also i really love how the lighting here makes bruce look all green

I know (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you write on with older Damien Wayne. Basically Damien gets jealous bc the reader is a very affectionate person so people mistake it for flirting. One day this guy gets the wrong signal and makes a move on her. Damien sees and gets all jealous and possessive.
Summary: Jealous Damian to the rescue.
Word count: 541
Warning(s): Fluff; jealousy

It’s a normal occurrence that me and Damian went to his father’s galas, ever since we started dating.

It was a chance for him to show me off to the world and also, since he had to suffer through them, so did I. It was a way to keep him from loosing his mind at these events.

I was wearing a black dress with beautiful lace sleeves and an open back. The black matched Damians suit well, we were that annoying couple that tried to match at events like this.

 We arrived and did the regular talking to all the important people, Damians hand not once leaving my back. As the night went on, Bruce dragged Damian to meet other business men, leaving me all alone and bored out of my mind, the posh scene was definitely not my thing at all, so I made my way to the bar. Asking the bartender to get me a margarita.

 After just a few minutes a man sits on the stool next to mine ordering his own drink, he joked that he usually ordered whiskey on the rocks but this time he was feeling extra manly and skipped the ice, earning a chuckle from the bartender. 

I recognized him as a man that we talked to when we arrived. 

“Bored?” I ask him while putting on a polite smile, sipping on my drink. 

“Yeah, this really isn’t my thing, how about you? Wayne boy got pulled away?”

“Yeah he needed to talk business, really not my thing to be honest.“ I roll my eyes playfully, earning a soft almost giggle from him.

 “Wanna dance?” He asked, finishing his glass and giving out his hand. Taking my last sip and pushing away the glass, I hold on to his fingers, "sure, why not?" 

When we got to the dance floor he put his hands on my hips, making sure what he’s doing is appropriate. We start to dance, I can feel an intense glare being sent our way, figuring it’s Damian.

 As we dance the mans hands go lower and lower towards my back making me feel uncomfortable. 

I begin to slowly shift away, trying to get his hands off. 

Damian, sensing my slight panic, appears next to me, an arm protectively around my back. 

"Having fun, beloved?” He asks dangerously sweetly, sending a bat-glare™ towards the offender, who has now disconnected his hands. 

“Mr. Wayne, what a pleasure, but why do you have to ruin the fun?” He asks playfully.

 "Well, you were obviously making my beloved here uncomfortable, so if I were you I’d back off.“ Damian threatened, straightening his back a little more, to seem more intimidating. The man just huffed and backed away. 

"TT, are you alright habibti?” He starts guiding me towards the exit. 

“Yeah I’m alright.” A sly smile on my face. 

“What is funny, my love?” He says opening the door for me. 

“You were totally jealous.” I tease. His face lights up just slightly, a light smile on his face. “I don’t like people touching what’s mine, you know that beloved, my goal is to keep you safe.” 

 I slide my hand down his jaw lightly, looking lovingly in his green eyes.

 "I know, Damian,I know.“


With love,

Watch Me (Joker x Reader x Avengers) pt.1

A/N: OMG! FINALLY I THINK OF A STORYLINE FOR A MASHUP WITH MARVEL AND DC!!! Good god this took longer than I thought! There’s going to be more than a chapter for this because BOI IM REALLY EXCITED! Please tell me if you want to be tagged in the future parts! Hopefully you guys enjoy this!

Summary: You are one of the avengers on a mission to get details of Jokers next heists and big thefts. You are sent to his house to act like a sniper who can help him and stay by his side. A few days in, you start realizing Joker likes you. You would have meet ups with the avengers to discuss about what thefts he’s doing next. One day he finds out and you have to think fast. Will he come back for you???

⚠️Warning(s): A LOT OF SWEARING


“IM GOING TO DO WHAT?!” You yelled in the middle of the lab. “Y/n, It was Patchy’s idea,” Tony fought back. You looked towards Fury who was standing there like he had no soul. “FURY! I’m GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU!” You speed walked towards him and he only moved an inch. Fury flinched a bit from heat radiating from you. He knows your power. He knows what you can do. Your powers were the four elements, telekinesis, and bending electricity when needed. “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU AGREE TO DO THIS? HES A FUCKING PYSCHO!” You yelled as if you are the only person in the room which creeped the other avengers out. No one has ever seen you so pissed because they were scared of what you can do to them. “I can kill you right now, but I’m not going to because I’ll lose my job.“ You said calmly making sure not to make anyone panic. You walked to the table and sat in between Steve and Bucky. “Why can’t Nat go? She’s hotter than me!” 

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Summary: When things go wrong on a dangerous mission, your relationship with Bruce Banner toes a fine line between love and disaster.

Word Count: 8,383

Warnings: Some violence, swearing, angst

Based on a request: (anon)  Can you write something really fluffy and angsty with Bruce Banner? Maybe he tries to push the reader away but she pushed back just as hard.

A/N: Okay, so I started this thinking it would end up being two, maybe three thousand words. Eight thousand words later…Sometimes I really just don’t know when to shut up. The last act may or may not have been influenced by a certain Celine Dion song. High fives to anyone who guesses which one.

Originally posted by petils

The alarm buzzed obnoxiously, and your hand flew out and slammed again the alarm clock wildly. The noise finally stopped, and you rolled over with a groan. A pair of arms pulled you into a warm chest, and you sighed as you nuzzled your face against his body.

“I don’t wanna get up,” you whined, your voice muffled.

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A/N: This was requested some time ago by the awesome @cupcakequeen1999 and now it is finally here!


 Lol! Too funny. You did my prompt perfectly! Exceeded expectations! Can you add another one to this where T'Challa, his wife (the reader), and the rest of the Avengers go to a haunted hayride attraction for Halloween and T'Challa takes one look at the attraction and he’s like “Aw, hell no” and so Loki tricks T'Challa into going BUT the ride ends up being cursed and everybody gets turned into different kinds of monsters? Bonus points if T'Challa gets turned into some sort of werecat.

Pairing: T’Challa x F!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, scary attractions. (If I forgot anything just tell me!)

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On a recent trip to visit my folks, I went through some boxes and found, sans cover, this copy of 1999’s BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES #17. Gotham Adventures was my full-stop favorite comic when it was coming out, a combination of me being smack dab in the middle of its target demographic and it being really, really well made. Tight story, dynamic artwork, clean, crisp colors and letters. As I transition from Vacation Dan back to The Schkade That Works, I thought it would be a useful exercise to go through this issue, page by page, to see how it ticks.

I’ll be focusing mainly on the pencils and colors by Tim Levins and Lee Loughridge, respectively, plus Scott Peterson’s script — Terry Beatty is one of my favorite inkers ever and letter Tim Harkins acquits himself expertly, so I won’t have much to say about them beyond “continues to be amazing, surprising no one.”

And please, feel free to check me on any mistakes I might have made, add your own commentary, or share similar examples of good comics done well.

Batman: Gotham Adventures and all characters contained therin are of course property of DC Comics, reproduced here solely for educational purposes.


We open strong with a full-page splash. Three distinct players whose suits, hats, and bad ties immediately code them in the Timm-verse aesthetic as ‘Hoodlums’ give us immediate sense of threat. Their momentum is heading left, into the fold, against the western flow of reading; this is because they’re bad guys — their actions go against the proper order of things, up to and including the reading flow. But also for another reason, which the right-most hood’s reaction sets us up for, compelling us to turn the page.


An even stronger followup with a double-page splash. Batman smashes in through the window in a powerful left to right movement, in direct opposition to the gangsters’ movement on the previous splash. The background establishes the family Batman is there to protect, as well as the shabbiness of their apartment and clothes. The fact that Batman’s cape can still be partially outside the window while he’s hitting the hoods who just came through the opposite doorway immediately sells how small the space is. What could these poor people possibly have that’s worth three armed gunmen kicking down their door?


This page is all about one thing: establishing Batman as an overwhelming force. Strong left-to-right movement, always dominating the panel, no signs that this is especially difficult for him. His first line of dialogue: a piece of short, relaxed, confident detective talk.

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“Meeting Thor” Avengers x Reader

Pairing: The Avengers x Reader

Featuring: Pepper Pots

Word count: 1178 words

Warnings: none

Tags: none.

Summary: Reader is Pepper’s niece and she goes to the tower to meet the Avengers.

Notes: none

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

After a year you were finally back in New York. You had spent the last year studying in Madrid to improve your Spanish. Now your scholarship was over and you were on the plane, about to land in the JFK in New York. Your aunt Pepper was going to pick you up since you were going to be staying at the Stark Tower with his boyfriend Tony Stark. You had met him a couple of times before they started dating and before he became Iron Man. He was an interesting man to say the less, even when he could be a pain in the ass from time to time.

You would stay a few days with them before heading home in Chicago with your parents. The only reason for you not to go straight back home was that you wanted to meet those Avengers you heard to talk about. You knew they were all living at the Tower so it was now or never. Pepper was ok with that, Tony too and so were your parents so everything was settled before you bought the tickets.

Once you finally landed and were able to leave the plane, you went straight to take your luggage. You had two big cases and your bag. A year was a long time and you had bought so many things. You took a trolley from the airport and put your cases on it since it was impossible for you to take everything by yourself.

“There she is!” You heard your aunt’s voice as soon as you stepped out the arrivals zone.

“Pepper!” You said happily. She walked towards you and hugged you tight. You two had always had a really good relationship, she was more like your sister than your aunt to be honest. “You look amazing!” You said when you pulled away.

“So do you, oh my god and you’re so tan and big, oh my god!” She said hugging you again. “C’mon, the car is waiting for us” she said pushing your trolley.

“Where’s Tony?” You asked.

“You know him. He was working in the lab, on his suit of course” she said shaking her head but she couldn’t hide the small smile on her lips. “Right now everyone is there: Natasha, Bruce, Steve, even Thor”, she said.

Now you were even more excited. You had read about them online and even had watched some videos on YouTube but you were really looking forward actually meeting all of them.

“They’re excited to meet you, you know?” She said once you were in the car.

“So am I”, you admitted looking at her.

The drive to the tower was a bit long since the airport was far from everything but finally the car entered the garage. Immediately you also saw Tony’s lab while the driver parked. And he was there as well, along with Bruce Banner. You couldn’t believe that man actually became a huge green angry creature. It was amazing.

“Don’t talk about Hulk, ok? It’s a sensitive thing for him”, Pepper said when she saw you looking at him.

“Finally!” You heard Tony when you stepped out of the car. “(Y/N), hola!” You laughed when he talked in Spanish.

“Hola Tony”, you smiled giving him a quick hug. Then you turned to take your bags but Tony stopped you.

“Don’t worry about them, JARVIS can manage it”, he said. You knew who JARVIS was of course but it still was impressive for you how a computer could do literally everything. “Come here, this is Dr Bruce Banner”, he said wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

“Hi, (Y/N), nice to meet you”, he said politely. He really looked shy. According to Pepper he wasn’t really social but you couldn’t blame him. It was probably hard for him.

“Likewise. I heard a lot about you, your essays are honestly awesome, doctor”, you smiled.

“And he can become a green angry mass of meat in no time, wait and see”, Tony said. Bruce smiled a little and kept on working. “This way. Everyone’s upstairs”, he said.

You said goodbye to Bruce and followed Tony through the lab. He had some amazing items down there, most of them you had no idea what they were but they looked interesting. Everything in this tower had always been so interesting for you even when science was not your thing.

When you reached the common living room of the tower it was completely empty and silence. Maybe they had all gone out or were training?

“Where are they?” Tony mumbled. “JARVIS? Where’s everyone?”

“Mr Rogers and Miss Romanoff are in the gym and Mr Barton is not in the tower, sir”, the computer voice said.

“Let’s go to the gym them”, Tony smiled at you.

Just when he was walking to the elevator, a struck of lighting lighted up the place, when you looked at the balcony you saw Thor’s red cape. Wow.

“Just in time”, Tony said clapping his hands together.

“Hello Iron Man,” Thor said when he walked in. You noticed he had something under his cape. “I found this on the street. It’s alive and it looked like it was in danger, what kind of…thing is this?”

Then he literally took a tiny cat from under his cape. You opened your mouth surprised and smiled. Cats were definitely your favourite animal and you definitely had a weakness for them.

“It’s so tiny!” You exclaimed hurrying over the demi god, completely forgetting about who he was, and taking the animal in your hands. “Hey there…” You smiled widely.

“Did you really bring a cat to me house?” Tony said crossing his arms.

“Cat? What’s that?” Thor asked making you laugh.

“This”, you said.

“You’re a cat?” Thor asked looking down at you. “You definitely look human”

As much as you tried to keep your face straight you just started laughing out loud, just like Tony did as he saw Thor’s confused face.

“I’m definitely human”, you laughed and pointed at the animal. “This is a cat. It’s an animal”, you explained.

“Oh…” He said finally looking at you properly but you were just looking at the cat smiling widely. “And you are…?”

“Oh sorry! I’m (Y/N)” You smiled.

“Why do you have such strange names”, he asked frowning making you laugh. “And does the…cat have a name?” You chuckled and shook your head.

“Maybe we should call him Thor”, you said smiling at the huge blond guy. He smiled widely and nodded.

“Good idea! Perfect choice, Miss (Y/N)”, he said putting down Mjolnir. “Shouldn’t we feed him?” He asked.

“Yes! C’mon, let’s give him some milk and maybe tuna”, you said walking to the kitchen with Thor following your steps.

“Hey! That cat is not staying here!” Tony exclaimed.

“A cat? Are we having a cat?” Steve said coming out of the elevator with Nat.

“That’s amazing! I love cats!” Natasha said running to the kitchen, followed by Steve, while Tony just placed a hand over his eyes with a sigh.


Can you write one were the reader has an abusive boyfriend and when he finally finds out he gets super mad and beats him up? That would be great.

So this is my very first JokerXReader in english, I hope you like it Anon and of course all my other supporters! <3 Requests are now open, leave them all at my old blog, to be sure I will get them! 


„What’s this?! Hey! I’m talking to you, you little slut!“

Your eyes were filled with tears as you looked up to your boyfriend.

He was in a rage, like everyday when you came home from work and you were fucking sick of it.

„This is not mine“, you said quietly.

„Not yours? Okay …“, he said, suddenly very calm.

He turns his back at you and right after you wanted to stand up from the floor, -where you laid since he has beaten you down-, he comes back and kicked you in the stomach.

You cried out in pain.

„DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME!“, he screamed as he holds the black dress infront of your nose.

„Who gave you this? Come on, tell me, who did it? I will beat the fuck out of this freak!“

You asshole, you thought, HE will beat the fuck out of you, if he sees the bruises on my body tomorrow.

„Haven’t you heared me, slut? I asked you something.“

„Fuck off, Cole“, you hissed with the last power you had in your body after this nightmare.

„Well, good. I hope you have nice and long dreams, because you will not get out of this apartment until you told me which bastard gave this to you.“

And with those words, your boyfriend leaved you alone on the cold kitchen floor.

Your body ached and you felt so alone and stupid again.

How did you got into this?

How did you deserve this?

Cole wasn’t the abusive boyfriend from the beginning.

When you two first met, he was caring and just lovely to you.

But then things changed.

As soon as you started living togehter in your apartment, he became more and more jealous when he sees you talking to other men, even if it just was your neighbour or something.

It was ridiculous.

A few months later everything you were in, was a total mess.

Cole lost his job, so you decided to go searching for work by yourself, even if you had to go to college besides.

You didn’t told him about your job.

You knew he would lock you away forever, if he finds out, that you’re working at a nightclub as a singer and dancer.

Ever since he began to ask, where you have been all the night, you always said you were with your best friend and studied for several exams or just college work.

Of course he did not believe you anymore as he heared this excuse a little to often from you.

So that’s how it happened.

How you get beaten up from your boyfriend, the one who always said he would be there for you, if the times become hard.

You don’t even know, why he stays here with you any longer, when everything he says about you, is what a little slut you are and that he knows, about all the man you had behind his back; what clearly wasn’t true at all.

He was sick and all you wanted was to get away from this man.

But how could you, when you were lying here on the cold floor and can’t even move because the pain in your body was too much.

If you could only stand up …

Maybe you could call for help, was the next thought you had.

But what help?

Your best friend wasn’t in town at the moment, visiting her parents because of spring break.

The police, would arrest you.

At the first look you seem to be an innocent little girl, but if they would take a closer look at your life, ooh they would find something that no one ever would’ve expected from you.

But what if …

Your head (still in pain, from the hard hit on the ground), turns to the kitchen counter.

Your phone … if you could only reach it.

Carefully you tried to pull you up at the ankle of the fridge.

„Fuck …“, you whispered as you came up on your legs again.

You prop yourself with your arms at the kitchen counter as you try to write a message, at the only person that could get you out of this hell.

Mr J I’m sorry to hit you up at this time, but I’m in a very bad situation and please could yo help me?

I wouldn’t ask you if I could ask someone else, but this is an emergancy, I need help, right now. And I will never ever ask you for anything again, if you help me. I’m in my apartment and can not open the door, ‘cause my boyfriend literally has beaten the fuck out of me. Please …



The moment when you click at the send button on your phone, the lights in the apartment turned on again and your boyfriend was standing right infront of you.

His look straight at your phone that you were holding in your hands.

„Please … don’t …“, you whispered as he took a big step towards you and whacks your phone out of your hands.

„What are you doing, sweetheart? Are you texting for help? One of your lovers, maybe? DO YOU?“, he asks aggressiv.

„No, I just …“, you couldn’t speak further, because he grabbed you by your neck.

He was choking you and you tried to pull his hand away.

His grasp hurts and your air was getting thinner and thinner.

„L-leet go … off me …“, you begged with a chocking voice.

„Come on you slut, tell me the fucking truth!“

Tears ran down your cheeks again.

„It’s not true, I did not cheat on you“, you said whining.

„Liar!“, he spits out and throws you against the next wall.

You feel warm blood running down from your forehead, as you hit on the ground again.

Everything seems so blurry, the room was circling around in your eyes.

You couldn’t even scream, you were too weak, your body had to deal with too much damage.

„I loved you, (Y/N). I really loved you. But you don’t even care.“

That’s it.

This is how your life should end up?

You’re nineteen years old, not even finished college and-

Suddenly a loud bang hits you out of your blurry mind.

You turn your head a little, but what you see there in the hallway must be an hallucination.

Three really big hechman were standing there and in front of them you saw your boss, green slicked back hair, a half unbuttoned shirt what makes you see his chiselled and also tattoed chest and a baseball bat in his hands.

The Jokers look was murderous, as he saw you lying on the ground, your boyfriend still obove you and ready to bring it to an end.

„So“, the Joker starts swinging his baseball bat.

„You must be the little fucker, (Y/N) told me about.“

„W-what … I-I don’t understand, t-this must b-be an misunderstanding …“, Cole stuttered.

His eyes were wide in fear and you could almost feel how scared he was.

No one, really no one, wants to mess with the Joker, when he’s mad.

„Really? Than you should tell me, why your now ex- girlfriend, lies on the floor bleeding and damaged as hell“, Joker said through squinted eyes.

With every word he said, he came in closer to Cole, while Cole just wanted to have more space between him and  Joker.

„She … she …“, Cole started searching for an explanation that sounds reasonable.

„WHAT?“, Joker growled and seized Cole by his neck.

„I’m sorry“, Cole whispered.

Now it was his turn to cry out in pain, ‘cause the next thing that happened, was that Joker slammed his baseball bat in Coles face.

„Murphy, would you please be so kind and help (Y/N) to stand up and lie down on the couch, while I have a little chat with this young man?“, Joker asks almost calm.

One of his henchman, -you know him from some business meetings at Jokers club, yes the one you were working at-, carries you to the couch and helps you to get comfortable with all your injuries.

In the background you could still hear Cole’s whining.

„That doesn’t feel nice, right?“, you hear Joker saying.

„Get up!“

„Bob would you help him get up“, Joker said in a very pissed off inflection.

The second henchman, -a real life Godzilla, if you want- brings Cole back on his feet.

He was crying and beggin‘ for mercy.

„Ooh, Cole your such a filthy little bastard.“

Cole cries out in pain again, after Joker hits him in the stomache several times.

„Look at me. Look at me!“, you hear his rough voice saying.

„Now tell me, does it feel nice to get beaten up like that?“

Actually Cole couldn’t say anything, except for a quiet moan.

His whole face was bloody and his nose looked like Joker broke it a few times.

He couldn’t even stand without Bob‘s help.

„Bruce, the hammer, please“, Joker said smiling at his third goon.

The man handles him an old carpenter’s hammer, with a wooden helve in which the words HAHA were engraved.

„NO PLEASE!“, Cole screams in panic.

„I’m sorry! I’m sorry for everything! (Y/N), please I know I hurt you and that was totaly wrong, but please don’t let him do this!“

You turn your head as far as you can, after Murphy fixed your neck a little to make help the pain more bearable.

Joker looked down at you, holding the hammer casual in his right hand.

He was waiting for your opinion, what surprised you more than a little bit.

„What do you say, doll? Do I have to let him go?“, he asks, his voice now a little more soft, as he stroke your cheek.

„Beat him up“, you said without any emotion in your voice as your eyes glanced at Cole.


„Mr J?“

„Yes, doll?“

„Thank you“, you smiled at him.

He smiled back at you.

„Thanks for the present“, he said and give an evil smirk to Cole.

„And (Y/N).“


„Don’t call me Mr J.“

„Why?“, you asked a little confused.

„‘Cause you’re mine now and I don’t want you to treat me like your boss any longer“, he said.

You opened your mouth in surprise, but Mr J just lays his finger onto your lips and shoke his head.

„Later“, he said.

„This work has to be done.“

He swings the hammer in his hand and started laughing as soon, as he hits Cole’s face again and again, and again.

Until you can’t hear any sign of life from Cole anymore.

You did not look up, you know what Joker has done and that was enough for you tonight.

The Robin that cried...

It seems like the only person that even visits Jason’s grave the most were Lola Wayne, his adopted mother, and Bruce. But after a while, he stopped.

Guilt took over him and he couldn’t even bare to look at something he failed so miserably. Feeling like its his fault. If he was faster, he would have saved him. And maybe, Lola would go back to her loving self. Things would be better.

Lola would forever be hurt by the death of her baby boy. She couldn’t say anything. She hasn’t said anything for the past two months and it honestly worried Tim, Alfred and Bruce. Scared that she wouldn’t ever be the same. Her and Jason had a really special bond. He loved every fiber in her body and she the same for him. He loved his mom. He never wanted to disappoint her. And she was always proud of him.

Every Saturday, she would always walk over to his grave, add and replace the red roses (he said those were his favorite), and sit down next to his tombstone and talk as if he was still alive. Only wishing he was with her.

Today was no exception.

With new red roses in her arms, she walked towards the windy graveyard that was just a few paces away from the manor.

Only surprised to see a figure standing there. Just looking down at the tombstone. He was wearing a black jacket and the light wind was blowing throw his longish dark hair. Lola already knew it was her oldest son, Richard. But what surprised her was that he was even here. He didn’t even attend the funeral. He wasn’t that close to him also. She wasn’t mad at him but still, one can be curious.

Hearing footsteps crunch the autumn leaves on the green grass, Richard spoke up in a low voice. “You know….by not coming to the funeral, I thought I was doing myself a favor.” He said, his blue eyes never leaving the tombstone. Lola slowly walked next to him with a neutral expression on her lovely face. She didn’t say anything. Just listened.

“I thought… I thought that it would hurt less by not coming at all because I didn’t deserve to be here and mourn over someone who I never took the opportunity to get close to….I never took the chance to be an actual big brother…” Richard chuckled sardonically. Guilt ridden. “Now, look at me….as dumb as ever…”

“Richard,” she said, sympathetically to him.

"Did you know I almost went and killed the son of a bitch myself, mom?” He interrupted her, looking at her with angry, watery eyes. Angry that some clown bastard killed his chance of ever having a little brother. Angry at the fact that he never made the initiative to bond with Jason over his own selfish pride.

Now he’s gone. And there’s nothing Richard could do about it. No matter how much he wished he could.

Lola sighed softly. Just like Bruce, he was drowning in guilt.

"I tried to stay away from this because I know that if I came back and saw this, I…….” Trailing off, Richard let the tears fall. Suddenly, no sound came from his mouth. It was as if someone was strangling him.

Lola let a few tears fall out of her big lilac eyes as she watched her son finally let himself grief. It broke her heart but she knew he needed this.

Richard’s lips trembled as more tears fell. “H-He….” He stuttered out, shaking violently. “He took …my b-brother away….”

And that was it….he started crying openly and loudly as she did three days after Bruce brought his body home. Lola pulled him into a tight hug, letting him hold her hard and cry into her shoulder.

She didn’t dare say a word. She knew that he had a lot more to say.

"I didn’t even tell him how much I cared about him,” he sobbed out. Though it came in muffles for his face was still buried into her shoulder. “I didn’t even tell him how I was proud of him or how much I loved him…..he never knew that and it’s my fault.”

Lola ran her fingers through his hair, shhh-ing him softly to ease his pain.

"It’s not your fault, little wing,” she said calmly. “It’s not anyone’s fault. Jason would’ve loved you and I knew he saw you and Bruce as his heroes,”

Richard’s sobs calmed a bit as he listened to his mother’s words. “Don’t take yourself through hell over this, my love…Jason wouldn’t want you to.”

Richard stayed silent…he never knew Jason looked up to him. He knew that was his fault, he was never around when he was Robin. Hell, he couldn’t even make it to his funeral and still didn’t go pay respects weeks after. He felt like a coward, in that sense.

"And Tim needs you now, more than ever, Dickie.” Lola said softly. “You really want to make up for what you missed out with Jason, be the brother Tim needs…the one you’ve always wanted to be .”

Richard nodded his head slowly, tears still falling but his sobs stopped all together.

And that’s exactly what he was going to do.

A/N: hey! Sorry for the depressed stuff, I was rereading ‘Death in the family’ and also binge watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy (though that has nothing to do with batman), I just felt sad and also thought ‘What if Batmom was there to help Dick Greyson grief?’ And here we are. Don’t forget to sent in request, like, reblog and all that good stuff. I’ll probably keep posting until I fall asleep….who knows… Catch ya on the next post!

Another Time, Another Place...

“Ugh, it is positively dreary out there. I am soaking!” complained a mild voiced man as he shrugged off his woolen coat and scarf. He retained his jacket—it was rather cold in his opinion—which had elbow pads that likely belonged back in the seventies. But he liked the look. Plus, the jacket gave him bulk over his lanky frame. He didn’t like looking so wispy, but it was his lot in life he supposed.

 He had just walked into the restaurant, and had quickly found his table, seated there-upon were some of his dearest friends. Annoyingly early and cheerful for such an afternoon, but he could forgive that. There were worse things in the world than giddy friends. He knew that better than most.

“Oh Jon! I was hoping you’d make it! The rain is terrible, but looks beautiful, does it not?” Replied the man Jon chose to sit next to. He was short, had flyaway blonde hair and buck teeth. He still had on his lab coat, but the graphic t-shirt he wore seemed to soften the ‘mad scientist’ look. His blue eyes twinkled as he looked from the window their table was placed before and then back to Jon.

“Well, I almost didn’t.” Jon replied, tucking a piece of wet hair behind his ear. “By the way, Bruce texted me. He and Selina will be a bit late and said we should go ahead and order.”

“Oh, that won’t do at all. We can have a chat and wait. Besides, Jack is running late as well.” The blonde replied, leaning back in his chair. The woman sitting in front of him on the other side of the table, whose hair was a brilliant deep red seemed to blush a bit watching him. Sitting on Jon’s side (because everyone knew Jon preferred to sit beside Jervis—they were closest after all) was a man with light brown hair fiddling with a rubik’s cube, and beside the red-head was a woman with fair yellow hair in a messy bun.

“I was thinking the same.” Jon nodded. He then looked to the brunette man. “So, how are things at Wayne Tech, Edward? You and Jervis up to anything exciting?” He gestured to the blonde and then back to him.

Edward put down the cubical puzzle and smiled a tired smile, adjusting his glasses. “Oh, you know how it is. It’s more paper work than anything else this time of year.”

“Are you using the recycle bins I got for you?” The red-head asked. Edward rolled his eyes playfully. “Of course, Pammy. It’s saved us some money actually.”

“And precious trees.” Pamela muttered, taking a sip of her water. Jervis smiled at her dedication and Harleen smirked at her attitude.

“I can’t say anything overly interesting is happening at my work either. You, Harleen?” Jon said. It was a marvel how he could direct conversation like this. He used to be such a social outcast. He may come across as a tad cynical and stiff, but he was deeply grateful for finally finding people who he could trust. Who cared for him.

Harleen giggled a bit and stretched. “No way, Jonny-boy. Arkham’s still as dull as ever. We really miss your help though. Joan always says how good with the patients you were.”

Jon smiled softly. “Well, it was good helping people. But, I suppose teaching is my true calling. Kids these days need to understand how others think if they’re going to make it in this world.” Jervis smiled at Jonathan referring to his university students as children.

“It all comes back to the mind, doesn’t it?” Jervis said cheerfully. “There’s so many variables and consequences, especially in an uncontrolled mind.”

“Control the mind? Sounds like a bad joke.” Replied a voice that approached. It was a bit scratchy but also not as deep as say, Bruce’s voice. The others looked to him as he swung a chair beside Harleen’s backwards, mounting it and leaning on its back frame, arms folded atop it. Jonathan smirked at the man’s rather uncouth behavior. He had an infectious grin and unruly brown hair. His eyes were still a bit sad, but Jon knew from his sessions with him that he was slowly healing. Harleen was good for him, helping him move on after his wife and unborn child passed all those years ago.

“Puddin’!” Harleen squealed in a tone of voice reserved only for Jack. He smiled as she swung her arms about his neck.

“You two are such a spectacle.” Jon said into his glass as he took a sip of water. Jervis chuckled warmly.

“Oh come on Johnny, don’t be such a wet blanket.” Jack smiled, Jon rolled his eyes but smiled softly in return. Jack took off his scarf—a particularly garish one with gold and mauve patches, and threw it to Jon, who didn’t realized he was cold until given the scarf.  He was still pretty damp from the storm. He looked at Jack kindly (or as much as could be considered kind from the otherwise stiff psychologist professor) and put on the scarf despite its gaudy nature. Jon supposed they all had a flair for the extravagantly “unique” if last Halloween was any indication.

“How was work t’day, puddin’?” Harleen immediately asked after a moment. Jack sighed long-sufferingly. “Oh you know, Harley. Being head chemist is rather dangerous and intense—“

“Paper work-day too huh?” Edward commented, again fiddling with the cube.

“Same here, mate.” Jervis nodded in understanding. Jack looked mock-offended.

“Well, fine. But we did begin development on some new chemicals. That stuff is nasty though—I’d hate to fall in one of those vats, I’d probably come out looking like some kind of zombie-clown!” Jack laughed, slapping a knee, Harleen giggling along. Pamela shook her head in good humor at the couple.

“Oh, but at least we’ve got that whole ‘go green’ thing going, Pam.” Jack said to Pamela. She had been bugging him forever to try and implement the program. He had finally found a way to and not cause a lot of disruption to work-flow and yet remain at full quality with the new procedures. It was baby steps, but it was a start.

“I’m glad Jack.” Pamela smiled happily. “One day Gotham won’t be covered in smog…and more sunlight will reach the city.” She sighed wistfully.

“Sounds beautiful.” Jervis agreed, Jon nodding as well. “Sounds warm.” Jervis grinned at that.

“Oh hey!” Edward immediately perked up, eyes twinkling. Bruce and Selina had just arrived at the table and everyone greeted each other. Bruce Wayne had on a simple turtle-neck sweater under his coat, and Selina had on a dark grey sweater and pencil skirt. It was lovely, Jervis thought, that the most wealthy and important man in all of Gotham would be proud to date a lowly secretary. Of course, after getting over her nerves (with the help of Jon and Harley) she showed a much more daring and surprising side. She blossomed in his love and it was simply frabjous. A nice addition to their group of misfits, actually.

“Nice scarf.” Bruce chuckled and Jon simply glared, making Jervis giggle, knowing that glare to be playful.

“So, did you two see the new plans for the armor car yet?” Bruce asked Jervis and Edward, excitement in his voice and eyes. They had no problem reflecting the glee right back, obviously familiar and approving of the newest project underway in Wayne Tech technology.

“Boy, did we! It looks sweet!” Edward replied enthusiastically.

“And I think we could develop voice control for it, and voice identification.” Jervis mused, tapping his lips in thought.

“It would look great in green.” Edwards waggled his eyebrows. Bruce laughed.

“Or black.”

“Always black with you.” Jack sighed with a grin. It was a running joke between the two; Bruce was always in black or similar neutral colors while normally Jack was in the brightest colors of the spectrum imaginable.

“It’s simple and sleek.” Bruce shrugged.

“Okay now, boys. Let’s not talk work at the table, mmm?” Selina raised a brow, and the over-excited science geeks—Bruce included—mumbled but shared a look that they’d definitely continue this conversation later.

And so the colleagues—friends, one could say—settled in for a delightful meal. Good company and good food, with the steady peaceful rainfall and glittering lights of the city as a backdrop. It was something each of them had wanted for so long and had found in one another.

A sense of belonging.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (Batfam x Reader)

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Warning(s): Extremely Light Hearted 

Pairing: Batfamily x Sister!Reader 

The smell of pine needles, cinnamon, and gingerbread cookies fluttered through the warm air. The manor was decked out in Christmas decorations. Multicolored lights hung around the large house, cheap but adorable cut out pictures of Santa and snow flakes littered the once boring dark walls, and Christmas reefs were nailed on every single door in the manor. To say that Alfred went overboard on the decorations was an understatement. The guy went nuts, but even though the halls were literally decked with holly, the home sill looked beautiful and magnificent.

You slowly walked down the flight of wooden stairs that enter into the large living room. Your eyes were glued onto your phone, your fingers feverishly typing away. You were in a group chat with some friends you’ve made at school. Of course, the chat was nothing but pure and utter garbage, fan-girling over how cute The Flash is and how much they wanted to sniff his hair. You let out a soft giggle when your friends argued who had the better butt.

Nightwing or The Flash.

“Hey, Dick. My friends are arguing about your ass…” You said, not even bothering to look up from your phone. 

“Oh, really? What are they saying?” He laughed, leaning his body on the stair railing that was covered in red tinsel, his blue eyes locking onto your playful face. 

“Well, one said that your butt is glorious and is sculpted by the gods…”

“Mhm, sounds about right.” He said, crossing his arms.

“Oh, this one is funny. One of ‘em said that you have a body of an ant from ‘A Bug’s Life’.” You giggled out, your eyes now on your older brother. The boisterous sound of Tim’s laughter filled the air, his hands clapping while his pale face turning a soft shade of red. Dick glared at the boy, his face scrunched up in annoyance. 

“It wasn’t even that funny…” Dick uttered.

“Oh, yes it was!” The boy said, wiping away invisible tears from his eyes. Tim was wearing a Christmas sweater with Rudolph’s face on it, the reindeer’s red nose lighting up brightly. Dick rolled his eyes and made his way towards the kitchen, not even bothering to say anything to the younger boy. 

“Aw, I think you hurt his feelings…” You said, skipping over towards the large couch, lazily you sat next to him, your feet propped on top of the coffee table. Tim shrugged his shoulders and took a long sip from his mug that resembles that of an elf.

“Don’t worry, {Name}. He’ll get over it…” He said, taking yet another sip from the festive mug. 

“Whatever you say.” You said, typing away on your phone again. The faint sounds of crackling wood escaped from the large fire place. Stockings of different sizes hung all in a row, each stocking adorning the name of each family member. Tim’s stocking was a basic red color and his name neatly stitched onto the fabric. Dick’s stocking was a dark navy blue, his name was spelled out in small block letters. Damian’s and Bruce’s stockings were both dark green, the only way you could tell them apart was from the names they were labeled with. Your stocking was a bright crimson red that was decorated to look like Santa, your name written in fancy cursive. Alfred’s stocking was the smallest, and his name wasn’t even on it. Just looking at them all lined up in a neat row made your heart tingle. It looked like a normal family’s fireplace. 

But one…Oh, that one.

Jason’s stocking was a fucking mess. It was the biggest and the ugliest, and just looking at it made your eyes hurt. The color scheme didn’t even match the whole Christmas aesthetic, in fact you think he deliberately picked out the most disgusting colors he could think of. 

Neon orange with vomit green and a hint of plaid. And his name that was stitched onto the fabric was also a fucking mess. The n in his name was backwards; not to mention that some letters were capitalized and some weren’t. And the reason why he had the biggest stocking was funny yet extremely sad. You could still hear his and Bruce’s voice in your head.

“No, you can’t have the biggest stocking, Jason…Everyone get’s an equal size.”

“Mhm, hey, did you remember when I died? Man, that really sucked. I mean, can you imagine?”

The shocked look that was plastered on Bruce’s face was priceless yet hard to look at. You sighed and cross your arms, resting your head on Tim’s shoulder while you gazed at the wide fire place. Tim’s piercing eyes were locked onto a phone of his own, texting god knows who. The boy smelt like coffee and cookies, a perfect combination, especially for this time of year. 

“Man, I’m super bored…” You muttered, not bothering to look at the dark haired vigilante beside you. He shrugged his shoulder, forcefully moving your head. 

“Yeah, me too…But, what’re gonna do, am I right?” He said, taking a sip from his festive mug. You nodded your head, your wide eyes becoming heavy from boredom. You let out a strained yawn and pretty soon you were out like a light. Falling asleep on your brother’s arm.


“What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Fuck off, Dick! Just lemme put up the damn tree.”

“You’re not suppose to put the branch there–”

“I said: ‘Fuck off’! I’ve got this, okay!” 

“Hey, Damian. Can you pass me that ornament?”

“You can get it yourself.” 

“But it’s right–”

“That’s exactly why you should get it…” 

Slowly you sat up from the expensive couch, the heavy wool blanket fell off of your shoulders. You gazed at the sight in front of you. All of your brothers were scattered around a large fake Christmas tree. Tim putting up ornaments of different colors and sizes, Dick and Jason were both bickering about which branch should go where, Damian carefully but swiftly wrapping Christmas lights around the tree, Bruce and Alfred watched from afar making sure that the boys won’t get out of hand. 

“Oh, looks like sleeping beauty is awake.” Tim muttered, not taking his eyes off of the tree. You pulled on a playful smile while you lay onto your side, posing like one of those fashion models you saw in multiple magazines.

“Oh, Tim. You think I’m beautiful? I never thought you liked me in that way–”

“Don’t push it, {Name}.” 

“Yeah, you’re right. I feel like that’ll be classified as incest or something.” You uttered, making Jason chuckle.

“Batcest.” Tim said, his face scrunched up in that of joy and a hint of awkwardness at what he said. 

“Ew, what the fuck?!” Jason choked out, his blue eyes squinting at Tim, shaking his head in disapproval. “I honestly don’t understand how you became my replacement.” Jason said, continuing to put up the faux tree. You shook your head and tried your best to hold back your laughter. 

“Damn, Tim. You’re just gonna take that L, huh.” You chuckled, stretching your arms while you made your way towards your brothers. You slowly rifled through the many boxes that held Christmas decorations. There were dozens of ornaments of different colors, lights, and a slightly terrifying abundance of Santa Clause. You took a quick look at the half done tree. You understood what theme they were going for.

Red, gold, green, and white. 

You hummed to yourself and quickly pulled out red and white ornaments with the occasional tinsel. Jason was done building the tree and soon he began to put up the ornaments that you laid out, the taller boy helping you reach the highest parts of the tree. Comfortable silence fell on top of the five of you, only the sounds of humming and the occasional; “Get out of my way” was heard. 

Bruce gazed at the sight, a small and faint smile wondered on his pale face. He would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy this. He love seeing his family, his kids, getting along and doing what normal families do. Decorating the Christmas tree while singing carols. 

“Hey, Dad!” You yelped out, pulling the middle aged man out of his thoughts.

“Yes, {Name}?”

“So, we’re done decorating this tree…” You said.

“And there’s no star at the top,” Tim pipped in.

“So, we’re kinda hoping that you can put it up for us?” Dick muttered, his face scrunched up in a smile.

Damian held onto the golden star, and for once the younger boy looked innocent and mellow. He actually looked like his age.

Bruce straighten up, his stony and hard face went soft. His dark eyes gazed at the star that rested in his son’s hands, quickly Bruce’s eyes flicked towards you, almost as if asking for approval. 

“C’mon, Dad…” You said, your voice was filled with warmth and tenderness. The older man smiled and with a swift movement he took the star from Damian’s hands, and wondered towards the large green tree. Without even stretching, Bruce placed the flaxen star delicately on top of the tree. The lights abruptly flashed on, making the tree shine bright and look ten times prettier. Oohs and aahs erupted from your brothers as they all gazed at the tree.

Tim took pictures of the faux tree. With an occasional selfie here and there. Dick and Jason, for the first time in forever, applaud and complemented each others handy work and contribution. Damian sat in front of the tree, watching the twinkling lights in awe. You smiled and quickly wrapped Bruce in a tight hug, catching the vigilante off guard.

“Merry Christmas, Dad! I love you!” You mumbled, your face pressed against his chest. The familiar warm and fuzzy feeling fluttered through Bruce’s body. Even though you two weren’t blood related nor look remotely the same; he’s your father, and you’re his daughter.

“Merry Christmas to you too, sweetie.”


“Rockin’ around the Christmas tree! At the Christmas party hop, mistletoe hung where you can see, every couple tries to stop! I’m look at you Dick and Barbara!” You sung out, your voice cracking and shaking at how loud you were, the whole Batfam circled around you their faces were that of joy and worry from how bad your singing was. 

But it was the Holidays and for once everyone can relax and not have to worry about criminals.

“Rockin’ around the Christmas tree! Let the Christmas spirit ring, later we’ll have some pumpkin pie! And we’ll do some caroling! C’mon, join in guys!”

 //I really hope you guys like this! This was really long but whatever! I wanted to do something different!

Happy Holidays!                                         


I Knew You Liked Me

You make your way down into the Batcave in order to present your leads on the Joker’s whereabouts to Batman. This will surely gain you more respect from him, he will see that you are capable of working alone and that you are hard working. It’s hard to stand out when there’s more than one partner. You have always had some pretty big shoes to fill when you stepped in as Robin but that didn’t stop you from being the best Robin you can be. 

To your surprise, you find that Batman is not alone in the cave. He is discussing some business with Red Robin and Red Hood. You make your way over, wanting to know what they are doing here, especially Red Hood. The two of you have a complicated relationship, one minute you act like best friends the next you can’t stand one another. Mostly because the two of you are too proud and your personalities sometimes clash. 

“Batman, I have some information regarding the Joker’s whereabouts, I did some digging of my own.” You hold out your hand, presenting him with a flash drive with all the information you have collected. 

“You’re too late, we bet you to it.” Jason stands there with his arms folded and no doubt a smug look on his face under that helmet of his. 

“You mean Tim beat me to it.” You glare at Jason. You have only been around him for a couple of seconds and he is already testing your patience. 

“Nice to see you too.” Jason continues to taunt you. 

“That’s enough.” Batman silences you both with just two words. It’s the sternness of his voice that does it. “I appreciate the effort, Robin. I don’t doubt your capabilities, it’s just Tim and Jason got here before you. Perhaps next time.” He puts his hand on your shoulder and you nod in understanding. 

“Does that mean I’m not on the mission?” You sound disheartened and for a minute Jason actually feels kind of bad for stealing your thunder. 

“There is always a mission for people like us.” Batman gives you a smile of encouragement. “You’re coming with me to search the warehouses near the docks. Red Robin and Red Hood will search the old Ace Chemicals building. Those are the locations we have so far unless you found somewhere else?” He quickly gives out the orders whilst asking if you have any more information that may be of use. 

“I got a lead in Bludhaven. I already notified Nightwing with the locations, Batgirl is en route to provide help.” You inform your mentor. 

“Good work, Robin.” He says proudly. 

It’s not often that you receive compliments from him so you take what you get. Hearing those words always build your confidence up, something you lacked before you became Robin. He tells you to grab what you need before it is time to leave the cave. As you get what you need, Jason comes up from behind. 

“What is it?” You let out a sigh, wondering what he could possibly want. He probably wants to annoy you even further as always. There’s only so much you can take before you decide to kick his ass. 

“I just wanted to say you did good, for a rookie.” Jason tries to be sincere but it isn’t well received.  

“I’m not a rookie!” You get defensive and raise your voice. 

Jason holds his hands up in front of him. “I was just trying to be nice, jeez.” He attempts to justify his actions. 

“Perhaps next time you should re-evaluate your word choice, Todd.” You bump your shoulder against his as you push passed him. 

Jason stands there smirking, even though no one can see him doing so. He likes the fact that you won’t tolerate his bullshit and challenge him. That’s exactly the type of person he needs to be around to keep him in check. He also finds it rather attractive about you. Despite his feelings towards you, he is just too proud to admit it so until the right time arises he will keep it to himself. 

“You have no idea how to talk to a girl right, do you?” Tim shakes his head at him in a judging way. 

“She might act like she hates me but I know she loves me really,” Jason speaks confidently as he gets on his motorcycle. 

“You’re so full of yourself.” Tim scoffs at him before getting on his bike. 

The doors to the cave open up, Jason and Tim zoom past the batmobile on their motorcycles while you sit in the passenger seat of the batmobile with Batman. He can’t help but notice the scowl on your face, knowing the exact cause of your expression. Young love is a strange thing, especially to someone his age. It is clear that you and Jason have something between you. The two of you may think that no one notices the way you look at each other or how your eyes light up at the mention of the other’s name. If that’s not love then Bruce doesn’t know what is. Maybe someday the two of you will be brave enough to say it. 

“Ready to go, Robin?” Batman turns his head to face you. 

“Ready as always, Batman.” You reply to him just managing a smile which is good enough for him. With that he gets the engine started and the batmobile speeds out of the cave in the blink of an eye. 

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Second JokerXReader!

@ supernatural-digmywaytohell:  Can you do an imagine where you meet Mistah J for the first time and he starts to like you. But because he doesn’t understand love he will try to kill you several times. And in the end he will feel horrible for what he has done. Or something like that xD

This one’s for you! ^-^ I hope you like it, it was kind of a head-cinema for me while I wrote it. :D

You sighed again.

This gala was so boring.

You hated it, when your parents brought you to all those charity events.

Just because your family was rich and also good friends with Mr Cool and Charming Bruce Wayne.

But does that mean, they have to bring you up here, although they know how bored you are evertime?

„(Y/N), look who we found in the crowd for you!“

„Oh no …“, you whispered as soon as you hear the excited voice of your mother.

You try to cover your face with the black fan you were holding in your hands, but your mother had already found you.

„(Y/N), you remember Dick? Dick Grayson? You went through High School together“, your mother said like she expected that you two got married right here.

„Yes, of course. Hi, Dick. Nice to meet you here, how’s college?“, you ask with a smile.

This sort of meeting was a little awkard, a few years ago you had a little thing for this boy, but you never told anyone, and now he‘s standing in front of you, all grown up and all you could think was how strange it felt to remember this phase of yours.

„Really good. Thank you. Man that must have been five years now. You look great“, he repeat.

„Thank you, but you look good too“, you said a little insecure.

You smiled at him.

Okay so what was that?

After five years, where you never even thought of this guy again, after you changed school, ‘cause your parents moved with you more in the middle of the city, for work etc., he now likes you back?

That was so weird.

„Um … so, (Y/N) … you wanna dance?“, Dick suddenly asked.

„Well … yes, why not“, you said.

You thought it was a little mean to say no, to an old friend of yours.

Your mother sighed happily and you could just gave her a please-don’t-do-this-look, after Dick carried you to the dancefloor.

„So what are you doing now? I did not see you at the Gotham State, I always thought you would study photography or something like that“, he said, while you two began to move to the classic music that plays softly in the background.

You wanted to answer his question, but in the moment your mouth opened, all the lights in the hall turned off.

You hear some people screaming and talking with worried voices.

„Is that normal?“, you ask a little worried too.

Sure, you know that was not normal, you were on so many events with your parents and something like that never happened before, but you couldn’t help about asking, it was like a reflex.

„No. Stay here, in the crowd. I’ll be back in a minute, I will ask Bruce what’s going on“, Dick said seriously.

„What, but …?“

It was unnecessary to speak further, he was already gone.

How charming, you thought with squinted eyes.

He was your friend, even if you hadn’t seen him for five years, and everything he does was to leave you in a moment like this?

Perfect, just perfect.

And what happens next?

Just as you thought of this, the lights turned on again, and you were literally shocked.

The whole crowd was standing at the outside of the dancefloor, the only one standing here, was you.

And you were scared as hell, as you saw several men with guns in their hands and masks on their heads standing in front of the crowd, and of your parents.

„(Y/N), don’t move. Everything will be fine“, you hear your mother saying.

„Lady, shut up, this is not a coffee party“, some masked goon shouts out to her and put a gun in her face.

„Mum …“, you said with tears in your eyes.

„Aw. Now look at this“, a snarling voice said just a few steps away from you in amusement.

Your eyes wide in fear, you turned yourself in direction of Gothams biggest nightmare.

The Joker looked at you with an almost demonic grin, as he advanced towards you.

„Little Bambi got lost in our middle“, he said.

When he stands in front of you, the green haired man looked down at you with kinda glistening eyes.

„Look at me“, he said with his deep sinister voice.

„Oh come on, don’t be shy, I’m not going to hurt ya, not yet“, he said almost cheering and put his index finger under your chin, to make you look him in his cold blue eyes.

You looked at him, mostly in fear, but when your (e/c) eyes, met his blue ones, there was something more than just fear, something different.

And also he looked a little like something happened in the last three seconds.

It was just for a moment you thought, there was … no, you were in fear, nothing else, you just imagined something.

And as if someone wanted to proof you right, the Joker starts smiling again.

But not the kind of smile, you would’ve wanted to see.

It was dangerous and your body started to shiver a little.

„What’s your name, Bambi?“, he asked, as he starts walking circles around you, what drives you crazy, because you never know what this psychotic clown is up to do next.

„(Y/N)“, you said quietly.

„(Y/N). Very pretty. Good job, mummy“, he said flashing a smile to your mother.

„Please, let her go, she hasn’t done anything to you“, you begged after you saw that Joker was about to pull his purple gold gun out of his silver jacket.

Joker looked at you his eyes squinted, as he grabbed your chin roughly.

„So little Bambi, than tell me, what would you do, to save your mothers life?“, he asked threatening.

„Everything“, you whispered.

„Everything? Would you die for her?“


„No!“, your mother screamed.

„Shut up, I’m talking to your daughter!“, Joker growled and pulled the trigger on his gun.

A loud bang was going through the hall.

You were near a heart attack, before you could realise he deliberately shoot a few centimeters besides her head, into the wall behind her.

„Is this what you want? A bullet in your head, Bambi?“, he asks and put the gun on your temple.

„No“, you said.

„But what if I wanted it?“, he whispered and smiled at you, petting your cheek as tears ran down.

„Sh, sh, sh. Don’t you cry to your Mr J. I haven’t even done it“, he said, his lips nearly touching yours.

You looked back at him.

There it was again, this strange look in his eyes, that you’ve noticed a few moments earlier, when he looked you in the eyes for the first time.

It wasn’t that crazy maniac look, he got when he’s torturing someone.

That was different.

„Come on shoot me, isn’t that what you want?“, you said sobbing a little.

„Close your eyes, Bambi“, he smiled the gun still on your temple.

You closed your eyes, ready to take the bullet Joker has for you, but suddenly there was no bullet, no loud bang, no pulled off trigger, just soft lips pressing hard against yours.

You were totaly irritated and thought, this was just another crazy thing, that Joker likes to do with his female victims.

„Joker! Put that gun away from this girl!“

A loud and deep voice growled like a thunder into the hall.

Joker let’s go off you, as soon as he heared the familiar voice behind him and started to laugh wickedly.

„Ooh, come on Batsie! Don’t you see she’s fallin‘ for me“, he joked around.

„I don’t think that any girl in the whole world, would fall for a clown like you“, Robin’s voice shouted besides Batman.

„Now, let her go.“

„I don’t think I can do this“, Joker said grinning and starred deep into your eyes, what makes you gulp.

„Put this gun down!“, Batman said again.

But Joker didn’t give a shit about what the Dark Knight said, within a second, he grabbed you by your arm, and shoot Batman instead of you.

„Time to leave the party, Bambi“, he said laughing and tugs you out of the hall, out of this place and into his shiny purple sports car.

He was driving into the city, fast and reckless, no matter what was on the streets.

„Oh, look Bambi, there’s our terminus!“, he said with a big smile on his face.

You closed your eyes and shook your head for a second.

You got more or less two minutes, before he would drive the car into the Gotham river, with you on the passenger seat, and you could bet, he would jump out of the car and leave you drowning.  

„Why are you doing this, to me?“, you said desperate.

„I know you don’t have a fucking reason to murder people, or ruin their life, you do it because you think it’s funny, but all I want to know is, why me? You could’ve killed me half an hour ago in this fucking hall and all the other people too. But you wasted your time with talking to me, like I meant something to you, and kissing me, before you wanted to shoot me in the head! So what exactly is your problem, with me?“, you shouted at him.

„Get out!“, he suddenly screamed at you.


„GET OUT!“, he growled again and to your even bigger irritation, he opens the door of the passenger seat with one hand and kicked you out of the car.

Your whole body hits the hard tarseal and you felt like someone was breaking your bones, before the pain, -for some crazy reasons-, ends up a little, as if someone protected your body from more injuries.

As you opened your eyes again, you saw what really happened in the last minute.

Joker‘s car has fallen down the slope and now the green haired man lays on top of your chest, his arms around your body, gazing into your (e/c) eyes again.

Your brain needed a little time to understand what has been going on here.

He saved you …

The Joker saved your life.

But why?

He was a psychopath, he always just cared for his own safety, and a minute ago he was ready to kill you, to leave you in his now drowning car.

You could hear his beating heart bump against yours, both of you were out of breath.

„You wanna know, what’s my problem with you, Bambi?“, he asks.

„Yes …“, you muttered.

„I think I’m having a thing for you.“

Now you couldn’t even hold on you, you laughed just the way he did over the last two hours.

The Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime himself, couldn’t kill you, because he loved you?

That was too good to be true.

„Shut up, this isn’t funny“, he growled and kissed you even harder than the last time.

He wasn’t gently, he was rough, but you liked it.

The way how passionate he was, as his tongue slipped into your mouth, making you moan in pleasure underneath him.

You couldn’t help, but you had to be true; you had a thing for this man too.

„You’re mine now“, he said with this oh so sinister voice and this time you loved how dangerous he was.

„You know what, Mr J?“


„I think I’m having a thing for you too, after all this“, you said smiling.

„Good, ‘cause I’m not willing to let you go again.“

 AN: I hope everyone is doing good and stuff :3 (idk I’m in a really good mood rn for some reason XD). Also, I hope you like this imagine! Thank you to the anon for sending it my way, I hope that this is what you envisioned! Enjoy! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Hey I know requests are closed now, but when they open, would you write one on the reader being a human avenger but when everyone’s falling during a battle, she has a sudden burst of power? Major pietroxreader fluff please 😘 Love your writing btw

((Okay so don’t kill me, but I almost completely ignored the fluff bit. I’m not sure what happened, but this imagine got really intense really fast. There was so many heavy feelings and a lot of struggling to survive, so I never really found the proper place to stick in fluff. I did, however, put in some Pietro X Reader for you! I hope that is okay! *gives you cookie*))

Warnings: Violence, swears , dark themes, feelings of extreme loss and hopelessness. Mentions of death.



The sun had just touched the rumble-blanketed horizon, illuminating the sky with an orange and red light. It would have looked absolutely beautiful, had it not reminded you of the blood-stained streets that were crumbling under your feet.

With every drop of the thick, red blood that fell from your friends, you felt your sanity further crack. Soon, you were going to shatter.

The rest of the team already has.

They weren’t dead, yet. You could see over the mounds of rocks and debris the Hulk, Bruce, frantically trying to protect Nat and Tony, both of which had fallen unconscious during the intense fighting. Even from where you stood, you could see the desperation in Bruce’s eyes, and even in his green form he looked weak.

The truth of the matter was that none of you were prepared for a light like this. And, you were convinced that no matter how many guns or how many SHIELD members you had brought with you, you still would have been no match for this army.

They were aliens that descended from the sky in the early hours of the day, killing hundreds of people and leveling dozens of buildings before the Avengers had even gotten the distress call. The creatures, as you were quick to find out, were larger in number and were willing to go to any lengths to kill. They were brutal, and there was too many of them to contain.

Your team didn’t have time to look over the attackers carefully and strategically, and you felt the consequences of that now.

This was one of your first major fights, seeing as you were the newest member of the Avengers, and you had gotten into a level of destruction and violence that you hadn’t even thought possible. You were only human, not some god like Thor or enhanced being like the Maximoffs were.

There was nothing for you to fall back on other than your newly acquired combat skills and a small pistol that you kept strapped to your thigh, and even that was out of bullets.

“Hello?” You whispered into your headset, hoping that one of your teammates would be well enough to respond. The fight had dragged on for the entire day, and as the sun set, the noises of gunshots and yelling aliens had died down to a faint lull of groaning civilians who had been wounded.

Even the Hulk was down now.

“Hello?” You repeated yourself, a feeling of worry and desperation setting over you. “Is anyone…is anyone still there?”


There was no longer any sunlight in the sky, it was as if someone had taken a paintbrush and swiped black ink across the sky and dotted it with white stars.

Still, the scenery was lit by the orange flames that erupted from the once-buildings. You could see the aliens, with their nasty grey skin and beady black eyes, wandering around the streets and checking for any people hiding in the shadows.

No. It can’t be over. They can’t win.

But, they had. How could they not? Every time you thought that the team had the advantage, every time you saw even a glimmer of hope, it was ripped away from you when another wave of aliens fell from the clouds. Wave after wave after wave after wave…

How was it that you, the weakest of the team, was the last one standing?

The answer was so painfully simple, yet you couldn’t properly admit it to yourself. The truth was: you were a coward. Yes, you had started out strong by fighting off a few dozen enemies, but it got to be too much. You hid in corners and under rocks when things began to get bad. You saved yourself as your teammates began to fall.

“Status report.” You heard Nick Fury’s voice boom through the speakers, making your fearful self jump. You couldn’t find your voice at first, prompting Fury to repeat himself. “Status report, is anyone still up out there?”

You swallowed the blood, tears, and fear. “I…I’m here.”

“Y/N,” Fury breathed out, almost sounding relieved to hear someone. “Where are the others?”

“I…” Tears stung at your eyes, but you just shook your head and cast your emotions aside the best you could. You had to remember, the battle wasn’t over yet, and it was no time to let emotions get in the way of your guard. “I think I am the only one left, sir. Well, conscious at least.”

There was a pause, then his voice came through, much less stern than before. He sounded shaken, and worried. “I have a location on Quicksilver’s communication device, all of the other ones seemed to be busted. I’m sending you the cornets now, go and find him.”

You took out a small hand-held device that SHIELD had given you, and just as promised, a map popped up on the screen with a red dot where the Pietro’s headset was.

“Y/N.” Nick said through your speaker. “Listen…I know that you are new to this sort of thing, but even the other Avengers aren’t used to this kind of battle. Some of them may not have been strong enough for this fight. So…so when you find Pietro’s headset, he may not be with it, for all we know he could be on the other side of the city. Or, you could find him, but he may not be the same. There had been a lot of blood and a lot of death in this attack, he may not…”

“Fury?” Your heart was hammering in your chest as he clearly struggled to find the right words.

“He may not be in the state that you saw him in before you started the mission. Be ready for the potential findings of his…body. Do you understand me, Y/N?”

Silence, you couldn’t breath.

“Do you understand me?”

You swallowed and licked your chapped, ash covered lips. “Understood.”

Avoiding the aliens in the streets, you clung to the side of the buildings and used the shadows as cover as you made your way to the center of town where the directions told you to go.

This bit of the battle field was completely wrecked, even more so than where you were. Every step you took you saw a more and more gruesome reality.

You had initially thought that joining the Avengers would be some sort of amazing thing; fame, respect, and friendship. You were right about that much, but you hadn’t accounted for all the dirty stuff. All of the death, all of the destruction, all of the hopes crushed.

Moments like this, moments where you walk through the streets with your heart hanging from your chest and your tears racing down your face, you wondered why you had ever though that it was good. The good didn’t outweigh the bad, and in this case, the heroes didn’t defeat the villains.

You forgot what it was like to hope for better, happier moments. Your mind was plagued with dark clouds of hate and anger, as well as sadness.

If you couldn’t find Pietro, or if you found him with his heart not beating in his chest, you would give up. No more playing hero, no more Avengers.

You stood in the spot where the red dot flickered on your device, but there was not a body there. You pivoted your feet to look around, and you heard a crunching sound.

Pietro’s headset was in pieces under the heel of your boot.

“No, no, no, no…”

Numb, you were so numb inside. How could you feel so much overwhelming emotion inside, yet still feel nothing at all? How could one feel so filled with feelings of anger and pure agony, yet feel so hollow?

“No!” You picked the little machine in your fingers, seeing the specks of blood that were painted onto the sides of it. Not your blood. “Pietro, Pietro, no!”

You let go of all restraints that you had built inside of your head. Your screams echoed through the hills of ruble and wounded people, and carried on into the stars in the sky.

Soon enough, the aliens followed the scream back to you, and like ants to a cube of sugar, they began to come. You just sat with your knees on the ground, waiting for them to come.

“Y/N…” You heard a weak, accented voice from behind you. “Y/N, is that you?”

You jumped to your feet and spun around, facing a huge pile of rocks and the remains of a home. Through a gap between two collapsed walls, you saw Pietro’s silver hair and bright blue eyes.

“P…Pietro…” You almost smiled when you saw him, but then you understood the position he was in. You could see that his legs were pinned underneath a large boulder, and that he couldn’t move.

“My…my legs are completely crushed. They’re broken, I’m sure.” He gasped out painfully, then looked up to see the oncoming swarm of enemies coming at you. “Get out of here now, Y/N. They aren’t going to go easy on you, they’ll kill you. Get on a ship and get out of here now.”

“I am not leaving without you!” You shot back, turning to face the army and backing up to guard Pietro.

“You aren’t going to win this fight, Y/N.” Pietro said. “Don’t go around thinking that you are invincible, you are human.”

You didn’t move.

“Y/N!” Pietro was yelling now, slamming his hand against the ground. “Listen to me! This isn’t fucking training, this is real life, this is a war! People die in wars, it’s just what happens! You can’t try to save everyone, you have to save yourself and live to fight another day.”

“Then what? Then I just ‘move on’, right?” You closed your eyes and tightened your fists at your sides. “I just forget all about the team that I left for dead on the battle field, I am the lone survivor. People praise me for my bravery in fighting, even though I left a teammate in the path of the enemy. That is not the future I want. If I loose you, I won’t want to fight another day. If I’m not fighting side-by side with you, then I would rather die.”

Any words that he was going to say was cut off by the rumbling feet of the attackers.

They were five feet from you.





You were a fighter, and you had a fire in you that would burn until the moment that you stopped breathing. During the heat of the battle you had forgotten all the courage that you had, but now there was nothing blocking it from you. You were at a hundred percent, and you would take that with you to the grave.

They piled onto you like a herd of some sort of deranged animals; snapping their pointy teeth at your arms and legs, growling and hissing, and hitting blow after blow.

They seemed to be focusing all their attention onto you, which you were glad. They hadn’t noticed Pietro in the debris yet.

You dished out every punch and every kick that you could, never giving up, yet you could see the black begin to creep into your vision and blurring everything around you.

You were thankful for living that you did; for the amazing friends you had, and trying to save the world. If this was how you were going to go out, then fine.

Through the bodies on top of you and the violent attacks, you heard one distinct phrase leave Pietro’s lips, one that he said as though he intended for it to be the last thing you hear:

I love you!

A strange feeling brewed inside of you, one that you didn’t know you had, and spread to every fiber in your body. You felt your cells change. You felt your very soul vibrate.

Instinctively, without thinking, you shoved your hands forward so that it collided with the first body in front of you. A circle of energy shot out of your body in every direction, sending the enemies around you flying everywhere.

You looked down at your hands, and saw that they glowed with a faint purple hue, much like Wanda’s did red when she used her powers.

Stretching your fingers out in the direction of the oncoming wave of aliens, you shot out a ball of purple energy, knocking them all over like bowling pins.

Your head still felt blurred and your vision was still going, but you never felt more awake. Your body, if it makes any sense at all, vibrated in excitement. Your skin crawled with a fiery, stinging sensation as you shot down each and every enemy that came your way.

As you continued to thin their waves of troops, you ripped the headset away from your ear and tossed it to Pietro so that he could get you two a transport out of there, and to tell Fury that you were well on your way to wiping out the entire enemy army.

Soon, you heard word from each of the Avengers. They were all alive, thought the road to recovery would be a long one. Still, that was okay.

When you were on the transport airship away from the battle, you thought back to the three phrases that kept running through your head as you fought:

No more.

No more death, no more giving up.

We will live.

((I went a lil overboard with this one XD I hope you all liked it though, tell me what you thought! Please, I would love to know!))

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Omg writing prompt PLEASE do Billy Batson and jason bonding. That sounds soo good my 2 favorite characters together at last

Ah! Yes! I’m skipping ahead to this one because this one has been in my head since last night and I’m raring it go! Thank you!

There was something about Gotham that put Billy Batson at ease. He thinks it’s the same thing that makes pretty much every normal person feel uncomfortable. There’s this feel that Gotham has, it's something heavy and slimy that settles on your shoulders, makes you to be alert and aggressive or else you’re dead. It makes him feel that, if he had to, 12 year old Billy could probably survive in the cold, unforgiving streets of Gotham. Fawcett City isn’t half as bad, but five years of homelessness tends the make that same sorta angry paranoia needed to survive in a place like Gotham.

But Billy Batson isn’t here, not really. Cap is here for a meeting with the Bat, and though Cap and Billy are technically the same person, Cap’s got the Wisdom of Solomon and the Courage of Achilles and all sorts of other bad-ass things that make Billy’s thoughts and feelings seem dim and far away. He thinks it’s the Wizard’s magic in him that brings out Billy’s best qualities in Cap and buries all the ugly, street stuff deep inside. Buries it until Billy comes back and needs all that stuff to survive in a city all on his own.

He shakes his head, he doesn’t have time for philosophy, Bruce wouldn’t have called him to the Cave if it wasn’t urgent. B says it’s just a mission report but he could’ve given that to Cap at the Watchtower, so whatever it is, it’s gotta be like, mega-bad. If he wasn’t so distracted by the fact that Batman probably was gonna to chew him out into next week, he’d be busting a nut over how freaking awesome the Cave was. Cap’s been here before but it never stops being wicked cool. He wishes he could be Billy, just for a sec, so he could run around and look at all the cool gadgets but Cap’s got bigger things to worry about. Like whether Batman is gonna slow roast him or just skin him alive.

“Why do I have to give it to him, you called him here, you deal with him.” A whiney kid’s voice says from what sounds like the top of the long staircase leading up to Wayne Manor proper. He leans in closer even though with his enhanced hearing, he doesn’t need to. It’s not eavesdropping, it’s evidence gathering.

“I agree but the signal just went up and I’m sure it’s important. I don’t have time to give Marvel the report details.” He hears Bruce’s voice respond as he begins walking down the stairs. “You helped me organize the file information, you should be able to explain it. That’s a minimum requirement if you want to be Robin.” Cap remembers to straighten himself up and is casually whistling and examine his nails by the time they arrive in the Cave so they don’t suspect him of listening in. Inside he’s pretty shocked, the big guy keeps his private life pretty hush-hush but he didn’t know he had another kid lined up to be Robin. He makes a note to do some research next time he’s at the Fawcett City Library about any new kids Bruce Wayne has adopted recently. But the biggest shock is when B steps out of the way enough for Billy to look at the soon-to-be boy wonder. The boy pouts and uncrosses his arms long enough to swipe the file out of Bruce’s patient hand.

“Captain,” Billy straightens as the scariest dude, like ever, says his name. “I’m afraid there’s something I must attend to and I can’t give you the notes on the last mission’s report myself.” The Bat rests a light hand on the boy’s shoulder and the pinched, cautious look on the kid’s face is so familiar, it’s eerie. "This is Jason, he’s been staying with me, he’ll be giving you the details in my place. He’ll be undergoing training soon so he needs to be able to do this sort of thing. I appreciate you taking the time to come out here in person and would appreciate it further if you’d be a sounding board for Jason to test his skills out on someone other than myself.“ So Batman called him out to Gotham… so he could give his kid the chance to learn basic skills with a non-judgmental hero. The part deep inside that has vague memories of loving parents feels warm beneath the crushing feeling of jealousy and guilt. He knows a dirty, messed up street kid when he sees one, and he bets this Jason kid has no idea how good he’s got it getting someone as caring as Batman to take him in.

“Of course sir," Cap responds a second later as he tamps down all those parts of Billy inside and works on channeling his very best for the new kid. He's supposed to be the mentor in this case, he’s gotta set a good example even though the kid looks older than he is. "I’ll help out in anyway that I can, you can count on that.” Jason makes a face at Cap’s natural enthusiasm and Batman merely gives the boy a light, affectionate knock on the head.

“Behave, both of you. You’re free to leave once you’ve received the report Captain, you’re aware of how the Zeta tubes work. Jay, when done I want you to finish reading that book on basic criminology and start in on those breathing exercises I taught you. If you get that done, I’ll read you the next chapter of Alice in Wonderland before bed so you can sleep through the night.” Jason blushes and ducks his head mumbling some embarrassed curses under his breath. But Batman either doesn’t hear or is used to being called such things and walks over to the Batmobile firing up the engine. “I’ll be checking the security footage later and grading you on your report so don’t think you can skip out. Alfred’s in charge while I’m away. Captain, thank you again. I will see you at the meeting next Thursday.” With that, the door closed and the ground beneath the car turned so it was facing the tunnel exit and soon was screaming out of the Cave like, well, a bat out of hell.

He was distracted by how sick that ride was and what organs he’d give up for a  joyride through the streets when Jason was shoving the manila folder against his chest. The kid takes a deep breath, puts his shoulders back obviously trying to appear older and more mature and keeps his face perfectly neutral as he begins a detailed narration of the last mission, what was found and future plans. Billy has to admit, the kid is good. He's smart, interpreting the information not just reciting it. His vocabulary is, like, twice the size of Billy's and he’s standing there talking like an actual adult instead of the antsy kid who looks like he’s three seconds from bolting. If Billy wasn’t intimately familiar with that sensation himself, he sure he wouldn’t have noticed Jay’s absolute discomfort at being left alone with a strange older man. Cap can see why Batman picked him up.

“Alright, that’s everything, any questions?” Jay asks in a carefully stated monotone that does nothing to betray his uneasiness. Billy wonders if Batman already trained him that way or if the kid had already learned to control his fear before coming here. Maybe the streets of Gotham weren’t as kind as he thought.

“No, that was great!” Cap says eagerly, as Billy takes a casual step or two back to ease off on the kid. “Batman sure has taught you well, I just know you’re going to make an amazing Robin.” Jason’s mouth jerks vaguely upwards for a second before going back to it’s back to his neutral position.

“Has anyone else told you that you’re a bit corny?" Jay asks with an amused raise of his brow. Clearly Jay isn’t feeling very threatened by him anymore which allows Cap to relax and maybe let out a bit more of Billy. It’s not very often he gets to talk to kids his age about hero stuff, not to mention one who was in a similar position to Billy.

"All the time, it’s part of my charm but Green Lantern disagrees. I say that anyone who runs around waving his ring around advertising his favorite color doesn’t have room to talk.” Jason snorts and the two of them share a conspiratal chuckle together “You’re real lucky Bruce took you in, he’s a good guy, he acts like he’s my dad sometimes but he does it cause he cares.” Cap is shocked when the semi-smile falls off Jason’s face but Billy really isn’t.

“Right, I’m just so lucky this fancy rich boy picked me off the streets and told me I wasn’t living my life right and that he was make everything better as if a few weeks of clean sheets and a threes squares a day are gonna erase all the crap I seen, the stuff I done.” Jason says bitterly, folding in on himself as he crosses his arms over his chest. His blue-green eyes were stormy with anger and insecurity, upset at Cap’s unintended ignorance but also at himself for his fears that maybe he isn’t deserving of all the good things happening to him. Sometimes what Billy thinks and what Cap says don’t always match up, as if everything he says passes through a filter to make it as good and wholesome as possible. But Billy gets it, he got the same spiel every time he was transferred to a new foster home, before he realized none of them had what he needed and decided the streets were better for him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend,” and he winces again trying to push Billy to the forefront instead of letting Cap’s, welling meaning but naïve, attitude interfere. “I just mean there are a lot of people who take in street kids ‘cause they’re nice and it’s the right thing but they don’t know how to handle them y'know? With Bruce, you got someone who gets that things aren’t always gonna be good and happy now that you’re in a proper home, who understands that bad things don’t always stay in the past. I know it’s different from being in the streets and you’re probably wondering if all this is worth it but I know Batman and I know he’s gonna do the best he can for you and not be hard on you cause you’re not the clichéd grateful foster kid.”

Jason stares at him, long and hard before humming quietly to himself and gently jerking his chin forward. It’s a sign of respect, of acknowledgement from one dirty rat to another that they understood what the other is going through. He’s not worried about Jay telling the Bat about Captain Marvel being, what he believes, a former homeless kid. Street boys don’t rat each other.

“Yeah man, it’s cool.” Jay shrugs casually after a minute, relaxing his shoulders completely for the first time since coming downstairs. “Anything else I can getcha before you head out. Alfie buys like, way too much food, you could take some if you want. I don’t think either of them would even notice.”

“I appreciate the thought,” Cap says cheerily, cause he does. It's coming up on winter and fresh food is scarce and Billy’s little supply is wearing thin awfully fast with how much he has to eat just to keep his temp up. But he promised himself from the start he wouldn’t have the Cap messing with Billy’s life, it went against his code and it just wasn’t fair to the other kids making their own living. “But I can take care of myself.” Jay smiled, a small but nice smile and Billy finds himself irrationally happy that Bruce was able to save this kid, give him the home he deserved.

“I’m sure you can," Jason holds out his small fist, "see you around? B is still keeping me kinda on the down-low for now while the papers go through. Not even the reporters know yet so I could use some company.” Cap smiles and gingerly returns the fist bump.

“You bet, I’ve never gotten an official tour of the Cave and I bet it’s got the coolest stuff around. Next time you gotta tell me the story behind the dinosaur man.” Jason laughs.

“Yeah, next time.”

Ok this one took a lot longer and I’m sorry. But this was my first Billy and so I really took my time making sure I got his voice right, that mix of genuinely good childishness mixed in with the kinda bitter street kid. I also like the dichotomy between Captain Marvel and Billy Batson and the sorta divide between them. Jay I know easy enough but I cherry picked each word of Billy’s. Also, just cause I want it known. B totally knows about Billy’s age and situation here and deliberately sets him and Jay up to meet so the two sad street kids can bond. Also Jay really did need to practice his reports.   

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peter parker + [literally] swinging by the avengers tower after work just to watch them hanging out

he has a favorite nook up at the very top, where he can spring behind an outcropping and hide a moment’s notice, but can still see the main living areas. it’s very comfortable and, in one of the slower moments (rare indeed) he graffitied a little corner with a spider. he was going to add a black widow spider along with it, and lots of heart and some cute widdle spider babies, but when he realized JARVIS was likely aware of his presence, he quickly decided against the chance it would be found.

it started out as a venture to see these other alleged superheroes, half to learn and half to see what life could be like if you were “out”.

after gwen’s death, it became a coping mechanism to take up his time and occupy his mind.

he likes to joke to himself that he’ll take pictures and make a fortune.

but really, the whole escapade has really been because he’s fallen in love with these people, his secret family.

there’s natasha, of course, the red-headed assassin with crazy socks and a crazy smile and a different personality every second of the day. he’s convinced he’ll never stop having a crush on her — but then again that probably goes for everyone. (hey, but other spiders have a better chance, right? right?) he’s watched her box steve to the ground, sit on top of clint to get a better view of the wii, and practice ballet when no one has been around to watch her anger at something he doesn’t understand. he still doesn’t know which is his favorite.

and with natasha comes clint. clint’s harder to understand than he seems — he comes across like a stern-faced hawk perching with a view, but he’s really a giant dork with two broken wings and a large beak to fill. sure, he’s got a mood sometimes and you really, really need to get him his coffee, but peter couldn’t ever forget the dog he adopted. cute lil guy. bit tony in the nuts first day in the tower, and then spent a week with clint on top of the fireplace. (even through the glass, peter could hear clint squawking) he has a lot of figurines and really likes trying to prank people, successfully or not. peter’s been around for more of the non-successful ones.

thor visits sometimes, and then the glass vibrates with sound as he leads jolly revels and hugs everyone too hard (he was more careful with bruce after that) and brings much mead. heh, peter tried the leftovers once through an open window. that was not a good night at all. still wasn’t sure how he got home — he dreamt of a blue light and a goatee but dreams are crazy like that. of course, other times, thor sits quietly playing chess with bruce and complimenting tony on his handiwork, being a gentle presence and one everyone seems to trust. definitely has some muscle problems. maybe steroids.

tales abound about the identity of the hulk, but most of the general populace have no idea who the green giant really is. at first, bruce was disappointing, but peter… well, peter thinks he’s his favorite sometimes. he’s quiet and careful and soft-spoken, with too many nervous tics to count. over time though, he’s mellowed out. he does yoga in the living room instead of in corners of storage spaces. he joins in on game nights and even attempted mario kart once. (attempted being the optimal word (peter snapped private photos of that and keeps them under his pillow for hard nights) one time, something as unaccountable as usual happened on a night out, and when everyone arrived back to the tower, they were carrying the hulk, who was sniffling and hugging tony to his generous chest and patting him gently. that was a kodak moment if peter ever saw one.

heh, tony. tony stark, iron man. the whole country’s heard of him, peter even met him once at a conference. but the man’s different behind closed doors, among those he trusts. sure, he still obviously pisses people off — good lord, there have been some near-brawls. and the one time he took clint’s coffee there was an all-out prank war that lasted a month. but he also gets a real sad look around his eyes, and spends hours some days staring at his arc reactor in the mirror. he’s fallen asleep on his compatriots more often than not, but still never sleeps when he should. peter once managed to get a view of his workshop, a sight which made him drool with excitement, but was too littered with take out and espresso containers to make him confident tony was doing okay. steve comes down most often to make tony get to bed, a gesture tony never listens to but which is always enforced. that seems to be tony’s MO, actually. peter never forgot the one night he got drunk and then fell asleep on steve’s chest.

oh yeah, FRICKING STEVE ROGERS. CAPTAIN AMERICA. HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE GUY HAVE YOU BECAUSE HE’S KINDA FLIPPING AWESOME HE PUNCHED A TANK UNCONSCIOUS ONCE AND SAVED THE WORLD A COUPLE TIMES AND YEAH. YEAH YEAH YEAH. but yeah he’s pretty cool. does some awesome things. probably shouldn’t talk about them. too cool for shcool, ya  knwo.waioghapSTEVEROGERS.

bucky shows up sometimes, all brooding and dark and wearing way too many stickers on his metal arm. a guy with metal wings occasionally follows him, and peter’s convinced he’s spoken at a convention before. when those two show up, the party is bound to get exciting. scrabble, for sure, will never be the same again.

maybe peter parker isn’t an avenger. but sometimes, you know, he sure feels like one.

what doesn’t occur to him is that he isn’t the only one watching — until the day a polite man with a worn smile shows up at his door.

“Hello, Mr. Parker? I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.”  

varevare  asked:

psst can I prompt, DamiTim, maybe, with Damian trying to get Tim a proper christmas gift?

Title: My True Love Gave To Me (Part 2)
Characters: Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, (background Clark Kent, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Alfred Pennyworth)
Pairing: future?timdami, implied superbat
A/N: I don’t think I mentioned it in the first part, so I’ll fix that in a minute, but Damian’s like…I dunno, 19/21 in this story. Clark ships these two apparently, and wants to help them get together/be happy. I honestly didn’t mean for that to happen. The boys had their own little gift exchange, and will have one with Bruce and Clark and everyone else in a few days. Along with the books, Damian also got Jason some old/antique guns. Uh…I can’t really  give you a reason as to why Clark was at the manor and Bruce isn’t. Let’s just say he’s in the shower or something.

(Part one was requiemfordamian’s prompt and is right here!)


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Love Without Sight

Original Imagine:
Imagine being blinded in an accident while helping S.H.I.E.L.D., you live in the Tower with everyone but dread the way they treat you like a helpless child. When Loki arrives on Midgard to carry out the rest of his sentence he becomes curious with your condition and how you manage to read and such. Over the months the two of you grow closer than the others thought possible. You come to love him without ever seeing him.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

Chapter Five

We must have said there all night, as finally I felt the warmth returning.
‘Is it beautiful?’ I asked in a whispering voice.
‘I do think so.’
I smiled melancholic. ‘I think so too. I still feel the warmth which is so familiar. And of course I have seen the sun rise from behind the horizon. But it is fading. All the memories are fading. The gold of the sun, the silver of the moon, the green of the grass, the blue of the sky. There are some traces left in my mind, but the real image is gone. Even if I cannot see it ever again, I wish I could at least remember it.’
Silence followed my words.  
‘It is strange; how easy it is to lose the will to live. I never thought that would be so important; after all, your heart just keeps beating, if you want it or not. But now I start to understand I was wrong; I cannot feel my heart anymore. If I lost my purpose, why should I live?’
‘Please do not jump,’ Loki said softly. ‘I do not think they would believe me if I told them.’
I smiled. ‘You would be in big trouble.’
‘Don’t make that tempt you.’
‘You could always convince them you weren’t here.’ There was a short, loaded silence.
‘I also do not want you to jump.’ His sincerity surprised me.
‘I don’t want to do it either. But sometimes it seems so easy. You know?’
‘Too well, I am afraid. I let go once – and I still regret it. I was too much of a coward to look everyone in the eyes and say: “I was wrong.” All the might-have-beens still haunt me, to this day.’
‘So it is a good thing you don’t have to look me into the eyes.’
‘The lack of judgemental looks does help.’
‘Hmm. One thing I indeed do not miss. Do you like dreams, Loki?’
‘Dreams, I do. Nightmares, not.’ I sighed softly.
‘I love sleeping. I can see when I am asleep. It is beautiful. I can run, and dance, sometimes even fly. And then I see the sun rise, and the sea – God, I love the waves crashing against the beach. And I love the grass, and the flowers. In my dreams I even love this concrete city. Because sometimes, during the night, when the city is quiet, and everyone is asleep, the lights make the buildings look like candles.
It is no Asgard, I know, but it can be quite a pretty sight.’ I was falling asleep, and I wasn’t really aware of what I was saying.
‘It sounds astonishing. Dream well. Dream about a peaceful city, and the candlelit skies. You deserve it.’

You Weren’t There (Part 1/?) (Bruce Banner/Clint Barton x reader)

Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is Fury’s assistant, and he hates being bothered. She always schedules his appointments on a certain date which she thought didn’t exist. He has close to 125 meetings in 1day. He yells at the reader after, and she quits. Clint, has always had feelings for her, and feels bad for not doing anything. On her way home, she gets taken by Hydra. They believed she was more valuable. She gets experimented on. The team finds her a couple months later. Once she’s Back, she’s scared of what she can do. Telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, and ice. The hair is also back and silver now. Like what happened with Pietro. She’s really bad at controlling it, and she’s just a mess. Fury feels really bad, and they all yell @ him. In the end, with Bruce’s help (her older brother) she manages to get it under control. Clint also helps the reader out with how she feels and stuff. He eventually gets the balls to tell her how he feels. End how you want.

As you slammed your small amount of personal belongings into the cardboard box, you tried to call Bruce yet again, the fourth time in the last two minutes since Fury screamed at you in front of the entire weapons division and you angrily shouted back that you quit this damn job once and for all.  “Egomaniacal jerk,” you mumbled to yourself as the phone continued to ring with no answer, “power tripping asshat.”  

“(Y/N)?  What’s wrong?” Bruce said when he finally answered the phone that must have finally driven him mad.  “Who’s dead, dying, or-“

“I don’t know what you were thinking, Bruce,” you interrupted in a furious tone, “getting me this assistant job with that man.  I don’t need it that bad.  I would rather go back to flipping burgers than deal with one more minute of working with him.”  The sounds of your packing were almost so loud that they drowned out the conversation, but you kept on.  “Okay, so his calendar got all messed up, but it wasn’t totally my fault!  This new system that SHIELD uploaded last week is all glitchy and temperamental, but does he care? NO!  It must have been all me, right?”  As you finished collecting the last of your things, you turned to leave and took a deep breath to calm yourself, stopping at the door of your office to turn off the lights for the final time.  “God, I need a drink.  I’ll be by the tower in a bit, if that’s okay?”  You paused when there was no immediate reply, worried that your older brother had other ideas for you.  “If not I can just head home, it’s okay.”

“No, no it’s fine,” he replied quietly, “I’d love to see you.  So would…the rest of the team.”

“Great, thanks, B. I’ll be there in about an hour. Open bar, alright?”

“Got it,” he chuckled, “we’ll be ready.”

After waiting for what felt like forever for the bus to arrive, you threw your sad little box on the seat next to you and leaned your head back, closing your eyes for a few precious minutes before arriving home to change clothes.  It wasn’t doing you any good to stay too wound up from your shouting match with Fury, but you could only do so much.  Your eyes were jolted open when a man grabbed your box and set it on the floor, taking the seat next to you.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Well, actually-“

“Good.  Because we have some very important plans for you, (Y/N), and it would be a tragedy for your friends if I let you get out of my sight along the way.”


“I think (Y/N) should have been here by now, don’t you?”  Bruce asked quietly, looking back at the door in case you happened to walk in at any second, his heart racing a bit with each person that entered who wasn’t you.  “She said she was going to run home to change her clothes and that she’d be right over. That was…” he paused, turning his wrist to check his watch and immediately filling with anxiety, “Tony, that was almost three hours ago.  She lives ten blocks away.”

“You want to take a team over?”

“I think we should,” Bruce nodded and nervously fidgeted with his glasses.  “Maybe Nat and Steve could come with us, just to be safe.”

“I’m coming with you,” Clint interrupted, pulling his jacket on as he made his way towards the group. Bruce eyed him a bit suspiciously even though he knew exactly why Barton wanted to join in.  The two of them never discussed his feelings and he had never even shared them with you, but he still felt a sense of responsibility to make sure you were okay.  

Bruce nodded wordlessly and led the group to your apartment as quickly as he could.  Once there, he noticed that the door was locked and no signs that anyone had tried to break in, so his nerves calmed just slightly. With one hand still resting on the door knob, the other tapped at his jacket pocket, finding his keys and flipping them in his hand until he found the spare that you had given him when you moved in.

“She said this is for emergencies only,” he mumbled to himself, “I think this counts, but I really hope it doesn’t.”  

Bruce slowly slid the key into the lock and took a deep breath, closing his eyes and preparing himself as he turned it until it clicked its release and allowed him to push the door open.  Turning to glance back at Tony, he took a step into your home and dropped the ring of keys on the floor with a loud clang that startled the others.  His breathing quickened and his heart began to pound in his chest; he heard a familiar ring in his ears as his blood pressure began to climb and his anger became harder to control.  A small growl escaped from his throat, and he looked down to see his hands covered in a faint shade of green.  

“Nat, I think you need to take Banner outside,” Clint whispered, stepping forward as she cautiously took Bruce’s arm and led him away, speaking quietly and trying to hold his attention.

Steve and Tony followed Clint through the door and stopped short at the sight, looking at each other worriedly in silent conversation and turning to leave almost as quickly.  Clint paused for just a moment in the doorway, looking back and feeling suddenly very sick to his stomach with a deep ache in his chest.  He wondered how he didn’t see this coming; the man with impeccable vision, who could see better from a distance, completely missed the signs that were right in front of him.  You were the sister of an Avenger; not only an Avenger, but arguably the strongest Avenger. You were Nick Fury’s number one assistant and confidant, with high-level security access to SHIELD and Avengers intel.

You were always going to be a target.

He stared at the words painted hastily in red across your living room wall, the paint dripping from each letter like blood dripping from a wound, and did his best to avoid seeing the pictures of you and friends and family tossed carelessly and broken across your floor.  His eyes were drawn to one in particular of you and the team, safety nestled between himself and Bruce, looking happy and healthy.  In that moment, he vowed that he wouldn’t stop until you looked that way again.  

There are no prisoners with HYDRA.  There is only pain.

Clint stepped through the door and pulled a knife from his boot, flipping it in his hand before impaling it into the far wall, centered on the emblem they had sloppily painted there. His weapon connected between its eyes, and he gave a single nod in satisfaction.  As he finally closed the door behind him, he whispered to himself, “are you ready for yours?”


“What is happening?! She’s completely out of control!”

“We need to restrain her!”

“Sir, we can’t even enter the room!”

The cell you were held in couldn’t contain the powers they had given you, or rather experimented with until you were cursed with them.  You weren’t out of control at all; you were trying to make your escape with a well planned explosion of your abilities made to look like you were uncontrollable and so that they wouldn’t want you anymore.  You easily sent their tools and equipment flying through the air and smashing into each wall, and had now used your power of ice manipulation to freeze each door shut tight after the men had left the room.  If you were out of control, this would scare you more than you already were; you were terrified of what you could do and who you could hurt with it.  Your mind flashed to Bruce and the rest of his team, knowing that you were being created for that reason and why it was vital for you to escape.

“(Y/N), what are you doing?” the man’s voice rang out through the room, “you need to regain control. You need to stop.”

You closed your eyes and focused on his voice, trying to find him in the dozens of other men just outside the door.  The telepathy and mind control wasn’t very sharp within you yet, but you had a vague understanding of how to use it, hoping it would be enough.  First, you had to clear your mind and relax your body from the fear that was gripping you.

“No,” you said quietly as if to yourself, “you need to stop talking and come to me.  You will release me and take me away from here.”

There was a long silence, and you knew you had reached him and made him confused, but you couldn’t be sure if you were effective or not.  At least not until you heard loud gunfire just outside, followed by his gentle knock on the door.

“(Y/N), I am here to take you to a waiting vehicle.”

It worked.  You sighed and rested your hand against the door, melting the ice away so that you could open it.  Before you made your escape, you gasped at the sight of in a nearby mirror, not recognizing yourself as the person who looked back.  Your hair had turned jet black with vibrant streaks of silver running through it, and your eyes were an electric blue.  It was certainly striking, but there was no way that you could ever hide yourself looking like this.

There was no time to think about that, however, and you grabbed the man’s arm to run from the base. If you could just get far enough away, you could call on your brother for help; you had been gone for nearly two months now, and you could only imagine the pain he was in.  The cargo door opened as you reached it and the getaway vehicle was in sight.  

Your escort stopped suddenly and turned to you, his eyes filled with recognition of what he was doing; he raised his weapon to stop you, your control over him clearly no longer effective.  

“You stay out of my head!” he yelled, releasing the safety on his gun and wrapping his finger around the trigger.  “Turn around and go back inside now!”

“Put it down,” you said calmly with your hands raised before you.  “Put it down and walk away.  I don’t want to do this.”

“Go back inside!”

“Please,” you whispered, your mind already taking control of his, even though you tried to stop, “I don’t want to.”

The guard’s eyes widened in horror as his arm turned and his hand aimed the gun at his own face.  You struggled to stop but your own fear of injury or death was controlling your actions now.  You wanted to lunge forward and rip it from his hands, but you were frozen in place, left to watch him die under your command with nothing you could do about it.

“(Y/N)!” Yelled a familiar voice from above; a voice that sounded like Tony and confirmed as such when his repulsor beam struck the guard down before he could shoot.  He landed firmly to the ground next to you, grabbing you as you sunk to your knees.  “Hey, kid, you’re okay, we’ve got you.”

“It’s about damn time.”

“You’re welcome,” he laughed, but there was no humor in the sound.  “I like the look.  If you’re going for inconspicuous though, near miss.”

“Yeah,” you sighed, “I left the standard-issue sunglasses and hoodie at home.”

Part 2

anonymous asked:

how do you headcanon the batboys? like they're all described with black hair and blue eyes but like how do you really tell the difference? as an example, i always thought jason would be more muscular than his brothers with a square jaw and kind of more roguishly handsome while dick would be more classically attractive, etc? i just wanted ur opinion on this

I actually did make a post about that here… but I’m going to expound on it because I think it’s important and very interesting. Because not only are people (especially people of different backgrounds who aren’t related and Dick wasn’t even from Gotham) very different looking but also personalities create/are created by the physical limitations of the individual so it’s basically impossible to stress the many differences between the boys when they’re all the same height, weight, expression. Like… come one artists, you had one job. Gonna put this under the cut because wow I talk a lot and I clearly have put way too much thought into this.

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A/N: Again, I put these two requests together because they were very similar. I decided to go with you being his sister rather than daughter because I’ve seen the daughter one done a lot. My writing skills aren’t on point today though guys so my apologies, this was the best I could come up with today. If anyone wants to send in a crazy and detailed request for an imagine, it may be easier for me to write as the simpler requests (although great) are harder for me to write. No idea why. Also I couldn’t find a better gif. Can’t wait until the movie comes out with more gifs to use haha :)


@crazyfangirl345: Hey! Could you do a Joker (Jared Leto)imagine where you’re Batman’s little sister except you’ve fallen in love with Mr. J and Bruce walks in on you two making out in the Jokers car in the bat cave and Batmans like pissed at you? Thanks Puddin’! <3

Anonymous: imagine being the daughter of Bruce Wayne and the Joker fall in love with you and you fall for it ?

Warning(s): Swearing, use of the word boner (lol)

Word count: 1,081



Fuck. It happened again.

This was the third time in a week that you’d had a blazing row with your brother, Bruce Wayne, over things that were completely ridiculous. Simple things such as him eating your food or making a mess caused you guys to shout at each other and in the end, you just stormed out. That’s the thing when you live with someone, there’s always going to be problems.

You walked around Gotham to calm yourself down. You were just so stressed at the moment with many different things, including a problem with one person in particular; The Joker. It wasn’t the greatest thing to happen, you falling for a dangerous criminal but what made it worse was that he was practically incapable of loving someone in that way. You guys were best friends, which was most likely the limit. It was a miracle he was even friends with you because he most certainly hated everyone. Especially your brother.

You sat down at a bench, looking down and fiddling with your fingers. It was hard to calm down when you were so upset and stressed and with the streets deserted, you found nothing to distract yourself. You were just sat, alone, with your thoughts.

“What’s a gorgeous girl like you sat here by herself?” You hear a familiar voice say. You look up and see the only person that could possibly cheer you up right now, or make you feel worse. His wide grin was spread across his pale face, his neat green hair starting to move in the wind. His face dropped when he didn’t see your beautiful glowing smile. He knew there was something up. “What’s up, doll?”

“Bruce.” You simply stated, looking back down at the ground. He hated your brother with a passion, except from the obvious, he also hated the way he would argue with you and take possession of you. The Joker knew good and well that you wanted to be your own person and Bruce was preventing that. He scowled at the thought of it. “It was only a silly argument. But he makes me so angry, J. Honestly, he really does.”

The Joker wrapped an arm around you and gently pulled you into his side, your head resting on his chest so that you could hear the steady beat of his heart, his head resting on top of yours. It was times like these that you really savoured. He might be a murderous and twisted bastard but he really treated you well. He always helped you out and was always there for you. He always flirted with you, joked around with you and had even told his henchmen you were “his girl”. He always gave mixed signals but you never took any notice, eventually putting it down to him being a flirt.

“Hey,” he began, pulling away from you. He reached into his purple jacket and pulled out a bottle of vodka, presenting it to you with a wide and crazy smile. “This will cheer you up.” You began to laugh at him. It’s the simple things that he does that makes you smile. He was the only person who could do that. “I bought it for you.”

“Don’t kid yourself. Me and you both know you stole it.” Laughing, you took the bottle out of his grasp, turning it upside down and watching the liquid swish around.

“It’s the thought that counts.”

A slight tug on your hand and you were off, stumbling and laughing all the way to wherever the Joker was leading you. You two were absolutely pissed to say the least, sat on the bench all evening drinking and talking about anything and everything.

“Where are we going?” You whispered with a slight giggle. Moments later you spotted the Jokers car, it’s purple body shining in the city lights. You loved that thing. He’d take you out on rides and you’d go all sorts of places together. He gently pulled you towards it, opening the car door and assisting you inside, like a gentleman would. The cold leather touched your skin which sent a shiver down your spine as the Joker got in from the drivers side, closing the door and turning to you.

Everything moved so fast. Suddenly he smashed his lips against yours forcefully, catching you off guard. You instantly pulled back out of shock.

“What was that?” You asked, scanning the look on his face for any type of sign. He was just smirking. You were so confused, the Joker wasn’t normally someone who would do this type of thing. Although, he was drunk.

“Come on, I see the way you look at me.” He told you, edging closer and closer to your face. “I know you want me just as much as I want you.”

“You’re drunk.” You say, avoiding his intent gaze. You knew that no matter how much you wanted this, in the morning he would regret it and things would change between you both and that’s not how you wanted it. He was the only person you connected with. There was no one else like him. You couldn’t stand to lose him over something so stupid.

“I may be drunk but I’m no liar. I’m not going to pretend anymore, baby. You and I belong together. I can’t stand the tension anymore and I know you can’t either…”

His lips were on yours again in an intoxicated kiss, your arms instantly around his shoulders, giving into him. This was what you had been waiting for your whole life. A kiss like this. It was everything you ever wanted and more.

You climbed on top of him, careful not to damage the interior of the car. You were straddling his waist with your ass resting on his steering wheel, a growing boner beginning to press against your inner thigh.

However, just as things were getting heated, the door swings open and you pull away almost instantly, the Joker still paralysed from the kiss. You gasp before the Joker looks up to see Batman, your brother.

“Y/N! What the hell are you doing? Get out right now!”

The Joker laughed, closing the door on Batman and gently pushing you off of him and back into your seat so he could drive. He quickly turned on the engine and put his foot on the accelerator, shouting a quick “oops, gotta go.” before leaving your brother standing angry and clueless on his own.