also i say this in school everyday

School can be exhausting so these are my ways of dealing with stress and I’m, obviously, not an expert, but it helped me.

Take a bath

Get a bath bomb, shave your legs, and just relax in the warm water

Get an adult coloring book

I can’t tell you how much getting a coloring book helped me with stress. When I have free time, or a free class, or I just feel like coloring, I get my coloring book and just start.

Draw / doodle

Have a sketchbook where you can draw little things, or even big things. Draw random stuff that comes to your mind to free your thoughts. If you are bad at drawing, don’t worry cause it’s your private thing and you don’t have to show this to anyone.


Same as drawing but this time instead of just a pencil, use watercolors or ink or markers, whatever you want and have. Create a masterpiece and if you like it pin it on your wall to remind you that you can do great things!

Do some origami

You have a ton of YouTube videos of how to do some basic origami. Fold your paper and enjoy your finished work.


After a study session, stretch from head to toe. You will feel better because blood will easily come to your brain and you won’t have any back pain for sitting too long.


Every day, at morning or at night (or both if you are available) do some exercises for 20-30 minutes. If you are not that into exercising, you could dance with some up-beat music like nobody is watching.

Go for a quick run or ride a bike for 5 minutes

It will boost your energy and you will go outside and see the actual sun, or even clouds. Fresh air is really important for your health, so are little things that boost your energy. 

Listen to music

Maybe you are listening to music while studying, but listening to music while doing nothing else is also great. On the ride on the bus/train or whatever you’re taking, get some headphones and jam to your favourite music.

Take a nap

You come from school exhausted and you know you need to study, but it’s really hard for you to focus, just take a nap. Or if you are studying for 3-4 hours straight for that test tomorrow or writing a extra long essay - take a nap. 15-20 minutes is enough.

Get a diary or journal and write it down

Recently I started again writing into a diary (I haven’t done that since I was 12-13) and I can’t tell you how much better I feel after writing my thoughts down on paper. For me, writing with a pen/pencil instead of typing had me more focused on actually freeing my thoughts, but if you want to type you can. Also, it is funny to read some of your daily entries after a couple of years.


Lay on your back, or sit on a comfortable chair, close your eyes and just breathe. Try not to think of your work, or problems and just breathe. If you are religious, you can also pray.

Clean your room

Clear room = clear mind. Having a nice and tidy room helps me more to focus and not to think of the mess surrounding me. Also, cleaning can be calming and stress relieving, if you focus on cleaning instead of your thoughts.

Drink a glass of water

You will be more hydrated and feel much better. So just drink your water.

Eat a fruit

It’s healthy and sweet, what else is there to say about?

I hope some of those help you. Keep in mind that you, obviously, don’t have to everything everyday. Doing a few of these will really be beneficial for your mental health and your body.

Sending much love to you all, V. ❤

anonymous asked:

Do you know what all of the victims did on their last day alive?

I know some of their last moments. It seems a lot of parents spoke about their final moments with their children in interviews. (Some of the ones I listed are just last remembered activities, not what they did the day before sorry.)

  • Rachel Scott 
    • Rachel’s last morning by now is very well known. Rachel and her brother had gotten into an argument because they were running late to school. He had rudely slammed the door in her face and unknowingly that was his last interaction with her. 
  • Daniel Rohrbough 
    • I don’t know Daniel’s last day, but one thing that comes to mind was he held the door open for the people behind him as he fled the school.
  • Dave Sanders
    • Dave Sanders moments are also very well known. His last moments are what made him known as a hero. Instead of protecting himself and hiding, he alerted the students in the cafeteria confirming active shooters in the school. It’s safe to say he saved many peoples lives that day.
  • Kyle Velasquez 
    • Kyle was driven to school everyday by his mother.  Kyle’s last words to her were simply “Goodbye. I love you, mom.”
  • Matthew Kechter 
    • “When I heard he was one of the ones from the library, it only made sense. He was always in the library studying. He always put academics first. He had straight A’s but he would never brag about it. I kinda looked up to him because of it. He was never in a bad mood, he was consistenly happy.” - Greg Barnes 
    • Matt was sitting with Isaiah and Craig Scott that day in the library.
  • Isaiah Shoels
    • It was a typical morning for Isaiah too. He had run out of the house and left his bed unmade. 
  • Lauren Townsend
    • The night before, her mother and her father had attended a Rockies game and got home around 9:30. When they got back, Lauren was slightly upset at them for coming back so late even though she knew they would be gone. She was disappointed because she wanted to snuggle and the game interrupted their ‘snuggle time.’ Her mother sat down with her for a few minutes, but Lauren had some work left to do and went off to bed. She said goodnight and told her mom they’d snuggle tomorrow. Her mom promised to put in extra time to snuggle. She never came home.
  • John Tomlin
    • In John’s final moments, it was an everyday routine. He left his bible open on the dash of his beloved truck and was studying at the library on the day of the massacre like everyday.
  • Daniel Mauser
    • Daniel too was in the library, a daily occurrence. But as he was approached by Eric, he pushed a chair out as a way to stand up to him. He was shot right after.
  • Corey DePooter 
    • Corey and his mother had always danced together in the kitchen growing up. His mom remembers him and his brother always being good dancers. The night before his death, him and his mom just so happened to share a last dance out of the blue. It definitely wasn’t an every night occurrence, so looking back it was really special for her.
  • Cassie Bernall
    • I’ll let her mom do the talking ;)
    • “April 20, 1999, started like any other school day in our house. At five forty-five Brad, my husband, left for work, and a little later I got up to wake the kids. Getting teenagers out of bed is always a small battle, but that Tuesday was especially difficult. Cassie had stayed up late the night before catching up on homework, and her books were all over the kitchen table. Her cat’s litter box needed attention, too, and we were running late with breakfast. I remember trying not to lecture her about all the things that needed doing before she left for school….
    • About seven-twenty Chris kissed me goodbye, or at least gave me his cheek, which is what it’s gone to lately (he’s fifteen) and clattered down the stairs and out of the house. Cassie stopped at the door to put on her shoes – her beloved black velvet Doc Martens, which she wore rain or shine, even with dresses – grabbed her backpack, and headed after her brother. As she left I leaned over the banister to say goodbye, like I always do: “Bye, Cass. I love you.” “Love you too, Mom,” she mumbled back. Then she was gone, through the back yard, over the fence, and across the soccer  field to the high school, which is only a hundred yards away. I dressed, made myself a cup of coffee, locked up, and drove off to work.” 

Yesterday I was saying to a friend that this days I’m happy because I’m basically studying my target languages everyday.
And she was like “you are mad studying in summer”.
But people in general associate studying to school and stress, and also to study things that you don’t like, or to an obligation (?). But people don’t understand that it’s not like this. Study things that you like that you enjoy it’s not tiring or stressing at all.
Actually, when I study my target languages I’m having so much fun, I love to learn them so much.
People should stop to associate studying something to a stressful and tiring thing, it actually can be so fun, interesting and you can really enjoy studying if it’s something that you like.

being next door neighbors with peter parker

i’m also writin an imagine about this lmao but cracks knuckles let’s do this, rip this is super long i got carried away 

 • so let’s say you’re about the same age as peter, if not a little older or younger than him 

• so same grade, most likely same school, and you see him everyday 

 • but you don’t talk much 

 • hey y/n can you believe mr. shein’s class? unbelievable. 

hey peter do you know what was assigned for AP chem? 

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@squorkal I did my best with the boys in your style. I think I made some slight differences to Louie and Huey’s hair. 

I just couldn’t resist giving my son bangs. 

And Louie, I feel, would need to be bribed in order to cut his hair because otherwise he just wouldn’t bother.

Teen Ducks is such a fun idea to work with. And if it’s alright with everyone present I’d like to impart some head canons of mine in regards to the Duck teen years.

Duck anatomy is weird and wonderful. I wanted, here, to put some of the effects of duck puberty on display.

ie: sort of mish-mash the canon “kid” model with the canon adult.

  • So their feet and hands are bigger. This is normal for human teens, and honestly I think it’s flipping adorable.
  • Their necks are longer, like an older ducks, but not quite there yet. Similarly, their tail feathers are starting to sprout properly and their bills are beginning to grow.
  • Their legs and arms are long and gangling. 


@robinine-blog​ I don’t know if you recall, but I mentioned a while back that I headcanoned that Huey would actually grow up with a strong body type/build.  

This is because his character is a perfectionist. In his teen years, Huey works hard to eat healthy and stay fit, as a proper scout would.  

And after all, how is one supposed to adventure and solve mysteries to the best of their ability if they aren’t in peak physical condition?

So Huey begins to strive toward that ideal. He packs his own, his brothers and even Webby’s lunches everyday, and gets mad when they don’t eat their lovingly prepared meals in favor of school cafeteria junk. 

He’s one of those early morning joggers. And one day he asks Mrs Beakley politely if he may be permitted to train under her alongside Webby. It’s one of the worst decisions of his life, but he powers through and it starts getting easier.

He’s also something of a semi-model student. I say “semi” because he still gets into a fair bit of trouble, as to be expected from a member of the Duck/McDuck family.

He runs for class president every year but never wins. It’s usually because his brothers and Webby are insistent on helping his campaign.

His best subjects are History, Home Economics and Woodshop.

Don’t talk to him about his “worst” subjects. If he gets a grade below an A he dubs it sub-par. If he gets a grade below B you might think someone had died.

Teachers know not to refuse him a chance at extra credit. ^

Most kids give him a wide berth ever since one substitute did not take into account the aforementioned. ^ 

But some bullies still bother him. His response is typically the cold shoulder, if they’re just trying to annoy him.

Often has to bail Dewey and Louie out of fights.

Once a teacher called Dewey a “hopeless case” right to his face and needed to be taken to the ER with a staple embedded in their nose. Donald bought him a new model airplane when Huey came home on suspension and told him what happened.


Someone get this kid a sandwich.

^ I say because Dewey has all the energy, none of the appetite and all of the metabolic rate. For being sporty, boundless and always ready to start trouble Dewey is actually pretty scrawny in his teen years. Eventually he’ll grow into a similar body type to Scrooge and Donald. 

Underdog Jock. Whether its a football match, dodgeball or even wrestling Dewey is this. Nobody roots for him, but everyone secretly knows he’ll end up winning anyway. Is it pure determination or hidden skill? Probably the former. But whatever drove this kid when he was ten drives him into highschool and beyond. Dewey comes out on top.

He calls himself a serial romantic. He tries.

He’s not in any clubs. He spends his time during recess out on the field, usually playing soccer or challenging people to races. Spends a lot of time with Webby, who accepts every challenge he throws at her.

King of cross country. This kid can run.

His best subjects are PhysEd, Electronics and, surprisingly to most, Home Economics alongside Huey. They make a pretty good team in the kitchen, combining Dewey’s creativity with Huey’s caution with the stove. Dewey has a good nose for spices.

His worst subjects are Languages, English and History. He has no problems with this.

Gets injured often. Very often. He could walk you all the way to the nurses office if you blindfolded him and spun him around on the spot until he fell over from dizziness.

Picks fights with people who give either of his brothers or Webby so much as a stink eye.


He’s the guy you go to to get things.

Louie wears his waistcoat instead of his hoodie because the teachers grew suspicious of him hiding things in his sleeves. Occasionally the grouchy PE teacher, who has it out for him, will ask him to turn out his pockets in the hall. Louie turns out his outside pockets.

He has pockets stitched onto the inside of his waistcoat.

He sells the things he hides in his pockets. Candy. Concert Tickets you thought had been sold out. Cheat papers. Information.

Gets everything from threats of a beating to sappy love letters slipped into his locker. He doesn’t pay attention to any of the threatening ones, unless he finds them funny. He usually gives the letters back to his admirers with a lollipop and a soft “no thanks”.

Knows the first names of the lunch ladies and the names of all their pets, children and grandchildren. Gets free food all the time.

Lowkey had a crush on his Spanish teacher.

Spanish is a subject he’s very good at. As well as Language Arts, English and Mathematics.

Has been banned from Home Economics.

Has been banned from all vending machines.

Knows how to get two for the price of one from all vending machines.

He’s getting a little chubby. But running around the world with Scrooge keeps him in shape. PE isn’t his worst subject.

Has a lot of trouble with a lot of kids. People out to get him into trouble. Or out to give him a black eye. Either way, he can handle himself in a brawl if the other guy is the same size or thereabout. But if the guy’s bigger… He’s just lucky the big guys aren’t smart enough to know not to mess with him when his brothers are nearby.

Phew! That was a long one. Sorry, folks. But! That’s all I’ve got so you can be thankful it’s over now.


Hello guys well i felt inspired so i wrote this haha, please let me know if you like it and feel free to request! Check out “Unstoppable”!

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut.

Length: 2k

One shot

Summary; “Chanyeol was known for being a very strict teacher”

“Okay students you can now leave” said your math teacher getting her things and leaving the classroom. 

“Hurry up y/n i don’t want to be late for Mr. Park’s class!” of course she wouldn’t want to be late, it was Mr. Park’s class he was known for his amazingly good looks but also known for being very strict, so basically he had all the girls swooning for him… including you, you immediately had a crush on him since the first day you saw him. 

“Okay, okay let’s go” You said putting the last book in your backpack and headed to the door with her.

When you arrived to Mr. Park’s classroom you saw that he was talking to your brother Baekhyun, he was also a teacher there but unlike Mr. Park that was new, your brother already had 5 years giving classes in school. 

You tried to walk fast past them but your brother was fast enough to notice “Where do you think you're going missy” Busted. You stopped at your tracks and turned around to look at him. 

You noticed that Mr. Park was also looking at you so that made you nervous since his gaze was always very strong, your cheeks reddened a bit. 

Baekhyun made you a motion to get close to them. “Are you just going to act like you didn't see me and not say hello?” he asked in disbelief. “Baekhyun i see you everyday at home” You answered crossing your arms over your chest making a ‘are you serious?’ type of look. 

“But i didn’t speak to my baby sister this morning, i went to see you but you were still sleeping” He pouted. “Do you know you drool in your sleep?” he asked while pulling your cheek lightly. You wouldn’t have minded what he said if you were alone but Mr. Park was listening to everything so it did make you flush in embarrassment. “Gosh Baekhyun that's one of the reasons i act like i don’t know you, you have no filter” You said putting one of your hands in your face. 

“Each day you get more rude” he said moving his head in disappointment way. You were about to retort but the bell rang signaling it was time to start class. Baekhyun said goodbye and got out of the classroom while you went to your seat.  

“Okay everybody i just want to see pencil and eraser in your table put everything else in your backpack and turn off cellphones”

You turned to look at your best friend in horror and whispered “Oh my gosh is the exam today?” she nodded her head. “I told you twice yesterday but you were just daydreaming y/n” she whispered back. 

You were doomed, you were already failing this subject and with this it was just worse. 

Mr. Park passed the exams to everyone and once finished he said “Okay you have the whole hour, good luck” he sat at his desk and started checking some exams from the other group. 

You stared at the paper intently searching for something you could answer but your mind was just blank, you looked at your best friend for help but she just shrugged.

50 minutes and your paper sheet was still white, there were only three students left in the classroom including you. You turned around to look if someone could help but they were concentrated in there exam then you turned your eyes to look at Mr. Park but he was already watching you. 

Your mouth opened a bit at the surprise and your cheeks started to feel hot so you fastly looked at your paper sheet again in embarrassment.

10 minutes and you were the only one left in the classroom, so you stood up decided to just give up and give him that blank paper sheet. 

“Why is the paper sheet blank Mrs. Byun?” he asked looking at the white paper and then raising his eyes to you.

You looked down to the floor and answer sincerely “I forgot to study and well i didn’t know anything” you sighed, he was your crush and you were just making a fool of yourself.

“Are you consent that your failing my class right?” you nodded your head in agreement “Mr. Park i really don’t want to fail this class can’t i do the exam again tomorrow please?” You asked looking at him with hope, you were pretty sure he would say no since he was known for being strict but he got you off guard when he said “I want to see you here tomorrow at 4 and don't be late” 

“Thank you so much Mr. Park i promise i’ll do my best!” you got your things from your table and left the classroom in a hurry.

Next day.

You arrived to the classroom at 3:55 and Mr. Park wasn’t there yet so you decided to write some notes in your leg just in case you forgot since you didn’t want to fail.

It was 4:05 when Mr. Park went inside the classroom “Sorry for the tardiness” said that he gave you your exam “Good luck”

You already where more than halfway from finishing the exam when you got to a question you didn’t know “What event took place on July 10th 1951 that started a two year long process to peace?” suddenly you remembered you wrote it on your leg so you raised you head to look at Mr. Park but he looked very busy writing down notes, so you decided to lift your skirt a bit to look at the answer.

“What are you doing Mrs. Byun?” Shit. You hurriedly fixed your skirt and tried to look normal “Nothing Mr. Park” you smiled nervously. 

“Come over here” You hesitated to get up but you saw how serious he was so you gave up and went towards him.

“I want you to lift your skirt up” Your eyes widened in surprise. “N-no i’m not going to do that” you stuttered a bit. 

“Fine” He pulled you with force towards him making you sit in his lap, he put his hand on your leg and raised your skirt, showing him the notes you had made. You looked at him in shock it was too much to register since it happened so fast. “I-i can explain” he looked at you smirking.

“I give you the chance to redo the exam and you just do this…bad girl” one of his hand grabbed your face making you turn to look at him. 

“I think you need a punishment” he said whispering to your ear. Your eyes widened and you gasped, that’s when he took the perfect opportunity to connect your lips together.

You where shocked, you never expected him to do this you had daydreamed of this a lot of times before but you never thought it would actually happen in real life. 

You started to move your lips in sync with his, the kiss was rough and passionate, his hands started to wonder around your body stopping at one of your breast while you started to unbutton his shirt but he stopped you. “I never ordered you to unbutton my shirt baby” you put your hands down to your lap and nodded. 

He chuckled and then his lips went towards your neck starting to give you light kisses to finally suck on your sweet spot leaving a big hickey. “I don’t want you to cover that okay?” A slight moan escaped your lips and he smiled at your action and then kept sucking, you took a grab at his hair and pulled lightly moaning “Mr. Park, t-this is wrong” 

“If this is wrong…” his hand moved your underwear to the side and started to touch your clit “then why are you so wet?” 

You were going to answer but a loud moan left your mouth when he inserted two fingers in your core and started to move them in and out fastly.

“Do you like this baby?” he asked looking at you expression of pleasure “Ye-yes please keep going” you took the opportunity to unbutton your shirt and toss it to the side leaving you in your bra, starting to touch your breasts. “Faster!” You moaned

He obeyed and went faster adding a third finger, making you scream in pleasure. “Look how i have you with just my fingers, imagine if it was my dick, love”  your core got tight at his words making you feel close to orgasm. 

You were so close to letting go when he abruptly took his fingers out of you. You turned around to give him a mad look but you saw him licking his fingers clean that making your core feel wet again. 

“Take all your clothes off” he ordered. You opened you mouth to retort that he was still fully clothed but he cut you off by saying “If you’re not going to use your pretty mouth to suck me off then i don’t want to hear you say a thing” You closed your mouth and just stared at him, you knew he had a strict personality but wow this was different. 

You started to take your clothes one by one while he just stared at you with lust. When you finished he said “Bend on the desk” you nodded your head and bent on the desk clearly showing him your most private part. 

You felt nervous since you didn’t know what he would do but the thought was replaced when you felt his wet muscle on your clit and a moan escaped from your mouth “Oh my god” you said while taking a hold at the sides of the desk. 

His tongue moved expertly in your clit making you clench your back in pleasure, you could actually say that you felt in heaven Mr. Park definitely knew what he was doing. 

You turned your head to the side and looked back at him seeing that he had already took his dick out and was jacking himself off, this action made your walls clench it was very hot sight to see especially since he had a very big size.

“AH!” You shouted finally having your first orgasm letting your juices out.

“You taste nice” he said standing on feet, you were going to turn around to get your clothes but he held you back in your place against the desk. “I never said we were over love” he started to undress and when finished he placed his dick at your entrance rubbing it up and down your core softly. “Are you virgin?” he asked in curiosity. 

“No, i’m not” said that he plunged hard inside you making you let out a long moan. 

He started to go fastly in and out inside you not letting you adjust to his size, making you a moaning mess “You're so tight baby” he said while giving your ass a light slap, he then pushed deeper and that’s when he found your g-spot “Yes Mr. Park there!” you screamed, you just felt in ecstasy.

“Call me Chanyeol” he said to your ear moaning and hit your spot harder making you scream in pleasure. 

“Faster Chanyeol!” you felt your second orgasm starting to build up fast and and he felt it too since your walls started to clench around his dick.

“I’m close chanyeol, don't stop” one of his hands went to your clit and started to rubbing it fast. 

“Yes, yes!” You shouted in pleasure letting your orgasm free, he then fastly pulled out of you and let hit seeds spill in your back letting a loud moan from his mouth. 

He pulled out of you and let himself sit in the ground in exhaustion, you lifted yourself off the desk and followed him to sit beside him. 

He turned his head to look at you and you smiled at him, surprisingly he smiled back making you lose your breath for a second at the sight of this beautiful man.

“So… is it true that you drool in your sleep?” he laughed.

“Stupid Baekhyun”

Something’s Brewing

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A/N: Ahhhhh!!!!! It’s my first fic/imagine whatever you want to call it!! I;m so so so excited to post this and I could not have done it without the help of my lovely friends Em ( @spideyparkerimagines), Bee ( @teatimewrites) I would not have been able to do it without you two!! And thank you so much to @holy-smoaks96 for the title! Please please please send in feed back on this because it’s my first time writing for a character(s) that aren’t my own!!

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader 

Word count: 2159

Tips: Bold and Italic are from Y/N, just italic are from Peter!

Peter Parker was running late to school, again. With the late night he had last night, Spiderman duties, hanging out with Ned, cooking and having dinner with May, and doing all his homework, he slept straight through his first 2 alarms.

When the brunette haired boy finally wakes up, he starts running around his room looking for his jeans, shirt and sweatshirt, and shoes. And his backpack.

“Shit!” Peter looks out into the alley outside his apartment window where he thought he left his backpack last night. “Another backpack lost. May’s gonna kill me.”

Peter shakes his head and walks into the kitchen to tell May goodbye and hurry off to school.

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Unusual Taste Manga

Recently, I’ve been into “not-so-much-of-a-typical-manga” manga. I know, I know, is that even a real thing you might ask. These manga does categorize into common genres (fantasy, romance, horror, etc.) but I just thought they are much more than just a comedy read or a shoujo type, you know. Of course, there are other trillion of manga that is “different” to you (depends on one’s personal preferences), so just considered as a good recommendation. With this, I will also be hunting for more, so wait for the update! Enjoy!  


Not so much of a human boy (What you would call a boy who can transform into a beast and have an incredible sense of smell?).  As if he though he can hide his true identity forever, he met a girl. Well, you know the rest. His new destiny started from there.

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

Weird family. That’s all I can say. And we looking through the youngest sister everyday misadventure. A good and relax yet weirdly read for a calm afternoon. 

Aku no Hana

Typical high school shoujo. Or is it? Well, maybe there is some twist and turn in this plot. The main character whom to me is some obsessive over his crush, the blackmail attempts, and the strange third girl. Oh, drama, drama. 

Mahou Tsukai no Yome  

Can of like those type of manga where the “slave” will become the bride of rich man through an auction or contest. But this time, her “owner” is not some typical master you can found. (Since I also think this genre is pretty rare, so I will probably do another list of recommendation with manga like this)

External image

Somali to Mori no Kami-sama  

Ok, so this is probably my favorite one out of all. The main character is so adorable, I just wanna pinch her little face >.<!! Anyway, it’s about a world full of spirits and strange creatures. One day, a golem met this human girl. And this is a story about their adventures. Such a cute manga~

External image

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau  

The plot sort of confused me at first. But after sticking through it, I find it’s really fascinating. The story focused on Chakuro, the main, and his friends travel across islands to islands to find a human trace. Until they spotted a girl…

External image

Sakamoto Desu ga?  

Ok, I might said earlier that I’ve already pick a favorite. But honestly, Sakamoto Desu ga? had always been one of my top read before I made this list so… (I just wanna give some room of love for the others uk T.T) Anyway, as for the plot, this is basically a life of the “isn’t just cool” but the “coolest!” Sakamoto who just can’t stop attracting everyone’s attention. Everything he do is just simply perfect. Is he even a human? Bonus fact, this manga had already have an anime so PLZ watch it. You never know what you missing out.

External image

So that’s all my current list for now. Just bunch of random recommended read but really worthy of your time and interest. Stay tune for more! <3

get the fuck off of her || henry bowers

plot: y/n gets into a fight with Greta

Word count : about 1800

I have run out of gifs to use so I’m reusing this one

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“Hey there you fucking whore!” I turned around from my locker to see Greta standing there with her ugly ass friends. She was holding something in her hands behind her back. Let’s just say her and I didn’t get along well, at all.

“Whore? Nice try fatty.” I smirked crossing my arms.

She took from what was behind her back and it revealed my notebook. My eyes widened, considering that was my notebook where I would talk shit about people and talk about Henry. You’re probably wondering, ‘What do you mean talk about Henry?’ Him and I were civil with each other and I had developed a super small crush on him, but no one knew about it and no one was ever going to.

“I read what you wrote about me in here, ’Greta is such a fucking cunt. Not really sure why but Belch Huggins lets her suck his dick everyday after school at the Quarry, which she thinks no one knows about. I also heard that she was going around saying I was fucking Hockstetter, which he fucking wishes. If she keeps talking so much fucking shit about me I’ll make sure she keeps that big fucking mouth of hers shut.’ ”

I smiled, “I did write that, now give me my damn notebook back you fucking pig.” I held out my hands waiting for my blue striped notebook to be placed in them.

“I’m not done reading this great novel yet, oh this one is about Bowers.” She smirked while opening up to a page with Henry’s name on the top. Her friends giggled. My face dropped and I felt my heart sink.

I quickly walked up to her but her 4 friends pinned me back against the wall. They were much larger than me but I still tried fighting their grip. They held me against the locker as Greta began reading.

Today Henry and I worked on a project together in English. It was nice because I didn’t have to actually do all of the work. He was actually being nice to me, which he never is to anyone. I wish he would notice me more, but he never seems to.” Greta made a sarcastic 'aw’ at the end before chucking my notebook down the hallway, left open with Henry’s page.

“You’re fucking pathetic. You need 4 people to hold me back so I don’t rock your shit?” I grimaced, eyeing my notebook down, which laid across the hallway, not a person in sight to grab it. Thank god.

Rock my shit? Oh please I would love to see you try.” Greta emphasized, gritting her teeth.

“Okay well as long as you’re not pregnant, which I would check because you’re looking like you got a bun in the oven, I will 100% take you on bitch.” I cracked my knuckles as her four friends let go of me. I got ready to swing at her when I heard a male voice. Everyone stopped and turned their attention to the guy.

Well well Well, what do we have here?

It was Patrick Hockstetter, Henry Bowers, Victor Criss and Belch Huggins. Patrick held my notebook in his hands. I felt my heart drop, considering he had probably read it and showed Henry.

“You just arrived right on time, I’m about to pound this little bitch into pieces, wanna help?” She asked Patrick, trying to be flirty and ultimately failing. Patrick gave her a dirty look and raised an eyebrow at her, considering he was not attracted to her, at all.

“Y/n? What’d she ever do to you?” Henry quickly piped in, I glanced over at him playing with his pocket knife and not making eye contact with anyone.

“Oh Henry you must know something about Y/n …she’s a fucking whore. She goes around fucking everyone in sight and all she does is talk shit about me, someone who never does anything to her.” She innocently claimed when it was actually the opposite.

“I’m not a fucking whore, that’s you, cunt.” I spat at her and she whipped her head towards me, with a disgusted look on her face. She clenched her fists in frustration and anger.

“I suggest you shut your mouth before I shut it for you.” She pressed her body up against me, looking down at me, with a nasty face. God, she was so ugly.

Get the fuck off of me!” I shouted, right hooking her in the face. She immediately backed up and went to swing at me and I ducked, resulting her fist to collide with the blue lockers behind me. She let out a stream of curses as I snickered.

At this point I wasn’t even concerned about her. I was concerned about my notebook and if Henry saw his name in it.

The boys looked on intensely to the fight, Patrick was jumping up and down excitedly, weirdo.

She held her hand in pain and yelled for her friends to beat me up. They all lunged at me , yes all 4 of them, and began kicking me, punching me, and clawing at me.

Not a very fair fight, but I tried to pry them off me but it was no use considering I was on the ground and they were all grabbing me. I felt the blood leaking out of my nose and my cheekbone. I screamed out in pain as they kicked me in the stomach.

“Jesus fucking Christ, get the fuck off of her!” Henry screamed throwing the girls off of me as as I laid on the ground barely able to get myself up. He grabbed my waist and gently lifted me off the ground. I stood up leaning into him, considering I was too weak to keep my balance alone.

Greta and her friends looked beyond pissed, to say the least.

“Aw Henry coming in to save this weak pussy. You’ve turned soft kid.” Greta said trying to get him angry but he stood there unamused with her words, an arm still gripping my waist.

“I think it’s personally funny how you couldn’t pick on her alone so you made four times the amount of people beat her up. That’s not a fair fight.” He replied, completely ignoring her comment.

“Henry you do know she’s fucking obsessed with you right? She writes about you in that dumb notebook of hers.” Greta shot back, pointing to the notebook still in Patrick’s hands.

Henry raised a brow in confusion. Now I felt so embarrassed, he was going to read the entries about himself, in front of everyone. This situation could have not got worse.

“What are you talkin’ about?” Henry asked, gently tugging me along as he walked over to Patrick and took the notebook out of his hands.

“Henry- don’t read it. It-it’s stupid.” I protested, trying to pry the notebook out of his grip. I felt my heart sink as he scanned the page over, reading every word. Now I felt dumb.

“See Bowers? I fucking told you, she’s a freak. I’m not sure why you’ve become such a little bitch, helping defend her.” Greta said clasping his hands with satisfaction, seeing Henry’s eyes widen as he read each word.

I pulled away from Henry shamefully. I stared at the ground… I didn’t even wanna look at him. “I didn’t mean to write that. I didn’t know you were gonna see it. I’m sorry.” I muttered apologizing to him. With my head hung low I quickly walked away from the situation and heard Greta calling after me.

“Aw the little baby is leaving? We’re not done here Y/n!” I rolled my eyes at her shrill voice and kept walking.

“Greta! Can you shut your fucking mouth for once? If you don’t stop fucking picking on her I swear to god you’ll regret it. You got me?” I slowly turned around and saw Henry grabbing her by the collar of her shirt and shoving her against the locker. She heavily breathed out a “yes,” as he let go of her and she fell on the floor.

I stood there watching him angrily storm away from her and walk in my direction. Do I walk toward him? Do I say something? I shamefully looked up at him as he neared me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked holding up the notebook with a quizzical look engraved on his face.

His tone came out rather angry and aggressive but that was Henry Bowers for you. “What do you mean? Was I supposed to tell you I had a crush on you? Especially to someone like you? You’re not exactly the type of guy to openly admit your feelings for.” I mumbled, not wanting to piss him off.

“You could’ve just said you did…” He began but quickly stopped as he realized that I was right.

“Exactly. It’s not an easy situation.” I frankly admitted and crossed my arms over my chest. I shot him a dirty look considering he was being so difficult. Did he like me or not?

“You look cute when you’re trying to act mad.” He commented with a brief chuckle grabbing my cheek, the one not covered with blood, and pinching it.

I pushed his hand off, “Ha ha, very funny Henry.”

“You’re stupid by the way.” He said out of nowhere, I furrowed my eyebrows at his sudden insult. I let out a small sigh.

“How? You’re the one with a 1.9 GPA.” I spat getting very defensive.

“Do you know who I am? Since when have I defended anyone, especially a girl? Use your fuckin’ head Y/n.” He teased, putting his hand in my hair and messing it up.

I thought about it, Henry had never been so caring for anyone. It was a rather heroic, yet unusual action for him.

“Thank you.” I hummed, cracking a small smile at him.

“I’m digging the bloody look you got going, is it Halloween already?” He joked, pointing at the dried blood all over my face due to Greta’s friends.

“Oh shit. I gotta clean that up. Wanna come help?” I boldly asked, nervous to see what he was gonna say.

“Anything for you.” He promised grabbing my hand and dragging me into the boys’ bathroom.  I tried to hide the smug smile on my face but it was impossible to when I was holding hands with Henry Bowers.


I hope this wasn’t too shitty (((:



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You guys would be like shopping because he got dat sweet money okok jk and you run into a guy you used to be best friends with.

He starts complimenting you about how nice you’ve grown, but when he says how hot you are then Suho hops in.

Suho would handle it sm00thly like a sm00thie, being a nice guy and not starting any trouble. He would just put his hand on your shoulder and be like: “Hello, I’m Suho, Y/N’s boyfriend. I don’t think we’ve met before.”

If he still would not back up, he would talk to him politely.

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You ran into your childhood friend in the street. Him and Baek just stare at each other like “who tf is this Y/N??”

Your childhood friend looks at you and starts saying compliments and Baekhyun is even more confused like “who is this person??”

He gets jelous pretty fast and comes in to the convo like “Yes, I agree that Y/N is really a pretty person, now we must get going, bye! And I hope we never see each other again!”

You would ask Baekhyun what is up with him and he would just play like nothing happend.

“What do you mean? I WAS BEING NICE. He was kinda flirty. TOO flirty. No, I’m not jelous!”

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You two were eating and your old friend came to you like “OH MY GOD Y/N IT’S BEEN SO LONG! You look super hot these days I see.”

Kai was confused, at first he wouldn’t even be jelous, but when the “friend” starts to acually flirt he would just throw in something like: “She is in a relationship already!” And the dude would probably back off.

He would have an honest talk with you about what went over the line and tell you what bothered him.

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You would have met your childhood friend when you were shopping and Kyungsoo would instantly get triggered by his flirty compliments.

Satan mode on.

He would just come up to you and give him his Satan death stare and you would be like:“You okay?” And he would fakely answer: “Yes, of course why would I not be?”

Later when he was gone he would start to ask you questions like: “Did he make you uncomfortable?”

Omg this GIF is perfect

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You ran to your childhood when you were walking home and you two started talking.

Chanyeol wouldn’t probably even get jelous, because he trusts you and knows that your friend is speaking the truth when he says that you’re pretty.

If he noticed that it made you uncomfortable, then he would step in and just tell him to back off and he probably would because he’s a giant.

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When you had ran to a childhood friend he was triggered. Not only was he making flirty comments, but he had interrupted you two.

He was in full jelous diva mode and started by saying “Isn’t it kinda rude to say that when Y/N is in a relationship? Like excuse me? I’m sorry but we are leaving. You can call her if you want.”



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Million Reasons (Part Two)

A/N: Hey I’m really sorry that I haven’t uploaded in a while I haven’t been feeling too good but I am back and here is finally part two of Million Reasons. I know that there is not a lot of Monty in here but still. I wil lry to upload the next part as fast as I can.

“Y-you’re what!?” Alex asked shocked and confused.

You started to cry even more as Alex puled you into a hug.

“I can’t believe this. W-what am I supposed to do?” You asked as you started to stop crying a little.

“I don’t know but I’m here to help you. Since I’m guessing that Montgomery is the father and he broke up with you.” He said looking at you.

You just looked down as some tears rolled down your face and Alex rubbed your back.

“Does he know?” He asked.

“N-no he doesn’t I found out after he broke up with me.” You said still looking down.

“Please Alex just don’t tell anyone about this or about me and Montgomery dating this spring break. No one knows and I’m sure he would like to keep it that way and I do to.” You said looking at him.

“Of course I’m not gonna tell anyone.” He said pulling you in another hug.

“I’m just gonna try to hide this as long as I can.” You said as you pulled back from the hug.

“Just a question how are you gonna deal with the morning sickness?” He asked confused.

“What do you mean?” You asked.

“Well morning sickness you have in the morning you also have school and classes in the morning. How are you gonna explain to people why you need to throw up everyday.” He said as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I haven’t thought of that. M-maybe I can just say that I have a stomach flu or that I ate something bad.” You said with a little shrug.

“Yeah but still you know how our school is there will definitely be a rumor going around about you.” He said crossing his arms.

You just shrugged and crossed your arms.

“Are you gonna tell him?” Ales asked as he leaned against the headbord.

“No he made it very clear that he didn’t want to have anything to do with me.” You said looking down sad.

“Hey Y/N it’s okay I’m here for you I’ll help you through this okay.” He said looking at you.

“Thanks Lex.” You said with a small smile.

“Well as much as I would love to stay with you I can’t dad is gonna be so angry if I stay out to long you know with it almost being school again and stuff.” He said as he stood up from your bed.

“Yeah I get it.” You said as you stood up from the bed and followed him down the stairs.

“Well I’m here if you need me. If I don’t see you before Monday don’t forget that I’ll come and pick you up okay.” He said as he hugged you.

“Yeah I know. Bye.” You said with a sad smile.

“Hey don’t worry okay it will be alright.” He said with a small smile.

“Thanks.” You said looking at him.

“See ya Y/N.” He said as he walked to his car.

The next two days were horrible your parents had already started to ask question on why you were throwing up and you had to come up with an excuse as to why you were throwing up. You had been texting Alex constantly because you were so worried to go to school what were you gonna do once your belly started to get bigger you were just getting stressed out thinking about it. Tomorrow was the first day of school and you were getting ready and getting really stressed out. You were putting away some books when suddenly the doorbell rang. You went downstairs and opened the door.

“Alex! And Justin…?” You said excited and then confused.

“Hey Y/N.” Alex said with a nervous smile.

“Hey.” Justin said with a smile.

“Uh I gotta talk to you for a minute.” Alex said as he and Justin walked into your house.

“Um ok.” You said as you and him went to the living room while Justin stayed by the door.

“Lex what is Justin doing here?” You asked confused.

“Look don’t freak out okay but Justin and I were hanging out and I was texting with you and Justin kind of stole my phone and saw our texts.” Alex said looking down.

“You told him I’m pregnant!” You said freaked out.

“I-I didn’t tell him he just saw the texts.” Alex said calming you down.

“Look don’t worry he won’t say anything okay.” He said.

“Does he know who the dad is?” You asked looking down.

“No he doesn’t he asked if I was the father but of course I said no. Then he asked who it was and I told him that he needed to ask you that cause it’s your choice if you wanna tell him who it is or not.” Alex said with a sad smile.

You and Alex walked back to the door were Justin was still standing with his hands in his varsity jacket.

“Hey don’t worry Y/N okay I won’t tell anyone. I’ll even help if I need to if you want you can even borrow my jacket if your stomach starts to grow.” Justin said with a small smile.

“Really?” You said surprised.

“Yeah of course. Don’t worry ok.” He said giving you a hug.

“Thanks Justin.” You said hugging him back.

“So uh…..Who’s the baby’s daddy?” Justin asked with a little shrug.

“Ummm….” You said as you looked down.

“Look I’ll tell you but please don’t tell anyone that we dated or anything no one knows and I wanna keep it that way and I’m sure he does too.” You said looking up a little.

“Okay I promise. I know it might be hard to believe me but you can trust me.” He said with a smile.

“Okay well umm the dad is uhh…. Montgomery.” You said looking down.

“What!? Montgomery??” Justin said confused.

“Yes.” You said looking at him.

“When did that happen?” Justin asked confused.

“This spring break. He asked me out on the last day of school we went out became a couple had a beautiful relationship and then out of nowhere he broke up with me.”  You said looking down sad.

“What a jerk? Why would he do that?” Justin asked confused.

“I don’t know.” You said with a shrug.

“Well does he know?” He asked with crossed arms.

“No he doesn’t and it better stay that way.” You said.

“Okay it will don’t worry. Look Y/N me and Lex have to go okay but uh please if you need help let me know okay me and Lex will come and pick you up tomorrow okay.”  Justin said as he opened the front door.

“Yeah okay thanks Justin and Alex.” You said with a smile.

“See ya tomorrow Y/N.” Alex said walking to the car.

You just smiled and closed the door. You had no idea how you were gonna handle seeing Monty tomorrow but you were just happy that you had two people who were gonna be there for you.


A/N: Anon and Cinderella Anon requested for Seatmate!Hoshi this time! I’m sorry I haven’t been updating bc of school but I have my drafts saved so don’t worry! I’m still writing! To those who are back at school, I hope you guys are doing great! To those still on summer vacation (and to all of you in general): STAY HYDRATED!!!

This one was really fun to write because, let’s be honest, Kwon Soonyoung is everybody’s bias wrecker. Even if you don’t have him as a bias, he’s somewhere lurking on the top of your bias lists don’t lie to me. This one’s a long one so I hope you all enjoy and have a great day~! ^^

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  • How do I start with this guy
  • Calls himself 10:10 because of his slanted eyes cute
  • This kid is also pretty hyper ok
  • Once got into detention because he randomly stood up on his desk in the middle of a lesson to shout “IT’S 10:10″ when the clock strikes 
  • Often has random dance offs with Junior!Seokmin and it’s the most hilarious thing to watch
  • Has a lot of friends from every grade because he’s so fun to be around
  • Cares a lot about his underclassmen and is the one of the nicest upperclassmen around
  • Everybody knows Soonyoung’s really good at dancing
  • And I mean, real good
  • He even has his own YouTube channel NaegaHosh where he dances his own choreos to pop songs
  • Most people at school follows him and even the teachers stalk his videos lol
  • Soonyoung is basically in everyone’s good book
  • Well, everyone’s but yours
  • You see, you’re childhood rivals
  • You can say you’re a pretty chill person
  • You have your own group of friends you usually hang out with but you’re on good terms with people in general
  • Nobody can deny that you’re an equally talented dancer
  • You may have a different style from Soonyoung but your dancing is just as captivating as his
  • While Soonyoung’s style is leaning towards breakdance, you style leans towards contemporary ballet
  • And it gets pretty heated and entertaining to see you both try out-do each other during the end of year talent shows
  • For few years in a row, the winner would either be you or Soonyoung
  • Usually you guys take turns
  • People are so tired of it tbh
  • “Just kiss already.”
  • Your friends like to tease you that your resentment is just internalized crush
  • But you’re in deniaaallll /guitar rift/
  • Anyways, you decided early on into the year that you will beat Soonyoung once and for all by winning for the second consecutive year
  • The story starts in the early morning of your Junior year in high school
  • So the system in your school was they always pick people randomly to be put into a new class every year
  • So you can be friends with everyone
  • And guess what? 
  • You’re in Soonyoung’s class
  • For the second consecutive year
  • People were groaning internally because here we go again
  • Being in the same class with you both was like being in a real-life drama
  • Because everybody knows you’re childhood rivals
  • And imagine the tension of sitting behind two people who are always ready to rip each other to shreds
  • The teacher was aware of this and tired of this s*** so she decided to sit you guys together this year
  • What was she thinking lmao
  • You guys might wonder the backstory behind this age-long rivalry
  • It began once upon a kindergarten
  • You never really had any beef with Soonyoung
  • He’s pretty hyper as a kid; got his hair stuck up everywhere and always the one to break it down on the ol’ kindergarten dance floor
  • Ok dark secret here; but you had a crush on Soonyoung back then bc he reminds you so much of your hamster Cici omggg
  • You let him steal your sandwich and borrow your color pencil during art as a result of this crush
  • This crush went on until that time in second grade when your school held Nutcracker 
  • And he totally stole your role as the Nutcracker bc you were sick during the dress rehearsal
  • By the time you got better the night before the show, they had given the role to Soonyoung
  • So you got stuck playing a candy cane tragic
  • That night marked the day you got your first heartbreak and sworn to make Kwon Soonyoung pay one day
  • Yeah, you’re a pretty dramatic bitter child and you continue to carry that bitterness up till this day
  • Anyways
  • It’s that time of the year again
  • Tension is in the air, looks shared between people
  • It’s the annual talent show
  • People are sharing nervous glances bc when are they finally gonna lose it
  • And by “they”, they meant you and Soonyoung
  • When you saw the form pinned on the bulletin board this morning, you never wrote your name faster
  • But guess what? By lunchtime, Soonyoung already had his name scribbled under yours
  • It’s officially on
  • “Watch your back, Kwon.”
  • “Good luck.”
  • Funnily, you were both dragged into the principal’s office by the time school’s out
  • “This year, you won’t be participating” the principal said
  • “What.”
  • “People are getting discouraged signing up for the auditions bc they know that in the end, the winner would only be between the both of you. That’s why I decided to remove you both from the competition this year.
  • “And no, Soonyoung, if you think you’re entitled just because your internet name Hoshi means star, you can find your way out.”
  • You were about to snicker when she went “Y/N, you will not find it funny when I tell you that you two will work together to create and perform a dance to be showcased during the talentshow. While you’re not participating, you and Soonyoung both
  • You went 0_0 w hat
  • “I’m not going to work with them!” both you and Sonyoung said in unison
  • The teacher was like “lmao get over it kids, it’s 2K17″ and then sauntered off like a bo$$
  • You realized you didn’t have a choice but to do as she said to be able to perform this year
  • And you see no point to arguing
  • So you both begrudgingly agreed to do the collab
  • At first, you and Soonyoung wouldn’t meet in the middle
  • You try to find faults in each other’s dancing, to 
  • You ended up trying to sabotage yourselves
  • Also, you still didn’t have the right music to dance with so you and Soonyoung were a complete wreck
  • Also bc you kept arguing which song to pick smh
  • It came to a point that one day, Soonyoung went up to Senior!Jihoon 
  • “Hey, can you whip up some swaggy beats for my performance for the talent show?”
  • “Tell me a reason why I shouldn’t hit you with a guitar right now.”
  • “I’ll buy you a burger.”
  • “I can buy a burger.”
  • “I’ll buy you a hundred burgers.”
  • “Deal.”
  • So that’s how Soonyoung had gotten himself the perfect remix for the dance the next Monday
  • When you listened to it for the first time, you knew, it’s perfect
  • Because somehow, Jihoon was able to mesh songs to create one that would work perfectly with you and Soonyoung’s style
  • And so you two began to work
  • And you couldn’t help but observe Soonyoung as he worked 
  • Because you’ve never seen someone do something so passionately
  • Soonyoung gave his all in his dance and it’s something everybody can see
  • Watching Soonyoung work his magic woke up something in you
  • Funnily, you don’t feel intimidated at all
  • For once, you embraced the fact that you now work with Soonyoung, not against him
  • So you ended up enjoying it a bit
  • So you’re finally done with the last steps of planning the choreography
  • It’s time for you to test it out for yourselves
  • So you played the music and danced
  • And you both had gotten so wrapped up in the music and with each other that when the music ended in a crescendo, you suddenly found yourself tangled in his arms
  • And you were so close in each others arms and he could see the specks in your eyes and suddenly he could feel his breath hitch 
  • Because Oh no, you’re actually really attractive. How could he not see this?
  • And all of the sudden, he became hyper aware of how close you both are, his hands on your hips and your warm breaths mingling
  • It wasn’t until you pulled away that he went woah
  • Because what was that???
  • You on the other hand
  • You tried to play it cool, but inside?? 
  • You can’t deny you and Soonyoung have a tension chemistry 
  • But God forbid if your age-old crush was revived 
  • You thought it was the time you spent together that drew you closer
  • I mean, you meet the guy in class then spend the rest of the afternoon choreographing and dancing with him
  • You’d expect yourself to be at each other’s throats 
  • But you grew comfortable with his presence???
  • It’s like you started to care about each other
  • You never really showed it but it’s there
  • Like that time it was raining by the time you both finished
  • You had forgotten to bring your umbrella and he basically forced you to use his instead as he dove right into the rain
  • (The next day you gave it back to him with a small thank you note slipped inside)
  • He thought it was cute
  • And that other time when you noticed he looked rather pale and tired
  • So when you went to the convenient store near the school on your break, you bought him an extra carton of milk and bread
  • He looked confused as heck when you gave it to him
  • “I don’t want you to collapse a week before the show, Kwon.”
  • You totally didn’t blush
  • You also noticed the change in Soonyoung’s behavior 
  • When you caught him starring at you in class one day, you were like “What are you looking at, nerd?”
  • He said “Your hair looks nice today.”
  • “My hair looks nice everyday, thank.”
  • And while he didn’t say anything in return, you swear you heard him whisper “Yeah it does.”
  • It’s so confusing bc what’s happening? Why is he suddenly like this? Does me????
  • And while it’s a nice change from having to bicker everyday, you started to wonder what happened that triggered this change
  • Bc this is not the standard Soonyoung behavior
  • Also maybe bc you miss the bickering a little bit
  • But practice went on like usual
  • Before you know it, it’s the day of the show
  • Everyone’s freaking out
  • And you were too bc this reminded you too much of the first time you performed on stage
  • The adrenaline and the nervousness coiled in your stomach like a snake strangling its prey
  • In a way, this does count as your first dance
  • Your first time dancing with a partner
  • Your heart skipped a bit when you saw him in the dressing room, made up and dressed in all black
  • And you stopped in your track bc he looked good
  • You missed the look he gave you as he scanned you head to toe
  • He had to stop himself from blushing bc oh my god it’s happening, he’s going to dance with this attractive person
  • He must’ve sensed your nervousness bc he turned to you
  • “Hey, don’t sweat it. You’ll do great. I promise.”
  • Those little words gave you a boost
  • You can say it’s like his way of saying “good luck”
  • But who needs luck when you got Kwon Soonyoung amirite
  • The stage dimmed and it’s just Soonyoung and you and the music
  • Your body seemed to move on its own, giving up all control to muscle memory and to Soonyoung
  • You memorized the routine like the back of your hand
  • Soonyoung’s touches and your eyes teasing, almost sensual, writing a story only the two of you knew
  • And to say that you wow-ed the audience was an understatement
  • You bombed the place
  • You were so in tune with both the song and with each other that what was supposed to be a three-minute dance felt like mere seconds
  • Before you know it, the song was over, you’re in his arms and you’re both breathing hard
  • It just felt..fleeting
  • The show was easily a success
  • Nobody thought you would work so well together after all those years of rivalry
  • But it just proves how two great dancers could overcome boundaries if they had enough will
  • Your friends and family crowded you when the show was over,
  • They went to congratulate you and tell you how amazing the performance was
  • But you could only think about Soonyoung
  • You wanted to thank him for the hard work he’s put into the performance and for all the times he took care of you
  • You tried to swallow the sinking feeling realizing that it’s over now
  • You’ll go back to your live before the dance and he’ll go back to his
  • As the tension was revolved by the time you spent working together on the dance, you knew there was no more reason for you to start something against him
  • Because you’ve grown so accustomed to him, and him to you
  • It’s like a routine you couldn’t shake off
  • It was at that moment that you realized you liked having Soonyoung around
  • Speaking of Soonyoung
  • You found him propped up on the edge of the stage, the lights from the projector up in the projector room far ahead in the the auditorium casting white light on him, his silhouette a giant background on the stage
  • Your silhouette joined his as you plopped down next to him
  • “What are you doing?” you asked him
  • “I like sitting along in a theater like this. Makes you feel small.”
  • “I had fun” you admitted
  • His lips quirked into a lopsided smile, his bunny teeth showing
  • “I had fun, too.”
  • You joined in as you took in the view
  • How the place seems so vast with the empty red velvet seats
  • “Hey, Y/N.. about that Nutcracker incident?” Soonyoung started
  • “What about it?”
  • “Can I pay you back with a kiss??”
  • And you expected him to suddenly say “SIKE.” and for someone to jump out of the curtains with a camera but it didn’t come
  • Instead, Soonyoung was looking at you with what seems to be apprehensiveness 
  • And the realization hit you like a truck
  • Bc he literally just asked you if he could kiss you to make up to all that childhood bitterness
  • At this point, Soonyoung looked ready to apologize and disappear from the face of the earth but before anything
  • You dove in like a hawk
  • You didn’t know what to expect when your lips finally locked but the kiss was chaste, almost shy even
  • The kiss felt like your dance; brief, fleeting, teasing
  • But it brought a certain fulfillment in your heart
  • When you pulled away, Soonyoung’s cheeks were colored red and he couldn’t stop smiling
  • “Oh. Oh.”
  • What??” you feel yourself heat up in embarrassment 
  • “…Can I kiss you again??”
  • “Oh my god.”
  • So at the end of that night, Soonyoung walked you home, with your pasts melting off like candy with every step that you take and laughter that you shared
  • And in the end, the kid who once stole your sandwich and role in that grade school musical ended stealing your heart, too

The colorful sides of Park Chanyeol for @chanhyun, happy birthday baby!🎉

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Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: Yandere au, fluff (?), school au, smut

Warning: Yandere, gore, murder, assault, confinement, violence

Anon Request: Yandere Yoongi with reeeeeaally innocent reader

Status: Finished  1 2 3 4

A/N: Hm. Im suck at yandere aus. Its so weird. The story is so weird? Btw guyz. Mashiro mai. Cutest yandere EVER. Just saying. Also the lolita from ibitsu. ♡. Im a bit fucked up as u can see.

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Sometimes you wonder…what is wrong with your best friend? He defies the logic of a typical ‘best friend’, I mean, base on your own knowledge, you doubted that 'best friends’ send flowers to each other everyday, or gifts, or such 'I love you-s’ to the extent that it sounded more romantic than platonic. You doubted that best friends live together (although he often says that he lives together with 6 other boys once), sleep together on the same bed. Or even more extreme, was it normal to kiss him everyday?

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hard to get.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

“What’s his problem?” “I kicked his balls.”

genre: romance cuz idk how else to put this…

word count: 1.9k

Months and months on end, Jimin kept trying to get you into his bed for what he claimed to be a night you’ll never forget. Bull! Shit! He was just trying to fuck you after missing his chance back in high school; it’s not that he was desperate to be fucked, he had many girls for that, but he never got to experience what you were like and it bothered him immensely, especially after hearing rumours about how amazing you were at giving head.

“Why do you keep rejecting Jimin? He’s like one of the hottest guys around.” Hazel asked me as she sat down next to be on the grass, she would fuck him without a thought, most girls around would. Most meaning neither Kai nor me. We were the sane ones. “I don’t wanna be in his bed and be fucked by him. Chances are he’s shit, has an STD and is just a pretty face.” “You always say that. Wouldn’t you wanna know what he’s actually like? Don’t you get curious?” “Not really, there’s other options. Like his friends who seem like they’d be 90% better.” you told her. “That’s true, I’d fuck Namjoon in a heartbeat.” Kai interjected. “Anyway, you’re insane for not fucking Jimin.”

“Speak of the devil.” you muttered as Jimin walked over to the three of you. You were sat up with your left arm supporting you, while Kai laid her head on your lap and Hazel faced the two of you. “Hey, girls. Mind if I join?” before any of you had the chance to answer he sat down beside you and joined. “Damn, you don’t know what I’d give to be in Kai’s place.” he smirked as he turned to you. “Well I’m glad you’re not.” “If only you would give me a chance to show you how great I am in bed.” he chuckled. “Dude, you lost your chance in high school, you know when I still liked you.” “And I hate myself more and more everyday because of it. Anyway, you girls coming to Taehyung’s party tonight?” “Yeah but it’s also the ‘avoid Jimin at all costs’ party.” you replied to him, causing him to pout. “Aww, what a shame, it would’ve been a great time to prove what I say to you.”

Later that night you found yourself at Taehyung’s house, this boy was your best friend. “___! You came!” he screamed as you walked through the door. “Of course I did! I wouldn’t miss one of your parties!” “Here, have a drink. Enjoy your stay!” he smiled as disappeared into the sea of bodies. “Hey there, sweet cheeks.” Jimin smirked as he slapped your ass playfully. Without a thought you turned, raised your knee and targeted his balls. “KO!” Taehyung shouted as he watched his friend fall to the ground, clutching his crotch. “Don’t touch me like that again.” you said with a smile on your face before you made your way over to Kai and Hazel.

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Happy Friendsgiving

I was going to post this on Thanksgiving until I found out there was a Friendsgiving and it’s today, according to Snapchat anyway. I just wanted to take the time to tell all my friends how much I love them.

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Sweet news ♡

It’s been a few months since the last time I posted on my blog but our daily life with three toddlers and a baby is quite hectic. Since my last post, some things happened and I’m here to tell you all of this !

First of all, in early september, Jackson and I came back to work and of course, the little ones went back to daycare. Lohan started preschool, it feels so weird but my sweet little boy is turning 3 next month !  Can you believe it ? His adaption time went very well, I think that the fact that his daycare little friends are in the class kind of made it easier. His teacher is really nice and he loves going to school almost every morning, of course just like any children he has his own moments some days and refuses to go to school in the morning but it never lasts and he’s always happy to go. My little guy doesn’t have time to be bored since they do a lot of different activities everyday but also visit outdoor places sometimes. They recently went to the farm and Lohan love animals ! At almost three years old, he can count up to ten and can write his name too. Our little boy is growing up too fast

My two little dolls or should I say « storms » ? Haha, no, just joking even if they spend their time arguing or fighting ! Their daddy call them drama queens…  They are doing really well and are huge. It’s crazy how they have grown in these last two months… Both of them are now potty trained night and day and they love to do everything on their own (that’s mostly Aëlys because Iris has her « baby » days sometimes), from washing themselves to eat by themselves. It’s so sweet but it kind of breaks my little heart who wants to keep them little forever. I guess it’s not easy to let your babies grow up, especially as time seems to fly…

Thankfully I have my little baby, who is not so little anymore but they all will forever be my babies. He will be 10 months old in a few days, which is totally crazy. In less than 3 months he will be 1 and I can’t realize it. He’s doing well too even if his little teeth are bothering him and I think that’s what has been disturbing his sleep lately. He doesn’t even complain but somedays he wakes up really early when he’s used to sleep until 8am.

After christmas holidays we planned to make him start daycare. He will go to the same one as his sisters actually go. It will be easier for us since I will start working full time. Until holidays, we will do as we are actually doing, aka, my mom babysits him when I have apointments or if I work for long periods, otherwise he stays with me.  A new step for all of us, but I hope that everything goes well  

Finally, to end this post, Halloween is coming soon. Halloween wasn’t part of our traditions but we decided to celebrate it this year because Lohan and the girls just started  to understand things and I’m sure they will have fun. We took the kids to pick some pumpkins last weekend at the Pumpkin Patch to decorate our house and garden. I planned with some mamas at the kids school and we agreed about getting them dressed up in costumes and going trick-or-treatingon Halloween day.

For some reason, I think we’ll all have fun ! See you soon…

Single mother of four (1)

I have four children and I am LUCKY! I am 37 years old 5'6 and 140 lbs. I wear a small and a size 4 sometimes 6. I don’t usually wear makeup but sometimes I do for my crows feet. I do my own hair and I am starting to get strands of grey hair. I religiously wax and had laser hair removal. I do get one hair under my chin that makes it debut from time to time. I get my nails and toes done every two weeks. I take care of myself something I had to relearn. Three years ago I was 177lbs and wore my hair in a bun. I didn’t do my nails and only shaved when I had too. I wore a large and a size 10. Leggings was my go to outfit. I just didn’t care about myself. My exhusband and I had given our relationship a second chance and I didn’t know how to leave him for a second time. Looking back at it now I was hoping by letting go he would leave. It was after the sudden death of my best friend that I knew I wanted more for myself as a woman. I am a great mother and I never neglected my children. I didn’t have much interaction with adults only at school when I was picking up my children. I began working when my youngest was 3. I worked in a preschool that he attended. As I began speaking with people I was always on guard when the topic of my four children came up. When I had conversations with a person when I was picking up my son they would ask do you want anymore children. I would reply no he is my youngest I have three more. The responses I received were WHAT you have four children, how old were you ten? I can’t believe that if someone was next to them they would say do you believe she has four children. It turned into big breaking news. Then they would say well you look incredible how do you do it. I felt like garbage because I never carried myself so poorly. I would immediately say I need to loose weight and get a haircut. I never just said thank you because I didn’t genuinely believe the person telling me that because I was a mother of four it was acceptable for me to look the way I did. Now if I was a mother of 1 would they have said I looked incredible? I don’t think so! After I lost the 47 lbs and began shopping in my favorite clothing stores again I had a different job. This was also in a school but none of my children attended so these conversations were hilarious. They mostly happened in the staff lounge. I smile and greet everyone regardless if they reciprocate. I always give a compliment of what a great color blouse, love your hair, pretty nails anything I can say to give someone a morning boost. I had this one co worker I passed everyday and one day she stopped me. She told me my hair was gorgeous and we chatted and she said I am a single mom of two and I can’t pull it together. I said you look great she did she carried beautifully. Then I went on and said I am a single mother of four. I was careful when I said it but she said you don’t have any children yet your way too young. Her jaw dropped to the floor and she was full of praise. What do you use on your skin, your not wearing any make up. How do you look so put together every single day I roll out of bed. She was super sweet. I never just volunteer information about myself but after a couple of years in the school more and more people found out I was a mother of four. Some would just stop me and say you have four children? I would say yes I am blessed. It depended on their tone when I responded.

anonymous asked:

What of the Saniwa was a new and single mother and brought her baby into the citadel? Who would help out in taking care of the baby? Who would be the big brother figures and the bad influences? What would the tantou's reactions be like qho would be jealous, or who would treat the baby like a little brother, etc? I hope this is not too much. I also want to let you know that I really love this blog! I always read it on my way to school/work everyday. Keep it up, mun! :))

It’s never too much. Thank you so much! Hearing that makes me feel guilty being so inactive lately but thank you for the support!

• Naturally the older brother swords like Ichigo, Yagen and Nagasone become older brother figures. The child is definitely welcomed like family by all.
• Ishikirimaru, Kogarasumaru and say Tonbokiri might present a more father figure like figure honestly.
• Horikawa, Taroutachi and Kasen are ready and always trying to help out though Tarou and Kasen don’t quite have Hori’s ability with kids.
• Hasebe and Mitsutada try to help but are surprisingly bad at it and get shaken by a crying baby.  
• The worst influences on the kid are easily Tsurumaru, Kane-san and Midare. Kane-san much less intentional, he just wouldn’t have a filter around a kid. The other two just like to stir trouble.
• Imanotsurugi and Iwatooshi would love playing with your kid but get distracted easily and aren’t the best for actually watching them.
• The tantous either love the baby, don’t know how to act around them or indeed are jealous of the attention they get.
• Shinano and Midare are definitely the jealous types, to a lesser extent Houchou as well.
• Sayo and Fudou have no clue how to treat the baby and will avoid being directly involved with them if they can.
• Precious boys like Gokotai, Akita, Maeda and Hirano love to play with the baby and are really interested by it. They would grow pretty attached.

The favorite - part 02

The favorite - final part | Jack Maynard | imagine

Word count: 2538

A/N: The name Kirstie is being used

More imagines here Requests are open!

First part here

After almost one hour and a half, you and Jack still were on the damn elevator. You didn’t know how your karma was so bad, but you guessed you would be declared a saint after spending so much time on that box. You were sleepy, your back started to hurt and the company wasn’t that good, even though Jack didn’t speak anything after such a long time. His presence annoyed you, you could hear him breathing and that was enough to drive you nuts. Oh, and only for your happiness, your phone battery was almost in the end, so you were running out of time to get out of there.

“Hello?” a male voice called and you jumped, standing up with a fresh relief. “Is anyone there?”

You opened your mouth to scream back at the guy, yes! You! You needed help! You needed someone to rescue you so you could get Conor and live that place forever (even if Conor probably should’ve took the stairs and escaped his little situation by himself). Yes, you were there and you were ready to get out of that stupid elevator, but, of course, Jack Maynard wasn’t in agreement with you, so his hand flew to your mouth, shutting you up.

“Don’t!” He commanded whispering.

You took his hands of you: “Are you fucking crazy? We need to get out of here!”

He seemed to be really close to lost his head with you, as if you were the one who were losing your chances to getting help.

“What if he’s from police?”

You stopped a little, but then you realized it wouldn’t make any difference.

“If that’s true, he will find us anyway!”

Jack rolled his eyes “Okay, the police wasn’t a good example, but what if he’s one of the employees of the building? Not only we’ll get arrested but we’ll get Kirstie into trouble.”

“Oh, gods!” you rolled your eyes this time. “You are not getting laid tonight, Jack! Who cares about the girl? She shouldn’t let us in anyway!”

“Y/N! Stop being so… “ he struggled a little to find the exact word”Egocentric!”

“Egocentric? I’m not egocentric! I just want to…”

“Hellooo?” the voice sounded again and Jack shut you up another time. “I can hear people on the elevator! Hello?”

Jack’s right hand was capping your mouth, keeping you shush. His left hand was holding your waist, because you were trying to leave. You definitely weren’t happy, but being so close of him after your little arguing, with him holding you so tight, you were out of breath. For God’s sake, what the hell he was doing?

“Keep quiet.” Jack asked.

You didn’t answer him, leaving pretty clear you didn’t like the situation, so he stood there, holding you until he was sure the man went off. He was looking at the metal doors as if it would open and the entire MPS would be there and, when the elevator didn’t move a single inch, he looked at you cautiously.

He didn’t want to set you loose because he was afraid of you starting to scream until the man turn around and check the elevator, however once Jack looked into your eyes, the whatever his thoughts was, his mind went clear. Actually, his mind was all a blur, all he could see was you and all he could think was you.

You weren’t in a better situation either. In a daily basis was difficult to remember yourself you hated Jack Maynard with all of you, now it was impossible. The only parts alive of you were the ones he was touching, the rest was just a mirage, you knew it was there but you couldn’t feel it. You never knew how to describe his eyes and, in that moment, the only think you could thought was that they were beautiful.

Your cellphone made a noise, the battery ended. You jumped away from Jack and he coughed, embarrassed.

“I guess the guy is gone.” Jack said, trying to feel less uncomfortable.

“Yeah…” you ran your fingers through your hair, sitting down again and taking your phone, checking it like there was a doubt of what happened with it. “The battery went off.” You explained, raising the eletronic just like you would do if Jack asked you what was going on.

“Oh, that’s a shame.” Jack grumbled, sitting in the extreme opposite from where you were.

“Yes, it is.” you said.

Jack didn’t know what to do, so he searched his phone in his pocket and took it, pretending he had something to do with that piece of useless material, he couldn’t call anyone, he couldn’t receive any messages and had no app games in it because the day before he needed space to film a video to his channel.

“Don’t use your phone.” you gently said, not noticing the strange tone in your own voice. “We might need that later.”

Jack nodded his head and put his phone back in his pocket.

“Okay.” he agreed without even questioning.

At that point, no one could think in a way to avoid the silence, so there was no noise inside the elevator. You and Jack tried to not look at each other, although it was inevitable. Then, when it happened, you only raised an eyebrow to him and he laughed at you, making you follow his act.

“What?” you asked.

“Who would thought we would be here, huh Y/N?”

“I didn’t” you admitted.

“But you dreamed of this, I’m sure.” he joked and you rolled your eyes, even if you tried, you couldn’t get angry at that moment.

“I guess it was one of items of your to do’s list, Jack.” you hit back.

He raised his shoulders: “Maybe.”

“Oh, gods!” you laughed. “You can’t even try to say no, can you?”

“I am a pretty open person, Y/N.” he told. “There’s no reason to try deny this.”

You nodded your head negatively, not believing that these were his words. He waited you to calm down and the silence to be back again before questioning the thing he wanted the most, because he genuinely didn’t know that answer.

“Why do you hate me this much, Y/N?”

You were surprised. Although you said that Conor should know this answer, you didn’t expected the same from Jack. As a matter of fact, Jack was the only one you thought that would never know the reasons of treating him that way. Well, the winds have changed and there you were, stuck in an elevator with Jack Maynard.

You sighed.

“Fine.” you gave a little smile. “Do you really want to know?”

“Hm… Yeah?” Jack really thought it was a right of him and you knew it was, but you wanted him to be sure.

“Okay.” you took a deep breath. “Your brother asked me the same thing earlier today and I didn’t answer him. I would appreciate if you keep this just to yourself.”

Jack wanted to ask you why he would do such a thing, but he let it go because it was the first time in years you were nice to him (in his point of view, when you two met, he was gentle, so that counted as being nicer than you even if both of you were horrible to each other through the rest of the time). Still, he couldn’t let asking you this:

“Why you don’t want Conor to know?”

You chewed your bottom lip:

“I’m afraid he will think I’m foolish and stand by your side. Keeping hate is not something I’m proud of.”

Jack, after your sentence, couldn’t say no, so he promised do that.

“Right, I can keep it, Y/N.”

“Thank you.” you smiled before being nervous again. “The reason why I hate you is because is something no one else do.”

“What?” Jack was really confused.

“I mean, everybody thinks you are so cool and stuff like that… You are the favorite Maynard of literally every single person I know. So I always kept clear you weren’t my favorite, Conor was and always will be.”

“What the hell?” Jack exclaimed, a part of him was pissed off and the other one was just confused. “What kind of sick logic is this?”

You rolled your eyes, trying to seem not affected by his rebuke although you already knew it was stupid.

“Look, let me clear the things out, okay?” Jack stared at you, waiting for it. “We studied in the same school and you were so damn popular! And even now, you act like it’s all good and it’s normal, but it’s happening again with this whole Youtube thing.”

“Where were you in 2012?” Jack asked. “Living under a fucking rock?”

“Yeah, I know, 2012 was a big year for Con and everything, but is not the same!”

Jack wanted to scream at you.

“He literally has four times more subscribers than I do.” Jack told. “How that can be a sign of his popularity being bigger than mine?”

You wanted to scream at Jack too, it was bigger than just a few numbers.

“It’s a Twitter, a Tumblr thing. You can see you have, like, more fans than him and stuff like that.”

“Oh my God, you’re fucking insane.” Jack said. “You don’t know a thing, Y/N. Seriously, you don’t know nothing.” Jack got up, being really angry at you in that moment. “Actually, me and Conor think that the favorite Maynard is Anna. She’s the girl and the youngest child, she has everything she asks for mum and dad.” He took a deep breath, but it didn’t make any difference. ”Also, you don’t have an idea of how hard it is being the brother who can’t sing and didn’t go to a tour or stuff like that at school. You think I was popular? Think again, Y/N. Half of those ‘friends of mine’ was with me because I am Conor’s brother. Actually, I have the million of subscribers that I have thanks to my friends and family. You think I don’t know that? That I couldn’t get where I am without them? Thank you, I appreciate your comment. I don’t need it, though… I have haters saying I’m shit everyday.”

You felt really bad now. You never thought that Jack’s perspective of things would be like that. What you’ve done? Why were you so mean to him? You started to being close to Conor after both of you graduated, after the whole “New Justin Bieber!” thing, after he moved out from Youtube and he already shared his feelings about all this with you. He weren’t unhappy, he didn’t need your love or your pity. You knew that and, yet, you weren’t kind with Jack. Jack was right: What the hell?

“I’m sorry” you whispered, hugging your own legs and trying not to cry. You never felt more foolish, more stupid than that. Were you really that small? Gods, what a shame!

Jack saw you like that and a little piece of him felt good, because he was so damn angry, on the other hand, he knew you weren’t that bad. You did what you did with good, twisted intentions. You didn’t speak to him with the nicest tone, so what? He said pretty bad things to you too, things he never thought he would say to a girl. And, after all, both of you enjoyed that strange relationship, the fights about absolutely nothing and the little provocations every minute you were together.

“Oh, fuck it.” he conclude, crouching next to you. “That’s fine, Y/N.”

“I’m so sorry, Jack.” you apologized. “There’s no excuse for what I done.”

He gave a little smile, seeing your regret and realizing that you might be good friends for now on.

“That’s fine, baby.” he caressed your arm and, when you didn’t answer him, he teased you. “What? Are you not complaining about me calling you baby?” you nodded your head, you would never complain about anything about Jack again. “Oh, baby, I will enjoy that.”

You laughed.

“Fuck off, Jack.” Or maybe you could complain about this or that.

“That’s better.” He said, finally sitting next to you.

“I guess it is.” You agreed.

“If it makes the things a little nicer, I really enjoyed all our fights.”

You supported your head in his shoulder, feeling comfortable enough to do that.

“They were funny, weren’t they?” You asked, smiling as you remembered some of the things you two yelled at each other.

“Yes, they were.” he sighed, putting his arm around your shoulder.

“Maybe we should argue sometimes just for fun.”

“Yeah, I would like that.”

A little laugh came out of your mouths, that was a pretty intense night with the most impossible twists you guys could think of. And now it was all chilled, you two couldn’t be happier with the whole thing. His arm around you and your head on his shoulder almost seemed it was meant to be like this during all these years.

You looked up at him, just to find out Jack was already looking to you. You gave up for that moment and let yourself appreciate the beauty of Jack Maynard properly. His hair was a mess, he was kind of sleepy and you never thought someone could be that handsome. He checked you out a few times before that and, in that moment, you were a mess too: your makeup was blurred, your dress was misaligned and your hair was blowzy, still, Jack thought he would never meet someone as beautiful as you.

He started leaning towards you and you couldn’t help yourself, also leaning to kiss him. Your stomach was on the floor and you felt like this was your first kiss. Well, you wished it was, you could sense it would be better than all the other kisses you had in your entire life.

Suddenly, as unexpected as the first time, the elevator started shaking. Making you two move away from each other. You rolled your eyes. Really?

“Oh, for God’s sake.”  Jack complained.

You laughed and raised your shoulders, moving to be face to face with him. He copied you, understanding your movements.

Faster this time, you leaned to each other, don’t minding the rescue, you could work this out another hour. For now, all you and Jack wanted was to kiss each other and that’s what happened. With no regrets, your lips pressed his and the kiss was even better than your expectations.

“What the hell?” was what Conor said after you heard the elevator’s door opening.

You and Jack broke the kiss and laughed. He stood up and offered you his hand so you could get up too.

“Hi, Con.” you greeted, holding Jack’s hand as he was pulling you out the metal box.

“Hey, bro.” he said to a confused Conor.

You thanked the man who got you two out of the elevator, flashing your eye for the excessive clarity, it was dawning.

“Who’s your favorite Maynard now?” Jack whispered in your ear while you were walking out the enormous building.

Seemed that Jack Maynard was getting laid after all. Oh, how he annoyed you.