also i really want to meet captain hook

Why I’m happy with wish realm Hook and wish realm Neal

Guys I’m going to be honest, I was extremely unhappy when I watched 6x10 and saw that Neal was made into a hero with his painting on the wall. I was really fed up and it didn’t make sense. So secretly, I was hoping that when 6x11 happens, we would get some lovely wish realm Captain Swan moments of Emma being the princess and her meeting Hook as a prince or something like that. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be the case. As we all know, Hook is being displayed as an old man with a beer belly, and probably a drunk. At first, I was shocked and I saw a lot of complaints from CS fans and a lot of people were also fine with it. I was in the middle…I really wanted handsome, prince style hook in this wish realm but I also am excited to see funny Hook and funny Captain Swan here. I mean seriously, we have been lacking in funny Captain Swan moments. But nevertheless, I was still upset Neal was displayed as a hero, and Hook like this in the wish realm….


Adam & Eddy are not stupid like some CS people might be thinking right now….


This is a WISH REALM. Which means it is the OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING TO REALITY. Neal was displayed as a HERO, got his own painting even in this wish realm. Hook is displayed as an OLD drunk with a beer belly. I will repeat…THIS IS THE WISH REALM. So what does this mean for reality? It means the opposite. 

NEAL IS NOT A HERO IN REALITY (which he wasn’t), AND HOOK IS NOT AN OLD DRUNK WITH A BEER BELLY IN REALITY (which he actually isn’t). What Adam & Eddy have done ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. They are displaying the characters opposite to who they really are. I mean look at how they displayed Emma in the wish realm? I really didn’t like it…she was weak and had no backbone. The REAL Emma is badass and doesn’t take anybody’s nonsense! So like I said above, ADAM & EDDY ARE ACTUALLY CLEVER WRITERS WHO ARE JUST DOING WHAT MAKES SENSE. It would theoretically have been worse if Hook was displayed as a gentleman in the wish realm cause that would imply he actually wasn’t one in real life. We also must NOT forget that this whole wish realm seemed to be made up by the Evil Queen. So of course she would change people’s characteristics (like Emma’s) to suit HERSELF. THIS WAS NOT EMMA’S WISH REALM, THIS WAS REGINA’S WISH REALM. So of course she would find much satisfaction making Emma weak, making Neal a hero (who hurt Emma more than can be said) and making Hook an old drunk (who is Emma’s true love). It all makes sense now to me. 

Maybe some of you already saw it this way and are still mad at how things are being portrayed and that’s cool. I just wanted to share this with you cause it’s helped me to look forward to the episode much more now.

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