dumb, y/n” He says to me.
“What are you talking about, idiot” I say, rolling my eyes.
“ I see the way you look at me” He says with a smirk.
“Don’t flatter yourself, Lucas” I say. How could he has possibly seen? What looks have I been giving him? Luke stands up so he’s hovering over me.
“Look me in my eyes and tell me you don’t see me that way” I look down at my paper, regretting that I’d thrown my pen.
“I’m going upstairs.” I say, standing up. Luke grabs my waist and pulls me toward him. I avoid eye contact.
“Didn’t think so.” Luke says.
“Let me go, Lucas” I try to play cool. He tilts my chin up.
“There’s always been something about you. You know that?” He whispers to me. I want to pull away, but part of me wants this. Part of me wants Luke. Apparently, Luke knows. He leans down and whispers,
“So, are we still going upstairs?”
I think and nod. I’m doing this.
“After you, my lady.” Luke says, bowing. Yup, he’s still the dick I know. When I enter, he closes the door and I turn to see a shirtless Luke.
“Damn.” I can’t help but mumble to myself. I feel like it’s only right to remove mine as well. I nervously remove my top as Luke stares at me.
“What? You’ve never seen a girl in a bra before?” I tease.
“ No, I never expected a nerd like you to have such a rack” He teases back.
“Come here”
Luke wastes no time and dives his tongue into my mouth. I comply and let him lead. It is breath taking. He leans me back to the bed and I take a deep breath.
“Okay. I know you’re doing this and all, but I don’t expect you to know what you’re doing.” Luke says. Is he serious? I’m 16 years old. I think I know what I’m doing. Wait. Maybe I don’t.
“I’ve got this.” Luke whispers again. He unbuckles my pants. His breath hovers over my now revealed panties. I can’t take it.
“Luke, please.” I exhale.
“Shhh. Your mom will be home soon. We gotta make this quick.” Luke removes his own pants and boxers and I gasp.
“What? You’ve never seen a dick before?” Luke teases, but I don’t respond. I look down.
“Are you serious? You’ve never had sex before?” Luke asks. I’m embarrassed. He grabs the back of my head and kisses me again. I sit up and he pulls me onto his lap. He starts kissing my neck and reaches for my back. He unclasps my bra and tosses it elsewhere. He leans me back once again. He slides my panties off. I inhale deeply.
“Relax, Taylor. Relax.” Luke assures me.
“I trust you”
I relax. I try to relax and let this happen.
“I’d love to show you what I’m capable of and all, but who knows when your mom is gonna be back?”
“Just do something, Lucas” I sigh. If this is gonna happen, it’s gonna happen now. He complies. He takes a condom from his drawer and carefully puts it on. I tense up when I feel something.
“Well this is gonna hurt, okay? I’ll be as gentle as I can.” He softly says. It does hurt. A lot. I wince at the pain and sharply inhale.
“ If you want me to stop, I’ll-”
“I’m fine, Luke. Keep going. I’ll be okay” After a few minutes the pain is more bearable. “Go.”
Luke eases in and out of me slowly. “Shit your so tight baby” Luke keeps thrusting in to me slowly while looking into my eyes. It’s like he was taking me all in. “Faster Luke faster” I say. Luke speeds up the pace while still looking at me. As to me, Im a screaming mess as to this is my first time. I feel a knot in my stomach knowing im about to climax and luke looks like he’s about to let go too. He said"let go baby let go together". Thats all it takes for me to let it go. We come together and ride out our high. Luke gets off of me and threw away the condom. He comes back and lays down next to me still breathing heavy. I look up at him and he looks down at me. When he looks at me something flashed in his eyes. We both looked like we didn’t know what to say next. So i just cuddle up into him.
“Luke? Taylor? Guys?” My mom says.

“Get out of my bed and go in my bathroom. Go!” I whisper. Luke grabs his clothes and goes in my bathroom. Luke peeks his head out of the bathroom.
“Hey. Not bad for a nerd”
What the fuck did I just do? I put on my clothes and hop downstairs.
“Hey, mom! Sorry. I was upstairs studying for my midterms.” I lie.
“As usual! Where’s Luke?” She asks.
“Um… Luke? How would I know? Probably doing something dumb.” And by dumb, I mean hiding in my bathroom because he just took your daughter’s innocence.
“Sup, Linda.” Luke emerges from upstairs.
“Oh ‘sup’, Luke” My mom greets Luke. Luke and I are exchanging looks. No. I’m not doing this. I’m not doing this with… Luke.

“Well, I just came to pick up a few things. I’m heading back to the office. I might get home a little late, so you guys can order pizza or something.” My mom says. Like takes the money from my mom’s hand and playfully pushes her out if the door. The door closes.
“I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” I pretend to yawn. I head up the stairs.
“Hey, is this gonna be… a thing?” Luke asks. I act confused.
“Is…is what gonna be a thing?” Is he asking about us?
“Ya know. Friends with benefits. Fuck buddys. Catch my drift?” Luke asks. I listen, but I don’t have an answer. I act like I don’t hear him and close my door.
“Let me know when you have an answer.” Do I have an answer?

*later that night*

“You can solve a polynomial using that formula, but I’m telling you, using the other one is easier” I tell my friend, Cara. *knock knock*
“Hold on. What, Luke?”
“Can I come in?” He opens the door anyways. I whisper,
“Luke, get the fu-”
“Shhhhhh. Mute the phone.” He whispers. I mute the phone.
“It’s muted. What do you wa-” Luke jumps on my bed and puts my phone beside me.
“Do you have an answer yet?” I should say no to this happening, but I want to say yes. You know what? I’m tired of just living in my world of studying, sleeping, eating, and workouts. It’s time for a little fun.

I lean over and kiss him.
“Does that answer your question?” I tease. He replies with a kiss. He flips us over so he’s on top.
“Umm. Hello? Taylor?” Cara asks. I forgot all about her. Luke gets up.
“We’ll finish this later.” He whispers. He leaves my room. I pick up the phone and unmute it.
“I’m sorry. My mom… er… called me and wouldn’t shut up. But, did my explanation help any?” I lie.
“Umm. Yeah. Thanks. Bye.” She sounds suspicious. *sigh* I lean back on my bed.
“Luke! I’m off of the phone.” I call out. Within 2 seconds, he’s in my room.
“Were you already-”
I look at him. Do I really want to do this?
“Look, Luke. This has been-” My phone rings.
“Jesus fucking Christ. Who could it possibly be?” Luke says. I look down.
“It’s my dad.”
I don’t like talking about him. I don’t like talking to him. The whole reason I’m in this predicament is because he ruined his marriage to my mom. It’s shit.
“I’ll be back when you get off of the phone.” Luke says.
“Hello?” I finally answer.
“Hey, baby doll.” The familiar voice says.
“Hey, dad.” I say dryly.
“So how’s the new house, haha? I know you’re having fun.”
“It’s okay.”
“So. How have you been?”
“Look, Taylor. I know I’ve done things and you may be upset, but you can’t-”
“You cheated on my mother, but everything’s fine. We started all the way over because you can’t keep your shit in your pants, but you know, it’s all good.” I blurt. At this point, I don’t even care. There’s silence.
“Look, I’ve got things I need to study for and I don’t feel like talking.”
“Okay, baby doll. Call me when you can.”
Click. I hang up and bury my head into my pillow. I jump when I feel a hand on my shoulder.
“Are you okay?” Luke sincerely asks. I look up. The tears start pouring.
“How can he live with himself?! How can he live his life like he hasn’t hurt the people he was supposed to love the most?” I vent. Luke hugs me. Tightly. I need this.
“It’s okay, Taylor. You’re mom’s happy now, right? He’s the one who’s all alone now.” He comforts me. This is supposed to be about the fun… the sex. This isn’t about real feelings, care, or companionship.
“Luke, stop. I can’t do this.” I say.
“Stop what? You can’t do what?” He asks.
“You asked if we could be fuck buddies or whatever you want, but we can’t.” He leans over and pushes my hair behind my ear. The tears start falling again. I don’t want to catch feelings for him.
“Please don’t.” My voice is barely there. Luke kisses me, but this time is different. It has … passion. He leans me back.
“ Look, Taylor. I like you, okay. Like really like you. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t care about you, okay?” Luke whispers to me. I believe him. He kisses me and this time I kiss back. He sits up and takes off his shirt. I put my arms up so he can take mine off too. He grabs a condom out of his back pocket, then discards his pants and boxers elsewhere. I hurry and take mine off too. When he gets back on the bed, he starts kissing me once again. He kisses my lips, then my neck, and then my lips again. He carefully takes his length and aligns it with me. He begins to enter. I can’t lie, it still hurts, but not as much as last time. He begins thrusting. He’s so gentle.
“It’s okay, Luke. You can go a little harder than that.” I try to encourage him.
“I just don’t want to hurt you. Are you okay? Is this okay?” He says. He sounds so worried. I kiss him to make him quiet.

I feel different. I don’t feel naughty or sexy. I feel… cared for, you know? I feel like someone just took their time and cared for me. Delicately. Softly. How ever you want to describe it, that’s how I feel. I get up and grab some of my pajamas and put them on. Then, I climb back into my bed and bury my head in Luke’s chest.

*11:30 pm*

My phone is buzzing.

*I tried to get in contact with you and Luke, but no one answered. Obviously you aren’t alarmed lol. I stayed at the office because I had lots of work to do. Sleep tight! xx ~Mom*
I groan and turn my phone back over. I turn over to see a sleeping Luke. He sits up.
“Everything okay?” He asks in a sleepy voice.
“Yeah. My mom is staying at the office, so you can stay in here if you want.” I tell him.
“Yeah, yeah. Okay.” He mumbles and grabs my waist. I shut my eyes.
“Goodnight, Taylor.”
“Goodnight, Luke.”

I wake up and pry Luke’s arm from around my body. I creep downstairs.
“Jesus! You frightened me.” My mom says.
“Sorry. I just didn’t know if you were down here.” I say. She won’t notice if Luke comes downstairs after this.
“It’s almost 1. You never sleep in! What’s going on?” My mother asks me. If only she knew.
“Finals, haha. Reallllllyyyy stressful. I stayed up studying.” I sit down and take out my phone.

*Get your ass down here and save me from my mother.*

Luke casually walks down the stairs.
“Good morning, Lucas.” My mom says. Luke does a greeting nod, grabs an apple, and the car keys.
“I have to go to the music store and get some new strings for my guitar. I’ll be back.” Luke says. I’m not staying here for my mom’s awkward questioning.
“I’ll come too. I need to stop by Staples and get more index cards.” I lie. I leave behind Luke and get in the passenger seat. He starts driving.
*Should I say something? This is awkward. Maybe I should say something.*
“Um. Luke we should ta-”
*Buzz* *buzz*
“Hello?” Luke says into his phone.
“You really shouldn’t talk while you’re driving.” I say.
“Shhhh. Sorry, babe. What did you say?” He continues talking.
“Look, I’m on the way to the music store, then I have to take my stepsister to Staples. I’ll see you later. Bye.” Luke hangs up.
“Wh…Who was that?” I stutter a little.
“Who?” Luke asks, looking straight ahead.
“The girl you were on the phone with.” I say.
“Oh. Some girl I met a couple of days ago. It’s nothing really.” Luke says.
If it isn’t anything, why is he seeing her later? Why am I worried? I don’t care. We stop at a red light.
“Jealous?” Luke asks.
“What? Me? I don’t care. Why?” I say. I’m not jealous. The car starts moving again.
“I don’t know. Your demeanor changed. Maybe I’m wrong.” Luke says. He knows exactly was he’s doing.
“You are.” I lie. So what I’m a little jealous.

We pull up the the music store.
“I’ll be back in a few.” Luke takes the keys out. I wait for about 5 minutes before I get bored. I get out of the car. I’ll show Luke why he shouldn’t see that girl later. I add a switch into my walk and walk into the store.
“I told you I would be right back.” Luke says with an attitude.
“I got bored.” I say with sass.
“Hold these.” Luke hands me the packs of strings. I totally drop them on purpose.
“Dammit.” I bend over to pick them up. Luke inhales deeply. I could have more fun with this.
“I used to play the violin. It looked just like that one.” I lean over the counter and point.
“Thank you come again.” The cashier says. Luke walks out and I follow. We get in the car.
“Why are you acting like this?” Luke asks.
“Acting like what?” I act clueless.
“Nothing. Let’s go to Staples now.” He says.
“We don’t really have to go. I just wanted to escape my mom.” I say.
“Good.” Luke puts the car in park.
“Come here.”

Confused (Jungkook Scenario // Part 3)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 4

It’s been weeks since the things that happened in private with him and it’s been weeks since his last attempts of getting in contact with me but there were still days where he ignored me. 

I don’t know what I should tell you. 
I stopped texting him or let’s just say I stopped trying.
I also changed my number and deleted his number. 
As I told you previously, I get super attached to people and it’s hard to ignore him when I see him everyday in school and much harder when I know that with one click I can have him next to me again. 

Yeah, thats the reason why I changed my number, to stop myself from texting and calling him. Also he doesn’t have my new number so it’s kind of a win win situation. 

But yeah, back to the “it’s been weeks” part. It’s honestly been weeks since the last time I had any kind of psychical or emotional contact with him. 

And I was kinda satisfied with it.. 

but everything changed so drastically. 

“(Y/N) you and Jungkook are gonna be a group for the project” 

FUCK.! No.. noooo. nononononononono NO!!!!
Why him? Out of every. FUCKING. PERSON, WHY HIM?!?!?!?

He smugly smiled at me. 

“(Y/N) explain this, I don’t understand this”, Jungkook pointed out at a thing in the book. 

I currently sat beside him, in his room. He came a bit closer with his face towards me, to close for my liking. 
I just quickly explained whatever he wanted to know and turned with my face away. 

I was kinda stressed out, like really stressed out. I started internally to sweat. 
Gosh.! Why must he be so attractive,.. Okay, STAHP. Get your fucking head straight. 

Jungkook realized my struggle and little fight with myself and came closer again,”(Y/N) everything okay?”
I turned around to look at him and FUCK he was to close again. Our noses nearly touched. 
My eyes turned really wide and for some reason I felt heat creeping up my cheeks. 

Jungkook smiled cutely at me and grabbed with both of his hands my face. 
My eyes got even more wider and I felt more heat up my cheeks. 

“I never saw you blush that hard (Y/N). When I recall, I actually never saw you blush in general”, he said with a slight smirk. 

I pushed his hands away, ready to be sarcastic with him as usual but the next thing caught me off guard. 

He kissed me, pushed me down, so he was hovering over me and continued to kiss me. 

I was shocked, I mean of course.! But I quickly tried to get him off of me, tried to slap him and punch him but he just pinned my arms down and continued to kiss me. 
I couldn’t help myself and give in to the kiss. 

As he realized, that I kissed him back, he started to deepen the kiss. I felt his tongue, asking for entrance, which I gave him. 

He let go off my arms and his hands started to roam around my body.

This intense make out session went for minutes, probably hours. 
His one hand was on my back and his other on my hips, he sat me up and pulled me towards his lap. We never lost the connections of our lips. 

I sat down on his lap and his grip on my hips tightened. 
He pushed me further down and I could feel his bulge. Good God it made me hot. 

He started to grind up against my core and I slightly moved with him. 
His hands slowly started to creep up my shirt. His lips started to move away from my lips and moved towards my neck. 
I exposed my neck more for him and I felt him bite down, felt him sucking and licking on one spot. I knew he was giving me a hickey but I had no intention to stop him. 

He pushed my shirt further up and before he could even get it off me…


We jumped in surprise by the sudden shout from one of his friends. 
He groaned in frustration, got up and walked towards the door but before he opened it ,”(Y/N) wait here! I’ll come back really fast and than… you know.. we could continue where we stopped”, he said with a light smirk on his face. 

hi! i know i haven’t really been handling this blog for a long time but i’ve genuinely enjoyed the past (two? three?) months because of it and the love it receives (and it gives, i dearly hope!) sadly though, school is just around the corner and i want you people to know that it’s been a pleasure seeing my dash brighten up everyday because of you before it’s too late!

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