also i really wish i could see this

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i want to kno if u are tea or coffee person.

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Hello, I’m here to talk about my unhealthy obsession of caffeinated drinks.

If I could choose I would drink nothing but coffee and tea but, you know, too much caffeine ^^;;

ATM I can only drink tea and it makes me like bad coffee (=sad and bitter). Coffee gives me a migraine and it SUCKS. I just want to drink my coffee in peace…

I don’t have anyone to play co-op with for Cuphead, so I don’t really get to see Mugman all that much. It’s kind of a shame that he only really appears for the cutscenes and during Co-Op play. I don’t know how much having a CPU would affect gameplay, but sometimes I wish you could at least switch between which character you want to play as. Still, it does give me this funny image that when there’s no second player, Mugman is just kind of on the sidelines off-screen, maybe carrying all the contracts, and also cheering Cuphead on while Cuphead gets his teeth kicked in by whichever boss they’re battling next.

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Do you know theres a cat cafe membership card that belongs to aizawa, that is also offical merch? Like theres a legit card u can get with his handwritten name on it and you can see how many times he went to the cat cafe. He almost filled up the card :D But i think its an event only merch so they dont have it anymore. But it was amazing

Ohhh my goodness, really? I wish I could see it, haha. Ty for letting me know this exists!! 🙏

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Please please share your thoughts on Wonder Woman? Thank you! :)


Some thoughts:

  • So we all knew it was going to be emotional to FINALLY have a female superhero movie, but the movie exceeded those expectations. The fight scenes were incredible and so focused on Diana and what she was capable of – the men basically weren’t even there. The fuckin no man’s land scene SAVED MY LIFE. Superhero movies are known for being heavy handed and this one didn’t escape that for sure (the love speech at the end was….a lot), but that scene was so well done…they didn’t have to stoop to some Éowyn knock off line of “I am no man,” we were allowed to just see her do what real women do - step up and do it. Even though that wasn’t the first time we’ve seen her in full Wonder Woman costume on screen, it felt like it was, like it was the first time I’d EVER seen ANY hero before and it took my breath away. By far the best Superhero Reveal Moment I’ve ever seen. My girl taking out bullets right and left, drawing fire from the entire German army!! Fuck me up!!!
  • You can’t talk about this film without talking about gender role reversals. Chris Pine was So Perfect and I think they really couldn’t have pulled the movie off if they’d cast any other white boy in the role. He was funny but genuine, capable but never arrogant, charming but not entitled about it. He learned quickly what Diana was capable of and respected her for it, always moving to the sideline during the fight scenes (the shield moment with the bell tower comes to mind - who needs a sniper when you can fuckin launch a god at the shooter??), knowing that these were her fights and never trying to mansplain her out of them. He wanted to protect her, but didn’t underestimate her - all the things that a typical female romantic interest does in these kind of movies. It was amazingly well balanced, so much so that I didn’t even mind the romantic sub plot. Plus he was almost entirely naked there, way to play to the audience my dudes!!!!
  • The historical context did the movie such a great service. The outward displays of sexism became so ridiculous when faced with Diana, who genuinely had never had to deal with the patriarchy’s bullshit before. It didn’t just make the men in London look pathetic and mean, it cast a large shadow over the way that women are treated today. 
  • The Dark DC Gradient™ on all the shots isn’t my favorite but it did Chris Pine’s fuckin bright blue eyes a huge favor
  • Gal Gadot was so fuckin good??? Not only was she beautiful, like really really distractingly beautiful, like I kept having to force myself to pay attention to the dialogue cause I, like Steve Trevor, could not stop looking at her (and she’s standing next to Genuine Stud Chris Pine and still?? SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL). But she was way more then that, her performance was spot on. Diana was naive, commanding, strong, compassionate - while never being reduced down to just a one note version of these things. She felt so real to me, in a genre that spends very little time on character development. Even in the sappiest parts of the script, she sold it. She absolutely sparkled. 
  • Some of the best dialogue was the back and forth between Diana and Steve when she’s asking questions about mankind/London - it was cute and funny without being too overdone or obvious, which it easily could have been
  • The villains weren’t much to write home about, but they didn’t need to be. The movie was so laser focused on Diana and Steve that they really didn’t matter, you could self insert whatever you wanted to there
  • Themyscira is the ideal for I too want to hang out on the beach and never see a man again
  • Also that lesbian line, and how stupid male reviewers blindly did not understand it!!! Fuckin drag em
  • But also the fight scenes on Themyscira were INCREDIBLE. I wish that first section had been a bit longer just because I was enjoying it so much, but it was so refreshing to see all women on screen - women who fought and loved and supported each other. Incredible. 

I haven’t enjoyed, really enjoyed, to the point of not having to think about the message or the structure or how much fuckin time I’ve wasted listening to some male superhero talk about honor or some equally boring garbage, since The Avengers came out in 2012. Even then, Wonder Woman felt like something else entirely. It leaned on many of the same tropes and sequences, but there was enough reinvention in between (particularly the characters, who I felt were much more fleshed out then any superhero movie I’ve seen before) to make it feel fresh and exciting. This so easily could have been a throw away movie, a chance for movie execs to point and say, hey we tried with women that one time!! But Patty Jenkins, and Gal Gadot, and all the other women who worked on this incredible production, knew what was at stake, and weren’t going to let that happen. Every time I see a little girl dressed up as Diana Prince, on her way to the theater, my heart fills more and more. During the film, I found myself on the verge of tears five or six times - sometimes because it was so beautiful, to see a woman who felt so real being strong and vulnerable and saving the damn world, but other times because the plot itself genuinely moved me. Wonder Woman is revolutionary for the industry, sure, but more importantly, it’s just a damn good movie. 

From someone who used to dislike Jumin Han

I kinda wanted to talk about that because I feel like, lots of people tend to see Jumin only as the controlling jerk who has some stick far up his butt? And I see why that is. 

But I’m not sure if this solely comes from Jaehee’s route in addition with his bad story ending 2 or if some people just try to ignore the positive aspects, which I find really sad. 

I want to mention that I really did dislike Jumin first, because I didn’t even try to understand where he is coming from, until I played his route. 

Jumin’s the kinda guy who doesn’t show his emotions much, and when he does, outside of his route, it’s hard to understand because he has some rather indirect way of showing his concerns.  He’s super supportive in V’s route, he’s getting Mama Kim to look after Yoosung because he doesn’t seem like he can manage adulthood on his own, he sends bodyguards to everyone because he’s concerned about everyone’s well being. He goes as far as to get Zen another “job” despite how Zen treats him.  As it was shown in V’s route, Jumin aims to be the strong one out of the RFA, after all that has happened on Day 10 we can see that one; 

This doesn’t look like a massively stuck up jerk, does it? That looks like the kinda guy that knows he’s gonna be able to “stand firm” given he knows how to surpress emotions to succeed in his job. 

Another thing; My very first call was a call to Jumin, when I just started the game, where he told me not to waste his time with dumb chit chat. - And fuck, I see why everyone would be blown away by that kind of attitude. - I was really “offended” myself and that’s also where I started to dislike him. 

But, if you look at the route’s call logs, you’ll notice that Jumin is the one who will pick up most calls. You can often call him at night when something happened, disregarding his wish not to call him again. He will listen to whatever you have to say and will be thankful that he could get his thoughts away from work, even if it was just briefly. 

He doesn’t hate or even dislike Zen either, in fact, Zen is the only one he’d trust regarding MC, as he even asks Zen to take care of her, in case Jumin won’t be able to do so one day. 

Those were general things, but let me get to his route; 

Because this fandom is so split regarding especially BE 2. At no point, does Jumin force MC into the controlling thing. MC literally asks Jumin to lock her up. You reach it, by encouraging his sexual and controlling side instead of actually caring for his problems. Jumin is confused, he doesn’t even know whether he’s doing the right thing or not. But MC asked for it… So it must be right, right?  He has never had a relationship before, his parents couldn’t possibly be a good role model for him either, otherwise they wouldn’t be divorced. Chairman is womanizing like crazy, and thus no role model for a healthy relationship either.  It’s obviously not the best option for Jumin, but by no means does he force you into it. 

MC, asks for it. Doing something against her will? Not sure where people get that from. 

“As long as you continue to feel this way”, seems to me pretty much like “I’ll stop doing it as soon as you say so.” 

Jumin doesn’t force MC to stay at his place. You went to his pent house with the intention to help him out, so you do help him out, but he still won’t let MC go home. He must force her to stay right?  Wrong. Jumin wants you to stay safe and sound. Rika’s apartment doesn’t seem safe to Jumin and let’s be fair. It is not safe. Some random hacker knows the address even HE doesn’t know? He even knows the password to the apartment? The RFA suddenly gets weird E-Mails? Fishy Sarah and Glam are plotting stuff.  He just found the seemingly only person who understands him. He doesn’t want her to be in danger. 

And honestly, Jumin manages to keep MC the safest. Literally no one in harmed in his route - as long as you actually freaking trust his judgement. 

You can very well leave his penthouse and go home. But guess who’s waiting at Rika’s apartment? - Right, Unknown.  The ending is literally there, to show you, all Jumin wants is to keep you safe and sound. 

So please, I’m not asking you to love and cherish him, but please don’t try to make him look bad for the wrong reasons.  Is he dominant? Yes, definitely. But he knows his boundaries and when he crosses them, he’ll apologise immediately. If you generally don’t like that, that’s perfectly fine with me.  Does Jumin do anything against MC’s will solely for his own personal gain?  No. So please don’t say that.  Is Jumin cold hearted? No, definitely not. He just has a really unique way of showing it. 


Did someone ask for more Andrew and Frank bonding because you’re getting it anyway.

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On a happy note, what are some of your favorite things about Lance? :3

oh boy 

  • he loves mermaids
  • “i dont need pants. im a mermaid”
  • he’s an amazing sniper and, as an archer, i have a soft spot for long-distance weapons and characters using them
  • he has pretty pretty blue eyes and they’re so expressive
  • sound effects
  • flirts with aliens at any given time, at all, like, me too??????
  • “hasta la later, keith” *dances aggressively*
  • helped pidge find money so she could buy a game she was excited about and also turned into a dolphin-human hybrid to do so. he loves her so much i want to die 
  • related: he’s probably the best older brother i bet he took his younger siblings to the beach and stayed w them all day and played with them and made sand castles and sand mermaids with them
  • literally puts his life in danger regularly to save people ???  the explosion and air vacuum thingie scenes come to mind. god he’s so good
  • that being said he can be kinda selfish (literally manipulated hunk into leaving his lion and coming w him to investigate mermaids just bc he likes mermaids) and i love that about him, i love that he’s not a perfect good boy, i wish the fandom would stop ignoring this tbh tbh
  • the entire scene in s2 where he was talking abt their plan and like, did amazing imitations. shook his butt. dabbed. literally morphed into a strange galra-humanoid thing for the sake of The Drama™
  • “that’s the tagline from like six of my favourite movies” lance is a big nerd confirmed
  • his fucking pickup lines are so funny? they’re so bad they’re good. i’d fall for them lance. i’d fall for them
  • takes the time to explain stuff when keith doesnt understand, like, they could have easily just made him make fun of keith for not getting the “vol” “tron” thing but he instead explains it 
  • also good at diffusing situations and thinking things thru *insert that god i wish that were me meme*
  • *talks fondly about his team and then immediately shits on himself* relatable tbh (but i wish he wouldnt)
  • god, his insecurities are so real they’re palpable. i think a lot of people can see themselves in him bc of them and that’s really cool
  • “is…that a cow” “mmhmmm” 
  • arguably the only paladin with any semblance of fashion sense
  • AND ON THAT NOTE HE’S A MALE CHARACTER WHO’S SHOWN TO LOVE SKINCARE UNABASHEDLY and that’s not something you ever see in media and as a cosmetician IT’S REALLY COOL BECAUSE NOW LITTLE BOYS WILL WATCH THIS AND SAY “hey lance is cool and he takes care of his skin maybe i should too!!!” like YES LANCE THANK YOU FOR DESTROYING TOXIC MASCULINITY 
  • the scene w coran and keith outside his door, when he cuts keith off with the buhububbUHBUHUHGBUHG >A< !!!!!
  • his little “yup” after shiro says the sharpshooter thing
  • *beautifully emerges from a coma to shoot someone, smirks, falls back into a coma beautifully*
  • also flirts w allura to hide the fact that he’s genuinely concerned about their situation that’s a big mood
  • flirts the moment he emerges from a fucking coma
  • flirts. so much. he’s always flirting i love that boy
  • when he had a squid on his head and just rolled w it
  • “this castle has gone apples and bananas!”
  • this:

edit: i forgot where i snagged this pic from but it was from one of @planced‘s gifsets :)

i coudl go on but for your sake i will stop

Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.


I’ve seen comments lying around about how Saizo doesn’t seem that necessary/appropriate as a love interest, or how his stories always revolve around how he feels that he doesn’t deserve MC and she tries to convince him that it’s not like that. and I just wanna say… yeah actually I wouldn’t know much about the second point LOL I haven’t been playing slbp that long. but Saizo is still my fav character bc his character is so complex :-(

what I’m seeing is a guy who genuinely loves mc but is always afraid to let himself believe that he deserves her, or that happy times with her will last. it’s kinda like the whole 塞翁失马,焉知非福 thing - so he chooses to think a happy thing with her will inevitably lead to a bad thing happening. (idk how to explain the meaning of that Chinese saying SORRY + not entirely sure if he’s a believer in the opposite - that a bad thing could lead to a good thing) yes it is tiring to see him constantly doubting himself in every damn event story but in a way it reflects his outlook on life which is just… very sad to me :-( idk how to explain this properly sigh but if anyone wants to have some discussion w me on this I’m up for it!!! (well not necessarily right now but. I’m still up for it)

his current event story is also heartbreaking bc there’s a scene where he just returned from a mission and kiyohiro (should I just… call him hanzo or what) is helping him to clean his hands of the blood. kiyohiro informs him that mc and the baby (not theirs) are still in his room. saizo’s just like “are they, now” then looks at his hands: clean now, but cold.

then later there’s this scene in the screencaps which drives home my point: I don’t think it’s that he really hates children or intensely dislikes the idea of being a father. he’s probably just not comfortable with the idea that someone like him could be a father. the same hands he uses to kill countless men, it doesn’t feel right that they should be cradling children. Kirigakure Saizo, father. it doesn’t fit quite as well as Kirigakure Saizo, assassin. I doubt he’d be particularly mad if mc ended up having his child, but… I figure that for a while, he’s going to have problems holding the child or maybe even touching mc.

tldr: thinking about saizo makes me real sad please give him some love because his mental health isn’t quite alright

also if anyone has an opinion on this feel free to comment!!! I love Saizo and all discourse on him so yes HAHA

Bloodlines - P.P

A/N: Requested

‘The reader is Tony’s daughter and is Peter and Tony finds out somehow’

Words: 906

Warnings: Making out

“Peter, my dad could walk down here at any moment” You giggle and wriggle around in Peter’s grasp. He doesn’t falter his hands, not for a moment

 "Then let him” He says, placing a kiss on your neck “It’s about time the others found out” Peter’s fingers trace the hem of your pants teasingly, as if he was hinting something

It took everything in you not to let him have you in the corridor of your fathers building, that would not have ended well.

“You may be Spiderman, but believe me you’re no match for my dad. He’d beat your ass without a moment’s hesitation if he saw you touching me like this” you throw your head back lightly, allowing Peter more access to your neck.

Your dad loved Peter, but if he saw what was currently happening all of that would be out the window faster than you can say Spiderman.

“Like what? Like this” Peter slips his hand up your shirt, tracing the outline of your bra and ultimately taking the strap between his two fingers.

“What if he saw me kissing you like this?” Peter places his lips on yours for a fast paced, lust filled kiss.

You reluctantly pulled back, knowing your dad was due to finish a meeting any moment now and could catch you both in the act.

“You’re going to get us in so much trouble” You giggle “My room tonight?”

“I’ll be there” Your boyfriend gives you one more quick peck on the lips before he’s off, running down the hall to god knows where, hopefully home.

You worried about Peter when he sent himself on missions without your father’s approval, Sometimes he got himself in over his own head. He enjoyed testing out the deep end until it completely backfired on him.

Your dad as never a very intimidating person, to you at least but with the glares he was sending you right now you kind of wished you could just disappear.

Peter sat next to you, his leg was bouncing up and down and he nervously played with his fingers.

You kids do know i have security everywhere right? I see everything” Your dad said. Disgust was evident in his voice, also a lot of anger. “Did you really think i wouldn’t find out about this?”

You knew the moment he walked in that you’d been caught and there was no getting out of this situation now.

“We were going to tell you, we just didn’t know when” You spoke, Peter was obviously to nervous to say anything.

You wanted just to disappear, you also wanted to grab your boyfriends hand for support but the both of you knew that wouldn’t make the situation any better, if anything it’d make it worse.

“You’re my daughter Y/N, i wasn’t expecting you to be the most innocent person in the world for that reason only, but you’re 17 and i’m your father therefore i can tell you what’s good and what isn’t and this isn’t good” Your dad ran a hand through his hair and shoot a glare at a quivering Peter “I was a teenage boy once too, i know what goes through their useless, testosterone filled brains”

“But this is Peter, you know he’s a good guy and-” You stopped, realising that your dad wasn’t listening.

No matter what you’d say, he had a smart, sarcastic answer for it. After 17 years you’d learnt that there was no beating your dad.

“You’re my daughter, you’re already in enough danger do you know how much worse you’re making that by dating Spiderman?” He hissed

For 17 years your dad had told you how often he worried about your safety. Being the daughter of Tony Stark you were exposed to all the badness in the world and at times it had an affect on your emotions, but you knew there was still good out there.

You realized your dad wasn’t afraid of Peter using you or breaking your heart, he knew Peter was a good guy with the biggest heart . He was afraid of you getting hurt during a mission or used to someone else’s advantage.

Peter did what you’d been waiting for him to do since you walked in and took your hand in his.

“Mr Stark, I-I know what you’re worried about and so am I but Y/N has all of the avengers looking out for her plus her fighting skills are almost as good as Natasha's” Peter let out a nervous laugh and you squeezed his hand, prompting him to continue.

“I can promise you that I won’t hurt her, I can also promise that I’ll do everything in my power to keep her safe”

You noticed how your dad listened to every word Peter had to say, curiosity laced his features and he was genuinely considering his words.

“I have spent 17 years protecting her from the badness in this world and believe me, there’s more than you know” He started “Don’t make those 17 years go to waste. I wouldn’t let Y/N be with anyone I don’t like or trust, you’re lucky i trust you”

A large smile broke out on Peter’s face and he was tempted to pull you into his arms, but tried to refrain in front of your dad and his Hawk eyes

“No more hallway business alright? Nat may have found it amusing but i didn’t”

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I love how each time Sansa reunites with a sibling they really drop Some Shit on her….she reunites with Jon and it’s all “oh by the way he was resurrected yesterday” and then Sansa is reunited with Bran only for him to tell her he’s the Three Eyed Raven and could see her worst moments…like by the time Arya rolls around going “I have a kill list” Sansa’s just giggling because of course why wouldn’t Arya have a fucking kill list. Honestly this also explains why Sansa has been going “I wish Jon were here” after being reunited with both Bran and Arya at this point he’s her most well adjusted sibling lmao 


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Summary : Practically everyone knows that “Touch It” is about getting a handjob… So what happens when you confront your boyfriend Jongdae about it?

Warnings : smut (handjob/penetration), language 

W.C. : 1.8k + 

A/N : I’m sorry this is… I’m sorry.

“Jongdae what the actual fuck?” you hissed into your phone.

You heard Jongdae chuckle on the other end of the line, low and with a hint of embarrassment.

“You’re gonna have to be more specific babe. What the actual fuck what?”

“That didn’t even make sense,” you replied, pacing in your bedroom.

You heard Jongdae sigh and springs creak as he most likely laid back on his bed.

“Is this about that song?” he finally asked, already knowing the answer.

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I just saw BOM on bway and elder price is gay

HEY it’s me I’m here to let u guys know how insanely amazing the current cast of tbom is on broadway(I mean all the casts are amazing but like)! I’m just gonna make a list of amazing shit(most of its gonna b mcpriceley evidence my dudes)

-The way Nic and Stephen play Price and McKinley is SO GOOD!! They give the characters an insane amount of chemistry
- McKinley is a hands on dude like whenever he can he’ll put a hand on Kevin’s shoulder when talking/singing to him
- He also holds Kevin’s hand when showing him and Arnold to their rooms and it’s really cute he’s really happy
- they casually shoot glances at each other
- DURING THE HELL DREAM!! McKinley gets held up by dancers and faces Kevin(it kinda looks like he’s on a cross for reference) and they lock eyes for a few seconds before Kevin reaches a hand out to touch him but he gets whisked away by dancers right as Kevin’s hand touches his chest
- The way this cast did it was obviously alluding to Kevin being gay
- My parents were with me and as general audience members they caught on really fast
- My dad even said when we were at dinner afterwards “Yeah duh he’s gay they almost kissed and almost hooked up in the dream” and my mom was like “I wish it was implied heavier, I wish it were more obvious that Price and McKinley got together in the end.”
- And of course there’s Nic’s, Stephen’s, and the official bom instagram implying that they’re canon

- also Brian Sears’ played Arnold SO WELL he really made the role his own
- he dabbed at one point and I almost screamed
- Nabulungi’s actress was a stand in for that night but she did AMAZING and she made me cry
- everything was so good and I could talk about it forever
- Also being there you can REALLY see the characters facial expressions and honestly that MAKES the show

Overall it was amazing and I’m so lucky I got the chance to go AND meet the actors(who were all super cool and nice)

I remember

I remember my founders as clear as if I had met them only yesterday.

There was Helga. Helga, with her loving smile and giddy laugh. With her warming eyes and sunny charm. She reminds me of a tree, with deep roots and powers, ancient and strong. She was the thick bark to Godric’s fire, the soft leaves to Rowena’s Wind and the strong roots to Salazar’s Water. Warm, lovable Helga Hufflepuff. Hard working and loyal. She knew her worth, she knew her power. She never liked to use it as much as the others, but she was a force to be reckoned with. I can see her in the new students. Not a single one of them left me and my proteges during the battle.They stood together, fighting side by side. I know that Helga would be proud to see her children following her path. I wish they could meet her. I hope they know how proud she is of them. I really do.

Then there was Godric. Oh, Godric. He was so young, so wild and oh so caring. Godric, without a shred of a doubt, was fire. Fierce and impetuous. He was the beacon of light within the group, glowing and pulsating with the urge to prove himself. And just like fire, he could burn. Bright, yes, oh yes. So very bright. But also so very hot. His wrath was known to be like a seething hot sword. But as much as he was daring he was caring. The blaze in him could calm to glowing embers and soothing warmth engulfed me whenever I was in his presence. His descendants seem to have a nack for getting themselves into trouble. I can almost hear him laugh. That loud and hearty laugh that fell so easily from his lips. I know he is proud of his house. He was good at bragging, just as good as Salazar, but he was always laughing. And I know with ultimate certainty, wherever he is right now, he is bragging about his house.

Rowena, oh, Rowena Ravenclaw. There are queens and then there is Rowena. An empress as only known from far away lands, with straight noses and straighter minds. She was the cutting air and the singing winds. She was as fierce as Godric, but only in a hidden way, between verses and songs, between pages and lines. She favoured scholars, yes, indeed, but that did not make her dull. She was an adventurer in her own way. She was a dreamer and a builder. She was a world creator and she knew it. We all knew it. She was the ballad in the dark, gruesome nights. She was the poems that warmed a lover’s heart. She was the lullaby that chased away the nightmares. Rowena was the wind. As free and soaring as the west winds without leaving her study. If she could see her stundents now she might even bow her head to them. I think she is burning up with pride for them. Not that she would tell, but maybe, just maybe, she would sing about it.

How could I ever forget Salazar Slytherin? Salazar, with secrets in his eyes and mysteries on his lips. Salazar with his infamous mind and his sharp tounge.He was a though one. Or maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he was the softest of them all. For he protected what was his with such raging devotion that I wondered, more than once, who it was that had hurt him so. Salazar was water. He turned from roaring rivers to wrathful waves to soothing seas to divine drops. He was daring in a quiet way. Charismatic and hypnotizing with that smirk that was always flirting with danger. He kept to himself but he was good at making Godric laugh and roar with laughter. They where opposites, no doubt there. But they could make each other laugh as easily as they could set each other off. It was fun to watch, no denying there. Salazar will always be a riddle to me. But I know, that he would be delighted, truly delighted, to see that his students where still as devoted as he was. He would be happy to know that they were all trying to be as safe and happy as he was always trying to be.

I have seen a lot in my long years. Students come and go, faces appear and disappear. But I will always remeber my four founders. My earth, my fire, my air and my water. It is funny, how they all think their own house best when it is so obvious that they would not exist without the others. None of them is perfect, truly, they are far from it. But together? Well, that is a different story entierly.

For now, I just hope to do my job. I’ll honour my duties which my four friends bestowed upon me. I’ll keep their proteges safe. Safe and sound and happy.

After all, I will always be here to welcome you home.

TAYLOR please read this because I love you

Hi Taylor my name is Sivan and I am 19. I have listened to your music since the end of 2010 but became a Swiftie only in the end of 2014 (3 years now 😭). You once liked a question I asked another account and it made my day, it was long ago already though. I have never had the opportunity to see you in a concert unfortunately, but I am saving money to see you during Reputation tour, I’ll fly to different country and will do anything I need. I just really want you to know about me because I love you so much! And I want you to notice me because I really want to know what it feels when one of my favorite people in the world knows about me. I love to sing a lot and I am going to work hard to make my dreams come true! Another thing I have met so many amaizing people thanks to you and I really want to meet them, so thank you Taylor (Btw met some of them which I can’t believe you met my friends before I did) ! Also my Instagram page (TaylorSwiftExperienceS) is full with stories about people who met you or saw you and I really wish you could read some of the people stories because you have no idea how amazing they are! I hope you can see this post @taylorswift please 😻. Sending you a lot of love and hope to have my experience with you one day, Sivan!


“ Cole and I are friends. He’s my best friend in fact. “

“ He’s strong, reliable, a bit of a hot head.. 

But he’s my best friend; and I appreciate that. “

“ So I pray nothing will ever.. happen to him. “

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Me while listening to the heathers soundtrack for the first time
  • me during Beautiful: wow this is great and really funny.
  • me during Candy Store: wow for a song about some huge bitches this sounds really good.
  • me during Fight for me: I wish I could see the musical so I can see how they act out the songs.
  • me during Freeze your Brain: aww sad back story
  • me during Big Fun: haha this is funny- wait, did Heather almost get raped?
  • me during Dead Girl Walking: WOW THANKS FOR TELLING ABOUT HER ANGRY SEX THANKS. also you can pinpoint exactly when they climax
  • me during The Me Inside of Me: wait. what happened? did someone die? im confused
  • me during Blue: WOW. THIS IS. WOW. OKAY. AND THIS IS HAPPENING? HER 'FRIENDS' WONT EVEN HELP? WHAT but tbh it sounds good
  • me during Our Love Is God: wow this is actually sweet. I wish I said someone to worship me. I wish I had a love that is like god. this is beautiful and- FUCK HOLD ON NVM. YOU CAN HEAR HIM GOING CRAZY FUCK THIS MUSIC IS A MASTERPIECE
  • My during Dead Gay Son: 10/10 increadible anD THE DADS ARE GAY TOO? KILL ME OML
  • me during Seventeen: uhh, y'all cant come back from killing ppl. there is no more normal for you. also how did you get away with that?
  • me during Shine a Light: wow what the fuck is happening here. is a teacher really telling them her life story? fuck. miss you need to see a therapist.
  • me during Lifeboat: wow really good and relatable but whos singing???? I may never know
  • me during Shine A Light Reprise : fuCK NOW THATS HOW YOU DO A GODDAMN REPRISE 100/10 FUCK ME
  • me during Kindergarten Boyfriend: skip
  • me during Yo Girl: wow that escalated quickly also haha i get the joke jd ur clever
  • me during Meant to Be Yours: wow what a perf transition also character development has never been better
  • me during I Am Damaged: so... hes dead? and im crying? okay

the fact that leslie is getting mad about ben not being treated right by his hometown when she rarely (if ever) gets really mad about the way pawnee treats her is…i just love her so much and i wish she could see how great she is