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Please please I want the citation in the book about his hair because I dont remember it aaaaaa (Sorry for bad english ??)

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. It was a combination of “Hmm is there anything else you can add?” and “I’ll get back to this later!” LOL

Anyway, here are some excerpts that give the readers some information about Laurent’s hair:

Captive Prince, Chapter 10:

Laurent’s body was a series of graceful lines under the shirt’s soft folds. Damen’s eyes lifted to the white column of his throat, and above that the golden hair, parting around the shell cup of an unjewelled ear. The image was damascened, as beaten metal. He was reading.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 2: 

In order to begin unlacing the garment, he had to lift his fingers and brush to one side the ends of the gilt hair, soft as fox fur. When he did so, Laurent tipped his head very slightly, offering better access.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 14: 

Damen looked downwards and saw the way that the white fabric shifted slightly under his thumbs. Laurent’s shirt hung on his body, a containing layer. Then Damen’s eyes travelled up along the balanced nape, to a wick of golden hair tucked behind an ear.

Prince’s Gambit, Chapter 18: 

Laurent looked like any young man who has been pressed against a battlement and kissed. The slight disturbance of the hair at Laurent’s nape was wonderful. His hand had lain there.

Kings Rising, Chapter 12: 

Damen lifted his hand, slid his fingers into the short, soft hair at the back of Laurent’s neck, cupping his head. They had never been this close, not with the fact of who he was open between them.

There was only the feel of it, the slide of his chest against Laurent’s back, the dip of Laurent’s head, and the sweat-damp hair at the nape of Laurent’s neck.

Kings Rising, Chapter 14:

The light through the trees dappled Laurent’s hair, which was longer now than it had been in the palace, and showing signs of minor disarray.

The Summer Palace:

He remembered - the steam of those other baths, the moment he had caught Laurent’s wrist in his hand. This close, he could see the wet tops of Laurent’s shoulders. Above that, the tips of Laurent’s hair were wet too, from steam or from the splash from the pitcher.

The passage from The Summer Palace (TSP) clearly states that Laurent’s hair is slightly above shoulder length. Since TSP occurs near the end of this series’ timeline AND Chapter 14 of King’s Rising (KR) states that Laurent’s hair grows throughout the trilogy, I can make assumptions of the length of Laurent’s hair from earlier.

I believe that at the beginning of the trilogy, Laurent’s hair is at/around chin level. In Chapter 10 of Captive Prince (CP), Laurent’s hair is described to be tucked behind his ear. Hair that is chin level (speaking from personal experience because mine is that short) is easily able to be tucked behind the ear. Any shorter than chin length is hard to brush behind the ear. 

Laurent’s hair is constantly described as at the nape, aka the back of the neck. Since we know that Laurent’s hair is at chin level in CP and is shoulder length in TSP, I can conclude that his hair grows throughout Prince’s Gambit (PG) and KR.

TL;DR - Laurent’s hair begins at chin level, gradually grows throughout the trilogy, and is now at shoulder level. He has “medium” length hair.

“They said that Hades never smiled. They said that the god that ruled all that is beneath the ground had actually forgotten how happiness really felt like, or any emotion whatsoever.

And they pitied that “poor, unfortunate girl”, so young and beautiful, who had been forced to stay with a man incapable of giving her the love she deserved. Six months per year. For all eternity.

But these are only lies, Persephone thought, as she opened her eyes, feeling still a little numb from the drowsiness.
For they don’t know how warm, gentle and loving is Hades’ smile.”

This is my caption to this illustration (which is the digitally coloured version of my previous post). Since I really liked when @melsisalady22 added her own text to this other little comic of mine, I thought that I’d like to see what would you add to my caption. You can also re-write it completely if you want to (feel free to do it), or even quote someone else’s text/book/post (in this case remember to put the credits please). I’ll choose three of the best written and most inherent captions (so, try not to “twist the mood” of the illustration completely) and I’ll also reward the users who wrote them with a completely free drawing of their own choice.

Jeeves and Wooster

Those of you who have been following me for a while might remember “The Bloody Inconvenient Murder” story I started for Simblr’een in October 2015.

It lurched and collapsed, stuttered and died (I am not a writer D:)… but @goatkibble was it’s biggest fan and kept encouraging me. I managed to squeeze out a few more posts several months ago but yet again abandonded it, without posting any, in favour of my much less challenging legacy play.

But seeing as it was @goatkibble‘s birthday recently and I didn’t have a gift for her I have decided to tidy up my posts with “previous / next” links and post those last few parts of the story in lieu of a present.

For those who were not around at that time and decide to read this story, please note that I am not attempting to pass off P.G. Wodehouse’s brilliant writing as my own- I have quoted and borrowed liberally from the books for the story and this was done with great love, admiration and affection and not intended to make myself appear to be a good writer. And this is why the posts are also tagged with PG Wodehouse in credit to his genius.

If you wish to, you can start reading from the beginning HERE.

If you do not wish to see these posts feel free to block #Sims Jeeves and Wooster or #TBIM

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do you have a favorite quote? of yours and/or someone else's?

hi lovey! i sure do.

from others, i love this entire poem from @aphelionbruise (it’s just a small piece – i guess you could call it micropoetry – but it just really hits me for some reason). i also love the quote “i’m still asking about important things / girl are you the train or the tracks” from christina im’s “stoplight” (the quote can be found in a rebloggable text post here). AND i lovelovelove this entire poem from @rabbittmouth – i read it once, fell in love and probably haven’t been the same since. also, this poem by @inkskinned and this poem by @boykeats have both made me cry multiple times.

as for my own work: i loved writing the entirety of this poem (titled “thrill of the chase”), but specifically the line “we will see who is the gun and who is the gunsmoke, who is the hunter and who is the hunted”. i also like “from now on we are secrets” – specifically the line “this is the last time you will love anyone. this is the last time we will speak of it”. another one of my favorites is “no one expects an angel to set the world on fire” – “and still, i look for him in the night sky, remembering midnight on the sabbath when he crashed into the high grass at my feet. we crave our own destruction. this i was taught by the oven of his mouth”. also, “10:13 stargazing” (i like pretty much all of my 10:13 series, bc it’s a pretty deeply personal endeavor, but this one is a particular favorite) – “you can go home now, astronaut girl. you can go home”. (it doesn’t sound like much, but for me, in the context of the poem, it has more oomph behind it.) then there’s “hallowed ground” – “but now you know God takes what you love and makes it dirty”. lastly, i like “holocaust” – i just reread it and it’s not as good as i remember, but i still love the line “we only shriek to hear our voices shatter”.

that’s about it! there are a lot of other pieces and other poets that are spectacular, but these are my favorites that have really stood the test of time and stuck in my head. enjoy!

Suga's part in So4More

No space for myself.

For a year it felt as if I was walking on thin ice.

I don’t know where I’m going.

The battle over my feelings and my anxiety with a deep sigh are over, like yesterday.

But I still cannot sleep at night. It was predictable chaos though. I still can’t sleep at night.

I put myself in the jail of envy and bitterness. And it constantly suffocates me. My future seems blurry.

My mind is possessed by the word “success”. Something that I have to do and something that I want to do. I’m Gulliver, standing in the middle of them, Fuck it, I don’t give a shit.

Did I achieve my dream? Or did I lose it? I don’t know yet. Maybe I dropped my dream for success.

Behind my helpless smile, there’s exactly the other half of myself.

I’m crying. This is the evidence of my guilt for this identity.

Dream and reality… I became more indifferent but also more desperate.

The sigh of despair bursting out from my desire in music

i know how that little ‘Pines family buying the Journals’ quotes are purely for fun, but. like. pretend it’s canon for a sec

Mabel bought two

Dipper bought ten

Stan bought twenty

all together that’s THIRTY TWO JOURNALS

that also leaves the question of how the Journal got mass produced in the first place. my idea is Stan had something to do with it. so Stan would already be getting free copies of the Journal, but actually bought, with his own money, twenty more copies of them, JUST to fuck with Ford

i love this family

Just to be extra clear, since someone messaged me apologizing for pointing out an offensive post.  I am not complaining about people asking for post to be taken down.  When you do that you’re not complaining your helping me run a better blog, I like that (I actually love that).

What I am saying is that if you do it off anon, I can respond privately to you let you know I’ve read your suggestion and what I’ve done about it.  If you do it on anon I’ll just silently read your suggestion and do something about it.

I really don’t care about getting anon hate or anything I just don’t want to seem like I’m blowing my own trumpet.

I guess my ultimate point I want to make is if you notify me of a problem post anon or not I do read it and do something about it.  Maybe y'all already knew that I dunno I was just feeling particularly anxious about it today and made a post about it.

Also while I’m taking the time to type out all this text tags for not quote related stuff is something people have been asking for.  I’ve started using the tags #non quote, #ask, #ask reply, and #dnd advice.  So if you’re into blocking tags those are just for you.

Sorry to my followers for bothering you with that... WTF !? Answered.

Is it necessary, you said ? Yes, it is necessary.  

The way you wrote your message… give me the sad impression that you don’t see the interest to credit people who take screenshots.

I guess you are the kind of people who have no idea of the amount of work that we, screenarchers, put into our screenshots. Screenarchery is not limited to press a key. We have to find the good scene, lightning, landscape, angle, we have to tweak settings  and it takes time. Like a photography. Photographers are always credited for their work, why not screenarchers ? The process is quite similar…. 

If you think screenarchers don’t need to be credited for their work,
you’re wrong.  

If you think you can browse, choose one and do what you want,
you’re wrong. 

I really feel you are the kind of people who thinks screenshots are only screenshots, nothing more so we don’t deserve credit…

And due to my restricted skills in English, I close this post by quoting the entire text of @surlysara​ who have wonderfully answered.

In the real world, photographers are either paid for photographs that artists use as references or are generous enough to give permission for an artist to use their photographs.  It is simply not done to use photographs and not give credit/buy rights.  Many artists also spend a lot of time and money on photography equipment and training to make their own references.  Obviously EA/Bioware owns any copyright privileges of their intellectual property, but @cantkeepmyeyesoff spends a LOT of time and energy creating these shots, and then freely shares them with the fan community. Is it so much to ask that she be credited for all the time and effort she puts into creating the gamer’s equivalent of photography?  To get credit for the creativity and skill required to bring us shots that inspire or allow us to do art in the first place?  And without which the artist would have to spend triple the time creating references for her own work?  Lia spends as much time taking the perfect shot as most artists spend creating a drawing or painting.  It is necessary to give credit because she asks for it.  Period.


New shirts!

I’ve been working on designs for new shirts and merch, which is why I haven’t posted a quote this week. Here is the first to get done, featuring a stylized Star of Fëanor of my own design and this quote. It’s available in both dark and light text on T-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops; prints, cards, pillows, and duvets are also available. I’m working on phone and tablet cases as well.