also i really love how the lighting here makes bruce look all green

Silly Bat’ - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Just a short silly fic BECAUSE WHY NOT RIGHT ?! I like to imagine that when Bruce doesn’t have the stress of taking care of Wayne Inc or of his nightly activities on his back, he’s just a very funny and kinda weird man…So I wrote something about it, hope you’ll like it

Awesome fan art of this story here : clickclickclick by @demigodslytherin.

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There were times, when it was just you and Bruce, where you genuinely wondered if your husband wasn’t completely crazy. 

Not in a bad way. Not in a “Joker” or “Harley Quinn” way. Nooooo. In a “that man is completely silly, and I’m really starting to question his sanity…is he on drugs ? Drunk ? I don’t know, but it’s funny” way. Yes. Exactly in that way. 

Often, when it was just the two of you, behind closed door, he would…loosen up. And not just a bit. He would loosen up completely and go on full “goofball mode”. 

You couldn’t count the number of times he started a pillow fight, a war with water guns (though since Alfred yelled at you two as if you were children making a mess, you switched from water guns to nerf guns), a tickle fight or a stupid and ridiculous fashion show etc etc. 

You still remembered how your abs hurt after the fit of laughter you had when he came out of the bathroom wearing an awful bright green tuxedo vest a random fashion house send him, without an undershirt, flexing all of the muscle of his chest and all, some sweatpants on of which he tucked the lower part in cowboy boots Clark gave him, and a lampshade as a hat…Where was he even finding those ideas ?

Yes. When it was just you and him, he was a different person. That no one else but you, not even his children, not even Alfred, or any of his close friends would ever see. A Bruce completely carefree, and also slightly insane…but hilarious. 

Every time you ended up having the Manor to yourself (which was very rarely, with five children and a butler who almost never took days off), it would even be better, your playground being bigger. 

One of your favorite “Silly Bat” time was when you played hide and seek (yes, grown ass adults could totally play hide and seek) and you went to hide in a tree in the garden…And got found by Clark. 

The embarrassment on Bruce’s face when he was trying to explain what you two were doing was priceless…In the end, he said that you were playing a “sexual version of hide and seek”, because it was easier to explain than to tell his friend that he was actually playing the actual game, like a damn child, with his beautiful wife…

Clark was impressed. After all, he found you in a tree, so he wondered how you two were going to make lo…Your laughter stopped his trail of thoughts. Your superfriend misinterpreted your laugh, thinking you were mocking him because he was blushing, and that was good (for Bruce). It settled the end of the story. 

Soon enough, Superman was laughing too, and it took everything in Bruce to not even crack a smile, to keep his stoic stance, and slightly bored facial expression, so that he wouldn’t get discovered. Ooh you loved that man. 

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I know (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you write on with older Damien Wayne. Basically Damien gets jealous bc the reader is a very affectionate person so people mistake it for flirting. One day this guy gets the wrong signal and makes a move on her. Damien sees and gets all jealous and possessive.
Summary: Jealous Damian to the rescue.
Word count: 541
Warning(s): Fluff; jealousy

It’s a normal occurrence that me and Damian went to his father’s galas, ever since we started dating.

It was a chance for him to show me off to the world and also, since he had to suffer through them, so did I. It was a way to keep him from loosing his mind at these events.

I was wearing a black dress with beautiful lace sleeves and an open back. The black matched Damians suit well, we were that annoying couple that tried to match at events like this.

 We arrived and did the regular talking to all the important people, Damians hand not once leaving my back. As the night went on, Bruce dragged Damian to meet other business men, leaving me all alone and bored out of my mind, the posh scene was definitely not my thing at all, so I made my way to the bar. Asking the bartender to get me a margarita.

 After just a few minutes a man sits on the stool next to mine ordering his own drink, he joked that he usually ordered whiskey on the rocks but this time he was feeling extra manly and skipped the ice, earning a chuckle from the bartender. 

I recognized him as a man that we talked to when we arrived. 

“Bored?” I ask him while putting on a polite smile, sipping on my drink. 

“Yeah, this really isn’t my thing, how about you? Wayne boy got pulled away?”

“Yeah he needed to talk business, really not my thing to be honest.“ I roll my eyes playfully, earning a soft almost giggle from him.

 “Wanna dance?” He asked, finishing his glass and giving out his hand. Taking my last sip and pushing away the glass, I hold on to his fingers, "sure, why not?" 

When we got to the dance floor he put his hands on my hips, making sure what he’s doing is appropriate. We start to dance, I can feel an intense glare being sent our way, figuring it’s Damian.

 As we dance the mans hands go lower and lower towards my back making me feel uncomfortable. 

I begin to slowly shift away, trying to get his hands off. 

Damian, sensing my slight panic, appears next to me, an arm protectively around my back. 

"Having fun, beloved?” He asks dangerously sweetly, sending a bat-glare™ towards the offender, who has now disconnected his hands. 

“Mr. Wayne, what a pleasure, but why do you have to ruin the fun?” He asks playfully.

 "Well, you were obviously making my beloved here uncomfortable, so if I were you I’d back off.“ Damian threatened, straightening his back a little more, to seem more intimidating. The man just huffed and backed away. 

"TT, are you alright habibti?” He starts guiding me towards the exit. 

“Yeah I’m alright.” A sly smile on my face. 

“What is funny, my love?” He says opening the door for me. 

“You were totally jealous.” I tease. His face lights up just slightly, a light smile on his face. “I don’t like people touching what’s mine, you know that beloved, my goal is to keep you safe.” 

 I slide my hand down his jaw lightly, looking lovingly in his green eyes.

 "I know, Damian,I know.“


With love,

Just Gals Being Pals // Natasha x Reader

A/N: my first request ayyyyy also this is Gay as hell because I’m bi so I’m all for wlw

Word Count: 1003

Warning: slight sexual mentions and a tiny bit of hot and heavy stuff

Originally posted by widowshields

Sunlight was streaming in through the windows, indicating that it was time for you to get up. You groaned, blearily blinking open your sleep ridden eyes and rolled over. Gently, you shook Natasha’s shoulder. She shot up, eyes wild but they softened the second they landed on you.

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And I Liked You - Joker x Reader Imagine

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: Can u write an imagine where reader’s Bruce’s fiance and pregnant. Joker kidnapped her cause he was bored and wanted attention of B-man. But he slowly started feel something for her (you know, his style of feelings), so this baby is interference…

{A/N} The reader knows Bruce and Batman are one! I just wanted to make that clear. I ended it so as to actually leave some to the imagination this time!

Warnings: Some cursing and violence.

Imagine you wake up bound to a chair in a dark room. The temperature is tepid, and there is no noise. You’re unsure of how you got here, and you begin to feel panic setting in your chest as you gasp, immediately worrying about your currently unnoticeable condition: pregnancy. 

“Bruce?!” you call out, unable to get a grasp on your sense of reality, “Hello?!”

You promptly hear a door swing open, the doorknob banging into the wall. Trembling now, you swallow hard.

“Look who’s awake!” A man says, footsteps lacing with the echo of his voice. “I was hoping it’d be soon, there’s someone waitin’ on a phone call from you..”

“Turn the light on! Who are you!?” You spit out.

Immediately you hear the clanking of metal and a bright light is being pushed in your face. Your retinas burn from the sudden exposure of something so harsh, and you reel back in your seat, cringing. Blinking tears away now, you look up at the clown before you.


“That’s right sweetheart, your favorite face on the planet,” his voice oozes with cockiness as his hair hangs over his face.

“Hardly,” you say. “Let me go!”

He scoffs as he reaches into his pocket, pulling out his phone. Before he can even start dialing, it begins to ring. A large, coy smile spreads across his red stained lips.

It’s for you..” he growls, pressing the green button and holding it to your ear.

“Hello?!” You ask again, unable to control the emotion in your voice as you close your eyes, hoping it’s your fiancé, billionaire Bruce Wayne, who also happens to be Gotham’s and your - at the moment - last hope.

A raspy voice comes over the phone, giving you directions for about ten seconds before Joker pulls the phone away and curtly hangs it up. 

“That’s enough of that,” he says.

A frustrated noise leaves your throat as he does so, and your mind races a million miles a minute. You don’t want to upset him, in fear of getting yourself hurt and in turn hurting the baby, but you can’t sit idly by and let him do whatever he wants to you.

“Ooh, look at the rock on your finger… You know who’d love that? Harley. But she’s not here anymore.”

“Cut the shit, Joker, I don’t need your small talk! Batman is coming for me, he always does!”

A long, drawn out laugh leaves him as he turns to face away from you. You can’t help but notice the large dragon tattoo on his back.

“You can’t really believe that I brought you here because I wanted you here…” 

The silence from you tells him all he needs to know, causing him to cackle again. 

“Oh, honey,” he quickly turns around, both hands grasping the arms of the chair you’re in as he speaks just centimeters from your face. “Don’t flatter yourself.” 

A moment goes by that you’re holding each others gaze, and you can almost see the insanity pulsing in his eyes. He notices that you’re quite the catch, too, licking his lips now slowly. He’s seen you on T.V. on the arm of Bruce, and from afar he did admire your beauty, regardless of his inability to admit it. 

Realizing you’re holding your breath now as his eyes scan your soft features, you inhale, gritting your teeth before spitting in his face. As he stands up again, he wipes his mouth with his grin-etched hand before reeling back and hitting you across the cheek.

A small yelp leaves you as you begin to cry. The stinging isn’t the issue anymore, you’re worried about the baby and just how this is going to play out. 

He lunges towards you now, the chair falling backwards as the rage builds higher and higher in him like a well oiled machine. The back of your head connects with the solid ground, and your eyes begin to give out on you slightly. It isn’t long before he’s on top of you and his hand is around your throat, squeezing tightly as you lose air. 

“Maybe you are a little more attractive than I thought.. And your boldness with me is rare around Gotham..” He mumbles, grinning through your suffocation. “I just might wait to kill you..” 

Every small move you made to resist him only made him like you more, unbeknownst to you. What he craved was something dark, something disastrous. Something that made him wild.

The weight of him on your stomach and chest begins to frighten you now, and his free hand reaches for your hair, running his fingers through it as he leans in, licking your lips with a low laugh.

“No..” Your voice is jagged as you struggle for the air to speak, losing more consciousness by the second. “Pregnant… I’m.. Pregnant..”

It’s like someone flipped a switch. Immediately he’s standing over you now, staring down at your purple tinted {S/C} skin with a catatonic expression. You gasp desperately, your chest engorging as the air fills your lungs. 

“And I liked you…” he says before stepping over you and kicking the light over, the crashing sound echoing through the room.

yorulun  asked:

Hi! Bat Fam fic rec? Love your blog! Have a pleasant day!

Of course! I did just make another fic rec post, which you can find here, but all of the ones listed here are specifically Batfam. I didn’t include any that I’ve already recommended in my other post, but I thought this would be a good idea to include the ones that didn’t make the cut last time (mostly because I was dead tired and posting at two in the morning).

You can also look at my fic recs tag!

Again, just a fair warning, a lot of these are going to be Dick Grayson centric.

Keep Losing Sleep by incogneat_oh
Words: 2,893
Summary: “When’d you last sleep?” Jay asks, curious.“Eleven years ago,” Tim says, at the same time as Dick says, “Tuesday.”
My Comments: The batboys trying to help Tim with his insomnia? Heck yes.

Come One, Come All by incogneat_oh
Words: 2,047
Summary: He sits on the end of the bed, watching the slow expansion of Dick’s chest, frowning slightly. Tapping his fingers on the knees of his jeans absently.Or, the fic where Dick is injured and the family are sticking close by.
My Comments: I’m a sucker for Dick getting hurt and his family doing their best to take care of him. This is one of THE best I’ve read. I seriously read it all of the time.

Kill your darlings by ShariAruna
Words: 2,476
Summary: Fic Prompt!: Brainwashed evil Dick with Batbros to the rescue!
My Comments: Man, this fic hits hard. The boys have to fight their brother after he’s dosed with fear toxin and I just feel for them so much.

Manus by ShariAruna
Words: 2,002
Summary: He knows his family, he knows which people are important to them. And Dick’s been at war with Bruce for the first place in every Robins’ heart for a long time now. Winning, for the most part.
My Comments: Okay, so the thing I love about this fic is that it shows that Jason cares for his family without ever really stating the fact. Dick’s injured and Jason feels like it’s all his fault. My heart breaks just reading this fic! Also, check out @unavenged-robin​ for more because they’re amazing!

The Name Game by RascalJoy (DarkQuill)
Words: 1,610
Summary: Duke Thomas doesn’t have a hero name yet. The Robins (read as: Jason) decide to fix that.(“If you say ‘Robin,’ I will cut you,” Damian growled.“He will,” Tim agreed. “He’s crazy.”)
My Comments: This is kind of crack-ish, but I think it’s pretty funny, and it’s such an accurate representation of how done Duke is with the batkids.

Mistlefoe by strikeyourcolors
Words: 10,158
Summary: With forced house arrest, a poisoning, a charity holiday lights display, last minute shopping, accidental lipstick drugging, and mistletoe based violence, chaos reigns supreme in the days leading up to Christmas. But the Batfamily? They thrive in chaos. In other words, pointless holiday humor and fluff with some feelings mixed in.
My Comments: Okay, so I can hear you asking, “Why are you recommending a Christmas fic?” and my answer is because this fic messed me up. Badly. I thought I was in for a funny, light-hearted fic, but it gets kind of angsty towards the end (like a good kind of angsty that hits you right in the feels).

April 27th by mitch23k
Words: 2,694
Summary: Just five days before the fifth anniversary of Jason Todd’s death, Dick Grayson gives a risky answer to an interviewer question about his brother. Jason thinks it’s funny, and suddenly, the family finds themselves in a competition to see who can be more dramatic about their brother on TV.
My Comments: I love reading how Jason slowly comes to realize that he’s a part of the family and this fic does it really well! It’s a good read!

The League of Extraordinary Bowling Bats by chibi_nightowl
Words: 5,065
Summary: “What did Dickiebird do? Steal all your other shirts?”The shirt is bright green with wide yellow stripes pretending to be a pin stripe running vertically across it. On the back, in bright red letters, “Timmy” is spelled out.“You’re next,” he spits out, shooting Jason the worst glare he could muster. “He’s got one for you too.”
My Comments: A fluffy fic of the family doing ridiculous things like renting out an entire bowling alley. Amazing.

Bruce texts instead of talking, and Dick learns to deal with his home situation by narfiffiftic (maladictive)
Words: 1,100
Summary: Dr. Hurt shot Dick, and now he has to deal with the aftermath: Make sure you check the stitches before you go to sleep, I saw you for ten minutes today, you realize what nearly happened? Just do as I say, B, they’re on the back of my head, you come check on them. Use a mirror, Dick. Be careful,
My Comments: Set between Batman and Robin #16 and #17, where DIck has brain surgery. It really makes you think of how Bruce really hasn’t changed a bit. I feel for poor Dick here, but he’s always got his brothers!

Meet the Family by autumnangelwrites
Words: 1,610
Summary: It was rare that Bruce got called to handle ‘dad issues’ and, well, Clark honestly couldn’t resist.
My Comments: Bruce is so done with the Justice League in this and it’s pretty funny. It is angsty, though, and it makes you think that maybe Bruce actually does know how to parent.

Talon’s Grasp by lowflyingfruit
Words: 78,187 (23/23)
Summary: Dick Grayson was kidnapped by the Court of Owls. Talon escaped. With no known way to undo what has been done, and the Court trying to reclaim their assassin, is there still a place for Nightwing in Gotham? Is there still a place for Dick in the family?
My Comments: I don’t usually read Talon!AUs, but this is a really cool fic and I got sucked into it. It shows how the whole family would react to Dick getting captured and they try to scramble to turn him back, and it’s honestly really good.

So those are all on ao3, but here are a few on

Altruism by paganpunk2
Words: 4,800 (2/2)
Summary: Dick’s day volunteering at a BPD fundraising car wash takes a turn for the delightful when Alfred stops by. T for language.
My Comments: A fluffy one-shot where Alfred just wants to support Dick, even if Bruce won’t. This is one of my favs, but of course, all of paganpunk’s stuff (especially the Spark in the Dark series) is absolutely amazing!

Bumper Stickers by FinalArc
Words: 3,080
Summary: Bruce is back from the “dead”, and not especially tolerant of some of the changes made in his absence. Dick couldn’t care less.
My Comments: Someone on was asking me for a prompt and they rec’ed this to me. And honestly? It’s really good. Bruce has to come to terms that life basically moved on without him, and it’s kind of hard to swallow for him. A really good read.

A Robin’s Gotta Eat by RomanianDollar
Words: 3,631
Summary: When Jason gets injured in a gang fight he heads to the one person who will receive him: Tim Drake. While there he finds his kid brother doesn’t have the best diet habits, and decides to take matters in his own hands.
My Comments: Jason cooks and the family eats together! It’s pretty fluffy, and Tim’s reactions in this are pure gold.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Her hand

Back with another request! Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love writing Wally x Batsis!! Hopefully, this is alright for you! Thank you so much for sending this prompt in and I really do hope you enjoy this! Trying to go through requests still so posting might be slow! (Also I am trying to see if I can complete at least two-three requests per day so I can go through the requests nicely!)

Wally wrings his hands as he tries his hardest not to bolt out of the room. He never really thought this day would come, sort of. Actually, Wally also never thought he would last this long with you – his relationship with you had been a rocky one but Wally has never been one to give up on who he loves and you being the stubborn person that you are has managed to wedge yourself completely deep in his heart and Wally knows he is never going to be able to let you go – at least not anymore.

“Is there a reason you ask for this meeting?” Bruce stares at Wally and Wally almost lets out a curse – deep down inside, he knows Bruce knows why he is here – he probably already knew about this meeting even before Wally decided to come see him. When Bruce shifts, Wally tenses slightly before clearing his throat.

“Well – yeah – uh, Sir.” Wally used to be able to talk easily (read: run his mouth off) with Bruce before but now that he had come to the manor with a very important mission and he really does not want to ruin any chances. “I think you already know why I am here,” Wally averts his gaze from Bruce’s all-knowing ones and catches sight of a new family photo – it brings a smile to his face when he sees just how happy you are, surrounded by your father and your brothers.

Bruce doesn’t even move to follow Wally’s gaze because he knows well enough what Wally is staring at. He chuckles inwardly seeing the love-stricken smile on the young man’s face. Bruce honestly never thought the relationship you shared with Wally could last long – given the nature of the lives Wally and you are living but he is glad. Bruce is glad over the fact that he has seen that look ever since Wally had been a younger teen and whenever it came to you, that look of love and adoration that always cross his face somewhat relieves Bruce – he knows well that Wally is a very good man – one that can keep you grounded and one that made you feel very complete. “I do.” Bruce finally answers.

Wally lets out a sigh of relief before slowly reaching for the black velvet ring box that feels extremely heavy in his pocket. He takes it out from his pocket and places it on the table in front of him – he knows it’s nothing much compared to what Bruce could probably afford but Wally had saved up enough money to buy this ring you have been eyeing for the longest time. “I would like to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage, Sir.” Wally takes a deep breath and looks at Bruce straight in the eyes. It unnerves him a little with how intense Bruce is looking at him but relief washes over him when Bruce slowly nods his head. “Are you serious?” His jaw drops and Wally feels as if he had been smacked in the face – he actually thought Bruce would put up a lot of resistance.

Bruce chuckles at the expression Wally is wearing before nodding his head. “I have seen the both of you grow, Wally and you are a really good man for Y/N. I have never seen Y/N happier and I am afraid, I have to burst your bubble.” Bruce states seriously causing Wally to stare at him in confusion. “If you think I was the one that will be giving you a hard time, you are definitely mistaken – have you considered what the rest will have to say?”

Wally blanches when he finally realizes that he has to talk to the rest of your brothers – Dick had been alright with his plan, in fact his best friend had been in full support ever since the two of them got together and Dick had already given him the ‘talk’ too. Tim might be a little bit alright and Jason might try to shoot him but Damian… Damian is definitely going to give him a lot of hell. “Oh.”

Bruce simply smiles before reaching for the cup of tea Alfred had poured for him earlier. He sips his drink – it’s lukewarm now – and watches the man in front of him. Bruce really cannot wait to see you in your wedding dress.

Asking Tim had gone smoothly. Wally didn’t even know why he had fretted in the first place – actually, he does know. He knows just how much your brothers mean to you and he really wants to do you right by asking all of your brothers for permission. Tim simply smacked him on the back, “took you long enough, Wally! Y/N’s going to be really happy.” Wally had a love-struck smile when Tim brought you up causing the latter to smack his back again. “Okay, gross – I don’t need to see that look on your face whenever you think about my sister!” Tim exclaims and Wally sputters because his thoughts had been innocent enough. Tim laughs at Wally’s expression. “Joking, Wally. Are you going to go look for the rest now?”

Wally nods his head. “Dick already gave me the green light. I just need to find Jason and Damian.” He winces at that thought. Maybe he should have gone to see Damian first because he knows how close Damian is to you. Tim also winces when he heard the last two names.

Chasing Jason down was not as hard as Wally thought it would be. Granted, Dick had to set up the meeting and insisted he is let in on the meeting too. Just in case Jason decides to go after him, that is. Wally rolls his eyes at his friend’s vote of confidence – Wally likes to think that Jason likes him a little bit more than Damian. Just by the tiniest bit.

Jason raises his eyes as he dismantles his gun. Wally eyes the table carefully before taking a seat across of him. “So what did you want to meet up for?” He asks, tilting his head to the side. Wally takes out the black velvet box he had been carrying and simply places it in front of him. Jason’s gaze zeroes in on the box and Wally can feel the tenseness in the air. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Wally reels back at Jason’s words. “No – I got Bruce’s permission already.” He squeaks before clearing his throat and repeating the words again. “I just wanted to tell you that I am planning on asking Y/N’s hand in marriage.” Jason narrows his eyes at Wally. Wally tries his hardest not to notice just how quickly Jason put the gun back together.

“You better not hurt or make Y/N cry or else.” Jason loads the gun and Wally nods his head. “I can think of several different ways to shoot you, Wally and you are going to hurt in places you never thought you would get hurt. Got it?”

Wally gulps and nods his head. “Of course – Dick has also given me the ‘hurt Y/N and I’ll make sure you regret it’ talk and I am pretty sure Damian is going to be harder to convince – but thank you?”

Jason rolls his eyes, scoffing at Wally. “Good luck trying to convince that spawn.” Jason hisses and that’s Wally’s queue to leave him alone. He grabs the ring and slides it in his pocket before rushing to the kitchen where Dick has been raiding Jason’s pantry.


Wally sputters. “What do you mean ‘no’?”

Damian shakes his head. “Tt – and I am supposed to give dearest sister my blessing?” He eyes Wally a few times before shaking his head, clicking his tongue and returning his attention back to the book he had initially been reading right before Wally had disturbed him.

“B – oh, come on, Damian.” Wally frowns as he tries once again. He knew Damian was going to be the hardest one to convince – he also knows just how close the both of you are too so he somewhat understands Damian’s reservations even if he is starting to feel annoyed. “Everyone else has given me their permissions and blessings and are you really not going to give me your blessings?” Wally presses.

Damian simply ignores him in favour of reading the very action-packed part of the book. He has always admired your wonderful tastes in books! He can’t wait to have a discussion with you regarding this book – out of all of his siblings, having discussions about literature with you is always the best.

Just as Wally is about to start pulling his own hair out, a voice catches the both of them by surprise.

“Wally, Damian – my two favourite men in one room.” You greet them happily. You haven’t seen your boyfriend for the past few days because you had been trying to catch deadlines and finish up all of your assignments and you have missed him terribly. Talking to him on the phone had quelled some of the feelings you had but seeing him in the flesh is much better. The grin on your face widens when Wally turns to look at you with a smile that could blind you.

“Babe,” Wally pockets the box and stands up to wrap his arms around you. You giggle as you snuggle closer, wrapping your own arms around Wally. He kisses your temple. “How was your day – did you finish your assignments? Have you eaten?” Wally throws questions at you – if he had been paying attention, he would have seen Damian looking at the both of you with a serious look on his face.

You shrug your shoulders, pressing your nose against his collarbone. “Day started off quite badly – forgot my umbrella in the car, it poured when I was walking across the campus and the deadlines I had been trying to catch turned out to be postponed to next week and overall, it just sucks.” You told him, suddenly feeling very tired at how your day had turned out to be. “I am really happy I get to see you – I missed you, Wally.” Wally pulls you closer, showering you with kisses causing you to giggle a few times.

Damian pretends to gag causing the two of you to turn to him. He has his bookmarker at the page he had been reading and he stands up. “The least the both of you could do was to wait until I was out of the room, Tt.” Damian deadpans causing you to laugh. He closes his book and heads toward the door. “Sister, I will see you during dinner later – I will tell Pennyworth to make your favourites for tonight, to make up for your horrendous day.” Damian informs you and you could not help but reach over to ruffle his hair, causing Damian to hiss and pout at your actions. Damian is about to head out of the room when he pauses by the door to stare directly at Wally.

Wally raises one of his eyebrows.

“I suppose you have mine.” Damian mutters, confusing you but that had been enough for Wally because the grin on his face widens and he begins to try and talk your ears off by talking about what he had been doing at work (in an attempt to make sure you don’t catch on to what Damian had said) and Damian resists the urge to roll his eyes because it is really unbecoming so he settles for crossing his arms. “Tt.”

Title- Abandoned

Title : Abandoned

Chapter no/One-shot- Part 3 

Author: StarryNight35/StarryNightFantasies 

Original Imagine: Imagine Loki witness a person abandoning a pet, he pays little heed at first, humans, of course, are fickle creatures, but on hearing the human use words like “runt” and “worthless” something in him stirs. Looking into the box human has dumped the animal in, he realises it is a small black furball. 

Rating: G (Some Language) 

Notes/Warnings: Some languages- A few F-bombs 

You can read it on AO3 here:

As soon as they were outside the store, Steve called Tony to beg for a ride back to the tower. There was just no way the three of them were going to make it back with all of their purchases and a kitten in tow. Tony hadn’t wanted to let a critter inside any of his vehicles, and neither had Fury, but when their situation compromised the team, they relented, deciding prejudices weren’t as important as security. 

When Tony arrived, he parked Fury’s SUV in the fire lane and opened his window to find Loki and Bucky standing on the sidewalk playing with Fennie. The two of them each had a different toy- both covered in ridiculous feathers and bells- and were teasing her until she batted at either. Whichever toy she chose was considered the “winner.“ 

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A little Winterhawk for my Winterhawk-loving friends!

“Fucking hell, Bucky. You wanna do this now?” Clint says, and he leans against the door to his apartment and bangs his head against it. He’s not sure he can lift it again, so he just leaves his forehead pressed to the wood as he fumbles for his key.

Bucky’s standing there, wearing faded blue Converse with faded blue jeans, a black belt, and a dark green t-shirt, also faded, and he’s leaning against Clint’s door frame with his arms crossed and eyes dark. If Clint were more awake he’d worry that Bucky might actually fade into the woodwork.

Clint, for his part, is having trouble getting the key into the lock of his door, still has damp hair from the shower he took at headquarters, and might actually be wearing two different tennis shoes. He manages the key on the third try, and he shoves his way into his apartment. Hopefully there’s toilet paper in the bathroom and sheets on the bed.

“I haven’t been home in a week, I haven’t slept in three days, and if you’re hoping for coffee or an actual drink that’s not tap water, you’ll have to wait until I sleep for twenty fucking hours.

“I don’t want nothin’,” Bucky mutters as he follows Clint into the apartment.

Clint whirls to face him, which turns out to be a really bad idea because he loses his balance and Bucky has to grab him by the elbow to keep him from stumbling to the floor. Of course, he grabs him by the casted elbow, the arm that had been broken in two places by the weird skeleton-looking creatures he’d just come from fighting.

“Shit!” Bucky says as he keeps Clint off the floor, and he guides him to the couch where Clint wonders if he’ll ever get up again once he sits down.

Bucky settles in next to him.

“Did you really come to finish a fight after I broke my arm fighting of skeletons from Thor’s childhood days?” Clint asks, and leans his head back on the couch.

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“Meeting Thor” Avengers x Reader

Pairing: The Avengers x Reader

Featuring: Pepper Pots

Word count: 1178 words

Warnings: none

Tags: none.

Summary: Reader is Pepper’s niece and she goes to the tower to meet the Avengers.

Notes: none

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

After a year you were finally back in New York. You had spent the last year studying in Madrid to improve your Spanish. Now your scholarship was over and you were on the plane, about to land in the JFK in New York. Your aunt Pepper was going to pick you up since you were going to be staying at the Stark Tower with his boyfriend Tony Stark. You had met him a couple of times before they started dating and before he became Iron Man. He was an interesting man to say the less, even when he could be a pain in the ass from time to time.

You would stay a few days with them before heading home in Chicago with your parents. The only reason for you not to go straight back home was that you wanted to meet those Avengers you heard to talk about. You knew they were all living at the Tower so it was now or never. Pepper was ok with that, Tony too and so were your parents so everything was settled before you bought the tickets.

Once you finally landed and were able to leave the plane, you went straight to take your luggage. You had two big cases and your bag. A year was a long time and you had bought so many things. You took a trolley from the airport and put your cases on it since it was impossible for you to take everything by yourself.

“There she is!” You heard your aunt’s voice as soon as you stepped out the arrivals zone.

“Pepper!” You said happily. She walked towards you and hugged you tight. You two had always had a really good relationship, she was more like your sister than your aunt to be honest. “You look amazing!” You said when you pulled away.

“So do you, oh my god and you’re so tan and big, oh my god!” She said hugging you again. “C’mon, the car is waiting for us” she said pushing your trolley.

“Where’s Tony?” You asked.

“You know him. He was working in the lab, on his suit of course” she said shaking her head but she couldn’t hide the small smile on her lips. “Right now everyone is there: Natasha, Bruce, Steve, even Thor”, she said.

Now you were even more excited. You had read about them online and even had watched some videos on YouTube but you were really looking forward actually meeting all of them.

“They’re excited to meet you, you know?” She said once you were in the car.

“So am I”, you admitted looking at her.

The drive to the tower was a bit long since the airport was far from everything but finally the car entered the garage. Immediately you also saw Tony’s lab while the driver parked. And he was there as well, along with Bruce Banner. You couldn’t believe that man actually became a huge green angry creature. It was amazing.

“Don’t talk about Hulk, ok? It’s a sensitive thing for him”, Pepper said when she saw you looking at him.

“Finally!” You heard Tony when you stepped out of the car. “(Y/N), hola!” You laughed when he talked in Spanish.

“Hola Tony”, you smiled giving him a quick hug. Then you turned to take your bags but Tony stopped you.

“Don’t worry about them, JARVIS can manage it”, he said. You knew who JARVIS was of course but it still was impressive for you how a computer could do literally everything. “Come here, this is Dr Bruce Banner”, he said wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

“Hi, (Y/N), nice to meet you”, he said politely. He really looked shy. According to Pepper he wasn’t really social but you couldn’t blame him. It was probably hard for him.

“Likewise. I heard a lot about you, your essays are honestly awesome, doctor”, you smiled.

“And he can become a green angry mass of meat in no time, wait and see”, Tony said. Bruce smiled a little and kept on working. “This way. Everyone’s upstairs”, he said.

You said goodbye to Bruce and followed Tony through the lab. He had some amazing items down there, most of them you had no idea what they were but they looked interesting. Everything in this tower had always been so interesting for you even when science was not your thing.

When you reached the common living room of the tower it was completely empty and silence. Maybe they had all gone out or were training?

“Where are they?” Tony mumbled. “JARVIS? Where’s everyone?”

“Mr Rogers and Miss Romanoff are in the gym and Mr Barton is not in the tower, sir”, the computer voice said.

“Let’s go to the gym them”, Tony smiled at you.

Just when he was walking to the elevator, a struck of lighting lighted up the place, when you looked at the balcony you saw Thor’s red cape. Wow.

“Just in time”, Tony said clapping his hands together.

“Hello Iron Man,” Thor said when he walked in. You noticed he had something under his cape. “I found this on the street. It’s alive and it looked like it was in danger, what kind of…thing is this?”

Then he literally took a tiny cat from under his cape. You opened your mouth surprised and smiled. Cats were definitely your favourite animal and you definitely had a weakness for them.

“It’s so tiny!” You exclaimed hurrying over the demi god, completely forgetting about who he was, and taking the animal in your hands. “Hey there…” You smiled widely.

“Did you really bring a cat to me house?” Tony said crossing his arms.

“Cat? What’s that?” Thor asked making you laugh.

“This”, you said.

“You’re a cat?” Thor asked looking down at you. “You definitely look human”

As much as you tried to keep your face straight you just started laughing out loud, just like Tony did as he saw Thor’s confused face.

“I’m definitely human”, you laughed and pointed at the animal. “This is a cat. It’s an animal”, you explained.

“Oh…” He said finally looking at you properly but you were just looking at the cat smiling widely. “And you are…?”

“Oh sorry! I’m (Y/N)” You smiled.

“Why do you have such strange names”, he asked frowning making you laugh. “And does the…cat have a name?” You chuckled and shook your head.

“Maybe we should call him Thor”, you said smiling at the huge blond guy. He smiled widely and nodded.

“Good idea! Perfect choice, Miss (Y/N)”, he said putting down Mjolnir. “Shouldn’t we feed him?” He asked.

“Yes! C’mon, let’s give him some milk and maybe tuna”, you said walking to the kitchen with Thor following your steps.

“Hey! That cat is not staying here!” Tony exclaimed.

“A cat? Are we having a cat?” Steve said coming out of the elevator with Nat.

“That’s amazing! I love cats!” Natasha said running to the kitchen, followed by Steve, while Tony just placed a hand over his eyes with a sigh.


Summary: When things go wrong on a dangerous mission, your relationship with Bruce Banner toes a fine line between love and disaster.

Word Count: 8,383

Warnings: Some violence, swearing, angst

Based on a request: (anon)  Can you write something really fluffy and angsty with Bruce Banner? Maybe he tries to push the reader away but she pushed back just as hard.

A/N: Okay, so I started this thinking it would end up being two, maybe three thousand words. Eight thousand words later…Sometimes I really just don’t know when to shut up. The last act may or may not have been influenced by a certain Celine Dion song. High fives to anyone who guesses which one.

Originally posted by petils

The alarm buzzed obnoxiously, and your hand flew out and slammed again the alarm clock wildly. The noise finally stopped, and you rolled over with a groan. A pair of arms pulled you into a warm chest, and you sighed as you nuzzled your face against his body.

“I don’t wanna get up,” you whined, your voice muffled.

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Falling Grayson

He was falling.
From a trapeze in the sky, a mistake.
A show-off.
An act.
He thought he could make it.
The offer was too important to refuse.

“If you make the leap, you can catch them. They will live. Just make the leap, as you have every other time before this.”
And he watched as they plummeted from the top of the tower to the dirty, hard pavement below. Falling like a stone.

He had watched them sink in the viscous air too thick to be clean but too thin to be dirty. Somewhere in the middle.
They fell in a flurry of reds and greens and yellows. Of blacks and blues and whites.
He could see them splattering on the cracked pavement far, far below.

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A/N: This was requested some time ago by the awesome @cupcakequeen1999 and now it is finally here!


 Lol! Too funny. You did my prompt perfectly! Exceeded expectations! Can you add another one to this where T'Challa, his wife (the reader), and the rest of the Avengers go to a haunted hayride attraction for Halloween and T'Challa takes one look at the attraction and he’s like “Aw, hell no” and so Loki tricks T'Challa into going BUT the ride ends up being cursed and everybody gets turned into different kinds of monsters? Bonus points if T'Challa gets turned into some sort of werecat.

Pairing: T’Challa x F!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, scary attractions. (If I forgot anything just tell me!)

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Another (Chapter Seven)

This Chapter is a little angsty. Poor Steve.

Only one update left after this one, so catch up on anything you missed HERE.

Enjoy :)


Thor was gone and Steve was making himself crazy.

He had spent the first three days in the gym, the next two in his room trying to draw, trying to paint trying to do anything to keep his mind off of how much he missed Thor.

Do we need to label what we are?

The question haunted him, and Steve cursed himself for not pushing for a better answer. Especially when he was about two weeks past being in love. Especially since the time he spent in Thors arms was as close to perfect  as he had ever gotten. Especially since Thor had went to New Mexico for a while to visit Jane.

Jane. She was so nice. And entirely lovely. Steve had met her once, a few years ago and had been instantly smitten, as had the rest of the team, awed by the tiny woman who held Thors heart in her very human hand. Even after they had broken up, Thor went and visited several times a year, and this was one of those times.

And usually Steve wouldn’t care, but this time Thor had been so matter of fact about not wanting to define whatever this was and now all Steve could picture was Thor holding Jane, Janes legs wrapped around Thors waist, Thor growling Janes name the same way he growled Steve’s. Thor calling Jane sweetheart. Jane holding him and kissing him and —

And Steve had put his fist through the wall before he even realized it, and pulled it out hastily, shocked at himself, at the amount of jealous rushing through his veins.

This isn’t right. He sank back into his bed and dropped his head into his hands.

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The Curtain, part 8

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You had been Steve Rogers’ best girl for many years, until he took down SHIELD and proclaimed his allegiance to Hydra. And that was when your world came tumbling down. Now you were part of the Underground - a group of rogue heroes and civilians that wanted nothing to do with Hydra. The Mount was the secret headquarters where you lived now, as you all try to find a way to get the world back. And where you try your hardest to forget Steve Rogers or at least the man he is now, but could you ever? 

Then an incident with a piece of cosmic cube has you face to face with Steve Rogers of the past. 

Characters:  Past!Steve Rogers, Hydra! Steve Rogers, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Amadeus Cho/Hulk, Viv Vision, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Thor.

Warning: If you don’t like the Hydra Steve currently in the Marvel comics, don’t read. He is mentioned quite a lot, but he won’t be making an appearance until near the end. Won’t be tagging anyone unless they asked to be tagged. Spoilers for Secret Empire.

A/N: This is mostly based on the comic Secret Empire and most of the characterization is based on comic book counterparts - or at least a mix of the two for those also in the MCU. TBH, this story isn’t what you expect.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

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Watch Me (Joker x Reader x Avengers) pt.1

A/N: OMG! FINALLY I THINK OF A STORYLINE FOR A MASHUP WITH MARVEL AND DC!!! Good god this took longer than I thought! There’s going to be more than a chapter for this because BOI IM REALLY EXCITED! Please tell me if you want to be tagged in the future parts! Hopefully you guys enjoy this!

Summary: You are one of the avengers on a mission to get details of Jokers next heists and big thefts. You are sent to his house to act like a sniper who can help him and stay by his side. A few days in, you start realizing Joker likes you. You would have meet ups with the avengers to discuss about what thefts he’s doing next. One day he finds out and you have to think fast. Will he come back for you???

⚠️Warning(s): A LOT OF SWEARING


“IM GOING TO DO WHAT?!” You yelled in the middle of the lab. “Y/n, It was Patchy’s idea,” Tony fought back. You looked towards Fury who was standing there like he had no soul. “FURY! I’m GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU!” You speed walked towards him and he only moved an inch. Fury flinched a bit from heat radiating from you. He knows your power.

He knows what you can do. Your powers were the four elements, telekinesis, and bending electricity when needed. “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU AGREE TO DO THIS? HES A FUCKING PYSCHO!” You yelled as if you are the only person in the room which creeped the other avengers out. No one has ever seen you so pissed because they were scared of what you can do to them.

“I can kill you right now, but I’m not going to because I’ll lose my job.“ You said calmly making sure not to make anyone panic. You walked to the table and sat in between Steve and Bucky. “Why can’t Nat go? She’s hotter than me!” 

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Nice To Meet You -6-

A/N: Sorry its been so long, I just got really busy. Sorry :(

When your mind focuses again you can see the red and blue glare of police lights. Looking around you realize that you are sat in the back of an ambulance with a large blanket around your shoulders. Watching, you notice an officer back in the alleyway taking pictures of the crime scene. Your movement catches the attention of the EMT who standing next to the ambulance, writing notes down on her metal clip board.

“Hey honey,” she says with a smile. “You ok?”

You nod your head as she approaches the doors of the vehicle and places her clipboard down next to you.

“Do you remember what happened?” she asks as she proceeds to wave a finger in your face, prompting you to follow the finger with your eyes.

“A woman was getting robbed,” you start.

She nods her head and then quickly rubs her hands through your hair looking for a contusion. Once she’s satisfied she pulls back to smile at you.

“You seem to be ok. No injuries just a bit of shock. What you are going to want to do is hurry and give your statement to officer Sanchez so he can take you home. Then get a good night rest ok? In the morning, you should probably call a therapist, you don’t want this to cause you any trauma, ok?”

You nod looking at her with somewhat wide doe like eyes, “Is the woman, ok?”

“She sure is,” she said taking up her clipboard and writing down her assessment. “She says you saved her life.”

“There was a little boy in a weird costume, he saved us.”



“It was probably Robin then, him and Batman do that. You new here, honey?”


“You’ll probably here more about them now that you are aware. Don’t worry too much, they’re good guys.”

“Ok, I guess.”

“How she doing?” a voice from behind the woman called. The officer who was taking the pictures of the back wall, Officer Sanchez, had approached.

“She’s okay she’ll just need a ride home, after you question her.”

“Understood,” he turns his attention to you. “Ma’am my name is Officer Sanchez and if you can tell me what happened tonight that would be great.”

After giving him your name and repeating the story, the officer nodded and seemed content with the information. He loaded you into the back of his car and five minutes later you were in front of your apartment building.

“Call me if you need anything, ma’am,” he stated as he gave you his card.

Once inside of your apartment you found yourself laying in a bit of a daze on your couch. Letting the exhaustion of the night hit you, you fell asleep.


It was the vibration of your cell phone that woke you.

“Hello?” you answer not looking at the name, there’s only one person who would call at six in the morning.

“Babies are jerks,” Camille states, her lips smacking indicating that she was eating.

“Your kid isn’t even here yet and your already mad?”

“I want them out, every time I go to the bathroom I wonder, if they’re just going to slide out of my vagina like in ‘Oops I forgot I was Pregnant’.”

“That show is trash.”

“But sooo good! One lady gave birth in a port-o-potty.” 

“Again, trash. Why are you up so early?” 

“It’s six thirty shouldn’t you be getting ready for work?”

“That’s not what I asked.”

 “The baby won’t stop kicking and Eric is asleep. I figured having some yogurt would calm them down, but now I’ve been up since four.”

“Oh God,” you say sitting up rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, “You need to rest, rest so when the baby is ready to come you’ll be strong.”

“I know,” she says pouting. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, the office is so boring.”

“Really? Haven’t you been doing more investigations?”

“No, and I’m not sure I’m going to look anymore. I go to all these firms and I see no one who looks like our guys. Its liked they vanished.”


“Yeah,” you say standing and walking to the kitchen to grab yourself a bowl of cereal. “Plus, there was a robbery last night.”

“Did you get robbed?! Are you Ok?!” She panics.

“I’m fine,” you say watching the colorful pieces fall into the bowl. “I wasn’t the one who got robbed, I just stepped in.”

“What a hero,” she responds somewhat annoyed. “But you could have gotten hurt, or worse.”

“I know, bu-“ you stop mid- sentence. “Hey, why didn’t you tell me about the little guy running around saving damsels in distress?”

“Little guy?”

“Yeah little, all red outfit, no older than ten, only reaches up to my waist.”

“Who Robin? Did you get saved by Batman?!” She asks animatedly.

“No just the little one.”

“I think he’s new, a couple of years ago there was definitely a Robin that was older, used a staff or something. One of the girls at my old job got held hostage in a bank robbery and they saved her.”

“So,” you start as you pour the milk into the bowl and walk back to your couch. “You guys just have guys running around beating people? Do they have superpowers, like the guy in Metropolis?”

“Nah, I don’t think the Robins do, Batman though he might.”

“And he helps people?”

“Yeah for the most part,” she says nonchalantly. “I mean I’ve never heard of him trying to hurt someone that wasn’t a bad guy, but I have heard that he’s scary to see, even if you’re the one who’s in trouble.”

“How does he know when people are in trouble?”

“Sometimes, if you look, there’s like a light in the shape of a bat that comes from the GCPD building. Other times though I think he’s just, I don’t know, there. Like ever present ass kicking all black Santa, minus the presents.”

“GCPD?” You question as you put the bowl down and reach in your pocket to finger the card that Officer Sanchez gave you last night.

“Yeah, I think they got in trouble when they first put it up a few years ago, but everyone is used to it now.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, hey you aren’t going to work, are you? You should at least take the day off, call a therapist.”

“I’m going to call in, but I’m not sure about the therapy. I feel fine.”

“For now,” she warns.

“I know, I know,” you say shoving spoonful of the sugary breakfast in your mouth. “If I can’t handle it I’ll go.”

“Alright, just make good choices, ok?”

“I will, you go back to sleep.”

“I will. I love you.”

“Love you, too.”


The phone hung up.


“Master Damian, he-”

“I know Pennyworth I’m going,” the young voice of a green-eyed boy stated annoyed.

He didn’t understand why he was getting in trouble, he saved people.

Down in the bat cave he nearly rolled his eyes when he saw not only his father, but the tell-tale outline of a tall form leaning over the chair his father was sitting in.

“Grayson,” he greets begrudgingly.

“Damian,” Dick Grayson returns with a smirk. “Interesting night last night?”

“Interesting and fulfilling,” he says with his chest poked out.

“I thought we were over the sneaking out, Damian” His father starts, but he doesn’t move his eyes from the screen.

“I was restless, you know I don’t like being trapped in this house. Besides I saved two women last night. If I didn’t go out they could have been dead or worse.”

“I don’t think anyone is saying that you couldn’t have gone, Damian.” Dick says trying to make sure that things don’t get heated. “You Just have to let someone know, I could have gone with you since I was here.”

Damian looks between the two before he begrudgingly let out a, “Sorry, I guess.”

Bruce grunts and Dick rolls his eyes with a smile. Damian shifts his eyes to the Bat computer and examines the items that are up on the screen.

“Twenty people?” he questions. “I haven’t heard about any missing person’s cases.”

“I know,” Bruce says hitting a few keys. “Someone is keeping the disappearances a secret.”

Bruce opens a document and two images of the CEO’s of Carlisle and Preston.

“It’s like they just sprung up overnight,” Dick comments as he crosses his arms across his chest. “Any reported instances of abuse or suspicious activity?”

“None, and neither of the two have any criminal history. I’m running a background search on the Board of Directors now.”

“All of the people were from outside of Gotham, here for two years or less, no family ties, no one who’d notice or miss them.”

“Human trafficking?” Damian proposes.

“Could be, but there is no specific type. Young and old, all genders, all ethnicities.”

“So, unlikely then,” Dick adds. “Could they have just changed jobs? Moved on from the company?”

Bruce shakes his head, “From what I know the targets were unlikely to be poached, and even if they were they wouldn’t leave without informing someone.”

“How do you know that?” Dick questions.

“A source,” Bruce states flatly.

Dick stares at Bruce thoughtfully furrowing his dark eyebrows as the man continued to type. “It’s a woman.”

Bruce doesn’t pause at the statement, but he also doesn’t respond.

“It’s the one you left Liza for, isn’t it?”

Again, no answer.

Damian blinks at his father, “If it’s the same woman, doesn’t your file on her state that she has an admitted case of paranoia?”

“You went through her file?”

“Why are you keeping a file on the woman your dating?” Dick asks as he rubs the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

“Should we really be taking the word of someone who may be making the whole thing up?” Damian questions.

“That too,” Dick adds.

“She’s not lying,” Bruce says flatly. “Aside from her word, the retention rate for the company is high. In the past five years only three people have quit.”

“So maybe there is some truth to what she said.”

Bruce opens his mouth to respond, but the vibration against his thigh catches his attention. Slipping the phone out of his pocket, his eyebrow raises at the coincidence.


“Hey, moneybags, do you have time to take me on an actual date today?”

“Right now?” Bruce questions looking at his watch which showed that it just turned noon.

“Around 1 if that’s okay?” Her voice, was a little off. “If that’s too much then it’s okay. I know we just saw each other last night.”

“Is something wrong?” Bruce questions astutely.

“Uh, no, maybe, I just need to get out of the house.”

“All right, you know this means that you’ll have to give me your address, right?”

“I know, I thought about that before I called you. I’ll text it to you.”

“All right, I’ll come as soon as I can.”

“Just don’t upstage me with your outfit, okay? Its embarrassing.”

“I’ll try my best,” he said with a chuckle. The call ended in empty silence, something Bruce was getting used too.

“I’ll be right over?” the teasing voice of his eldest son mused. Bruce looked at the boy was smirking at him with a raised eyebrow and an amused playful smirk.

“She sounded distressed,” Bruce reasoned.

“Uh huh sure, I’ll just pretend that your face didn’t light up when you saw her name of the phone.”

Bruce didn’t respond and instead pushed back from the desk, standing up to go change his outfit to something more appropriate.

“Father, make sure that you gather more information while you’re there. This isn’t just a date for frivolities sake.”

Bruce peaked over his shoulder to look at the young boy who was calling out to him. As his blue eyes met the boys green he couldn’t help but feell conflicted about the intense nature of them. The boy was so serious, so focused, and mission driven that it was hard not to feel proud of all of the things that Bruce knew he would accomplish if he kept on the right path. However, he had hoped his first biological child that he had would have been at least able to experience the childhood that he experienced when his parents were alive.

“I’ll keep an eye out.”

Dusk till Dawn

Fandoms: Super Sons, Batman DC, Superman DC

Parings: Damijon, TimKon, JayRoy, BirdFlash,

Characters: Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Wally West, Connor Kent, Roy Harper, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Lois Lane

Summary: Genius playboy Damian Wayne has everything he could ever want and more yet people fail to see how broken this boy truly is. He meets Jon Kent a bright cheerful boy who’ll show Damian there’s more to life than fame and fortune

Link: Dusk till Dawn by GoNEF

Chapter 1: The end of an era

Chapter 1: End of an Era

“Damian Wayne has ended his engagement with Kitty Moth, the singer told G! News that he and model Kitty Moth wanted different things, sources indicated that Damian didn’t want to be tied down, he wanted to party and be wild while he still could while Kitty wanted to have a calm more private life, she says that she was ready to start a family and Damian wasn’t.

Our sources indicate that the main reason Damian [Wayne] kept putting off the wedding is due to the fact that he was afraid of being tied down to one woman and needed freedom after three years of cheating, heart breaks, Damian [Wayne] finally ended the engagement leaving Kitty [Moth] heartbroken and distraught, the model refuses to talk about it and wishes Damian the best,”

“And me being gay having to hide my sexuality as well as this whole mess being a pr stunt to further her career has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I called off that engagement,”

Dick let out a surprised squeak as he turned around to see Damian leaning against the door way, glaring at the TV, Dick looked at the TV before he looked at Damian, he was about to turn off the television so that Damian wouldn’t have to see the media trash talking him about his engagement with Kitty, Damian however, had other plans.

Taking the remote from Dick the younger Wayne turned the volume up as he continued to hear the reported paint him as some bad guy while making Kitty look like an angel.


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“I choose Vodka”

This is part of a weekly prompt-filling event I do with the wonderful and lovely @tonystarktogo . This is a mix of my own ideas and @tonystarktogo’s related ask-series. I have a feeling that about half of the asks were mine, because I enjoyed the game so much, and the other half were pretty awesome, too, so I decided (with their permission) to write a little more about it. 

“I choose Vodka.”

“Of course you do,” Tony smirks and hands Natasha the bottle. It’s a challenge, because she was the first to choose, and now they’re prompted to find similarly strong drinks, simply for reasons of fairness. Thor, who had at first been confused by the request to ‘choose his poison’, settles for some of the strong Asgardian stuff he has stored away. After a brief, unanimous vote, Steve is condemned to partake in Thor’s special mead, simply because nothing else would be strong enough to affect him, and everyone really wants to get him drunk. Tony and Clint choose to share an assortment of flavoured vodka - starting with strawberry, because it’s the sweetest, and Clint needs to ‘numb his tongue a bit’, he says. Bruce chooses absinthe - a brave choice, alcohol wise, but the safest, he explains.

“It’s the only type of alcohol that really makes me calmer.” They all mimick his shrug. Nobody really expects Bruce to have to drink a lot, anyway. And a code green with a bunch of drunk Avengers around seems like a very bad idea. Not that any of this isn’t the setup for a really bad idea anyway.

“Alright, who’ll start?” Tony asks, once they’ve all got their glasses and bottles stashed next to them. There are a few snacks on the table, and water in case anyone needs any. Natasha and him exchange challenging glances, but in the end it is Bruce who starts. It takes a few rounds to get everyone - Thor in particular - to grasp the rules, and even though they are simple enough there are still occasional discussions whether “this or that” counts enough to have to drink. Of course, things always count.

“Never have I ever been caught having sex.” It’s a question everyone had expected to come up, although they probably would have pictured Tony to ask it. In fact, it is Steve who asks - and, to everyone’s surprise, they all drink, including Steve himself.

“It is not a rare occurrence where I come from, but I had expected it to be less common on Midgard,” Thor states.

“Gotta have fun somehow,” Clint chuckles. As it turns out, Clint has a lot of fun, in a lot of different ways, and he’s very willing to share all of them with the class. He is what Tony dubs The Shameless One™ in his head. If there’s any way to turn an innocent question sexual, Clint knows how to do it. Maybe that is his secret super power. And the archer doesn’t even wait for any of them to be properly drunk before starting with the freaky stuff. Not that Tony really minds, he can deal with freaky. It’s the personal stuff he likes to avoid, and while everyone’s focused on freaky, he has a good opportunity to do just that. Steve also has some effective ways of avoiding talking about his mysterious sex life (apparently, it exists after all, and Tony owes some people money). Creating diversions, starting discussions or simply focusing on the juicy details of other people’s stories usually distract everyone enough to leave Steve alone.

While Tony tries to keep it light-hearted - another effort to avoid personal questions and experiences - Natasha is his exact opposite. Her questions are personal on purpose, they’re based on things she knows about people and only fall short of ‘mean’ because she knows not to take things too far. At least while she’s still sober. As the game moves on, her strategy changes from exposure to curiosity. She starts asking things she doesn’t know.

“Never have I ever been scared to ask someone out.”

Her eyes are fixed on Tony and he knows it without looking up. He drinks, as do all the other guys. Everyone except Natasha herself, which is not much of a surprise except perhaps in Tony’s case. Because Tony doesn’t even need to ask, does he? It’s hard for the others to imagine there’s any woman - besides Natasha - he hasn’t been in bed with yet. But Tony knows this isn’t about meaningless flings and his public playboy persona. Natasha doesn’t pry, but he catches the corner of her mouth twitching into a satisfied smirk. She’s on to something, and he doesn’t really like the thought of that. Luckily, the next few questions allow him to drink some more, and the strawberry vodka is gone more quickly than he had anticipated.

“My turn,” Steve sits up straight and looks at them for a moment. He actually seems a little tipsy, which is promising and motivating all of them to keep the game going. “Never have I ever faked an orgasm.”

Both Natasha and Tony immediately down their shots, no hesitation, no questions asked. Nobody is surprised, really. Neither are they when Steve himself doesn’t drink. After all, they’ve just gotten over the shock that he has sex at all. But then a feral grin spreads across Natasha’s face.

So, this fill did get a little longer than expected. So, if you like, you can find the rest of it here on AO3 (link), because the read more function doesn’t work properly on mobiles.

Eileen’s Official Nigel Bruce Defense Post

Weeks after first mentioning the possibility of writing this post in my Sink or Ship entry for the Rathbone/Bruce films, allow me to welcome you to my official and way the heck too long Nigel Bruce Defense Post

I don’t think I need to convince anyone that the reputation of Bruce’s Watson has suffered in the years since he played Sherlock Holmes’ faithful Boswell.  Virtually every time someone wants to praise a Watson, they feel the need to disparage Bruce to do it (“This Watson is great because he’s not a bumbler unlike some people I could mention, ahem, ahem”). James Mason only agreed to play Watson in Murder by Decree if they didn’t write him as an idiot. Edward Hardwicke was more polite about it, but he seems to have felt similarly about Bruce’s Watson’s capabilities.  More recently, of course, Kate Beeton did her famous “Stupid Watson” comic, launching a nickname that seems to have caught on with some people around the interwebs.

And, in fairness, not all of the ire directed at Nigel Bruce is unwarranted. The Rathbone films do have a tendency to go way overboard with the comedy relief, and not even the fact that it was made for World War II audiences who were probably in desperate need of a laugh makes me feel better about it.  This aspect of the movies hasn’t aged well.  I admit that willingly.

But it’s important to note that the comedy relief really is just one aspect of Bruce’s Watson.  For some reason, it’s the only aspect that people seem to remember when really he’s surprisingly multifaceted.  To reduce Nigel Bruce’s interpretation of Watson to a demeaning nickname is unfair in the extreme, and since no one else seems to be willing to waste their time in refuting these gross overgeneralizations, I will heroically step in to fill this void that no one wanted filled.

And if you decide you still don’t like Bruce’s Watson after reading this post, that’s fine.  My goal in writing this is not to push people into liking something that’s not to their tastes.  All I want is to point out some inconsistencies in the Bumbling Oaf trope and maybe make you think about how you feel and why (and to vent a little—it is the internet, after all.)

Open your minds and join me on this journey, mis amigos  It’s kind of long, but hopefully my witty insights and that one goofy picture of Batman I included will make it worth it.

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