also i realize troy is missing

HSM AU where Gabriella never moved schools and Sharpay got a chance to pursue her crush on Troy and her career and dreams unapologetically without being villainized for it and had to learn how to be nice and friendly while not sacrificing her drive and independence. 

The first year, when Troy is looking at the audition call sheets curiously remembering his karaoke with that cute girl during the holidays, Sharpay comes over and invites him to join. He laughs it off but can’t take it off his mind. In the end, he auditions late for a minor role. The teacher likes him so much, he’s in the second call for a principal role. He still struggles just the same between basketball and singing. Sharpay, looking forward to spend time with her crush, volunteers to sing with him too in the second audition, ignoring Ryan’s complains. She can sing with both of them and, since she’s the only female contender, that way they can see how both pairings work. 

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