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What I really think about Sakura

I decided to write down my thoughts… they are half serious and half…not.

Who found my older post, also drawings, probably understood that I’m a NaruHina shipper and I’m pro SasuKarin (however i draw everything ahah). But I want to share the truth about what I think of Sakura and about Naruto’s ending.

At the beginning I didn’t liked Sakura, it was the opposite! I was immediately enchanted by her looks (well she is the only pink haired pg with shiny green eyes) because I always loved the girly color pink. She was perfect to me: pink long hair contrasted with green eyes dressed in red. I also found her personality really cool because I loved when she got angry and punched everyone.

But little by little my opinion changed.

It wasn’t her fault but Kishimoto who grew up her.

Most of the people were surprised when in the chunin exams she cut her hair to save her team. It was a important moment… but it had an horrible hidden message: a feminine kunoichi can’t be also strong. It was more than one time told in the manga. Even Ino copied Sakura but also here all was hidden building a plot to explain it….

I never accepted that… it would have been more cool and honest if Sakura, going bersek, told something like “well, I’m just like this I love caring of myself and you’re just jelous of it shannaro!”. Maybe it is a little trashy but fuck it I would have loved her…

Then things got even worse: she couldn’t beat Ino, he got almost killed by Gaara for protecting Sasuke, she was intended to betray Konoha just to follow him who never cared of her but she was egoist also because she always wanted to change the person she “loved”… she stressed Naruto beging him to save Sasuke for her…

This is a focal point.

That poor blonde guy always loved her… really. Ok I respect Hinata for her kind soul but often even if there is someone caring for us this doesn’t mean that we have to fall in love with him/her. Naruto is always been honest and she loved Sakura for who she was even knowing that she had eyes only for Sasuke… he accepted that from the beginning to the end. He suffered in silence.

But what I didn’t really understand is: if Sakura was fixed only with Sasuke why give the readers hints that she loved Naruto instead? Yamato and Sai tried to help Sakura admitting it. But then there is that horrible chapter when Sai literally told her “wake up you silly chick Naruto LOVES YOU (and you love him) the guy you “love” is a freaking psyco that is going to kill everyone so we’re going to kill him first but Naruto probably doesn’t want it”. So God Kishimoto whispered her “lie to Naruto tell him you love him and say to him to forget Sasuke… and then go to kill the last Uchiha betraying everyone and risking your life again poisoning that poor fox guy”. This also a thing I don’t understand… Sakura can be not mature but she isn’t weak! God she can’t destroy all with a finger, save her and other lives (but not Neji’s because if not Hinata could’t approach definitely Naruto…) and she has a inner talent for genjutsu. So why she has always the need to be saved? Where is the logic on this?

Ok if you read all this you’re thinking “well why do you ship NaruHina?”.

The fact is that I simply accepted that at the end Naruto choose her. However, i would really liked if Sakura accepted her true feelings and stayed with Naruto.

It would have been the coolest thing when in the end, when she was healing both Naruto and Sasuke, when Sasuke apologise to her she said something like “the one who has to say sorry is me. I always complicated things without helping. Sasuke, I understand now. I’m really annoying. It’s hard to deal with someone so stubborn like me. But now i understand what how I really feel like. This is not a lie anymore… Naruto”.

Awwww, Kishimoto why you didn’t do this?

I’ll write only a few things more… “WHY”?.


- She was his first love and even if I loved The Last movie I disagree with Sakura when she tells Naruto that his feeling for her were false; again she lied to herself…

- Sakura is very similar to Kushina and even Minato sees this;

- She spent more time with Naruto than Hinata so she can understand him better;

- Sakura can look him in the eyes without fainting (lol).


- Because Neji died to make them canon…

- Because there is a NaruHina movie that is canon…

- Because Kishimoto loves Hinata and also his staff do

- Because Hinata almost died for him… but Sakura did this before in a different way

- Because Hinata is stalkers-Hime

- Because any other things other than her big breast (lol)


- Fandom.

- Platonic love.

- Reborn of the Uchiha clan even if you don’t know if Sasuke betrayed Sakura


- Sexyness.

- Uchiha + Uzumaki is the perfect combination

- Painful past

- Twisted minds

- Tomatoes,


- Because this is a shounen viril manga (like Haku)

- Because they are the reincarnation of two brothers. Oh well fuck this

- Because two males can’t do sons

- Because this manga it’s a total lie

And finally…


- Hinata is beautiful and quiet like Mikoto

- They have similar colors

- Two blue blood families

- Sharingan + Byakugan= Kaguya

- Ah ok they also somehow kinsmans

- I don’t have other reasons lol

That’s all! I just say a last thing: all the ships are beautiful. This is what makes them interesting and stimulating! So let’s respect each other it’s not bad to have different ideas.

I was in Sephora the other day and a woman was there with her young son. When I say young, I mean probably 5 years old. She was looking at the makeup so he was running around looking at it too. He wasn’t being obnoxious or anything though, just excited. So he runs past me and I hear his mom go “No! Hey! Don’t put that on!” I turn around and see that he has one of the tester lipsticks in his hand. She snatches it away and says “You can’t wear lipstick. First of all, you’re a BOY. Boys DON’T wear lipstick.” and then she went on about how she told him not to touch anything.

It broke my heart honestly.
I understand not wanting your little one to mess of the testers but really? “You’re a boy so you can’t wear lipstick.” I mean, come on. You took him to a makeup store and he tried to put on some lipstick so I’m guessing he gets the interest from YOU.

On the flip side, when I worked in childcare, I knew a little girl whos little brother looked up to her so much that he liked to dress like her. The dad didn’t even bat an eye when his son and daughter both came in wearing skirts. I also knew many rather “punk rock” kind of families who would paint their sons nails all kinds of colors for no other reason than the children requested it.


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I wanted to say you have such lovely art! I really love the way you draw rose and i was wondering if i could request rose in her fancy drinking dress? (Sorry, i forgot what its called haha)

thank you very much!!! generally i dont take requests but also i feel so fuckign guilty lately because i draw so much esports my blog lacks lesbians?? here u go dude!!! oops i think i drew kanayas horns wrong kdsjflsd sry 

eliza in historical dress?? sign me up

Other War Portraits

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prompt!(after hawkmoth is defeated) Chat confesses to ladybug and she says no to him. since hawkmoth is defeated and he thinks ladybug hates him. he doesnt go out as chat anymore. He "gets over" ladybug and dates/marrys mari. on their wedding day she tells him that she is ladybug. mari talks about how she misses chat and adrien gets really mad and it some hows leads to adrien saying to mari "I HAVEN'T USED THAT NAME IN YEARS" and mari is just like oh shit

Thank you for the prompt anon! Also…. did you ust ask me to use a meme in a reveal? Anyway this is a  meme reveal.

Marinette rushed into the room, closing the door as fast as she could without ruining her dress. She didn’t expect to spend her wedding day like this. She glances up, noticing her future husband looking at her curiously. She better start explaining before he gets another idea of her wanting to call off the wedding out of silly reasons.

(Seriously, the last time he thought she will break up with him and cancel the wedding cause he picked the wrong appetizer.)

“Adrien, I really need to tell you something.”

His green eyes grew bigger and the curiosity turned to fear. Rushing to like side Adrien, tangled his hands in a pleading gesture. “Please, don’t say you aren’t going to marry me anymore. I promise I will be better. I won’t eat the last tarts in the fridge anymore. I won’t use the last lavender bath bomb, I won’t play with your yarns again!”

Marinette rolled her eyes. God, her husband to be was such a  bridezilla. She grabbed his hands and squeezed reassuringly.

“I’m not leaving you, Adrien. But I have to confess something. Something that I should have done a long time ago. I’m sorry I never told you.”

Adrien blinked. “You don’t think my ass is cute. That’s it, isn’t it?” a normal person wouldn’t look so heartbroken over being told their ass isn’t cute, but then again, Adrien wasn’t exactly the picture under the definition of normal person.

“I think your ass is very cute and sexy, but this isn’t it.” Marinette took a deep breath.

Telling your soon to be husband that you were a superhero is hard enough, but telling him you also miss your partner who happened to be a really loyal dork in a cat suit… yeah, it just became harder. But Adrien was the love of her life and she knew he’d understand the fact that she wished her old partner would be at the wedding and her sadness over the fact that he wasn’t. He hadn’t seen him in years and missed him terribly.

“Adrien, what I want to say is that I was Ladybug.” Adrien simply stared at her with wide eyes and a slack jaw. “I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you! And it kills me cause I miss Chat Noir and I wished he was here too, cause he had been such a good friend and I’m sorry. Again.”

Adrien seemed to regain some composure and Marinette was happy he was screaming. But when his eyes looked in the distance with that seemed like sadness she began to worry.

“Chat Noir.” he said idly. “I haven’t used that name in years.”

Marinette was outraged. Did that tol shit just meme her on their wedding day? The nerve! And… wait… what did he say? Realization drowned on Marinette.


Never mind all these beautiful historical dramas I want a modern day sit com about the Romantic poets like

  • Byron, Shelley, and Keats are roommates.
  • Byron is constantly a dick and Keats is constantly like “fight me” and Shelley is constantly exasperated. 
  • “I swear to God, George, if you even think about fighting him-”
    “Well he asked me to.” 
    “He’s also five feet tall.” 
  • Felicia Hemans lives across the hall from them and everyone thinks she’s really sweet because she bakes a lot and dresses conservatively but she is constantly lowkey throwing shade at everyone. 
  • Byron hates her because she’s better than him at everything. 
  • Mary Wollstonecraft also lives in their building and owns a lot of t-shirts with feminist slogans on. 
  • Every time she bumps into Shelley in the hallway he asks whether her daughter is coming to visit any time soon. He is much less subtle about it than he thinks he is. 
  • Byron frequently gets into flame wars with people on the internet. 
  • “George it’s 3am why are you still awake?” 
    Someone was talking shit about Pope.”
    “Not again.” 
  • At this point, Keats and Shelley have a script they can run through every time they open the door to a crying person asking why Byron never called them back. 
  • A running joke in which there is a loud noise every time someone says Shelley’s middle name correctly. 
  • Another running joke in which Byron and his sister constantly get mistaken for a couple. 

listen guys i love making fun of christopher palu (blood orange guy) as much as anyone else but i also really want you guys to know that he’s an incredibly talented designer.

design a look for the modern business woman:

design a look for a mom and her baby (he won this one!):

make a dress out of candy:

design a look inspired by a fantasy muse (his was enchanted queen):

design a look for the rockettes to perform in (he won this one too!!):

gown part of his finale collection:

please give this blood orange boy more credit 

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Experiment - Request

Requested by @newts-fan-case:  So could you do a Sherlock x Reader were she is riding his face? (Lol I’m a sinner but I ain’t sorry) like for an experiment ‘cause Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused just by giving pleasure to someone else, but he is wrong and yeah ;) 
& Anon:  Hi! Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock where he wants to try have the reader sit on his face and eat her out and she’s shy & a bit self conscious with her body and he makes sure he makes her see Stars (with a little fkuff)? Thank you! 💞

Summary: ^^ That.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,055

Warnings: Smut - face riding - and self-consciousness (just a little bit).

A/N: God bless the sinners.


“It just can’t be… It’s impossible…” Sherlock mumbled as he walked upstairs.

“What’s impossible?” (Y/N) inquired without looking up.

“Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused by giving pleasure to another.” Watson explained tiredly.

“Why would anyone get aroused if they’re not receiving the proper stimulation?” The consultant detective exclaimed.

“Because…” Watson sighed heavily, “I won’t explain it to you again. You have to live it to get it.”

Sherlock groaned and stormed to his room. John shared an annoyed glance with (Y/N) and left.

She was impressed that none of them asked why she was there, but then again, both knew she was very concerned about their current case, so maybe it wasn’t that weird. Therefore, she kept doing her research – in Sherlock’s computer – until he went out of his room.

“What are you doing here?” He inquired.

“Case.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Good.” He gulped and stood there awkwardly.

“Do you want me to leave?” She asked, still not looking up at him.

“No.” He said, “Actually I…”


“I want to do an experiment and I think you’ll be a great help.” He spoke quickly. If she didn’t know better, she would’ve sworn he was nervous.

“Sure, what is it? Head exploding? Eye-ball tea tasting?”

“No, none of that.” He interrupted. (Y/N) was ignoring him – she was too focused on the computer’s screen – which made it a lot harder for him to ask what he needed to ask.

“Then what is it?” She asked once more.

“It’s… Complicated.” She sighed heavily and looked at him for a second.

“Everything with you is complicated; I think I got used to it already.” And with that she turned to the computer again.

Sherlock took a deep breath before blurting out his request. “I need you to ride my face.”

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Eternal Love (Tom x Reader)

Request from anon: Can you do a TomxF!Reader imagine where they’ve been together since they were young & they’re at the final HP Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere and she is also in HP,apart of trio, and while she does her speech with the the trio,Tom proposes to her? ❤

Ahhhhh!!! I love this idea! Thank you so much for requesting anon! *If my schedule has worked correct, it should be Friday atm*

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This was it; in a few moments, you’d be sealing what had been the greatest adventure of your entire life; Harry Potter had brought you love, eternal friendship and so much happiness. You looked at yourself in the mirror, still feeling the same nerves you felt ten years ago when you were turning up to the Philosopher’s Stone premiere - now here at the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere, you quarrelled on how quickly time flied. You still recognised yourself yet you had matured - you had experienced so much and you were so lucky.

Practicing your mantra in an attempt to control your breathing, you took a breath for seven seconds, held it for five and exhaled for six. “Having fun?” You heard an all too familiar voice chime from behind you. You turn around, spotting Tom stood leaning against the doorway. “I’m so nervous.” You declare, walking over to him to give him a peck on the lips. “You look ravishing.” Tom comments looking you up and down with a smirk. You were wearing a navy full length dress that hugged your curves in all the right places. He was wearing a navy suit (which just so happened to be the same shade) and his hair was tousled just the way you like it. “So do you.” You replied in an oddly surprised tone. Tom hadn’t really bothered with the previous premieres, even turning up in jeans and a t-shirt to the last one. “You sound so surprised, love.” He chuckles, intertwining his fingers with yours. “I am, I didn’t think they’d make you look this sexy. Now I have to compete with all the other girls.” You chime, reaching up to peck his lips once again. “You’re not competing, Y/N, I’m already your boyfriend. Besides, you look amazing, should I be worried about any man trying to steal you away?” Tom asks with a grin on his face. You shake your head. “Of course not.” 

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so at disney’s port orlean’s resort there’s a room called the royal guest room. it’s supposed to be tiana inviting us over to stay at her place where all the other princesses stayed and gave her gifts etc 

and you guys have to see this

portraits of tiana and the others!!!!!

slightly better view!!

okay but check out that look ariel gives her. i smell a huge crush?????

i’m obsessed with this image like belle is looking sweet with that bird but rapunzel only has eyes for snow white. check out That Look of Adoration. while snow is adorable and oblivious as usual and tiana just. look at her face. don’t try to tell me that doesn’t scream “snow please get a grip already. rapunzel is in love with you and if you don’t realize that right away i’m putting a banner up in my restaurant”

i really wish i had better pictures of this one but it looks like tiana, cinderella and aurora are having a gay ole time together. can i just say i love how cinderella wore her mother’s dress to go out with tiana instead of her more casual outfit or her ballgown because she needs to be comfortable but still wants to look nice for tiana

group shot with everyone!! i’m amused that the men are there too like what were they doing when the princesses were hanging out? having a beer? getting manicures? shit-talking gaston?

and look!!!!!!!!! princess party!!!!!!!

i’m really hoping that’s a replica of cogsworth belle’s giving her and not actually cogsworth bc damn, that’s just cold. straight-up giving your servants away like that. also ariel and aurora just gave her a fork and a basket of berries like gajglasjk; ariel does not know the conventions of human gift-giving and decided to give tiana the object she treasures the most bc that’s what you give people you’re in love with, right

basically if disney doesn’t stop making its princesses super gay im going to fucking sue bc i can’t handle how cute this is

Escape:  the residency years

Claire sat cross-legged on the bench outside of the hospital.  She was trying to decide if she should call Jamie or take the bus home after her appointment. Her OB-GYN had given her the all clear today.  

Six weeks.

Six weeks since she’d lost her daughter.  Six weeks since her body had survived a bloody nightmare.  

You can resume a normal life, her doctor had said.  

There was nothing normal about her life, except for the hospital.  Her life as a doctor was normal in that chaotic, hectic way.  

Her home life wasn’t normal.  Jamie was quiet, and distant.  Some nights she would see him at his drafting table gazing off, unfocused, his face a mix of sadness, and introspection.  Some nights she would get home from working late, and see him on the fire escape sipping from his tumbler of whisky.  He was a strong man, yet even he had his limits.  

She wasn’t normal.  She felt and looked different.  She was softer now.  Her mind, her body, her strength all so much softer than before.  Her stomach was far from the flat plane it once was.  Her mind was plagued by insecurities, what ifs and why me. 

You can resume a normal life.

It was time to reconnect.  Reconnect with her husband, with herself, and with her dreams.  

Claire unfolded herself from the bench, gathered her things, and began walking to the bus stop.  She was standing at the corner waiting for the light to change when the small shop caught her eye.  Normally she would walk past. That was for other women.  Life was no longer normal, so maybe a trip to that shop would be what she needed.  A suit of armor, so to speak.  

She crossed the street and pushed open the glass door.  

Jamie was waiting for her text.  He’d asked her to tell him what the doctor said, and she nodded absentmindedly.  He didn’t want to badger her, so he waited. He checked his phone obsessively, and fought against the impulse to call her and ask. By three o’clock he’d had enough of waiting.

“Gu ifrinn le e!” Jamie said, and started to pack up for the day.

 “Willie!” he shouted to the outer office.  

His assistant lifted his head.  “Aye, Jamie?”  

“We’re done for the day, mate.  Let’s go.  It’s Friday. We’re knocking off early.”

Jamie walked into the flat laden down with his computer bag, and two grocery sacks.  He bustled in banging into the door frame, his keys wound around a finger, and the post in his mouth.  

“Claire!” he said, and dropped the envelopes in surprise. He laboured over to the kitchen trying not to drop anything else.  “What are you doing home so early?”

“I could ask you the same thing?  And what’s all this?”  Claire got up from the sofa to check out what her husband had brought home. The floppy leaves of fresh leeks were sticking out from one of the brown bags, and in the other she could see the tiny spears from a bunch of asparagus peeking over its edge.

“Ach.  It’s been a long week.  Willie and I skived off early.  Also,” he said a little sheepishly, “I saw this dish on Instagram today and I wanted to try it.”  

“Jamie Oliver?” Claire laughed.  Ever since she started her residency Jamie had done the cooking, and once she got pregnant –

You can resume a normal life.

“Aye.”  Claire’s breath caught at his smile.  Jamie really did have the most beautiful smile.  “Risotto.”

“Oooooo!”  Claire started removing the foodstuffs.  

Jamie looked at this wife.  She was freshly showered, her curls drying around her face. She had on one of those wee dresses she found so comfortable, and that he found sexy.  He could see most of her legs, and the fabric clung to the curve of her bottom.

“Ye look beautiful, Claire.”  

She paused for a moment, and glanced up at her husband.  It was his voice that stopped her.  That mixture of wonder and awe that sometimes crept into it. She could see truth in his eyes.  After all he had witnessed, after all the ugliness, he still found her beautiful.  His compliment was a soothing balm to her mental wounds.  She walked around the counter, and placing her hands on the sides of his jaw, kissed him softly on the mouth.  

“Thank you.  Now go change.  I’m starving.”  

Dinner was amazing.  The risotto was delicious, and it did his heart good to hear Claire laugh as he tried to juggle the recipe on his phone and imitate Jamie Oliver while he cooked.  They’d had wine, and talked.  Claire told stories of people at the hospital that made him laugh until he ached.  He caught her up on the recent projects at the Distillery and showed her a couple of his newest designs.  

When he sat down on the couch with a beer and turned on one of his many recorded rugby games, she stole upstairs.

You can resume a normal life.

Jamie stretched his long legs out in front of him. He sipped from his beer, still content from dinner and the fact that Scotland was winning.  It took him a minute to register the shape at the top of the stairs.

“Jesus.  God.  Claire.”  He fumbled trying to put down the bottle without knocking it sideways.  He almost missed the table because he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her.

Her breasts were plump over the barest of lace cups.  He couldn’t tell from this distance but there was no way they covered her areolas.  The panties hugged her low on her hips.  Her hair was a riot of curls dancing over one shoulder, thick and full.  She smiled like the devil herself, twirling one curl around her index finger.  Well, if that wasn’t a damn metaphor for how he felt right now.      

Red.  She was wearing scarlet red lingerie.  

She set him afire.  

Mesmerized he walked slowly, one bare foot in front of the other, to the bottom of the stairs.  

“Holy Mother of God.”

Claire laughed out loud.

“What?  What did I say?  Are ye laughing at me?”  Jamie’s brain was completely addled.  

“Yes, I most certainly am!”  She couldn’t stop giggling.  

What had he said that was so funny?  

“You can call me Claire, darling,” she added, teasingly.

Jamie bit his lip.  Aye, she wasn’t exactly the image of an angel.  “Don’t make fun, Claire, or ye’ll get what ye deserve.”  

“Promise?”  The vixen turned, and walked away.  The scrap of lace from behind framed her bottom in such a way that her bare skin resembled the shape of a heart.  

He groaned and missed the first step, swearing as he stubbed a toe.  The sight of her bare arse swaying in front of him was too much.  He sprinted up the stairs two at a time.  

Their bedroom was dark, just the light from the hallway seeped through his first few steps into the room.  He moved to turn on a lamp but she stopped him.

“Please don’t.”  Claire stood by the foot of the bed, twisting her fingers.   She was nervous.  She had been offered so many opinions. Women telling her it would be different.  It would hurt.  Don’t expect too much.  

“What’s this, then?”  Jamie approached her cautiously.

She shrugged.  Her eyes begged him to acquiesce to her request.    

Jamie moved to the window and opened the curtains. The pale gray light of the streetlights coupled with the moon bathed her in a pearly glow.  She was luminescent.  Claire covered her tummy, just below her belly button.  Ah. So that’s how it is.  Jamie moved toward her slowly, linked his pinky fingers through hers and slowly drew her hands away from her body, and the flesh they covered.  One red striation snaked down the left side of her tummy.  Her belly button was droopy.  Jamie looked at his wife, and saw the insecurity in her eyes.  

“It’s ugly,” she whispered.  

You can resume a normal life.

“Aye,” Jamie whispered back.  “I ken a wee bit about scars, Sassenach.”  He let go of her hands, and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the side.  “I ken how they make ye look at yerself.”  He turned his back to her, and spoke over his shoulder.  “Because I once looked at myself, and felt ugly, too.”  

Claire made a small noise that made him turn around and face her once more, fingers tapping nervously on his thigh.  Claire needed his reassurance.  He would give her the same gift she gave him years before.

“I remember every minute, every second of that first time we made love.  Ye walked around me, and ran yer hands over my back.  I waited to see revulsion in yer expression, and when I looked at ye, weel, I saw lust.”  Jamie chuckled. “Ye’ve no idea how relieved I was because by then I was so turned on I couldna bear it if ye walked away.”  

Claire smiled at the memory.

He ran his index finger lightly down her stretch mark, and hooked it under the lace edge of her panty.  He heard her breath hitch.  He tugged at the fabric, just enough to knock her off balance so she had to take a step toward him.  He placed his big hands on either side of her, and slowly ran them over her hips and down her backside.  He cupped her, lifting her slightly.  Her face was close to his, her mouth a fraction away.  “Now kiss me, mo neighean donn, and let me show ye how beautiful ye are to me.”

Claire grabbed her husband’s shoulders, and hung on. He kissed her, pouring all of his love into that first meeting of their mouths.  She ran her hands over him, feeling his familiar scars.  The scars that made him Jamie, and no one else. This big man who was the gentlest of lovers when she needed him to be. 

Tonight, she needed him to take the lead.  She surrendered herself to him, let him turn her around in his arms and hold her against his chest.  Let him run his hands over her body, feeling the weight of her breasts as he kissed the side of her neck.  Let him slide a hand down over her soft stomach, and find the heat between her legs, making her feel warm, and sexy while he nipped at her lobes.

Jamie led her by the hand to their bed.  He slid off her panties, murmuring in Gaelic, his eyes hooded.  He worshiped her body, kissed every inch of her skin.  He ran his tongue down her stretch mark, and kissed her misshapen belly button.  He took her slender legs and placed them over his shoulders, making her writhe and buck, and finally shatter.  

Then, he stood and shucked his jeans.  Climbing onto the bed, he nestled himself between Claire’s thighs before she could catch her breath.  He balanced on his elbows, and kissed her again.  

He felt her tense beneath him.

Jamie pulled back and looked at her.  “What’s wrong, mo graidh?”  

“I’m scared,” she breathed.  “I’m scared it will be different for you.”

You can resume a normal life.

“Och, aye.  After 2 months without my wife, it’ll feel different right enough.  It’ll feel like Heaven.”  He bumped his nose against hers, waggling his eyebrows.  

Claire did not smile.  “They say,” she swallowed, rubbing the back of his neck. “They say after you give birth that it’s….it feels….looser, down there.  To a man.”

A Dhia, she was struggling. Jamie had no idea that Claire had all of these thoughts battling inside her head.  While he appreciated her honesty, she picked a fine time to reveal her anxieties, when he was fit to bursting.  He took a deep breath, and brushed her hair away from her face.  Laughing through dinner relaxed her.  Their banter on the stairs relaxed her.  He’d carry on with the humour.  

“Is this yer way of saying size matters, Sassenach?”  He teased her with the tip of himself.  “Are ye afraid ye’ll find me lacking?”

Claire grinned, and slapped his bottom.  “That is not what I meant, and you know it!”

Jamie took that moment, when her legs relaxed, to enter her.  She arched her back, and gasped.

“Can ye feel that?” he asked, breath hot against her neck.  “For I surely can.” He kissed her, licking her bottom lip.  “And it feels like I’m home.”

You can resume a normal life.

It did feel like home.  Jamie was right.  He was in her arms, and in her body, and it felt like it had a hundred times before.  It didn’t matter what she looked like, how many stretch marks she had.  Even the damn lingerie didn’t matter. This was right.  This was perfect.

In response Claire locked her legs around his back.  She shifted and settled him deeper between her thighs. Reaching up, she brought his head down for a scorching kiss that had him rocking instinctively.  She gave him all of herself and took nothing in return.  When Jamie shouted and stiffened above her she felt the joy of loving him fill her heart.

Jamie’s head was pressed against her neck as he tried to catch his breath.

“So, where did ye find this?”  He pulled at the strap of her bra.  

“At that lingerie shop near the hospital bus stop.  The doctor said I could ‘resume a normal life’ and I wasn’t sure I could without a bit of help.  A suit of armor, so to speak.” She ran a hand over his bicep.

“Christ, Sassenach.  Dinna show up to battle like that again.”  He dropped a kiss on her shoulder, and mumbled sleepily.  “My heart canna take it.”  

Claire woke up some time later to the sound of cheering. Slipping out of bed she stole downstairs to find the television still on, and Jamie’s beer warm on the table. She hit the button on the remote, and silence fell. She took his bottle to the sink, and turned off the lights.  

Darkness in the flat allowed her to look out the window at the lights of Edinburgh.  She could see the fire escape that mirrored their stairs inside. She had taken those outside steps, cautiously, years ago, not knowing where it would lead her.  Now, she was on the inside, having taken those steps towards love, marriage, medical school, and a family.     

As she climbed up on her way back to bed she laughed softly thinking of how Jamie had bolted up these stairs tonight at the sight of her.  Honestly, why had she worried so much?  Scars be damned. They didn’t change how she looked at him, how could she have been so shallow as to think hers would have mattered to him?  Resuming a normal life had made her think that how they had been living for the past six weeks was somehow abnormal.  Wrong. Flawed.

It wasn’t.  

They would carry their scars together.  The ones on their bodies, and the scar of losing Faith on their hearts.  Together.  Forward in life.  

She crawled into bed next to her husband,and stroked the russet coloured curls back from his forehead.  He smiled briefly, and her heart melted. Jamie was still Jamie.  They still found pleasure in each other’s bodies.  They still had the same dreams.

Everything was normal.  

anonymous asked:

I know that Sebastian's Ciel is confirmed to be a boy, but I don't know if the cultist's Ciel is also a boy, Could it be that the manga is running parralell to the 2014 live action Kuroshitsuji movie, in which the "Ciel Phantomhive" was a girl disguised as a boy, to be head of her family. Is that also what the cultist's Ciel is doing? And in the manga, Madam Red shouted out "This "child" is my . . . " before she was killed off by Grell Sutcliff. Wasn't that a suspicious thing to say?

Nah, I’m pretty sure that the twin is male, too. I really see no reason to believe otherwise. He always looked the same as our Ciel, was dressed in the same clothes (for boys), is engaged to Lizzy and I don’t see any reason why Vincent would want to hide a daughter if there’s also a son (our Ciel) if it’s a matter of wanting a male successor – something that may not even be that important since Claudia was the Watchdog, too. So no, I don’t think the twin could be female.

As for Madam Red’s words, I’m not quite sure myself. She saw her sister in our Ciel and despite everything that she had done, Madam Red couldn’t kill her nephew who she loved.

Maybe – with the revelation of the twin’s existence now – Madam Red realized that our Ciel wasn’t the real Ciel but his twin. This is really just a thought that’s coming to me right now and it doesn’t have to be true but maybe Madam Red preferred our Ciel out of the two twins. He was the weaker one, he was like Rachel. And he was destined to not become Earl and not inherit Vincent’s possessions. Madam Red may have seen herself in him since she also didn’t get what she wanted (Vincent, children,…).

But since our Ciel came back as ‘Ciel’ Madam Red thought her favorite child (who she may have thought of as a substitute for her own child) had died. Maybe she blamed ‘Ciel’ for it; Ciel who looked like Vincent and always reminded her of what she couldn’t have; maybe she referred to the real Ciel when she said these words:

But when she wanted to kill him she noticed that this ‘Ciel’ in front of her didn’t look like Vincent but like her sister Rachel and she may have realized that this was indeed not the real Ciel but his twin – Madam Red’s favorite twin. And maybe that’s why she couldn’t kill him and came to her senses.

So her last words may have been something like “This child is my…. nephew, favorite, son?…” I don’t know and maybe that’s not it at all. I mean, I don’t think Madam Red hated one of the twins and loved the other all this time. But I could imagine her having a favorite. And in this situation where she snapped anyway this may have let to such extreme feelings. Madam Red kept all her true feelings hidden so long and all of this led her to become a murderer. So she may have also idolized one twin while loading all the guilt on the other.

Tease - Simon Minter (Smut)

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Pairing: Simon Minter (Miniminter) & Y/N
Words: 3.5k+
Warning(s): smut
Request/Summary: I had a lot of requests for a Simon smut and also a Truth or Dare Simon imagine so here you go
A/N: This is my first collab and it is with the beautiful @whateverbabeslove (please go follow her, shes the nicest person on the planet), but yeah, we really hope you like it!
Sophie’s Masterlist
My Masterlist

You didn’t know what to expect, arriving at the Sidemen house ready to go to the club.
You wouldn’t say you were dressed to impress, but you definitely wanted to make an impression on Simon. You were wearing tight black jeans that made your ass look great with a plain white crop top that really made your boobs stand out.
You had been friends with the Sidemen for around 2 years now. It was innocent at first until Simon started making moves on you which ended up with you lying naked in his bed. You’d been friends with benefits with Simon for about 4 months now.
It had been a while since the last time you spent time with him alone. You’d had no sexual contact with him for about 2 weeks, and to say you missed it was an understatement.
“You look nice,” Simon told you as you sat on his bed.
When you arrived at the house he answered the door, not ready to go out so you decided that you would sit in his room and wait for him to get ready.
“Fuckable,” he smirked laughing at you, changing from a sidemen shirt into a plain black t-shirt matched with black jeans. Simon always looked hot in all black.
“Ah, so do you.” You stood up and walked over to him, his hands immediately gripping your waist, pulling you towards him while your hands wrapped behind his neck.
“Well I’m glad we are on the same page here” he spoke before kissing you, pulling you closer to him before letting his hands slide down to squeeze your ass making you gasp and laugh into the kiss. Before pulling away from him and his grip and going back to sit on the bed.
"Well it’s been a while babe,” he walked towards you, sitting next to you on the bed. He moved your hair to the side and placed a few kisses on your neck before staying in one placing and sucking lightly.
“I know, but we are going out remember? Or has that slipped your mind?” You asked, laughing as he pulled away.
“Of course it hasn’t, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind us staying back.”
“But I’ve got all dressed up for the club now, I’m not staying behind. I’m going babe.” You stood up, walking towards the door, hearing him get up behind you.
He spun you around before you could open the door, pinning you against it by your waist.
“Fine,” he whispered, so close that you could feel his breath, hot against your neck, “but I hope that means you’re coming back with me later, because I don’t know how much longer I can wait.“
With that, he left the room. Leaving you leaning against the door, breathing heavily.

Once you sorted yourself out, you went downstairs to be greeted by the others.
"Ready to go?” Josh asked and you nodded, walking outside, and getting into the uber.
Simon was facing you, not taking his eyes off you for the majority of the ride, completely zoned out from anyone else. You couldn’t tell if he was focused more on your face or your boobs.
He was turned on. You were killing him and you didn’t even know it.
When you arrived at the house he wanted to just take you then and there, but he couldn’t. So here he was, in an uber with his friends and you sitting across from him, your boobs standing out because of your crop top. Frankly, he couldn’t wait for the night to be over so he could take you back to his and finally have his way with you.

Arriving at the club, you all got drinks and sat down at a table, chatting away about the nonsense going on in your lives until Freya dragged you and Sarah up to dance. So, you danced for a while, moving your hips to the beat of the music, not really paying any attention to any of your surroundings.
Simon sat watching you intensely, he began to think you were teasing him on purpose although he wasn’t too sure, his thoughts were dragging off. He couldn’t help it, he was in too deep of a thought for anything to distract him, well other than CalFreezy shouting in his face.
He barely heard any of it though.
“Sorry what?” He asked back.
“I said you good bro? You seem really zoned out.”
“I’m fine,” he spoke, his gaze still on you.
Cal followed Simons eyes and saw you. Smirking, he looked towards Simon.
“Y/N, yeahhhhhhhh,” he spoke laughing, extending the yeah just showing how intoxicated he really was.
“What you mean?” Simon asked, his gaze finally leaving you and landing on Cal.
“I am not going to pretend I didn’t see you gawking at her not even 2 minutes ago. I can hook you up if you want? Maybe she’ll go home with you tonight.” he said laughing at his own words.
Simon laughed with him, for a different reason though. He appreciated his friend trying to help but he already knew you’d end up in his bed either way.
“When the girls come back I’ll hook you up with something bro,” Cal said once again to Simon who was laughing and shaking his head at his words.

While you were dancing Freya had turned to you.
“I swear Simon’s been staring at you for the past 10 minutes.”
“What?” You asked laughing while Sarah nodded.
“He has, he’s not even trying to hide it,” She said while laughing.
“Come on let’s go back to them,“ Freya spoke, pulling us back towards the guys, pushing you into the booth next to Simon.
"Hi” you giggled as you landed on him, making him laugh back.
You noticed the look he received from Cal when you spoke.
“Alright Y/N, odds on for a body shot off of Simon. If we get the same number you do it, if we get different numbers then you don’t,” Cal spoke, looking over at you making everyone ‘Ohhhh’.
“Alright,” you laughed, not knowing what to expect, “1-4.”
Getting a countdown from JJ you both spoke,
“3-“ you both said, making you mentally curse.
“AYYYYYY” JJ shouts, laughing at your reaction.
“GET THE SALT AND LIMES OUT LADS ITS TIME!” Cal shouted once again, way too excited, making everyone laugh.
They decided to put the salt on Simons neck and then the lime in his mouth, and the shot of tequila on the table.
“On the count of three you need to lick the salt off of Simons neck, take the shot, then get the lime from his mouth,” Cal spoke up winking at Simon, “and remember to take your time, we don’t need you to rush.”
Simon put his hand onto your inner thigh before you started, lightly massaging it, making you chuckle.
"Three, two, one go.”
After that you started, leaning into Simons neck and placed your lips there, sucking at the salt, his hand gripped your thigh tightly, making you smile against his neck. Pulling away, you licked one last strip up his neck before pulling back and taking the shot then turning his head to you and taking the lime out of his mouth, your lips touching for a brief moment. Sucking on the line then putting it in the glass, Simons eyes were on your lips the whole time.
“AYYYYY!” They shouted once you finished.
“Seemed like you were into that Simon,” Harry joked, making the others laugh, Simon telling him to shut up.

The rest of the time was spent drinking and laughing at stupid jokes, Simons hand still gripping your thigh, every now and then sliding it up, eventually making you push his hand off you when he got too close to your heat.
“How about we all go back to The Sidemen house?” Josh asked making everyone nod.
The uber back to the house was the same, Simon sitting next to you this time, once again his hand gripping your thigh, massaging it softly through your jeans.
“Had a good time?” He asks, turning his head to face you.
“Yeah it’s been alright,” you responded, looking back at him smiling softly.
“Good. I’m glad, but just know the night is nowhere near over yet baby.” he whispered, smirking, and squeezing your thigh harder making you jump a bit and lean into him. What a dick.

Arriving back at the Sidemen house was a dream come true, you were sure that if you were in the car any longer with Simon you would’ve jumped him.
It seemed like you couldn’t catch a break with Simon, hoping you could go upstairs and let him have his way with you. But obviously that’s not what happened as JJ thought a good old game of truth or dare would’ve been a better way to end the night.
So you all sat in a circle in the living room, you being pulled down in between Freya and Sarah while Simon was in between JJ and Cal, typical.
The game started off pretty standard, the usual drunk truth or dare questions, Harry was dared to run around the street naked for 2 minutes, Ethan had to lick JJs toe and Josh had to answer a question.
You simply sat and waited for your turn to come around and soon enough it did, JJ was the one who got to ask,
“Y/N truth or dare?”
“I dare you to make out with the person you find most attractive in the room,” he spoke and nudged Simon, laughing slightly while smirking.
You stood up, walked over and kneeled down in front of Simon, placing your lips on his, continuing the kiss for a while before pulling back, going back to your spot and sitting down breathless.
The game continued like that for a while until people started getting bored and decided it would be a good time to leave.
The people who didn’t live in the sidemen house left, leaving you, Simon, Josh, JJ, Freya, and Vik. But lucky for you they decided to go to bed, leaving you and Simon alone.
“I think I might head home,” you teased and stood up.
“Excuse me?” He asked, standing up and walking towards you.
“I don’t think you’re going anywhere baby,” he whispered once he was close enough to you, grabbing your waist and pulling you into him.
“And whys that?” You asked as he pushed you up against the nearest wall and began to kiss along your neck.
“Because, I think you’ve teased me a bit too much tonight and I didn’t deserve it” he spoke, smirking into your neck when you let out a light moan at the feeling of his lips against you.
“Wh-what are you talking about,” you questioned, your breath quickening as his kisses got more intense on your neck, sucking and biting in one certain place that drove you wild.
“I saw the way you were dancing tonight, the way you’ve dressed and even the way you kissed me earlier, you’ve been driving me crazy all night and I think I’ve been good enough to get something off of you.” He whispered once again, kissing up your neck and on your jaw, hovering over your lips but not pressing against them, just letting his hot breath fan over them as he spoke.
“So what do you say, what do you think about joining me upstairs tonight?”

You nodded and began to walk up the stairs, Simon following behind. You felt Simon close behind you as you went up the stairs, a light smack being placed on your ass, followed by a light tipsy giggle. You chuckled, turning to him, and trying to tell him to be quiet.
“I couldn’t help it love, it was in my face, what did you expect me to do?”

You eventually got up to his room, you both not able to keep your hands off each other.
The door closed with a click behind you as you made your way to his large bed.
“You haven’t been very nice tonight. You’ve been teasing me since I answered the door earlier,” he whispered in your ear, his voice raspy and rough.
You pull back slightly so that you could look into his eyes, “Is there any way that I could make it up to you?”
He nods lightly, taking a seat on the edge of the bed, hands splayed behind him, his legs spread apart slightly.
You took the hint, stepping between his legs, leaning down to capture his lips with yours. Your hands made their way down to the hem of his t-shirt, pulling it up slowly, breaking apart to throw it somewhere in his room. You kissed him deeply before you sank to your knees between his parted ones, undoing his belt and removing his jeans.
You moved your hand up his thigh, skimming over the edge of his boxers, up to cover his clothed cock. You rubbed your hand along it, circling his tip lightly with your thumb through them.
You hear him bite back a moan as you remove your hand, replacing it with your lips, pressing kisses up and down it.
You hear a whine leave his lips, shallow breaths leaving his lips.
“You’ve teased me enough,” he whines, his eyes closed at the brief pleasure you were giving him.
You  lean back and let out a breathy laugh, “You’re so needy tonight.”
You move your hands to the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down and placing them with the rest of his clothes.
You graze your fingers over the inside of his thighs, feeling him shiver at the contact, before you ghost the tip of one finger along his length.  You hear Simon’s breath snag in his throat as you remove your hands to kiss and lick around the tip of his cock, your tongue teasing at the slit he finds there.
Simon can’t hold back a moan as he watches you slowly sink your lips down over his cock, cheeks hollowed from sucking, eyes closing with the effort. His hands dig into the sheets below him at the sight of your flushed face and reddened lips.
You pull off, placing small kitten licks on the head, letting your tongue swirl around the top and all the way down to the base. Simon is breathing erratically, trying his hardest not to buck his hips up.
You suck at the head, letting go to see pre-come drizzle down his cock.
You look up, meeting his desperate eyes. He throws his head back and groans, feeling so close to the edge already.
You feel him reach out with one of his hands, resting it on the back of your head, but not pushing down.
“Fuck, I- I’m gonna come…” he moaned, bucking his hips into your mouth slightly.
You pulled off of him, hearing a loud whine leave his lips as he was so close to coming but wasn’t able to.
Looking down at your smirking face he reaches down and grabs you by the waist and pulls you down so that you’re laying on the bed, him hovering over you with his knee between your thighs. He presses heated kisses to your lips, slowly making their way down your neck, sucking lightly when he got to your collar bones, grazing over the marks he had made earlier with his tongue.
You felt his rough fingertips dig into the dips of your hipbones, holding your body close to his. You felt his body move downwards. He let out a breathy sigh while pressing his lips to your exposed stomach, his hand gripping at the hem of your shirt and dragging it slowly off you, a heated trail of kisses following closely behind.
When your shirt was taken off, you connected your lips with Simons, feeling his hands wander from surrounding your waist to your back, unclasping your bra easily from the amount of times he’s done it.
He throws it somewhere in the room once it was taken off. His hands roaming to graze the side of your breast as they make their way down to the button on your jeans.
Once they’re off, he captures your lips in his and deepens the kiss, letting your tongues meet. You immediately feel his hard length pressing against your thigh and you can tell that the kisses are getting more and more desperate.
You feel his hand move down to your panties, sliding light teasing touches to your heat. He moves his thumb over your clit, making small circles to it, making your breath hitch in your throat.
Your moans are caught by Simons mouth, your hands roaming from his hair at the back of his neck to down his back.
He ends your kiss, leaning back to remove your panties, making delicate touches to your centre.
He inserts a finger slowly, beginning to pump it in and out of you in a steady pace. He then withdraws his hand and brings it up to his mouth, sucking his finger into his mouth, a moan of pleasure following it. Simon quickly pushes his finger back inside of you, inserting a second one too. You tighten your grip on his arm as he starts to curl his fingers, a loud moan escaping your lips as your fingernails scratching lightly down his back when he finally hits that spot within you.
You can feel yourself coming close to the edge, moans and gasps leaving your lips, and just as you feel like you could go over the edge, Simon removes his fingers.
A high whine leaves your lips at your frustration. You open your eyes to see a cocky smirk on his face.
“You’re such a dickhead,” you whisper, a light chuckle following.
He interrupts your laugh by connecting your lips, tongues swirling, fighting for dominance. His hands moved from your jaw to your breasts down to your legs where he parts them more so that he can comfortably lay between them.
“Are you ready?” He asks as he lines himself up with your core, biting his lower lip in anticipation. 
You nod and he presses in, biting down gently on your exposed collar bone at the feeling of your walls clenching around him.
He lets out a soft whimpering moan in your ear as he finally sinks into you, stretching your walls in a way that his fingers couldn’t.
He pulled your wrists up above your head, pinning them there gently with one hand, the other helping him keep his balance as he rocked his hips into yours.
He lets out a groan in your ear, a quiet question of “Would you ride me?”
You nod eagerly, your teasing mood had not died down.
Simon pulled out, lying down next to you as you sat up, straddling Simons hips. You hovered above his rock-solid cock, running a finger up the underside of it, hearing a hiss leave his mouth. You pick it up and run it along your slit, teasing him with the feeling.
“Please y/n,” he almost begged, just wanting to get what he’s been craving all night.
A satisfying moan came from the both of you as you sank down onto his cock.
You hear him let out a string of curse words when you started moving, his fingers gripping onto your hips for dear life.
He pulled your hips down harder as you both were nearing climax, the steady rhythm that was once there, no longer present.
As Simon felt the overwhelming urge to come he moved one of his hands to rub tight circles on your exposed clit, wanting you to come as well.
When his climax hit he pulled your hips down hard so that he was buried deep within you, his body going tense as you rocked your hips slowly back and forth, riding out your shattering climax.
You fall forward in exhaustion as both of you had come, small pants leaving your mouths. You rolled off him, relaxing into the bed. You feel the bed move as Simon gets up, but you took no knowledge of it until he brought back a cloth to help clean up.
After you were both adequately clean you collapsed into bed together, your head resting on Simons chest as his arm wrapped around your shoulders.

JJ needed to ask Simon a technical question. A genuine question that couldn’t wait until Simon woke up himself. So, JJ did what he thought was the most logical answer. He barged in like the good friend he was, however he was shocked at what he found. He only expected to find a hungover, slightly grumpy Simon. Instead he found the two of you naked cuddled in his bed, marks and bruises littering both your bodies.
You opened your eyes at the slight movements from beneath you, seeing a shocked JJ standing at the foot of Simons bed, his mouth hung wide open. When you made eye contact JJ ran from the room screaming to the whole house.

“I told you they were fucking!


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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This is my first imagine I’m posting on here! I normally post these on my Wattpad (you can message me for the username for there if you want) but I wanted to give Tumblr a try! I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to send me some feedback! I would really appreciate it! Also please tell me if you want more! Enjoy! x



“A bit too tight, Mama,” I wince slightly as she yanks the strings to my corset so tight I couldn’t breathe.

“Pain is beauty, Adelaide, and if you need to look absolutely perfect for when the King comes to town tomorrow. The Master can’t see you looking anything less than perfect,” She says as she takes a pin from her mouth and places it near the new, makeshift hem so she can remember to sew there so I won’t trip over my own dress tomorrow.

“I’m scared. He has never come to town. Do you know what he’s coming for?” I whisper as I look out the window to see the tiny faeries glowing brightly as they fly and dance in the moonlight, darting to each and every scarce flower they could find in the chill of winter to find pollen to make their faerie dust. Mama tenses and pauses for a moment before shrugging and continuing her work.

I giggle and wave as one of the faeries flies to the glass and watches in awe as the candle light illuminates my dress that I was to wear for when Master arrived.

The mere thought of him sent chills down my spine. I had never met nor seen him, but I had definitely heard of the cruel, vampire king who ruled over this land. His skin was so pale that it was nearly translucent, every bluish-green vein noticeable, with eyes so red, it was like a fire blazed within them. He had chestnut brown curls that barely grazed his shoulders and his teeth were glistening white with points so sharp that with just a bit of pressure, he could pierce your neck and drain you dry in seconds.

They say he is a sad man, even though he ruled over many, many lands with all the riches of the world. In his thousand year reign, he never found love and, tales say, he searches relentlessly for his mate but to no avail. He knows only two features of his intended mate; fiery, red hair, the color of the very thing he craves the most, and eyes as green as emeralds just as his used to be before his blood lust settled in. They say his eyes have been red for hundreds of years, so long that they were beginning to say his past, gentle, kind nature and viridescent eyes were a myth.

Rumors were now going around that his sadness was developing into fierce, desperate anger, setting fire to every village that lied to him, saying there was a girl there who matches the description of his beloved.

I was used to the stares, the whispers, and pointing over my eighteen years in this world. I was the only redhead on a town of snow blondes and chestnut brunettes; a peculiar sight. I knew I matched the description of the king’s mate and so did everyone else in this tiny town. Sometimes, I dreamed vividly of a man so beautiful that he took my breath away. Even though I never dreamt of him with eyes like fire, only deep green, I knew it was the Master, the king, but I tried not to think much of it. I could never be his beloved.

“Okay, darling. Take it off so I can finish the hemming. I want to be able to get some sleep tonight,” my mother says tiredly as I slip off the beautiful, flowing dress and hand it to her.

Leaning over, she places a small kiss onto my forehead. Pulling back, she gazes at my face with an odd look in her eyes before sighing quietly. “Get some sleep, Adelaide. It could be a big day for us tomorrow,” she says and I immediately know she’s talking about the mate rumors. I nod softly as I pull on a nightgown before climbing into bed.

She walks out of my room, the wooden door eerily creaking shut, and I tug my quilted blanket closer as I hear the winter wind whip against the trees, the snowfall making it difficult to see the faeries glow as they continue to desperately scavenge for a few more hours until barren winter truly begins.

Feeling myself start to drift off, I lean over and with a quick gust of breath, I blow out my candle and my room goes completely dark, moonlight slowly creeping in through the window. Closing my eyes, I wonder if I’m going to dream of Master tonight as sleep overtakes me.


The once boiling water that was now my bath was starting to chill as I soaked absentmindedly. I could hear the villagers clamoring and shouting outside as they ready for the King’s arrival. I couldn’t believe that they believe that I was his mate so much that they sent a messenger to his castle. They put our little village, our home, in danger because of their beliefs. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

“Adelaide! Time to get out! The watchers spotted Master Styles about thirty minutes away, my child!” My mother shouts as I wash the rose oil off my body. Standing, I let the water roll and drip off my naked body as I grab my towel and quickly dry off.

Walking out into my bedroom, I gasp at the beauty of the dress my mother had finished making. The tight, corseted bodice was intricately designed with elegant pearls that shown with brilliant luster. My breasts were lightly pushed up and my pale skin looked even more translucent in the white dress. The flowing skirt billowed to my feet and felt soft on my legs. Extra fabric made a cape-like train appearance that just kissed the ground behind me as I walked. It was beautiful.

My hair was down with a few elaborate, delicate braids across the middle. On top of my head, my mother placed a wreath of baby’s breath that showed a stark contrast against my blazing red hair.

Turning to my mother, I open my mouth to speak when a loud horn is blown. The King was here.

My mother quickly grabs my hand and pulls me out of the house. My father and my younger brother stand there in the snow, looking down the beaten, dirt road in awe. For once, the tinkling of small bells was not heard as the faeries hid from the cold winter. Only gasps and whispers were trickling into my ears as I turn to see what all the fuss is about.

Walking further into the road, I stand there as dry leaves crack and crinkle under my feet, the ground cold and damp from the melting snow.

My eyes dart around to see the villagers in their best outfits gazing at me for a quick second before looking back down the road in trembling fear and excitement. Looking forward, I squint slightly only to gasp to myself as I see a small team of steel, black carriages pulled by dark stallions. Their heavy puffs of breath were evident in the cold air and their black manes were flowing behind them as they trotted, tiny, white snowflakes getting caught in the strands.

They slowly come to a halt as I feel my heart beating fast in my chest, my breathing becoming more and more frantic as I see a man hop down from his driving seat and open a carriage door. One dark boot stepping out is all it takes to send my body into overdrive before a masterpiece of a man as beautiful as the legends say fully steps out of the carriage. For someone who has lived over two thousand years, he still looked youthful and perfect.

His face is smug and dark as he looks around with a slight scowl, the commoners and people of the town swarming him instantly. His steps were calculated and determined as he walks to the stage where local news is normally projected. It was amazing to think he could actually run faster than a gust of wind.

I was in awe of him.

“My people,” he starts as something inside of me begins to tingle and a feeling I’ve never felt comes over me. His voice was raspy and smooth like thick, sweet molasses, sending every hair on my body on end.

He inhales deeply, looking like he was in pain and holding himself back but it seemed me and his guards were the only ones who notice. His guards take a step towards him as if they were ready for him to pounce on someone any second.

“As the years go by, your king stays healthy and young, ruling over this country fairly and keeping war at bay. But as I stay young, my servants and my slaves, especially my dear, sweet, generous blood slaves, grow old and frail. When they grow a certain age or get sickly,” he smiles kindly but I could see the maliciousness behind it. “I dispose of them, letting them leave the castle and go to a… a better place.” He says as the townspeople grow curious and anxious at his impending words.

This is not what they thought he was here for. He wasn’t looking for his mate at all when he decided to come to our village. He was looking for slaves, particularly blood slaves!

I take a step back as the realization comes over me, hoping no one will notice but the guard beside the king locks eyes with me and smiles demonically, his sharp teeth glistening as I imagine all the blood he has sucked from innocent people. His smile widens when he sees the color of my hair and his intrigue deepens.

“So, my lovely people, you are going to have to make a decision - a sacrifice, if you will - and hand over just a handful, only a handful, of your healthiest. After all, it’s the least you can do for your king,” he smiles once more, surveying the area as the people begin to panic. They didn’t want to be separated from their families!

Shouts of disagreement and outrage fill the small space before he holds his hands up to silence them. “If that’s how you are going to behave…Seize them,” he flicks his wrist, instructing his guards to rush into the crowd and start grabbing our healthiest and best-looking villagers.

I let out a small yelp of fear as I turn on my heel and start to run, gathering my dress up so I don’t trip and fall. Looking back, I see the guard I locked eyes with fighting through the crowd to get to me. Sending a quick prayer, I rush into the dark, nearby woods.

“Sir, there is a lady with red hair! Matching the description of your beloved!” I hear the man say as I run through the trees.

“Where?” The way Master Styles speaks sounded desperate and angry that the guard let me get away. His deadly, demonic tone sends shivers down my spine. By now, tears of fear are rolling down my cheeks as I feel briars and switches cutting into my legs as I run for my life.

“She ran through there!” is all I hear until an inhuman growl pierces the air and strikes terror into my heart. My breathing is harsh and scarce as my corset digs into my ribs and I feel myself becoming lightheaded.

Coming to the edge of the woods, I spot the clearing where our horses are kept. The grass is long and it was dark as it was still early in the morning and the winter clouds covered the sun. I pray the heavy odor of the horses will cover my scent as the wind blows, causing my dress to billow freely behind me.

I become so distracted by my loss of breath and the horses stampeding across the dark plain, I forget the one that is chasing me.

“Let me see your face.”

The voice that belongs to the vampire king sounds hopeless and sad, begging for me to turn and face him. I freeze for a moment, scared out of my wits before something inside of me yearns for me to turn to him.

Slowly, I turn to face him and our eyes lock. Instantly, a feeling I have never felt before takes over me and I suddenly want nothing more than to spend my life loving this man.  In a split second, his deep red eyes instantly turn emerald green as a dimpled, beautiful smile outbreaks on his face. His eyes fill with tears as he takes a step towards me, arms open to embrace me.

“My love, you don’t know how long I have waited for you.” He speaks softly and before I know it, he is within arms reach and gently taking my hand in his. He lightly gasps at the electrifying shock that goes through us and somehow his smile grows wider.

“You’re bleeding.” He states simply, making me look down to see my dress torn and my feet and my shin dripping blood from the briars. Surprisingly, I wasn’t scared as he leans down and places his face in the crook of my neck, even though I could feel his sharp fangs scraping across my vital veins. “Your blood smells so sweet, so delicious.” I tremble at his words, his tone causing tingles to run through me.

I actually wanted him to bite me.

Tiny, curious faeries emerge from the wood and their tiny bell-like rings fill my ears as a few watch us. I mentally say goodbye to them in my mind.

“What is your name, my darling?” He asks as he continues to lightly drag his teeth down my soft, vulnerable neck.

“A-Adelaide, Your Highness,” I whispered shakily, shocking myself as I turn my head to expose even more of my throat.

“Adelaide,” He purrs my name, the tingles now in my most private and secret place. I blush at my thoughts and feelings after just meeting this man, but what he does next shocks me to the core.

“You will never run from me or leave again. You’re mine now, ” He says, his voice turning dark before his sharp teeth sink into my neck and a bloodcurdling scream escapes me as he holds me still. He is ravenous and acts as if he hadn’t drank in years as I feel my body being drained dry. He slowly sinks us to the ground and I feel the soft grass against my skin as I stare up at the sky in shock, my mouth open in a silent scream as I feel myself becoming weaker and weaker. My pure white dress was now covered in my own blood as it drained out of the two puncture wounds in my neck.

Finally, he pulls away and I stare at his blood covered face as I feel my eyes failing me. Still, I did not fear him for an unknown reason. I trusted him as he whispers and lulls me to close my eyes. “Sleep, sweet Adelaide. We are going home now.”

  • Ed: Oswald I'm home and I got the wine
  • Oswald: oh thank god I thought you ditched me
  • Ed: I'm your friend, chief of staff, and I live here I at least owe you a dinner
  • Ed: dang this looks delicious I'm glad I got here before all this food went to waste
  • Oswald: yah cool here's a wine glass
  • Ed: but seriously I think we should call the GCPD
  • Oswald: tf why
  • Ed: at the wine place there was this woman that looked just like my gf I murdered
  • Oswald: wtf
  • Ed: and then I told her she reminded me of her because I freaked out and stuff
  • Ed: and then she told me a riddle
  • Oswald: what did you do
  • Ed: I ran so far because jfc I think Strange made another monster
  • Ed: I accidentally stole this wine in the process
  • Oswald: let's just eat and report this to the police tomorrow
  • Ed: alright what did you want to talk about
  • Or:
  • Oswald: it's a shame I don't have a plus one
  • Ed: whoa you'd invite me to the most exclusive dinner in the entire city
  • Oswald: yeah and with the top hat man on the loose who knows what could happen
  • Ed: we can land some business deals too
  • Oswald: yeah but don't you have a date
  • Ed: this is work stuff she'll understand
  • Ed: I'll wear my best green tie and maybe a hideous green suit
  • Oswald: I also wanted to talk to you about something
  • Or:
  • Oswald: oh god what
  • Ed: so yknow Isabella
  • Oswald: yeah
  • Ed: so I tried to break up with her personally
  • Oswald: uH HUH
  • Ed: turns out she dressed as my ex and told me I had nothing to fear AND LIKE SHE DYED HER HAIR AND STUFF OZZIE
  • Oswald: is she stupid or something
  • Ed: I mean I got really scared so I tried to leave
  • Oswald: tried?
  • Ed: she slapped me in the face
  • Ed: and put my hand on her neck and trusted I wouldn't choke her
  • Ed: I got really scared and freaked out from the memories so I pushed her choke me daddy self away from me and barely left with my life
  • Ed: I saw Gabe was in the limo outside for some reason and he drove me home
  • Oswald: wow okay I was planning on killing her but now she actually deserves it
  • Ed: you planned to WHAT
  • Gabe: it's okay boss the brakes are fine
  • Oswald: she said she wouldn't let you go so I panicked and also I had a motive of other sorts...
  • Ed: tell me I'll try to understand

nnngngngngn i’m having a major internal crisis right now i CAN’T CHOOSE which Elsa’s dress i love the most between the ice dress and the winter dress

like, get it, Elsa’s ice dress is iconic so objectively i love it but subjectively i ADORE it. it’s gorgeous and SO BEAUTIFUL ON HER

but the winder dress

oooooh boys the new dress.


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also for some reason i find that diamond/lozenge shapes really fit her, like, it’s very snowflake-reminding so I love it on her



okay i’m having a crisis i can’t manage to choose which one is my favorite

and don’t ‘why not both’ me guys i’m a brat i want to choose ONE

It’s new.”

“Because I’m a man?”

Harry shakes his head and his cheeks flush. “I never really did that with witches either. Ginny was more like a sister, we went to Quidditch matches together and big family events. We didn’t get dressed up and go out for a posh bottle of something together on a Saturday night. Since her, you’re the only person I’ve wanted to snog in a very long time. I told you, I don’t really do any of this.”

“I see.” Draco rakes his eyes over Harry, giving him a smirk. “You want to snog me?”

“You’re infuriating,” Harry mutters. “So I also want to punch you, sometimes.
—  Secret Love Song by writcraft
“Flat out” - h.s. Part 4

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3



You woke up to Harry kissing your forehead and instantly you realized your back hurt. You were slumped over on your side, twisted like a pretzel, and there was a sticky note stuck to your collarbone as your eyes fluttered open and you saw the hideous yellow thing there as if waiting to see if you remembered what was written on it.

“Hey there,” Harry chuckled, gingerly placing some of your papers and books aside so he could sit on the side of your bed. You groaned and sat up as your bones cracked muscles screamed for attention. Rubbing your desk, you opened your eyes fully to see Harry staring at you with a bemused expression, a mug of coffee in his hands.

You reached out for it and grabbed it from him without question as Harry sputtered, “No wait that’s not - yep, yeah okay yeah sure. Yeah that’s - go ahead. All for you.”

You gave him a half-hearted glare before slowly sipping his coffee, leaning back against your headboard and rubbing your forehead. “What time is it?”

“I figured I wouldn’t let you sleep past ten considering you’re usually up around six and I don’t really understand how regular sleep schedules go, but it’s ten now … so … just wanted to make sure you’re not dead.”

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